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LOW CARB DIET???? So, I'm tempted to try a "low-carb" diet (meaning there will be complex carbohydrates like ONE bowl of rolled oatmeal in the AM after that, really nothing else that doesnt ...
7 replies, last reply by SandraALCF, a month ago.   1,263 views.
started by Jennaleighhadley.   
I need will power
Hey everyone, I just wanna know how do you guys manage to stick to your dieting and exercise plans??? I need that will power to stop myself from eating unhealthy fatty food!
6 replies, last reply by SandraALCF, a month ago.   1,198 views.
started by ifrahweight.   
HCG Diet
I started an HCG diet 4 weeks ago. At first I didn't understand the restrictions (500 cap per day) and gained weight by 1lbs per day. Then I dialed it down to an average of 30 carbs per day and about ...
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started by wgutmann, a month ago.   
Had a kink in the road!!!!
Started my diet 3 days ago. Day 1&2 went like a breeze.:d Woke up yesterday sick as a dog could not keep a thing down. :( Fell deeply in love with Popsicle,s lol. :d Feeling a bit better today. On ...
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started by Sweetie831, a month ago.   
Constipation After 2 mos on Induction
Hi Everyone, So I was going great lost 25 lbs and now this week things changed, I am constipated which I never had before this diet or the first 2 months I was on Atkins. I fill out my food journal and ...
4 replies, last reply by wakamiya, a month ago.   473 views.
started by Cambridge68.   
Nuts causing problems
I am a vegetarian and have been on a low carb high fat eating plan. It was working really well until the nuts gave me constipation and hard stools. I have been spending the last three days trying to ...
9 replies, last reply by wholefoodnut, a month ago.   1,571 views.
started by Tiger1608.   
I am Hungry!
:d Slice of Cheddar Cheese :badgrin: 1/2 tin of Tuna with Olive oil and Mascarponi :shock: AVO
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started by DeonDelport, a month ago.   
WW olds points system
Good evening. I just found this website. I am very interested in using it for my weight loss journey but prefer to use my "diet" as WW using the old points system . I am wondering if the data ...
3 replies, last reply by macy1957, a month ago.   551 views.
started by macy1957.   
Banting diet
Hi people, its been a while. Just wanna know if there are any banters here, I want to give it a try and have no clue where to start. Meal suggestions would be great
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started by Lulu4lolo, a month ago.   
Looking for keto ppl
I am finding alot of non-keto diet things on here so I'd like to put a shout out to other ketogenic ppl. I am doing mostly The Wahls' Protocol, level 3, Paleo Plus. Not just the usual LCHF diet ...
9 replies, last reply by Martha64, a month ago.   1,555 views.
started by 50nfat.   
Bulletproof Coffee
Can I get opinions on bulletproof coffee? The "real" bulletproof coffee, the variations you've tried, just coconut oil, oil and butter, MCT, XCT.... I'm looking to get the best most ...
2 replies, last reply by Martha64, a month ago.   237 views.
started by Rckc.   
Breaking down recipes
I love stuffed peppers, When I make them I make 6 eat one & freeze the rest individually. The recipe follows but I can't figure out how to break down the ingredients into separate meals. 2lbs ...
4 replies, last reply by mummydee, a month ago.   2,921 views.
started by Deborrah53.   
Diffaculties Ahead
I think I fell back into the old ways by allowing my self some cheating, it has gotten or is getting the better of me. It's going to be a hard road to stop it now before I fully sabotage my efforts. ...
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started by Michael-Anderson, a month ago.   
Diffaculties Ahead
Yes Cheating gets the best of us! Hang in there. We are all in this together! :)~ANN :) :)
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started by Michael-Anderson, a month ago.   
The struggle
Okay guys the struggle is real, I think I was not getting enough fats in my diet before so re-vamping my eating this week. Also, this past weekend did a lot of stress eating, turned to my sweet addiction, ...
2 replies, last reply by mummydee, a month ago.   507 views.
started by My journey42.   
Not eating enough calories before I max out my carbs
This site suggested I eat 2200 calories a day to lose weight and stay healthy. I am also trying to stay under or around 100 carbs per day. My dilema is I'm hitting my carb max for the day when I ...
12 replies, last reply by mummydee, a month ago.   1,267 views.
started by SailorG.   
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Sunday is Fasting day
I do it every day and I live by it. Not a zealot, though. If my work schedule shows me working through lunch or things like that, I may eat at 10 or 11. But typically, my hours are between noon and 8pm. ...
by Draglist on 26 Apr 15 02:30 PM
Losing inches, not weight
you don't mention over what period of time you lost the inches?
by howzat4u on 26 Apr 15 01:51 PM
I read that you're somewhere around 60% more likely to keep your weight in check if you weigh daily, but then again 90% of all statistical percentages are made up on the spot. (I just made that up.)
by northernmusician on 26 Apr 15 10:48 AM
A Diff. Kind of "Scale"
I'd agree with Deb. I'd take a few every couple of weeks. In most cases you're likely looking at a month at least to 'see' the progress.
by northernmusician on 26 Apr 15 10:46 AM
Grilled Balsamic Chicken
That looks awesome. Unfortunately, I'm fasting today or it would be on for tonight. Will have to wait for tomorrow.
by northernmusician on 26 Apr 15 10:41 AM

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