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Leaning Out for Competition
Well, 11 weeks out until competition time. Currently at 7.5% body fat and working towards 3.5% for the show. To get there, lots of high-volume resistance training (500 - 600 repetitions in 1 hour or ...
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started by PlanoMike, 3 weeks ago.   
Fruits and Vegetables
Doc. said to eat more Fruits and Vegetables, so I tried Corn Chips with Peach salsa. He's never happy with my visits.
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started by Thulsa Doom, 3 weeks ago.   
food diary techie question
I left Fat Secret in 2015 and now am back. Been on for two weeks now and still my diary comes up to when I left it in 2015. I have to always use the drop down arrow and choose today to be current. Any ...
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started by parkplacecreative1.   
Does anyone have any diet tips for someone with diverticiloses? Seems like all the suff you need to eat, you are not allowedvto eat.
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started by ibark.   
Sugar and Carb Cravings
Some days I do really really good staying under or at 1200-1300 calories and getting all my exercise in, then there are the days where the dessert is just screaming in my ears, and I want it SO bad. I ...
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started by XshapeshiftX.   
My 1st post...
I have set a goal to lose 80lbs first and so far I've lost 8lbs. I am disabled and it's hard for me to exercise,I have COPD so my breathing is bad, does anyone have any suggestions on somethings ...
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started by conniecolbert.   
Posting daily food
I guess I am a idiot cannot get my daily food to post what am I doing wrong! Went to breakfast pressed the plus to add nothing happens any suggestions am logged in Thanks LaDebbie
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started by Ladebbie, 3 weeks ago.   
Completed My 1st. Challenge
Completed My 1st. Challenge and lost 18 lbs 24lbs in all with 144lbs to go. I have been overweight since high school but, I see a light at the end of the tunnels. I will continue on this journey. I enjoy ...
8 replies, last reply by Diamond Quarters, 4 weeks ago.   3,821 views.
started by Diamond Quarters.   
This is a hard day. On Sundays I usually make pancakes or French toast. Fried egg is just not the same. Really craving sweets. Lost 3 pounds the first week then slowed way down. Not quite 1 pound this ...
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started by virginiastollings.   
severely constipated
Try adding magnesium tablets to your diet - they have a natural laxative effect.
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started by tweetycat.   
left-over belly fat
In the last 8 months I've gone from 288 to 247. I no longer need to take my Glucontrol and I have reduced my Niacin from 1500 to 500. What I can't seem to lose is this belt-hanging-over sacthel ...
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started by gbrierton, 4 weeks ago.   
left-over belly fat
Be patient> certain parts of the body are harder to lose "the bulge" than other parts. I am skinny and in shape, exercise everyday and am very active - but for about ten to fifteen years I ...
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started by gbrierton, 4 weeks ago.   
How to log net carbs
I'm new to the website and today I added a slice of bread to the database. this bread has 8 carbs and 7 dietary fiber to make it 1 carb, but it still registers as 8 carbs on my macros. What do I do?
1 reply, last reply by Lizzygracemusic, 4 weeks ago.   1,010 views.
started by Roo612.   
how bout just keeping the s##t to yourself and quit posting so other people can see it. You can always start a word document on your own personal little device so no one can see it....unless really you ...
3 replies, last reply by kathleenscanlan, 4 weeks ago.   1,725 views.
started by fastingfurious.   
I have offered up a deal here many times j powell - I will keep s##t to myself if others do same - this is not the place to be telling people to eat bacon butter or lard or anything. This is not the place ...
3 replies, last reply by kathleenscanlan, 4 weeks ago.   1,725 views.
started by fastingfurious.   
It's less to do with butter, bacon and lard and more about going through Carb withdraw. Just like you can be addicted to cocaine, cigarettes, caffeine, alcohol. After years your body becomes used ...
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started by Thatolliefellow, a month ago.   
Dewy, I frekin fully agree with you! (been sayin frekin alot today). It has all to do with carbs and a sudden loss of calorie denseness in ones diet and a sudden reduction in the energy supply - which ...
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started by Thatolliefellow, a month ago.   
Someone just tried to challenge me with "What about the inuits - they eat fat..." I was too lazy so I just cut and pasted...: in multiple studies the traditional Inuit diet has not been shown ...
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started by Thatolliefellow, a month ago.   
Migraine Question
Hi all, Can someone give me a little insight, please? About a month ago I decided to make some healthy changes. I have over 100 lbs to lose and the thought of tackling it all at once is overwhelming. ...
16 replies, last reply by SheaDlady, a month ago.   5,278 views.
started by floridagal2000.   
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Industry funded studies
Hi, Titedancer, thats a great story. the diet your husband seems to be following is called Ketosis. it when your body starts to target fat as its primary fuel source and the liver turns fat cell into ...
by jodymcconnachie on 26 Sep 16 06:55 AM
Emotional Roller coaster
Hi Maria! Stress has a way of doing that, doesn't it? I hope you've been having better days lately. You can do this, Buddy!
by kpwcalories on 25 Sep 16 09:38 PM
Can't seem to stick to a diet
its not easy but in the end it comes down to choice where I work you could put on a pound a day just by eating the snacks and cakes other people bring in. I just make the choice to never eat anything ...
by spacey48 on 25 Sep 16 04:45 PM
Stubborn Fat
XshapeshiftX wrote: Build up your abs and you'll burn belly fat faster. Stronger core burns fat sorry but this is utter nonsense you cannot spot reduce fat no matter what you do outside of lipo ...
by spacey48 on 25 Sep 16 04:39 PM
5:2 fasting diet
If you are still hungry after a banting meal, it means your healthy fat intake is not enough. Add some avo, cook your meat in butter or coconut oil, have a few grams of nuts, like macadamia, almonds, etc.
by Ieksie on 23 Sep 16 01:59 AM

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New Snack tip. I spread cheese onto slices of cucumbers and eat my tuna with celery stalks!
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