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Entering my own calories
Hi I'm just new to this app and was wondering: I can see where I can enter a new meal but where do I enter the calories that go with it? M
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started by michellet1, a month ago.   
Does anyone know where i can buy a good scale for under $25? Or what brand i should get.
4 replies, last reply by denni13, a month ago.   6,935 views.
started by lulu995.   
Ups and downs in "healthy" life
Hello, everyone! I started living healthy 3 or 4 moths ago and the difference between last September and now is 20 kilos. I've casually lost a lot of weight, but I still have at least 10 to go. ...
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started by alexfromtheotherside , a month ago.   
low carb bacon cheese burger
To all that is on a low carb. I am trying to pull up a bacon cheese burger without bread or a bun. This is only pulling up with a bun. Any certain way I look for this?
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started by carbiek.   
How can I attach a file (photo)?
Hi Everyone, I would like to attach a photo to my journal entry, comment or forum topic, but I can't see any icon suggesting that feature. Can you please tell me how can I do it? Thank you!
3 replies, last reply by PrettyHealthyMe, a month ago.   571 views.
started by PrettyHealthyMe.   
Calorie intake... too little?
Here is a question... I've been trying to really pay attention to the things that I am eating. Yesterday, my meals consisted of the following: Breakfast - Coffee (w/ creamer) and Greek Yogurt Snack ...
10 replies, last reply by walkinginhumility, a month ago.   1,838 views.
started by starbird.   
Calorie intake... too little?
If that "something else" was a few more grapes, or another banana, or a few mango slices - then no, in the estimation of me, it's not "unhealthy". If those few grapes etc. came ...
10 replies, last reply by walkinginhumility, a month ago.   1,838 views.
started by starbird.   
Some info about Diet Soda.
i have been scoping around fat secret and there has been several post about diet beverages. Here is an interesting fact. Secret #4: The Diet Soda Industry The diet soda industry doesn't want you ...
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started by enu021000.   
Carbs in condensed soup
Because of my recent diagnoses of Type 2 Diabetes I have found myself religiously counting grams of carbs. This is not always easy. My problem at the moment is the carbs in condensed soup. I have ...
1 reply, last reply by 56sawdust, a month ago.   858 views.
started by Barry Memory.   
Dukan too high in Carbs?
I have been on Atkins for a while with good results but left with a few stubborn kgs hard to get rid off. I have been on 20-25 Net Carbs, mainly from vegetables, and decided to give Dukan a try, as Low ...
15 replies, last reply by SMueting, a month ago.   28,510 views.
started by viennesish.   
Atkins bars...what gives??
Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong here? I had one Atkins bar last night as a snack expecting to see only 3net carbs (on the package) and instead it shows up as 14 carbs! What am I doing wrong? ...
18 replies, last reply by trackin64, a month ago.   1,751 views.
started by dart451.   
How much salt a day?
I realized that my craving for salty snacks two days ago was actually not about the snack itself or the calories (I wasn't hungry), but about the SALT. I could think of everything extremely salty, ...
7 replies, last reply by Engeland, a month ago.   1,569 views.
started by PrettyHealthyMe.   
Where can I find my calories allowed as I eat throughout the day? All I see is the calories I ate, I would like to know how many calories I have left too. Thanks.
2 replies, last reply by Glaun, a month ago.   7,731 views.
started by katlovers2.   
can anyone find out how many calories in tully's grilled cheese? I'm guessing its got to be about 1000.
1 reply, last reply by Glaun, a month ago.   5,567 views.
started by kathkev.   
For those who have done a Mucoid Plaque Cleanse.
For anyone who has done a mucoid plaque cleanse, especially if you have done so on the "So Easy 3 Day Cleanse". I have a question.... Should I do some sort of regular 7 day to a 30 day basic ...
5 replies, last reply by thinner120, a month ago.   9,029 views.
started by elena3499.   
Just a bit of food for thought for those who do LCHF Or KETO. Like Myself.
[url= Studi means nothing in regards to WHY KETO and LCHF work.[/url] This is a response video to the NUSI video stating that KETO has no metabolic advantage.(Nobody ever ...
15 replies, last reply by ieGod, a month ago.   12,352 views.
started by knuckles the mgtow monk.   
Just a bit of food for thought for those who do LCHF Or KETO. Like Myself.
That's a fine picture Knuckles, a handsome man - but nothing compares to the very first one I saw last month. That was the perfect pic to go with the name knuckles!
15 replies, last reply by ieGod, a month ago.   12,352 views.
started by knuckles the mgtow monk.   
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Vox - The Science is in. Diet is more important than exercise for weight loss
This video was so informative TY for posting
by pattychaney on 30 Jun 16 02:06 PM
oh the weight
So I weighed and up by 300g. The scale is more than acurate. But, I rather have a scale where I weigh more than less and have a surprize when I have to weigh somewhere else. Will see in the coming wEeks. ...
by #Dee on 29 Jun 16 12:37 PM
Top 5 Biggest Fast Food Offenders
There are some here that say eat what you want, it doesn't matter as long as you don't eat too many calories so your list of foods would be fine to eat. I personally believe food triggers hormonal ...
by mrspackrat on 29 Jun 16 09:23 AM
Newbie Keto question..Help, Please
Net carbs (carbs - fiber)
by mrspackrat on 29 Jun 16 09:14 AM
Don't reduce fats, or at least the healthy ones. Just get rid of processed/refined carbs, they are useless to your body anyway and are extra calories you don't need.
by mrspackrat on 29 Jun 16 09:12 AM

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New Snack tip. I spread cheese onto slices of cucumbers and eat my tuna with celery stalks!
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