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Changing Carbs in pie chart to net carbs
Hi Everyone Is it possible to change the carbs in the pie chart at the bottom of the food page to net carbs. I try to keep my carbs under 5% but the percentages are out as they include fibre - which ...
6 replies, last reply by LostSun, a week ago.   242 views.
started by minitata.   
Set Daily Goals - no change in dashboard?
Hi everyone, I am trying to do a body recomposition, which calls for different calorie intake on lifting and non-lifting days. Basically, caloric surplus (+400) on training days and deficit on rest days ...
2 replies, last reply by crafty3000, a week ago.   721 views.
started by Endure!.   
I dont understand the bmi because I am 6ft 3in and I am a pretty broad guy and bmi says that I should weigh anywhere from 152 to 199.10 years ago I went on a diet and working out I got down to 215lbs and ...
3 replies, last reply by Ingria, a week ago.   175 views.
started by chevelle502.   
I'm a beginner at this LCHF and have just started intermittent fasting. I did a number of 18 hour days last week and today is my first 24 hr attempt. I've also really upped my exercise and quit ...
3 replies, last reply by LostSun, a week ago.   198 views.
started by USNADad.   
Missing Milk?
I love milk with breakfast. LCHF, no milk. But, I have found a pretty good substitute. 4 parts unsweetened almond milk, 1 part heavy cream. Adjust to your own taste. I have my milk cravings solved! ...
no replies.   84 views.
started by The Bull21, a week ago.   
looking for buddies!
2 replies, last reply by paularichardson, a week ago.   287 views.
started by paularichardson.   
Define macros
Is it possible to define my own macros? I want to define my own protein/carbos/fats for the day Thanks!
12 replies, last reply by Ahks, a week ago.   10,997 views.
started by andydev.   
Jungle Snack Mix
Can someone please help me. I am just curious to get more information on the benefits to eating the Jungle Snack Mix?
1 reply, last reply by LostSun, a week ago.   163 views.
started by TanyaW1.   
many people believe starting the day with a good meal; and I do also. Heart health promotes saving half a meal for 6 meals a day; as a snack also. so one of my suggestions is an omelet; prepared with ...
3 replies, last reply by LostSun, a week ago.   186 views.
started by foreverhealthy3.   
Recipe Websit?
I'm sure this has probably been asked before but if it was then it isn't in the top 10 pages so I thought I would ask again. I'm looking for a recipe website that features healthy eating ...
2 replies, last reply by minitata, a week ago.   2,705 views.
started by DairyFarmersWife.   
Think I may have been a little to strict. Lost 5.5 kilos in 3 weeks still have 15.5 to go.
1 reply, last reply by LostSun, a week ago.   126 views.
started by charntel.   
Breastfeeding Calories
Is there anything in the settings that can allow info on your breastfeeding activity? I know that a woman can burn anywhere from 300-800 calories a day making milk depending on the day and the baby's ...
2 replies, last reply by LostSun, a week ago.   132 views.
started by GinnieH.   
deleting account
So I have a Fat Secret account, but I do not want this app anymore. Is there any way to delete my account (For good)?
1 reply, last reply by LostSun, a week ago.   102 views.
started by stayslim4ever.   
Hi All!
So I just joined the site (like an hour ago), and saw this forum and figured I would say hi and introduce myself. I am 27 yrs old, stay at home mom...and prefer to play video games than exercise lol. Well ...
1 reply, last reply by melon001, 2 weeks ago.   157 views.
started by TiffanyNicole89.   
How to curb late night eating?
Can anyone give me advice on how to stop late night eating?
61 replies, last reply by Stringofpearls, 2 weeks ago.   13,434 views.
started by barney1975.   
How to curb late night eating?
Before you head to the fridge, go online and look up ravages of obesity and diabetes. Eat 3 peanuts, 3 raisins, a glass of water, and go back to bed. Or have dinner no later than five hours prior to ...
61 replies, last reply by Stringofpearls, 2 weeks ago.   13,434 views.
started by barney1975.   
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activity trackers
how do i sync my fitbit with fat secret?
by whocares2017 on 22 Feb 17 04:35 AM
Anyone doing 5:2
I don't understand what 5:2 -- oh I think I just got it. 5 days to diet, 2 days to fast. Well, that certainly takes discipline. I used to do a juice fast 10 days a month, with not great results. ...
by MCslimmer on 21 Feb 17 10:40 PM
how to track a recipe
What I meant about tracking was how to break it down to a serving..I figured it out. And Rao's is probably the best marinara sauce out there...Low carb and delicious. I am in US not sure where you ...
by leslea151 on 21 Feb 17 10:36 PM
Butter substitute
i only use bacon grease and coconut oil.........have for a long time now.... both good stuff..........and i agree on the canola .........take care
by SJWNana on 21 Feb 17 09:42 PM
24 hour fasting to break past a plateau
Based on your profile you lost 15 lb in less than a month and are eating under 1000 cal average which is too low for a man. What plateau are we talking about? Unless you are morbidly obese, and you are ...
by Ingria on 21 Feb 17 07:51 PM
Adding foods
I find sometimes that if I can't find a food in the FatSecret database, I do an internet search and it comes up there under FatSecret. I don't understand why that happens but it works.
by Jean Mc on 21 Feb 17 06:14 PM

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