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Does anyone know where i can buy a good scale for under $25? Or what brand i should get.
4 replies, last reply by denni13, 2 months ago.   7,696 views.
started by lulu995.   
Ups and downs in "healthy" life
Hello, everyone! I started living healthy 3 or 4 moths ago and the difference between last September and now is 20 kilos. I've casually lost a lot of weight, but I still have at least 10 to go. ...
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started by alexfromtheotherside , 2 months ago.   
low carb bacon cheese burger
To all that is on a low carb. I am trying to pull up a bacon cheese burger without bread or a bun. This is only pulling up with a bun. Any certain way I look for this?
2 replies, last reply by carbiek, 2 months ago.   398 views.
started by carbiek.   
How can I attach a file (photo)?
Hi Everyone, I would like to attach a photo to my journal entry, comment or forum topic, but I can't see any icon suggesting that feature. Can you please tell me how can I do it? Thank you!
3 replies, last reply by PrettyHealthyMe, 2 months ago.   711 views.
started by PrettyHealthyMe.   
Calorie intake... too little?
Here is a question... I've been trying to really pay attention to the things that I am eating. Yesterday, my meals consisted of the following: Breakfast - Coffee (w/ creamer) and Greek Yogurt Snack ...
10 replies, last reply by walkinginhumility, 2 months ago.   3,667 views.
started by starbird.   
Calorie intake... too little?
If that "something else" was a few more grapes, or another banana, or a few mango slices - then no, in the estimation of me, it's not "unhealthy". If those few grapes etc. came ...
10 replies, last reply by walkinginhumility, 2 months ago.   3,667 views.
started by starbird.   
Some info about Diet Soda.
i have been scoping around fat secret and there has been several post about diet beverages. Here is an interesting fact. Secret #4: The Diet Soda Industry The diet soda industry doesn't want you ...
32 replies, last reply by jessberry, 2 months ago.   6,889 views.
started by enu021000.   
Carbs in condensed soup
Because of my recent diagnoses of Type 2 Diabetes I have found myself religiously counting grams of carbs. This is not always easy. My problem at the moment is the carbs in condensed soup. I have ...
1 reply, last reply by 56sawdust, 2 months ago.   3,204 views.
started by Barry Memory.   
Dukan too high in Carbs?
I have been on Atkins for a while with good results but left with a few stubborn kgs hard to get rid off. I have been on 20-25 Net Carbs, mainly from vegetables, and decided to give Dukan a try, as Low ...
15 replies, last reply by SMueting, 2 months ago.   30,634 views.
started by viennesish.   
Atkins bars...what gives??
Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong here? I had one Atkins bar last night as a snack expecting to see only 3net carbs (on the package) and instead it shows up as 14 carbs! What am I doing wrong? ...
18 replies, last reply by trackin64, 2 months ago.   4,669 views.
started by dart451.   
How much salt a day?
I realized that my craving for salty snacks two days ago was actually not about the snack itself or the calories (I wasn't hungry), but about the SALT. I could think of everything extremely salty, ...
7 replies, last reply by Engeland, 2 months ago.   2,816 views.
started by PrettyHealthyMe.   
Where can I find my calories allowed as I eat throughout the day? All I see is the calories I ate, I would like to know how many calories I have left too. Thanks.
2 replies, last reply by Glaun, 2 months ago.   8,344 views.
started by katlovers2.   
can anyone find out how many calories in tully's grilled cheese? I'm guessing its got to be about 1000.
1 reply, last reply by Glaun, 2 months ago.   6,062 views.
started by kathkev.   
For those who have done a Mucoid Plaque Cleanse.
For anyone who has done a mucoid plaque cleanse, especially if you have done so on the "So Easy 3 Day Cleanse". I have a question.... Should I do some sort of regular 7 day to a 30 day basic ...
5 replies, last reply by thinner120, 2 months ago.   9,286 views.
started by elena3499.   
Just a bit of food for thought for those who do LCHF Or KETO. Like Myself.
[url= Studi means nothing in regards to WHY KETO and LCHF work.[/url] This is a response video to the NUSI video stating that KETO has no metabolic advantage.(Nobody ever ...
15 replies, last reply by ieGod, 2 months ago.   12,615 views.
started by knuckles the mgtow monk.   
Just a bit of food for thought for those who do LCHF Or KETO. Like Myself.
That's a fine picture Knuckles, a handsome man - but nothing compares to the very first one I saw last month. That was the perfect pic to go with the name knuckles!
15 replies, last reply by ieGod, 2 months ago.   12,615 views.
started by knuckles the mgtow monk.   
8 Simple Substitutes for Vegetable Oil
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 are substituting fat with fat so c'n I huh? I am not making fries in Applesauce or mashed fruit - so there's that I do have an amazing cake recipe that substitues some of the ...
1 reply, last reply by Steven Lloyd, 2 months ago.   6,551 views.
started by maktrim1.   
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Protein Powder
I lost 40% of my muscle mass while in an extended coma this past Feb - March. I am taking DHEA and was told to increase my protien while also increasing my exercise. I had asked about eggs and so forth ...
by PGM012197 on 24 Jul 16 02:56 PM
It's hot today and I am managing a decent workout in the humidity - and then take the sweat right into the shower with a cool glass of lemon and seltzer water... :)
by ollieollieoxenfreeee on 24 Jul 16 01:59 PM
Starting all over
One day at a time! You can do this.
by PGM012197 on 24 Jul 16 11:40 AM
IT really is a hour by hour deal for me.
Thank you all for feedback. I went to overeaters anonymous once and they yelled at me for talking about I quit...horrible, I mentioned popcorn and got in the BIGGEST TROUBLE. Yes, it is a m ...
by bandamld on 24 Jul 16 10:34 AM
I saw the video - I also read the comments section - I'll give you one comment which reflects what I got or didn't get from it - then my own points: "i w ...
by ollieollieoxenfreeee on 24 Jul 16 09:57 AM

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