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Healthy snacks
Hello everyone, new here and love the motivation that I have found here..I do really well during the day, but at night looking for ideas of your favorite snack... Thanks so much in advance..
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started by Mygsd, a month ago.   
I really need to get head down bum up and go hard at this.... still 11kgs to go :-( :oops:
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started by Aussie Nance.   
Brief Tips On Your Diet
Hello Everyone, here's some brief tips that I would like to share to help you in your diet.:- 1.) Drink a glass of water every morning before Breakfast. 2.) Spend a few minutes to have your morning ...
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started by Morinovicah.   
Cheat Days
So, I joined FS just about a month ago, and today is the first day I've felt hungry (when I shouldn't -- I've had plenty to eat) and had a sincere temptation to overeat. When I previously ...
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started by losinit1655.   
default to current day do I get the diet diary to default to current defaults to the day I started and I have to select today each time I want to update my intake?
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started by retired49.   
FatSecret Mobile App: Looking for pap
Hi, just downloaded the application for FatSecret. It works really well and I can definitely recommend it! The only problem is I can't seem to find pap or even maize rice. I think it has a different ...
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started by Abatjour3407.   
SHORT WOMEN PLEASE REPLY - Looking for good SHORT pants!
Hello. I am wondering if any of you who many be short (I am 5 feet) know of a store chain or web company that sells shorter crotch depth pants. I can eventually find pants whose legs I do not have to ...
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started by Nettie1927.   
SHORT WOMEN PLEASE REPLY - Looking for good SHORT pants!
this is a weight loss site, not exactly a clothing shop
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started by Nettie1927.   
Going on holiday - what do I do.
Do you keep a diary while on holiday and what to do if there is no internet access.
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started by old antiques.   
Can you Lose 10 pounds in a Week?
Hey this isn't a topic. It's an ad that takes you to an external page.
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started by mohamedel mansouri, a month ago.   
carb count
Apparently the US and the UK count carbs differently. I've been using the dietary info from this sight. Is this a US based site or UK? When figuring carbs should I subtract the dietary fiber from the ...
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started by jlbenitz.   
ATT: South Africans.. REgarding insanity workout
Does anyone have the insanity workout by shaun T ?? :d
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started by soonabspossible.   
RDI Intake
Hi all, i am new to this group and have started on my wight loss journey including excerising two days per week (at the moment until my fitness levels increase). I have read a lot about calorie controlled ...
1 reply, last reply by Tatmummy, a month ago.   501 views.
started by Wazzyboo.   
What kick started my never ending diet.
Hi been dieting for years without success but 3 weeks ago I went to see a food and intolerance specialist she tested me for 81 food groups and I am not intolerant nor have an allergy but an acid/alkaline ...
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started by paul howard.   
Stuck @ too heavy for me
:oops: Have been walking 4-6 miles daily, finally made myself push to a mile on the eliptical during my break at work.
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started by Bikerbabe2393, a month ago.   
caloric intake
Hi! I'm new to this...Wondering if I want to change my weight loss from slow to rapid, how do I change the caloric intake for my daily balance? It's too high for fast. I just like a quick start ...
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, a month ago.   536 views.
started by Maternity4.   
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I get my chocolate "fix" by making with Stevia: chocolate pudding, hot cocoa using organic fat free milk (it is just as creamy as 2% milk with a long shelf life) I plan to experiment with cocoa ...
by changeovertime on 30 Nov 15 06:13 PM
I'm a backslider!
@Phil... and mind. I'm a completely different person on keto. My mood is so bad off, I even lose my tickle spots. Literally! My brain is so foggy that I can't even remember VERY important appo ...
by FatGirlJenny on 30 Nov 15 06:01 PM
Any activity trackers that sync with FatSecret?
I'm debating on buying a FitBit Charge HR or a Jawbone Up3. I wish there was a tracker which would feed the activity to my FatSecret.
by srizvi1 on 30 Nov 15 12:11 PM
I've been making entries to weight on a weekly schedule and I have missed some. However, the last oh 4-6 entries are not showing up. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I am going to try and enter them ...
by Spiritual Life on 30 Nov 15 09:53 AM
Not hungry anymore
Eating so little will put your body into starvation mode. And that's not good - long term you could get ill, you need to eat a sensible amount for your weight.
by Tatmummy on 30 Nov 15 07:33 AM

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