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How do I change my goal weight in this site?
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started by Pamelapiagentini, a month ago.   
diet talk
My friend is on medifast diet and is supost to split all his minnie meals up 6 times thru out day. this morning he had his oat meal 240 calaries but then he ate salted peanuts and raisens and i cked on ...
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started by erod95695, a month ago.   
Has anyone used this? Ive been using stevia because i read truvia andsplenda are not healthy choices. Havent been able to find it locally. I see its available on amazon.
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started by Dogglovr, a month ago.   
How to Submit a Recipe
I am wanting to submit a recipe so I can record in my food tracker. Recipe will not let me enter ingredients . Thank you!
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started by 33energy, a month ago.   
Nutrimost Resonant Frequency
Has anyone heard of NRF--Nutrimost Resonant Frequency? 'Just curious if anyone has ever tried their program. They guarantee a 20--40 lbs loss in 40 days. 'Went to see someone whose office is ...
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started by Boudreaux.   
Isagenix Change of Life
Just started the Isagenix change of lifestyle plan. I never figured anyone could lose weight with a HIGH PROTEIN/HIGH CARB EATING PLAN!!! I was stuck at 160 pounds, up and down, up and down and a ...
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started by lobstertraps.   
Nailing it!
So I FEEL LIKE, since I have dropped my RDI to 1100 cals/day, that I am nailing the weight loss. I go home in a week and cant wait to get onto the scales. I am getting comments left right and centre about ...
1 reply, last reply by Mai_Balzitch, a month ago.   501 views.
started by Aussie Nance.   
Looking for support...
Hi all... Well I have joined this group in hopes for support and motivation. I am from SA. When I first decided I needed to loose weight was three weeks ago. My youngest granddaughter asked how come ...
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started by gremity.   
why is this called "fatsecret"?
It seems kinda counterintuitive... I did a search on the forum but found no answer. Also I hope this is a friendlier site than it seems so far. I guess I can just use the tools tho.
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started by wennay.   
Me too!
I never had much luck on Atkins either. It's easy, but it just doesn't seem that healthy to me. Not eating fruits and veggies can't be that good for you. Try calories, works better for me ...
1 reply, last reply by mummydee, a month ago.   581 views.
started by capricorn17.   
Should I Loose Weight Before Tummy Tuck?
In 6months, I'm having tummy tuck surgery in Med Travel Ecuador which i found in placidway. Is it advisable to loose extra weight now? However, I can only loose about 5kg. because after that, my ...
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started by amandaperry, a month ago.   
The Alternate Day Diet
I am sick and tired of failing! So I have spent my whole weekend reading up on the 5:2 diet and the Alternate Day Diet. Today is my first DOWN day, as they call it, on 500 calories. Tomorrow is an UP ...
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started by Tjokmeltz.   
Just Joined
Hi I have just joined and want to know from others how they find this App compared to others. Any advice how to keep motivated would help. Thank you.
3 replies, last reply by RyanMark, a month ago.   657 views.
started by Greg Johansen.   
Help - not losing weight
Hi guys, I'm hoping someone can offer me advice. I've been on Atkins induction for 2 weeks and only lost 1.5kg, and I don't know where I'm going wrong. I'm currently 67kgs, and 5& ...
7 replies, last reply by Sashareyes, a month ago.   1,711 views.
started by 20gramsofcarbs.   
OK - I have to bust 5 more kilos in 3 weeks. MUST MUST MUST!
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, a month ago.   429 views.
started by Aussie Nance.   
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I've been making entries to weight on a weekly schedule and I have missed some. However, the last oh 4-6 entries are not showing up. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I am going to try and enter them ...
by Spiritual Life on 30 Nov 15 09:53 AM
Not hungry anymore
Eating so little will put your body into starvation mode. And that's not good - long term you could get ill, you need to eat a sensible amount for your weight.
by Tatmummy on 30 Nov 15 07:33 AM
I do 85% cocoa. Aldi has it pretty cheap. There are five bars in a package. It says 2 are a serving but I find 1/2 bar does me just fine. Its 320 calories for 2 bars 7 grams sugar 18 carbs. So it ...
by nyhardhat on 29 Nov 15 11:18 AM
Diet Break
Well I'm off the diet break now and back to 1200-1300 cals a day and have dropped two pounds in 3 days.
by Barney45 on 28 Nov 15 09:58 AM
Chart for daily water intake
You can log water in your daily diet intake. Water is pretty individualized anymore. the 8 glasses is some arbitrary number.
by wholefoodnut on 27 Nov 15 09:08 PM

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