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Oat Bran - Inconsistent Calorie/Kj Content
Ello. I have recently switched from Rolled Oats to Oat Bran because of its superior fibre and protein content, as well as what is meant to be a lower number of calories per 100g. Problem is, all sources ...
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started by Iambutanonymous.   
Counting Calories
Counting calories is the hardest for me. I make meals from scratch. Any tips or tricks on how to do it?
1 reply, last reply by mummydee, 5 days ago.   85 views.
started by Michelle1442.   
Fun question
If you are wearing a Pedometer and walking forward give you steps, does walking backwards take them away? :lol:
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started by Rockiesfan, 5 days ago.   
Which To Do?
I still have a lot to lose but have lost 34 lbs so far. I belong to a gym and have been doing water aerobics for 3 weeks and plan to continue. I am thinking it is time to start some kind of resistance ...
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started by Rckc.   
Diet Broken for Operation
Had 2 go in for an op on Wednesday morning. Day 5 of my stay in hospital and my diet is screwed. Its so frustrating. Not sure when I'll get out - hoping 2day. Been booked off work for 6 weeks and ...
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started by Vampx.   
starting again
Not doing great :( starting again!
1 reply, last reply by ebivr, 6 days ago.   174 views.
started by Ruthline.   
I really cut my carbs today. All I have ate in the past 24 hours has been eggs. Haven't really been hungry. Going through some stressfull times. It did pay off when I got on the scale tonight. ...
14 replies, last reply by Deb_N, 6 days ago.   1,261 views.
started by A Beautiful Dreamer.   
Leslie Sansone , Debbie Rocker workouts
Hi !!! Anyone out there using Leslie Sansone or Debbie Rocker dvd's for their workouts ? Would love to hear from you as well if it is helping you to loose weight.thanks
13 replies, last reply by BJ Patmore, 6 days ago.   2,077 views.
started by rvbrvb.   
Natra-bio Thyroid Support?
I read tons of reviews online about this supplement and it has an overwhelming amount of good versus bad reviews. I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, but unable to take synthroid. I was wondering ...
9 replies, last reply by Kmcooper1026, 6 days ago.   8,903 views.
started by sierra1167.   
Happy dance, Happy dance
Began my induction challenge Monday March 9th I challenged myself to committing to the induction phase for a week, Well, its been a week and Im glad to report Ive now lost a total of 2 1/2 inches in my ...
7 replies, last reply by SandraALCF, 6 days ago.   831 views.
started by syndi55.   
LOW CARB DIET???? So, I'm tempted to try a "low-carb" diet (meaning there will be complex carbohydrates like ONE bowl of rolled oatmeal in the AM after that, really nothing else that doesnt ...
7 replies, last reply by SandraALCF, 6 days ago.   798 views.
started by Jennaleighhadley.   
I need will power
Hey everyone, I just wanna know how do you guys manage to stick to your dieting and exercise plans??? I need that will power to stop myself from eating unhealthy fatty food!
6 replies, last reply by SandraALCF, 6 days ago.   728 views.
started by ifrahweight.   
HCG Diet
I started an HCG diet 4 weeks ago. At first I didn't understand the restrictions (500 cap per day) and gained weight by 1lbs per day. Then I dialed it down to an average of 30 carbs per day and about ...
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started by wgutmann, 6 days ago.   
Had a kink in the road!!!!
Started my diet 3 days ago. Day 1&2 went like a breeze.:d Woke up yesterday sick as a dog could not keep a thing down. :( Fell deeply in love with Popsicle,s lol. :d Feeling a bit better today. On ...
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started by Sweetie831, 6 days ago.   
How would you tone a mummy tummy?
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started by BubBooty, a week ago.   
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Turkey Time
This website would not let me copy/paste easily, so I would look on it. I would try to stay at 200 calories or under if it were me (for dinner). I would use low cal mayo in anything I make or even use ...
by Jillzee00 on 29 Mar 15 09:23 AM
Throwback Thursday!
Zeddie LOVE the big bangs! That gave you at least 6 inches in height too. I could never get mine that tall. lol Ah... the aquanet days.
by Instantcrazy on 29 Mar 15 08:32 AM
LADIES - Buying Bras while Losing Weight
1/2 of 1/2 if you have one of those stores around. Just be careful that there isn't a defect, like the straps sewn on twisted. didn't notice one like that. Good brands and cheaper prices.
by wholefoodnut on 29 Mar 15 08:23 AM
Depression and Pain
Juice fasting with fresh fruits & vegetables for a few weeks is meant to greatly help: [url= Sick & Nearly Dead[/url] Also if you live in a state where it's legal, ...
by ebivr on 29 Mar 15 05:08 AM
New member
Welcome and good luck :)
by howzat4u on 28 Mar 15 10:52 PM
New member
Hi I'm Shortcake. ..trying to get back down to a size 10 (140) I started out at 177 I'm at 163 now in needed of all the motivation I can get it have been a struggle I am a bad eater (junk food ...
by Short-cake on 28 Mar 15 09:45 PM

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