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how to work off a big breakfast!!!
had a huge omlete,mush.,cheese,roast pep.,onions,egg beatr.,mini bagle w/ nova lox.milk,tom.juice,prune juice. thoght i was gonna pay the price. ...then i went to ikea!!!5 1/2 hr's.,&$370 lat ...
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started by francopergallini, 2 weeks ago.   
Garmin Connect Integration
Millions of people use Garmin devices to track their daily movements, exercise, sleep etc. I would love to be able to sync data between Fat Secret & Garmin, the same way M Fitness Pal does. Are there ...
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started by Waddo.   
Looking for new buddies :)
Today is a new beginning for me and I am making a commitment to myself to be healthy inside and out. This is my second time on here but I started a new profile because to be honest, I was kinda ashamed ...
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started by superbunches.   
Looking to buddy up with someone that has a lot of weight to lose. I have joined weight watchers and
Hello, My name is Sandra and I am a member of weight watchers I have been doing well with the new program. I am looking to share ideas and goals with a buddy that also wants to lose a large amount of ...
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started by Brooklands Baby.   
Weight Gain
Hi, I know that losing weight is challenging and one's diet has to be adhered to vigilantly. I never thought that the reverse would be true. I had an operation in late December that went well except ...
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started by Aelfwin, 2 weeks ago.   
Good Day inmates! Just wanted to share with all that after 12 years of 'trying' to lose some weight through exercise I've come across the answer - cycling. Unbelievable success with only two ...
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started by Tuby01.   
Hesap silme
Hesabımın silinmesini istiyorum.
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started by sirkadiyenritim, 2 weeks ago.   
Change weight loss goal per week
It only allowed me to put in 1 pound a week. Can this be changed?
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started by auntbethyboo, 2 weeks ago.   
Going to share a yummy Cloud Bread Recipe... When I find it
I'm doing Intermittent Fasting - eating between 11 am to 7 pm and fasting the other 16 hours. After having done the Keto diet for a while and with success, I realized I need an eating plan that I can ...
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started by PenMike.   
Environmental Pollution in Your Area
Hi, everyone. Watching Mike Mutzel on YouTube and he is speaking with cancer survivor and expert Dr. Nasha Winters on how you can let the body heal itself through diet and other techniques. She mentioned ...
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started by Draglist, 2 weeks ago.   
Hello! :)
I just joined here and wanted to say hi and try and be part of the community here. I have high-functioning autism. So, for the most part, I'm easy to talk to, but I can take things too literally ...
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started by Keyeno1990.   
Recently Eaten and favourite Foods expansion
Can you expand the list, or at least put the foods in based on how recently they were eaten? I have foods I ate the day previously that don't show up, its annoying to have to search for them again. ...
1 reply, last reply by Diablo360x, 2 weeks ago.   102 views.
started by bobberto.   
Looking forward to learning some new.
I am a new diabetic and when I was told last year, I stressed out and decided to go for the weight loss surgery, but changed my mind within a few months when my niece was sharing her experience of the ...
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started by debrafrazier, 2 weeks ago.   
Closer to my goal
Yippee, I dropped my weight down to 159 this morning! Hadn't seen the 150's in a long time, it feels good!
1 reply, last reply by Laura L G, 2 weeks ago.   242 views.
started by MereSess.   
How to delete a recipe?
Help me please! I've written very many recipes in my recipe book and now I don't know how to delete any. Explain me please!
3 replies, last reply by teskandar, 2 weeks ago.   1,305 views.
started by Irai8.   
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Is Fatsecret just for keto dieters?
I'm a 58 year old male and I do as many have suggested here within. I count calories. I started at 202 and am now 186 with a goal of circa 175. I do exercise, 2 to 3 days a week in the gym for an ...
by pds2 on 24 Apr 18 08:59 AM
what is your goal weight, 5'3 and 5'4 ladies?
I am currently 130 and want to get down to at least 125 as I work out daily and muscle is heavier than fat. I'm told at 120I look way too thin
by Nancilaw on 23 Apr 18 10:40 PM
Scales at home
I finally got a new scale that matches the doctor's office exactly. I would just use the weight on the scale at home and know that the doctor's office will show more OR get a new scale - but it ...
by Fritzy 22 on 23 Apr 18 06:28 PM
Climbing my way out of a very deep sorrow
Losing weight is so hard, even when life is going perfectly. My hat's off to all of you who soldier on through life's trials and tribulations.
by ValerieJN on 23 Apr 18 10:57 AM
It’s time for a restart. I looked at this site in 2011 and then life just happened. I’ve had the yo yo effect with weight loss and gain over the years, but the stakes are higher now. I’m hoping to make ...
by joy_grace on 23 Apr 18 08:45 AM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Once a week
by donnavan schaik on 22 Apr 18 09:13 PM

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