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Thanksgiving 2016
Wow! What a day with my cousins! I had a blast! Needless to say, their Thanksgiving buffet was enormous! And, yes, it was my day off! But funny enough I ate slowly and small bits of the things I don& ...
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started by Avis713, a week ago.   
A Thanksgiving verse for today
The Bright Lines are my Shepherd; I shall not crave They restoreth my soul: they leadeth me in the paths of right eating. Yea, though I walk through the valley of Thanksgiving, I will fear no pumpkin ...
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started by Selbygirl6, a week ago.   
I want to wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving Enjoy the day!!!
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started by Giannis100, a week ago.   
Happy Thanksgiving!
Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I'm grateful for meeting you all and thankful for the support and inspiration! xo
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started by CammieCo.   
Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! I'm also grateful, for you, and for many blessings.
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started by CammieCo.   
Happy thanksgiving
I wish everyone a very Happy day tomorrow. Turkey, Crab, Prime Rib, whatever it is enjoy, don't overdo.with food or drink........just a peaceful day with friends and family....... Then if you must ...
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started by Char60, a week ago.   
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started by Fumbler, a week ago.   
Improvements to Fatsecret
I have 2 suggestions that would make fatsecret even better. 1. Provide a way to be able to send favorite meals and recipes from my cook book to another member of fatsecret. Would save my wife hours and ...
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started by TalPal1, a week ago.   
Staying Motivated After The First Week
I find that the motivation level after the first week is very difficult at times; does anyone else feel that way? I've been continuing with the positive self-talk and self encouragement which has ...
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started by CammieCo.   
item not in menu
I use Vitamin shoppe protein powder but its not listed in the list of items. Can you manually add things?
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started by Gamecock360.   
The confusing matter of rice
I love rice and it is my main starch. I weigh 2oz of rice 224 calories. My diet is counting calories and grams of fat. I am now told that I am eating approximately twice as many calories when the rice ...
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started by yvej2.   
To make sure I drink all the water I need to, I will open a 16oz. bottle of water and throw away the cap. for some reason I end up drinking the whole bottle instead of closing it up and leaving it some ...
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started by MaverickD9.   
First Post - Weigh In
Started this record today, have been trying to reduce the weight all year, but seem to yo yo. First recording/weight = 104kg
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started by Rach V-R, a week ago.   
I cannot weigh in just keeps going to the graph
I cannot weigh in just keeps going to the graph
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started by Doreine1, a week ago.   
Belly fat over 50
I have been losing some weight but nothing is happening in the "belly" area. When I look at family pictures, we all have the beer belly, both men and women. Is there something I can do to help ...
17 replies, last reply by Marymaryquitecon, a week ago.   4,361 views.
started by wanna feel good.   
HI guys I am new to this forum,and to be honest i came here to ask for a couple of pieces of advice. As you an see from my info i weight 96 kg and have 173 cm height. 2 weeks ago i had 105 kg so i ma ...
8 replies, last reply by XshapeshiftX, a week ago.   894 views.
started by allianz srb.   
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Wine and weight loss
Wine and all alcohol is simply damaging to the body. We cannot start considering booze as a calorie thing. The wino or alcoholic does not need further enabling; oh so if I cut out these veggies and fruit ...
by Oliverismoi on 03 Dec 16 07:54 AM
A 'Fresh' Idea
That's ok spacey, this article really wasn't aimed at people like yourself who never struggle, never lose motivation, and never find it harder instead of easier... so you don't need to waste ...
by ARB0001 on 03 Dec 16 07:52 AM
Vegan Protein Alternatives and Recipes for Vegetarians-without Protein Powder
We make all of our over 120,000 different and specific proteins. Just like all plants and animals synthesize the proteins they need, so too do humans. We cannot ever use, by way of eating, any exogenous ...
by Oliverismoi on 03 Dec 16 07:50 AM
Setting a limits for my macros
There are no "macros" in your cooked or dead foods - you make your own macros.
by Oliverismoi on 03 Dec 16 07:44 AM
Help i am on low carb diet !
Oliverismoi wrote: Stop fretting over how many pounds one can lose in a day or week or whatever. Just establish and maintain a calorie deficit and you will be fine. Oh and losing a pound a day is plau ...
by Sweetlysad on 03 Dec 16 07:43 AM
Kinda lost here! a little help?
Macros don't exist in cooked foods or dead foods - and we can't use the macros from any foods - proteins, fats, vitamins etc.
by Oliverismoi on 03 Dec 16 07:42 AM

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