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Anyone Tried the "Food Lovers" Plan?
My wife bought this three or four years ago, and using the color keyed plates to pile food on was about the extent of what we did with it. :roll: But for health reasons (and age) I'm ready to do ...
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started by stingray77080, 2 months ago.   
Getting back on track
The holiday's are a tough time to maintain; I did indulge more than I wanted even with self motivation. Doing my best to maintain; getting back to work today will be very helpful since as I've ...
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started by CammieCo, 2 months ago.   
Shepherd's Pie using Ground Turkey
Just thought I'd share this, it was delicious and easy to make: 1 package ground turkey 1 package mccormicks brown gravey Mashed potatoes Corn or Peas or both Italian Seasoning 1/4 c water Brown ...
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started by CammieCo.   
Sunday is Fasting day
I don't want to figure out mini challenges so - I'm fasting Sunday. No food after 8PM Pacific time (or your time) Saturday until 6AM Monday. Who's in?
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started by northernmusician.   
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year!
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started by thundertj, 2 months ago.   
Weird Food Images in my head....
So, as someone who has spent years in the food industry and who STILL talks about food on a daily basis, you would think eliminating carbs would be problem. Actually, I've found ways to stay on my ...
1 reply, last reply by tlschwenn, 2 months ago.   407 views.
started by Avis713.   
"Merry Christmas"
Just wanna wish everyone a great Merry Christmas and hope everyone has a great day today or tomorrow and hope all of, your family and friends everything goes well for each and everyone,of you just do what ...
1 reply, last reply by Char60, 2 months ago.   320 views.
started by bobbiduncan.   
No FS today just fun
Signing out for christmas day I have a "hall pass" I be back on tomorrow starting with a hour long walk up the hills. Merry xmas :)
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started by levonne101, 2 months ago.   
Kinda lost here! a little help?
Hi guys! :) I am trying to lose weight and I have realized that i eat mostly carbs and I was wondering if that could be the reason to my slow loss of weight. Can someone advise me on what I should eat ...
21 replies, last reply by ARB0001, 2 months ago.   3,267 views.
started by beatrizaguiar.   
Weigh day
This will be my first weigh in day since I started and I hope to God that I have done good, I know I just joined on 12/20/16 but I like to weigh in on Friday's. and so tomorrow it will be am I being ...
2 replies, last reply by ellen vanderberg, 2 months ago.   600 views.
started by bobbiduncan.   
I started again today. I weigh 86Kgs and I am 45 years old. I have never weighed this much in my life apart from when I was pregnant and even then I didn't make it this high. I was at a work function ...
7 replies, last reply by levonne101, 2 months ago.   798 views.
started by levonne101.   
I feel hunnnngrrry tonight I used up my calories on dumb stuff like bread, chips so I didn't have dinner now I am chugging back water waiting for bed.
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started by levonne101.   
Mathematical formula to estimate energy cost of walking?
What is the formula used to estimate the energy cost of walking / how many calories are burnt?
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started by RickeeT, 2 months ago.   
shocked at levels of obesity in the LA area..
I just came back from visiting LA area 21 years after previously going and I'm totally shocked at the levels of obesity compared to when I last visited! there were loads of hugely overweight people ...
5 replies, last reply by yugguth, 2 months ago.   3,822 views.
started by spacey48.   
shocked at levels of obesity in the LA area..
That's a shame. It has really gotten to a the point of someone under 30% bodyfat being in a good spot compared to most these days.
5 replies, last reply by yugguth, 2 months ago.   3,822 views.
started by spacey48.   
shocked at levels of obesity in the LA area..
You are just shocked about the levels of obesity in LA? There is an obesity epidemic all over the U.S. I am amazed at the size of most folks when I visit the states after living in Europe for quite some ...
5 replies, last reply by yugguth, 2 months ago.   3,822 views.
started by spacey48.   
shocked at levels of obesity in the LA area..
It's amazing the government bans cocaine and marijuana, denies booze and cigarettes to minors - all in the name of health - or protecting us from harm - yet they allow sugar and sugar laden products ...
5 replies, last reply by yugguth, 2 months ago.   3,822 views.
started by spacey48.   
Don't run, walk
I agree with the majority! I hate running and thought I was unfit because I couldn't run. Rubbish! I am extremely fit, and can walk faster than a lot of people jog on a tread mill. Plus, you don't ...
13 replies, last reply by dcwalker, 2 months ago.   2,401 views.
started by Chatterbox999.   
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24 hour fasting to break past a plateau
Based on your profile you lost 15 lb in less than a month and are eating under 1000 cal average which is too low for a man. What plateau are we talking about? Unless you are morbidly obese, and you are ...
by Ingria on 21 Feb 17 07:51 PM
Adding foods
I find sometimes that if I can't find a food in the FatSecret database, I do an internet search and it comes up there under FatSecret. I don't understand why that happens but it works.
by Jean Mc on 21 Feb 17 06:14 PM
Being Sick
I've been getting raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries which are all lower carb fruits. I just stick to a handful of any of them and it been keeping my fruit wants in control. Good luck!
by RoseTampa on 21 Feb 17 03:59 PM
Good Morning!
I stay motivated by writing down a plan of what I'll eat during the week. When I go to eat something else I think "That's not on the plan, my weight loss will be less if I eat it." ...
by Jean Mc on 21 Feb 17 02:15 PM
Butter substitute
There are no substitutes for butter. Full stop.
by ladeevah on 21 Feb 17 08:35 AM

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