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Join Private Online Community for Eating Related Habits and/or Concerns!
Hi, everyone! I work for a small healthcare research firm (ICG) and would like to tell you about a cool opportunity to join a private online forum for binge eating and food addiction. The online com ...
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started by beaharlow, a month ago.   
Has anyone had any experience with the drug Belviq?
I've just started this drug - and am hopeful that it will give me the help I need with food cravings. Has anyone had any experience with this medication? :arrow: (If you are going to comment just ...
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started by DianeG213.   
Stopping my diet?
I stopped my stupid diet. I am just going to eat healthier. Yesterday I ate an orange, a banana, and a salad with chicken in it. I went and worked out too. I feel great, and guys, my skin is the GREATEST ...
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started by heidimetzger, a month ago.   
Flavoring soup and calories
Hi all, I was just wondering if you use carrots (or other root vegetables) to flavor a soup you cook, then toss them out once you're done cooking, do the carrot's calories/carbs count? Thanks!
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started by Wiggins87.   
What's the first treat for yourself?
Hey guys and gals. I was just wondering what the first thing you are going to treat yourself to once you get to your goal weight. I know what I'm going to do. Get corrective foot surgery! And for the ...
8 replies, last reply by PrettyMetty, a month ago.   2,052 views.
started by paskwali.   
swearing this one off
Wow. Just loaded my diet with Panera's 1/2 big kid grilled cheese sandwich. Over 800 calories!?! Never again.
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, a month ago.   685 views.
started by kathkev.   
Blew it
:evil: :evil: I went out with my son and blew my diet for today..I'll have to try and make it up in the next couple of days I hope.
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started by Guy Crepps, a month ago.   
Paleo Diet
Good Afternoon all! Is anyone else having success on the paleo diet. It has been a week for me, and already lost 5 pounds.
1 reply, last reply by mummydee, a month ago.   668 views.
started by Merrie1.   
too many carbs
I have only started this account 2 days ago and although I know I do not eat healthy I am suspired at how few proteins I have in my diet. Is there an option to help me find a diets fuller in proteins and ...
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started by marquessaintern.   
IIFYM: have you tried it? what are your thoughts?
How many people follow the IIFYM diet? i've been on it for about 3 weeks now and like the flexibility of it.
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started by keona84, a month ago.   
Feeling encouraged
I am so encouraged by this site! Today I was down -10 lbs. it is a start. I pray I can continue at this pace. I have been trying to eat around 1200 - 1300 calories a day, and thus far it is working. I ...
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started by Pamerla.   
Fit Muslimah Yesterday at 11:45am · Edited · 4 SELF-MOTIVATING MIND TRICKS Are you struggling with self motivation? Having a hard time getting yourself to your regularly scheduled workouts? ...
1 reply, last reply by victoriaegypt, a month ago.   712 views.
started by victoriaegypt.   
Add a meal
Is there a way to add a meal that I know the calorie count, protein, carb and fat grams for? When I try and add a meal, I'm given options and none are correct or close to the real elements of my ...
6 replies, last reply by Glaun, a month ago.   1,570 views.
started by janlyons.   
yes we can.....
Hi all Wow according to my weight and height 1900 cal a day .but by the end of the day I am less to 900 cal that my all day food .I diet change any of my eating habit since I start during my health I ...
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started by Eli51, a month ago.   
Manitou Incline
If you are ever in Colorado Springs and want a good workout, go to the Manitou Springs Incline. Here is the link if you want to check it out. [url=http://www.manitouincline...
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started by Rockiesfan, a month ago.   
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graphs and charts
if you click on MY FATSECRET on left of page. Then look for where it says food to the right side of page. There you can enter the food you eat. it tells you how much calorie and fiber and such... also ...
by dialla3201 on 24 May 15 11:56 PM
Just checking in
Thank you
by dawnhansen on 24 May 15 09:01 PM
Addicted to Coffee with creamer every morning!
I figure one addiction at a time. Creamers are a small deal, so don't get rid of them until you food addiction is under control. Just don't add a third real addiction such as sugar.
by Glaun on 24 May 15 08:24 PM
I do take some vitamins but nothing for weight loss. Mine are due to doc's orders blood test and osteo bone scan verified. D3 in the winter and a b complex (mine tend to go low), calcium citrate, ...
by wholefoodnut on 24 May 15 02:17 PM
Looking for buddies
Nic, I'm actually at my weight goal after a couple years but not at my fitness goal. I consider logging food here to be a needed thing for me as it keeps my focus on being healthy. I do not want ...
by wholefoodnut on 24 May 15 12:07 PM

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