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RS3 Starches
:badgrin: I'm really missing my nightly crackers. I don't eat bread because of the carbohydrates, not because I'm gluten intolerant. I'm on a card restricted diet. It's my thought ...
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started by Captain Nemo 7319, 2 months ago.   
how to work off a big breakfast!!!
had a huge omlete,mush.,cheese,roast pep.,onions,egg beatr.,mini bagle w/ nova lox.milk,tom.juice,prune juice. thoght i was gonna pay the price. ...then i went to ikea!!!5 1/2 hr's.,&$370 lat ...
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started by francopergallini, 2 months ago.   
Change weight loss goal per week
It only allowed me to put in 1 pound a week. Can this be changed?
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started by auntbethyboo, 2 months ago.   
Closer to my goal
Yippee, I dropped my weight down to 159 this morning! Hadn't seen the 150's in a long time, it feels good!
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started by MereSess.   
Just a start
My first post. In July we will celebrate our 10th Anniversary, in August I will turn 60, and in September I will celebrate 7 years cancer free and I want to live, truly live. My husband bought me a ...
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started by bonnielawson1.   
Anyone else with IBS on here? I've been Struggling with it for few years now. Turned my lifestyle around to ease it and got help with stress/anxiety. But last 6 month or so condition seem to have ...
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started by outer.   
printing my past food intake
Hi All, Is there a way to print out what I've eaten in the past?
2 replies, last reply by abbadabba, 2 months ago.   831 views.
started by Jeff1962.   
Water Tracking
I have an inquiry. I've been using Fat Secret on and off again for several years. The aspect of the site and the features that seems to have always been missing is a "Water Tracking" ele ...
4 replies, last reply by Diablo360x, 2 months ago.   1,098 views.
started by BoldlyGoGames.   
Taco Bell
There's an ad for Taco Bell showing a taco-wrapped in a fried egg! I never go to Taco Bell, but that looks Keto! I'll probably try making it at home.
2 replies, last reply by Kahaz, 2 months ago.   1,198 views.
started by Kahaz.   
How do i add carb to diary
I want to just add carbs and calories to my diary for a recipe I made without adding the entire ingredients to calculate. Is there a way to do this?
1 reply, last reply by gz9gjg, 2 months ago.   958 views.
started by Debbe8.   
Adding a meal to saved meals
I forgot how to use this site. I want to add one of my own recipes which will be a regular and should go under saved meals. How do I do this?
1 reply, last reply by gz9gjg, 2 months ago.   733 views.
started by LovethatJunk.   
Keto diet
Looking for other people following the keto way. I have been keeping low carb for a coule months now and although I havent got on a scale in a while I SEE a difference in myself for the first time. That ...
4 replies, last reply by gz9gjg, 2 months ago.   1,883 views.
started by glintjewelry.   
Body Weight and Glycogen Depletion
For all those folks who are starting diets and wondering why they are slowing down in weight loss after the first week or two. AND for all those folks who are freaking out because a weekend of going off ...
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started by Draglist.   
Hey! I am new and want to invite you to my challenge.
Hey everyone, I am new to FatSecret and the platform looks very encouraging. I like the challenge aspect but couldn’t find one that fit what i was looking for. Sooo, i created one. It is to love 15lbs ...
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started by dnrdan, 3 months ago.   
My new diet
:?: Will it work
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started by Arrott, 3 months ago.   
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water after eating?
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Low Carb Diets
Does anybody have good low carb recipes, or ways to cut carbs from ones diet?
by vipernm on 24 Jun 18 07:26 PM
Keto Cramps
Epsom salt is a great way to increase magnesium. By taking a bath with 1/2 -1 cup of epsom salt, your skin (our largest organ) will absorb the magnesium and you get a good soak. Try adding your favorite ...
by dawagner1 on 24 Jun 18 10:06 AM
Generating a weekly caloric intake average
On my desktop I would like to see my weekly caloric intake average. I can find it on my iPhone but not on my Mac. Any feedback?
by wgouldsby on 24 Jun 18 07:47 AM
recording weight loss
How do I record weight loss on the weight page with the chart?
by sbf112 on 23 Jun 18 09:20 PM

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