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Does anyone fancy joining me on a fast starting this evening (after evening meal) and continuing 1, 2 or more days. I'm going to try to continue for a few days (over 7 days you should get medical ...
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started by minitata.   
Weight graph
Morning folks! Does anyone know if there is a way to adjust time period for the weight graph? I am showing 3 months but would like to view the last year . . . thanks! ;)
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started by Cathie6.   
Does anyone have any helpful ideas how to get through a plateau? I have stayed between 201 and 199 for the last few weeks and haven't changed anything..watching calories and walk for an hour four ...
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started by Debby Bond.   
I do hydrotherapy 2 and 3 times a week but it is not listed in the exercises what would I put it under other than slow swimming
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started by buster57, a week ago.   
How do I keep track of calories
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started by jeannelala, a week ago.   
How are you doing it now?
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started by jeannelala, a week ago.   
How many calories a day for me
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started by jeannelala, a week ago.   
tracking walking exercise can we do it in steps or in miles rather than in time spent
it is not unusual for me to walk 12-14,000 steps in a day roughly between five and seven miles. I have found a place to enter the amount of time spent walking but not a place to enter distance.
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started by Jay Hatch, a week ago.   
New to this online Diet
Hi I am new too, I started my wight loss journey 2 years ago when I hit 318 pounds the heaviest I have every been. I lost to 180 and have through a course of stressful life events gained back up to 204, ...
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started by patriciahenington, a week ago.   
New Here
So I have never been a small girl all my life iv been heavy but 3 days go i got on a scale and nearly had a heart attack! I hate my body so much I cant bear to look at myself (never have) I really want ...
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started by SilentScream12.   
Just saying hi
Well, its being awhile since I made an entry and lots has happened since the time I attempted this. I have being on the a Plant Base Diet for 4 solid months now and barely use animal products or oil ...
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started by davidrusnak.   
HCG cream, not injections
I've started my second round of HCG topical cream. The first time I lost 45 pounds. I gained 16 or so over a couple of months but have my head back in it now to take that off and keep going, then ...
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started by kristilyn1963.   
How did we get so out of shape!?
I have been 5'7" tall since I was 11 (yeah, they tested me for hormonal abnormalities, thinking I was going to be bizarrely tall, but I just got tall quickly and then filled out horizontally) ...
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started by tecolote_anna, a week ago.   
First post
Glad I found this site, lots of info, and lots of support !
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started by Arcayn.   
Catching Up & Checking In
Dear Friends, (apologies for formatting issues below);) My last post was June 2015. I lost my way due to several issues, mainly plateaus which I simply had no patience for. After visiting family ...
4 replies, last reply by gailmangham, 2 weeks ago.   586 views.
started by zaza1905.   
I have been recording my foods for a few weeks and get confused on the numbers. How many carbs, why am I not losing weight. Are there any groups that could help. How do I use this programm more ef ...
4 replies, last reply by mummydee, 2 weeks ago.   717 views.
started by The Belle.   
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Brilliant. Thanks for the information, puts things in perspective.
by slimit on 28 Mar 17 07:14 PM
Qsymia anyone?
If everyone found it easy to "get a grip" then logically very few people would be overweight. If a person feels like they need a pill to help them start on their journey and their doctor b ...
by slimit on 28 Mar 17 05:49 PM
5:2 diet
Hi marymcin, 5:2 is [url= Fast Diet [/url]by Dr Michael Mosely. Essentially, two days a week you fast - fast days (FDs). This means eating a maximum of 500 calories (for ...
by Jean Mc on 28 Mar 17 04:18 PM
Have you gotten well and off the steroids?
by TomLong on 28 Mar 17 04:05 PM
Chart info breakdown
Hi Sawta, At the top of your food diary, is shows the total of all the nutrients - including Carbs. If the foods you record don't have carbs measured. You can add your own custom foods and record the ...
by Jean Mc on 28 Mar 17 03:56 PM

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