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Help with using app
Hoping anyone can please help, Im new to this app and trying to work out how to use. Yesterday I entered a food just as tester but not sure how you delete it, is there a way?? Also, is there a way to ...
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started by RJW21276, 6 days ago.   
Bulging disk
Kaylee, I had the same problem but my Doc recommended surgery to remove Disk 1 and I have been fine with no pain since 1997. Now happily retired!
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started by Lucygirl1, a week ago.   
How do I add a picture to a post?
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started by scotth1013, a week ago.   
watermelon diet
Will the watermelon diet on this site be beneficial? [url=
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started by lifestyle417.   
watermelon diet
Probably not, more so if you have insulin issues. Gimmick diets never work, magic pills don't exist, and food "secrets" aren't real.
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started by lifestyle417.   
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started by johnmwoya.   
Suggestion: Add "other" for logging
It would be nice if snack/other could be split. I use "other" for my work out foods. That way I know exactly what I used for fuel and recovery. RIght now I have to subtract my snacks so that ...
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started by ragbrai1, a week ago.   
Suggestion about total kcal added
This is my first message here, so Hello all! I want to make a suggestion. On the screen where we add the ingredients to the meal we can see the number of the total of ingredients we have added. For ...
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started by smolinam, a week ago.   
What do people do who have chronic issues with pain
I have a bulging disc pressing on a nerve in my back, so my left leg doesn't work right, and degenerative arthritis in both my ankles, so they hurt all the time. Looking for what type of exercise ...
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started by Kabooper.   
Need a block option in journals
Due to idiots posting everything from anti-vax and anti-GMO advice, to extreme right or left wing political BS - I had to find a way to block. Seems the only way is to drop all buddies then set the j ...
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started by tjbradders.   
Hello Everyone! My name is Kaylee and I am 17 going on 18. I'm new to the site and was thinking maybe someone could help me with tips for dieting, exercise, and fat burn. Currently I'm using ...
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started by Marshmallow2358.   
Sugar free gum now and again
Well, a bit of sugar free gum now and again loosen things up and shreds a few pounds :)
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started by C_Macros, a week ago.   
Sugar free gum
Well start the new year with a good dose of sugar free gum to loosen away the Christmas dinner blues :roll: :d
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started by C_Macros, a week ago.   
Hi there guys! I'm fairly new to the site. just wondering if there is a place i can view my macronutrients intake report for the day (i can view it on the app on my phone but can't seem to work ...
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started by momoshel, a week ago.   
Being Sick
What do you do when you've been sick? Do you count your calories/carbs, follow your diet plan, or just forgo everything until you feel better? I have been unable to post anything in my food journal ...
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started by CammieCo.   
Weight Loss and Resistance Training!
Hi Everyone, i'm new here, looking for some advice, i started resistance training at the beginning of December and my weight is slowly creeping upwards, whilst i'm aware that this is due to muscle ...
1 reply, last reply by ieGod, a week ago.   140 views.
started by SlimmingSarah1905.   
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Has anyone had a problem with wearing a FitBit on their ankle instead of on the wrist? Does it increase accuracy in step count?
by kayakqueen on 23 Jan 17 12:22 PM
Fit Bit
Can I wear my FitBit on my ankle instead of my wrist? It seems I'd get a more accurate read of steps I take. On my wrist it records my hand gestures when I'm sitting on the sofa and talking!;)
by kayakqueen on 23 Jan 17 12:19 PM
Just Show Up challenge
Hi! I'm Anne and I'm trying to lose 47 pounds. I do weight training twice a week and walk every day, but I can't keep my eating habits limited unless I count calories every day. Time-co ...
by kayakqueen on 23 Jan 17 12:08 PM
Fitbit Charge 2
Thank you nmporter. I looked this up and I believe to set the sensitivity it says to restart the tracker and possibly indicate you are wearing it on your opposite arm. I will try this - thank you!
by SnowCap on 23 Jan 17 11:20 AM
Loosing baby weight...for dads.
Pretty discouraged and having a real hard time. The fact that this is my first forum topic will speak to that. I am a recent dad to newborn twins, almost two months old now. I put on a lot of weight ...
by Thetaoisthiker on 23 Jan 17 10:12 AM
Abs workouts are not a waste of time; don’t neglect your abs!
(Everyone has a six pack hidden under layers of body fat. Incinerating this fat to let yours become the center of attention gains you some respect among the gym faithful.) The upper rectus abdominals ...
by sourabhsharma on 23 Jan 17 10:01 AM

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