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Weigh in
I am sooooo happy , just weighed myself and ive lost 8lbs ! Whoop I never expected that . Just goes to show ME that if I do things right I can do this . This time next year !!!!:lol
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started by Susan Mary Holland.   
Should you weigh yourself with or without clothes?
I've been weighing myself without clothes, and it seems like when I wear clothes while weighing myself, it adds two or three pounds. Do you weigh yourself with our without clothes?
7 replies, last reply by gabichaytor, a month ago.   1,018 views.
started by Britnii.   
Joined my first challenge
Just joined my first challenge. I'm hoping this will finally get me motivated to lose my extra kilos. It's so hard to motivate myself to exercise when it's so darn cold outside.
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started by Kim1770, a month ago.   
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started by johnmwoya.   
My achievement :)
Hi ! I'm Dina this is my first post here. I've joined at first to count my calories professionally but after reading your posts I'd like to share my own story... I'm 22 year old girl who ...
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started by DinaElsawah.   
Anyone bulking?
I started a 12 week bulk just after Christmas. I never thought the hard part would be eating but it seems impossible to get to 3500 calories and eat clean too! Any tips would be appreciated!
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started by Supoman.   
Subscribe To WeBMd Or Forget The Whole Exercise!
I don't want to hear anymore about people reading books or following some silly diet that they found somewhere! I want people to tell me that they have subscribed to an entirely free American Website ...
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started by Crookedriver.   
Revamped EVOLVE
[img] After a couple year hiatus, I have decided to get EVOLVE back up and running. I cleaned house...but all old members are welcome back. The purpose of the EVOLVE group ...
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started by MN2SC, a month ago.   
Turkey Meat
I have a major dilemma......I don't know how many slices are in 2 oz. of the Oscar Mayers turkey meat. I don't have a scale either so.....
1 reply, last reply by Marymaryquitecon, a month ago.   270 views.
started by Biggest_Loser_333.   
Propel Zero Water
:? Can anybody tell me if Propel Zero water is good for you. It taste to good and I think it has hidden sugar in it. Plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:? :? :?
15 replies, last reply by coriwood1, a month ago.   84,305 views.
started by MzQueenDivaBEE.   
Hello to all from a newbie
Hi All! Newbie to the site here - I moved over from Calorie Count since they are shutting the site down soon. A couple of years ago I got fit and healthy, lost a heap of weight, quit smoking - then ...
1 reply, last reply by jwill77nc2, a month ago.   387 views.
started by Deebles73.   
Here I am January 16, 2017. We are starting over in our group. Those of us who maintain for 3 months will be bought breakfast. Maintaining is like starting over. For the next three months we have to write ...
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started by GJSlake, a month ago.   
Bulging disk
Kaylee, I had the same problem but my Doc recommended surgery to remove Disk 1 and I have been fine with no pain since 1997. Now happily retired!
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started by Lucygirl1, a month ago.   
How do I add a picture to a post?
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started by scotth1013, a month ago.   
watermelon diet
Will the watermelon diet on this site be beneficial? [url=
1 reply, last reply by Sherillynn, a month ago.   266 views.
started by lifestyle417.   
watermelon diet
Probably not, more so if you have insulin issues. Gimmick diets never work, magic pills don't exist, and food "secrets" aren't real.
1 reply, last reply by Sherillynn, a month ago.   266 views.
started by lifestyle417.   
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Butter substitute
Its great to hear you say that. I eat butter too -- just enough to keep deprivation at bay --just gotta keep it in check. I mean to keep it in my re-vamped relationship with food. I am cooking with gr ...
by Stringofpearls on 20 Feb 17 09:49 PM
making progress!
doing good but i can tell you after years of doing low carb high fat... i would not have time to count the calories... i only count the carbs ... and stay about 25 a day... good luck......
by SJWNana on 20 Feb 17 08:11 PM
Being Sick
Thanks Adamevegod; I'm hopeful that I've built up enough resistance to ward off any relapses. Fingers crossed! :)
by CammieCo on 20 Feb 17 08:51 AM
Adkins indulgence
it can track fiber but not sugar alcohol :(
by paularichardson on 20 Feb 17 07:41 AM
Not a diet
Very true. That is for sure the reason I have failed so many times. Currently, my portion sizes are about a third of what they were. I need to stay like that.
by Sherillynn on 18 Feb 17 07:50 AM

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