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1200 Calorie Diet
Hi everyone Attached please see link to a well written report on the well-known 1200 cal diet. Must read for all the facts & myths I wish everyone success with ...
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started by munkicmdo, 2 months ago.   
Weight history colors
Is there a chart some place that explains the colors for your weight history? Went from red,orange,yellow and now green.
4 replies, last reply by eric78dx, 2 months ago.   3,260 views.
started by MaineDonna.   
Hi :D
I am new and I have been checking this site out. Everyone is doing an amazing job!! I hope that everyone will be with me as I go through this as well. :d Keep up the great work!
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started by Werewolf Queen.   
break snack
:) What am I eating for free period snack cheese crackers! Because I'm craving them what do you do to stop cravings? :lol:
3 replies, last reply by ruthe1213, 3 months ago.   677 views.
started by Rebornfan101.   
63 year old lady looking for buddies
Hi, my name is Jean and I am 63 years old and need to lose weight and sure would like some buddies to talk to. Wishing everyone on this journey has a successful outcome. Good Luck to all. Jean
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started by katnippers.   
type 2 diabetes -insulin
I am a type 2 diabetic with insulin trying keto diet --- seems insulin keeps me from loosing weight --- any suggestions others?
1 reply, last reply by thamy, 3 months ago.   293 views.
started by kathleenvillarreal.   
Is it wrong to ask roommate to pay higher utility bill?
Long story short... I want heat at 58, so does my other roommate.. The third roommate wants it around 70. we have agreed to set the heat at 63 (happy medium right?) yet he still wants to run a space ...
3 replies, last reply by WTFFS, 3 months ago.   648 views.
started by A7xnck.   
Low Fat Diet
anyone else on a low fat diet? Wold luv some ideas
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started by Terrianne1, 3 months ago.   
Low Fat Diet
Eat plenty of plant foods such as whole-grain products, fruits, and vegetables and a moderate amount of lean and low-fat, animal-based food (meat and dairy products) to help control your fat, cholesterol, ...
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started by Terrianne1, 3 months ago.   
Epic Guacamole
I'm working on a bowl of guacamole to fuel the weekend not only for my chip eating boyfriend but my carb avoiding, soon to be svelte self. More garlic please!
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started by Looped, 3 months ago.   
Whoever designed this program is a genius! It has anything you might ever want to find in it. Change the quantity and get the answer. Have a new food and just add it. Now, if it could just diminish ...
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started by ladyinky, 3 months ago.   
break snack
:) What am I eating for free period snack cheese crackers! Because I'm craving them what do you do to stop cravings? :lol:
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started by Rebornfan101, 3 months ago.   
Holiday in Bali
Back after 3 weeks in Bali,Hope i didn't put on to much weight:lol:
1 reply, last reply by SirenaC, 3 months ago.   445 views.
started by JWJM0440.   
exercise for very overweight lady
Hi all, I am new here. I am 52 and weigh 320 pounds. It is the heaviest i have weighed so far in my life. I feel terrible. I have grandsons i cant even really play with. Its effecting my breathing, joints ...
18 replies, last reply by GopherIt2, 3 months ago.   2,157 views.
started by karrietollar-ryan.   
fitness tips
I love walking outside but with Seattle's rainy season here and that regular routine is coming to an end. I don't mind being rained on. (Turns out my mother is right, I am not made of sugar.) ...
4 replies, last reply by mah8689, 3 months ago.   817 views.
started by davisrick1.   
Food not on the list
Good Morning, what happens if you cant find the food you have had on the list. Is there a way to manually load something you have baked or a meal you have made. Also trying to find Stevia or Nativa on ...
1 reply, last reply by rhills, 3 months ago.   293 views.
started by hayleyt71.   
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How can I get a report totals for a week
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On the right track!
I happy to say that, I'm starting out on the right track. I have lost 6.2 lbs, been drinking lits of water, walking 1 hour every day, and stay on my low protein diet. I feel really good :d !! I ...
by rebeccajarvis1 on 20 Jan 18 01:19 PM
Coffee with Cream
Half and Half ...
by Lippybeth on 20 Jan 18 12:45 PM
Looking for low sodium heart healthy foods
Does anyone know of good low sodium, vegan, gluten-free foods/recipes they can share with me or point me in the right direction?
by Sisterwentsilver on 19 Jan 18 01:58 PM
Small losses....
Starvation mode is a myth. There has never been proof of it. When calories are controlled(deficit), fat loss is inevitable. 2 lbs. is completely fine in 3 weeks. Given the same caloric intake and p ...
by Diablo360x on 19 Jan 18 07:54 AM

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