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Hi all. Just a quick thank you to all my wonderful fat secret friends who have taken the time to support my weigh in. :p
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started by MaggieMoo2, a week ago.   
Does exercise really matter, as long as I eat well?
This is an article I found in a magazine that I subscribe to, by Dr. Neal D. Barnard, MD. The magazine is Vegetarian Times September 2013, or you can go here to read the article: ...
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started by TJSloan.   
Gator's Back!!
I think he has Multiple Personality Disorder
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started by jimmiepop.   
Gator's Back!!
Appears to be gone...
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started by jimmiepop.   
Personal (not-for-profit) Blog Research
Was hoping it would be alright to ask users to fill in a survey I made today after skimming through this site and the brain started ticking... If this is not allowed I apologise and will take down asap. ...
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started by QuixoticNeurotic.   
Dieting after 50 - UGH!
I used to be able to drop 20 lbs. in a month if I really got after it. These days is seems impossible. Do any of you have an opinion on diets that work best or things that speed your metabolism and pr ...
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started by Daheavyksgirl.   
KETO/ LCHF & Traveling?
For LCHF/Ketogenic WOE community members: Are there particular favorite snacks or quick foods that you can take with you for car or plane trips? Especially ones that you can get through TSA airport se ...
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started by Firebelly.   
Core, Beginner, Bodyweight, Cardio Exercise site for people just starting out
[url=http://http://www.sparkpe... Exercise site [/url]
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started by pattychaney, a week ago.   
Hi. How are you today.I eating "Eat To Live" and loving the food. I just wish the scale would show some kind of loss . It's like my body refuses to give up the weight. I will keep going for ...
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started by thinner120, a week ago.   
grams of sugar
Good morning! I've been reading a lot of your posts and I love how supportive everyone is!!! I'm doing LCHF, I'm a week and half in. Hubby has had great success - 85 lbs! :d My first week ...
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started by clcorrao.   
Interesting article and calculator
Found this article. In the article there is a link to a calculator. I used the longer link. We sometimes think the calculator here on calories allowed is a little off. Hope it helps. :d http://www.t ...
2 replies, last reply by Vlkea01, a week ago.   237 views.
started by Vlkea01.   
Atkins 40 carbs or less
If I eat one more piece of roast beef, steak, bacon, prime rib, or pork, I'm gonna be sick. :oops: What else can we eat? The Atkins chocolate bars are wonderful but they stop my weight loss. (Seems ...
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started by ElizzaJane.   
After struggling for two months to lose even one pound, I cut out the carbs and reduced calorie intake by 200. Down 10 lbs as of today!
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started by MonicaIvy.   
New Here!
Hi Future Buddies (I hope!) I'm just 3 days into fatsecret, switching over from mfp (which doesn't work properly on my Lumia Phone) after a 4 week maintanence period and would love some company! ...
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started by QuixoticNeurotic.   
Aussie Struggle
Hi all you self-motivated Americans. Had to find a different weight tracking site, this one was always a day behind, and food was too difficult to match. Good luck though with your journeys.:|
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started by Carybouk.   
Hard time
Having a hard time (in my journal today) I need some nice easy meals that are allowed in my piecchart. I am allowed 2300 cal and I started because I wanted to get control of my blood sugar. Now I'm ...
1 reply, last reply by rabbitjb, a week ago.   273 views.
started by cathytobias.   
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Today is a big "gourmet bash" for a relative 60 mi. away. I ate my usual Scarsdale breakfast so I wouldn't have an empty stomach there. It starts at 2 p.m., and they're bringing in a ...
by sheilagarcia on 30 Apr 16 11:48 AM
The first thing wrong with that link, the video, is the video itself - you would think that if they are trying to sell you something, which they are, they could add a bit more gloss to it- a little pr ...
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Fiber, Fibah!
[img] Everyone can and will ultimately do what they want to do. I just feel your own personal decisions and choices should be based on a broader platform of true information ...
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South Beach diet.
Hello everyone. I am new to this site but not new to fitness. Just been on a bit of a hiatus (busy with ill husband). I am back to taking better care of myself: South Beach Diet and fitness everyday. ...
by iamfran on 29 Apr 16 11:45 PM
Let this not be your future...Someone please call 911
Knuckles - who the hell fat shamed you? - to your face! :). Were you chained down or something, behind bars, was it a high speed drive by shaming? Who is walking up to you and saying anything but &quo ...
by Itsmefromnewyork on 29 Apr 16 08:27 PM

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