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New to Atkins...
Hi all! I'm an atkins newbie and just wanted to make sure that i'm doing things right. I started on 2/2/15 and have only lost 7 lbs so far (im waiting to weigh myself for another week for an u ...
13 replies, last reply by Itsaboutme84, a week ago.   527 views.
started by Itsaboutme84.   
Gained 3 lbs.
I don't know what happen. I gained 3 lbs. I have been off of sugar for 2 months. I have had some sugar free lemonade from fit active which I couldn't find any hidden sugars. I'm just at a lost.
2 replies, last reply by Tanque72, a week ago.   212 views.
started by Tanque72.   
Ketosis question
I have a question. Im having a difficult time consuming my 1080 calories a day. Im getting between 600-800. But they are in the percentage of 70-80 percent fat, 15 percent protein and 5 percent carb. ...
26 replies, last reply by Tresmemphis, a week ago.   2,176 views.
started by Tresmemphis.   
hi everybody i can,t get to go to second phase i gain i must lose 10 to 12 bls i feel bad every time go to weigh myself
5 replies, last reply by ebivr, a week ago.   214 views.
started by mahvashmaleki.   
losing weight
I am 20 years old and I dont have a lot of time to do much excersize but i would like to do as much as i cn, does anyone know of anything that i can do tht fast and eaz that would work fast?
4 replies, last reply by FluffyMe, a week ago.   263 views.
started by Zandra Moody.   
The Freeze Helps You Lose Weight!
[img]http://i1378.photobuck... COLD TEMPERATURES FREEZE, AND SHIVERS HELPS YOU LOSE WEIGHT Cold water therapy has benefits beyond weight loss. “It takes a lot of energy to keep it that way, no diff ...
3 replies, last reply by howzat4u, a week ago.   205 views.
started by Ann444.   
Silence is deafining
So far it would seem that I have received no response to any of my inquiries'. So I am left to think either I am doing something incorrectly or I am invisible here.
4 replies, last reply by Draglist, a week ago.   249 views.
started by Michael-Anderson.   
Back on track
:o back on diet,,, 5 days now...lost 7 lbs. STOKED
4 replies, last reply by Acheerfulgiver150, a week ago.   895 views.
started by Karman45.   
adding a recipe
Hi all I would like to know how long after submitting a recipe does it take to be approved, thanks
2 replies, last reply by mummydee, a week ago.   96 views.
started by kimonamission.   
nuez nut for weight loss
Any feedback on this ? seems everyone is using this nut in our parts of the world new diet phase anyone feedback positive or negative
3 replies, last reply by LowCarbFemmeFit, a week ago.   142 views.
started by Saige18.   
I have IBS and eating just a salad for lunch doesn't cut it. Any suggestions on losing weight and not growling like a lion all day? my stomach that is...)
3 replies, last reply by isabel marshal, a week ago.   193 views.
started by Lovemysalt.   
Day 3
Ugh..... Just got off the elliptical. I felt really good today. I have been taking shots of aloe vera juice and backing it up with a bio Saludi shot.
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, a week ago.   100 views.
started by theresalarson.   
i am on atkins....3rd hungry all the time. is this normal til my body adjusts?
7 replies, last reply by Horseshu1, a week ago.   1,883 views.
started by mpapatyi.   
What is the % intake daily
3 replies, last reply by PiperPrue, a week ago.   509 views.
started by Josephine Herring.   
Green tea
I have started drinking green tea,about 6 cups a day,has anaybody else had any success with this:?:
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, a week ago.   177 views.
started by PinkiedeVos .   
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Do we concentrate too much on what goes in and not enough on what comes out. ?
My doctor loves to prescribe the fish oil capsules for my high triglycerides, he wanted me taking 4000mg of fish oil a day....I told him I would never be out of the bathroom.... Don't over use the ...
by dixiebelle49 on 06 Mar 15 02:44 PM
Low Carb egg options
Agree 100% with a few of my friends' posts! Research has been all over the place about so many foods and fads. But when you think about, one thought has remained unchanged for centuries: Eat ' ...
by LuC2 on 06 Mar 15 01:02 PM
Need a more balanced diet.
Lean red meats. I found a favorite of mine is venison steaks. To prep, take a steak, brush lightly with oil, and season with garlic pepper and onion salt, both sides. Place in a sandwich bag, and t ...
by moonflow23 on 06 Mar 15 12:01 PM
Dang Plateaus
Mother Nature is an evil "B" and is not only slows down our metabolism at this age but also for no reason at all she hands us an extra 10 lbs with a no return policy ! :x So we have to take ...
by mummydee on 06 Mar 15 07:45 AM
Wine or Whine
Our wife and we make wine...we make it really's sooooooo nice....It makes dieting so much harder when half your calorie intake is wine. Oh well it's coming off (W ...
by bigfatbastard on 06 Mar 15 02:25 AM

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