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Where there's a WILL there isn't a WOE
Does anyone else think it is really unfortunate that the acronym for 'Way Of Eating' spells WOE (a misery or sadness) So I thought, surely there could be a better acronym that isn't quite ...
2 replies, last reply by XshapeshiftX, 4 weeks ago.   602 views.
started by ARB0001.   
Let me brag a little
Yesterday at the gym I had a new experience - while working out I noticed a gentleman (?) watching me on one of the pieces of equipment that I enjoy, the back extensor. I thought that he was waiting to ...
30 replies, last reply by Katsyk, 4 weeks ago.   8,949 views.
started by BigBlittleitch.   
Just a day off today
Today was a day off for me. I didn't feel like prepping my usual meals and I just wanted to relax. So I went down to my bi weekly meeting at the restaurant - its a bbq restaurant - and decided to have ...
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started by Avis713, a month ago.   
I have been charting and watching my calories for 1 month now. Have stayed within or below my allowed calories. I have to date lost 2 pounds. That's it. I am thinking of trying low carb. has anyone ...
1 reply, last reply by AZSouthsideGirl, a month ago.   285 views.
started by clayboro.   
Any one who has ever lost weight, here on FS on anywhere - has done so due to low carb intake.
1 reply, last reply by AZSouthsideGirl, a month ago.   285 views.
started by clayboro.   
So today I learned a couple of things...
I learned that if you send your kid to get Halloween candy for the trick or treaters, he may well pick up something gross that you don't like, and therefore will not eat. WHY any son of MINE would ...
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started by Samiam9663, a month ago.   
Looking for PS1000 diet coupon code
Hi There, anyone have a coupon code I could use for PS1000 diet? I have been on it for almost 2 months now and have lost almost all the weight but think I want to continue with the supplements as I do ...
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started by fatchick45987, 2 months ago.   
Weekend Disasters
Weekends ruins me every week.. Need to get motivated to look better December month!
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started by Annemie du Toit, 2 months ago.   
simple lunch meals
I have cooked a ton of recipes in my life, 40 + years; but, draw a blank when it comes to simple meals. What are some of your daily easy meals?
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started by foreverhealthy3, 2 months ago.   
changing meals settings to 5-6 meals a day ??? help
new, to the forum..Ive tried searching and playing with the setting..but i cant find how to change my meals from breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack to 5-6 meals with custom label? thanks
4 replies, last reply by samplrl, 2 months ago.   1,200 views.
started by flexluis.   
Struggling? Refined Sugar is actually MORE addicting than cocaine and heroine...
A few of you here know that I have recently gone through a sugar and processed food detox. Well, mostly a sugar detox... I'll spare the rest of you the details of my journey through, quite literally, ...
34 replies, last reply by erikahollister, 2 months ago.   2,076 views.
started by Roobert.   
Why you don't lose weight?
Don't know how I'd do this on a cell phone with no keyboard or specll check. And I'm not trying to use a second language to communicate. I have a dyslexic friend who's severely cha ...
35 replies, last reply by spacey48, 2 months ago.   4,136 views.
started by contactomotivacion.   
Can't seem to stick to a diet
Why is it so hard? I keep veering off track! I want to so badly, but food tempts me, and I know about changing my relationship with food-it's not that I feel like food is the enemy, it's that I ...
109 replies, last reply by HealthyMeGoal, 2 months ago.   11,702 views.
started by XshapeshiftX.   
break down recipes
does anyone know of a site where you can type in your ingredients and get the breakdown of carbs fat protein etc?? weight watchers had something called recipe builder. thanks
2 replies, last reply by slemo58, 2 months ago.   315 views.
started by slemo58.   
I started three weeks ago and have tracked everything I have eaten and every exercise undertaken. My starting weight was 66.5kgs, after week one, 66kg. Happy with 0.5kg loss in week one and figured ...
6 replies, last reply by gutstogo, 2 months ago.   654 views.
started by gutstogo.   
bullet proof coffee
finally made it. found recipe on google. made it in the blender. it was very rich and creamy almost like a latte with the froth on top. yummy almost had a stroke when I logged it and saw 43 for the fat! ...
12 replies, last reply by michaelwilliams1, 2 months ago.   2,050 views.
started by slemo58.   
bullet proof coffee
Well, a stroke is on tap... :)
12 replies, last reply by michaelwilliams1, 2 months ago.   2,050 views.
started by slemo58.   
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What is your hardest day?
Rckc - I'm also in the challenge and have been posting; I like posting because it keeps me on track. Thanks LightAir; so far today I've done really well; I have been doing paperwork so that is ...
by CammieCo on 04 Dec 16 01:14 PM
Building Stamina
if your pregnant stick to healthy eating and general light exercise your energy should be going towards the baby not doing excessive weightloss and heavy exercise
by spacey48 on 04 Dec 16 12:12 PM
I love tea, and I also drink it at night to curb hunger. It helps!
by LightAir on 03 Dec 16 06:55 PM
How my diet is going
What's with the ???
by CammieCo on 03 Dec 16 04:35 PM
Help i am on low carb diet !
Your body gets used to the same routine; whether it's diet or exercise, and excepts it as normal. Change your diet and exercise routine every couple of weeks and it'll help you lose. Switch your ...
by Yourpissingmeoff on 03 Dec 16 04:24 PM

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