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The Incentive Became Compelling
For most of my adult life, the weight roller coaster has been a constant, ranging from 180 as a young adult to over 250 up until 5 months ago. Over the years I succeeded in shedding 15% of body weight ...
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started by Bilding, 3 months ago.   
Sandwich Wrap (255 cal)
Try my personal Grilled Chicken Salad Wrap: Honey Wheat wrap - 60 cal Perdue "Ready to Eat" Chicken Breast (1/2 cup) - 100 cal Romaine Heart Salad leaf (1) - 3 cal Finlandia Swiss Cheese (1 ...
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started by Dwayne Greene, 3 months ago.   
Eating too little?
I think I am eating too little. I'm sticking to below 1400 cals but I never ever feel hungry! consequently I dont eat enough. I have been losing 1lb a week slowly but steadily. I need some advice as ...
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started by Gilly Fizzy.   
Gotta get a grip!
I've got to get back to monitoring what I eat. I've really dropped the ball by not drinking enough water and ignoring any form of dieting or exercise. No excuses. I just have to pick myself up ...
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started by Gerdgal.   
Help Please RE: "Consuming more than burning"
Hi Guys! I just noticed in the monthly view that on the days when I exercise, it shows the net calories. On all those days, it says I've consumed more than I've burned. :roll: What is the value ...
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started by Eric821.   
Oh, the scale moves downward so slow!
Before keto, my scale moved up daily. Now it takes me weeks to go down half a pound. Why is it so hard to lose this weight? My Hubby just went down another size in pants. He is only cutting calories. ...
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started by Bluper.   
Advice on High-Protein/Low Carb for Muscle Gain
Hello, welcome to my first post! I'm seeking some advice about my diet. I feel like I'm doing well, but am wondering if there's anything that (a) I'm doing that could be holding me back, ...
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started by Samrisko.   
Pole Dancing
Hey, people! I decided to do some pole dancing (2x a week - 1h per session), and after almost 2 months I feel that I'm not improving as I should (saw some youtube vid in which people started inverting ...
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started by erachmah, 3 months ago.   
overeating and gaining weight back then trying to lose it again
I recently had 2 bad eating days. Started at a restaurant having breakfast with my niece - French toast and coffee. I would have survived that if that was the end of it. But then that night I opened up ...
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started by Fritzy 22.   
Question About: "How Closely Followed?"
Hi Guys: In My FatSecret, there's the How Closely Followed section. What do the different colored horizontal lines mean? I can see that my target weight is at the far right, but I don't quite ...
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started by Eric821, 3 months ago.   
7 Days Diet Plan To Your Rescue
Your body has gone through a lot of trauma due to less thoughtful eating habits and definitely it shows. You find bulges, hardened fat and overgrown belly. That’s just the physical aspect of bad food ...
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started by Kathy carter, 3 months ago.   
This is finally working.
Test are back, A1C is 6.1 down from 7.2. Combined cholesterol:lol: is 155, down from 258. This is since March of this year. I haven't lost much weight but these numbers can't be argued with. ...
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started by Bluper.   
ketogenic group?
I am looking for a ketogenic group
2 replies, last reply by Kathy carter, 3 months ago.   367 views.
started by fortin1150.   
FatSecret app for IPhone Vs Ipad
Has anyone else noticed the differences between FatSecret for Iphone versus FatSecret for IPad? FatSecret for IPad doesn’t have the reporting function that the IPhone version has so you can see you daily, ...
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started by charlesramey, 3 months ago.   
How do You Deal with Alcohol Events?
I've been doing a fair job this week staying away from the carbs, but Friday I have a social gathering where I will be sitting at a table for several hours with wine, booze and who knows what else ...
7 replies, last reply by elfprincess, 3 months ago.   1,461 views.
started by Katsolo.   
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Hi, I had the same question and I too am new to this site, hope your well
by Debs Duncan on 20 Feb 18 03:08 AM
KETO vs Atkins
They are similar. As a general rule, Keto is the most restrictive on carbs and highest in fats. In Atkins you can start adding in carbs over time. With Keto you never up your carb intake. Keto is ...
by falconbrother on 19 Feb 18 08:07 AM
Emotional Eating
My brother-in-law passed away last week after a short illness. We waited until his sister and BIL could come. Today we scattered his ashes, and sat down together to remember him. He had been married to ...
by alicepayne1 on 19 Feb 18 01:39 AM
Site use.
How can I change from my name to a name of my choice?
by linda carol caldwell on 18 Feb 18 07:03 PM
Weight settings
Your goal weight is set at 17kg which is a bit optimistic! On the website, go to 'My Weight History' and change your goal weight to 68. Or, on the app, go to weight and change the goal.
by jaybee51 on 18 Feb 18 03:32 PM

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