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My Recipe book
HOW in god's name am I suppose to make any kind of half@ss decent recipe, when the recipe maker only lets me use ONE measurement size for any given ingredient? For example, I needed to specify 2 cups ...
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started by johnsmith6.   
Broken leg so no cardio, needto lose weight...
Hello again people, many who know me from before. I'm reaching out for some suggestions. I broke my leg a few months ago and am just now able to fully weight bare. In this time of bed/couch rest, ...
5 replies, last reply by mummydee, 2 weeks ago.   600 views.
started by mummydee.   
Back to the weight I was in my 30s.
I wanted to let you guys know, even though I didn't have a weight problem, I lost 13 pounds.:) I did it to lower my cholesterol. My problem is from genetics and hypothyroidism. I'm doing inte ...
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started by Laurend 1985, 3 weeks ago.   
For the Administrator(s)
I applied to join the 30 Day under 20gm carb challenge (KETO) 2 days ago (29th) this challenge is to start tomorrow (Wed Feb 1st) It is 8.45pm where I live in Australia. So I have missed out being ...
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started by Miss Macka, 3 weeks ago.   
what kind of reward do you people do
would it be really bad to lose 10 then eat a bunch for one day then lose another 5 and eat a bunch ect ect is this really bad?? serious question/// dave
3 replies, last reply by MCslimmer, 3 weeks ago.   194 views.
started by popatop75.   
I'm stuck
Started my diet on Monday at 141lbs. On Tuesday weighed 139.5lbs. On Wednesday weighed 138lbs. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday no change. So I lost 3lbs in two days and then nothing for the rest of the ...
3 replies, last reply by Haxx83, 3 weeks ago.   548 views.
started by Karenmw26.   
Notation question for food journal
when I am noting what exactly I ate for each meal,I run into problems with the listing. For example, I make a lot of my own soups,never canned. I can never find a way to adequetly list. as in today, I ...
7 replies, last reply by Haxx83, 3 weeks ago.   1,302 views.
started by clayboro.   
Notation question for food journal
I've run into the same problem so I just pick the closest description to my homemade soups
7 replies, last reply by Haxx83, 3 weeks ago.   1,302 views.
started by clayboro.   
What if I told you ...
Eating the right foods was not as hard as you think? What if I told you that I have coached over 300 people and I can offer you the same opportunity? Your success is something like 80 times greater with ...
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started by cbishop1998, 3 weeks ago.   
weigh in
Had a loss of 2.8 this week for a total of 16 pounds in 4 weeks!
2 replies, last reply by ontheline, 3 weeks ago.   152 views.
started by ontheline.   
Hi everyone! Today is my first day to actually be the member I want to be. I joined in 2015 but was not ready to commit to anything. That has changed and I am looking for all the support and help I can ...
7 replies, last reply by ontheline, 3 weeks ago.   330 views.
started by ontheline.   
I went crazy!
I still can't seem to beat this event. I went to the Italian festival yesterday. Had a great time until I left the church and went to the picnic area. Ohhhhhhhh Brother! Well to sum it up in a nut ...
1 reply, last reply by Yourpissingmeoff, 3 weeks ago.   669 views.
started by ashock34.   
suggestion to gain some weight.
Hi, Can someone suggest me good diet plan for the next few days. I am very skinny. My weight is 135lbs but my shoulders and chest are not up to the mark. What should I do?
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started by me558sbl, 3 weeks ago.   
Low Carb! Day 1!
Hi all. I just started my low carb diet. I went to and signed up for the 2 week Low Carb Challenge. There they gave me my first two weeks shopping list and my recipes for each meal. ...
2 replies, last reply by Corey160, 3 weeks ago.   256 views.
started by jillwilliams88.   
Will it be good if I added more fats without cutting protien???
Still not in Keto yet... Well I only meat and lettuce but it is just that I love meat and I eat a lot of fatty lamb head everyday... Can I just add more oil but not cut my meat?
1 reply, last reply by Corey160, 3 weeks ago.   153 views.
started by hiramehime.   
115 already I always do my weigh in rather daily at our clinic but only record when I reach the 1 kg mark for loss so as not to have the variances of water weight or food in the gut well for accuracy am ...
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started by johnmwoya, 3 weeks ago.   
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24 hour fasting to break past a plateau
I don't know, however I've done some reading lately that says, nothing drastic needs to be done. A plateau, is merely a period where your body does not like changing its weight, and is consequ ...
by Stringofpearls on 21 Feb 17 04:49 PM
Adding foods
After you type the name of the food in your food diary section and it doesn't come up (make sure you click enter), there is an add new food button under it on the left hand side. Click that and enter ...
by RoseTampa on 21 Feb 17 04:02 PM
Being Sick
I've been getting raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries which are all lower carb fruits. I just stick to a handful of any of them and it been keeping my fruit wants in control. Good luck!
by RoseTampa on 21 Feb 17 03:59 PM
Good Morning!
I stay motivated by writing down a plan of what I'll eat during the week. When I go to eat something else I think "That's not on the plan, my weight loss will be less if I eat it." ...
by Jean Mc on 21 Feb 17 02:15 PM
Butter substitute
There are no substitutes for butter. Full stop.
by ladeevah on 21 Feb 17 08:35 AM

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