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An interesting journey
I started my weight loss journey in January with a loss goal of 17 lbs, and came onto this site somewhere around May. I have lost just over 30 lbs. I am post menopause and never thought I could do it. ...
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started by catkane8662, 3 months ago.   
I will succeed!
I am ready to change my life for me, not for society in general & how the public eye thinks we should look but for me! My daughter has noticed that i am eating differently here lately & when she ...
4 replies, last reply by XshapeshiftX, 3 months ago.   849 views.
started by cpene4262.   
I am very happy I found this web site and am using it for the week or so since I am on. I am on a diet since May and have lost about 25 lbs. I am going to the gym for the first time in my life and feeling ...
1 reply, last reply by fatoldlady, 3 months ago.   376 views.
started by royalpar1.   
Saving Meals
How do you save meals on Fat Secret. I'm not computer savvy and I can't figure it out. Can someone please help. Thanks
2 replies, last reply by dccanoer, 3 months ago.   1,156 views.
started by Spills634.   
Working on it
So far I am down 8 pounds. It's going really slow now but the doc says I am doing well. Decided to get out walk8ng every other day, it's made a difference. Also in my pocketbook because I am w ...
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started by virginiastollings, 3 months ago.   
Do you guys track fruit?
Hello! I was wondering how you guys felt about tracking fruit? I know fruit has a high carb count, but I am only eating 1 cup of it maybe once a week at most. So should I track it? I am not low carb ...
14 replies, last reply by bettycmoody, 3 months ago.   1,743 views.
started by Bearybeans.   
Starving self and gaining weight
I have been counting calories for 4 days and today I went to the gym and got on scale and I have gained a pound! What is up with that!
17 replies, last reply by Lifesatrip, 3 months ago.   4,426 views.
started by Misssy2.   
Eat what you want & loose the weight!
Eat what you want but have a very strict diet? False advertisement in the thread title. You can include a piece of cake in your 12-1300 calories and not have to do any extra cardio. Also, it's ...
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started by nataliebehman, 3 months ago.   
Stubborn Fat
Belly fat is a sign of insulin resistance. Cut way back on carbs, and the insulin levels will drop.
4 replies, last reply by jeffpa, 3 months ago.   1,868 views.
started by Mariah0399.   
Stubborn Fat
Belly fat is a sign of too many carbs (beer belly, pasta belly, good eatin). Lets all agree to cut back on carbs, run, get the metabolic rate up, and the belly size will drop - and you will no longer have ...
4 replies, last reply by jeffpa, 3 months ago.   1,868 views.
started by Mariah0399.   
Stubborn Fat
belly fat is a sign of being too fat, people lose weight here last of all because its the place it generally accumulates the most be in a consistent deficit and remain active
4 replies, last reply by jeffpa, 3 months ago.   1,868 views.
started by Mariah0399.   
Stubborn Fat
A journey of a thousand meals begins with a single plate. Confused.
4 replies, last reply by jeffpa, 3 months ago.   1,868 views.
started by Mariah0399.   
Stubborn Fat
vitamanollie wrote: A journey of a thousand meals begins with a single plate. Confused.geez you talk a load of crap
4 replies, last reply by jeffpa, 3 months ago.   1,868 views.
started by Mariah0399.   
Industry funded studies
Interesting article on the study that linked heart disease to fat. Makes you wonder if you can trust any study. [url=
5 replies, last reply by jodymcconnachie, 3 months ago.   1,618 views.
started by fatoldlady.   
Emotional Roller coaster
Today was a bad day for me. I have an amazing 2 weeks of tracking my food and seeing some weight loss, but today I just binged . I am an emotional eater , I was feeling low and I turned to food .i will ...
5 replies, last reply by kpwcalories, 3 months ago.   1,363 views.
started by Hailuh .   
The 15 Minute Lunch
So 3 days a week I pick up my girl from 1/2 day school and take her to a babysitter. That with 45 minutes on the raod gives me about 10-15 to make and eat lunch at home while letting the dog out. I'm ...
11 replies, last reply by Tajuin, 3 months ago.   2,067 views.
started by Timg2500.   
Syncing FitBit with Fat Secret
Is there anyway that I can take the info from my FitBit and sync it on this site? I love this site, but went away from it when I started using my FitBit. I am noticing a lot of places are now syncing ...
4 replies, last reply by Samukeliso, 3 months ago.   5,207 views.
started by Jillzee00.   
Easy to go up So hard to go down
Boy when to take a holiday eat healthy still just upload amount of protein you gain muscle and weight . Its so hard to take down after . was 53 kg now i up 57 and feel like hell .
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started by lizzammit, 3 months ago.   
Overcoming emotional hurdles
Hi all. I'm currently doing the 5kg challenege which ends in 3 end October . Week two has just ended and my weight has not really changed . Still just below 78 kilos which is not even 1 kilos lost ...
3 replies, last reply by Timg2500, 3 months ago.   955 views.
started by Hailuh .   
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Help i am on low carb diet !
an extremely obese person 250lbs plus can probably metabolize 2lbs of fat a week for a while..... 1lb a week isa pretty good base rate especially if you are not THAT will be lucky to do more ...
by spacey48 on 02 Dec 16 03:45 PM
low carbing
hi. well I am finally seeing some success. I have been tryig to keep my carbs under 40, and have been under 1200 calories daily. Thanksgiving was pretty good, considering I cooked for 8 all kinds of yummy ...
by clayboro on 02 Dec 16 02:25 PM
Kinda lost here! a little help?
I dunno maybe ACTUALLY USE the APP?
by spacey48 on 02 Dec 16 02:08 PM
Setting a limits for my macros
if you don't want to count calories pointless being here what you are thinking is more complicated and what do you hope to achieve
by spacey48 on 02 Dec 16 02:05 PM
The FatSecret Graph
FYI...on the right side of your Recent Activity column where it says 'Featured" scroll over, click on buddy, then click on buddie finder. Then explore the other activity options, everyone, ...
by Becca P on 02 Dec 16 01:03 PM

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