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Sugars (Good or Bad)
should I worry about my sugar intake from fruits or mainly focus on how much of the added sugar I eat? I feel so lost on what I should be doing.
13 replies, last reply by tecolote_anna, a week ago.   1,600 views.
started by christinademello.   
How to figure out a serving size for a recipe
[i]I get very frustrated trying to figure out a serving size quickly for any recipe on this forum. For example I am using a recipe tonight that says it serves 6. So unless I take the completed recipe ...
9 replies, last reply by tecolote_anna, a week ago.   1,095 views.
started by jblair1.   
Is there any one that can recommend recipes for diverticulitis. My husband suffers from this and I want us to be able enjoy meals together where I don't have to worry if i put something I shouldn& ...
1 reply, last reply by tecolote_anna, a week ago.   254 views.
started by Lita 74.   
help with diets
New to being a diabetic,high blood pressure and cholesterol so I would like to know what is the best plan to get healthy with and is for a real family to eat and enjoy so we will stick with it. Thank
2 replies, last reply by tecolote_anna, a week ago.   282 views.
started by gibbs sheldon.   
How did we get so out of shape!?
I have been 5'7" tall since I was 11 (yeah, they tested me for hormonal abnormalities, thinking I was going to be bizarrely tall, but I just got tall quickly and then filled out horizontally) ...
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started by tecolote_anna, a week ago.   
Exercise Summary at top of "MY FATSECRET"
Can anyone explain (or point me to the page that explains) to me the exercise summary? Right now, it reads: 1808 kcal / Net -1124 kcal. My diet summary for the day reads 684 kcal / RDI 38%. It seems ...
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started by Sans Egal, a week ago.   
What Should I do
Hello, This is my first time posting on fatsecret. Recently, I have been researching a lot and I believe that my current calorie intact is too low for maintenance. Currently my RDI is 2100 but I only eat ...
7 replies, last reply by Deebles73, a week ago.   758 views.
started by Wellness5.   
First post
Glad I found this site, lots of info, and lots of support !
3 replies, last reply by JoDi169, a week ago.   533 views.
started by Arcayn.   
Some foods are not searchable in website but can be found using the app
I noticed many foods are only searchable using Android app, but the same foods cannot be found when searching within website with a browser. For example when searching for Milbona I have many pages of ...
1 reply, last reply by cattylarue, a week ago.   235 views.
started by miikapk.   
Catching Up & Checking In
Dear Friends, (apologies for formatting issues below);) My last post was June 2015. I lost my way due to several issues, mainly plateaus which I simply had no patience for. After visiting family ...
4 replies, last reply by gailmangham, a week ago.   581 views.
started by zaza1905.   
I joined a long time ago but then didn't even try! So now I'm going to visit this site ofte
javascript:insertsmiley(':d%20... Had a good day of healthy eats today. I consider this my first day.
3 replies, last reply by Horseshu1, a week ago.   524 views.
started by 4tt.   
I have been recording my foods for a few weeks and get confused on the numbers. How many carbs, why am I not losing weight. Are there any groups that could help. How do I use this programm more ef ...
4 replies, last reply by mummydee, a week ago.   712 views.
started by The Belle.   
Looking for a diet teammate!
Hi! I'm hoping to find a diet buddy, preferably a girl 24+/-. I'm doing intermittent fasting so it'd be best if you were too for mutual support when hunger kicks in bad. You know what I'm ...
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started by Nastasia1993, 2 weeks ago.   
Define macros
Is it possible to define my own macros? I want to define my own protein/carbos/fats for the day Thanks!
13 replies, last reply by TeddyApollo, 2 weeks ago.   11,605 views.
started by andydev.   
Custom Food Details
Hi All! Is there a way to create a custom food in the log? I have a keto cookbook that I'm following and it has all the calories and macronutrient info in it and it would be much easier if I could ...
2 replies, last reply by Marachino, 2 weeks ago.   288 views.
started by Marachino.   
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Starting again...a few years later! Still hoping to lose 15 lbs. by my birthday. :lol:
by Keys Girl on 28 Mar 17 12:58 PM
My name ia Laura
Thank you Adamevegod!!! So true!
by lms1977 on 28 Mar 17 11:25 AM
Chart info breakdown
In the Food Diary, I see the area at the bottom saying how much of my RDI I've taken in, but where is the info for stuff besides calories? I want to know if I'm over on carbs, cholesterol, etc. ...
by sawta on 28 Mar 17 11:08 AM
5:2 diet
What is 5:2 diet?
by marymcin on 28 Mar 17 09:43 AM
Great for the new light given you!
by adamevegod on 28 Mar 17 07:55 AM
Estimated Calories
I've read in several different places that 1lb of fat equals 3,500 calories. If you want to add one pound in a week then add 500 calories above your exercise amount per day.
by Jean Mc on 27 Mar 17 05:42 PM

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