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If I exercised for 60 minutes and burned 450 calories, is it ok to go over my net carbs for that same day by just a few points. Right now I am at 23.?? net carbs and should not go over 25. But with ...
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This is my first day and I go the senior citizen center to the exercise classes they have. I do a chair dancing exercise and tia chi but could not find it under exercise so I put in something that is ...
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Daily Calories
Can someone help me please? When I joined and entered my weight, height and daily activity level, this site told me I should eat about 1900 calories a day. That seems like so much to me to try and lose ...
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still not on par
I'm looking at the weight loss results of most here and am extremely impressed with you all! I am recording everything - but still struggling in keeping carbs between 50-150/day. Not quite certain ...
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Daily Sodium Intake
Folks were talking about sodium up here recently. Yesterday I ate about 200 calories lower than my RDI and still gained 2.5 pounds overnight. I'm used to daily weight fluctuations, but I was wondering ...
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Progress unique problem
I feel thinner and more mobile but my problem is unique I lost my swallow in 2006 so everything must be soft or pureed or juice . I'm intent on getting weight off around my waist I exercise some ...
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started by sandykessler.   
157.0 Weigh In, I go on from here
:| I will just pick up from here and pursue with my diet, I know I messed up a couple days. So My goal for the August 22, 2013 weigh in is 153.-Lose 4 pounds for the next weigh in I will keep on moving ...
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Dont throw away your hard work
;) The whole reason I started trying to lose weight was because I felt bloated all the time, tired, and the seams at my waistline always tore into my skin when I would sit down at work for long periods ...
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started by rmorales2012.   
muscle gain
being trying to gain muscle ..but think it is fat:? Back to clean eating!
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Fat-Flush detox
Hi, Has anyone tried a 3-day fat-flush detox with wholly natural stuff, that doesn't include juicing? It's mainly to clear toxins from your body. I know there are plenty online, but I was just ...
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For New Members
New members, please set your profile to show your weight history. If you don't, we cannot encourage you. Set your profile to show your journal. If you don't, we cannot reply or give you tips. ...
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Good News for Coffee Drinkers!
Looks like the idea that coffee dehydrates you may not be true after all! Read all about it with your morning cup of joe :-) [url= Myth-Busting: Cup Of Joe May Help Hydration ...
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started by gnat824.   
kitchen question, totally off topic
What do you put in that hard to reach cabinet above your stove? I'm rearranging my kitchen cabinets. Have all this stuff waiting to be put somewhere. Trying to figure out what should go where. In a ...
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Update on an older post - Good Greens
I had written about these 2 new bars I found and wanted to update on them. Amazon carries both but will give more info on that. The WAVE bar - wave bar mixed berry is in the database. I gave up on these ...
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started by dalechipsterh, a week ago.   
Recipe Builder
Is there a place on here that I can enter all of the ingredients to a meal (like a chili or stew) and then see what the nutrition would be per serving? THANKS :)
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started by slritz.   
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Msbuggirl fat secret isn't recording my weight loss for my challenges either for two months now. I've complained and nothing. They do not care. Kraftylady I also have to click on the right date ...
by snezica on 22 Aug 14 02:14 PM
I am on the Atkins diet on induction and gaining weight! Please help.
do you know how many calories a day you are actually consuming...I am having a major stall myself but try to not eat more than 1200 per day ....1000 is probably better if you want to see the scale move ...
by willowtree444 on 22 Aug 14 01:29 PM
Cauliflower pizza
Vickie 5966 wrote: I've never tried this with cauliflower but when I need to get liquid out of zucchini I shred it and pile it in a tea towel. Spin the towel until the zucchini is in a ball and s ...
by laner68 on 22 Aug 14 12:53 PM
drinking water strategy
That's exactly what I have been doing! LOL, atleast I got one thing correct on this diet!
by pwrestlephoto on 22 Aug 14 10:47 AM
:) I take it after 1485 in calories yesterday, halting my drinking of water after 7PM seemed to help... Next weigh in Friday August 29, 2014 need to atleast get to 154-155/ Need to exercise more and tweek ...
by pwrestlephoto on 22 Aug 14 07:29 AM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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