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I wonder if it's just me?
Does anyone else feel like when they slip(on their diet) during the day, your whole day went to waste, and that's an excuse to slip all day??? I'm really bad about this. :(
5 replies, last reply by k8yk, 6 years ago.   1,003 views.
started by Tatyushka.   
walk away the pounds
Does anyone do this program? I started the 2 mile walk on Sunday.
1 reply, last reply by DeniseTra, 6 years ago.   628 views.
started by jud10.   
Weighing Day
Hi there everyone, i weighed myself this morning and i lost 3.2lbs today :d Hope everyone is doing well? Keep up the good work x
1 reply, last reply by Andresgirl, 6 years ago.   500 views.
started by PenPen.   
Hi Fatsecret friends... Well this was my first weekend and I don't think I did good at all. although I stayed within my calorie count my fat % went out the roof. I ate less healthier foods this week ...
1 reply, last reply by THEbiggestloser, 6 years ago.   586 views.
started by cootie.   
Help with Nutritional Values
I am wondering if anyone knows of a website or a way to calculate the Nutritional Value of a Recipe. I have a recipe that I like to make but I need to know how to calculate for my food log. Any dire ...
4 replies, last reply by rubykate, 6 years ago.   806 views.
started by rupted.   
Carbs VS Net Carbs
On this induction diet where they suggest to keep your carbs below 20g daily, do we look at the total carbs as the total, or the net carbs. If it's the net carbs then I am ok, but if not....CRAP! ...
6 replies, last reply by dawdevil, 6 years ago.   1,863 views.
started by mahara.   
getting all you need
Does it surprise anyone that at the beginning of concious purposeful eating it's hard to get enough calories? I had a long, busy, great day and according to the counter i've only consumed approx ...
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started by Bill Hurley, 6 years ago.   
new york
Hello my name is apple and I live in brooklyn ny. I was wondering if any else here was from ny. I would love to find someone who shares the same dream as me. To become healthy and fit. Basically I'm ...
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started by appleheadmwa, 6 years ago.   
Hungry No More
After a few requests I just posted the Hungry No More challenge again. This time its set up in teams for veterans who participated last time vs. Newbies who are joining for the first time.
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started by beatlesfran, 6 years ago.   
Preliminary Research: Popcorn, How Healthy?
How healthy or unhealthy is eating popcorn on a regular basis and how should it be optimally prepared? Here are some articles and relevant information that may help us to form our own conclusions. There ...
9 replies, last reply by information, 6 years ago.   4,945 views.
started by information.   
Need Help
I'm trying to enter what I had for breakfast but can't seem to figure out how to get it to stay there. Can someone help me? Want to get off on the right foot. :d
1 reply, last reply by sustanon, 6 years ago.   575 views.
started by Waatti.   
Cinch Plan
Hi, My name is Rina, and I have lost about 50 pounds so far. With this program's support plus Shaklee's "Cinch Plan", I have been very successful with my weight loss. If you are int ...
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started by Rina333, 6 years ago.   
low carbing not no carbing
Hello everyone I am new here and this my 1th post .I need too lose about 75 lbs. My Dr. said she wants me too try low carb but I am not doing a very low carb diet . I have just gotten the book--Secrets ...
2 replies, last reply by mcgoo724, 6 years ago.   797 views.
started by mcgoo724.   
What are high protein foods that aren't meat?
2 replies, last reply by mahara, 6 years ago.   836 views.
started by reefgirl.   
Recipe Ingredients
I seem to have a hard time entering recipes. The ingredients I want to use come out goofy (not the measurements I would want to post). Some recipes are entered with great ingredient measurements but ...
1 reply, last reply by dsylikm, 6 years ago.   882 views.
started by The Next Number.   
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low calorie restaurant lunches?
Does anyone know what I could get to eat (besides anything to do with lettuce!) in a restaurant that is pretty low in calories and sodium?
by catlover630 on 02 May 16 04:29 AM
I literally had a huge lunch *which was delicious of course) for only 206 calories!!! I had kale, with carb/cholesterol/sodium/calori... free raspberry vinaigrette, with a chicken breast, and some cooked ...
by OliviaPersico on 01 May 16 03:19 PM
Birthday party eating - pray for me today!?
Thank you for your supportive words! This morning I was down one whole pound, and I KNOW it's because they offered bottled water at the party. They had a caterer who made great food...including thin ...
by sheilagarcia on 01 May 16 12:01 PM
Drastic Measures
There is no law that mandates a "quick rebound" from a VLCD, unless you drastically increase cals and/or carbs from a low baseline. reverse diet resources ...
by jimmiepop on 30 Apr 16 02:56 PM
He'..............s Back
Hello to all my old friends and soon to be new ones. After 8 months of no FS, much travel, a bit of sickness and lots of life I made goal.. Knowing this is a very dangerous time for maintaining weight ...
by Glaun on 30 Apr 16 01:13 PM

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