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'Won't give up'
I almost gave up. Just began this documented diet on 8/5. Guess I need to realize that not every day is going to be a positive one. Need to realize that I can give in to my utmost cravings once in ...
3 replies, last reply by T8U9, 2 months ago.   502 views.
started by debbieasmithhinton.   
Protein Shakes
Does anyone make protein shakes or smoothies at home and take them to work? I can't use a blender at work, but the new eating plan I'm following calls for shakes or smoothies as snacks during ...
8 replies, last reply by jrgbst, 2 months ago.   1,092 views.
started by mars2kids.   
FatSecret can we improve the food search, please?
So I've noticed on many many occasions that the search results for entering food into your diary sucks. Let's use an example. I like smoked/cured salmon. I like a particular brand of smoked ...
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started by ieGod, 2 months ago.   
Does anyone have information on a diet for someone with Gout due to a large amount of uric acid?
3 replies, last reply by Cocobaby, 2 months ago.   415 views.
started by Jerrye Jo.   
Quality of Food
What's more important the number on the scale, how well you fit your clothes or how you feel?
1 reply, last reply by T8U9, 2 months ago.   167 views.
started by doina28.   
The Atkins Diet
Diets are some of the most common practices that people undergo. The need to lose weight has become first and foremost in many people’s minds due to unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise that has ...
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started by good-Diet, 2 months ago.   
9 Common Lies About Intermittent Fasting
Odds are, you’ve heard about intermittent fasting. Not just a part of religious rituals anymore, fasting is taking the dieting and fitness world by storm, and lots of scholarly ink is being spilled to ...
3 replies, last reply by ieGod, 2 months ago.   497 views.
started by good-Diet.   
Nutrition Tracking changes
How do I add more Nutrition elements to track on my page? It keeps asking me to verify my password after I click on what I want to add (up to 6 items) and then save. I don't see where to confirm ...
1 reply, last reply by crstlgls, 2 months ago.   167 views.
started by bluiz443.   
Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD)
I am a bit surprised not to find the diet I am following on FatSecret, since its 40 years old and based on a body of research stretching back more than 200 years, so I'd like to outline it briefly ...
1 reply, last reply by crstlgls, 2 months ago.   155 views.
started by snakeyjane.   
How do I read/interpret the exercise kcals numbers?
HI there silly question: in the exercise icon in our profiles says for example: 2791 kcal ____ then Net -419 kcal___ what does this mean? How do I read it? Food 2372, is this good ? bad? how is it sup ...
1 reply, last reply by rhills, 2 months ago.   209 views.
started by WonderLaga.   
Food Delusions
OMG. I thought I'd just have one itty-bitty Dunkin' Donuts coffee roll this morning. (Mmmmm... cinnamon!) Just 18g carb, right? I can fit that into my day, right? Well, I confused it with an ...
7 replies, last reply by T8U9, 2 months ago.   918 views.
started by Miraculum.   
Food Delusions
Hey Miraculum, I can definitely sympathize with wanting something small to fix a sweet tooth craving, but not having a really healthy and satisfying option to do so. I've found the protein chocolates ...
7 replies, last reply by T8U9, 2 months ago.   918 views.
started by Miraculum.   
Target 65
Lost 6 kgs in about a month. Stepping it up to loose another 5 to bring it down to 65kg. Cutting down the Calorie intake as much as i can. But treating myself with 12 raw oysters today, but they are ...
2 replies, last reply by T8U9, 2 months ago.   292 views.
started by lurmakdumham.   
intermittent fasting
Now that we’re more than a month into 2017, it’s likely that most people have abandoned their New Year’s resolutions. That’s not good news for everyone who vowed to lose those extra pounds, or even those ...
5 replies, last reply by Jean Mc, 2 months ago.   521 views.
started by good-Diet.   
Emotional Eating
It’s the reason why so many diets fail: We don’t always eat just to satisfy hunger. Many of us also turn to food to relieve stress or cope with unpleasant emotions such as sadness, loneliness, or bor ...
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started by good-Diet, 2 months ago.   
Atkins Inductions Macros?
What are the macros for Atkins Induction? I have a couple of notes written: 1. 5-10% carbs, 65-70% fat, 25-30% protein 2. 5-10% carbs, 60-70% fat, 25-35% protein
1 reply, last reply by LambiePi, 2 months ago.   213 views.
started by LambiePi.   
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Diet Buddy in Colorado
Looking for someone in Colorado to be my diet buddy. Need to lose 50 lbs. Have Type 1 Diabetes and Hypothyroid. If there is someone out there that is the same as me, I would appreciate it.
by hdecrescentis on 22 Oct 17 06:40 PM
It is so hard when you have a great loss , me down by 1kg overnight on Saturday, 77.1, next day back to 81.2. Am being very strict keto, no slip ups. Carb intake kept very low. Today weigh in at 77.9. ...
by Koby1964 on 22 Oct 17 02:53 PM
Nips and tucks
I am 50 and have maintained a 90 plus pound weight loss with a few ups and downs for many years. Yes, I have some loose skin, and no I have never had skin removal surgery. To tighten it up and keep it ...
by TtinaBee on 22 Oct 17 06:00 AM
How do I add a new food?
Welcome to FS! On the website, start to type in a few letters where you would search for a food item .. then a little "+ add new food" appears just below the window with search ...
by rhills on 22 Oct 17 01:35 AM
New to site/app
On the website, you do this by clicking on the box on top that looks like a graph .. that's your weight log. On the mobile app, click on the 3 horizontal bars in the upper left and s ...
by rhills on 21 Oct 17 04:14 PM

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