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Challenges Help
I weighed in this morning and none of my challenges updated. I got an error screen. I tried to weigh in again and they still didn't update, my weight chart did, but the individual challenges did ...
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started by inayat.   
Eating what I want..
Ok so I could probably be losing more but I am losing at a steady rate of 1 to 2 pounds a week and still enjoying my Big Mac and Taco Bell.. calorie counting works no doubt about it. Thank you Fatsecret!
9 replies, last reply by LuC2, 4 days ago.   971 views.
started by justjenn1973.   
Exercise entries
Hello, I am really confused about the net calories I had through out the day. I have only consumed 694 calories today, and my net calories say 862. What is going on? please reply ASAP. sincerely, Asma ...
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started by Asma Musa, 5 days ago.   
Frustration and Revelation
I have decided that my change in eating habits is not a diet, it's a lifestyle change. Once I reach my goal, I will not go back to my old eating habits or I will just put the weight back on. It's ...
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started by amyshan.   
CSA challenge: Carrots, Kale, Fennel, Spring Onion
My CSA box brought me these vegetables: 1 bunch spring onions 1 bunch carrots 1 bulb fennel 1 bunch green kale 1 avocado that isn't ripe yet (yeah, I know, it's really a fruit) I also got these ...
12 replies, last reply by mummydee, 5 days ago.   694 views.
started by Hoser.   
stuck in a rut!
I am a 37yr young woman, exceedingly frustrated with my lack of progress. Historically I occasionally worked out (maybe 2-3times weekly) and did not watch what I ate at all. I don't believe in diets ...
5 replies, last reply by lopicma, 5 days ago.   1,908 views.
started by Kelly J12252.   
Anybody from Colorado on here??
9 replies, last reply by Rockiesfan, 5 days ago.   1,244 views.
started by Rockiesfan.   
14 replies, last reply by mummydee, 5 days ago.   2,321 views.
started by LISAMSV.   
feeling great!
Day 2: had a small bowl of grits and one sliced red apple with coffee using half-half instead of that sugary stuff....stretching, sit-ups, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, walking to lake then jogging ...
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started by losing4_me, 6 days ago.   
Weigh ins...
Do you guys track your weight everyday, or is it a weekly thing? I may be obsessed, but I step on that scale first thing every morning.
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started by NicoleCanada.   
Blood Type Diet
my blood group is O,i am working hard to follow the diet.i struggle with menu for far i have been eating fruits.I cant access the ezekiel bread .
9 replies, last reply by Turro2125, 6 days ago.   6,970 views.
started by Kgomo.   
loosing it
Started in October when I reached my high of 206lb. I am today 165lb. Cutting carbs and watching portion size has done it for me. My goal is 145lb. 20 lbs to go.
5 replies, last reply by egdw, 6 days ago.   1,568 views.
started by thergonz.   
No oil vegan
Anybody doing no oil vegan? Furman, Engine 2, Forks Over Knives?
1 reply, last reply by NCNOLE, 6 days ago.   341 views.
started by Christabelf.   
serving size for dry ingredients
When adding rice or pasta to the food diary, do we measure after cooking or before? I am adding Lundberg Organic Short Grain Brown Rice, and a serving size is 1/4 cup. It seems like an awful lot of ca ...
1 reply, last reply by NCNOLE, 6 days ago.   172 views.
started by ellyfranklin.   
Going to go for a good walk today, and possibly do an ab and/or bum workout. Tomorrow is a game and a half of netball :)
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started by Katysewell, 6 days ago.   
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Fed up with counting calories and carbs - learning to trust myself with food.
I feel like this is the challenge we all face. You have a good handle on what you're eating as long as you're tracking, but that's just not something you're going to do forever. And then ...
by gnat824 on 17 Apr 14 11:04 AM
Before and After, anyone?
Great pic Draglist!Don't let a few pounds up wipe that lovely smile off your face, you're worth it!
by Jenfar on 17 Apr 14 11:02 AM
Diabetes Miracle, Phase 1
I've been following this approach for 5 weeks now. I expect to switch to Phase 2 (increased carbs, but still restricted in quantity and timing. I don't know what my blood sugar readings should ...
by Ldav7 on 17 Apr 14 10:20 AM
Restart - New Goal
Today is the first day of what will hopefully be my last restart! My new goal is to lose 100 pounds and then TUMMY TUCK! Haven't had a flat tummy since 10th grade and I am 49 years old. I love ...
by TJCoker on 17 Apr 14 09:19 AM
Massage envy
I want to know if drinking hot water would help in weightloss .Few of my friends told that they lost considerable amount of weight post drinking hot water frequently. [url= ...
by LukeGWinn on 17 Apr 14 08:41 AM
High Protein Lower-Fat Options (Using whole, real foods)
Thanks. Great staple foods.
by Draglist on 17 Apr 14 08:18 AM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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