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low carb
actually gaining weight with daily carbs 30 milligrams and keep calories around 1200 :x :?: :?: does anyone have any suggestions
7 replies, last reply by DO N OK, a month ago.   695 views.
started by fayemosley.   
How do I know how much sugar I am consuming each day. I see a breakdown for carb, protein..... but none for sugar. Thanks.
11 replies, last reply by Pamellivilin, a month ago.   1,061 views.
started by judybrewer.   
Goal weight
I am nearly at goal weight but still have rolls on my tummy, and I put a much lower goal weight than needed-frustrated
4 replies, last reply by fayemosley, a month ago.   384 views.
started by conditional.   
How low is the LC in the LCHF Diet?
I just started the LCHF diet. I just found out I have Diabetes and want to reverse it through diet and weight loss. How low is low for carbs in a day. Remember I am just beginning. 😊 How high is high ...
7 replies, last reply by notgneiss, a month ago.   876 views.
started by hamorr.   
Cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Question, If I cook a chicken breast in extra virgin olive oil, am I supposed add the calories from the olive oil to my daily calorie intake?
1 reply, last reply by Kishlette, a month ago.   254 views.
started by foxyred10.   
Cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
10 Ways You Never Knew Extra Virgin Olive Oil Could Benefit You:
1 reply, last reply by Kishlette, a month ago.   254 views.
started by foxyred10.   
protein for gastric bypass patient who has rny
Earlier I saw a post by some one suggesting 100% Optimum Protein drink that was whey and in chocolate that they said tasted like a glass of chocolate milk.Someone was asking for something they could get ...
2 replies, last reply by Egull1, a month ago.   291 views.
started by pat4255.   
I'm having a lot of heartburn & it does not matter what time I eat or what I eat... anyone else dealing with this ? What are you doing or using to help with this ? Thanks
5 replies, last reply by DJKUBS, a month ago.   735 views.
started by TOFU.   
Perfectly Peelable Hard Boiled Eggs.
Thanks to Kishelette for asking! I have tried many approaches, and this one seems to work reliably. (1) Use large (not extra large) eggs. Don't use very fresh eggs .. keep them in the refrig ...
1 reply, last reply by Kishlette, a month ago.   367 views.
started by rhills.   
I have just signed up to this page and have never really done the diet thing before. Can anyone recommend a good breakfast that doesnt include eggs or raw vegetables as these upset my stomach. Ive been ...
6 replies, last reply by Pamellivilin, a month ago.   679 views.
started by dors13.   
Eat a banana
The banana has saved me. Best snack. Keeps me satisfied for hours, great before workout. Only 100 cal. Very healthy. Dan
4 replies, last reply by Diablo360x, a month ago.   583 views.
started by scruffy172.   
Lemon Juice in it really making a difference?
I notice the days after I put lemon juice in my water for my work outs I lose another pound. Is that just coincidence or is there something to this? Before anyone says, it might be your diet, obviously ...
44 replies, last reply by Pamellivilin, a month ago.   32,773 views.
started by AnnThom.   
Hi, I went to Walmart and checked to see if they had any bacon that was free of sodium nitrates and there wasn"t one. I went to Krogers and they had thick sliced bacon minus any nitrates or any p ...
6 replies, last reply by sara982, a month ago.   2,663 views.
started by hugandkiss.   
My trainer wants me to take 156 g of protein every day. I'm eating everything with protein and its still not enough. Any suggestions that anyone can offer would be so appreciative.
11 replies, last reply by joinoz, a month ago.   1,888 views.
started by lesliecarnegie.   
Protein shake with gelatin (collagen, not Collagen Hydrolysate not enough protein). About 20 grams of protein together.
11 replies, last reply by joinoz, a month ago.   1,888 views.
started by lesliecarnegie.   
DEXA scan
Hi there I'm nearing the end of my weight loss now - I'm at 47.8kg and want to sit between 44 and 45kg (don't worry, that's very much in the healthy range as I'm very short and have ...
no replies.   104 views.
started by Kishlette, a month ago.   
Hi I am 50 years old. I am currently doing a hybrid of Keto/HCG diet. I cheated on the HCG after losing 15 lbs in 15 days.I stalled for four days and gained 4 lbs :( So I did some research on the KETO ...
2 replies, last reply by Jadsl, a month ago.   425 views.
started by loriazuru.   
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I'm looking for advice on kicking sugar. Maybe not completely but definitely far less than I'm consuming. It's become a habit that I don't think about anymore. My husband likes having junk ...
by kemill on 22 Jun 17 11:12 AM
Hey any one following a 40 40 20 split?
Are you doing okay?
by Jipper500 on 22 Jun 17 09:35 AM
Add a Food
When you do a search you will see an add button. So type in the full description and then click the add button below. It only shows up after typing and clicking search.
by GamingMike on 22 Jun 17 07:17 AM
Need Help!
I think that entering everything that I eat or even think about eating in the food journal on this site is the most helpful thing for me. It makes me very aware of what I am putting in my mouth and what ...
by Horseshu1 on 21 Jun 17 09:55 PM
Help I hit a plateau!! :(
Skyehawk wrote: I also find even if on low carb I need to count calories as well. Nothing drastic but if fairly high fat they can add up quickly. I know I do the same thing!! Its a habit for me to be ...
by Wwoman806 on 21 Jun 17 09:31 AM

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