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Cauliflower Grilled Cheese
Did anyone else see the today show with joy and her cauliflower grilled cheese? She used cauliflower to make the "bread". Has anyone else tried this? I want to try today!!! Any suggestions? ...
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started by Rckc.   
in maintenance mode
I'm finding it hard to maintain a weight is either I'm losing it and I can't stop trying to figure out a balance of calories and not overeating does anybody have any tips
2 replies, last reply by mummydee, 2 days ago.   117 views.
started by nboren83.   
Ultra Filtered Milk at Target
I recently tried Fairlife Ultra Filtered Non-fat milk sold at Target. Generally I can't stand nonfat milk. Too thin, too blue and too sugary! This milk taste rich and creamy and performs perfectly ...
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started by rachelcooper, 2 days ago.   
Sugar alcohols can affect different people in different amounts. Some people (and I know some) are extremely sensitive to sugar alcohols and cannot eat them at all. Other people like myself can tolerate ...
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started by lynseyC78, 3 days ago.   
going good
32,700 kcal at 15 days meaning 4.65 kg loss not to bad :|
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started by ferro33, 3 days ago.   
How to make Aktins work in the long haul
Hi Everyone I have been doing Atkins for about a month or so and have lost about 17 lbs and seemed to have hit a plateau. I was eating 3 big meals with veggies, meat and fat. I love to cook but it ...
5 replies, last reply by mummydee, 3 days ago.   281 views.
started by Cambridge68.   
I took a look at what today held for my carb intake and man was I shocked to see just how high it was. I am going to have to watch this closer. I suppose more meat is needed and less stupid stuff like ...
2 replies, last reply by mummydee, 3 days ago.   130 views.
started by Michael-Anderson.   
What should the calorie breakdown be on Atkins
So I started filling out the food journal and I think I am doing well but I wanted to know what the break down should be at the end of the day. Should I be at the calorie count or can I be below if the ...
1 reply, last reply by mummydee, 3 days ago.   76 views.
started by Cambridge68.   
After 7 Weeks Still Eating 20 Carbs only
Morning, Here is my story real quick. I have lost 20 lbs since Jan. 3rd. I am still only eating 20 carbs a day and around 1500 calories. Now I am averaging around 1 lb weight lost a week. MY start ...
6 replies, last reply by ssteves123, 3 days ago.   262 views.
started by ssteves123.   
New To The HCG
Hello group, I'm on the HCG injections. I started out at 242lbs Feb 19.2015 began the injections 2.20.15 did the load and on the third day I had lost 4lbs. the next day I lost 3lbs same for 2.24.15 ...
6 replies, last reply by Russ V, 3 days ago.   249 views.
started by masonalexander.   
New to Atkins...
Hi all! I'm an atkins newbie and just wanted to make sure that i'm doing things right. I started on 2/2/15 and have only lost 7 lbs so far (im waiting to weigh myself for another week for an u ...
13 replies, last reply by Itsaboutme84, 3 days ago.   323 views.
started by Itsaboutme84.   
Gained 3 lbs.
I don't know what happen. I gained 3 lbs. I have been off of sugar for 2 months. I have had some sugar free lemonade from fit active which I couldn't find any hidden sugars. I'm just at a lost.
2 replies, last reply by Tanque72, 3 days ago.   178 views.
started by Tanque72.   
Ketosis question
I have a question. Im having a difficult time consuming my 1080 calories a day. Im getting between 600-800. But they are in the percentage of 70-80 percent fat, 15 percent protein and 5 percent carb. ...
26 replies, last reply by Tresmemphis, 3 days ago.   2,026 views.
started by Tresmemphis.   
hi everybody i can,t get to go to second phase i gain i must lose 10 to 12 bls i feel bad every time go to weigh myself
5 replies, last reply by ebivr, 3 days ago.   199 views.
started by mahvashmaleki.   
losing weight
I am 20 years old and I dont have a lot of time to do much excersize but i would like to do as much as i cn, does anyone know of anything that i can do tht fast and eaz that would work fast?
4 replies, last reply by FluffyMe, 4 days ago.   235 views.
started by Zandra Moody.   
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new here- the only vegan to gain weight
I've lost weight and am rarely hungry in-between meals, I make sure I have beans and whole grains for lunch. A favorite lunch is my "instant" soup. 1/4 to 1/3 cup each of cooked beans and ...
by wholefoodnut on 01 Mar 15 06:33 AM
Yes Steroids causes weight too~ I am so happy that you discovered what was giving you trouble. Thank God your back to losing weight~ :) ~Ann
by Ann444 on 28 Feb 15 11:21 PM
Savory Fat Bomb: Bacon Onion Butter
Bacon Onion Butter - A lower carb version of Steven Raichlen's Bacon Onion Butter. Ingredients 9 tablespoons butter. 4 strips bacon sliced into small strips. 90 grams onion (1 1/2 large slices) ...
by LambiePi on 28 Feb 15 07:58 PM
Oh I've been keeping track on my own. ...I haven't logged food in awhile
by mpapatyi on 28 Feb 15 07:14 PM
New Atkins Dieter Using Fat Secret for Net Carbs Tracking - Suggestions Appreciated
Thank you for the words of wisdom mummydee. If need to remember to take it a meal and day at a time as I work Atkins because I have a lot of food addictions, like sugar, caffeine, etc.
by jdsullivan on 28 Feb 15 05:37 PM

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