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how to connect fat secret with fitbit
I am trying to connect my fitbit to fat secret but not having any luck how do I do that anyone?
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started by cherna53, 2 months ago.   
When I want my ticker to show it says I have to share my journal and other things. I don't have to share what I eat do I?
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started by genibear, 2 months ago.   
Help with Nutritional Value of this Recipe
I found this recipe that my husband and I really like. I know very little in regards to determining the nutritional value of a recipe and if someone could help me out, I'd appreciate it! http://w ...
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started by leslietay, 2 months ago.   
95% of people who lose it, gain it back!
Sad but true. I just heard about this at our health center gym. 95% of people who lose any significant amt. of weight gain it back and some with more weight. Which means only 5% keep it off. Those are ...
22 replies, last reply by mahjohn, 2 months ago.   7,977 views.
started by Raeka8.   
Livlean formula
Has anyone tried the Livlean formula? There is an ad at the top of the screen at various times. I am thinking of trying it - if you have tried it, did it work?
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started by thingonetwo, 2 months ago.   
Strange Cravings
Okay so here's my question; Just recently I have had a major and I mean major craving for red meat so much so that I have started eating raw mince... and I love it!? So question 1. Is it healthy? I ...
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started by Pyrate_Lilly, 2 months ago.   
When is a good time to start a healthy lifestyle?
I need people to battle my OCD thoughts, please. I physically can't and it's driving me crazy. So, this saying is becoming more and more popular in my life it seems, where after screwing things ...
4 replies, last reply by ianxian, 2 months ago.   1,217 views.
started by cr.derry25.   
How do I add steps to my exercise?
My husband's company provided a great pedometer (GoZone)for the spouses of their employees. Is there some way I can add the daily count of how many steps I took into my exercise? My goal is 7000 but ...
1 reply, last reply by ianxian, 2 months ago.   961 views.
started by Elizabeth_V.   
Well, I put on about 3-4 lbs while on vacation! Yuk! So, I'm back...logging food is the best way for me to get back on plan and finally get to goal and below! I did buy some new exercise clothes so ...
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started by luvinlife09, 2 months ago.   
The Advocare Cleanse
So I'm trying to decide now, Advocare has a 10 day cleanse that one of my co-workers swears by. My dilemma, the earliest I may be able to start it is 12/8/15. I'm wondering if I should start this ...
2 replies, last reply by JMillay, 2 months ago.   1,162 views.
started by jakir760.   
BPC Capsules?
Just got an email about a new product. I tried the MCT Oil but got sick to my stomach. This might be better. Any thoughts? While you may not be able to fit the full equivalent of a cup of Bulletproof ...
1 reply, last reply by FatGirlJenny, 2 months ago.   984 views.
started by Rckc.   
met my first goal
I reached my goal weight today after I lost 20 pounds.
3 replies, last reply by yassthermaniacs, 2 months ago.   1,936 views.
started by sherizahassan-ali.   
Fast Metabolism Diet - Recipe Portions
I'm looking for FMD gurus to help me with my portions. Unfortunately, it seems this diet is 'old' and the dedicated forums aren't that active. I've been dutifully pre-cooking my ...
1 reply, last reply by ianxian, 2 months ago.   759 views.
started by Lucy_Maria UK.   
weight loss plateauing
I am struggling to lose weight. Initially I lose 77 lbs over the last 6 years but my weight has plateaued for over a year and I can't lose the last 36 lbs. I have been on Chris Powell's Carb ...
14 replies, last reply by ianxian, 2 months ago.   4,358 views.
started by Shelbylady.   
RDI-do you follow it?
My RDI is 1,700. Should I aim for that amount each day or lower? I am 5'4 and 195 lbs.
1 reply, last reply by Elizabeth_V, 2 months ago.   728 views.
started by BigMissJessica.   
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Healthy Snacks
It did not turn out well. The asparagus were over cooked and the bacon was not crispy enough.. Worth experimenting with..
by wiildflowers on 07 Feb 16 07:58 PM
Math help with Keto diet
@shadow451 -- regarding your calculations for weight loss, what is the time period associated with each of the three scenarios ? Ie, if one reduces their weekly caloric intake by 15% in scenario 1, how ...
by Firebelly on 07 Feb 16 03:51 PM
Having a hard time choosing a calorie counting app...
I've been torn between Fatsecret and Myfitnesspal for a long while now. I'll join here, delete and then go back to Myfitnesspal…Delete my account from there and then return back here. Today, I ...
by kofe_3 on 07 Feb 16 03:28 PM
creating and saving my recipes
thanks for that info! def what I needed to know!
by loribe1 on 07 Feb 16 06:15 AM
In it to Win it !
John, I'm glad you learned this lesson. You'll be happier as you move forward too because it is a lifelong journey.
by Sweetalot on 06 Feb 16 08:12 PM

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