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change to think out loud
Think out loud is a website about daily challenges and the answer to questions about life, love, relationships, work and career, weight loss, self awareness, people, health, goals, motivation, Overcoming ...
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started by eileenguyen, a week ago.   
Mini Peaches
Found them in the supermarket recently. They're really great for a snack, just like apricots but a little mushy at times.
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started by Allgreen, a week ago.   
It's a Thin Line between F-i-T and F-a-T!
Hey, y'all! I mentioned earlier that the theme song to "Green Acres" has been stuck in my head for TWO days now! (Remember that show?) I was researching some food and natural skincare and, ...
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started by LuC2.   
no loss at waist
need to know why losing everywhere but no reduction ion waistline HELP PLEASE??
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started by sandykessler.   
no loss at waist
Hi Sandy - I'm also having difficulty getting rid of my belly-fat. Have lost 20 lbs since July everywhere except my waistline. I exercise, but probably not enough and will increase that to see if ...
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started by sandykessler.   
no loss at waist
That is true zeddiie. No control over where it comes off. Your primary storage is your waist, butt, etc. and will come off, typically, last in my experience. Can't spot reduce. Typically goes from ...
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started by sandykessler.   
Exercise thingy
Why is the exercise thing is green when you log in and it will say, like today 2098 kcal, what the heck does that mean? Then it says net -586... again, what does that mean? I want to loose 25 lbs. but ...
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started by christinecarmel.   
Where is everyone from?
My eating-well-on-a-budget challenge and some of the responses to it have made me wonder about the demographics of the site. Want to share? Where are you from? Do you live in an urban, suburban, small ...
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started by Hoser.   
Buddies Needed for Low Carb Weight Loss
I'm at 192 and want to lose 12 lbs within the next month or two by eating low carb and keeping my blood glucose levels low. I'm 68 and am hoping for some low carb buddies. Wanna play?
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started by MsEvansInCA.   
sunday eve
Day 7/21 - 1st clean weekend down 2still to go. Today i went over my daily intake but i did 90km on my bike and burned 2600 calories . Very proud hubby bought a cake and this girl said no thank u. So i ...
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started by Saige18, a week ago.   
Yep that's what I need ;-)
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started by gazu64, a week ago.   
RE online concern that Vit A is bad in large doses:
I'm 71 years old today. when I was 18 years old I had a skin condition doctors could not cure or identify the cause: it was boils on my back so bad it looked like I'd been shot with birdshot, and ...
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started by billtech66.   
Dnt use fs over wkns.but this weekend i-am to really stay motivated as i'm sooooo close to my ultimate weightloss goal. Logging everything. 1day over from the weekend 1day to go. Still no real bad ...
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started by Saige18, a week ago.   
Sugar vs Fat
Anyone seen the Sugar verses Fat documentary? [url= Horizon - Sugar vs Fat[/url]
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started by ebivr.   
So far still good. Ate alot last night was alone at home with baby. Was watching a movie.had some almonds,provitas with a little nutella for something sweet. Skipping the kiddies party today need to stay ...
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started by Saige18, a week ago.   
Can't sync my information to my tablet or pc
I record almost everything on my phone, but there are some abilities only offers on my laptop. Sadly, I cannot sync my android to the laptop even though it tells me I am able to.
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started by clevebrowns, a week ago.   
DR OZ...DR or snake oil salesperson?
SNAKE OIL all the way !!!:lol: Read what the comments on his twitter account is... they're hilarious and oh so true. [img]
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started by mummydee, a week ago.   
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diet "supplements"
I heard soy gives men breasts. (None for me thanks.)
by northernmusician on 27 Nov 14 10:34 PM
Where to buy almond flour?
Ground almonds is a good substitute & what I use when I can't get hold of almond flour.
by ebivr on 27 Nov 14 06:24 PM
http://www.fatsickandnearlydea... Juicing is amazing...... only one pitfall... you don't get the fibre that you would by chewing and consuming the whole fruit/veggies. Try doing 1/2 and 1/2 ...
by mummydee on 27 Nov 14 05:53 PM
If YOU have been following a diet for at least 3 months & your fatsecret data *prove* you are having positive results we want to hear from YOU! :d No need to explain your background (that info's ...
by myawethinTICself on 27 Nov 14 04:25 PM
5 steps to guilt free thanksfiving
happy thanksgiving everybody!! i just wrote an article for buzzfeed community here is the link: also i posted a video on youtube to tell you exactly what i did for ...
by eileenguyen on 27 Nov 14 02:38 PM

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Measure and track. Measure and track. Yeah, I know you aren't supposed to have to do that with Atkins, but if you don't you will never get anywhere. And if you're like me, your overall app ...
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