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Has anyone noticed your weight loss.
I have lost about 17kgs in the last year.I'm dong it for myself - OF COURSE but would be nice to know all my hard work has not gone unnoticed. None of my friends or family have said anything to me ...
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started by Caro_S_Farrell.   
I'd like to introduce myself and share my background with everyone.
My name is Dave and here is my story. I lost 85 pounds on the 17 Day Diet plan and my goal is to maintain my current weight of 185. I started at around 270 pounds. Prior to my weight loss I was diagnosed ...
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started by Dave Duit, a month ago.   
4 days into my diet
Been having slight headache since last night,guess it's the no carb in my meals.:(
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started by Orby71, a month ago.   
No weight lost this week
Not a good week for me my weight stayed the same. The almonds might have been the problem.
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started by magjudy, a month ago.   
Obese Child
Good day All, My sisters 10 year old daughter is over weight/obese and I personally think that my sister is not trying hard enough to get her to loose weight. It also does not help if she buys cakes/junk ...
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started by sugaga, a month ago.   
Keto Diet - Should I use Total Carbs Under 30 g or Net Carbs?
I have been on the Keto Diet using net carbs for 4 weeks with no weight loss. Should I be using total carbs keeping those under 30 grams? I'm confused as to whether to use total or net carbs. If my ...
2 replies, last reply by Loksi52, a month ago.   523 views.
started by Beth Hartline Madigan.   
my history
08 March 2018 I am whole food plant based lifestyle. I have been doing this since 6-20-2017. I am now 173 lbs. My weight in high school was 168 lbs and when I started this 9 months ago I was 220 lbs. ...
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started by 101camshaft, a month ago.   
Apple Cider Vinegar
Has anyone ever tried the apple cider vinegar diet?
3 replies, last reply by teskandar, a month ago.   660 views.
started by msfari.   
Goal weight by 30 March - Everything must be 30
I need to be very disciplined until my birthday. My wish was to mark 30kg weight loss on 30 March while am turning 30. I have to be very strict. I need to lose 6.8kgs. I will try to have my complex carbs ...
2 replies, last reply by marshakanady, a month ago.   333 views.
started by lynetchihera.   
Ketoing 5 Days a Month
I know nothing will work well for me that doesn't include some comfort foods, being Southern born and raised. So when my husband's doctor suggested he try his dieting lifestyle, and explained it ...
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started by MereSess, a month ago.   
Low-fat vs low-carb? Major study concludes: it doesn’t matter for weight loss
"A year-long randomized clinical trial has found that a low-fat diet and a low-carb diet produced similar weight loss and improvements in metabolic health markers. Furthermore, insulin production ...
1 reply, last reply by adorian_oldschool, a month ago.   570 views.
started by Diablo360x.   
Is there any way to find logs from 2+ years ago?
I want to find my diet logs from over 2 years ago, but I don't see an option to.
2 replies, last reply by dboza, a month ago.   682 views.
started by Pawsome.   
Weight loss buddy
Who would like to join me on a 20 pound weight loss journey. Supporting and encouraging each other. It will be fun!!!
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started by toolsoftime, a month ago.   
Keto blueberry muffins
Anyone have a good recipes for blueberry muffins?
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started by sandragagliardino, a month ago.   
Two weeks strong
Well, two weeks without any fast food. Yay, me! Yesterday morning weigh-in I was down 5 1/2 lbs. However, this morning, not so good. Not discouraged, know fluctuations are part of it. Up a little from ...
1 reply, last reply by adorian_oldschool, a month ago.   771 views.
started by Ging1960.   
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This is normal if you are doing Atkins or any other low carb diet. You first lose a lot of water weight (you are losing glycogen from your muscles and glycogen attracts a lot of water) in addition to some ...
by Ingria on 26 Apr 18 10:15 PM
Bananas... yay or nay...
I was told i was allergic to bananas and avoided them for almost 20 years.. and i got retested and turns out i can eat them again.. i am trying to follow a 1500 calorie diet, and it seems i use lots ...
by mommywilder on 26 Apr 18 09:45 AM
Welcome to FS and good luck! A pretty simple strategy worked for me: (1) Eliminating (or greatly reducing) starches and refined carbohydrates (sugar, bread, pasta, potatoes) and processed foods, (2) ...
by rhills on 26 Apr 18 04:31 AM
Entering foods in to data base.
I would not enter it into the FS database at all. It would only confuse other users in the future. If you need to log it, choose any similar commercially baked pizza that is already in the system and ...
by Ingria on 25 Apr 18 08:41 PM
Feeling frustrated.
Thank you! Will consider these things!
by Eanor on 25 Apr 18 11:27 AM

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