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okay question
I am making a meatloaf for my roomate and his friend tommrow nite with mashed potatoes and gravy. So i was wondering what should i eat.:?:
8 replies, last reply by drd3775, 7 years ago.   3,584 views.
started by mandy242010.   
Nursing and not losing weight
I need advice. I am now tracking my calories, jogging 3 miles 3-5 times a week and nursing my 3 month-old son fulltime. I have not lost an ounce, much less a pound, in the past 3 weeks since I started ...
2 replies, last reply by shmiller, 7 years ago.   1,018 views.
started by katiemouse1.   
My Evil Evil Scale
I thought having a brand new state of the art digital multi function scale would give me more reliable results than my old fashion scale. What a disappointment this overpriced cutting edge techno scale ...
8 replies, last reply by sooki, 7 years ago.   1,247 views.
started by Mette.   
im new to FS!
Hi everyone : im new to FS but not dieting :) i been using the app on my Blackberry and also on my FaceBook... i have tried to get my friends involved however no luck yet :( ... but anywho i live in M ...
no replies.   547 views.
started by felicia1986, 7 years ago.   
Help looking for information on DELTA
I've been trying to fine DELTA meal replacement. This is the only site that I've find any thing on it. I've been looking for it a couple of years now. You can send a message here or email me ...
no replies.   765 views.
started by tazzie1062, 7 years ago.   
5 hour energy
no carbs anyone use them ??
10 replies, last reply by fastliketurtle, 7 years ago.   6,097 views.
started by sharidoto.   
Belly Fat
I am having a really hard time losing fat off my belly. I work out every day, I am getting better muscle tone everywhere, places that I have not had muscles before, I am eating healthy (I don't eat ...
5 replies, last reply by fastliketurtle, 7 years ago.   1,202 views.
started by Nadya1988.   
The Biggest Loser
OK so I don't usually watch much tv but last night I was watching The Biggest Loser. I don't know how many of you follow this show but some of these people are losing 30 pounds plus a week!!!!! ...
31 replies, last reply by amanda123, 7 years ago.   3,789 views.
started by amanda123.   
Please help with manually adding food
I have a pasta meal that I cook. I use so many ingredients and have manually added up the calories per meal a year ago. I want to just add it to my list of foods. How can I do that? I went to add new ...
2 replies, last reply by cbella, 7 years ago.   1,106 views.
started by jflair1980.   
physically chanllenged
Hi. I'm new to this sight. I was told there are all shapes and ages here. Is there anyone else who is physically challenged? I have MS and am not able to get much exercise,especially since I hurt ...
11 replies, last reply by jill84, 7 years ago.   1,866 views.
started by jill84.   
No more booze! 30lbs by May 22nd
SO starting today I'm cutting alcohol out of my normal eating habits. Being 24 my college metabolism has vanished and the drinking everyday has taken its toll on my weight. I'm still going to eat ...
4 replies, last reply by blip52, 7 years ago.   1,236 views.
started by sweetpy0028.   
Back Fat
What excercises help eliminate back fat?
2 replies, last reply by enu021000, 7 years ago.   890 views.
started by Donica.   
I know it's a good idea to restrict your drinking to two a week max (1 if you're a woman) but I am a drinking enthusiast. I LOVE beer and will often trade out that for actual food. I have at least ...
8 replies, last reply by enu021000, 7 years ago.   3,652 views.
started by RightJ309.   
How often, what do you do, at what intensity, what have been your results, what doesn't work for you?
11 replies, last reply by draculasmistress, 7 years ago.   1,443 views.
started by tifany.   
Surprise, surprise, where to find you private messages
Because it personally took me more than a week to discover, I am just wondering if other newbies are aware that you can send and receive private messages as well as broadcasting publicly accessible posts. ...
4 replies, last reply by AnonBanana, 7 years ago.   1,691 views.
started by maria369.   
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Climbing my way out of a very deep sorrow
Losing weight is so hard, even when life is going perfectly. My hat's off to all of you who soldier on through life's trials and tribulations.
by ValerieJN on 23 Apr 18 10:57 AM
BMR with activity factor
“Technically” yes. 1400 calories is a good number for you to start with. We don’t know how much you actually burn. The number FS gives you is approximation and it tends to be on the high side. Still with ...
by Ingria on 21 Apr 18 04:49 PM
You are very welcome. I'm glad you got the answer to your question.
by teskandar on 21 Apr 18 04:02 PM
How many carbs do you need aday
by nanapapyll82 on 21 Apr 18 09:57 AM
Why do you think cholesterol *in your diet* is to high? My understanding is that your body produces 75% of the cholesterol and 25% comes diet, and that if you raise or lower your cholesterol intake, your ...
by HardDaysKnight on 21 Apr 18 06:31 AM

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