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Love handles
Anyone know how to get rid of love handles?:roll:
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started by Snails50, 3 months ago.   
Do low calories really slow metabolism?
As I move along on LCHF I find that my calories are dropping lower and lower as I'm satisfied with less and less food... I'm now starting to worry that I may be permanently damaging my metabolism. ...
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started by Britt1975.   
I’m a big (typical) idiot
Well. Two years ago dropped some 40+ lbs. using FatSecret. Then what? Got cocky, figured I knew my lifestyle pattern for health.. and Jan. 1 was w/I 2 lbs of my original weight. Now, I’ve been weight ...
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started by Roblaw2b.   
Newbie on fire!!!
A bit bummed! On 1/8/18 joined a "Biggest Loser" challenge at work. I warned them I was going to kick butt and take names. Put my money in the kitty. And since then have lost down from 213.6 ...
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started by Amazonmomof5.   
What is the difference between Keto and Atkins?
I have been on Atkins and loved it. A bit expensive on the fresh vegetables. Forgive me if this answer is already on here. Point me if it is. Thanks
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started by Sharpie, 3 months ago.   
First weigh in
Well I'm 9 days into Keto WOE and dropped 6.4kgs (14.2lbs) - very happy with the start and well on the way to my first goal of 50kgs (110lbs).
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started by kyto2018, 3 months ago.   
Coffee with Cream
I have been used to drinking my morning decaf coffee with a healthy dose of International Italian Creamer. I am SURE that the sugar in that creamer is NOT part of ANY keto diet. he he I simply can't ...
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started by LoveMyKittiez.   
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started by boobsblaster.   
Small losses....
I have been sick with a nasty cold and cough for 2 weeks...haven't had much of an appetite, but when I do eat it is pretty strict LCHF foods. I have only lost 2 lbs in over 3 weeks. I am thinking I ...
6 replies, last reply by Lippybeth, 3 months ago.   1,922 views.
started by Lippybeth.   
I have been strict LCHF since January 2 and I have lost not one pound !! I am in Ketosis . I have been doing absolutely nothing because of a terrible cold and cough, but weight loss at all ...
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started by Lippybeth, 3 months ago.   
Well, I just signed up and ready to start a new way of living! My husband and I retired a little over 2 years ago and moved to Central America. I have gained 20 pounds since then! I don't recognize ...
3 replies, last reply by janstromberg, 3 months ago.   1,768 views.
started by Mz Elaine.   
Little slip ups
:( :( :( Well yesterday I kinda fell off the wagon. Stress eating at work and when I got home. Busy and frustrating day. Have to remember that to error is human and I just can't make a habit of ...
1 reply, last reply by itistime26, 3 months ago.   647 views.
started by Kegs2116.   
Wink Frozen Desserts Not There Yet
OK. Tried the Wink desserts you may have seen advertised on Facebook. Bought 8 pints of various flavors. With two special deals, I got them for 43 bucks and change. Each pint is only 100 calories with ...
3 replies, last reply by Draglist, 3 months ago.   1,194 views.
started by Draglist.   
not happy
so went off my diet today....had abit of a celebration.....have realized i need to cut back on the carbs in order to loose weight
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started by Helldenn, 3 months ago.   
Carb Withdrawal
don't withdrawal, count your carbs and keep them low (35-45 grams per meal). look up different carbs in foods before you eat them, for instance a baked sweet potato has less carbs and calories than ...
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started by Fatty Boombatty, 3 months ago.   
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Carbohydrates drive up your blood sugar levels, which, in turn, raises your insulin levels. Result: hunger. Fats, (and proteins) are digested more slowly and don't spike your blood sugars. Try ...
by minniezota on 19 Apr 18 02:12 PM
Reasonably well?!
Aaaahhh... I thought it was a system based response to how much I lost compared to how much I need to lose. Thank you!
by sophie-annebergeron on 19 Apr 18 01:54 PM
Advice for beginning healthy eating for weight loss
All diets are CICO. If a certain way of eating makes your calorie goals easier to stick to then try it.
by Diablo360x on 18 Apr 18 11:20 PM
"the DASH diet appears to be the most universally beneficial dietary pattern" : The Heart
A good educational PDF explaining how to use the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension has been published by the National Heart Blood and Lung institute USA.
by Erica- medical scientist on 18 Apr 18 10:04 PM
Started the LCHF a Week Ago
My name is Bridget. I am 52 year old grandmother of a girl 15,and two boys ages 11 and 10. Mother of 32 yr old daughter. I am married and we all live with my mother. I have battled weight problems since ...
by BridgetsStephens52 on 18 Apr 18 12:31 PM

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