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More evidence of metabolic adaptation. Best to lose at a slower pace.
23 replies, last reply by jamiqua, 3 weeks ago.   8,609 views.
started by iluvmypets.   
Creating My Own Recipe
I can't figure this out. I' trying to input my savory waffle recipe but I don't understand it. When I try to input for example, all purpose flour, it shows a list with a serving of either ...
3 replies, last reply by dablues, 3 weeks ago.   1,087 views.
started by dablues.   
spot the bad food
so i started dieting for like 3 weeks now i only dropped only 6 lbs; so this what ive been eating: white rice (mostly for lunch) fava beans salad (mostly for dinner) boiled eggs cucumber salad grilled ...
17 replies, last reply by RedScorpion0153, 3 weeks ago.   3,244 views.
started by amineseridji.   
Favorite new product
Love the Blue Diamond Nut-Thins. Yes, they have the evil rice flour in addition to nut flour, but they are not horribly high in carbs, and they are FODMAP safe.
no replies.   612 views.
started by Hermiones Mom, 3 weeks ago.   
Is there a way to add a new food item?
Absolutely! When you start typing in what you want to add, at the very bottom of the list (outside the list window) you'll see a link that says + Add new food. The program will guide you thru what ...
4 replies, last reply by salsmom, 3 weeks ago.   1,004 views.
started by salsmom.   
low calorie restaurant lunches?
Does anyone know what I could get to eat (besides anything to do with lettuce!) in a restaurant that is pretty low in calories and sodium?
5 replies, last reply by pandasmom, 3 weeks ago.   3,544 views.
started by catlover630.   
First Day
Not sure yet how this works but I have not been losing weight and started in Oct. No significant weight lost but have succeed in not eating sugar or carbs since. Guess that is a good sign but the weight ...
2 replies, last reply by jimmiepop, 3 weeks ago.   1,526 views.
started by karasmith2.   
"Consume whatever foods you prefer, whenever you prefer to consume them, while ensuring nutrient sufficiency and meeting caloric goals." THANK YOU Diablo360x Everyone's body responds dif ...
2 replies, last reply by pattychaney, 3 weeks ago.   1,216 views.
started by pattychaney.   
Body designed to store fat rather than burn it for some
Interesting Dr. Manny segment where his guest discusses how for some, sugars and carbs get stored more readily rather than being burned. For those people, it's not as simple as calories in/out. They ...
45 replies, last reply by Steven Lloyd, 3 weeks ago.   4,581 views.
started by mrspackrat.   
FREE TIP HERE PEOPLE. If you or anyone you know suffers with any kind of fungal infection of the nails(Hands or feet) Gut fungus like Candida, or yeast infections of ANY kind. I come baring good news. ...
3 replies, last reply by pattychaney, 3 weeks ago.   1,813 views.
started by knuckles the mgtow monk.   
Did you mean oregano, or a trip to the lovely northwest for fresh air and salmon? :) Organic raw apple cider vinegar is amazing as well. I would dilute it thought. It can also make a great mouth wash ...
3 replies, last reply by pattychaney, 3 weeks ago.   1,813 views.
started by knuckles the mgtow monk.   
chia seeds
was reading today about them...are they worth using in food and smoothies
2 replies, last reply by wannabhealthier, 3 weeks ago.   1,581 views.
started by wannabhealthier.   
Lost 7.7 lbs first week. This week nothing. Averaging a little over 1300 calories a day and a one hour workout with treadmill and weights. Losing inches but no weight
25 replies, last reply by rabbitjb, 3 weeks ago.   5,238 views.
started by JacksonMcGinley.   
Daily water beverage infusion
these gals are great to watch on 'you tube' here is a clip about daily water infused beverage. they also have a 'meatless monday' recipe on 'you ...
no replies.   1,058 views.
started by foreverhealthy2, 3 weeks ago.   
:?: :doubt: UP down, up down. This weight loss journey can be so depressing at times. It's my own fault. I need to make better decisions. Ugghhhhhhh.:x
no replies.   1,018 views.
started by shanice, 3 weeks ago.   
I literally had a huge lunch *which was delicious of course) for only 206 calories!!! I had kale, with carb/cholesterol/sodium/calori... free raspberry vinaigrette, with a chicken breast, and some cooked ...
no replies.   1,356 views.
started by OliviaPersico, 3 weeks ago.   
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Lost 21 Pounds in 21 Days
I wont lie i did lose muscle because i cut back so much. But i learned that my body needs to get down to a certain weight to cut fat. I probably had like 7 pounds of water weight, and thanks! @ endeland ...
by bauribe on 26 May 16 05:01 PM
A new way to lose weight.
JustineJones has it right, but it's not like our bodies decide "oh it's midnight have to reset our calorie counts". Your body doesn't differentiate between days. As long as you&# ...
by ieGod on 26 May 16 12:51 PM
weight loss
You're keeping your carbs low and lost 5lbs, cut your carbs down to 20g a day and you'll lose even more. A ketogenic diet is based on the concept of reducing carbs and limiting insulin response, ...
by philmck on 26 May 16 07:37 AM
New to group - Question for phase II
randyhudson wrote: [quote=rabb... you think it works for you that's fine - it's not about denouncing anything but bringing wider understanding to what we do and there being no scientific evidence ...
by rabbitjb on 24 May 16 01:40 PM
by newshashirzad on 23 May 16 06:06 PM

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