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For anyone following a LCHF diet
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started by janwhidbey, 4 days ago.   
I was eating as much meat as I wanted at first. I got such bad bloat. I am now tracking everything!!!
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started by LargeMarge1, 4 days ago.   
Why Do You REALLY, REALLY Want To Lose
I was talking to a friend of mine who is extremely good at giving business advice and getting to the heart of certain problems. While I was talking to him, I noticed that he asked the question (in dif ...
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started by nitagurl.   
Walk n Water
Day 3: I am feeling quite tired...
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started by Pinocchio longstockings, 5 days ago.   
Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar has such element that eliminates body fats. It brings your body in a perfect shape, and a single spoon of cider in a glass of water keeps the skin fresh too.
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started by good-Diet.   
Net Carbs
Hello - can anyone tell me if it is possible to show 'net' carbs on the Nutritional Summary please?
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started by julie.iom.   
Net Carbs
On the right of FS page there are Settings, click them and at the end of that page, tick the Net Carbs box, then Save.
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started by julie.iom.   
net carbs - xilitol
Ok I have a question for fellow KETO dieters.. DO you count sugar alcohols in your net carbs? I seem to remember that those are deducted just like fiber, but I am not sure. The reason behind my question ...
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started by karenhaley, 6 days ago.   
So i am wondering about fasting what is a good fast to do when it is your first time?
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started by cpene4262, 6 days ago.   
I bought a fitbit so I can more accurately track my activity. I linked it to fatsecret so I can track my burned calories vs my intake. I read online that I need to burn 3500 to 7000 more calories than ...
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started by gatormom.   
First, congrats on the Fitbit. In terms of 6400 calories and no weight loss if you assume the Fitbit is accurate then your food logging is probably the culprit. It could also be the Fitbit since they ...
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started by gatormom.   
Any recipes or Groups on here for people following LCHF Diets?
Just started using this as MFP is not accurate enough for me to record my carbs. Finding it great but can't find anyone else on a Keto Diet - surely I'm not the only one?
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started by julie.iom.   
First day
today is my first time every hearing about a website like this. I am very excited. I told my boyfriend about it too. This is going to be so much fun.
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started by Tamar Dates, 6 days ago.   
Walk n Water challenge
Day 1:, by I.P Freely :?
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started by Pinocchio longstockings, a week ago.   
Lots of emotional stuff to deal with and comfort foods are not healthy. Guilty of DIET (Did I Eat That) abuse. Getting mind and emotions back on track so my DIET contains more healthy foods. :!: :!:
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started by Fran Boggs.   
I have put in my foods 3 times today and they disappear also there is no amount of calories per day
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started by Doreen Bilier.   
6 Things That Happened When I Tried Intermittent Fasting
Let me start by saying I’m not a girl who forgets to eat. Never will you hear me utter Did I eat lunch? Food has always been a driving force in my life: If I’m not eating it, I’m plotting to eat, and ...
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started by good-Diet, a week ago.   
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You Know?
Eat more fiber too. Fill up with water. Maybe protein and vegie/fruit smoothies. I have heard of a prescription drug (injectable) that some doctors are prescribing if their patients are diabetic or p ...
by Patti Y on 22 Aug 17 10:02 AM
What a difference 16 weeks make...
Good for you!!!
by kimberlysagoo on 22 Aug 17 08:24 AM
Diets can be harmful.
First of all, it is so important that we shouldn't get fat in the first place but life happens right. Food will never, ever, ever make your problems go away. After you eat badly, and I'm not ...
by kimberlysagoo on 22 Aug 17 08:23 AM
Keto Dieters, any out there?
Sorry the comment about changing your diet was a bit vague. When I look at your profile, under the diet you are following, it says 'ellehunnys own diet'. If you go to your profile and change ...
by julie.iom on 22 Aug 17 01:51 AM
How do I cnage diets from Atkins to calories?
Go to My Toolbox, then My diet. Atkins shows calories too. Maybe you just need to update your RDI or add calories to your Food Diary Nutritional Facts on My Account.
by LambiePi on 21 Aug 17 08:13 PM

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