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RDI Help
What does it mean when my RDI says 85%??? Does this mean it's a good thing I did not go over or is it a bad thing because I didn't make I guess the 100% mark? I've already put in my age, h ...
6 replies, last reply by knuckles the mgtow monk, 2 weeks ago.   11,289 views.
started by Chelle1358.   
I thought this might be of help to anyone like me who wanted to toss the scale out the window! WHY THE SCALES CAN LIE A biologist at Berkeley shared something very revealing on the low-carb BBS system ...
23 replies, last reply by rabbitjb, 2 weeks ago.   7,331 views.
started by Redearthflame.   
If you want to know the WHOLE TRUTH about the Ketogenic diet and how it works, WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!! He explains it better than ANYONE I have ever heard. He should, he helped invent it. It has a lot of ...
1 reply, last reply by fred4win, 2 weeks ago.   295 views.
started by knuckles the mgtow monk.   
Question about the food diary.
Is the sodium count listed in the food diary listed in milligrams? That's all I need to know. Because if it is, I Need to damn near double my sodium intake.
3 replies, last reply by Phooka, 2 weeks ago.   321 views.
started by knuckles the mgtow monk.   
Time to get back on the wagon...
...the diet wagon
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started by ccramer3, 2 weeks ago.   
Time for walks
Maybe now spring is here and it's nicer weather I can start to lose some more weight again with long walks. Still at just under 145llbs and have been for 6-7 weeks. That is a healthy weight for me ...
1 reply, last reply by The Japanese Zombie, 2 weeks ago.   379 views.
started by Barney45.   
Hello, any Herbalife members out there?:)
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started by j1966, 3 weeks ago.   
Looking into starting low carb diet
What are the biggest things I need to look into with starting off low carb? What are some of the staples I should always have on hand? TIA
1 reply, last reply by mskestrela, 3 weeks ago.   284 views.
started by maryallen1.   
Is my daily calorie intake calculated properly?
Hi there I am new to fatsecret.... When I put in my details I put my weight in at 116Kg's my height in at 169cm and my age at 43 yrs - female. This app told me in order to lose weight I need to ...
8 replies, last reply by BigtosmallGirl, 3 weeks ago.   289 views.
started by BigtosmallGirl.   
Resting/Sleep Resting in black ...confused...can't change this or what??? Can't seem to find info on this item...Must be I missing info... Pops1943
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started by Pops1943, 3 weeks ago.   
You need help.
3 replies, last reply by Diablo360x, 3 weeks ago.   741 views.
started by oliver leslie.   
Yeah, my bad, what was i thinking? Scratch what I wrote -lets pig out yall......
3 replies, last reply by Diablo360x, 3 weeks ago.   741 views.
started by oliver leslie.   
Starting over
I was going to rejoin meetings but cannot tomorrow. In spite of this I'm going to join Online. I'm a Travel Nurse and have some issues that need to be addressed tomorrow in my extended stay. No ...
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started by LadyNASDAQ, 3 weeks ago.   
BMI (WHO) versus SBMI
I just found a fascinating website editing the standard BMI formula used by the World Health Organization to allow for differences in age and sex when computing body mass. http://www.smartbmicalculat ...
1 reply, last reply by ieGod, 3 weeks ago.   360 views.
started by jmdavis5.   
What should I eat?
I don't know what to eat. Been having oatmeal for breakfast, tuna for lunch, ramen soup for dinner and a TON of snacks in between because I'm hungry all the time. I've been so bad the past ...
10 replies, last reply by Phooka, 3 weeks ago.   3,527 views.
started by Back2Me4Me.   
Help! I don't think this is a physical need so much as a want. I've eaten well all day. I've exercised, and now I just want a bit of chocolate. I guess I could eat some nuts, but I'm a ...
8 replies, last reply by Dee Koro, 3 weeks ago.   879 views.
started by Dee Koro.   
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JacksonMcGinley wrote: As you can see, I started losing weight again. Not much but I'll take what I can get. Thanks for all advice. Now I'm waiting for my next Plateau. I am not clear that ...
by jimmiepop on 02 May 16 01:09 PM
low calorie restaurant lunches?
Lettuce like THAT would be fine. That doesn't sound bad at all! Except we don't have that restaurant here. Probably any place can make something like that though! Thanks for the advice :)
by catlover630 on 02 May 16 09:27 AM
Daily water beverage infusion
these gals are great to watch on 'you tube' here is a clip about daily water infused beverage. they also have a 'meatless monday' recipe on 'you ...
by foreverhealthy2 on 02 May 16 07:03 AM
:?: :doubt: UP down, up down. This weight loss journey can be so depressing at times. It's my own fault. I need to make better decisions. Ugghhhhhhh.:x
by shanice on 02 May 16 06:24 AM
I literally had a huge lunch *which was delicious of course) for only 206 calories!!! I had kale, with carb/cholesterol/sodium/calori... free raspberry vinaigrette, with a chicken breast, and some cooked ...
by OliviaPersico on 01 May 16 03:19 PM

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