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what is the recommended amount of carbs total per day for someone on a 1700 calorie day diet with 5-day exercise eating 1 luna bar in the a.m., half an apple for breakfast cucumber slices for lunch along ...
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started by suzanneroomian.   
this time is for real
I sign in with Fatsecret in January ( like everybody else), but then I didn't pay attention to it for several months. They kept sending me e-mails, are you there yet? Last week I decided to go back ...
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started by Lisboa1, 2 months ago.   
Hi why is my calories so high is that because my weight and my length?Can I do less or must I do 2100 :)
4 replies, last reply by howzat4u, 2 months ago.   828 views.
started by anellag.   
wont stop cant stop
Ok, here I am, staring all over. Haven't gained original weight but not as fit as I was Las month. Okay, I AM BACK, stronger than ever. Determined and dedicated
3 replies, last reply by ScotterM, 2 months ago.   1,106 views.
started by carpediem215.   
Fructose EEK
:( Seems all the fruit has fructose too. Each sugar molecule is attached to one Fructose molecule and since only the liver can utilize that Fructose its the same as alcohol. Only there is no buzz. We just ...
4 replies, last reply by beachwalker97, 2 months ago.   1,395 views.
started by Monica ambs.   
Necessary to count gum calories?
I usually chew about a stick or two of five gum a day, is it necessary to count these in or is it so minimal that it doesn't even matter?
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, 2 months ago.   734 views.
started by Allendoan.   
net carbs
On Atkins so I need to track net carbs. Is there a way for FatSecret to do this? So far, I have only seen total carbs. BYW, net carbs = ttl carbs-fiber.
3 replies, last reply by RoundAngel, 2 months ago.   1,625 views.
started by kitandkaboodle.   
How can I tell how much fat is in my beef/steak? And which options do I choose?
Hi everyone, When I eat my steaks/beef, I cut all the fat on the outside leaving no exterior fat. But I do leave the fat that is inside the steak and I eat that. Do I count this as 1/8" fat. Or do ...
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, 2 months ago.   626 views.
started by Allendoan.   
nouvelle sur le forum
Bonjour à tous. :d Je commence mon régime aujourd'hui et je suis à 134 kg et 1,70 m. J'aimerais arriver à 85 kg.
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started by Eimyblue, 2 months ago.   
App? for iPhone
I cant' figure out how to copy the same foods I eat every week to another day. I can see copy to saved meal, but I can't figure out how to get to the saved meal and copy it for the day I want ...
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started by dablues, 2 months ago.   
Great way of using zucchinis...
We have a large supply of zucchinis from our two (!) plants in the back garden. It's not a vege that hubby particularly likes to eat as he just don't like the texture. I know one option is to ...
7 replies, last reply by Rckc, 2 months ago.   1,961 views.
started by TorilJ.   
am I doing it right?
Hi! I'm kinda new here. I'm 20 years old, 5ft 8, and I weigh around 270 lbs (yes, I'm obese). I do crossfit 5 times a week but I brisk walk every morning for around 30-40 minutes. I really ...
7 replies, last reply by karmasulu, 2 months ago.   1,270 views.
started by karmasulu.   
Counting steps
Does anyone know how to record steps to the exercise part of the calendar?:?:
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, 2 months ago.   388 views.
started by janerobinson1.   
Lap band surgery
Anyone have lap band surgery and happy after
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started by randolphscott, 2 months ago.   
Weight gain
I gained almost 2 pounds in 1 day i ate less calories than suppossed to . It depresses me i think its water my dr has me on water pills. I am 53 years old man i weigh 439 pounds i am lonely annd want to ...
3 replies, last reply by randolphscott, 2 months ago.   977 views.
started by randolphscott.   
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Chart for daily water intake
You can log water in your daily diet intake. Water is pretty individualized anymore. the 8 glasses is some arbitrary number.
by wholefoodnut on 27 Nov 15 09:08 PM
Attributes of an Excellent Online Pharmacy
Why not use the one associated with the prescription part of your health care plan? Most have one.
by wholefoodnut on 27 Nov 15 09:06 PM
Snacking --keto diet
Regarding limiting portions of nuts: Just discovered the Emerald 100-calorie nut packs. Some flavors have sugar, but there are also "natural" flavors with no sugar. I have been using these for ...
by Hermiones Mom on 27 Nov 15 11:40 AM
bad cholesterol
Red yeast rice worked for me. I now take it only intermittently, and my cholesterol is stable around 5.8. Good luck!
by semsanur1 on 26 Nov 15 12:57 PM
Loooove LCHF...!! Losing weight for the first time in years (and I tried everythig)... Enjoying my new way of eating!!!:)
by semsanur1 on 26 Nov 15 07:57 AM

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