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Night time sweet attack! Help!
Hey all, for the most part I managed to get thru the holidays without gaining any real weight maybe an inch but Jan 1, as we all do, is new years res. OK, so I'm an avid gym ray and workout 2- 3 hours ...
2 replies, last reply by godking1488, a week ago.   351 views.
started by godking1488.   
Hi Marika
Thanks for the encouragement. Are you counting calories along with net carbs, fat and protein daily? Where do you find your recipes? Beth
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started by Beth Hartline Madigan, a week ago.   
Posting Photos in forum
Hello, I am having some trouble including a photo with my forum post. Please help. Thank you.
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started by KellyD1220, a week ago.   
Fit Bit
Is there any way of linking your fitbit with FS?
15 replies, last reply by Doobrie, 2 weeks ago.   24,241 views.
started by countrygirl50.   
I retired 59 and 100lbs over weight...Woke up the other day and figured I better get on this before its too late. I don't have a real diet in mind I'm just going to use an old school method I used ...
2 replies, last reply by melodie61, 2 weeks ago.   447 views.
started by MacNova.   
hesabımın silinmesini istiyorum
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started by fitbaba, 2 weeks ago.   
List all foods?
Is there a way to list or export all foods in my database (with nutrition info)?
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started by walts, 2 weeks ago.   
Maintaining my food inventory
We used to go to a particular restaurant very often. For the past year we haven't gone back and don't plan to in the future, but their menu items are still in my "Most Eaten" list. ...
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started by walts, 2 weeks ago.   
Recipe Directions Not Displaying
Directions in the recipes are not displayed on the app on my iPad does anyone have a solution to this problem? I will admit that I just joined the site so I am still learning. I would like to know how ...
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started by leah pruitt, 2 weeks ago.   
Just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism...
Had my physical October 16. My mother had thyroid problems, I turned 40 this year and now have hypothyroidism. I was doing really good until about 2 to 3 months ago. I started gaining weight. Now it seems ...
30 replies, last reply by leah pruitt, 2 weeks ago.   13,515 views.
started by seechellec.   
:( I am in menopause and feel horrible I gain weight and have hot flushes but that I think I will be able to control if I just don't have the foggy head feeling and the tired ness and the jelly legs ...
10 replies, last reply by leah pruitt, 2 weeks ago.   3,859 views.
started by Cobatjie.   
Informative: The Pros and Cons of Ketogenic Diet
Thanks for sharing.
2 replies, last reply by Terrapin12, 2 weeks ago.   411 views.
started by Anniejohnson.   
Diabetic: Calories in vs calories out
I was diagnosed 3 months ago with diabetis type 2. My current A1C is 6.1 (down from 11.5) and I average a glucose reading of 130 taken each morning. My doctor put me on a 1250 cal/day diet, I have gone ...
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started by lrh1964, 2 weeks ago.   
A long journey
Hey everyone. I’ve been here since 2013 but been away for 4 years. Last night I downloaded the app. I’ve been reading through some of the stories and also smiled through the Christmas indulgence ones ...
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started by Sassperella, 2 weeks ago.   
Good Morning and Merry Christmas!
So, I thought I had posted previously, but there aren't any posts. I restarted Fatsecret about 2 days ago, since deciding to begin a new lifestyle of eating. Recently, I lost 14 lbs on Weight Wa ...
1 reply, last reply by Rhoda Dendron, 2 weeks ago.   301 views.
started by Joani1984.   
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by davidbrochu on 16 Jan 18 11:23 AM
Ketogenic Diet
how does this effect blood sugar, I have issues with mine going to low at times
by gingerbellgonzalez on 16 Jan 18 09:14 AM
Carb Withdrawal
I am a carbo-aloic the withdrawals suck but we can do it....
by gingerbellgonzalez on 16 Jan 18 09:07 AM
Please help with a Diet and Exercise plan
Ketogenic diet is a low-carb and high-fat diet designed to offer ample benefits. Studies say that this diet is ideal to lose weight and improve health. Disorders such as cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, Al ...
by Anniejohnson on 16 Jan 18 04:09 AM
Informative: Healthy Meals to Lose Weight
Choose from 39 delicious dishes in this healthy meal plan designed to help you lose weight and boost your heart health. The latest word on eating to protect your ticker isn’t about clearing your fridge ...
by Anniejohnson on 16 Jan 18 03:13 AM
Trying to keep positive
Feeling a bit discouraged today. Living with 3 other adults in the same home is not easy. Step dad cooked last night and of ocurse adds all soup powders and so on to the mince. I just left the rice and ...
by AudreyFlemming on 16 Jan 18 01:31 AM

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