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Time for walks
Maybe now spring is here and it's nicer weather I can start to lose some more weight again with long walks. Still at just under 145llbs and have been for 6-7 weeks. That is a healthy weight for me ...
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started by Barney45.   
Hello, any Herbalife members out there?:)
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started by j1966, a month ago.   
Looking into starting low carb diet
What are the biggest things I need to look into with starting off low carb? What are some of the staples I should always have on hand? TIA
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started by maryallen1.   
Is my daily calorie intake calculated properly?
Hi there I am new to fatsecret.... When I put in my details I put my weight in at 116Kg's my height in at 169cm and my age at 43 yrs - female. This app told me in order to lose weight I need to ...
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started by BigtosmallGirl.   
Resting/Sleep Resting in black ...confused...can't change this or what??? Can't seem to find info on this item...Must be I missing info... Pops1943
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started by Pops1943, a month ago.   
You need help.
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started by oliver leslie.   
Yeah, my bad, what was i thinking? Scratch what I wrote -lets pig out yall......
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started by oliver leslie.   
Starting over
I was going to rejoin meetings but cannot tomorrow. In spite of this I'm going to join Online. I'm a Travel Nurse and have some issues that need to be addressed tomorrow in my extended stay. No ...
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started by LadyNASDAQ, a month ago.   
BMI (WHO) versus SBMI
I just found a fascinating website editing the standard BMI formula used by the World Health Organization to allow for differences in age and sex when computing body mass. http://www.smartbmicalculat ...
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started by jmdavis5.   
What should I eat?
I don't know what to eat. Been having oatmeal for breakfast, tuna for lunch, ramen soup for dinner and a TON of snacks in between because I'm hungry all the time. I've been so bad the past ...
10 replies, last reply by Phooka, a month ago.   5,739 views.
started by Back2Me4Me.   
Help! I don't think this is a physical need so much as a want. I've eaten well all day. I've exercised, and now I just want a bit of chocolate. I guess I could eat some nuts, but I'm a ...
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started by Dee Koro.   
I added a food item this morning (Branston Pickle) that was not listed with ease. NOW I'm trying to add a protein powder that's not listed and for the life of me I cant figure out how to do it ...
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started by thabar10der.   
Penis size
38 replies, last reply by rebeccaberg, a month ago.   18,364 views.
started by rambler747.   
The recipes
I have made roasted sweet potatoes,cabbage with tumeric,ginger shrimp,roasted beets,coconut almond chicken,etc.They taste good and are great for inflammation.
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started by calico27006, a month ago.   
New Book The Stash Plan
I purchased this the other day and since then I am feeling a lot more energetic and lost 5 pds. You cook the recipes in the book every 3 days. Two carbs,two proteins,two veg.Then you eat one of each for ...
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started by calico27006, a month ago.   
3 hour diet
Hi, is anyone on this? I am on week 2 just started.
4 replies, last reply by IamLinny, a month ago.   6,348 views.
started by KathyTriesAgain.   
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meal planning
You can plan meals ahead on this site. At the upper right side of the page, click on "food" and a screen will come up where you can input your menu. I put in my planned menu for the day and ...
by pandasmom on 28 May 16 11:42 PM
How much protein, fat and Carbohydrate
sandee check your inbox, I sent you a PM
by debrafrederick on 28 May 16 04:28 PM
GERD vs. Ulcer. Do you know which it is?
by LadyinDenim on 28 May 16 04:18 PM
First 5K walk/run last week
Great job. It is really hard to stay motivated when you hit a plateau. Hope the 5K helped. You sound like you are doing great. A friend told me she uses an app called mapmywalk that is working well ...
by akeria on 28 May 16 08:34 AM
Good news on the type 2 diabetes
Great news!! Keep up the good work.
by pandasmom on 27 May 16 10:30 PM

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