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Keto Diet
I have a couple of buddies doing a similar diet. For me, I need to focus on this type of program and I welcome buddies who are doing Keto as well. Today's lunch was yummy. :) I wanted to upload a ...
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started by Farm Gal 50.   
Cooking Salmon
I don't really like salmon unless it's smoked ,, does anyone have a receipt that makes the salmon flavor not so strong I'm trying to acquire a taste for it(if that's possible) because of ...
4 replies, last reply by TFargo, a month ago.   1,109 views.
started by sunnii.   
Invalid format of email address
I'm trying to edit my preferences and keep getting...invalid format of email address My address is and works on all other things, does anyone know how to sort this? Mark
3 replies, last reply by 4th, a month ago.   6,513 views.
started by Rufus Ruffcut.   
Suggestions on Vitamin intake
Hi, I'm 26yrs,Male. My diet is full of protein. I'm not sure if i'm getting sufficient vitamins. Can someone help me,if i'm vitamin deficient what all I need to consider. Breakfast- 6 ...
3 replies, last reply by Imam Ashraf, a month ago.   316 views.
started by Imam Ashraf.   
The Ultimate Guide to Food Logging
Great post ;) All thoughts and ideas welcome 8) [url=http://leanmuscleproject.... to keep a more accuate food log[/url]
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started by FatSecret, a month ago.   
Starting on Optifast
Hello. I am just at the very beginning of a long weight loss journey.Sadly I have a lot of weight to lose and am unable to do much exercise due to injuries from a car accident. I am giving Optifast a go ...
2 replies, last reply by Jean Mc, a month ago.   607 views.
started by espy-girl.   
Weight record
:?: When is the right time to record weight?Confuse!
1 reply, last reply by Annba, a month ago.   253 views.
started by Sushiani.   
breaking old habits
I have been reading a book called "The 10 day detox diet". i am gradually changing my eating habits to fit with the recommendations. I have heard it so often about eating 3 meals a day, but ...
1 reply, last reply by smprowett, a month ago.   249 views.
started by boobsblaster.   
Staying hydrated on the road
Is there a reason all of the articles about plastic bottles malign water but not soft drinks being sold in plastic? Are they a different kind of plastic or something? They all seem to PE (polyethylene) ...
1 reply, last reply by LadyinDenim, a month ago.   253 views.
started by TomLong.   
Low carb, low fat and low sodium
As a diabetic on insulin needing to loose weight and get my blood pressure down, I also try to eat low fat to reduce blood triglycerides! I'm doing this by eating much much less, and only good nut ...
19 replies, last reply by rmscott1, a month ago.   3,974 views.
started by Mouai.   
Hi Guys. I have been on my ketogenic diet for about 3 weeks now and all is going well. ive lost quite a bit of weight so far but still more to go. im very happy with my high fat low carb diet. even though ...
3 replies, last reply by joefarrelly, a month ago.   1,315 views.
started by joefarrelly.   
back on trac
Everything is good. Surgical doctors were very surprised with what they found. While giving me a stint and bypass they found I was only half as bad as my scans had showed a few months ago. In the reports ...
1 reply, last reply by Pangs, a month ago.   485 views.
started by davidrusnak.   
is this diet okay ?
i was eating a lot before, yesterday i decided to start dieting ,cus i want to loose weight fast for an event , my current extreme diet consist of , one cucumber , one glass of milk in breakfast , in ...
5 replies, last reply by aron5656, a month ago.   611 views.
started by lanhua1.   
Pucker up!
Hey! I'm making my own vinegar. I know that some of you may think, 'what's the big deal here?', but for me this is big. I've known since my first bottle of Bragg's that there was ...
1 reply, last reply by Jean Mc, a month ago.   366 views.
started by tecolote_anna.   
Week 11 weigh-in...down 45 pounds!
So far so good down 45lb at week 11 weigh-in. 127lb to go!
5 replies, last reply by SRoss3456, a month ago.   1,547 views.
started by Roy3.   
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Atkins info is wrong on this site
Normally when you add a food and then click on the name or search for it in the Foods tab there will be a section under "Nutrition Facts" saying when the food was submitted and the user who ...
by TRPiJiu on 23 May 17 09:55 AM
I was looking something up on-line and came across a link to a video by a Dr. Amy Lee about digestive health and weight loss. It was pretty interesting, and then (surprise surprise) turned into an ad ...
by rhills on 22 May 17 01:28 PM
Weight loss really is maths at the end of the day. If you're not seeing the result you want, you're getting too many calories for what you want to achieve. It could be a calorie estimation issue ...
by Kishlette on 22 May 17 12:17 AM
Need help with this addiction!
My friend makes vegetable chips using a mandoline. I've seen her do beet, parsnip, sweet potato and zucchini chips...and kale dried in the oven too. She dusts them with various spices. They're ...
by Kishlette on 21 May 17 10:45 PM
New Challenge on Mon May 22
The challenge that starts on Mon May 22, the Apple cider Vinager. how much do you usually drink and can you mix it with something else. Thank you for your help and everyone good luck with all your cha ...
by theresataglione russell on 20 May 17 10:12 PM

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