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Please stop commenting on my journal. Just leave it alone. I don't want you on my journal. Ever. Thanks.
4 replies, last reply by kathleenscanlan, 3 days ago.   917 views.
started by fastingfurious.   
You have a journal? Wow, neato. That's just the bees knees. Your very own journal, hmmm on a public forum. And, you can block people from posting on 'your' journal - wow, this is just some ...
4 replies, last reply by kathleenscanlan, 3 days ago.   917 views.
started by fastingfurious.   
It's less to do with butter, bacon and lard and more about going through Carb withdraw. Just like you can be addicted to cocaine, cigarettes, caffeine, alcohol. After years your body becomes used ...
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started by Thatolliefellow, 4 days ago.   
Dewy, I frekin fully agree with you! (been sayin frekin alot today). It has all to do with carbs and a sudden loss of calorie denseness in ones diet and a sudden reduction in the energy supply - which ...
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started by Thatolliefellow, 4 days ago.   
Someone just tried to challenge me with "What about the inuits - they eat fat..." I was too lazy so I just cut and pasted...: in multiple studies the traditional Inuit diet has not been shown ...
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started by Thatolliefellow, 4 days ago.   
Migraine Question
Hi all, Can someone give me a little insight, please? About a month ago I decided to make some healthy changes. I have over 100 lbs to lose and the thought of tackling it all at once is overwhelming. ...
16 replies, last reply by SheaDlady, 5 days ago.   4,775 views.
started by floridagal2000.   
Hey guys just wondering, does anyone know how to print off your diet clender?
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started by Reef101, 5 days ago.   
Am losing it completely!! on a diet of 800 calories and the scale wont budge. Is that fair???:(
12 replies, last reply by nettiw, 6 days ago.   2,120 views.
started by Vk6.   
You Know You Are Overweight When:
Your "Men's Adult Large" size knee and elbow pads are way too small, and you are only 5'3" tall and a woman.
32 replies, last reply by kimishoo, 6 days ago.   6,819 views.
started by HeyJude602.   
You Know You Are Overweight When:
When you can't bend over to tie your shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
32 replies, last reply by kimishoo, 6 days ago.   6,819 views.
started by HeyJude602.   
Back at it again...
Eating healthy, taking EHT Brain supplement if you want to check it out. Eating more calories and started Protein Shakes. Let's see what happens - trying very hard to eat properly ...
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started by mommayer, 6 days ago.   
RDI Help
What does it mean when my RDI says 85%??? Does this mean it's a good thing I did not go over or is it a bad thing because I didn't make I guess the 100% mark? I've already put in my age, h ...
7 replies, last reply by lizzammit, 6 days ago.   12,566 views.
started by Chelle1358.   
My Weight Loss Journey
Hello Everyone, Today I start my weight loss journey. Date: August 24, 2016 (Wednesday) Current Weight: 279 pounds Target Weight: 170-175 pounds Pictures: Pending Today's Diet ========== ...
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started by KpTryin, 6 days ago.   
I have been on this diet 6 days. Need to drop 30 pounds. Doc says I am pre-diabetic. I also have RA . I have lost 3 pounds but I am so weak today I can hardly stand up. Supposed to keep my carbs at 150 ...
4 replies, last reply by virginiastollings, a week ago.   451 views.
started by virginiastollings.   
Recommended Calories For Me Seem High? help
My calories on here to take in seem quite high? Anyone else's like that? Just seem like I'm not going to lose by taking in all these. I certainly don't want to starve, buuut I don't have ...
4 replies, last reply by catkane8662, a week ago.   879 views.
started by LauraLiz0511.   
3 day Military diet
Hi all. Who tried this diet before and what was your results? I started this morning and also got back on the better and lesser eating and see the difference again. Jay. This diet is 3 days, starting ...
6 replies, last reply by Crazygrama, a week ago.   2,380 views.
started by #Dee.   
Low Carb Diet, ugg how do i get there!!
So I started a low carb, high fat diet. Did ok first week, with no weight gain. Messed up this last weekend and had buns and cake at a bday party! YIKES! what was i doing?? uggg... Anyway, back up a c ...
13 replies, last reply by cathyfield, a week ago.   895 views.
started by pcshrink.   
Intermittent Fasting and Low Carb/High Protein
Hello All Just wondering if anyone on the Intermittenet Fasting diet has used low carb/high protein foods during their eating phases? I'm thinking the results have to be pretty good... :?:
24 replies, last reply by Snowdaisy, a week ago.   4,606 views.
started by Snowdaisy.   
The Most Common Causes of a Weight Loss Plateau (Very Interesting Reads)
2 replies, last reply by Lizzygracemusic, a week ago.   848 views.
started by pattychaney.   
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food diary techie question
I left Fat Secret in 2015 and now am back. Been on for two weeks now and still my diary comes up to when I left it in 2015. I have to always use the drop down arrow and choose today to be current. Any ...
by parkplacecreative1 on 31 Aug 16 03:20 AM
Sugar and Carb Cravings
I eat chocolate and or some ice cream every day...................the trick is how much :)
by spacey48 on 30 Aug 16 04:42 PM
LCHF diet
My name is Tim, I'm 68 going on 69 years old. I'm married to my best friend; who keeps me sane and alive. I decided to start on this road to better health as I have a thin body with a very fat ...
by tinytim47 on 30 Aug 16 02:44 PM
Hi Everyone
So excited i found a support community. You guys are great, and i'm more than confident everyone will reach their goals. As my doctor advised me, i was so worried about the exterior, i wasn't ...
by Daisy971 on 30 Aug 16 10:03 AM
Let me brag a little
I didn't say it was a bad thing, I was just stating a fact.
by XshapeshiftX on 30 Aug 16 08:10 AM

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