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Starting this (on here, anyway) with an angle towards lifting and bodybuilding. So, eating clean and upping the protein a bit to about 50%, lowering the fat to about 30% and all but eliminating carbs ...
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started by tairaruth, 3 weeks ago.   
Break from workout when sick
Haven't worked out for a week because of this sickening cold I caught. I found out (on the web) that indeed, after 8-10 wks of consistent intense workouts, a week off is good anyway. Great! I was ...
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started by Bopuc.   
Break from workout when sick
Read up on periodization. Google it. :) Happy reading.
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started by Bopuc.   
day 4 of diet went on a bender and ate 2928 calories when i have been so good not proud of this at all. but i put everything i ate down to show myself my stupidity as i never enjoyed any off it and felt ...
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started by frosty simp.   
Does anyone fancy joining me on a fast starting this evening (after evening meal) and continuing 1, 2 or more days. I'm going to try to continue for a few days (over 7 days you should get medical ...
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started by minitata.   
Getting discouraged
What do you do to get back on track after a binge. I have had a few free days and I really need to get it together. I'm open to all suggestions. Thank you.:?
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started by PrettyMetty.   
fit and then work took me to another place
New to this calorie counting. A year ago I was running races doing marathons all over the country and then BAM work put me in the deepest depression that I quit and the pounds crept up.15 pounds out of ...
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started by connieballiet, 4 weeks ago.   
The exercise list does not have rebounding. stole this calorie chart from another website: REBOUNDING TEN MINUTES WEIGHT-----GENTLE--MODERATE--V... 220lbs/100kg---51.1----99.6---... 209lbs/95kg- ...
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started by savta65, 4 weeks ago.   
Having my Thyroid completely removed next Friday. More scared about the aftermath than the surgery. No metabolism which is already bad and fatigue. My synthyroid dosage is getting bumped up to 200 mcg. ...
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started by jmixh, 4 weeks ago.   
Cacher son poids
Bonjour à tous ! Ma mère vient tout juste de télécharger FatSecret mais elle est très complexée par son poids et souhaiterait le cacher. J'ai trouvé comment emp ...
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started by HSFH, a month ago.   
Branded food not in the fatsecret database
Hello, i am new here. Can someone please help.... what if a particular food is not found in the search option. Is there a place where we can manually enter the macros ? I am looking for I and J steam ...
4 replies, last reply by Jean Mc, a month ago.   951 views.
started by alisonmckey.   
I thought this might be of help to anyone like me who wanted to toss the scale out the window! WHY THE SCALES CAN LIE A biologist at Berkeley shared something very revealing on the low-carb BBS system ...
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started by Redearthflame.   
Qsymia anyone?
Soooo I hesitate to bring up a weight loss pill (gasp!) because people get up on their high horses about losing weight naturally, no chemicals etc. But I'm bringing it up anyway dammit! I took P ...
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started by julieanne71.   
5:2 diet
Hi everyone anyone trying this?
4 replies, last reply by Jean Mc, a month ago.   2,308 views.
started by lisaruth1.   
after being off for almost two years I jumped back on with both feet. gained most of what I had lost back but had gotten 10 back off...then pneumonia and steroids. I am gaining a pound a day from that ...
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started by devohna.   
Chart info breakdown
In the Food Diary, I see the area at the bottom saying how much of my RDI I've taken in, but where is the info for stuff besides calories? I want to know if I'm over on carbs, cholesterol, etc. ...
1 reply, last reply by Jean Mc, a month ago.   386 views.
started by sawta.   
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look on chic-filet's website, their "chicken" in their sandwiches has lots of other things added. It's not just chicken.
by wholefoodnut on 30 Apr 17 02:32 PM
add a food not in the existing list?
see Farm Girl 50's post "question about food journal" and replies from a couple days ago (4/28)
by rhills on 30 Apr 17 02:28 PM
How is RDI calculated?
Thought that was what you were thinking of. How are you doing? I've had a s##t year to put it bluntly, fell down my back cement steps and broke my shin, had an op and was in bed/couch for almost ...
by mummydee on 30 Apr 17 12:52 PM
starting Adkins
I agree... what's wrong with MAYO, the commercial crap contains sugars and gmo'd products but you just have to buy organic. Chosen Foods avocado oil mayo is made with pure avocado oil instead ...
by mummydee on 30 Apr 17 08:59 AM
New research marries LCHF and CICO. Fascinating
Found a fascinating discussion on YouTube comparing calories in calories out to low-carb high-fat with a focus on insulin and its effect on white and brown fat. It explains why you could lose more weight ...
by Draglist on 29 Apr 17 09:57 PM

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