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Weight Loss
I have lost weight since I have started Shapeworks Meal Plan, I have gained tons of energy. I am willing to help anyone do the same.
1 reply, last reply by nures care, 2 weeks ago.   1,378 views.
started by Necho.   
My RDI is 3100 calories per day - that seems high
I don't know - I need to lose 100 pounds so I am obviously no expert. I always thought losing weight required around 1800 calories per day. Can I really make good progress with 3100 calories?
5 replies, last reply by GamingMike, 2 weeks ago.   414 views.
started by GamingMike.   
Linking FatSecret between iPhone and iPad
Does anyone know if it is possible to link them so when I log something in on :?: my phone it carries over to iPad.
2 replies, last reply by 26 mile diary, 2 weeks ago.   274 views.
started by Phiferj1.   
Hormone therapy
I wonder if anyone has any tips for me. I have been following a reasonbly healthy diet for years now - cutting carb, avoiding all processed foods. Lost a few kilo's at the beginning and has been on ...
4 replies, last reply by mcfadden.melissa.l, 2 weeks ago.   832 views.
started by patrysmostert.   
atkins bars
the net carbs on the Atkins bar is way off!
4 replies, last reply by Diablo360x, 2 weeks ago.   595 views.
started by kraftylady.   
atkins bars
I am living proof. I was losing at a slow but steady pace until I starting eating about 2 of those bars every day for about 3-4 weeks. One day I decided to weigh and I was up almost 10 lbs! I am slowly ...
4 replies, last reply by Diablo360x, 2 weeks ago.   595 views.
started by kraftylady.   
Hot air fryer
Lot of people in my WW meetings have them and swear by them. I haven't bought one yet because I have no room to store it and don't have counter room also really don't like a lot of clutter ...
no replies.   167 views.
started by Phiferj1, 3 weeks ago.   
Egg Fast
I'm on my second egg fast. The first I followed "I Breathe I'm Hungry"s egg fast plan and recipes. This time around I'm just doing deviled eggs for breakfast, egg salad for lunch, ...
10 replies, last reply by qtdarkie, 3 weeks ago.   1,475 views.
started by leavetheguntakethecannoli.   
How do you get a post posted on the FS Featured Page? How about in Recipes?
Can't figure this out. Help Please.
1 reply, last reply by Yourpissingmeoff, 3 weeks ago.   249 views.
started by Trucker Larry.   
Knowing your Macros. KETO Calculator
Go here and input info about yourself and it will give you the suggested Macros.
no replies.   204 views.
started by Trucker Larry, 3 weeks ago.   
Trying to lose another 5kg
As I have been on goal weight for some time I thought that I will try see if I can lose another ± 5kg just for the fun of it, just to make my FS journey a little interesting, can always change ba ...
no replies.   116 views.
started by gyming, 3 weeks ago.   
Help recording carbs please!
sometimes I just want to add the carbs I have eaten and the food is not on the the anyway to record just the number without having to put in a full recipe?
2 replies, last reply by bobmorley1, 3 weeks ago.   237 views.
started by kraftylady.   
Hot Air Fryers
Has anyone tried one of the hot air fryers? If so, what do you think of it? What I read said they use "little to no oil" - how much is "little"? Also, can you "fry" chicken ...
3 replies, last reply by kathleendubchak, 3 weeks ago.   771 views.
started by BigBelle.   
Keto diet1
I think I missed or not sure where to find it on this sight. Can someone please share info/ what is a Keto diet?
2 replies, last reply by butterflygirl42, 3 weeks ago.   177 views.
started by butterflygirl42.   
Journeys and friends
:) Hello all! I am new here! I love this sight. I finally found a place and people that I can relate to that is encouraging that helps me to build self esteem. I don't diet! I just eat healthy and ...
no replies.   216 views.
started by butterflygirl42, 4 weeks ago.   
I"m new here - am collecting SALAD & LOW CARB recipes – if anyone wants to share. TQ
Hi I’m Dennis, new here. I see lots of recipes here...this site is great! SEND ME YOUR SALAD & LOW CARB FOOD RECIPES – I’m collecting them for myself and for anyone who is keen to prepare their own ...
no replies.   229 views.
started by dvader_my, 4 weeks ago.   
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Anyone know any low-carb or no-carb snacks?
The above is a good list of suggestions! I personally love jerky. It's low in fat, high protein and takes effort to eat, so it slows you down! If you're looking for a snack, it's a nice one ...
by Kishlette on 24 Jun 17 02:36 AM
I have familial high cholesterol. I was only 16 when diagnosed (after a family member was) and had a BMI of 19 at the time. I tried modifying my diet and doing more exercise but no approach could get it ...
by Kishlette on 24 Jun 17 02:29 AM
Need Help!
Have you been restricting a fair bit before this started? Very low calorie days or creating a very large deficit? If I drop too low for a couple of days, I'll get that way too. It's why I keep ...
by Kishlette on 24 Jun 17 02:08 AM
Question about FatSecret
Go to you FatSecret Profile, then click on the icon of a plate, fork and spoon at the top. It will bring up what you've recorded you've eaten for the day. Scroll to the bottom of the page and it ...
by crstlgls on 23 Jun 17 04:42 PM
Thank you so much, everyone, for your insight. <3
by kemill on 23 Jun 17 09:14 AM

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