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I need a pep talk
I definitely need a pep talk. I am back to gaining rather than losing. I have a list of reasons I can blame but I know it is no ones fault but my own. I feel like I am never going to reach my goal. ...
2 replies, last reply by KellyBo, 5 years ago.   538 views.
started by ldybgsgma99.   
Juice fasting
This is a cool little site. I just joined and would like to know if anyone else here juices? I have been for 2 weeks and I'm loving it.
1 reply, last reply by sngourd, 5 years ago.   301 views.
started by votawk.   
Soo I'm trying to increase the amount of protein in my diet without increasing calories... any ideas? I am a fan of cottage cheese, which I've been having, and I usually have a meat of some sort ...
6 replies, last reply by votawk, 5 years ago.   871 views.
started by tuchler814.   
Does anyone know if it is good to use or if we should stick to real sugar.I'm a tea drinker and have to have it in my tea. I've been using it for two years now and cant stand the taste of real ...
14 replies, last reply by stmueller, 5 years ago.   4,047 views.
started by cat14.   
i have to ask .... constipation anyone???
hey- i know this is a yucky topic :oops: - but is anyone else slightly constipated on the SBD? suggestions? thoughts?? thanks .......
3 replies, last reply by knewton37, 5 years ago.   535 views.
started by knewton37.   
I'd like some help...
Hello, everyone! I just started looking at this diet. I saw the kinds of food I can eat, etc., but, I don't know how this work. For example, what's the menu for each day of the week? Do I make ...
1 reply, last reply by weebeeme, 5 years ago.   844 views.
started by dailygrace1.   
Feel Great challenge-Week 3
WEEK 3 CHALLENGE EMOTIONAL STRUGGLES So far, we have: -Decided the type of diet we are going to follow and are following it; -Set up an exercise plan that involves some form of exercise EVERY SINGLE ...
19 replies, last reply by caged liberty, 5 years ago.   1,742 views.
started by caged liberty.   
seeking fellow Ornish people
Hello out there, Are you presently following the Ornish program? I have a couple of his books. Im not really new to his way of eating. mary
2 replies, last reply by sngourd, 5 years ago.   649 views.
started by cookinmary.   
Have you ever hired a trainer?
Has anyone tried hiring a trainer? It's expensive, and I don't want to waste my money. Thanks for any info!!
4 replies, last reply by sngourd, 5 years ago.   469 views.
started by jwebber33.   
Eating at night
I am often very hungry at night, and have points to spare. What's the best choice of foods if I am going to eat before bed?
7 replies, last reply by rodsgurl, 5 years ago.   872 views.
started by forever_blonde.   
when i first started on fs...thats been a few days fs member that now i no longer see come on gave me a tip that i pass along to anyone i see...and i figured id just put it in here...when ...
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started by loosinisfun, 5 years ago.   
goooooooood morning....about a week ago i felt like i just wasnt gettin the kind of workouts i needed to...i just didnt feel like i was sweating or gettin the intense workout i needed...i happend to ...
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started by loosinisfun, 5 years ago.   
Vegetarian SB?
There may already be a post about this, so forgive me. Is there anyone here following south beach, that's vegetarian? I'm starting tomorrow. I'm done with the weigh meat makes me feel. ...
2 replies, last reply by ohitsashley, 5 years ago.   367 views.
started by ohitsashley.   
cystal light?
hi - can anyone tell me if i can drink crystal light ice tea on the south beach diet??? i get tired of water real quick. thanks:lol:
6 replies, last reply by knewton37, 5 years ago.   1,095 views.
started by knewton37.   
any other overnighters???
I work overnights (7p-7a). It hard not to snack in the middle of night. Especialy hard not eat the crappy food that is laying around. Anyone have suggestions!?! please help .... :idea:
4 replies, last reply by knewton37, 5 years ago.   751 views.
started by knewton37.   
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day 5
I have the same problem every Sunday. My mother-in-law cooks as if she is feeding the 5,000!! She does about 3-4 desserts also. It's really tough. I always say to myself that I will control myself, ...
by Sineadc1 on 18 Apr 14 02:42 PM
Fed up with counting calories and carbs - learning to trust myself with food.
Thanks guys!
by FatGirlSlim29 on 18 Apr 14 02:06 PM
HELP. What am I doing wrong??
I do not think you are doing anything wrong.It is not necessary to lose weight always.What is more important is to be healthy and maintain the right weight.It will be of no use if you lose a lot of weight ...
by Allison Kara on 18 Apr 14 01:44 PM
appitiete suppressants
I've started using the Herbalife's Thermo Complete ( to order. Natural and it doesn't give me the shakes or put me on a buzz.
by Joelene Brown on 18 Apr 14 12:35 PM
Maybe crazy, but it works
Thanks! Will try that!
by Suzy May Blackfly on 18 Apr 14 11:07 AM

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by member Lucky765
This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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