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a lot more to go
I still need to lose 60 lbs. I find myself cheating. Candy is a down fall. A bad month for me. Not losing anything and not feeling good.:!:
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started by Bettv.   
Diets do not work.......
I am a believer that diets do not work. However my weight is not going down at the rate I would like. When I drop weight I can hold it there through excerise and being mindful of what I eat. Without ...
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started by Scott Olie.   
If you are interested in ketosis
Tim Ferris has a new podcast where he interviews Dr Dominic D'Agostino (he is a professor). Dominic knows more than anyone on the subject. He was using ketogenic diets to halt cancer. Enjoy..
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started by yugguth.   
I'm Back
I am back again, had a rough year but back on top again . I am on the LCHF eating plan and I have lost about 26 pounds since February. Hubby had 3 heart attacks, I had knee surgery, eye surgery and bi ...
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started by sandycatiller.   
Fat study
Here is a study I happened to see while reading the news. It should give all of you low carbers, as well as anyone else who needs to be aware or the types of fat and how much they eat, "fat for ...
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started by teresashepherd.   
Fat study
Thanks for sharing, better beware of soybean and especially canola oils as well. Of course a diet high in sugary and starchy foods only exacerbate the problem.
3 replies, last reply by SeaRoyhill, a month ago.   724 views.
started by teresashepherd.   
So,I'm new to fatsecret and I hope I lose some weight...I had lost 20kg in a month about 6 months ago but today I have officially gained it all back.So I binged today and I kind of felt disgusted with ...
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started by bill karalis, a month ago.   
Low carb smoothies?
Dont want to start an LC discussion, just share recipes. One from Dave Asprey 1/2 can coconut milk 1 tbsp almond butter 1 tbsp cacao nibs, 1 tsp erythritol some vanilla ice optional (scoop of ...
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started by yugguth, a month ago.   
pre cook dinners for IF
Hi all. How difficult is it to eat less when it's weekend and school holidays? Think I will Braai today, if it's not raining. Will have to see till later. Time to go weigh in but still sitting ...
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started by #Dee, a month ago.   
Nice post, O. Glad to see you back "visiting"...have a great weekend. For folks with knee issues like myself...Knee friendly cardio are both ellipticalling and Biking. TRX, Pilates and other ...
3 replies, last reply by carmen1098, a month ago.   1,171 views.
started by imitatingcrabmeat.   
Yeah, I forgot to mention back issues, which can also hamper getting into shape. Always something. :( have a great weekend as well and happy Canada day. My favourite national anthem by the way.
3 replies, last reply by carmen1098, a month ago.   1,171 views.
started by imitatingcrabmeat.   
Day one once again
My kop is glad nie reg nie. Het 'n jaar gelede begin bant en reeds 15kg verloor, maar staan al 6 maande stil. Ek weet die afgelope ruk eet ek heeltemal verkeerd, maar gelukkig tel ek nie op nie. Het ...
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started by AJVV, a month ago.   
Vox - The Science is in. Diet is more important than exercise for weight loss
I follow their channel and they have good information about all sort of topics. Also, my personal experience is that I lost 120 through diet and little exercise. Though I know I need to exercise more. ...
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started by Quick1967.   
oh the weight
So I weighed and up by 300g. The scale is more than acurate. But, I rather have a scale where I weigh more than less and have a surprize when I have to weigh somewhere else. Will see in the coming wEeks. ...
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started by #Dee, 2 months ago.   
Top 5 Biggest Fast Food Offenders
Food shouldn’t be your arch-nemesis, but in some cases, if you are fighting weight gain and obesity issues, maybe some of your food fears are completely justified. Hamburgers French Fries Ice Cream Milk ...
3 replies, last reply by mrspackrat, 2 months ago.   1,432 views.
started by frankloung.   
Newbie Keto question..Help, Please
Hi. I've only been doing this for a short period of time and have a question. I am just beginning a keto diet and want to keep my carbs at or under 20 as recommended. But is that total carbs, net ...
5 replies, last reply by mrspackrat, 2 months ago.   939 views.
started by PamH525.   
I've been using Fatsecret for a week. What are some delicious ways of getting more protein? My Carbs are most predominant, then Fats. Trying to reduce both. Suggestions?
4 replies, last reply by mrspackrat, 2 months ago.   1,411 views.
started by tldennis79.   
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Starving self and gaining weight
I gain a good 5-10lbs when I begin lifting again after a lay off. It's natural. You retain water in healing muscles.
by Diablo360x on 30 Aug 16 03:38 AM
Sugar and Carb Cravings
So this puts you at 1600 for the day when you have that extra 400? Don't sweat it then as you're most likely still in a deficit. I have daily sweets which I work into my daily allotment of ...
by Diablo360x on 30 Aug 16 03:36 AM
Posting daily food
I guess I am a idiot cannot get my daily food to post what am I doing wrong! Went to breakfast pressed the plus to add nothing happens any suggestions am logged in Thanks LaDebbie
by Ladebbie on 29 Aug 16 08:46 PM
My 1st post...
Yes, 20lb is a very good loss result for that time span. well done to you! Although this won't exactly add to calorie burn by very much at all, my suggestion to add to the list would be to do muscle ...
by ARB0001 on 29 Aug 16 06:19 PM
My husband just had a sigmoid colon resection because a pocket became infected. He has received conflicting opinions on whether he can eat seeds & nuts, but his surgeon told him to avoid most of them ...
by Minimizeme on 29 Aug 16 09:33 AM

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