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No Carbs At All?
I see there is a challenge coming up the first that is NO carbs. I have been keeping my carbs pretty low but am at a loss as to how to eat absolutely no carbs. Can I get some ideas? thanks
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started by Rckc, 3 weeks ago.   
Anyone doing the Fast Metabolism Diet
It's a difficult enough diet, I'd like to form a group for tips and tricks, or any advice with prior or present experience. Give me a shout.
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started by NowIunderstand, 3 weeks ago.   
Loosing for a change
Yes Im back this time more focused.
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started by Christo1.   
Can someone help me figure out how to record this?
I ate 5 blackberries last night for dessert. 5 lonely little berries. I tried to log them and all the entries say grams or cups of berries. How do I enter my 5 little berries? I don't know what ...
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started by dukeybell.   
What's for Dinner?
Whats for Dinner? [center][img] Appropriate for Atkins, LCHF, vegetarian, and vegan 1 cup fresh green beans 3 cherry tomatoes cut in half 1 clove garlic 1 TB Olive Oil 1 small ...
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started by nicholaix.   
I luuuuuuurrrrrvvvveeee SUSHI!!! How much can I have?
I am simply addicted to sushi, and could have it every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!! Does anyone know much sushi a person is allowed to have in any one sitting? What do you guys think, or ...
5 replies, last reply by mummydee, 4 weeks ago.   2,153 views.
started by Jvjonathan.   
Sucralose Caolries
I like sucralose and am not interested in debating its safety. I buy 550 gram bags of Safeway Brand designed for baking "cup for cup like sugar." The label lists "0" calories for ...
5 replies, last reply by mummydee, 4 weeks ago.   603 views.
started by Crash1498.   
First day of the fast! !
35 cal to go... little carrot? more celery? :? Maybe I'll just go to bed early for a change! ;)
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started by lindutch, 4 weeks ago.   
ideal jean size
What is your ideal jean size ...pls state uk or us after the number :d
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started by fatihaji02.   
Beginning weight was 258 lb in February of 2013. At the time I joined Fatsecret, I was 218. I've lost 123 lb in two years and now wear a perfect size 8 at 135 lb. I tell my daughter that I've lost ...
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started by MsMightyPup.   
Is there a Fatsecret app for Android?
1 reply, last reply by ValerieAnne84, a month ago.   279 views.
started by RoseColoredGlassLady.   
Losing weight but not seeing it!
I lost 9 lbs since March 1st, but somehow I am not seeing any difference in my clothes! What's up with that? I was hoping to be at least one size smaller....Not giving up, but may be the next 5 lbs ...
1 reply, last reply by dsptchr572, a month ago.   202 views.
started by anthonyryanbrookeleah.   
Here I go again
I am excited about getting started again. Let's see how this goes. Wish me luck!
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started by Terri Martinez.   
check out A facebook page where you can find healthy drinks of both low sugar contents and sugar free. Check it out...
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started by lowsugardrinks, a month ago.   
Overeating - Better IN the waste than ON the waist.
When I was growing up we didn't have a lot but we weren't poor either. My folks instilled in all 8 of us kids to never waste food. They worked hard to put food on our table. We didn't waste ...
3 replies, last reply by mummydee, a month ago.   343 views.
started by Byron54.   
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how come FatSecret numbers dont add up?
That would be a question for the operators of the site, not us mere mortals. Hey! People how run the site. What's your body fat level? :)
by northernmusician on 24 Apr 15 07:59 PM
Because the packaging industry of processed foods wants you to buy more of their junk so they subtract the sugar alcohols as well as the fibre from the carb count. Sugar alcohols can and usually do ...
by mummydee on 24 Apr 15 06:22 PM
Halfway there!
you are on the downhill run now, good luck :)
by howzat4u on 24 Apr 15 01:22 PM
I'm not on a diet. I'm changing my lifestyle.
LOVE!! You're onto something Merrie1... ;)
by Connoni on 24 Apr 15 01:11 PM
Slipped up
How many calories do you eat a day where a granola bar is giving you this much anxiety?
by ChiBabs on 24 Apr 15 12:52 PM

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