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Does anyone know a low fat alternative for Little Debbie Nutty Buddy bars?
My dog an I share a pack of these every morning. Its not something I'm going to give up but the calorie and fat count on them is awful. Little Debbie used to make a lighter version of them but sto ...
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started by ggreen67, a month ago.   
Had My Socks Blown Off - Rookie Mistake
I just started my healthy eating challenge. My socks were blown off yesterday. I ordered spinach artichoke dip at Applebee's.....yikes. Wow, research is priceless. The appetizer cost me 1000 cal ...
3 replies, last reply by rhills, a month ago.   650 views.
started by cindyroberts.   
Meal Settings?
Anyone know how to display '5 Meals' in stead of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks/Other? MyFitnessPAL App can do it, I'm new to FatSecret?
4 replies, last reply by T8U9, a month ago.   472 views.
started by Advo Sensei.   
Does this work?
I have been struggling to find a weight loss app that is suited for me. I have been a member of slimming world and weight watchers in the past. Although both did work for a time I found the cost of the ...
6 replies, last reply by Beegees3, a month ago.   651 views.
started by joannemay25.   
How Many Calories Should I Be Eating?
FatSecret says my RDI to lose weight is 3,200. This seems super high. Even if I subtract another 500 for losing 2 lb per week, that's 2,700 calories. I'm not sure what I should be following. ...
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started by cocreate.   
Is any one trying the Optavia Diet or program
2 replies, last reply by crknight, a month ago.   892 views.
started by nazman1941.   
cauliflower pizza crust
Hi everyone! Ive been wanting to try making the cauliflower pizza crust. Im wondering is it easy to manipulate can i make 4 smaller ones , Im only one eating. is it as good reheated ???
4 replies, last reply by francineseguin, a month ago.   609 views.
started by francineseguin.   
Greetings! I'm 17, female and am wondering if a 1,581 daily calorie intake of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products and lean products such as fish, beans and poultry sounds good ...
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started by phatkiz.   
White bread
Has anyone tried making white bread with Carbalose flour and has a recipe?
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started by Vilmita81, a month ago.   
How to figure out calories?
If you are making your own meal how do you figure out what the calories are in a serving? I want to make mushroom burgers but want to get the calories exact instead of estimating. Would you just figure ...
5 replies, last reply by faaizansari, a month ago.   764 views.
started by KatS219.   
I have been struggling trying to get enough in my RDI . im sticking to the low carb but induction is 12-15 in carbs in veggies and 8 the rest. how much fat is too much and how much protein? what is an ...
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started by francineseguin, a month ago.   
a receipe in a forein language
how do I get a receipe translated from a foreign language
2 replies, last reply by wholefoodnut, a month ago.   314 views.
started by Doreen Bilier.   
Progress chart/breakdown?
Besides the pie chart on the bottom right of the screen, where can I see my intake broken down by macros/amount? I want to know how much fat/protein/carbs are in the foods I regularly eat and see them ...
2 replies, last reply by Jetsah, a month ago.   281 views.
started by Jetsah.   
Starting NEW
I am starting off my week in a positive note, I am going to try stick to my calorie intake and try lose this unwanted weight. I am a bit unsure as I am using the app for the first time. I have put in ...
2 replies, last reply by From371to184, a month ago.   457 views.
started by macd45.   
power bar
can anyone sugest a decently good energy bar ?
3 replies, last reply by tewey, a month ago.   623 views.
started by tewey.   
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Brilliant, I have a stack of podcasts on CD a friend burns for me that I have yet to listen to. Now to invest in some portable tech, I still have a flip phone. All good ideas. I have trouble finding ...
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Well .. the labels never had calories from protein or carbs either.. just grams .. but the rationale given on the fda site seems odd to me: "Calories are now in larger and bolder type and Calories ...
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Finally Breaking the Plateau
Finally beginning to show some progress and get under the 182-183 plateau i have been stuck at. Eating more hard boiled eggs in place of 1 or 2 meals a day and switched to putting protein powder in my ...
by scottandmeg on 19 Oct 17 08:42 AM

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