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I just added my new weigh in the weight in and a little pop up box shows up and says I'm loosing weight of a rapid weight of 7.0 pounds a week! WHAT?? I wish it were that easy. I haven't lost a ...
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started by LMS1230.   
I am starting fresh after this long weekend so I need some advice. I sit at my desk for 8 hours on the phone. I do I not munch during the day. I have tried cucumber and carrot sticks but doesnt cut ...
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started by Heather 911.   
Bowel Movements
Hey everyone I'm a mess and I've been this way for a long time. I only have bowel movements every 3 to 5 days and I usually wind up taking laxatives to do that. I don't want to keep taking ...
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started by dianemillervuoso.   
Posting my formula for pain relief here also
My pain formula works for me MUCH better than prescription drugs like oxycodone! It's amazing and NO side effects. I take 12grams of Turmeric, 15g of ginger juice, 10g lemon juice in warm water EVERY ...
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started by billtech66.   
Keep Calm & Carry On
So its work function today. On the menu:paintball and Spitbraai. I need to stay strong and no Carb snaking today only spitbraai and green salad and water. I can do this only 3.6kgs to go before Ultimate ...
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started by Saige18, a week ago.   
How many Carbs a day is a good number.
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started by carolvinson nunlist.   
I'm going to try this Atkins thing:)
Here we go!! Giving Atkins a try. I must say it is a change to not have to focus on calorie counting and fat content. I've spent the last year or so on a 1200 calorie/day diet and working out 6 days ...
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started by Ribbit12.   
advice needed
I'm looking for advice on how to keep this losing weight going. Any ideas would be greatly received. How do others do it?
16 replies, last reply by mummydee, a week ago.   1,426 views.
started by Andy2510.   
kitchen question, totally off topic
What do you put in that hard to reach cabinet above your stove? I'm rearranging my kitchen cabinets. Have all this stuff waiting to be put somewhere. Trying to figure out what should go where. In a ...
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started by wholefoodnut.   
Carbs counting
If I count carbs, do I look at the carbs or net carbs? What is the difference?
1 reply, last reply by YvonneD123, a week ago.   319 views.
started by Wilmacerff.   
Vegetable pasta
I am wondering if anyone knows or has some insight into vegetable pasta. I thought it was a better option than regular pasta, but the first ingredient is the same. Other than nutrition facts though I ...
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started by trgirl308.   
How do you measure your body fat percentage?
Does anyone know how you can measure your body fat percentage? I've just started dieting properly this year, started off on Cambridge diet and now eating healthy and have cut out grains. Im seeing ...
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started by laura010391.   
ow can I lose belly fat before I get over weight I need the help now?
:( I need help and answers if possible:(
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started by ashleybrynildsen.   
Why do you still not have SureSlim on your list of Diets? Or even Dr Cohen?
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started by rianathe, 2 weeks ago.   
40-50g Carb challenge
Weekends make me fat .:doubt: Since today is 1Sep2014 Happy spring day to all. I have a spring dance on the 19Sep2014 , so from yesterday I'm trying to eat less carbs about 40-50g per day, I want ...
6 replies, last reply by mummydee, 2 weeks ago.   404 views.
started by Saige18.   
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Started Atkins Diet - Weight Loss is Slow -
Hello Coffee-mate - First question - how much are you trying to lose? 6lbs might not be too bad! Second question - have you read the Atkins books- specifically "A New Atkins for a New You? If not, ...
by Donnmur on 16 Sep 14 01:54 PM
Fed Up (2014) Documentary
As for being personal, these are your words: "you just don’t want to take any accountability for your own action none zero… You are just going to believe anyone that offers you this; you’re not ...
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Really Doing This!
Ice cream is my weakness as well!! When I am on my diet, I do well, it's just when those massive cravings hit, the ones where you can just smell it all day, he encourages me to follow that desire!!! ...
by Brittney0808 on 16 Sep 14 12:58 PM
snack attack
When I feel like that I'm usually bored out of my mind or stressed!!!
by Joanet webb on 16 Sep 14 12:55 PM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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