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12 replies, last reply by wholefoodnut, 4 weeks ago.   3,383 views.
started by boobsblaster.   
Small losses....
I have been sick with a nasty cold and cough for 2 weeks...haven't had much of an appetite, but when I do eat it is pretty strict LCHF foods. I have only lost 2 lbs in over 3 weeks. I am thinking I ...
6 replies, last reply by Lippybeth, 4 weeks ago.   1,284 views.
started by Lippybeth.   
I have been strict LCHF since January 2 and I have lost not one pound !! I am in Ketosis . I have been doing absolutely nothing because of a terrible cold and cough, but weight loss at all ...
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started by Lippybeth, a month ago.   
Well, I just signed up and ready to start a new way of living! My husband and I retired a little over 2 years ago and moved to Central America. I have gained 20 pounds since then! I don't recognize ...
3 replies, last reply by janstromberg, a month ago.   1,117 views.
started by Mz Elaine.   
Little slip ups
:( :( :( Well yesterday I kinda fell off the wagon. Stress eating at work and when I got home. Busy and frustrating day. Have to remember that to error is human and I just can't make a habit of ...
1 reply, last reply by itistime26, a month ago.   444 views.
started by Kegs2116.   
Wink Frozen Desserts Not There Yet
OK. Tried the Wink desserts you may have seen advertised on Facebook. Bought 8 pints of various flavors. With two special deals, I got them for 43 bucks and change. Each pint is only 100 calories with ...
3 replies, last reply by Draglist, a month ago.   817 views.
started by Draglist.   
not happy
so went off my diet today....had abit of a celebration.....have realized i need to cut back on the carbs in order to loose weight
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started by Helldenn, a month ago.   
Carb Withdrawal
don't withdrawal, count your carbs and keep them low (35-45 grams per meal). look up different carbs in foods before you eat them, for instance a baked sweet potato has less carbs and calories than ...
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started by Fatty Boombatty, a month ago.   
Ayer me volvi a pesar y no he vuelto a bajar, a pesar de que he estado muy juiciosa con el ejercicio y con el consumo de mis calorias, por lo menos siento que he bajado de medidas. Pero no estoy dejando ...
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started by emiliana1234, a month ago.   
Why so full
Just not hungry today but eating every 3 hours to make sur I stick with my routine
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started by AudreyFlemming, a month ago.   
Chocolate brownies
You know your on the road for being a successful you when you bake a batch of brownies even iced them with a chocolate icing because thats a favorite of your hubby and its game night....and you dont even ...
1 reply, last reply by maxie4, a month ago.   459 views.
started by maxie4.   
Chocolate brownies
Good luck maxie
1 reply, last reply by maxie4, a month ago.   459 views.
started by maxie4.   
Please help with a Diet and Exercise plan
Hi Everyone, I desperately need help with a diet and exercise plan. I'm having so much trouble to just eat better and exercise. My dad passed away end of the year before and I slipped into such a deep ...
3 replies, last reply by Nitka22, a month ago.   821 views.
started by Charne100.   
HOW DO I record my weekly weight?
1 reply, last reply by marywash, a month ago.   251 views.
started by Djoweber.   
If you record your weight manually, it would be better for you.
1 reply, last reply by marywash, a month ago.   251 views.
started by Djoweber.   
Burn off Belly Fat
I am wanting to lose 10 lbs and would love to get my stomach off. I don't go to a gym, but do have a Cardio Glide machine that I am going to try to start using again. Any suggestions would be ap ...
1 reply, last reply by Tansy Gets Fit, a month ago.   243 views.
started by susanbeliech.   
Is there a way to place fatsecret website on your desktop, so as to avoid having to always log in etc etc ? Thank you.
3 replies, last reply by PaGirlie, a month ago.   698 views.
started by PaGirlie.   
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I have a question, my husband is eating within his micro's as am I, he lost 3 lbs then gained 2lb back while I have lost 4lb and not gained any back. What am I doing wrong with his meal plan for him? ...
by MAGIE2018 on 24 Feb 18 11:49 AM
3 jobs WOW!! Remember sleep helps one lose weight also as well as makes for a healthier person.
by wholefoodnut on 24 Feb 18 09:47 AM
Carbs, fas and genes
Thank you, obviously a tuna salad is going to be better for you than say a donut - I guess just eat healthy and everything in moderation. I think we are all looking at something to blame - sugar - carbs ...
by mhairinic on 24 Feb 18 04:38 AM
Can't exercise very much
I dropped a large, full bottle of shampoo on the top of my right foot. The doctor had x-rays, so we know it isn't broken, but it is swollen, sore, and very uncomfortable. He asked me to do RICE - ...
by alicepayne1 on 23 Feb 18 04:03 PM
Peanut Powder!?
Yes, it is ok, but you will have to sweeten it with a low cal sweetener. Don't expect it to be like pb because it isn't, but it will do in a pinch.Might be ok in a recipe, haven't tried it ...
by bnewbee on 23 Feb 18 01:25 PM

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