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Which is the best diet for you? BBC TV show
did anyone else watch the about diets? Apparently I'm a 'constant craver' which I guess is true as I feel like I could always eat something if it's there. But I don't think about it ...
3 replies, last reply by howzat4u, 2 weeks ago.   482 views.
started by Tatmummy.   
Disappointed about yesterday
:| Between sitting on my butt at work all day due to having training classes and having nothing but taking care of a lot of little household things yesterday took away from my exercise. Being in training ...
3 replies, last reply by marcysheck, 2 weeks ago.   303 views.
started by cstout30.   
I've never really been someone who like many breakfast foods, but I know how important it is to eat breakfast. I really like eggs and they are no carbs which is really good for me. My questions is, ...
8 replies, last reply by Greeneyes007, 2 weeks ago.   687 views.
started by Greeneyes007.   
IT sure is hard dealing with an uptick in the weight even when you are doing the right things. I tried to shake it up yesterday by deviating from plan; we'll have to see how it goes. I could use ...
2 replies, last reply by ebivr, 2 weeks ago.   402 views.
started by tscott9959.   
What's in a name?
After reading peefat's explanation I Just thought it might be fun to know how we came up with our screen names. I used to use to play final fantasy online and they have this cute little race called ...
66 replies, last reply by Jones Jennifer, 2 weeks ago.   6,037 views.
started by Pixiestyx.   
Carbs, Protein and Fat
So I am interested in learning some good diet plans, and or just foods that are 50 to 60 percent carbs and 20 to 30 percent protein and 20 to 30 percent fat ( Healthy Fat, Avocados, blue berries, etc). ...
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started by jwavess, 2 weeks ago.   
Raspberries: The Tiny SUPERFOOD!
Just wanted to share about what a powerful punch 1 cup of fresh raspberries can add to your daily diet. There's only 64 calories in a cup and here's just a few of their amazing beneficial att ...
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started by the final 20, 2 weeks ago.   
Diet Buddy
I have been talking about needing a diet buddy and wishing I had someone up close and personal to talk to. My husband finally got on board. He always talked about losing weight. As he stuffed himself ...
2 replies, last reply by mummydee, 2 weeks ago.   289 views.
started by kimberlyk9158.   
Meta diet the real deal
Hi guys, just though I should share this again. I can't believe it took me this long to go on this diet. I have been struggling to lose weight for years now, everytime i start i would give up after ...
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started by Membrey, 2 weeks ago.   
diet program
Hi I have type two I just ask for opinion What diet program should I join ?
2 replies, last reply by sooney50, 2 weeks ago.   271 views.
started by 5grandchildrens .   
Weigh in 254.8.
Kept my calorie intake under 1500 calories. 15 minutes or so of aerobic type exercises followed by abdominal exercises for about 5 minutes. After that it was 30 minutes on the stationary bike doing an ...
1 reply, last reply by Iam2fat, 2 weeks ago.   165 views.
started by cstout30.   
Scale types
Hmm I have been dieting almost a week and have resisted the temptation to weigh myself. I plan on first weigh in tomorrow morning. I just wondered, seeing all the extremely accurate gain/loss weight posts ...
2 replies, last reply by Tatmummy, 2 weeks ago.   281 views.
started by Tatmummy.   
Feeling Very Motivated
Calorie Counting seems to be a real motivator for me. I am giving myself 2000 calories max allowance. Goal in the first few weeks under 1800 though... I always like to give myself cushion.. However am ...
3 replies, last reply by TonyaJW, 2 weeks ago.   336 views.
started by TonyaJW.   
Daily intake
:oops: I'm getting frustrated and confused. I'm looking to loose about 40 to 50 lbs. in the end. I'm trying to regulate my regular diet so that I'm eating balanced, satisfying meals. ...
3 replies, last reply by wholefoodnut, 2 weeks ago.   437 views.
started by cstout30.   
Meta diet is working for me
I started meta diet yesterday 12th January and I have already lost 2.1kg, before that I was 104.7, when I jumped onto the scale this morning I got the shock of my life. So I'm now on day 2 of the ...
no replies.   157 views.
started by Membrey, 2 weeks ago.   
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2lbs in a week is awesome
by Jodie P Carter on 31 Jan 15 02:10 AM
Atkins 40
I disagree with you Lousianagal. If you do Atkins correctly when you get to phase 4 you are eating a good healthy amount of carbs including fruits, legumes and nuts and seeds. You still are encouraged ...
by mummydee on 30 Jan 15 05:53 PM
Updated IIFYM Protein Calculations
Email exchange with the If It Fits Your Macros site today: Hi guys. Did you reduce your default protein recommendation or did I find a bug on the site. I have consistently been recommended 1 gram per ...
by Draglist on 30 Jan 15 04:40 PM
Yup good luck and welcome. I lost weight with being social too!!! Its doable and I reckon I have been MORE social than before I started (ie: my drinking has increased only because there is always so ...
by AKRSAR on 30 Jan 15 03:26 PM
Morning Carrot Juice
I become overwhelmed when being told what not to eat on a diet so I started the reverse approach this past New Year's Eve. And no, I did not make any resolutions. Instead I just started out by t ...
by heidibyrd on 30 Jan 15 07:53 AM

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Stick with Atkins '72. Meat and eggs, a little cheese. Guaranteed to work!
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