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Penis size
30 replies, last reply by rambler747, 25 minutes ago.   4,256 views.
started by rambler747.   
1200 calorie per day but most of the calories still come from carbs
is it possible that most about 50% of the total calories i take in on 1200 calories can be from carbs? I'm down 10 lbs from Dec 26. spent 2 weeks more or less on the bone broth diet. highly rec ...
1 reply, last reply by pattychaney, an hour ago.   33 views.
started by suzanneroomian.   
Wondering if Diet Pills are Dangerous for your Health?
I am not sure if I should consider diet pills or not. I know that supplements are not regulated and makers pretty much do whatever makes them money. Any recommendations of "safe" products?
22 replies, last reply by warrenwinter, 2 hours ago.   8,960 views.
started by Gossips City.   
Ketone Strips
Hi, I've been on Atkins for about 2-3 weeks now. I purchased some Ketone strips to test, and I test dark pink (at about 3.0). Out of curiosity, I had my boyfriend try them as well, and he also tested ...
1 reply, last reply by Glenbea, 7 hours ago.   689 views.
started by emmierose1.   
How to configure FatSecrets
I am new to this site. The default tracker is for low cal programs. Being on Atkins a low cal tracker is not very helpful. Is there a way to add more trackers for carb counting?
1 reply, last reply by Glenbea, 7 hours ago.   140 views.
started by denverbri69.   
Counting calories from Brine.
BBQ'rs - what do you do, if anything. I can get a recipe's nutrition for brine just fine but how do you figure what actually made it onto the dinner plate? The very vast majority gets poured ...
2 replies, last reply by schase02, 8 hours ago.   68 views.
started by schase02.   
Started again
Have been very unwell for several months. Drugs not helped. Feel must try to lose. Lots to lose but got to start somewhere.
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started by Lj.Poliakoff, 9 hours ago.   
How to delete a food added by accident?
this should be simple but I can't seem to find a way to remove a food that I added to my food intake by accident. Anyone had this issue?
1 reply, last reply by diehard3, 9 hours ago.   38 views.
started by judyinfl.   
So Far, so good...
I'm trying to get back on track. I lost over 35 pounds in 2011 and kept it off for a good amount of time. But over the past two years, old habits have come back, including my love of pasta and other ...
no replies.   35 views.
started by Meeshka, 11 hours ago.   
Healthy Snacks
can you please share some of your healthy snacks ,as sometimes specially on a Sunday afternoon I feel like having a desert. at this stage I'm only eating fruit , what else do you make and have. thanks ...
21 replies, last reply by Scuterdude, about a day ago.   2,441 views.
started by Saige18.   
Number of Calories Recommended Correct
I just signed up at this site and was quite shocked when I saw how many calories I could consume. It was over 2000 but other diets indicated no more than 1200. Is this an error? I am 5'3 and chose ...
5 replies, last reply by fnfkatie, a day ago.   236 views.
started by judyinfl.   
Joining this group
I cannot find a link to join this group. Help!
no replies.   109 views.
started by denverbri69, a day ago.   
Continuing on my diet
Yep! I took a long break but I am back to it. I was down to 129 lbs and then had to take a break. Now I am back to 140 lbs and I have a cold so I am going to start back on my healthy diet again! I have ...
no replies.   55 views.
started by katiemacwho2, a day ago.   
Crabby-Can't exercise
Oh, does this ever stink! I get all focused on starting this life-style-eating-changeover in conjunction with a feasible exercise plan I can stick to....only to get pulled muscles-one after the other. ...
2 replies, last reply by Annie42, 2 days ago.   245 views.
started by Annie42.   
Qsymia anyone?
Soooo I hesitate to bring up a weight loss pill (gasp!) because people get up on their high horses about losing weight naturally, no chemicals etc. But I'm bringing it up anyway dammit! I took P ...
67 replies, last reply by ieGod, 2 days ago.   36,331 views.
started by julieanne71.   
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Penis size
I know by experience around every 35 pounds 1 inch of penis is more showed
by rambler747 on 11 Feb 16 08:16 PM
1200 calorie per day but most of the calories still come from carbs
Low Carb High Fat is the way to go. Try to involve yourself with knowledge of this type of diet its doable.
by pattychaney on 11 Feb 16 07:06 PM
Wondering if Diet Pills are Dangerous for your Health?
I must be the Lone Ranger here doing a diet pill. Mine is called LeptiBurn by BioTrust. I have always been concerned about taking anything daily. I have had good health to this point, even though I will ...
by warrenwinter on 11 Feb 16 06:20 PM
Ketone Strips
Ketone strips are not very accurate and for that reason, Atkins has not recommended their use for several years. For the most part if you stay within your net carb range you will be in ketosis. if you ...
by Glenbea on 11 Feb 16 01:00 PM
How to configure FatSecrets
Go to tab My Fatsecret. Look on the right hand side, scroll down to find My settings, click on that link, then scroll down to nutrition info. There you can select 6 to report such as calories, sodium, ...
by Glenbea on 11 Feb 16 12:54 PM

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