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Had My Socks Blown Off - Rookie Mistake
I just started my healthy eating challenge. My socks were blown off yesterday. I ordered spinach artichoke dip at Applebee's.....yikes. Wow, research is priceless. The appetizer cost me 1000 cal ...
3 replies, last reply by rhills, a week ago.   553 views.
started by cindyroberts.   
Meal Settings?
Anyone know how to display '5 Meals' in stead of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks/Other? MyFitnessPAL App can do it, I'm new to FatSecret?
4 replies, last reply by T8U9, a week ago.   358 views.
started by Advo Sensei.   
Daily Calorie Target Seems High
Hi, I am just starting to lose weight as its been out of control for the last 9 months. I am currently 90kg and targeting 70, or a very aggressive 67 if I can achieve it. I was 73 kilos for many, many ...
7 replies, last reply by T8U9, a week ago.   770 views.
started by lufari.   
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Do you weigh in every day or just once week?
2983 replies, last reply by violadiane, a week ago.   720,545 views.
started by gismusicelle.   
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Hoser wrote: Every day, first thing when I get up. I get used to normal day-to-day variations that way, and don't obsess over the details. Exactly. I weigh myself first thing in the morning before ...
2983 replies, last reply by violadiane, a week ago.   720,545 views.
started by gismusicelle.   
Hello! And I have a question
Hi All. I finally got a scale after being in deep denial. Turns out that the original weight inputted when I set up my diet was a little off--sadly, not lower. Is there any way to update the baseline ...
3 replies, last reply by rebecca831, a week ago.   103 views.
started by rebecca831.   
Does this work?
I have been struggling to find a weight loss app that is suited for me. I have been a member of slimming world and weight watchers in the past. Although both did work for a time I found the cost of the ...
6 replies, last reply by Beegees3, a week ago.   545 views.
started by joannemay25.   
How Many Calories Should I Be Eating?
FatSecret says my RDI to lose weight is 3,200. This seems super high. Even if I subtract another 500 for losing 2 lb per week, that's 2,700 calories. I'm not sure what I should be following. ...
4 replies, last reply by Diablo360x, a week ago.   388 views.
started by cocreate.   
Network time out
since a couple of hours i have network time out on my iphone 5s, tried everything, when will this be fixed ?
1 reply, last reply by heksemieke, a week ago.   150 views.
started by heksemieke.   
Is any one trying the Optavia Diet or program
2 replies, last reply by crknight, a week ago.   640 views.
started by nazman1941.   
Weight loss mission
Am at my heaviest right now. My aim is to lose most of my weight before I hit 40 in February. Mini goals of losing 1-1.5lbs/week. Long term goal of losing 50 lbs and more. I do yoga once a week. Planning ...
2 replies, last reply by Dragonvee, a week ago.   338 views.
started by Dragonvee.   
cauliflower pizza crust
Hi everyone! Ive been wanting to try making the cauliflower pizza crust. Im wondering is it easy to manipulate can i make 4 smaller ones , Im only one eating. is it as good reheated ???
4 replies, last reply by francineseguin, a week ago.   501 views.
started by francineseguin.   
Greetings! I'm 17, female and am wondering if a 1,581 daily calorie intake of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products and lean products such as fish, beans and poultry sounds good ...
10 replies, last reply by Diablo360x, a week ago.   854 views.
started by phatkiz.   
White bread
Has anyone tried making white bread with Carbalose flour and has a recipe?
no replies.   90 views.
started by Vilmita81, a week ago.   
How to figure out calories?
If you are making your own meal how do you figure out what the calories are in a serving? I want to make mushroom burgers but want to get the calories exact instead of estimating. Would you just figure ...
5 replies, last reply by faaizansari, 2 weeks ago.   567 views.
started by KatS219.   
What to Eat
We've been taught to believe that we have to eat lots of veggies and fruit each day, but when you compare the vitamin/mineral content of those with animal proteins, fish, cheeses, yoghurt, nuts and ...
8 replies, last reply by francineseguin, 2 weeks ago.   2,090 views.
started by Diane5661.   
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Is it possible to add a recipe/meal without adding individual ingredients?
Hello, I am using a meal plan that has a complete set of recipes with ingredients AND nutritional information already laid out. Is it possible for me to add these recipes to WITHOUT adding ...
by ddialogue on 23 Sep 17 09:26 PM
Sleeping aids when mind just can't stop working
Raw Unfiltered Honey. Just a tablespoon seems to do the trick for me. I've tried prescription aids, OTC Melatonin, Hypno-Tapes, Sounds and Scents, this seems to work best. No matter what level of ...
by siriusalw on 23 Sep 17 09:28 AM
Easy Dinner Options That Don't Require Much Preparation/Cooking?
Try to find recipies for baked "staples" rice, veggies, meats, grains like barley and farro. This works for me cuz I can easily bake the things I like, put in the fridge and combine all week ...
by siriusalw on 23 Sep 17 09:22 AM
Halloween Woes!
kbarnes12 wrote: Frankly, no, one bender won't affect your waistline "in the long run." What's one meal compared to months and months of diligent dieting? If you're concerned, you ...
by godking1488 on 23 Sep 17 06:42 AM
Quick and easy food suggestions
I think one of the keys is to plan your meals in advance, so that you can pre-cook or pre-measure things. So, for example, I made a batch of turkey meatballs and froze them. If I know I will have 4 oz ...
by rhills on 22 Sep 17 03:44 PM
Long Time
Alas, I also suffer from what most people would call an "obsessive" personality disorder. It don't matter .. good or bad .. if I do it . I do it in extremes. I totally empathize. I do ...
by rhills on 22 Sep 17 03:27 PM

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