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How are the units measured?
Hi! I'm new here. Just wanted to know in what units the Fat, Carbs and Protein displayed at the top of my Food Diary is measured? Can't be grams?
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started by Marlize CG, 3 weeks ago.   
Updated IIFYM Protein Calculations
Email exchange with the If It Fits Your Macros site today: Hi guys. Did you reduce your default protein recommendation or did I find a bug on the site. I have consistently been recommended 1 gram per ...
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started by Draglist, 4 weeks ago.   
Awesome app been at it for two weeks and down 2kg drinking over weekends don't help though :roll:
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started by Patisback.   
Morning Carrot Juice
I become overwhelmed when being told what not to eat on a diet so I started the reverse approach this past New Year's Eve. And no, I did not make any resolutions. Instead I just started out by t ...
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started by heidibyrd, 4 weeks ago.   
Eating Plans for the Super Bowl - watcha gonna do?
Just thinking ahead about the Super Bowl on Sunday and how I will handle what I eat. Last weekend was high in sodium and calories, I was 4 lbs up because of it and have been working hard this week to ...
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started by jmb3450.   
My Diet / exercise / weight and goals
Having a "biggest" loser challange with a coworker. We weighed in on Jan. 25th. I'm 5 ft 10 and 294 He is 6 ft and 330 ______________________________... Exercise: My goal is to get a ...
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started by bobouski, 4 weeks ago.   
better than Tuesday
Grrr! Went over again BUT I did cut my carbs back quite a bit! I did great with the food part but, although I've been waaaay better, I had a few drinks last night and that definitely pushed me over. ...
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started by demon midget, 4 weeks ago.   
Fitbit Flex band
My Fitbit Flex band is cracking and I need a replacement. I've searched online and it seems that either I can get a replacement pack of 3 with various colors (none of which are black) or I can go ...
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started by kimberline18.   
How to use this website
I'm a bit overwhelmed at how much is on this website. Is there an "instructions" area? Thank you!!
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, 4 weeks ago.   388 views.
started by kathleenwhiting.   
Net calories on overview
Hi all I am very new to counting calories and have what is probably a daft question - my understanding is if i burn off more than i take in i should lose weight so can i check. On the overview - the ...
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started by twilson1, 4 weeks ago.   
Adding to Food Diary
Hi-In case you haven't figured it out, I am new to the site. Does anyone know if you can add your own foods and calorie counts to the Food Diary. If so, how? A lot of my food is not found or has the ...
2 replies, last reply by kay4kerry, 4 weeks ago.   779 views.
started by carls lady.   
New here!!
I'm new here and feeling lost in a new town. Can I find a guide some where?
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started by GerreBrown.   
Starting today. Can't believe I did this to myself. Cholesterol is high, Blood Sugar is high, and look like I ATE the 30 year-old version of myself. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. ...
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started by Humongo.   
Good for you!! :d
3 replies, last reply by LittleRedFlatBack, a month ago.   962 views.
started by Humongo.   
Good for you!! :d
3 replies, last reply by LittleRedFlatBack, a month ago.   962 views.
started by Humongo.   
Carb counting
Hi all I have just joined this group. I've been banting since August but now I want to count the carbs - nett carbs. Anyone out there know where I can find out how to do it. I am a Diabetic 2 and ...
4 replies, last reply by mummydee, a month ago.   843 views.
started by senorita 7.   
Hello i need an advice ..
.. I am not a Spartan Warrior. I've probably never been in what most of us would call "good shape." Fitness was never a daily routine for me, and weight was always an issue. There were f ...
4 replies, last reply by Anna soler, a month ago.   992 views.
started by Anna soler.   
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New Atkins Dieter Using Fat Secret for Net Carbs Tracking - Suggestions Appreciated
Correction: do not go below 20 net carbs, you MUST EAT that much not under! 15 from veggies and 5 from cheeses and creams ! going under is counter productive.
by mummydee on 27 Feb 15 04:15 PM
menopause & post and Atkins
I completely agree with the Atkins/paleo/ ketogenic way of eating during menopause. The cleaner the foods the easier it is, at least that's what I experienced and have read many other posts where ...
by mummydee on 27 Feb 15 04:12 PM
1200 calories diet, or have I miscalculated badly?
its easier for us to see in your food diary, because there is has a auto breakdown and fats, protein, carbs etc
by howzat4u on 27 Feb 15 02:46 PM
HOW TO UPLOAD PICTURE INTO F.S. Let me see if I can help you.... You can either go to free images on the web, or use your own photo file site. Then select an image that you may like. Right click-Hit Save ...
by Ann444 on 27 Feb 15 01:56 PM
For those of you following Weight Watchers and using Fat Secret...
Hi Robyn - I joined Fatsecret a little over two years ago. At the time I was doing Weight Watchers, and for several months I did "double entry" - put my food into the log here and also a sp ...
by jwill77nc2 on 27 Feb 15 01:30 PM

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