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I dont understand the bmi because I am 6ft 3in and I am a pretty broad guy and bmi says that I should weigh anywhere from 152 to 199.10 years ago I went on a diet and working out I got down to 215lbs and ...
3 replies, last reply by Ingria, 2 months ago.   287 views.
started by chevelle502.   
I'm a beginner at this LCHF and have just started intermittent fasting. I did a number of 18 hour days last week and today is my first 24 hr attempt. I've also really upped my exercise and quit ...
3 replies, last reply by LostSun, 2 months ago.   410 views.
started by USNADad.   
Missing Milk?
I love milk with breakfast. LCHF, no milk. But, I have found a pretty good substitute. 4 parts unsweetened almond milk, 1 part heavy cream. Adjust to your own taste. I have my milk cravings solved! ...
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started by The Bull21, 2 months ago.   
looking for buddies!
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started by paularichardson.   
Jungle Snack Mix
Can someone please help me. I am just curious to get more information on the benefits to eating the Jungle Snack Mix?
1 reply, last reply by LostSun, 2 months ago.   348 views.
started by TanyaW1.   
Recipe Websit?
I'm sure this has probably been asked before but if it was then it isn't in the top 10 pages so I thought I would ask again. I'm looking for a recipe website that features healthy eating ...
2 replies, last reply by minitata, 2 months ago.   2,903 views.
started by DairyFarmersWife.   
Think I may have been a little to strict. Lost 5.5 kilos in 3 weeks still have 15.5 to go.
1 reply, last reply by LostSun, 2 months ago.   275 views.
started by charntel.   
Summer goal
Here we go again... Monday walked four miles round trip to the gym. Got home and right off the negativity starts with my non-supportive elderly mom. I think there is some resentment that I would like ...
1 reply, last reply by Stringofpearls, 2 months ago.   524 views.
started by Debra J.   
weigh in
Yesterday was my 5th week to weigh in and I have lost a total of 17 lbs! I am very happy with the results! This week I had a 1 lb. loss which is fine with me. I have done programs and lost weight fast ...
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started by ontheline, 2 months ago.   
You can do it by early summer
Yes, losing 2lbs a week is very doable, and can be done healthily. Do it!
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started by adamevegod, 2 months ago.   
Lack of will power in the last few days and so will remedy that. Too close to target to let it slip and so I won't! :d
1 reply, last reply by adamevegod, 2 months ago.   417 views.
started by Grazie1000.   
Fin study
Thankyou for reply. Couldnt agree more. I think cessation of smoking probably helped the Fins too.
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started by Frenchie75, 2 months ago.   
VLDL up or down
Has anyone read article in Huffpost on Dr Ancel Keys ? In particular the bit about Finland and the lifestyle change and life expectancy of a fishing village there ? I think low fat diet was not the only ...
1 reply, last reply by Ingria, 2 months ago.   294 views.
started by Frenchie75.   
Ketogen diet
Anyone following the ketogen diet I started following 3 weeks ago Has been quiet interesting. And I'm say satisfying ..
2 replies, last reply by Sj Cali, 2 months ago.   1,491 views.
started by Patjack.   
Today I did 30 km cycling and I was not tired at all which is weird happy for me. I think I will increase it to 40 km because my trail is normally 10 km wish me luck on this. my health at this time is ...
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started by johnmwoya, 2 months ago.   
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App compatability
Hello I was wandering if there was a way to have FatSecret sync info to my Fitbit?
by judestar67 on 25 Apr 17 05:26 AM
Veggies while doing keto
I had that paperwork and it said that carbs are very good for you in right amount. So I wouldnt worry much
by juliatimonova on 24 Apr 17 03:50 PM
Hey any one following a 40 40 20 split?
Just wondering how many follow this split.
by cleon62395 on 24 Apr 17 12:29 PM
Jason Fung's Obesity Code up on YouTube
Love Jason Gung. Many thanks.
by Tina Dee on 24 Apr 17 10:52 AM
Vegan Diet
Lots of people will send you mixed thoughts about veganism, and the "poor nutrition" that it brings due to the fact that you are cutting food groups out of your diet... When in reality cutting ...
by paytonjxo on 23 Apr 17 07:30 PM

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