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Thyroid medication and dieting
Hi all :) I'm just wondering if anyone has information about thyroid medication (for a low thyroid) and dieting. Whenever I lower my calories, I lose weight too quickly (I'm talking 1 pound a day ...
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started by smallboned.   
hi im on this site to try and lose weight but really struggling as i just cant seem to break my emotional attachment with food, i use it as a reward, if im feeling down, or even just bored. i seem to take ...
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started by skeffs.   
Multiple Sclerosis and trouble exercising
Hello. I have Multiple Sclerosis and I am having trouble stepping up my exercise program. I am able to do most exercises until my core temperature begins to rise. That is when you know you are starting ...
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started by 2BFit, 6 years ago.   
Wisdom Teeth Removal and South Beach
Hey All! I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed on Wednesday... all 4 of them! I'm still on phase 1 of the SBD so I have no clue what foods I'll be able to eat while my mouth is out of comm ...
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started by SpoiledPixie389.   
attending a conference
Any special advice out there for conventions and conferences when your meals are planned for you? I have a 5-day conference coming up, and I'm drading the food challenges. I can probably manage ...
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started by kw1.   
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started by alwaysalady55.   
Guys Out There?
Are there any other guys on this site trying to do Weight Watchers?
2 replies, last reply by dsquires, 6 years ago.   812 views.
started by jwgibster.   
Organizing Your Week
Organization is the biggest challenge for me! On the South Beach diet, although I have always managed to scrap together a lunch, on some days I knew I hadn't made the best choices. Since I had a ...
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started by fraise, 6 years ago.   
I am on renal dialysis--and I follow a very restrictive diet with low potassium, low phosporos, 32 oz of fluid per day. So basically I've been eating the wrong kinds of foods like white bread and ...
2 replies, last reply by Janelleas, 6 years ago.   994 views.
started by Miss Donna.   
How to handle Scale Discrpancy
I bought a new scale and found out via a bag of flour that it is completely 100% accurate. That now means my old scale has been under-weighing me for at least 3 years. To the tune of over 4 pounds, mind ...
5 replies, last reply by whollybologna, 6 years ago.   833 views.
started by MillaLite.   
Weekend weight gain
I do great during the week and then lose all my progress on the weekend. Had some beer and a few fries on Saturday. Thai food for Sunday brunch. What can I do to stop, or at least diminish, the damage. ...
4 replies, last reply by angie1973, 6 years ago.   640 views.
started by changeup.   
Eating out due to business travel :(
Hi, I need some help and suggestions dealing with a situation in which I am away on business travel at least 3 days a week. :( For breakfast and snacking I am covered since my favourite hotel chain ...
3 replies, last reply by BFG33, 6 years ago.   604 views.
started by BFG33.   
My First 5k Run...
Hey all! So I've just signed up to do my first 5k run! And it's all for a good cause - for Cancer Research! It's called Race for Life and it's a women-only event. I'm doing it with ...
5 replies, last reply by cindyshine, 6 years ago.   717 views.
started by fairy_princess.   
corn dogs and mozzerella sticks
OMG, I had a great beginning to the day. Then I went to a favorite childhood restaurant and at my kids corndogs and mozzerella sticks...after I drank a SlimFast on my way. (hoping to be good) Embar ...
1 reply, last reply by 38special, 6 years ago.   652 views.
started by queeniekristi.   
Is drinking out?
I know a glass of wine is 2 points and I can probably afford it, but do you have any recommendations for what I should do as I have three wine-tasting events this week. My options appear to be a) not go ...
4 replies, last reply by mygranners, 6 years ago.   911 views.
started by Amee.   
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Sorry for the late answer... But: I'm living almost fully raw (i eat soups sometimes) and i'm vegan. So yeah, i'm following the 80/10/10 diet and I'm healthy. Don't take ANY SUPPLE ...
by Celine100 on 28 Jul 14 08:28 AM
HI there, Im also on it and a higher dose, I was very concerned when I started taking it however dont seem to have any side effects!! x
by nanashon on 19 Jul 14 05:12 PM
Don't overthink it. Go by the label and anything else you add. If you only used water water and no sauces or anything, just go by the label. Sodium doesn't magically get added from water. Actu ...
by Snuffyrs on 19 Jul 14 09:10 AM
Fluid Tracking
Wow, I am going to install that app right now. I really appreciate your mentioning it. It sounds like it could really be helpful to me.
by princessmc on 13 Jul 14 05:38 PM
How many calories/day?
This will give you an idea on the calories. http://caloriecount.about.com/... IIFYM.com will give you an idea on the fat percentage. Much success.
by Draglist on 02 Jul 14 01:01 PM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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