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lapband revision gastric sleeve on 4/2
Slow weightloss only 28 lbs lost since revision. Eating only 600 cal a day and 110 oz of water.been working out at the ymca for a couple of weeks, lost inches only lost about 4 pounds.
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started by brownsugar92, a week ago.   
Recovered from bad cold
:( I was sick most of the week and am now feeling better/ Diet starts again sunday- weigh in on Friday8)
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started by pwrestlephoto, a week ago.   
I "fell off the wagon" this week. I was on vacation (more like a staycation) and did numerous overdue projects around the house. I got the work done but was too tired to make nutrious meals ...
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started by titleagent.   
Diurex water pills
My daughter wants me to buy her Diurex water pills to loose a quick 5 lbs. by this weekend. My question is: Do they really work that fast?
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started by hawks755.   
Went on vacation and lost 2 pounds. Walked, watched my diet and relaxed. It was great!
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started by lag009.   
do i have to take the RDI to reduce the weight or i can take some less calories
can anyone please tell me that it is compulsory to take the exact calories toreduce the weight or the less will work
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started by schedulem.   
Atkins - New Me For 2014-2015
Starting a group for people following the Atkins Diet.
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started by C67241.   
Frustrated that its back to this. I have to get use to being hungry again .. Intend to lose it fast though
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started by Craig0926.   
Atkins Numbers
Have I blown my diet for the day if I end up with 24g net carbs and 2400 calories for the day? :?:
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started by meganhalston.   
Is anybody banting out there &, if so, how are you finding it? :roll:
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started by Pixipi.   
Weigh in
Start yesterday...235. My goal...170. Hoping this keeps me in check. :)
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started by mamason1963.   
do you think that sex is helpful for losing weight?
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started by sara698.   
It is simply maddening to me that I can have such knowledge in food & nutrition but I can't figure out what foods to eat to lose weight & feel satisfied! When I go low carb, I dream about ...
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started by BELLA691967.   
Stretch marks and cellulite
so what do you guys do to prevent stretch marks/ reduce the appearance of it...I use coco butter and other essential oils such as almond and grapeseed twice a day...also what do you do for cellulite? I ...
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started by fatihaji02.   
New User - Need a quick Answer
Yesterday I added a second excerzie item in error and even though I consider myself rather computer savy, for the love of me, I can't figure out how to delete it. Perhaps a Seniors moment on my part ...
4 replies, last reply by snezica, 2 weeks ago.   285 views.
started by Username Crap.   
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156.9/ Not upset, It could have been worse considering what I ate this week.
Just never give up and you will reach your goal. If you eat too little calories you will feel deprived and that leads to a binge. You didn't go overboard by the way, so that's good. The next time ...
by snezica on 01 Aug 14 07:30 AM
Another non diet day
Icyheat you didn't log in your goal weight correctly because it says you want to be 5kg / 11 lb. Anyways, you can still eat your favorite foods in moderation. That means your two meals a day are h ...
by snezica on 01 Aug 14 07:17 AM
Even though the Atkins shakes are deamed 'okay' by the Atkins camp, many people find that they don't go into ketosis with them or that the shakes and bars stall their weight loss. If you ...
by mummydee on 01 Aug 14 07:08 AM
I did well today!!!!
Great self control - great choice to pass on them!
by jwill77nc2 on 01 Aug 14 06:05 AM
Happy Birthday
You're welcome. Just a tip, you don't have to drastically change your way of eating. Just choose whole-wheat macaroni and brown rice, not white rice for an example. It tastes almost the same but ...
by snezica on 01 Aug 14 05:28 AM

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by member Lucky765
This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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