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Pizza substitute
The hubby and I had a great substitute for a pizza today and it killed my cheese craving! We made garlic and herb flatbread pizzas with spinach, cherry tomatoes and kalamata olives with olive oil dri ...
4 replies, last reply by Kenna Morton, 2 weeks ago.   1,638 views.
started by knovosel.   
This weekend, we took advantage of change of seasons to clean out the closet. It was time to put away the wool and flannel and bring out the lighter anyway. I took 5 full trash bags to Goodwill of clothes ...
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started by Kahaz.   
Fat Facts
I can't believe that I only hit 83% of my RDI yesterday even after having that wonderful steak dinner! I've been really trying to watch my daily intake and how it relates to Fat, Carbs, Protein ...
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started by Jaym64, 2 weeks ago.   
I begin tomorrow,the ultrafamous TOMORROW
:?: yes I admit it. I am in total awe. Will I be able to lose this weight?65 pounds when I can't even lose half.? All I do is gain weight. I hate the scale. Is never on my side even when I believe ...
3 replies, last reply by Super Snowe, 2 weeks ago.   205 views.
started by Damaris Berdut.   
I begin tomorrow,the ultrafamous TOMORROW
:?: yes I admit it. I am in total awe. Will I be able to lose this weight?65 pounds when I can't even lose half.? All I do is gain weight. I hate the scale. Is never on my side even when I believe ...
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started by Damaris Berdut, 2 weeks ago.   
1 reply, last reply by abbadabba, 2 weeks ago.   155 views.
started by lizzammit.   
UK Brands
Can anyone help me to select UK food brands please. I did this when I first set up but it has now reverted to US food brands.:? Thanks
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started by Frenchie21, 3 weeks ago.   
Walking with Grandkids
So after yesterdays fiasco of blowing what little progress I had made, me and the wife took the grandkids for a 2 hr. leisurely walk today. We all had a great time. Spent the afternoon walking through ...
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started by Jaym64, 3 weeks ago.   
Trying not to be addicted to scale watching
Have been on almost every kind of diet and ran a foul of the same bad habit... getting on the scale all hours of the day and night. Its starting again and I need to nip it in the bud...So... i make a ...
1 reply, last reply by JLente, 3 weeks ago.   243 views.
started by WriterandPainter.   
Great Until Beer Entered The Picture...
My day was great until I decided to have a few beer last night during our weekly card/games night... My RDI was at 86% for the day then after the beers it was 148% - ouch! Guess that's what 5 tall ...
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started by Jaym64, 3 weeks ago.   
Day 1
After day 1, I now realize that my weakness for Captain Morgan's Spiced rum is a killer - well maybe not so much the rum... lol, but the 3/4 of a large bottle of Pepsi that is the killer :( I would ...
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started by Treese S, 3 weeks ago.   
Scales at home
This morning I got the dusty scales out from under my bed and I put it on zero, cleaned it off and on the tile floor in my bathroom and weighed myself. And it says 230 lbs. Well there's no way I& ...
3 replies, last reply by Roschelle McGowan, 3 weeks ago.   531 views.
started by Roschelle McGowan.   
Good Start
I can't believe it! I lost 2.2 lbs. since yesterday at the same time... I re-weighed myself 5 times to confirm my scales are not malfunctioning. Must be the fact that I walked my as* off yesterday ...
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started by Jaym64, 3 weeks ago.   
Diet Sodas
I just read an interesting article about diet sodas. I gave up drinking them years ago. Here's the link:
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started by jamestyre, 3 weeks ago.   
I have finished the induction period of the Atkin's diet, and I am now in the last part of the third week. I have lost a total of 18 pounds, where I started at 218. I am 6'2". I had a recent ...
1 reply, last reply by Ingria, 3 weeks ago.   234 views.
started by Larry Simpson.   
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I don't understand
Hummmm I record everything I eat during the week as it is easy but the weekends are very difficult so you could have a very valid point. the only exercise I do is walking so maybe I should do something ...
by jaynBudd on 20 May 18 11:39 PM
Ricotta cheese desserts
I'm doing phase 1...induction on Atkins. Just read online that I can't have my favorite ricotta cheese and Splenda dessert. Anyone have any input?
by Christine Han on 20 May 18 07:45 PM
Type 2 Diabetes
golfpsycho wrote: I have been trying to eat Keto for a couple months, but it ends up just being LCHF, and I have sabotaged myself by having a weekly cheat day when I meet friends for lunch. Even so, I ...
by Miraculum on 18 May 18 08:16 PM
Yeah For Me
hooray for you! My husband went from 300 to 180 in 6 months in 2016. He's keeping it off, despite me eating ice cream in front of him. He eats alot of vegetables boiled eggs and turkey. I love spicy ...
by Less is More 18 on 18 May 18 02:12 PM
Avocado in Induction?
Thank you.
by marywash on 18 May 18 12:13 AM

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