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Week 1 - Done!
I stuck to my eating plan 100% , who knew that could happen! The positives are that I'm down 0.8 lbs & my BG is coming down. Incorporating an exercise plan this week & although I try not to ...
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started by Darlene Howatson.   
what happens if you eat less recommended calories for a day?
7 replies, last reply by RndRob, 13 hours ago.   425 views.
started by Maskay1.   
I am a 63 y.o. Eastern European male, living in Sydney Australia, semiretired as a professional chef. I am told by my G.P. that I am overweight and with a biological age of 80. As a result I decided that ...
1 reply, last reply by RndRob, about a day ago.   116 views.
started by Adrian Halmu.   
using this wonderful site
I've succeeded with this site before and I'll do it again. Could you advise how I add to my daily input when I know the calories (written on the pack)and just want to add that amount. Also how ...
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started by MelinFrance, a day ago.   
I'm back - Let's do this all over again :/
Well it's been over a year and boy have I chunked up again! I just got lazy and back to my old ways. I am currently 4.6kg away from being my heaviest and need to act NOW. I found this site very mo ...
1 reply, last reply by Diablo360x, 2 days ago.   153 views.
started by Aussie Nance.   
New to Posting
Hi all. I am new to posting here. Love the feeling that I am not doing this alone. I have lost 40, 40 more to go. How do you add the pounds lost bar at the bottom of your post? That is encouraging! ...
1 reply, last reply by AKRSAR, 2 days ago.   235 views.
started by tyramoore.   
Getting discouraged
What do you do to get back on track after a binge. I have had a few free days and I really need to get it together. I'made open to all suggestions. Thank you.:?
10 replies, last reply by paularichardson, 2 days ago.   487 views.
started by PrettyMetty.   
just starting
Hi I just found this site so thought I'd register and give it ago. It will be good for me to track my progress and get some motivation from others-Stay Awesome everyone :d
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started by STAYAWSOME, 2 days ago.   
Started Calorie Count
Calorie Count Diet seems easier and less complicated to follow, though I didn't do well with it on Thursday. Other than that, I have been under my RDI since I started tracking it, so I am hoping to ...
1 reply, last reply by brennicki, 3 days ago.   150 views.
started by jameshaseltine.   
Back again for a refresher
:) Back again after about a year. Interesting to see a different set of names on here. I know I can easily maintain my weight but struggle to lose it without the help of this brilliant site. I had two ...
2 replies, last reply by AKRSAR, 3 days ago.   217 views.
started by AKRSAR.   
Fit bit or something like it with music? Help.
I want a fit bit or garmin that plays can play my music/ workout playlist. Is there such a thing? I don't want to use my phone as I would fanny around answering messages instead of working out. A ...
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started by Homebird87, 4 days ago.   
Really want to lose this time
I'm 53 year old female. I am now about 50 pounds overweight. I joined a gym but can never get the energy to go after working 9 hours a day. I purchased some shake meal replacement mix for during the ...
2 replies, last reply by Homebird87, 4 days ago.   237 views.
started by juliereyes.   
I thought this might be of help to anyone like me who wanted to toss the scale out the window! WHY THE SCALES CAN LIE A biologist at Berkeley shared something very revealing on the low-carb BBS system ...
30 replies, last reply by minitata, 4 days ago.   10,317 views.
started by Redearthflame.   
Alternate day fasting diet
So I started doing the alternate fasting diet, which Im a little sad to see there isnt one listed here. But so far its working great. In the last year Iv put on about 15 extra pounds, mostly in my middle ...
2 replies, last reply by jennifertielking, 5 days ago.   251 views.
started by jennifertielking.   
Butter substitute
Hello there, Did anybody knows a good substitute for butter? Thks
6 replies, last reply by SJWNana, 6 days ago.   518 views.
started by vickyw27.   
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Week 1 - Done!
by Jean Mc on 27 Feb 17 02:53 PM
Phil wrote: Rob,she wants you to ask her about "beyond weight management tea", but you don't seem to like Spam. Lol OK thanks man! I usually spot those kinds of thing right off…
by RndRob on 27 Feb 17 02:49 PM
You have taken the first step... Great job
by RndRob on 27 Feb 17 09:38 AM
using this wonderful site
I've succeeded with this site before and I'll do it again. Could you advise how I add to my daily input when I know the calories (written on the pack)and just want to add that amount. Also how ...
by MelinFrance on 27 Feb 17 01:54 AM
I'm back - Let's do this all over again :/
Just become religious with counting calories. Surefire way to victory. Good luck. We all fall off, don't beat yourself up. Good luck!
by Diablo360x on 25 Feb 17 10:11 PM

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