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how to measure vegetable oil
How many calories are in 1 shredded wheat bitesize piece? And how to measure 13 g. of vegetable oil?
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started by village squirrel, 2 months ago.   
One week done. Couple questions about my weight loss
Ok guys week 1 of tracking macros complete. Question is do i need to up my calories a bit. Heres my weigh in's 181.2 181.6 180.8 179.4 179.4 179.4 178.0 Keep in mind ive already been on a cut or ...
2 replies, last reply by Kishlette, 2 months ago.   342 views.
started by Zimmer36.   
on day 24 of my diet
It is going well and definitely getting easier, but I get very hungry between the hours of 9 - 15:30. After 17:00 my desire for food almost completely disappears and I don't eat until an (early) b ...
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started by kibbutz.   
The Stop Eating So F#@%ing Much Diet
I ran across this video and just had to share it. The Stop Eating So F#@%ing Much Diet
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started by Trucker Larry, 2 months ago.   
I don't know what I am doing wrong
I am a 5'7" female and I weigh 162 pounds. My goal weight is 145 pounds. I eat 1500 calories a day (I weigh and count every meal that I eat and I only drink water, about 100 ounces a day). My ...
17 replies, last reply by Wrightn221, 2 months ago.   2,074 views.
started by Tricia85.   
Deleting food entry
I entered a food and realised my numbers were wrong so a few days later I reentered again with correct numbers. Did this on my app, then read here on forum I could have just edited the original , so q ...
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started by Smallk7, 2 months ago.   
Considering a Water Fast?
This is a great article on the Benefits of Water Fasting.
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started by Trucker Larry, 2 months ago.   
Net Carbs
Is there a way that Food tracker can calculate macros/totals with net carbs instead of total?
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started by pattychin-dutcher, 2 months ago.   
Snacks for long trip
Going on a trip, I'm doing low carb and I'm pretty sure on good snacks to pack for me but my daughter is doing weight watchers and I'd like to come up with some good snacks for her and she ...
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started by Smallk7, 2 months ago.   
Late night munchies
I have found that I feel uncomfortable late at night, and that feeling is actually fatigue. So, I go to bed when that urge to snack first shows up. I like the idea of a warm or cold drink and then just ...
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started by jazzshelby, 2 months ago.   
Confused as heck on my calories
Hey guys. Goal is to lose weight. Why is the fatsecret telling me 2700 calories and myfitnesspal and other calculators tell me 2300-2400 to lose weight. I reentered my info here joining community and ...
7 replies, last reply by Jean Mc, 2 months ago.   662 views.
started by Zimmer36.   
HELP Night hunger
I am struggling with a problem in that no matter how good I eat through the day I always get hungry about 10 at night & can't get to sleep unless I eat something. And snack foods aren't en ...
6 replies, last reply by Jean Mc, 2 months ago.   1,013 views.
started by Gwenny70.   
One Small Step
I'm trying to do a lower carb diet. Usually, I can spot the carbs in foods. But , tonight I made a great dinner with pork chops. But, I cooked some tiny small red potatoes and mashed them. So one and ...
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started by perks54, 2 months ago.   
How to track water intake throughout the day via the iPhone fatsecret app?
Hello there, I just got the fatsecret app and loving its features so far however, I can't seem to find how do I track how many oz of water I'm taking every day. Any tips? ideas? Is this feature ...
2 replies, last reply by Kishlette, 2 months ago.   344 views.
started by EliNova.   
How do you delete an inactive member from your list of people you follow?
It's probably very simple but I just can't figure it out. Thanks for your help.
2 replies, last reply by MissAnnieinIndy, 2 months ago.   437 views.
started by MissAnnieinIndy.   
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question about logging in food entries
Where on here does it show grams?
by bak2good on 26 Sep 17 12:10 AM
A plateau or starvation mode?
Yeah, 100 and even 126 doesn't sound like a healthy weight for a man depending on your height.
by shieldslv on 25 Sep 17 01:32 PM
Phone App - Exercise tracking not available?
Its there now. I am sure I looked all over that area at bottom before but it wasn't there but I guess its possible I didn't see it. But it is there now. Thanks for your help!
by Raeka8 on 25 Sep 17 08:13 AM
Easy Dinner Options That Don't Require Much Preparation/Cooking?
Try to find recipies for baked "staples" rice, veggies, meats, grains like barley and farro. This works for me cuz I can easily bake the things I like, put in the fridge and combine all week ...
by siriusalw on 23 Sep 17 09:22 AM
Halloween Woes!
kbarnes12 wrote: Frankly, no, one bender won't affect your waistline "in the long run." What's one meal compared to months and months of diligent dieting? If you're concerned, you ...
by godking1488 on 23 Sep 17 06:42 AM

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