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Wonder where lost fat goes? Into thin air!
I'll admit, I didn't know the biochemistry behind fat loss. Seems so simple when they break it down. [url= somebody loses weight, where does the fat lost go?[/url] ...
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started by JessWhatINeeded, 3 days ago.   
how has this journey affected you life besides weight loss?
Kinda quiet lately with the holidays. Something to ponder heading for the new year. My journey has affected so much. I can do so much more now as the weight loss and exercise has decreased the daily ...
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started by wholefoodnut.   
Ensure vs Atkins Shake
Any experience with either Ensure or Atkins shakes? About two weeks ago I started drinking the Ensure as my breakfast along with a banana or orange. When my neighbor saw me with the Ensure, she shriek ...
5 replies, last reply by BigBear2015, 4 days ago.   333 views.
started by buckeyechick.   
Look before leaping!
I learned a very important lesson tonight. My wife made a German chocolate pie tonight from a new recipe she had found. She wanted to try it before making one for the Christmas family gathering. Since ...
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started by M T.   
This morning started out good than it is like my husband hijacked me to his mothers before i could eat breakfast and now i am here helping her packaging gifts and updating a computer. :x :idea: :(
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started by heavymama, 6 days ago.   
5:2 Diet Christmas Feast
Hi, I am following 5:2 diet. Can anyone help me with some tips on staying on track over the festive period? I have lost weight but need to stay focused as I'm easily lead astray! I really don't ...
3 replies, last reply by mrspackrat, 6 days ago.   293 views.
started by Jills Journey.   
How do you set your diet prefrences?
I want to set a specific daily calorie amount and protein/carn/ fat daily percentages. Is there a way to do this? Basically I am looking to follow Jillian Michaels "Fast Oxidizers" guidelines. ...
1 reply, last reply by buckeyechick, a week ago.   738 views.
started by WestCheerCoach.   
How do people handle cravings? Sometimes I feel like I just have to eat something. If I try to read to distract myself, the only thought in my mind is "I need to eat something." I have a tough ...
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started by Sargasso108.   
my method
I stop taking milk and bread, instead i take fresh ginger, lime and lipton every morning and night. It has actually helped me espcially my tummy fat.8)
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started by rose ify.   
New to Fatsecret, I'm going to need help
I'm new to this but not new to weight problems. I've done everything to try to get and keep the weight off. 15 years ago, I was part of a group of Brushy Mtn Prison employees who had bariatric ...
19 replies, last reply by Nanny117, a week ago.   2,019 views.
started by Linda Marmon.   
Adjusting portions in my food tracker
I love this site. It is by far the best site I have used yet to track my food intake. However, I have one complaint and perhaps someone can help me. I don't always eat a full serving that is rec ...
3 replies, last reply by teresaconley, a week ago.   588 views.
started by teresaconley.   
Aplikasi fatsecret
Mau tanya, kalo di aplokaso fatsecret itu bagian ada bagian yang menunjukkan calories burned kan, nah pada hari ke 2 aku pakai aplikasi tersebut calories burned aku 1.854 yg bersumber dari bagian exer ...
1 reply, last reply by Selicar, a week ago.   235 views.
started by Agrifina.   
Does Wine Help With Weight Loss?
My mom used to know a lady that SWORE by drinking red wine. She said that she used to be about 275lbs, she started drinking one glass of red wine a day and the weight just fell off. I know everybody ...
13 replies, last reply by jadenmiller, a week ago.   1,414 views.
started by southerngirl92.   
How many calories do squats burn
Can anyone give me a calories burnt per squat estimate, there is a lot of varied info out there. I'm talking about no weights used.
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started by Kargyle.   
Wow, every 5 minutes somebody is yelling cookies in the kitchen, cake in the kitchen, candy in the kitchen, hey guys we just got another goodyy basket, it seems to be endless. It's really hard around ...
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started by Venda B, a week ago.   
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too upset with my weight
Keep active the majority of your hours. Clean house, gentle walking, t-tapping, and Miranda Esmonde White's classical stretch are some ideas. You are probably eating too few calories so you body ...
by ranajoan on 22 Dec 14 09:58 AM
I would suggest you, don't go to a party when you're starving. Try to have a nutritious snack beforehand. If you do arrive hungry, drink some water to fill up before filling your plate. http:/ ...
by jadenmiller on 22 Dec 14 12:02 AM
We need better fast food options
Healthier choices are there like soups, it's really up you to pay close attention while ordering.
by jadenmiller on 21 Dec 14 11:53 PM
Great, keep it up. Try healthy foods and stick to your workouts.
by jadenmiller on 21 Dec 14 11:50 PM
Is All Fast Food Bad?
wholefoodnut wrote: Sorry I do not understand that comment about fast food that every one loves it. I really do not like it. it's generally greasy, tastes of old fry grease (fry grease usually used ...
by jadenmiller on 21 Dec 14 11:47 PM

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Measure and track. Measure and track. Yeah, I know you aren't supposed to have to do that with Atkins, but if you don't you will never get anywhere. And if you're like me, your overall app ...
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