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Lost so little
I've been dieting and working out since December 28th 2015 and the first week I get half a pound but after that I have only lost one and a half pounds in two weeks time. I have also started my period ...
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started by cherylekirchner.   
Ketogenic way of life
Hello guys, I'm Neil from Edinburgh, Scotland. I;ve just joined and start my diet on the 21st Jan. Is there anyone doing the Keto diet, and if so, any tips. Also, I'd welcome any new friends on ...
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started by neilwilliamson, 3 weeks ago.   
Im Not on a Diet.
Im on a "Nutrition Mission"
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started by Marymaryquitecon, 3 weeks ago.   
Loose skin
Im afraid after i lose 200 pounds my skin would hang down to my knees im wondering if i should stay a little fat so i wont look like a freak. I cant afford skin removal surgery insurance dont cover it
8 replies, last reply by cty777, 3 weeks ago.   7,139 views.
started by rambler747.   
Carbs and Nett Carbs
Hi, was just wondering if this app is a nett carb or a carb reading? If its just carbs, then I guess I have to subtract the fibre from the carb to make it a nett carb? is this correct as boy do those ...
2 replies, last reply by Luanne CH, 4 weeks ago.   1,128 views.
started by Luanne CH.   
Gained weight (and cm's) on a low cal diet?
Hi everyone. I'm hoping someone can help shed some light on this for me. The first week that I started dieting properly I lost 1.3kg's. The second week I'd GAINED 0.7kg's. I didn't ...
3 replies, last reply by jayneyadk, 4 weeks ago.   4,046 views.
started by jayneyadk.   
Ice cream
I just made my first healthy ice cream. Only two items, frozen bananas and a cup of blueberry, blend until smooth. Just another way to get two serving of fruit and enjoy it like ice cream.....Yum!!!!
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started by LaTwymon, 4 weeks ago.   
I have a question.
Is the Food Diary Nutritional bar based on percentage or grams? I want just wondering.
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started by titleagent, 4 weeks ago.   
MONDAY WILL BE A MONTH I HAVE BEEN ON MY DIET I LOST 45 POUNDS 468 TO 423 monday i will try to walk 5 minutes rest 5 minutes 3 times a day. Im still so big its hard to walk but im going to try. I tried ...
2 replies, last reply by Marymaryquitecon, 4 weeks ago.   1,596 views.
started by rambler747.   
This place seems like a slouch gym now?
It seemed like a different kind of community when I first signed up,it was the the planet fitness of tracking sites, but now the recent activity feed seems to be populated by a lot of shirtless manboys ...
3 replies, last reply by OutlanderFan, 4 weeks ago.   1,662 views.
started by Jon.D.   
Where Does the Fat Go?
In trying to think about this diet from an informed perspective, I ran across this article which explains where the fat goes. It "blew me away". :lol: HEALTH AND MEDICINE Where Does Your Fat ...
1 reply, last reply by pattychaney, 4 weeks ago.   2,407 views.
started by GayeQuin.   
Frustrating Yo-Yo!!!
I am so frustrated with myself. I have been doing really well with my eating since the new year began and was at my goal weight last week. Then, I started eating carbs wherever and whenever I could, ...
4 replies, last reply by Sweetalot, 4 weeks ago.   4,558 views.
started by geralynb.   
Well it is day 13 since I have started over. I did the week one Jillian workout 6 days and am doing week 2 now and tonight will be my 5th workout night. I am down 3 lbs and am following a healthy eating ...
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started by cratzley, 4 weeks ago.   
New to fatsecret
I just joined, I weigh 100kgs and need to loose 30kgs to get to my goal weight of 70kg... I have a long way to go, but feeling optimistic! :roll:
3 replies, last reply by Chubby Spiderman, 4 weeks ago.   3,363 views.
started by Jessica Selfe.   
lo carb probiotic food
I am taking antibiotics for an extended time. In the past I have eaten yogurt to prevent yeast overgrowth but the carbs are too high. What would be a good lo Carb alternative?
3 replies, last reply by sharden101, a month ago.   2,329 views.
started by sharden101.   
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Keto Diet Questions
Hey all - I am about as educated on the Keto style of dieting as you can possibly get - but one thing I continually see, and I seriously question, regards salt/sodium intake. It seems that every res ...
by amorgan67 on 14 Feb 16 06:40 AM
hi trocon did you mean with the site settings or the type of diet you are presently on. if its the site settings go to myfatserect and go to settings or your account where you first signed up. Happy ...
by must get to 127 on 14 Feb 16 01:58 AM
Need help with the site
you can just change the number to 5 form 20 by clicking on that number.
by fred4win on 13 Feb 16 11:51 PM
Penis size
RkTkFx wrote: Note to self: This is one more VERY GOOD reason to keep my weight in check! No, at this weight the difference must have already been noticed :) ha,ha,ha. No offence please. Many men and ...
by suzytrws on 13 Feb 16 05:45 AM
1200 calorie per day but most of the calories still come from carbs
*NOTE*, we share this smoothie among 3 people so split the above recipe in thirds.
by suzanneroomian on 12 Feb 16 05:09 PM

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