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I need help with stomach fat
I have lost about 70 pounds in the last 11 months yet I haven't lost much in the stomach area. I have dropped 2 pant sizes and the last time I dropped was 20 pounds ago and I really haven't lost ...
1 reply, last reply by Diablo360x, 2 months ago.   619 views.
started by cherylekirchner.   
Feeling awful in Atkins. Day 10 Getting low blood sugar :(
So far I'm on day 10 of induction phase. I'm not a diabetic but my hubby is so I was feeling SUPER Sluggish/brainfog. To the point where I was a bit paranoid to drive home from work. I totally ...
36 replies, last reply by evanpan, 2 months ago.   8,780 views.
started by Gennel.   
Ketostix - How to achieve a darker color.
I am hoping someone can help shed some light on Ketosis and Ketostix for me. It is my understanding that Ketosis is achieved with a low carb, high fat diet that encourages the body to enter a state of ...
5 replies, last reply by HCB, 2 months ago.   788 views.
started by D1srupta.   
Documentaries to Watch
* Food Matters * Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead * Common Weeds in the Etible World * Sugar Loaded * Sugar Blues * Hungry For Changes * Origins Check online or Netflix or other sources.
2 replies, last reply by pattychaney, 2 months ago.   327 views.
started by Lifesatrip.   
I'm stuck at 92 kgs
Hello Everyone, I'm new here and ended up here while looking for help online.I was 95 kgs about 6 weeks ago. The first three weeks, I lost about 1 kg every week with my diet and walk. But after that ...
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started by taraaj, 2 months ago.   
Protein intake
I am finally feeling comfortable about maintaining the proper daily protein intake. I wish this had been stressed to me years ago. My weight loss is slow going, but it is going, and I have not been hungry ...
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started by 4Monthgoa1, 2 months ago.   
Watch the excellent 2012 documentary: "Hungry For Change" it is available online or Netflix, etc.
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started by Lifesatrip, 2 months ago.   
Worried about skin
Hey everyone, I'm new here and currently feel very nervous. In the past few weeks I've managed to shift about 5lbs but I still have about 95lbs to go until my goal weight. As most people are, ...
2 replies, last reply by Ramon_Cornejo, 2 months ago.   1,182 views.
started by ARDP1612.   
Seeking OTC equivalent to Phendimetrazine / Phentermine
I did the Medi Weight Loss Diet in 2008 - 2009 and lost a bunch of weight. It was FAAAANTASTIC! I don't care what anyone says, medical weight loss was the best thing I have ever done and the only ...
27 replies, last reply by gigievans, 2 months ago.   85,484 views.
started by PianoNoir.   
Normal Diet of 3 meals a day + snacks?
A great article and much of what is here was also in the documentary "Eat, Fast and Live Longer." There are so many health benefits to fasting and weightloss is one of them. When I see people ...
no replies.   174 views.
started by mrspackrat, 2 months ago.   
Dr. Pepper
I live in a remote part of Montana. I went to the local convenience store and got a large Dr. diet pepper from one of those big pop dispensers. I pushed the "add vanilla" button. Does anyone ...
10 replies, last reply by rabbitjb, 2 months ago.   4,199 views.
started by mgussmann.   
3kg weight loss
I know it's not much but showing my belly is one of my biggest fears, so I thought I could try and overcome it with a first update. [img] The top image is of me at 10 ...
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started by ARDP1612, 2 months ago.   
Has anyone tried Huel?
I was looking for a convenient 'clean' eating plan and came across Huel. After reading the reviews I bought a weeks supply and will start using it tomorrow. It could just be another fad but i ...
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started by Lexi_Campbell, 2 months ago.   
I have just joined after finding myfitnesspal is not for me. I like everything about Fatsecret but cannot see any form of macro charts. This is important for me as I found out I was not eating enough ...
2 replies, last reply by Cryptobrit, 2 months ago.   1,097 views.
started by Cryptobrit.   
What do I order at a Restaurant?
Only day 10 of my diet and I'm doing well. I'm going out to dinner tomorrow for the first time since counting calories (1400/day). Any suggestions on what to order? It's a pizzeria/Mexican ...
8 replies, last reply by johnwayne49, 2 months ago.   1,672 views.
started by Back2Me4Me.   
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Birthday party eating - pray for me today!?
Sorry, didn't see the timeline, hope all went well.
by Itsmefromnewyork on 30 Apr 16 08:19 PM
what to eat? How to build muscles
We see you're still licking your wounds ieGod. Look on the bright side, next time you'll really check out the links you post to make your case - or have a case. Or you'll learn to really read ...
by Itsmefromnewyork on 30 Apr 16 07:56 PM
Drastic Measures
There is no law that mandates a "quick rebound" from a VLCD, unless you drastically increase cals and/or carbs from a low baseline. reverse diet resources ...
by jimmiepop on 30 Apr 16 02:56 PM
He'..............s Back
Hello to all my old friends and soon to be new ones. After 8 months of no FS, much travel, a bit of sickness and lots of life I made goal.. Knowing this is a very dangerous time for maintaining weight ...
by Glaun on 30 Apr 16 01:13 PM
The first thing wrong with that link, the video, is the video itself - you would think that if they are trying to sell you something, which they are, they could add a bit more gloss to it- a little pr ...
by Itsmefromnewyork on 30 Apr 16 08:33 AM

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