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I have been missing for a while and have not been doing what i'm suppose to but now is the time. I have to reach my weight goal my next June. Today is a new day and a new time in my life I'm ready ...
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started by Shiann.   
Understanding Fatsecret
Hi peeps can anyone explain the totals to me? for example the other day I had 2142 calories, I understand that, it's the other details I don't understand. Do they mean grams, for example did I ...
1 reply, last reply by Glaun, 6 days ago.   416 views.
started by Rufus Ruffcut.   
protein powder
what is a good brand of protein powder for women to take? I've heard fitmiss is a good one..thoughts?
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started by keona84, a week ago.   
tea make you hungry
I drank 32 ounces of unsweetened tea, and now my stomach is eating itself... does anyone else get REALLY hungry when drinking tea? I feel like I could eat a horse, and I just finished my lunch.
13 replies, last reply by howzat4u, a week ago.   12,741 views.
started by awilker.   
Cornerstone Wellness Program
Has anyone ever tried the Cornerstone Wellness Program? I'm thinking of going to a bariatric doctor who does both surgical and nonsurgical weight loss solutions. The nonsurgical side utilizes this ...
6 replies, last reply by cal27car06, a week ago.   6,919 views.
started by kschaeffer.   
Upset my daughter trying to talk to her about her recent weight gain.
My daughter, now that she is an adult and working & has the freedom to buy whatever she wants. Has over the last couple of years gained a HUGE amount of weight. In that time I've been trying to ...
5 replies, last reply by Gillian622, a week ago.   860 views.
started by ebivr.   
How long does it take to see results?
I radically changed my diet on February 18th. I increased my fiber intake from less than 10 grams to an average of 21 grams a day and I have eliminated all added sugar. I still get a lot of sugar, since ...
16 replies, last reply by srh_67, a week ago.   2,344 views.
started by Emereld2.   
I need some tips for Herbalife Program
You might also want to add the herbal tea to your diet, it helps to keep you full, burns fat, gives you hours of energy plus it's an antioxidant- a win win! I have my tea 3 times a day either between ...
13 replies, last reply by mummydee, a week ago.   68,901 views.
started by Kylie78.   
Missing a few day's
Well what can I say I missed a few day's of entries, I told myself that this was a dedicated plan that I was/am going to stick with. I know that a few days isn't much but it's the principle ...
2 replies, last reply by Michael-Anderson, a week ago.   612 views.
started by Michael-Anderson.   
Proof HSK is the most accurate custom algorithm in the world for weight loss-
You make it sound like the estimates other sites give are completely useless. They're estimates, and it's easy to adjust for your target depending which way the scale is moving. Also your site ...
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started by HealthSidekick, a week ago.   
Proof HSK is the most accurate custom algorithm in the world for weight loss-
They are not completely useless they are just old school static equations. The HSK algorithm has been 5 years in development and the font end design is in the process of being redesigned. Our back end ...
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started by HealthSidekick, a week ago.   
Trip to Disneyland
Well, i have good news and bad news from my trip to Disneyland. I had mexican food (no discernable issues with that) and I had a vanilla soft serve ice cream cone. Not entirely sure but I'm fairly ...
1 reply, last reply by Dissent876, a week ago.   539 views.
started by blossomlyonz.   
Atkins products in system have incorrect info?
The Atkins bars are not calculating correctly on the system for net carbs. Its throwing off my tracking. How can I correct this and put in the correct net carbs???
1 reply, last reply by hanaleigirl, a week ago.   165 views.
started by lisag750.   
I Just Began Healthy Diabetic Diet - But Dizzy
I have just began a healthy diabetic diet. I am 5'8" and weigh 205 + I'm female. I began on Sunday trying for 1800 calories a day with a carb intake of 200g. On Sunday I ate about 50g over ...
7 replies, last reply by gmaof14, a week ago.   662 views.
started by right12.   
back to my diet
hi guys I started yesterday trying my best to be on track again with my diet. I need to loose 6kg to be on normal BMI. Yesterday I did zumba with my daughter 30 Min Fat Burning Cardio Workout - Bipasha ...
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started by Adriano Veneracion, a week ago.   
Intermittent Fasting & Coffee?
When intermittent fasting is it ok to have coffee with coconut oil during the fasting phase? I thought I had read that somewhere but now can't find it. thanks
5 replies, last reply by Martha64, a week ago.   1,091 views.
started by Rckc.   
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Hi Everyone, Im back after being gone for so long. Wanted to tell you about a delicious grilled balsamic chicken I made that is not only healthy but low in calories...give it a try: www.2sistersrecip ...
by Elizabeth V on 25 Apr 15 10:34 AM
A Diff. Kind of "Scale"
I would take them maybe once a month or every 2 weeks, because not seeing the progress right away might be disappointing, even if there is progress
by soraya_deb on 25 Apr 15 09:39 AM
Thanks KasondraP, your reply is exactly what I wanted to hear from this post ! Good luck to you
by mummydee on 25 Apr 15 07:01 AM
how come FatSecret numbers dont add up?
That would be a question for the operators of the site, not us mere mortals. Hey! People how run the site. What's your body fat level? :)
by northernmusician on 24 Apr 15 07:59 PM
Because the packaging industry of processed foods wants you to buy more of their junk so they subtract the sugar alcohols as well as the fibre from the carb count. Sugar alcohols can and usually do ...
by mummydee on 24 Apr 15 06:22 PM

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