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excited and nervous
finally feel ready to take control again. why when you work so hard to get down to an ideal weight do we go and ruin it all again? there really is not excuse - biscuits! cakes! chocolate! bread! need ...
1 reply, last reply by Golfcrazed1958, a month ago.   805 views.
started by Maxine smith.   
Diet soda
My doctor says diet sodas are just as bad as the real thing is that true?
5 replies, last reply by gardengranny, a month ago.   2,292 views.
started by rambler747.   
Awesome Products with Great Results!!!!
Isagenix is the best Nutritional program out there. It keeps you healthy at the same time you can lose weight. I started the middle of June 2015 and lost 30 lbs by the end of August! I have been off ...
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started by Fligs, a month ago.   
I am doing Atkins for a little over one year now and have lost 138 pounds. My initial goal was to reach high school weight of 175 pounds. I am 5'11" tall imagine my surprise upon investigation ...
6 replies, last reply by KayseaLove, a month ago.   2,043 views.
started by blkbear.   
New Year & New Lifestyle
Back to work 4th January and am already into my first fast....dinner tonight will be sugar free..Smoked Salmon and poached egg with my Paleo mustard mayonnaise and raw green vegetables tossed with olive ...
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started by NOO6767, a month ago.   
Entering nutritional information for foods not found on fatsecret website
Hello everyone. I am curious as to how to enter nutritional information on my meal submissions. I am trying to enter Morning Star farms chipotle black bean burgers and cannot find them on the list. Any ...
1 reply, last reply by mummydee, a month ago.   897 views.
started by Golfcrazed1958.   
Weighing Food - Before or after cooking?
Do people weigh their foods before or after cooking? I usually weigh before but I've seen lots of people who weigh (especially meat for some reason) after cooking. What's your preference and ...
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started by JustineJones, a month ago.   
low carb, high fat
Yea! the scale is going down. no only that I have been experiencing Keto Flu. But I am evidently out of that. Today, I am all full of energy. Last night the flu did not appear. My neck pain from a b ...
1 reply, last reply by donnabame, a month ago.   1,080 views.
started by yvonneh57.   
Does Fat Secret allow me to enter a custom food?
I would like to define a dish and enter its ingredients, then be able to add that dish to my food log without having to enter each individual ingredient. Can Fat Secret do that? (I can't find it ...
2 replies, last reply by Leisureguy, a month ago.   989 views.
started by Leisureguy.   
The most amazing thing about Atkins is being able to watch all the food commercials without drooling. With a low fat diet I literally drool during a McDonalds commercial and I NEVER eat at McDonalds. It ...
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started by FloridaAngel, a month ago.   
Sara lee
Hi I see that there. Was a mention about Sara Lee bread that is 45cals just wanting to know where I can get hold of this in New Zealand thanks
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started by trinamckenzie, a month ago.   
My reply to Frosty Heimdall, copied here in the off chance it may be helpful to someone!
Hey Frosty! I actually have lost 20 lbs., but I didn't start keeping records until 236 lbs., so it may be a bit more... Hit 217-point-something the other day, so estimating twenty 'cause it feels ...
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started by jberry69, a month ago.   
Pet Peeve: Inaccurate Measures
One of the hardest things about tracking calorie intake to me is inaccurate measures. 1 Serving 1 Medium 1 Average etc. What is a serving to one person, may be 1/2 serving to someone else. What is m ...
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started by HeyJude602, a month ago.   
A great book I highly recommend and no, it's not a new diet book !
I just finished reading 'IT WAS ME ALL ALONG" a MEMOIR BY ANDIE MITCHELL Its her journey from being an obese child through her next 20 years of zooming up to 268 and her love of food and then ...
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started by mummydee, a month ago.   
carb nite
Has anyone tried the carb nite diet? I just read about it and am wondering if any of you have experience with this plan. If you do I would love to know your opinion of it and also what a regular day ...
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started by sharden101, a month ago.   
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Crabby-Can't exercise
Oh, does this ever stink! I get all focused on starting this life-style-eating-changeover in conjunction with a feasible exercise plan I can stick to....only to get pulled muscles-one after the other. ...
by Annie42 on 08 Feb 16 02:58 PM
Anyone heard of SARMS?
Well, I appreciate all of ya all's concern for my health, but I'd rather take something that in tests don't have the side effects that FDA-approved drugs have. I have no joint pain from my ...
by PinkNinjitsu on 08 Feb 16 01:41 PM
creating and saving my recipes
Right. I've had some out there for years. Looks like a sleepy corner of the website they don't update. But it's useful to me for those recipes that I eat on occasion.
by Draglist on 08 Feb 16 08:20 AM
Healthy Snacks
thank you all , I will try to make them thank you
by Saige18 on 08 Feb 16 05:57 AM
Math help with Keto diet
Hopefully by "working out" you're lifting weights and not just doing cardio. If you are lifting AND in ketosis, you're doing everything possible to retain/maintain/grow muscle as you ...
by Frosty Heimdall on 08 Feb 16 05:01 AM

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