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Free day
Just curious, how often to you have a splurge day a month? I have gone for a month with no processed foods. I wasn't sure I could do it, but I have really enjoyed being creative at meal time. I ...
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started by jeannastahl.   
For New Members
New members, please set your profile to show your weight history. If you don't, we cannot encourage you. Set your profile to show your journal. If you don't, we cannot reply or give you tips. ...
17 replies, last reply by Deb_N, 3 days ago.   1,278 views.
started by Deb_N.   
Day 3 - Low carb Journey
The day started well with protein rich breakfast. I had training all day and was really bored, bored means eat eat...grrrr. I didn't have lunch pack with me (big mistake) so spent a long time re ...
4 replies, last reply by mummydee, 3 days ago.   195 views.
started by Princess Mola.   
When it calls for 1 cup just how much is it in weight please, or how big should the cup be Thanks
4 replies, last reply by mummydee, 3 days ago.   156 views.
started by ttfan.   
4 replies, last reply by mummydee, 3 days ago.   156 views.
started by ttfan.   
Weight Loss Ticker
Does anyone know how to fix the weight loss ticker to reflex your current weight?
4 replies, last reply by Draglist, 3 days ago.   150 views.
started by pwrestlephoto.   
Daily weigh ins vs weekly
Do you find it is better to weigh in daily vs weekly? I mean is there more accountability if you record a weight daily, or is it more accurate to record weekly?
6 replies, last reply by gnat824, 3 days ago.   182 views.
started by Instantcrazy.   
Happy Friday
:) :) :) :) :) Weigh in at 154.6!!!! Yes I am heading in the right direction!!!! I am a female age 45, whose cooking skills lets say will not get the Rachel Ray of Martha Stewart cook of the year away ...
2 replies, last reply by pwrestlephoto, 3 days ago.   80 views.
started by pwrestlephoto.   
Hello all
Hi, I just joined recently. Had an accident where I was immobile for a while, put on a good deal of weight. I decided I would try Atkins type low carb diet. I have heard good things about semi quick ...
31 replies, last reply by Andy1999, 3 days ago.   1,384 views.
started by Andy1999.   
I learnt something very interesting...your posture can reduce tummy straighten up and lose fat!
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started by fatihaji02, 4 days ago.   
:) I'm so surprised when l hope on the scales at the gym, that l had lost just over a kg. By just changing my eating habits and entering what l eat into fatsecert it's amazing!
2 replies, last reply by Roo girl, 4 days ago.   127 views.
started by Roo girl.   
Hi All
How come no one talks to you on this site. I'm new and just joined. How do you get any support on here?
3 replies, last reply by Rains120, 4 days ago.   124 views.
started by Snail2.   
I'm still trying to do the Atkins Induction. I have lost 16 or 17 lbs., but, have about 30 to go. However, as much as I love eggs, I am getting really tired of them EVERY MORNING! Is there anything ...
4 replies, last reply by mummydee, 4 days ago.   169 views.
started by Sissynini13.   
Super low carb recipes
http://www.diabeticlivingonlin... This site has the best recipes!!!!
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started by sandycatiller, 4 days ago.   
VERY slow weight loss!
For those of you staying under 20 carbs a day. Are they actually net carbs? It seems like even the low carb vegetables are pretty high in carbs. I can't imagine gaining weight by eating broccoli all ...
10 replies, last reply by BrandonH2Oh, 4 days ago.   345 views.
started by LowCarbingLisa.   
Food Diary
It's interesting that in less than a week, I'm noticing my eating patterns. I elementary statement, but profound nonetheless. Also am in the corporate office now instead of out on the ...
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started by Andy Big Daddy, 4 days ago.   
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Meal Plan
Hi everyone:) I have been trying to lose weight for awhile now but nothing seems to be working. Does anyone have a good healthy meal plan thet they have been following and worked for them? If so please ...
by Cara Lee Schaanick on 29 Jul 14 01:09 AM
Data export
Hi there people! Is anyone aware of a way I can export all my raw data? It would be cool to be able to do a bit of custom analysis/visualisation. Cheers, Dan.
by Dan Willis on 28 Jul 14 11:30 PM
today is my birthday!!!!!!!!!!
:) Happy Birthday!
by Tricialana on 28 Jul 14 10:37 PM
Family, food, and fifty five steps!
Good for you Kathy. Climbing all those stairs, definitely a workout. I agree with mummydee, I had a small portion of ice cream at work, they couldn't believe I was eating it. Some people actually ...
by wholefoodnut on 28 Jul 14 09:51 PM
KCal ... Total Cal ... and workout Cal
Thank you.
by BigRed6 on 28 Jul 14 09:42 PM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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