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burning fat...
Best way to burn fat, from what I've read, is to start a workout BEFORE breakfast. Since when we are sleeping they say we are burning mainly fat. We burn calories sleeping, yes, to keep our body ...
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started by billtech66, 3 weeks ago.   
Everyone is different but this is what I did and it has really helped me keep my weight loss constant at around 3+ lbs. a week for the past 6 weeks. I do not pay attention to my Fat or Protein intake ...
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started by cstout30.   
Why I 173LB and Not 230-240lb like all the other men in my family!
Why I don't weigh 220-240lb
2 replies, last reply by robathealthsidekick, 3 weeks ago.   645 views.
started by robathealthsidekick.   
Best Diet for ME
I have tried many many diets over the years from my own to smoothies, to fad diets and all left me starved at some point. Guessing it's the imbalance of Carbs, Fats, and proteins. Bought the book ...
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started by emerald oaks ct, 3 weeks ago.   
Well I'm not a new member, I have use FS 2 different time.But always thought it was just a Mobile app.I'm so glad that I came across the fs community.Because its always harder to lose weight with ...
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started by Ashlie Sunshine, 3 weeks ago.   
Morning - Question on Calories for Weight Loss
Morning All. This is the first time I am post on this forum. I started following the Tim Noakes eating plan about a month ago and in the last few days have been utilising this site, which is fant ...
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started by Linzi55.   
do you sweat more on a lchf diet?
Im assuming that ive been sweating more since I srarted lchf diet because of the thermogenic effect of eating more protein and fat. Any haughts?
4 replies, last reply by Jodie P Carter, 3 weeks ago.   686 views.
started by Jodie P Carter.   
cravings and sweets
If you are looking for chocolate. Reese's has miniature sugar free peanut butter cups.They cost less than the Atkins brand and they have 27g total carb , but minus the 6g of dietary fiber and 20g ...
7 replies, last reply by mummydee, 3 weeks ago.   487 views.
started by Crystal520.   
Gastric Bypass Plateau
I seem to of hit a plateau after only 4 months after my surgery. I have lost a little over 80 pounds since my surgery on Sept. 23, 2014. Is this normal? What can I do to get out of this rut? Please help
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started by melissapassmore gross.   
On Diets, Goals, Events, and Deadlines.
I read a book recently that changed a lot of my way of thinking. The book was called 'Confidence' by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic. (I wish I had the last half of his last name.) It challenged a lot ...
5 replies, last reply by northernmusician, 3 weeks ago.   836 views.
started by northernmusician.   
Hi, Does anyone know how I can get rid of the bloating in stomach area? All ideas would be appreciated :) :d
1 reply, last reply by mrspackrat, 3 weeks ago.   318 views.
started by Angelas75.   
My weigh in
I stepped on the scale last night and it was 248. I was a little irritated. My aim was 245. I'll keep plugging away.
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started by cstout30, 3 weeks ago.   
On ORLISTAT Why am I gaining weight this week :(
I am taking Orlistat to aid weight loss , I have been eating around 1000 cals and average 15g fat per day.. I have been losing weight but this week only three days in and I have put on 2.5lb. Anyone used ...
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started by Lynn101, 3 weeks ago.   
Most people know when their take empty or full, but what about half full?
All of us know the obesity rate continues to climb in the face of new diets, gadgets and apps. The number of people who are obese has went from 857 million people in 1980 to 2.1 billion people and is ...
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started by robathealthsidekick, 3 weeks ago.   
Just begining
Hi folks I am just beginning my weight loss journey over the years I've allowed my self to become obese and depressed. Now I'm taking action any tips for staving off hunger or burning a few extra ...
2 replies, last reply by mrspackrat, 3 weeks ago.   654 views.
started by steel eye kate.   
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Yes Steroids causes weight too~ I am so happy that you discovered what was giving you trouble. Thank God your back to losing weight~ :) ~Ann
by Ann444 on 28 Feb 15 11:21 PM
Savory Fat Bomb: Bacon Onion Butter
Bacon Onion Butter - A lower carb version of Steven Raichlen's Bacon Onion Butter. Ingredients 9 tablespoons butter. 4 strips bacon sliced into small strips. 90 grams onion (1 1/2 large slices) ...
by LambiePi on 28 Feb 15 07:58 PM
new here- the only vegan to gain weight
Good lord vegans can gain. I don't now where the stereotype of a scrawny pasty faced vegans came from but it's WRONG! I second the healthy fats and proteins for hunger control.
by nicholaix on 28 Feb 15 07:43 PM
Oh I've been keeping track on my own. ...I haven't logged food in awhile
by mpapatyi on 28 Feb 15 07:14 PM
New Atkins Dieter Using Fat Secret for Net Carbs Tracking - Suggestions Appreciated
Thank you for the words of wisdom mummydee. If need to remember to take it a meal and day at a time as I work Atkins because I have a lot of food addictions, like sugar, caffeine, etc.
by jdsullivan on 28 Feb 15 05:37 PM

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