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How much am I supposed to weigh??
I was wondering how much I was supposed to weigh...I saw BMI calculators & such to tell me if I was over weight but didn't know what a healthy range was.... The Hamwi Formulas Dr. GJ Hamwi's ...
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Diet followed reasonably well.
Hi sorry to be a pain but new member to website and learning how to get around. Somewhere on the site it ask you how you have followed the diet (pre filled with diet followed reasonably well). I have ...
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started by rick1965.   
ooops o.0
today just couldnt get myself to drink much water cuz i drank so much coffee cuz i had far only 16oz of water and about 6 cups of but will try to force atleast another ...
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Break Down of Food Values By Blood Group
Break Down of Food Values By Blood Group .............Protein............. A..............21%............... B..............33%............... AB.............20%............... O..............40% ...
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started by Tammylove.   
Reading the diet calendar
Ok, I don't have a ton of time to use the search feature. I want to be sure I am reading the "diet calendar" correctly. I am putting in my foods eaten and also my exercise/activities. ...
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Really New and REALLY Lost-Atkins
Ok I think my question is simple enough, I am trying to calculate my carbs per day and I know we are allowed pretty much as much meat and eggs as we like but do we still need to factor in those carbs ...
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started by Neddyk.   
Calories in Calories out
I read through some posts and wanted to comment on the DRI of calories but didn't want to mess up anyones threads so here is my own post and feel free to comment. When I signed up for FS I was su ...
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started by cmikerun.   
Food and exercise Myth's
3 replies, last reply by k8yk, 7 years ago.   1,183 views.
started by Adr58.   
It seems my scale knows it's april fools day!!!
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I know some of you may think this is taking it to the extreme but how many carbs do you think are in 2 laxative pills. Ingredients include sucrose and other stuff.
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started by amelia27700.   
In need of support
Ok so I am on the atkins diet and have been following it, I have lost about 8 lbs in the first week, and am feeling good, I need some support and looking for friends, I tried to find friends and support ...
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started by SCROOK1.   
S4L support
There are not many people in this group, so we will have to stick together with some support. I am starting S4L for the second time. I lost 40 pounds, but unfortunately gained it back. Not this time. ...
2 replies, last reply by k8yk, 7 years ago.   1,632 views.
started by EmersonPup.   
started P90X 2weeks down awesome but hard workouts kicked me off my palateu hard to put as many calories low fat diet as they want but it is working any food ideas that would help get high protien mid ...
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started by mfiel58, 7 years ago.   
McDonalds French Fry Test
I found a surprise in my McDonald's bag - a large order of french fries! I didn't order them, but there they were next to my premium grilled chicken and parfait (490 calories - no granola and ...
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Every little bit counts!!!!
Got a little bit of activity in today!!!Cleared out my little patch of a garden & picked up some tree limbs from the yard whooohoo:d
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started by tnewt.   
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Journeys and friends
:) Hello all! I am new here! I love this sight. I finally found a place and people that I can relate to that is encouraging that helps me to build self esteem. I don't diet! I just eat healthy and ...
by butterflygirl42 on 26 May 17 10:37 AM
I"m new here - am collecting SALAD & LOW CARB recipes – if anyone wants to share. TQ
Hi I’m Dennis, new here. I see lots of recipes here...this site is great! SEND ME YOUR SALAD & LOW CARB FOOD RECIPES – I’m collecting them for myself and for anyone who is keen to prepare their own ...
by dvader_my on 26 May 17 03:49 AM
Hi, can someone please tell me how to accept a friend request.. this new change to Following ... I sure don't like it.. seems much harder. I appreciate any help & advise you can give ! ...
by TOFU on 25 May 17 09:09 PM
Hot Air Fryers
Has anyone tried one of the hot air fryers? If so, what do you think of it? What I read said they use "little to no oil" - how much is "little"? Also, can you "fry" chicken ...
by BigBelle on 25 May 17 08:27 PM
Need help with this addiction!
The water and peanut diet can be an effective plan for healthy weight loss.
by Yassie Garcia on 25 May 17 08:08 PM

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