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9 replies, last reply by FullaBella, 2 minutes ago.   213 views.
started by FullaBella.   
Trying 1 more time
Hey guys. So Im going to try this losing weight 1 more time. The last time I tried I felt so alone because the people around me weren’t supportive. Im working on doing the Atkins Diet. Im going grocery ...
12 replies, last reply by Deb_N, 16 minutes ago.   547 views.
started by webb2012.   
Hello I'm new ... with questions.
Hi I'm new :) This is a really great site. I just have 2 questions. 1. How do I add a food or exercise that I cant find in search and 2. How do I change my RDI? It is way too high. Thanks Ch ...
9 replies, last reply by Deb_N, 2 hours ago.   468 views.
started by Morgaen.   
Anyone tried Quest Nutrition products?
Someone on my facebook posted these high protein low carb treats from Quest Nutrition. I think they can only be purchased online. Has anyone tried any of these?? They do sound good. not sure if it would ...
4 replies, last reply by HarrisonBob, 4 hours ago.   107 views.
started by LMS1230.   
Feeling Hopefull
So I am a 34 yr old mother of 2 and I can no longer say I'm fat due to my kids as my son is already 3. I have tried weigh less, herbalife, sureslim and I cannot say none of those things didn't ...
8 replies, last reply by Draglist, 10 hours ago.   329 views.
started by Gorg1234.   
I don't know what to do
I hit 400 pounds. I'm 34 years old. I managed for a while not to hit 400 pounds. I know I've yo-yo dieted. I will start a diet, and when I finally start losing weight, my mother orders me to stop. ...
9 replies, last reply by gnat824, 15 hours ago.   224 views.
started by buttercup30.   
food diary acting up?!!
I see there are very few responses in the technical help forum, so I am reposting here. The food diary has recorded yesterday's (Thursday) food as todays!! And, there are two blank days! I know I have ...
8 replies, last reply by ketojane, about a day ago.   1,075 views.
started by learning coach.   
-Determination is not giving up.:d -Determination is not letting go. -Determination is not "this is not worth it" s##t. -Determination is falling on your face and getting back up. -Determ ...
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started by ChubbyJolka, a day ago.   
Battle of the Sexes, Weight Loss Version
[url=http://www.washingtonpost... it really is harder for women to lose weight[/url] Interesting article I found on the web. My favorite part: " ...Sass says she sees more women take extreme m ...
3 replies, last reply by corifeo, a day ago.   148 views.
started by gnat824.   
can you recommend a good bathroom scale ?
Ok, first things first. Whatever you get, make sure its a digital scale. Something where you can see the weight in at least tenths of a lb/kg. Those old spring loaded dials are hard to read. Secondly, ...
17 replies, last reply by solatro, a day ago.   8,935 views.
started by newmooney.   
can you recommend a good bathroom scale ?
thanks for the advice-- just like you say my scales are old spring loaded and are difficult to read and seem to have a wide variance on the reading depending on how i balance on them(they suck) -and I ...
17 replies, last reply by solatro, a day ago.   8,935 views.
started by newmooney.   
I Need Tips for beating sugar addiction.....
Hey, really rough day. Hit the sugar....candy/ brownies.....pretty hard today. Brownies were at work. Then at the store (like the brownie "set" me off) the candy just fell into my cart, ...
12 replies, last reply by Deb_N, a day ago.   997 views.
started by PinkRose88.   
:) Moving slowly down now that I am on the right track!!!
1 reply, last reply by solatro, a day ago.   142 views.
started by pwrestlephoto.   
thanks to fat secret lost 6kg's since 19 July !!! 2kg's to go ;)
2 replies, last reply by solatro, a day ago.   137 views.
started by chawdex.   
Starting again!
Sooooo after a year of being around the same weight with a few ups and downs, I'm starting again.:) I need to get my head round losing slowly is good..... And how to keep motivated.
1 reply, last reply by solatro, a day ago.   129 views.
started by ballerina52.   
measurement of a glass of water
we're all advised to drik 8glasses of water per day buh ma quest is dis: what quantity/measurement is a glass of water
11 replies, last reply by HeyJude602, a day ago.   374 views.
started by MissElegance.   
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Sharing for Comments and Thoughts
You're not hijacking Mummy; it's fine. The one's encouraging Mom to have a Marlboro were intriguing. My how some times have changed; but others haven't.
by FullaBella on 28 Aug 14 02:07 AM
Trying 1 more time
I'm not doing Atkins, so I'm reluctant to give you snack advice, in case it would be wrong. Maybe someone will answer you soon!
by Deb_N on 28 Aug 14 01:53 AM
Hello I'm new ... with questions.
FatSecret has my RDI set 125 calories higher than my armband pedometer monitor, so FS is a little more generous. Maybe FS wants to make losing weight not as strenuous or less painful. I rarely care about ...
by Deb_N on 27 Aug 14 11:35 PM
Anyone tried Quest Nutrition products?
I agree, they are delicious, but delicious makes me eat more than I should. So I just leave them alone.
by HarrisonBob on 27 Aug 14 09:48 PM
Feeling Hopefull
Congrats and welcome to all the new members.
by Draglist on 27 Aug 14 03:51 PM

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by member Lucky765
This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
05 Jan 14 for diet Atkins