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Lose 10 lbs. in 1 mo.
Is this possible? Any suggestion on how? I'm thinking of no-rice diet. What do you think, guys? Sadly, I'm too busy to exercise.
2 replies, last reply by howzat4u, 2 weeks ago.   1,122 views.
started by chubbyness.   
What Makes Extra Virgin Kind the Best Olive Oil in the Market
When it comes to buying olive oil from the stores, most people tend to be confused between light olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. What needs to be known is the purpose of using the oil as this can ...
no replies.   694 views.
started by angelhall, 2 weeks ago.   
Carb Nite Solution
Are there any forums of groups for Carb Nite Solution?
24 replies, last reply by healthier-step-by-step, 2 weeks ago.   15,396 views.
started by HopeSpringsEternal.   
Reporting in.
A few of my friends here will be happy (I hope) to see me report back for the drill. A death in the family acted as my excuse to stop exercising and recording my calories and food intake. It's been ...
1 reply, last reply by jwill77nc2, 2 weeks ago.   563 views.
started by Glaun.   
Reasons people fail losing weight.
This is an excerpt from an interview with Tony Horton, take the time to read it very true. It was natural then, when we spoke to Tony recently, to ask him what he's noticed is the toughest thing for ...
1 reply, last reply by jmb3450, 2 weeks ago.   353 views.
started by Rockiesfan.   
Anabolic cookbook
Has anyone tried the anabolic cookbook written by dave ruel. The cookbook has about 200 delicious yet healthy recipes. I just need to know if anyone has tried the cookbook and seen results in weight loss.
no replies.   172 views.
started by Scorpioshredded, 2 weeks ago.   
possum police
possum police be creepin
2 replies, last reply by MixItUpBaby, 2 weeks ago.   307 views.
started by Smith and Wesson 9mm .   
whats the answer?
If you are starting to stop, are you starting or are you stopping:?:
7 replies, last reply by right12, 2 weeks ago.   321 views.
started by Smith and Wesson 9mm .   
Weight loss at a standstill
So I've been on my weightloss journey for about 3 weeks now. 1st week I lost 5 pounds, 2nd week 8 ounces, and this 3rd week well I will be weighing in on Friday. I was a bit disappointed since I w ...
3 replies, last reply by ebivr, 2 weeks ago.   361 views.
started by msmejia210.   
CRAVINGS: Discipline & self control? NO that's not it.
We hear so much: QUOTE: "people say it's all about self control and discipline... &: ..and exercise: we are told it's a good hurt. NO.." END QUOTE. They are wrong. It is NOT about ...
3 replies, last reply by ieGod, 2 weeks ago.   422 views.
started by billtech66.   
CRAVINGS: Discipline & self control? NO that's not it.
Great post Billtech! It is all about enjoying the journey and having a healthy body and a happy mind! Keep them coming. :)
3 replies, last reply by ieGod, 2 weeks ago.   422 views.
started by billtech66.   
Busting your weight loss leveling out (platoing).
I'm not an expert, I just know what has worked for me and others that have taken my advice. To bust the leveling effects you need to do the following: 1. Understand the process of turning ATP into ...
6 replies, last reply by Michael-Anderson, 2 weeks ago.   1,360 views.
started by Michael-Anderson.   
Phone and laptop
Shouldn't what I put in my analog phone sync to the laptop? How do I get that to happen?
no replies.   195 views.
started by ChrisLAG, 2 weeks ago.   
The start of a new way
Well after talking and talking about losing weight I have finally decided to actually DO something about it. Saying I had a baby is no longer an excuse (especially since that baby just turned 12 years ...
6 replies, last reply by Maggie's Kitty Treats12, 2 weeks ago.   1,194 views.
started by cptldn.   
:( I have the flu. Hopefully it means weight loss.
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started by foodjunkie1234, 2 weeks ago.   
Invalid format of email address
I'm trying to edit my preferences and keep getting...invalid format of email address My address is and works on all other things, does anyone know how to sort this? Mark
1 reply, last reply by snezica, 3 weeks ago.   1,128 views.
started by Rufus Ruffcut.   
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Slipped up
I ate like 1000 that day
by heidimetzger on 26 Apr 15 08:10 PM
Sunday is Fasting day
Right. I didn't realize this was your post. I only saw msbuggirl's post in my buddies view, so I replied to that one. I'll have to remember to read the full post. For some reason, these Diet ...
by Draglist on 26 Apr 15 06:16 PM
Losing inches, not weight
This is over a course of a week. Thank you I will check that article out.
by Merrie1 on 26 Apr 15 04:33 PM
I read that you're somewhere around 60% more likely to keep your weight in check if you weigh daily, but then again 90% of all statistical percentages are made up on the spot. (I just made that up.)
by northernmusician on 26 Apr 15 10:48 AM
A Diff. Kind of "Scale"
I'd agree with Deb. I'd take a few every couple of weeks. In most cases you're likely looking at a month at least to 'see' the progress.
by northernmusician on 26 Apr 15 10:46 AM

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