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weigh in
First big weigh in tomorrow,have had a few cheeky sneaks already though and yes....... I've lost.doing the 5:2. :o
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started by Bickerdike.   
Beyond Diets
I just started a diet program for the company i work for this past monday, the program is called beyond diets, it is a 10 week course but my calorie intake in this program is only 1800 cals per day so ...
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started by irishjt, 5 days ago.   
28 day water Fasting therapy _ Powerful healing therapy
Is anyone on this? There are 9 of us that have embarked on this challenge but no one is posting anything, just curious if I should be looking at the forum instead of the challenge itself?
2 replies, last reply by nadabenchekroun, 5 days ago.   509 views.
started by Cyndiiso.   
The RDI shows fat, carbs and protein do I eat more fat and less carbs to make this to work?
2 replies, last reply by howzat4u, 5 days ago.   470 views.
started by Josephine Herring.   
just getting started
I started on Jan 14th to diet and also started on a prescription from my Dr. called belviq. It controls your hunger so you can diet and exercise and control your hunger. Started out at 265.7 now 5 days ...
4 replies, last reply by shelle1234, 5 days ago.   724 views.
started by shelle1234.   
just getting started
welcome and nice weight loss :)
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started by shelle1234.   
Health books and diet Pioneers recommend drinking a glass of water before eating a meal, or going to social events. Why? Doing so will prevent you from over eating. Water tends to make you feel full. ...
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started by Ann444.   
Help! Trying to maintain Ketosis
I'm currently trying to get my body into ketosis and noticed my levels are going down instead of increasing. I've been following my diet and exercising so Im not sure why this is occuring. I ...
3 replies, last reply by Bubbs04, 5 days ago.   562 views.
started by ETAMPA.   
Earth, Sky and I
[img]http://greenbusinessmatte... Still have a cold so I am taking advantage of not really being able to taste or smell. I took a 50.7 ounce Smart Water (vapor distilled water with electrolytes) and ...
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started by BelindaBlu, 5 days ago.   
how to maintain a fixed weight
I am new here and trying to get some knowledge about maintaining weight in a same level. hope will get some assistance.
4 replies, last reply by jwill77nc2, 6 days ago.   552 views.
started by angelinabrown.   
Joining a gym with a friend has been fun, but I haven't seen any weight loss yet;( I feel thinner and can tell my core is tighting. They say muscle weights more then fat, so I will stick to that ...
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started by A Beautiful Dreamer.   
week 2
I got this
2 replies, last reply by etkfxrwife, 6 days ago.   382 views.
started by Jody U.   
great to be here
Thanks I'm happy and excited to start on this road. Once I committed I got motivated...we shall see
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, 6 days ago.   242 views.
started by shelle1234.   
First weigh in
I have lost 4 and 1/4lbs! The scales we use have the 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 entries but hey every little extra counts. :p
3 replies, last reply by ksasnic, a week ago.   290 views.
started by ksasnic.   
Hello fellow Dieters! I came across this powder Fiber that seems to have a lot of benefits! I think that perhaps, it may help us dieter's in many and in multiple ways. I myself will use it for IBS, ...
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started by Ann777, a week ago.   
hormones out of whack
Hi there, So I successfully lost 35lbs on my own before I plateaued and got stuck. Now, I'm working out 3-4 times a week and still not losing. I am pretty sure my hormones are off, but not showing ...
4 replies, last reply by summer576, a week ago.   415 views.
started by JC1.   
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Starting today. Can't believe I did this to myself. Cholesterol is high, Blood Sugar is high, and look like I ATE the 30 year-old version of myself. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. ...
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Hello i need an advice ..
Thank you kiwana , i support you too
by Anna soler on 26 Jan 15 03:42 PM
Carb counting
to set your settings in the food journal for net carbs you click on MYFATSECRET on the top pale blue bar, over to the right will be MY TOOLBOX, under that is MY SETTINGS... in that page at the bottom ...
by mummydee on 26 Jan 15 03:32 PM
Atkins 40
ebivr - yes, I love getting half a grapefruit in the AM!
by BuffyBear on 26 Jan 15 12:09 PM
daz909 wrote: Started the Banting way of life on Monday (LCHF) and it is going very well.Will only weigh myself on the 26/01/15.I feel good and full of energy and I am not getting out of breath by the ...
by daz909 on 26 Jan 15 10:52 AM

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Measure and track. Measure and track. Yeah, I know you aren't supposed to have to do that with Atkins, but if you don't you will never get anywhere. And if you're like me, your overall app ...
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