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GI diet
Okay I've been on FS for over a week now but I'm not sure what diet I'm actually supposed to be on. My doc said "keto non-dairy." I have fatty liver disease and it's moderate ...
3 replies, last reply by kimmiek80, 2 weeks ago.   818 views.
started by Roschelle McGowan.   
calendar wont change
trying to log my breakfast for Monday May 7th but the calendar will not change from Sunday May 6th! The navigation and identifying foods you type in needs some work on this site Need Improvements!!
1 reply, last reply by cjodyssey, 2 weeks ago.   222 views.
started by 6RingNation.   
Two times a day workout
Hi Yall I go to the gym religiously 5 4-5 days a week at present. I do cardio and lots of lifting. I am considering going two times a day as of next week. Doing my lifting in the morning(4:30 am) and ...
3 replies, last reply by tealicious, 2 weeks ago.   654 views.
started by Miniotter.   
Have any of you people using the Keto diet experienced gout?
1 reply, last reply by gold76, 2 weeks ago.   264 views.
started by AlanaSopie.   
The scale
We are not defined by the scale. It’s just data. So before I step onto the scale i say out loud this is just data. It gives me information right now in this moment where my body is comfortable just now ...
no replies.   208 views.
started by Bozo fogerty, 2 weeks ago.   
Surviving,existing,or living?when on a diet,all of them.
My boyfriend fell asleep right now so I am relaxing. Another good diet day. I was reading a blog on Pinterest and she said that to be able to lose 129 pounds she had to say no to many invitations to ...
3 replies, last reply by Damaris Berdut, 2 weeks ago.   451 views.
started by Damaris Berdut.   
So today I put on a pair of size 16 jeans and cried. Last time I was a 16, I was 16. I never thought I would ever see this size again, but after undergoing a gastric bypass for health, I have lost, so ...
1 reply, last reply by marilynhollowell arn, 2 weeks ago.   487 views.
started by Soulmaiden deSade.   
Hi, I have no problem eating the right foods during the day. My BIG issue is Late night snacking! I've tried all the usual tips, don't buy "bad foods", read a book, drink more water, ...
3 replies, last reply by Diablo360x, 3 weeks ago.   647 views.
started by Adellmari.   
Having a very nice easy day of dieting
I love when the day goes by and you know it has been easy. It's just my third day but my choices have a flow that I love. It feels so good. Imagine to have 4 to 5 months of this easy feeling, dieting ...
no replies.   372 views.
started by Damaris Berdut, 3 weeks ago.   
New to Navigating the site
Newbie. Been having trouble navigating the site, but thrilled to have figured most of it out. Very sophisticated site. Mainly, want detailed cal, carb, exercise, tracking to watch what I eat. Want to eat ...
1 reply, last reply by rhills, 3 weeks ago.   200 views.
started by RGADAWG.   
Adding custom food
Does the option of adding custom food that is not listed still exist? There were old posts on this topic, but following the instructions in them I still couldn't find the option. Any help much ...
4 replies, last reply by RGADAWG, 3 weeks ago.   469 views.
started by lynnkse.   
Feeling nervous around food
Please, if you feel nervous, upset, sad around food, let me know I do I realize and this. Fact have really changed my life for the better. I am nervous around food.
3 replies, last reply by Damaris Berdut, 3 weeks ago.   307 views.
started by Damaris Berdut.   
Feeling frustrated.
I'm feeling frustrated. As well as trying to budget carbs, I am trying to carve out a healthy keto diet. I have budgeted 1200 kc/day, and 20 carbs in order to lose my last 20 pounds. I also power walk ...
3 replies, last reply by kristopherk1, 3 weeks ago.   538 views.
started by Eanor.   
Weight on
Well, finally. Over the last couple of weeks my weight has been bouncing between 128. and 132.:( This AM I weighed in at 134.2. Yay, it's about time. If I can put on 2-3 pounds a week that would be ...
1 reply, last reply by abbadabba, 3 weeks ago.   287 views.
started by Aelfwin.   
Made the best chicken salad with greek yogurt!
[url=https://www.sugardishme.c... Chicken Salad![/url]
no replies.   145 views.
started by pcshrink, 3 weeks ago.   
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just getting started!
:) so glad to be back on track again. I was on weight watchers until they changed to freestyle diet and I have gained back 10 lbs of my 30 lost. Doesn't work for me!! so...I am back on track as of ...
by iambehrly on 26 May 18 12:51 PM
How do I eat more calories without eating more carbs etc?
The standard line, for years, has been that all dietary fats are bad. However, while society has run from saturated fat like the plague, metabolic syndrome (the constellation of obesity, type 2 diabetes, ...
by Miraculum on 26 May 18 12:13 PM
Checking in
hey everyone. keep strong through the holiday weekend. remember this is a lifestyle not a diet. diets fail. lifestyles are forever. keep it in perspective.
by cardiocasey on 26 May 18 09:16 AM
Type 2 Diabetes
I have lost over 35 pounds, lowered my A1c one full point and reversed my diagnoses from diabetic back to pre-diabetic just by restricting my carb intake. I am rarely hungry, more satiated, and few if ...
by davarn on 26 May 18 07:48 AM
Grateful for Keto
So pleased for Keto and it kick starting my plateau. Im so happy that this woe helps me. Lost 27kgs and then stalled for 200 days so clearly I needed to do something different. Was introduced to Keto and ...
by RahRahRoozie on 25 May 18 11:01 PM
Trying not to be addicted to scale watching
WriterandPainter, welcome!! I, too, have been guilty of weighing at all hours. I even bought a different scale, to get increments of 0.10 lb. Now, I have TWO scales. It's a sickness! I've been ...
by Miraculum on 25 May 18 08:25 PM

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