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On the right track!
I happy to say that, I'm starting out on the right track. I have lost 6.2 lbs, been drinking lits of water, walking 1 hour every day, and stay on my low protein diet. I feel really good :d !! I ...
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started by rebeccajarvis1, a month ago.   
Happy Easter Everyone!
He is risen indeed!:!:
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started by margusL.   
My fat intake was around 50% today due to peanuts...Low Carbs today!!!!! Yeah. No Sugar!! Yeah..Trying too dial it in... Was hoping my proteins were as high as peanut intake..Suggestioms????
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started by Strongdiscipline, a month ago.   
Cholesterol and fat concerns
I'm just wondering as someone who was shocked at my latest lab results showing my total cholesterol and triglycerides and LDL were higher than they should be. So many of the FS family is doing keto ...
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started by Fritzy 22.   
What is Keto bread
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started by Djoweber.   
Net carbs
Hi all - new to FS app. After inputting meals, does app calculate net carbs or full carbs in foods? Thanks!
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started by slltravel.   
Eating when you are sad, lonely or depressed-Watch this YouTube video
I came across this YouTube video about eating when you are sad, lonely or depressed. I know a lot of people will overeat when they are in those situations. This video made me think a little about how to ...
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started by Florida Ray, a month ago.   
Ketogenic Diet
I started the Ketogenic diet 9 days ago and have lost 9 pounds with no exercise... Started gym membership last night. Looking forward to losing it twice as fast now.
6 replies, last reply by gingerbellgonzalez, a month ago.   2,490 views.
started by ryannutter.   
Carb Withdrawal
What can I do to make carb withdrawal easier?
4 replies, last reply by gingerbellgonzalez, a month ago.   1,287 views.
started by ruthe1213.   
Trying to keep positive
Feeling a bit discouraged today. Living with 3 other adults in the same home is not easy. Step dad cooked last night and of ocurse adds all soup powders and so on to the mince. I just left the rice and ...
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started by AudreyFlemming, a month ago.   
Informative: The Flexitarian Diet Plan
sounds interesting, I guess I should 'google this plan'
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started by Anniejohnson, a month ago.   
Just Getting Started
First a little history. I was hit by a car on one of my motorcycles in December of '08. As a result there there was some significant head trauma which caused a couple of caveats. One was my loss of ...
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started by bcbuch.   
Hello everyone! My name is Claudine and I'm glad to be here. I thought I'd better introduce myself, lol I'm a 52 grandmother of 2 with another to arrive at the end of April. I've had ...
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started by cjlewis66.   
Sodium figures
How do I see the sodium intake on this site? I can find it on my phone app, but hard to find on computer screen login. thank you Nancy
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started by NancyOdette.   
I need more calories!
I'm 5'4 male weighing 185lbs when i started my healthy lifestyle this week. Currently lost 3 lbs in 3 days by modifying my carb intake (to good and satiating carbs). My daily calorie allowance ...
2 replies, last reply by ChrisLosingWeight, a month ago.   603 views.
started by ChrisLosingWeight.   
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started low carb
I saw your food log and your mayo says 10 carbs. There are much better mayos out there or maybe this is a typo. I make my own out of 1 cup avocado oil, 1 tsp apple cider vinegar, 1 Tbl dijon mustard ...
by Stinkerbellorama on 22 Feb 18 05:09 PM
Super Juice Me by Jason Vale
Has anyone tried the Super Juice Me or Super Blend Me detox diets by Jason Vale? Has it worked for you? Please share your experience
by Evelynfre on 22 Feb 18 01:54 PM
Ketogen diet
Can anyone give me an advice please?...I am on the keto diet for almost 2 weeks and I actually put weight...Usually I eat - breakfast: 2 slices of bacon + 2 sausages + 1 tomato / Snack: 70g brie cheese ...
by NikkiBI on 22 Feb 18 04:33 AM
To many carbs?
Hi thanks for reply, yes I think I will have to start weighing my food.
by skinnyminny54 on 22 Feb 18 01:23 AM
Carbs, fas and genes
It correlates with my findings after 18 years of dieting, at the end of the day, the calories are what matter. Adherence to your calorie goals trumps any other variable.
by Diablo360x on 21 Feb 18 08:20 AM

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