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I am thrilled. I finally got through a weekend and didn't gain back some of the weight I had lost through the week. So happy.
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started by Fisherwoman22.   
I have just retired and started on an exercise and weight loss journey. I love animals, humans of all kinds, and my food too - if I am not too distracted to notice what I am eating. I have used this app ...
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started by Pet Fan.   
80 uses for coconut oil
Be sure to buy organic coconut oil. Most Walmarts carry it on the aisle with the other cooking oils (it's less than $7 at mine), also health stores should have them as well. Personal Hygiene/ ...
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started by iluvred.   
Would love to hear from anyone who has lost 150lbs or needs to lose 150lbs or there abouts, I have lost 22lbs in the last 6 weeks I would love to share my weight loss journey with someone else who needs ...
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started by franturner.   
how do i go about chaning the name of my diet? AS i am following a banting lifestyle and would love to put that as my diet name
1 reply, last reply by mummydee, a week ago.   91 views.
started by MELANIE BRASS.   
Calorie Calculation
How does fatsecret calculate daily calorie intake? When I started this today, I put in my weight, my activity level, and my age. I was surprised that my daily calorie intake, to lose one pound per week ...
3 replies, last reply by mummydee, a week ago.   217 views.
started by BGfan.   
Fiber counted as carbs
Why is the fiber content counted as part of Carbs if it is not digested?
2 replies, last reply by mummydee, a week ago.   128 views.
started by DeonDelport.   
Still 60.7 and very pleased!:d
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started by Pet Fan, a week ago.   
Downloading app on Android phone
Tried to download and install app on Android phone today and it just never finished. I tried twice. Got a message about enabling data usage, but checked settings and they were fine. So, tonight I just ...
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started by SteadyProgress, a week ago.   
Soup makers
Does anyone have experience with soup makers? I am looking at buying one, to be able to make soups easily, but they are expensive. It looks as though the Tefal Soup & Co. might be quite good, but at ...
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started by Veritas1958, a week ago.   
Recording Daily Food Correctly
When I try to list what I'm eating I can't find a way to put in the exact amounts I am having. For instance when I say Blueberries (yum) it won't give me the option of a tablespoon or 10 the ...
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started by MeePam.   
Negative comments
I was wondering how all of you would respond in the situation I was in on the weekend. I went for a walk around One Tree Hill in Auckland NZ, this amazing working farm/park in the middle of Auckland city ...
16 replies, last reply by jeannieselby, a week ago.   1,496 views.
started by lj1234.   
Health Sidekick
It might look the same but it is not. If you were ever confused about how many calories you can eat and lose weight regardless of the diet you are on Health Sidekick solves the problem. Most site use ...
26 replies, last reply by robathealthsidekick, a week ago.   4,515 views.
started by robbackatya.   
Very informative Article about the Patho-Biology of Diabetic/Cellular Hyperglycemic Complications
[url=http://diabetes.diabetesj... of Diabetic Complications[/url] Although this article is about the problems Type I Diabetics have, that is Diseased Vascular system and Neuropathy I think that it may ...
1 reply, last reply by DeonDelport, a week ago.   138 views.
started by DeonDelport.   
Trader Joe's recall on raw walnut
For full story go to Google go to local story- if interested
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started by pwrestlephoto, a week ago.   
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Recording Previous Weight Results
Click on MYFATSECRET, top blue bar, over to the right is MY DIET under that is ENTER HISTORICAL WEIGHT ENTRIES, should be able to go from there.
by mummydee on 28 Mar 15 01:21 PM
Anyone doing the Fast Metabolism Diet
It's a difficult enough diet, I'd like to form a group for tips and tricks, or any advice with prior or present experience. Give me a shout.
by NowIunderstand on 28 Mar 15 11:38 AM
HealthSidekick accuracy Versus myfitnesspal and others on how many calories you can eat!
The people that understand how Your HSK Prime # is generated seem to want it, use it and get the results. 1. They know the HSK Prime # is specific to them not a general number for everyone like every ...
by robathealthsidekick on 28 Mar 15 08:39 AM
Depression and Pain
I am sorry to hear about your chronic pain. I have a family member who is a disabled veteran that struggles with pain 24/7. I know how it can drag one down. If weight is one of the issues you want to ...
by jwill77nc2 on 28 Mar 15 05:53 AM
Loosing for a change
Welcome back and good luck!
by jwill77nc2 on 28 Mar 15 05:47 AM
Can someone help me figure out how to record this?
Tuna and salad shouldn't have been a problem Jillzee but the dressing could've been if it was a heavy mayonnaise. I entered a tin of tuna and a 2 tbspns of mayo in the food diary and it only comes ...
by mummydee on 28 Mar 15 04:31 AM

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