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Just checking in
I normally do not engage in forums, but I have found that I need encouragement to reach my goal . . . and stay there. It seems that my intake bounces up and down, depending on my mood, holiday and/or ...
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started by bkelly288.   
Hi, can someone please tell me how to accept a friend request.. this new change to Following ... I sure don't like it.. seems much harder. I appreciate any help & advise you can give ! ...
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started by TOFU.   
What I did
Hi folks, I wanted to give you my diet that allowed me to lose 55 pounds in a year. When I started, I was very strict however now I monitor my weight and when I go up a bit, I get more strict. I did not ...
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started by ronqqq.   
The Ketogenic Diet & Constipation
The Ketogenic Diet & Constipation Dr. Berg's Video
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started by Trucker Larry, 2 weeks ago.   
How accurate is Fatsecret's RDI estimate/calculation?
How accurate is this site's RDI estimate? Mine has been calculated to about 2100 calories. But other websites state that my BMR is 1800. What is the difference between RDI and BMR? And which is more ...
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started by libertino85.   
Carb free/low carb diet
Hi All I just started a carb free diet. I did not start of too well as I find that some food I have been taking have some carbs. Can anyone recommend recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner that I can ...
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started by mmueledimonatisa, 2 weeks ago.   
Int Fast
4 pints of beer last night, so this morning I rode 40KM and registered a 0.3 ketone level post workout. Fasting today will put in back Keto by tonight. Green and coffee / decaf today only.
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started by Cannonball Col, 2 weeks ago.   
Looking for a good plan
I am a 50 year old nearly 300 pound man. I put the majority of excess pounds since 2011. I am looking for a good balanced plan, but am challenged with 3 fractured vertebrae and some other injuries from ...
8 replies, last reply by Betswils, 2 weeks ago.   1,295 views.
started by SarasotaEating.   
Nurses Care
I joint fatsecret in March and I thought it was good way to keep me motivated, and my work load picked up got off track, but I'm back on and ready to keep it going.
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started by nures care.   
Webinar Sign Up - Breaking Through ANY Weight Loss Plateau
Webinar Sign Up Breaking Through ANY Weight Loss Plateau
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started by Trucker Larry, 3 weeks ago.   
Weight Loss
I have lost weight since I have started Shapeworks Meal Plan, I have gained tons of energy. I am willing to help anyone do the same.
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started by Necho.   
My RDI is 3100 calories per day - that seems high
I don't know - I need to lose 100 pounds so I am obviously no expert. I always thought losing weight required around 1800 calories per day. Can I really make good progress with 3100 calories?
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started by GamingMike.   
how i lost weight easy
80 10 10 mutha f#kkas
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started by leighmann2016, 3 weeks ago.   
Fat bloke at a PC
Hi all, just wanted to say, well, Hi... Just learning how fatsecret all works, I joined a while back but never really got into how things work or how I might use the system properly to help me out. I ...
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started by misterbee.   
Database of all foods and their nutrition value
Hi everyone. I joined Fat Secret yesterday, and it already helped me see what is wrong with my eating habits. I just woke up today, and I wanted to create a meal plan for the day that would balance ev ...
1 reply, last reply by rhills, 3 weeks ago.   201 views.
started by Seijirou.   
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When I was in my 20s I had cholesterol of 453. At the time I was probably 20 lbs. overweight and had very low blood pressure. The doctor put me on 40mg Lipitor and with a healthy diet & exercise ...
by mariezzz on 27 Jun 17 01:46 PM
Ladies and Gentlemen, Allow Me to Introduce Myself
I am a guy who was told by his doctor to do a "high protein, low-carb" eating plan for six weeks and I go back to see him mid-July. Three weeks down and I feel great (now, not during the first ...
by From371to184 on 27 Jun 17 01:33 PM
Sharing meals
When you enter a new food item, it gives you the option of sharing with the community or keeping it private. I don't think you can share meals ("favorite meals"), but you can share re ...
by rhills on 26 Jun 17 06:31 PM
Running tips
Hi! I used to not like cycling either, but I bought a pair of padded bike shorts (worn under gym shorts .. so it doesn't look too much like I'm wearing a diaper), and that helped a lot! I listen ...
by rhills on 26 Jun 17 06:28 PM
Why Do You REALLY, REALLY Want To Lose
Awesome Egull1!!!! Great job, you did that perfectly :)
by nitagurl on 26 Jun 17 05:21 PM
by tinyterry on 26 Jun 17 03:57 PM

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