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Back to the Gym
Well after a day of feeling super drained I force fed myself supper and got to bed on time-ish. I hit the gym this morning and set all other concerns aside and just lifted. Leg Press 270 lbs @ 2x10 450 ...
9 replies, last reply by brianhaimes, 2 days ago.   1,475 views.
started by jwsplatjw.   
Muscle Weight is a Problem
Hello. Besides the excess fat I have on my body that makes me overweight, I have about 20-25lbs of Muscle weight as well. I played High School Football for 3 years and put on a lot of muscle. The ...
2 replies, last reply by brianhaimes, 2 days ago.   430 views.
started by CorDeFerrum.   
On the Dr Oz site, there is a petition against a new pesticide that the US government is endorsing. If you are against it, it'll only take a minute to sign on the Dr Oz Site. Personally, I find ...
6 replies, last reply by NowIunderstand, 2 days ago.   526 views.
started by NowIunderstand.   
Grain-Free Cauliflower Crust Pizza (YES - I SAID PIZZA!)
I'm a Jersey girl, and pizza is the one thing I continue to crave! Found this Fab recipe online where the crust is made with riced cauliflower. (right up my LCHF alley!) Made this & it was ...
1 reply, last reply by Zeddie274, 2 days ago.   92 views.
started by Zeddie274.   
calories allowed
Hi, i have just joined up and my aim is weight loss. After putting all my info in it says my goal is 2200 cals a day? This seems really high for me to acheive a good loss. Is this right? Thanks:o
3 replies, last reply by mummydee, 2 days ago.   199 views.
started by donnawad37.   
meals/calories not linked with my phone and pc view.
i am looking at my fatsecret on my pc and not showing anything i have input on on phone, how do i sync them please.
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started by Valerie joy, 2 days ago.   
Hate weekends sometimes!
Roughest weekend for me in 3 weeks -- not a good one! But, I know I need to get back on track today, just feeling very demotivated as I'm upset with myself for 'cheating' this weekend! :( ...
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started by lacapan, 2 days ago.   
just realize I'm at the lowest weight I will ever be and the tummy is still there. Must start to deal with it and move one.
2 replies, last reply by Saige18, 2 days ago.   248 views.
started by Saige18.   
snack attack
don't like this feeling at all, I'm not craving anything and I'm not hungry but I feel like eating or moving my mouth all day. maybe i lack something ?
7 replies, last reply by Saige18, 2 days ago.   1,029 views.
started by Saige18.   
9/25/2014 update
Is there any way I could continue to use the version prior to the 9/25/2014 update? I am extremely disappointed in the new layout. Its like the entire app was blown up and restarted from scratch.
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started by nurseman, 2 days ago.   
National Chain Restaurants
What is your favorite national chain restaurant? I'd like to find some options that have healthy choices. Things like fish, veggies, lower calorie - higher protein options.
7 replies, last reply by wholefoodnut, 2 days ago.   749 views.
started by Hipaagrammy.   
Lindy Hop
I have lost 9 KG by eating right and dancing twice a week. Forget the gym, forget jogging, go dancing! You don't even realise you're doing exercise and it's really social too. Go for it! 8)
4 replies, last reply by QuilterInVA, 3 days ago.   460 views.
started by Pagatronic.   
Barcode Scanner
Having problems with using the barcode scanner on my Iphone5 after recently updating the Fat Secret app and new one for my phone. Every time I hit the bar scanner it jumps to my IPhone menu. Does any ...
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started by Idellar, 3 days ago.   
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE it only shows calories at the top I need it to show CARBS FATS PROTEINS, ill have to switch to myfitnesspal and ive bee using fatsecret for a long time id hate to go
2 replies, last reply by Glaun, 4 days ago.   360 views.
started by Stizic.   
Rewarding yourself
Soooo i was wonderin, how often should one reward themselves ? any ideas people ?
5 replies, last reply by Glaun, 4 days ago.   852 views.
started by rezo786.   
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I seriously don't know, but something like the HCG drops or Green Bean Coffee beans or whatever............ so hilarious! Really thinking that putting on underwear infused with caffeine would help ...
by mummydee on 01 Oct 14 07:16 PM
When Submitting a Recipe what really happens?
When Submitting a Recipe what really happens? When creating a recipe for my cookbook in my fatsecret account. When selecting My Own Recipes, Submit a Recipe does this mean the recipe is automatically ...
by ValueShopper on 01 Oct 14 06:46 PM
Eliminating Sugar - Where do you draw the line?
Well done! And be careful of fat free or reduced fat items, they have heaps of sugar! And I'm with you, fruit rocks! :)
by Sassperella on 01 Oct 14 06:39 PM
5 Day Bootcamp
No i want in this one ... I freinded you on facebook
by Msmarie1264 on 01 Oct 14 06:09 PM
off and on
That perfectly fine, and in fact the way that I suggest my clients begin their process. One thing that is helpful though is to get a food scale and just for a couple of days weigh out or measure all ...
by brianhaimes on 01 Oct 14 01:18 PM
Health Sidekick
There is only 1 thing needed for weight loss. Regardless of the diet you are the MOST important thing is to have an accurate number. How much of the food I am eating and exercise I am doing should I eat ...
by robbackatya on 01 Oct 14 12:18 PM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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