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ney carbs
could someone explain net carbs to me thanks:?:
2 replies, last reply by dewitt toensing, 5 years ago.   1,260 views.
started by dewitt toensing.   
New to site
Hi I am new to the site and hope this works...
1 reply, last reply by TenderT1965, 5 years ago.   686 views.
started by neupan.   
In most cases, if you don't drink enough water, your body is forced to retain extra water because it thinks there's a situation where it won't get enough water in the future. So whatever water ...
2 replies, last reply by LinearChaos, 5 years ago.   963 views.
started by msjarv.   
How is it possible?
I weighted myself on Sunday and weighed in at 10st.. that's a 4 lb loss. I was so pleased. All the calorie counting and running every day was paying off. I have just put myself on the scales this ...
2 replies, last reply by kmaxwell08, 5 years ago.   1,259 views.
started by solemama.   
EA Active for the Wii
Is amazing! It's really a great tool for loosing weight. There is a 30 day challenge. It is much better than work out videos...they correct you when your doing something wrong, they tell you when ...
no replies.   914 views.
started by LisaKris, 5 years ago.   
A great success and pleasure it has been to rely on Fatsecret! I have reached my goals! I am 100lbs, happy, and healthy! I think that it is time for me to graduate from fatsecret and begin a new life. ...
1 reply, last reply by k8yk, 5 years ago.   1,089 views.
started by prettypastrychef.   
Holiday Plans
How is everyone planning on hitting the Holiday this year and STAY ON PLAN? Are you creating low-carb dishes to take to someone else's house? Are you cooking a low-carb meal for your family? Are ...
2 replies, last reply by Cireena, 5 years ago.   1,297 views.
started by DeniseTra.   
The scale must be broken
I have never been a thin girl and I have always accepted that. But now I am 31 years old and last month when I went to weigh myself, I saw 196 lbs. I almost fell off the scale. I guess the fatness does ...
3 replies, last reply by k8yk, 5 years ago.   2,031 views.
started by 78cathy.   
Ok this is a dumb question but how do I download a photo for my profile? I am tired of being a picture of french fries.
1 reply, last reply by BishopLord, 5 years ago.   995 views.
started by Alliebell.   
Hey all, New to site, very impressed so far. I have a question, hope this is where I ask it. Lo-Carbing it with Atkins for 16 days now and lost 10 lbs. Trader Joes has a 7 carb bread (Sprouted seven grain ...
7 replies, last reply by kmaxwell08, 5 years ago.   1,953 views.
started by coolartist.   
Dieting during the holidays
Well, well well... This is a tricky one, isn't it ? How to stay calm and on diet during holidays ? Does anyone have good tips about this one ? Let's stick together , and we'll succed ! Tha ...
7 replies, last reply by DeniseTra, 5 years ago.   1,611 views.
started by diamond9111.   
old weight watchers diet with no points to count
Does anyone miss the old weight watchers when we didn't have to count points? If anyone has the old ww could you please help me...
4 replies, last reply by Dolphie97, 5 years ago.   12,247 views.
started by mitzy.   
Get Ready for the New Year
Save $25 Today. Start the new year off right, lose the weight and keep it off. Shrink Yourself Premium Membership only $94.95 Enter Code: BFQESLKRE
no replies.   979 views.
started by ShrinkYourself, 5 years ago.   
Understanding Intake
Hello, I am being very good sticking to around 1200 calories a day but I just wanted to know how my inactivity may be causing problems. I.E. I am not very active, I live fairly close to where I work ...
3 replies, last reply by k8yk, 5 years ago.   1,051 views.
started by pdray.   
Sugar intake?
I have a family history of Diabetes and Cholesterol, so I am trying to watch both. I have been doing good with Cholesterol and Carbs, but not sure what I should keep daily intake of sugar at. I have read ...
3 replies, last reply by DeniseTra, 5 years ago.   1,212 views.
started by zwiefejp.   
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Not hungry anymore
I m eating around 600 cal a day for about 4 days now on saturday november 28. A I don t feel hungry anymore.
by jodyme on 28 Nov 15 06:26 AM
Chart for daily water intake
You can log water in your daily diet intake. Water is pretty individualized anymore. the 8 glasses is some arbitrary number.
by wholefoodnut on 27 Nov 15 09:08 PM
Attributes of an Excellent Online Pharmacy
Why not use the one associated with the prescription part of your health care plan? Most have one.
by wholefoodnut on 27 Nov 15 09:06 PM
Snacking --keto diet
Regarding limiting portions of nuts: Just discovered the Emerald 100-calorie nut packs. Some flavors have sugar, but there are also "natural" flavors with no sugar. I have been using these for ...
by Hermiones Mom on 27 Nov 15 11:40 AM
bad cholesterol
Red yeast rice worked for me. I now take it only intermittently, and my cholesterol is stable around 5.8. Good luck!
by semsanur1 on 26 Nov 15 12:57 PM

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