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Need Help
I Just started back and want to lose my baby weight but am having trouble staying under 20 carbs and not be lightheaded. I am breastfeeding and plan to continue for several more months. I do fine on b ...
4 replies, last reply by RobinlKirby, a week ago.   631 views.
started by RobinlKirby.   
Atkins Treats stopped weight loss
I had a great first week on low carb...lost 9 lbs. I had also added 30 minutes a day on treadmill so maybe that was why the weight loss was so high. Second week, I tried the Adkins treat bars just for ...
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, a week ago.   400 views.
started by ginahudson.   
Low Carb egg options
Hello, I'm new to this site and have just begun a low carb lifestyle. I'm going to start by eating eggs for breakfast. I'm concerned with the amount of cholesterol in traditional eggs, so ...
6 replies, last reply by Ketomancer, a week ago.   758 views.
started by Bridgette M.   
Headaches after being on low-carb diet for a week or so
Hi, I'm new to low-carb dieting and have been on it for about a week and have been doing very well. Combined with exercising and dieting I'm losing over a pound a day. However, in the last c ...
3 replies, last reply by jerry791hd, a week ago.   424 views.
started by jerry791hd.   
Negative Calorie Foods (The good black hole)
Was doing some research and there are many good foods that benefit dieting that you can add to your menu. They boost your metabolism among a horde of other benefits. You can see more here. http:/ ...
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, a week ago.   293 views.
started by Herosmith.   
40 tips for Newbies on Atkins
News Feed · . 40 Tips for Newbies on Atkins 1. Read the book, "Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution" (2002), and read it through to understand the principles of the diet ...
5 replies, last reply by sooney50, a week ago.   487 views.
started by iluvred.   
Metabolism: Myths and manipulation.
"Metabolism (pronounced: muh-TA-buh-lih-zum) is a collection of chemical reactions that takes place in the body's cells. Metabolism converts the fuel in the food we eat into the energy needed ...
20 replies, last reply by Tresmemphis, a week ago.   1,776 views.
started by northernmusician.   
My typical breakfast: lots of calories, & everything in here is for a good healthy reason, and THIS is why I stay slim!!!: plenty of nutrients and calories for the day!: AND I'll have NO CRAVINGS! ...
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started by billtech66, a week ago.   
Feeling frustated
Feeling very frustated this morning. I'm on day 12 of induction phase and haven't lost anything. The keto sticks show I'm in the pink stage. I've been eating fats and protein and < 20 ...
1 reply, last reply by Tresmemphis, a week ago.   219 views.
started by bonnie_ds.   
Meatloaf Recipe
What happened to it? I bought all the ingredients and it has been deleted from this site. I want to make flavoursome, low fat, low sodium meatloaf with kidney beans as the main ingredient. Does anyone ...
no replies.   152 views.
started by Lovemysalt, a week ago.   
Bowel Movements
Hey everyone I'm a mess and I've been this way for a long time. I only have bowel movements every 3 to 5 days and I usually wind up taking laxatives to do that. I don't want to keep taking ...
30 replies, last reply by littlechanges, a week ago.   7,326 views.
started by dianemillervuoso.   
What keeps you motivated?
I seem to be having a hard time staying motivated. I've been at this point in my diet before about three years ago and sabotaged myself out of it, gained all my weight back and felt like crap for the ...
3 replies, last reply by auroragrimm, a week ago.   118 views.
started by Jon.D.   
I have not been eating very sensibly. But, I have been drinking very little soda and lots of fruit infused water (water, lemon, strawberries). I enjoy the water and lose some weight that way.
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started by Judysfriend, a week ago.   
I don't get the atkins diet consume 20g more fiber than carbs or something? :S
2 replies, last reply by ebivr, a week ago.   268 views.
started by wmune.   
DIET: Importance of Breakfast
When we struggle so much at trying to Lose or Maintain weight, it seems impossible that a SIMPLE solution would actually work. What helps me the MOST is eating a huge breakfast. check this out: Eating ...
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started by billtech66, a week ago.   
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So many medications cause weight gain, I have only just realised why I couldnt lose over the last month or three and its a stupid steroidal allergy pill. Stopped taking that while I may be a little s ...
by AKRSAR on 28 Feb 15 09:29 PM
Savory Fat Bomb: Bacon Onion Butter
Bacon Onion Butter - A lower carb version of Steven Raichlen's Bacon Onion Butter. Ingredients 9 tablespoons butter. 4 strips bacon sliced into small strips. 90 grams onion (1 1/2 large slices) ...
by LambiePi on 28 Feb 15 07:58 PM
new here- the only vegan to gain weight
Good lord vegans can gain. I don't now where the stereotype of a scrawny pasty faced vegans came from but it's WRONG! I second the healthy fats and proteins for hunger control.
by nicholaix on 28 Feb 15 07:43 PM
Oh I've been keeping track on my own. ...I haven't logged food in awhile
by mpapatyi on 28 Feb 15 07:14 PM
New Atkins Dieter Using Fat Secret for Net Carbs Tracking - Suggestions Appreciated
Thank you for the words of wisdom mummydee. If need to remember to take it a meal and day at a time as I work Atkins because I have a lot of food addictions, like sugar, caffeine, etc.
by jdsullivan on 28 Feb 15 05:37 PM

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