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activia challenge
can anyone please send me ACTIVIA Challenge Redemption Form expiring on 11/30/2014 at my email ?
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started by bhola121, a week ago.   
Day 1 GVT...
07 December 2014 Day one of German volume training... I am typing this with a pencil in my mouth because my arms are not working... Arms set Rep Monday ez bar preacher curl 10 10 Tricep ...
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started by wevell.   
Banana Question
What is it about bananas that have them trashed? Yep they are high in carbs but surely natural carbs are not so bad. I had someone say NO dont eat bananas, no not kale etc. This week since I have been ...
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started by AKRSAR.   
give celery taste?
anyone know how to make celery taste great on the go? i take it as a snack to kill my cravings
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started by damonwulf.   
Article Link
Did anyone read this article? I actually thought it was close to spot on.
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started by Rockiesfan.   
Need to avoid Soy products? I use the whey protein powder and mix it with unsweetened coconut or almond milk which contains more calcium anyway and again I shop for organic products. My preference in the milk is ...
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started by vanilla bean.   
yesterdags oopsie !!!
So I was keeping it so clean yesterday and then my baby got her first tooth and that = making pancakes , so I have made the plain pancakes No sugar, hubby that's on a high protein low carb diet say ...
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started by Saige18.   
chronic pain and obesity all my adult life
I am starting 1st part of my journey 2 morrow at 12pm i will hv a morphine pain pump inplanted. I can only say i hv barely made it thru last few yrs and have dreamt and prayed for this day. So plz keep ...
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started by sheila 1966, a week ago.   
Enter daily calorie burn manually from fitness tracker
I used to be an active user of this site but I purchased a body media fit a few years ago and switched because there was no easy way to enter my calorie burn on this site. I've recently purchased ...
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started by jdofaz, a week ago.   
Roller coaster ride. Please don't start it. I lost so much weight, but after being off them too long gained it all back. This have been an ongoing ride for over 15 years. God only knows how it is ...
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started by Oakbuff, a week ago.   
I was on them for years and quit a little over 6 months ago--it was a complete nightmare. Yeah, they helped with weight loss, but they made me feel like everything was spinning, and I could not calm down. ...
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started by Oakbuff, a week ago.   
Any diet websites targetted to Asians?
I'm really into the beautiful Atkins website and others like it but they all say my weight is fine for my height, which might be the case if I were Caucasian but I'm not and I know I'm too ...
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started by Selicar, a week ago.   
Anyway to sync to fitbit?
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started by hottagain.   
Is there any way to set this so it show ww points
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started by stevensdar.   
weight loss partner
Hi all, I'm brand new here. I won't spout off a ton to spare you all, but I'm looking for another weight loss buddy that can help me stay on track and vice versa. I really need someone who ...
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started by ellebay, a week ago.   
Suggestions for people who need to gain weight
Hi, just looking for recommendations for easy, nutritious meals or snacks for someone who needs to gain weight, who is also a CRAZY-picky eater. Just spent some time visiting a retired relative who eats ...
1 reply, last reply by Saige18, a week ago.   208 views.
started by starstar73.   
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older people
If you're an old-fashioned meat-and-potatoes guy like me, I've discovered an amazing substitute for mashed potatoes: mashed cauliflower! There are lots of great recipes for this dish on the i ...
by williamwilkins on 20 Dec 14 07:55 AM
We need better fast food options
wow, pjk46, that menu looks awsome, the soups and the power meals are amazing... as long as you can stay away from the breads or at least keep to moderation. lucky you
by mummydee on 20 Dec 14 01:27 AM
Here are some great tips about food expirations and storage.
Couldn't have said it better BigBear......I went from what I thought was healthy eating and then eliminated all 'whites' then all processed, then went to somewhat organic and when I could ...
by mummydee on 19 Dec 14 07:07 PM
Feeling awful in Atkins. Day 10 Getting low blood sugar :(
Full fat yogurt with good quality flavoring added has been a boon for me on keto. Also throwing in some stevia treats - there are a few good organic candies made with stevia, which have a low carb count. ...
by saintsithney on 19 Dec 14 06:26 PM
too upset with my weight
Green vegetables are carbs! Why not eat a balanced diet including every food group? Eat less move more
by Volleyjen on 19 Dec 14 05:12 PM
bad day
thank u char60 my mother inlaw is a hood woman just a little hard to dwal with sometimes
by heavymama on 19 Dec 14 04:24 PM

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Measure and track. Measure and track. Yeah, I know you aren't supposed to have to do that with Atkins, but if you don't you will never get anywhere. And if you're like me, your overall app ...
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