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Breaking a habit or creating a new one?
Down about 5 pounds in three weeks. An average of one pound per week will take a long time to get to goal, but I'd rather have a diet of options than one of deprivation. In those three weeks I've ...
5 replies, last reply by Jean Mc, 2 months ago.   1,985 views.
started by tecolote_anna.   
Help! I cant help but eat carbs
So I'm trying not to eat as many carbs for my diet. I'm doing well on my own, but my mom makes dinner. And she sometimes makes food with a lot of carbs. I tried to tell her that I don't want ...
6 replies, last reply by Diane5661, 2 months ago.   2,159 views.
started by Lisa_a122.   
talk to u in a while
tomorrow I leave for the hospital so I will be offline for a week or so. I wish the best to all of u, keep losing those pounds and consume more eating greens. 8)
1 reply, last reply by VeggieJunkie, 2 months ago.   436 views.
started by davidrusnak.   
Is there a way to track yours macros on this program
7 replies, last reply by jazzbot, 2 months ago.   2,127 views.
started by cherylhowe.   
Adding new food
How do I add a new food into the dictionary of foods? I can't find it anywhere.:roll:
1 reply, last reply by mindlyly, 2 months ago.   571 views.
started by estherwaayenberg.   
Vegetarian, gluten free oat free and dairy free
I am a vegetarian with gluten, oat and dairy allergies and although I am counting my calories and keeping to them I am not losing weight. I think part of the problem is the lack of choice of food. Would ...
1 reply, last reply by Wellness5, 2 months ago.   752 views.
started by fozzie16.   
Weight graph
Morning folks! Does anyone know if there is a way to adjust time period for the weight graph? I am showing 3 months but would like to view the last year . . . thanks! ;)
1 reply, last reply by slow_poke, 2 months ago.   964 views.
started by Cathie6.   
Does anyone have any helpful ideas how to get through a plateau? I have stayed between 201 and 199 for the last few weeks and haven't changed anything..watching calories and walk for an hour four ...
4 replies, last reply by Debby Bond, 2 months ago.   902 views.
started by Debby Bond.   
I do hydrotherapy 2 and 3 times a week but it is not listed in the exercises what would I put it under other than slow swimming
no replies.   846 views.
started by buster57, 2 months ago.   
How do I keep track of calories
no replies.   687 views.
started by jeannelala, 2 months ago.   
How are you doing it now?
no replies.   687 views.
started by jeannelala, 2 months ago.   
How many calories a day for me
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started by jeannelala, 2 months ago.   
tracking walking exercise can we do it in steps or in miles rather than in time spent
it is not unusual for me to walk 12-14,000 steps in a day roughly between five and seven miles. I have found a place to enter the amount of time spent walking but not a place to enter distance.
no replies.   560 views.
started by Jay Hatch, 2 months ago.   
New to this online Diet
Hi I am new too, I started my wight loss journey 2 years ago when I hit 318 pounds the heaviest I have every been. I lost to 180 and have through a course of stressful life events gained back up to 204, ...
no replies.   761 views.
started by patriciahenington, 2 months ago.   
New Here
So I have never been a small girl all my life iv been heavy but 3 days go i got on a scale and nearly had a heart attack! I hate my body so much I cant bear to look at myself (never have) I really want ...
2 replies, last reply by mummydee, 2 months ago.   1,291 views.
started by SilentScream12.   
Just saying hi
Well, its being awhile since I made an entry and lots has happened since the time I attempted this. I have being on the a Plant Base Diet for 4 solid months now and barely use animal products or oil ...
2 replies, last reply by mummydee, 2 months ago.   2,070 views.
started by davidrusnak.   
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