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Cornerstone Wellness Program
Has anyone ever tried the Cornerstone Wellness Program? I'm thinking of going to a bariatric doctor who does both surgical and nonsurgical weight loss solutions. The nonsurgical side utilizes this ...
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started by kschaeffer.   
NO Scales
I have decided to weigh once a month...only. A very hard decision since I am so determined and desperate to lose weight.
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started by jocanoga, an hour ago.   
So i have a question. MEAT im craving meat terribly throught the day. Ive noticed when i diet and exercise, all i want is meat. Any explanation???
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started by msfari.   
after dinner eating
Eat and nibble after dinner when I'm not hungry
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started by Hilda Kessler.   
GOAL !!!
Warning: This is an "Ego" post. Today my scales revealed that I have lost 34 lbs (15.4K) over the last 17 months. I made my goal of 193 lbs. During that time I spent about an hour four days ...
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started by Glaun.   
Going steady
My diet right now is going pretty well. It's easy actually, but I feel that after a week now, my cravings are starting to come back and I feel like I might not be able to control them at times, so ...
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started by CoffeeHead.   
Maintenance Diet Plan...
Basically my diet plan is to create a maintenance diet for my goal weight, and use it now as my diet. It seems to be working, although I am usually a couple hundred calories below that. I don't feel ...
10 replies, last reply by madjak30, about a day ago.   5,802 views.
started by madjak30.   
no loss at waist
need to know why losing everywhere but no reduction ion waistline HELP PLEASE??
4 replies, last reply by mummydee, about a day ago.   214 views.
started by sandykessler.   
Best diet for Low starch, Low Sugar, High Protein
My doctor has me on 1200-1500cal and wants me to eat at least 5x/day, 3 meals +snacks, Taking Coconut Oil 3x/day, 1-2 fruits, Protein: at least 50-60g/day. Any ideas of the best diet plan to fill these ...
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started by Nanas diet.   
Fed Up (2014) Documentary
Has anybody else seen this documentary? What are your takes on it? I found it be informative and at the same time the product of misinformation or an agenda. The main bullet point of the movie was that ...
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started by 7Priest7.   
Calorie Counting
Looking for a buddy who is counting calories only. Thanks Ed
11 replies, last reply by icecoldcoke, a day ago.   1,998 views.
started by icecoldcoke.   
getting there slowly but surely
Well I'm progressing, no more cravings and my sugar levels are stable. Giving me sustained energy through the day.. Drinking lots of water. Doing my regular workouts... Sticking to my carb count.. ...
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started by chantal4Jesus, a day ago.   
:d Hey everyone! Deb N has reached her goal weight today & I am going to help her celebrate my an evening walk :d Wont you join me?! Touch my heart in support on myawethinTICself's journal post ...
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started by myawethinTICself, a day ago.   
I have been the same 143/144lbs for the last week and a half. It's starting to break me and I feel like this is nevr going to happen. I wish I could just break past this and get the boost I so very ...
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started by Brittney0808.   
Change Diet Plan
I would like to change my Diet from ATKINS to strict Calorie Counting how do I do that? Thanks Icecoldcoke
1 reply, last reply by msbuggirl, 2 days ago.   58 views.
started by icecoldcoke.   
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Cornerstone Wellness Program
I've just started the Cornerstone Wellness program so will try to post back as results become known. To respond to Hoser: just can't seem to do it totally on my own any more. In past times I ...
by RiverSong46 on 31 Oct 14 01:38 PM
NO Scales
I have decided to weigh once a month...only. A very hard decision since I am so determined and desperate to lose weight.
by jocanoga on 31 Oct 14 12:36 PM
I found a salad with a can of Tuna in water, satisfies me for a need of protein. Th Tuna is only 90 calories; less the Greek yogurt I used to have. That being said, a BBQ grilled lean meat is hard to beat ...
by jb007 on 31 Oct 14 07:13 AM
after dinner eating
Incidentally, Nutella is not that bad but the question is, can you stop at one spoonful. I can't :-)
by jennyhenrick1 on 31 Oct 14 06:29 AM
GOAL !!!
WOW WOW WOW - well done!! And its not ego! Give yourself a huge pat on the back for achieving such an amazing goal. You must feel like a new person. Keep up whatever you've been doing. Happy ...
by jennyhenrick1 on 31 Oct 14 03:34 AM

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by member Lucky765
This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
05 Jan 14 for diet Atkins