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The Site is called Fat secret Australia ....
Whats Australian about it ??? .... The calendar is American ... as are most of the food outlets .... just asking
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started by Firefish51.   
SABOTAGE! Is any one else running Into this?
I told my mother that I was taking the no bread for a month challenge. Out of the blue she invites me to breakfast for cinnamon rolls from scratch. MY WEAKNESS! I buckled. I went and ate a lot of them. ...
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started by Yves336.   
1200 calories diet, or have I miscalculated badly?
Hello people, my first post here. So I'm a chubby short male in my early twenties, now weighting at 97.5kgs, 171 cm tall (5.5feet). These last days I've eaten quite healthy, meaning most of my ...
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started by gorther.   
Need advice about travel snacks
I know I've yo-yo'd, but I am back on Atkins to stay. My bunch knows now in no uncertain terms that's what I'm doing. I often have to ride a lot taking my grandmother to doctor's a ...
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started by buttercup30.   
Thoughts on choosing a plan for myself
I was trying 1300 calories a day and it was getting difficult. I found my calories creeping up to 1700 a day and then had a total binge day (aargh...) I think I am going to give this a try: 1400 ...
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started by mikdexpash.   
[img]http://i1378.photobucket.... Barley the new super food, has been rated as one of the healthiest grain sources for our bodies. Although this supper food has been around for quit some time, it is ...
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started by Ann444, 12 hours ago.   
Cauliflower Grilled Cheese
Did anyone else see the today show with joy and her cauliflower grilled cheese? She used cauliflower to make the "bread". Has anyone else tried this? I want to try today!!! Any suggestions? ...
4 replies, last reply by dayberndt, 14 hours ago.   107 views.
started by Rckc.   
in maintenance mode
I'm finding it hard to maintain a weight is either I'm losing it and I can't stop trying to figure out a balance of calories and not overeating does anybody have any tips
2 replies, last reply by mummydee, 14 hours ago.   75 views.
started by nboren83.   
[img]http://i1378.photobucket.... ANTIDEPRESSANTS, THE DRUG THAT MAY CAUSE WEIGHT GAIN! Many people are on Antidepressants today. As many as 25 percent of the people who are now taking certain anti ...
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started by Ann444.   
Ultra Filtered Milk at Target
I recently tried Fairlife Ultra Filtered Non-fat milk sold at Target. Generally I can't stand nonfat milk. Too thin, too blue and too sugary! This milk taste rich and creamy and performs perfectly ...
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started by rachelcooper, about a day ago.   
Sugar alcohols can affect different people in different amounts. Some people (and I know some) are extremely sensitive to sugar alcohols and cannot eat them at all. Other people like myself can tolerate ...
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started by lynseyC78, about a day ago.   
going good
32,700 kcal at 15 days meaning 4.65 kg loss not to bad :|
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started by ferro33, about a day ago.   
For those of you following Weight Watchers and using Fat Secret...
Good morning everyone, How is it working for you entering your calories and also using weight watchers? Is it a ton of calories to follow the flex program or the Simply Filling? I used to do Weight wa ...
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started by mikdexpash, about a day ago.   
How to make Aktins work in the long haul
Hi Everyone I have been doing Atkins for about a month or so and have lost about 17 lbs and seemed to have hit a plateau. I was eating 3 big meals with veggies, meat and fat. I love to cook but it ...
5 replies, last reply by mummydee, about a day ago.   243 views.
started by Cambridge68.   
I took a look at what today held for my carb intake and man was I shocked to see just how high it was. I am going to have to watch this closer. I suppose more meat is needed and less stupid stuff like ...
2 replies, last reply by mummydee, about a day ago.   108 views.
started by Michael-Anderson.   
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The Site is called Fat secret Australia ....
thanks people ... I did find it after posting and changed the timezone ... this is a great tool ... I'm trying to lose .... no I'm GOING to lose 30Kg ... ... no real time limit but I would like ...
by Firefish51 on 27 Feb 15 05:35 AM
SABOTAGE! Is any one else running Into this?
Yesterday, I made 18 chocolate frosted cupcakes for my son. I made sure not to even lick my fingers if frosting got on them, because I knew it would be the straw that broke the camel's back.
by texg on 27 Feb 15 05:13 AM
1200 calories diet, or have I miscalculated badly?
When I eat above 1200 calories I gain. If I ate 1942 I would not be able to fit thru the kitchen door.
by jackie1947 on 27 Feb 15 05:00 AM
Need advice about travel snacks
Pork crackling / scratching, beef jerky, biltong, packet of sliced ham, mini sausages, peperami, small can of tuna, pickled herring rollmops, cheese, greek yogurt, nuts, seeds, etc... :-)
by ebivr on 27 Feb 15 04:33 AM
Thoughts on choosing a plan for myself
Don't give up! I am on 1300 Cal Diet. My stomach has shrunk, and now I don't get hungry....If I do get hungry, then I use I believe that you can do this. :)~Ann GB
by Ann444 on 26 Feb 15 09:46 PM

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