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I swear by HIIT!!! I even gave my pilates clients at it!!😀😀
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started by Chatterbox999.   
New Here
How do I customize the food here. Some of the foods I eat aren't listed :?: :? Thank you :d :d
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started by Nadia Fit, a month ago.   
Quick calorie
Is there a way to just enter calories. For example my wife makes an oatmeal + lots of walnuts cookie to die for. It's difficult to ascertain the nutrients of. I figure 150 calories; anyway to just ...
1 reply, last reply by allanpendlebury, a month ago.   114 views.
started by allanpendlebury.   
Since starting this enlightening calorie and nutrition watch the only part I am always over are sugars. I do not eat sweets. The only actual sugar I have is 9gm's in one tablespoon of Blackstrap m ...
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started by allanpendlebury, a month ago.   
Help with Choosing RDA
I am trying to wrap my head around what is the right RDA for me. I am moderately active and now 146 pounds,so it says around 1800, but that seems much too high for me. So I changed it to 1400. But I a ...
5 replies, last reply by erikahollister, a month ago.   326 views.
started by LightAir.   
Paleo Diet: What's Your Experience?
I am wondering A) if you have tried the Paleo Diet and; B) What your experience was with it? I tried it almost 6 years ago now, and I lost a lot of weight. However, it increased my cravings so much ...
2 replies, last reply by spacey48, a month ago.   683 views.
started by You Can Weigh Less.   
Lost some weight, mostly inches
I'm eating mostly vegan, dairy free, whole foods, watching oils (fat), and salt intake, so far I've lost 25 pounds and 2 pant sizes, and my pants are lose on me now again. I do cheat on the ...
2 replies, last reply by roseerick, a month ago.   668 views.
started by CoCo Crispy64.   
Notation question for food journal
when I am noting what exactly I ate for each meal,I run into problems with the listing. For example, I make a lot of my own soups,never canned. I can never find a way to adequetly list. as in today, I ...
5 replies, last reply by clayboro, a month ago.   871 views.
started by clayboro.   
Notation question for food journal
I've run into the same problem so I just pick the closest description to my homemade soups
5 replies, last reply by clayboro, a month ago.   871 views.
started by clayboro.   
item not in menu
I use Vitamin shoppe protein powder but its not listed in the list of items. Can you manually add things?
2 replies, last reply by Psylocke26, a month ago.   697 views.
started by Gamecock360.   
1 reply, last reply by Psylocke26, a month ago.   392 views.
started by Fumbler.   
Vegan Protein Alternatives and Recipes for Vegetarians-without Protein Powder
Organic Rice Protein powder has really helped me control my blood sugar and feel satisfied. I am vegetarian with autoimmune problems (no wheat or dairy, or major systemic flare-up!) I eat a lot of almond ...
6 replies, last reply by Psylocke26, a month ago.   1,099 views.
started by LightAir.   
Setting a limits for my macros
Does anyone know if I can set my macros. I want to be able to view my macros when I am getting close the percentage I have set for myself. Example. Carbs30 Fat20 Protein 50. I really could care less ...
6 replies, last reply by Psylocke26, a month ago.   673 views.
started by QueenKirby.   
As I'm new I keep putting random comments in random places, I haven't quite worked out where to post comments yet. So I apologise if I've done that to anybody. I think I'm learning.. ...
1 reply, last reply by Phooka, a month ago.   281 views.
started by Chief Bear.   
Building Stamina
Mentally, I am wanting so bad to go run a mile. I get so psyched up and I get my shoes laced up and hop on the treadmill or get outside, and suddenly, no matter how hard I push myself mentally, within ...
7 replies, last reply by You Can Weigh Less, a month ago.   867 views.
started by sunshinetrugillo.   
Help i am on low carb diet !
I don't understand why i am not losing any more weight! i am always below the 50g of carbs even some days around 30g ????? Calories under 1050 even under 1000 some days. And i also do some exercise ...
23 replies, last reply by spacey48, a month ago.   1,447 views.
started by Sweetlysad.   
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My achievement :)
Hi ! I'm Dina this is my first post here. I've joined at first to count my calories professionally but after reading your posts I'd like to share my own story... I'm 22 year old girl who ...
by DinaElsawah on 18 Jan 17 03:52 PM
dining out
Soup and salad. All Italian restaurants have it!
by Sherillynn on 18 Jan 17 07:04 AM
Turkey Meat
how many slices are in package. ? how many total oz in package?
by Marymaryquitecon on 17 Jan 17 08:47 PM
Propel Zero Water
ONCE AGAIN: PROPEL ZERO DOES *NOT* HAVE ASPARTAME IN IT. IT HAS SUCRALOSE. DIFFERENT SWEETENER. however, someone likened it to Splenda above, which is wrong too. Splenda DOES have aspartame in it. Also ...
by coriwood1 on 17 Jan 17 08:27 PM
Hello to all from a newbie
Hi Deebles - welcome to the site! I have been using it since January 2013, mostly for calorie tracking. I did, however, link my Fitbit to the site to show calorie burn. Interestingly, I have gained ...
by jwill77nc2 on 17 Jan 17 11:06 AM

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