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Being Sick
What do you do when you've been sick? Do you count your calories/carbs, follow your diet plan, or just forgo everything until you feel better? I have been unable to post anything in my food journal ...
5 replies, last reply by My metamorphis, a month ago.   908 views.
started by CammieCo.   
Massage burns Calories too!
With all the surgeries I have had recently, I'm tight all over and have standing fluid (laymen's terms) mostly in my legs. Yesterday I had a full hour deep tissue massage and will have one the ...
1 reply, last reply by ieGod, a month ago.   262 views.
started by Scarlettawind.   
Ezekial bread
any thoughts on this? My Dr said I may add a few carbs and suggested a slice of Ezekial as nutritious and will help me feel fuller. I have not eaten any grain or anything "white" since Nov and ...
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started by clayboro, a month ago.   
New Member... Any fat burning food ideas?
I need to lose the last 10 lbs. ASAP (surgery) and it has now become grueling... Very difficult in winter! Anyone know fat burning foods that might help?
22 replies, last reply by XshapeshiftX, a month ago.   1,454 views.
started by Chipmunck.   
Hello Everyone! My name is Kaylee and I am 17 going on 18. I'm new to the site and was thinking maybe someone could help me with tips for dieting, exercise, and fat burn. Currently I'm using ...
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started by Marshmallow2358, a month ago.   
Net # in the 'exercise' box...
What significance is the net number in the 'exercise' box -- I'm assuming it relates to calories??
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started by Chipmunck, a month ago.   
walking buddy milnerton
Hi wondering if anybody lives in the milnerton area?am looking for a walking buddy in the afternoons.
no replies.   133 views.
started by twister129, a month ago.   
8 replies, last reply by Scarlettawind, a month ago.   1,126 views.
started by boobsblaster.   
Hi, I'm a new member.. I've got a long way to go to reach my goal. I know it will be difficult... Any tips for me to not give up??
2 replies, last reply by jyeoman2910, a month ago.   309 views.
started by deborahsova.   
Feeling Positive
It's my 3rd day going to the gym. I do not go there to wear myself out and overdo. Even a little something everyday is going to help me. I'm climbing out of a depression after a very long s ...
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started by Scarlettawind, a month ago.   
Bright Line Eating Buddies?
Is anyone following Bright Line Eating and looking for a support group/buddy?
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started by btrum13, a month ago.   
Antipasto artichokes from M&S deli section
Hi all, Am new to this site - started on Monday. Have got those M&S deli style artichokes for my lunch. Are they actually healthy and do they count as part of 5 a day?
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started by VesperRoyale, a month ago.   
Weight loss
Weighing myself tomorrow morning, exited to see!:p I stuck to counting calories today and I ate 1517 calories, making my goal of 1500 each day.
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started by fitness is life, a month ago.   
Weight Loss
Week one of my diet is complete.. I'm 5'8 and weighed in at 190lbs..I have taken off 10 lbs during this first week. My diet consist of high protein, low to nearly no carbs or sugars. I was a big ...
1 reply, last reply by spacey48, a month ago.   270 views.
started by butterfly1921.   
:roll: one of those bad weekends chocolate is the devil:evil:
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started by annemarie s, a month ago.   
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I'm back - Let's do this all over again :/
Just become religious with counting calories. Surefire way to victory. Good luck. We all fall off, don't beat yourself up. Good luck!
by Diablo360x on 25 Feb 17 10:11 PM
New to Posting
Think you have to make your food diary etc shared/public to other members?
by AKRSAR on 25 Feb 17 05:51 PM
Getting discouraged
Just start following your plan again. Simple as that! Back at it! ;) My Dr. actually advised one cheat day a week within reason!
by paularichardson on 25 Feb 17 03:34 PM
just starting
Hi I just found this site so thought I'd register and give it ago. It will be good for me to track my progress and get some motivation from others-Stay Awesome everyone :d
by STAYAWSOME on 25 Feb 17 02:26 PM
RND ROB you did it great but it is rarely applicable for everyone because of less motivation towards workouts we mostly try managing our weight through diet control so it is gonna be a harmful practice ...
by makayla davis on 25 Feb 17 01:37 AM

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