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Protein bars
The program states that you can eat fat-free, sugar-free protein bars as snack on Attack phase but I can't find any. The closest is Quest and that contain Almond fat, not allowed. Any ideas?
7 replies, last reply by knovosel, 2 weeks ago.   15,814 views.
started by cindy929.   
Any ideas for stubborn weight loss
I have the hardest time loosing weight. I was always very skinny when I was younger, like a size 1, and now that I am 48 the weight does not want to come off! I do very strenuous work outs, and have ...
3 replies, last reply by knovosel, 2 weeks ago.   374 views.
started by knovosel.   
Garcinia Cambogia
I've struggled so much trying to transition into a high-protein/low-carb lifestyle. I've heard about garcinia cambogia and am in the process of researching this supplement as we speak. The most ...
33 replies, last reply by Diablo360x, 2 weeks ago.   8,255 views.
started by ahardesty79.   
Struggling need some advice
I started working out and eating between 1000-1500 calories a day on the 15th, since then I've gained 5 pounds :evil: Does anyone have any advice as to why I gained instead of lost, am I doing s ...
5 replies, last reply by chicagobbbs, 2 weeks ago.   863 views.
started by MND.   
Holiday suitcase
Holiday in Scotland in May and 10 kg to lose before I go. Usually my suitcase weights 12 kg when I go on holiday. The 10 kg that I have to lose is like carrying my suitcase with me every day even though ...
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started by Riffraff22, 2 weeks ago.   
Pick Up a Weight
So. I’m posting this morning after breakfast, and my wife asks me what I’m going. I explain I went “yellow” today after dropping 20 lbs since Christmas.. and she walks downstairs and comes back up with ...
1 reply, last reply by jan-e333, 3 weeks ago.   444 views.
started by Roblaw2b.   
Ketogenic Diet and Bullet Proof Coffee
Hi there - Anyone have any experience with a ketogenic diet and bullet proof coffee?
19 replies, last reply by Roblaw2b, 3 weeks ago.   7,542 views.
started by joannecowan1993.   
Ketogenic Diet and Bullet Proof Coffee
both are pointless fads/gimmicks that people peddle to others to try to convince them of effortless/easier weightloss.....
19 replies, last reply by Roblaw2b, 3 weeks ago.   7,542 views.
started by joannecowan1993.   
I suffer from DTD...ha! Drive Thru Disorder. I am so busy running the roads, it is so easy to pop through Timmies, Or McD's. I try to now carry good snacks with me. I carry baby food in the pouches. ...
1 reply, last reply by Roblaw2b, 3 weeks ago.   276 views.
started by JAN THORNINGTON.   
met weight goal
multiply your starting weight by 11. gives you approx calorie burn daily without exercise. Remember 3500 calories equal approx one pound. Run a deficit daily of the amount you would like to lose. For ...
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started by chunky1952, 3 weeks ago.   
Love handles
Anyone know how to get rid of love handles?:roll:
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started by Snails50, 3 weeks ago.   
Do low calories really slow metabolism?
As I move along on LCHF I find that my calories are dropping lower and lower as I'm satisfied with less and less food... I'm now starting to worry that I may be permanently damaging my metabolism. ...
5 replies, last reply by Roblaw2b, 3 weeks ago.   1,819 views.
started by Britt1975.   
I’m a big (typical) idiot
Well. Two years ago dropped some 40+ lbs. using FatSecret. Then what? Got cocky, figured I knew my lifestyle pattern for health.. and Jan. 1 was w/I 2 lbs of my original weight. Now, I’ve been weight ...
5 replies, last reply by Roblaw2b, 3 weeks ago.   932 views.
started by Roblaw2b.   
Newbie on fire!!!
A bit bummed! On 1/8/18 joined a "Biggest Loser" challenge at work. I warned them I was going to kick butt and take names. Put my money in the kitty. And since then have lost down from 213.6 ...
2 replies, last reply by Roblaw2b, 3 weeks ago.   546 views.
started by Amazonmomof5.   
What is the difference between Keto and Atkins?
I have been on Atkins and loved it. A bit expensive on the fresh vegetables. Forgive me if this answer is already on here. Point me if it is. Thanks
no replies.   147 views.
started by Sharpie, 3 weeks ago.   
First weigh in
Well I'm 9 days into Keto WOE and dropped 6.4kgs (14.2lbs) - very happy with the start and well on the way to my first goal of 50kgs (110lbs).
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started by kyto2018, 3 weeks ago.   
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seeking buddy who wants to lose 100 + pounds
Hello, seeking anyone who wants to group in the 100 pound club. I started February 1, with a 100 lb goal. I work best when challenged and stay on track when I can network trouble spots. anyone? I have ...
by Shelly LB on 24 Feb 18 04:31 PM
I have a question, my husband is eating within his micro's as am I, he lost 3 lbs then gained 2lb back while I have lost 4lb and not gained any back. What am I doing wrong with his meal plan for him? ...
by MAGIE2018 on 24 Feb 18 11:49 AM
3 jobs WOW!! Remember sleep helps one lose weight also as well as makes for a healthier person.
by wholefoodnut on 24 Feb 18 09:47 AM
Carbs, fas and genes
Thank you, obviously a tuna salad is going to be better for you than say a donut - I guess just eat healthy and everything in moderation. I think we are all looking at something to blame - sugar - carbs ...
by mhairinic on 24 Feb 18 04:38 AM
Can't exercise very much
I dropped a large, full bottle of shampoo on the top of my right foot. The doctor had x-rays, so we know it isn't broken, but it is swollen, sore, and very uncomfortable. He asked me to do RICE - ...
by alicepayne1 on 23 Feb 18 04:03 PM

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