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stir fry
we had stir fry last night; and forgot how much work it is, to cut up all those veggies. Even when adding a bag of assorted veggies. My husband doesn't care for most stir fry sauces with soy sauce. ...
4 replies, last reply by foreverhealthy3, 3 weeks ago.   894 views.
started by foreverhealthy3.   
Weekly Menu Food Planning
do you do it? I do much better if I do, Having the weekly meals planned out, save time, already planned, money and even cost of groceries. I've often thought to create a three week rotation; but, ...
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, 3 weeks ago.   127 views.
started by foreverhealthy2.   
Remarkable Results
I went to see my orthopedic specialist today. I have lost 35 pounds in two weeks. I knew these Fat Secret recipes would really enhance my weight loss.:lol:
16 replies, last reply by Raidersfan, 3 weeks ago.   595 views.
started by Yves336.   
I lost 24 KGS in 6 months but picked up 5 KGS in december I'm now 81 KGS I need to get to 77 KGS asap
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, 3 weeks ago.   149 views.
started by cptherock8.   
SABOTAGE! Is any one else running Into this?
I told my mother that I was taking the no bread for a month challenge. Out of the blue she invites me to breakfast for cinnamon rolls from scratch. MY WEAKNESS! I buckled. I went and ate a lot of them. ...
30 replies, last reply by wholefoodnut, 3 weeks ago.   2,431 views.
started by Yves336.   
Dang Plateaus
I seem to be plateaud again. I'm going to try to get back to writing everything down, though I'm 99% sure I'm not eating too many carbs. It could be too many calories. I grew up in a VERY ...
2 replies, last reply by sailorgrl, 3 weeks ago.   248 views.
started by tmaggie84.   
First Post!
Today is my first day on Fatsecret. My goals are to eat better and stay active! No more Netflix in bed for days, and eating out of boredom! It's time to make a change! If you want to know more about ...
3 replies, last reply by mummydee, 3 weeks ago.   211 views.
started by Countingchrissys.   
Daily weigh-ins
Although I don't like daily weigh-ins, I thought I would give them another go and last week, I dropped a total of 1.7kg from last Saturday to yesterday (Friday). Today when I got on the scales, I ...
4 replies, last reply by mummydee, 3 weeks ago.   237 views.
started by Merran Charles.   
New to the group
Hello, I've been taking Herbalife since Monday... I take two shakes, one for breakfast and one for lunch. No fruit.... I also take cell u loss and Cinnamon herbal tea. I also started walking 3-5 ...
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started by Rosalie Luna, 3 weeks ago.   
120 to 140
Hi! I'm new here. I have thyroid problems and I went from 120 to 140. I can't seem to lose weight. Help....
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started by JFSurvivor, 3 weeks ago.   
Wine or Whine
Our wife and we make wine...we make it really's sooooooo nice....It makes dieting so much harder when half your calorie intake is wine. Oh well it's coming off (W ...
1 reply, last reply by LuC2, 3 weeks ago.   160 views.
started by bigfatbastard.   
Need a more balanced diet.
I have noticed as I am adding the foods I have eaten, it's not really a balanced meal. ive eatne more fat and carbs and not enough protein. I would just like to know what the proportions such be for ...
2 replies, last reply by mrspackrat, 3 weeks ago.   135 views.
started by Angel_wants2be_skinny.   
Ketosis question
I have a question. Im having a difficult time consuming my 1080 calories a day. Im getting between 600-800. But they are in the percentage of 70-80 percent fat, 15 percent protein and 5 percent carb. ...
28 replies, last reply by nicholaix, 3 weeks ago.   3,336 views.
started by Tresmemphis.   
Do we concentrate too much on what goes in and not enough on what comes out. ?
This is a taboo subject and not one that folks like to talk about. Was piling on the weight even though I was eating healthily and thought I was quite fit and my bodily functions seamed to be regular and ...
3 replies, last reply by dixiebelle49, 3 weeks ago.   191 views.
started by bigfatbastard.   
Low Carb egg options
Hello, I'm new to this site and have just begun a low carb lifestyle. I'm going to start by eating eggs for breakfast. I'm concerned with the amount of cholesterol in traditional eggs, so ...
9 replies, last reply by LuC2, 3 weeks ago.   1,333 views.
started by Bridgette M.   
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Survey - please help some grad students!
Hi, My name is Liz, and I’m currently working on a group project for my MBA. One of the members of my group recently lost a lot of weight (went from a size 16 to a size 4), and came up with the idea of ...
by lizWW on 31 Mar 15 07:29 PM
I'm too carby!
I eat l/f yogurt almost every day (90 calories). I make myself wait until at least 10:00 AM to eat it and I try to eat it slow, LOL. I have to wait an hour to eat after I take my thyroid med. and I a ...
by Jillzee00 on 31 Mar 15 07:19 PM
Carbs vs Net Carbs
Thanks everybody. I'm still trying to figure out how to navigate this site. Darn, I love brats too. Haha. I love salmon and shrimp more though.
by SailorG on 31 Mar 15 10:16 AM
Nutrient Content
The Pie chart at the bottom of the screen is correct. The only thing about it is that it takes all carbohydrates into consideration (simple, complex, and fiber) as one number (total carbs) and doesn't ...
by chadlius88 on 31 Mar 15 10:10 AM
Carb Blockers
No, but I am think of ordering the Plexus Block, which sounds very similar. My weight loss is stalled and I've added a lot of exercise.
by Houcarmm on 31 Mar 15 09:54 AM

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