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Protein Cartb and Fat ratio
I've only counted calories to lose weight. Now I want to look at protein carbs and fat. Below is some info I found for supposedly healthy fat burning. I would like to verify this with my FS friends ...
4 replies, last reply by dianecavallero, 3 weeks ago.   397 views.
started by curley-top.   
To the Gym!!
Off to the gym to do some latin infused zumba!!! Let's burn off some off my calories!!:)
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started by chatterbox34482, 3 weeks ago.   
How do I alter my "Saved Meals" on the iPad app?
I erroneously created a couple "Saved Meals" that I would like to delete. Is there a way on the iPad or on the site to edit/delete "Saved Meals". I don't even see a place to look ...
2 replies, last reply by Luckypuk333, 3 weeks ago.   1,321 views.
started by JustAGuy0479.   
Day 2
8) feeling good about getting to my goal.
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started by squeaky1, 3 weeks ago.   
2 Year Old Has Weight Loss Surgery
This story really saddens me, this little 2 year old boy from Saudi Arabia has Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery: I think this child ...
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started by ebivr, 3 weeks ago.   
back at last
Hey guys, HAPPY NEW YEAR. I'm back, have been working thirteen hour night shifts from Oct till now, thankfully it is now slowing down. Have been very naughty, not really stepped on scales till now, ...
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started by buny1, 3 weeks ago.   
They see my rolls and they hatin', controllin', they tryin' to catch me eatin' dirty
I love the smell of bacon in the morning! Which is good because apparently that's what I'll be eating for the rest of my life. I've always been athletic and fairly muscular for a girl - ...
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started by Muffy109, 3 weeks ago.   
Net Carbs
So, I have entered my Breakfast and Lunch and noticed that the Net Carbs for the salad dressing I ate is not correct. The Total Carb is 2 with 1 gram of it being Fiber equaling 1 net Carb. However, the ...
2 replies, last reply by nsvendsen, 3 weeks ago.   221 views.
started by KetoWoman.   
New Years Day, 2015
I started my day before sunrise, as I love to do. New Years Day is my personal favorite holiday of the year. New beginnings, and a fresh start. I'm happy to report to the world and everyone else ...
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started by Oink92115, 3 weeks ago.   
First day here
Hi, I just joined out here and thought will give post a small intro. I m 33 year old and I have been overweight ever since i can remember. On 22nd December, 2014 I had decided to finally loose weight ...
2 replies, last reply by wordvise, 3 weeks ago.   186 views.
started by wordvise.   
New Year New Challenge
Trying to ward off the probability of becoming a diabetic (i'm close). This no snack challenge should get me headed in the right direction - along with low carbs an weight loss.
1 reply, last reply by Lokidixon, 3 weeks ago.   193 views.
started by sherryhedding.   
Day 1!
THU 01JAN 2015 first weigh in and goal first day, 100.9 kg, goal is 75 kg 1600 cal a day, going for a nice sensible balance of foods and trying to shift away from so much meat and more toward complex ...
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started by dianecavallero, 3 weeks ago.   
Changes for FAT LOSS!!!
Day 10 on new FAT LOSS routine!!! Learning to eat to achieve higher fat loss, my last transformation(tranny) I burned 5.53lbs of fat and built 5.53lbs of MUSCLE!!! I looked like I lose 25-30lbs to most ...
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started by CoachTee, 3 weeks ago.   
A New Year, A New Me
Super excited about the new year. :d I spent this year highly motivated about getting healthy and And wanting to body build. Needless to say between work and school and don't forget the kids; there ...
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started by christinaholmes1, 3 weeks ago.   
target weight
How do 'judge' target weight? Do you have to be bang on it all the time? Or can you fluctuate +/- 1 or 2 lbs at weekly weigh in?
1 reply, last reply by corifeo, 3 weeks ago.   268 views.
started by Bunty145.   
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Atkins 40
You eat 40 net carbs/day. 15 must come from "foundation vegetables" and the other can come form any healthy source (no sugar, white flour, etc.) There is some info on the Atkins web site (so ...
by BuffyBear on 26 Jan 15 08:18 AM
water loss
I absolutely agree. Excercise is my key right now and I can't wait for induction to be over. I start over because of kidney stones although I didn't really eat bad.
by kimberlyk9158 on 26 Jan 15 07:35 AM
Hello i need an advice ..
Quite honestly, it's not easy. I think the best way to keep yourself motivated is to do things you love, but instead of putting people on the "back seat", put FOOD on the "back seat ...
by dricdolphin on 26 Jan 15 03:34 AM
Occasional binges are good for the mind!!! What do you think?
Yesterday I had a bit of a binge, but I still stayed within my calorie intake. I gave myself permission to binge, but was conscious about my intake by using this site to input my calories. I thought ...
by dragonwisdom on 26 Jan 15 01:54 AM
Pie chart
Hi Delaway, I cant see your pie chart, however I'm going to assume its because the difference in calories between a gram of fat and protein 1 Gram of protein is 4 calories 1 gram of carbs is 4 ca ...
by Nag1ka on 26 Jan 15 12:53 AM

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Measure and track. Measure and track. Yeah, I know you aren't supposed to have to do that with Atkins, but if you don't you will never get anywhere. And if you're like me, your overall app ...
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