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Rewards vs Penalties
How or What do people choose to reward and/or penalize themselves for GOALS Success or Failure?
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started by karymi, a week ago.   
Exercise values
How do I remove the sleeping and resting elements from the exercise diary? I'm not interested in them, just want to log pure exercise only!
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started by Gilly Fizzy, a week ago.   
Not loosing fast enough!
I started on Jan 19. the site said my RDA was 2100 and I weighed 236. It stated I had to stay at 1760 to loose a pound a day and the first 11 days it worked great I lost 10 pounds in 11 days. I am c ...
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started by 6RingNation.   
FatSecret for IPad missing features that in the iPhone version, e.g. My Professional
FatSecret for IPad missing features that in the iPhone version, e.g. My Professional
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started by charlesramey, a week ago.   
Info: The 5 foods You Should NEVER Eat
There are no foods that you should never eat. If you eat so much of the nutrient devoid foods that it causes you to not get enough nutrients/fiber then you should probably cut back. You have to look ...
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started by Anniejohnson.   
Why did WW kick me out of this website?
I have been a member and when I signed up for a challenge I am no longer in that group then I checked to see if I am still in the WW group I am not in that group either. Why did you kick me out? Did ...
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started by AfterHyperNowHypo, a week ago.   
Input my meals to the wrong day - easiest/quickest way to copy them to correct day?
I just realized that I entered yesterday's meals onto the wrong day - what is the best way to change that day without having to enter them in all over again?
4 replies, last reply by Sharpie, a week ago.   2,514 views.
started by Good2B150.   
Looking for LOW sugar and LOW Carb snacks
I'm searching for healthy snacks that are LOW sugar and LOW carb for snacking between meals and fitness. I've searched the "natural food" aisle at my local grocery store and everything ...
7 replies, last reply by SquirrelB, a week ago.   843 views.
started by BosBatMan.   
Dressing - HELP!
I am new to trying to track my food and I'm finding it a bit tricky since I make a lot of my salads and then try to figure out what amounts of what I put in to log. Anyways... one of my BIGGEST ...
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started by s_berke.   
How can I find My Custom Foods?
My wife has a widget on her food diary for Custom Foods. I do not. How do I add this?
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started by bdgfn, a week ago.   
using calories
Just noticed that you supposedly use 50 cal more per hour if you're studying than doing desk work. Now that's sneaky!!! I work at my desk 8 hours a day and most of that time I'm fairly fo ...
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started by Wilpena, a week ago.   
So question to all. I recently got a knock off exercise tracker, a Teslasz, which is pretty great. Monitors steps, sleep, heart rate and such. Also joined a gym to re-introduce exercise into my routine ...
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started by Kegs2116.   
dieta para diabetico
hola estoy comenzando con esta aplicacion, quien me puede asesorar sobre la misma, les cuento soy diabetica y necesito bajar de peso para que mi glicemia se nivele, gracias
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started by nelxipi, 2 weeks ago.   
Option to add calories instead of a specific food?
Sometimes when I eat out, I just estimate how many calories is in front of me. Is there an option to simply "add calories"?
7 replies, last reply by chrislee1628, 2 weeks ago.   2,561 views.
started by sleepaholic89.   
Starting My Journey!
Starting my Journey, decided to join here to help myself achieve my goals. I look forward to my journey ahead!
2 replies, last reply by pjclpn2b, 2 weeks ago.   177 views.
started by pjclpn2b.   
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Looking to buddy up with someone that has a lot of weight to lose. I have joined weight watchers and
Hi Sandra, My wife and I are both controlling our eating habit. Started 2 weeks ago. We have the benefit of both being Veterans. This means we are enrolled in the VA Weight management program. ...
by PBenkert on 21 Feb 18 07:27 PM
To many carbs?
You might be surprised at how much something weighs or how big it really is. My first step in getting on track is weighing with a scale or measuring with teaspoon, tablespoon, or measuring cup. If you ...
by abbadabba on 21 Feb 18 04:01 PM
Australian Woman 60's
P.s. over look typing on my kindle.
by kellyannburnham on 21 Feb 18 01:03 PM
Carbs, fas and genes
It correlates with my findings after 18 years of dieting, at the end of the day, the calories are what matter. Adherence to your calorie goals trumps any other variable.
by Diablo360x on 21 Feb 18 08:20 AM
H pylori
once the antibiotics are done you need to repopulate your gut with good bacteria so the h pylori won't come back. i love siggi's yogurt, which i buy at my local Tops grocery store. it is less ...
by carolynkrenzel on 21 Feb 18 07:45 AM
How to loss weight through Pilates exercise?
I am engaged in Pilates for half a year. Result is minus 10 kg, good body, beautiful posture and pain in the back has stopped. I'm working at [url= so I had lot of sitting. ...
by BicepsCurl on 21 Feb 18 06:20 AM

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