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ready for more
"I've had a good, challenging week. I've made good progress and have learned a lot! I'm ready fore week two on my challenges!"
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started by ehynek, 3 weeks ago.   
Need Support Buddies
Hello I am a Type 2 diabetic and have been for a long time. My diabetes is controlled well with medication but I need to eat healthier and lose weight.
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started by Barbara wyatt.   
bowel movements
I had the same problem. I drink lots of water throughout the day but its not enough. My doctor put me on Miralax which I put in my coffee every morning and sennosides a prescription which I take at ...
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started by paulasato13.   
Setting macro goals in RDI?
Hi, I'm a newbie, over from MFP. Can I set my own macros? I am on a ketogenic diet, so I'm tracking fat, protein and carbs, and I'd like to put my percentage or grams goals in for each. Is ...
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started by gravyst.   
Hello there!
Hello my peeps!! super excited because I am almost done with the HGC diet and have lost 20 lbs in 23 days! it was hard work but so worth it. I'm hoping to lose about 20 lbs more. Power thru!!
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started by stefraley.   
I was completely digusted with Very buggy, lots of errors. One thing I did like is the mood log, is there one of fatsecret? I can find one, or a daily diary?
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started by joeformerfatguy.   
BMR confused
website: BMI 31.32 BMI BF% 25.52% body fat percentage BMR 2074.558 but i only eat 1200 a day (sometimes cheat up to 1400) but at 1400 i dont usually lose and sometimes ...
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started by farmerblue.   
Hi, I've had this issue all my life. I am not hungry in the morning or better part of the day. I suffer from anxiety and because of that I don't feel like eating especially in the morning. This ...
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started by joeformerfatguy.   
I am really confused with the Net Carbs Counting
I am really confused with counting Carbs. Going on the internet isn't helpful. I want to take in 130- 150 grams of carbs a day. How much net carbs do I then need to lose weight? I can't tell if ...
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started by Dufresne.   
Adipex is a worry. If you have high blood pressure or heart problems, you should only use under a doctor's care. Obviously not a restricted med in your country, if a dietician can prescribe it.
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started by willywombat, 3 weeks ago.   
Adding Different Measures to Foods?
I notice sometimes when I do a search on a food to add to my food diary, that there are sometimes drop down lists of varying ways to measure the food. Grams, ounces, tsp., tbsp, etc. How is this done? ...
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started by HeyJude602, 3 weeks ago.   
calorie counting
I was ordered by my physician to start a diet that is being kickstarted with Phentermine for 6 months. Then I will have had to change my lifestyle or I will gain everything back he told me. He turned ...
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started by mrdierks.   
how to change my goal weight
I reached the first goal. I need to get to work on the second, please let me know how to set the second goal weight!
1 reply, last reply by RR Hegde, 3 weeks ago.   514 views.
started by Pbie.   
Lost my diet this last week
Dont know how im doing on diet because i had to fly to uk as sadly my mom passed away...still in uk and possibly for next two have not seen a set of scales or kept up my fat secret logs...h ...
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started by lucinda32.   
Can't post "history" weights
I started Fat Secret about 5 weeks into my change of "life diet" and now I want to go back in put my weights from the past 5 weeks to get a true diet loss weight schedule. I went to Edit Hi ...
1 reply, last reply by Glaun, 3 weeks ago.   699 views.
started by Patti No Cake.   
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I'm going to try this Atkins thing:)
Atkins is a lifestyle and if you think it is a quick fix then forget about doing it. You start at induction and complete all 4 phases..and NEVER a cheat...after you have accomplished this then it is m ...
by Re-energize on 02 Sep 14 12:54 AM
Posting my formula for pain relief here also
Mummydee, your link is very informative, thank you.m
by wholefoodnut on 01 Sep 14 08:10 PM
40-50g Carb challenge
brenda joyce spencer wrote: i have to eat 20 to 25 carbs i dont do net carbs i have a hard time losing weight i think it is because i have a bad thyroid am on med for it . I've been on thyroid meds ...
by mummydee on 01 Sep 14 07:48 PM
drinking water strategy
I'm simply thirsty most f the time. Side affect of asthma drugs and doc when I was a kid who started me drinking lots of water. I used to get horrible kidney infections, as long as I drink lots of ...
by wholefoodnut on 01 Sep 14 06:55 PM
advice needed
I'm new here and committed to my health. I just lost 23 lbs. and now working on maintenance. I work out every day but Wednesday. I feel fabulous and I just turned 60. No excuses for me any more. ...
by makes3 on 01 Sep 14 04:57 PM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
05 Jan 14 for diet Atkins