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Texas Energy Exploration, LLC Salt-Dome Locations and Method of Compilation
Umm do you realize this is a weight loss site? Perhaps you were meant to post this informative report somewhere else?
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started by antonerris.   
No have 10 minutes . GO!
So, you only have 10 minutes? That's plenty of time to get in shape. And I mean it. You'll start with squats, which work the glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves. You'll add crab touches, ...
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started by willowtree444, a week ago.   
The graph screen is a great tool. Sometimes the screen is larger (which I prefer) How can I keep the screen wide. It has defaulted to a narrow line.
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started by largolad, a week ago.   
How do I remove a journal entry ?
I accidentally made a journal entry and don't see an option to delete it . Anyone know how ?
2 replies, last reply by gkcfm95, a week ago.   108 views.
started by KristenDianee.   
how to put up pics especcially profile pic
On my laptop trying to update and cant find any links to post pics
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started by charlievan.   
Can i lose 20kg (44lbs) i 2.5 months?
Hello everyone, I am an 18 year old girl, I currently weigh 77kg(169.7lbs), and I hate it. I am going to Spain with my class in week 39(Spetember 21) and dont want to look the way I do now. I want to ...
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started by Nixer1996.   
Adding Food Items
My apologies...I thought I was asking the same question of the help desk at FS. I have deleted the duplication.
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started by largolad, a week ago.   
Periods :-( and not a lb dropped
At my last weigh in I only had 6.5 lb.s. to go but, I got my period and the cravings have been unbearable! No over eating but just eaten crap..just finished a tub of cookies and dough off:-(. So asking ...
3 replies, last reply by mummydee, a week ago.   98 views.
started by G-Stylie.   
Diabetes App that will sink with FatSecret .....Help
I am trying to quit using 2 apps. Is there a diabetic app that will sink with FatSecret. Thanks Oh yea.....I'm new
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started by Cookinright, a week ago.   
I need to confess
I have been cheating the past 2 night with whole wheat rusk, sugar free the packet say but I know its not so sugar free, I have been skipping my dinner at night for these treats and 2 cups of coffee :-( ...
2 replies, last reply by Diablo360x, a week ago.   271 views.
started by Saige18.   
Hello from the Gulf Coast
Started my restricted calorie weight loss plan at the end of May. And have stayed within my RDI. I have 2 goals. First one is to lose 85 lbs by the end of Feb 2016. Then I want to lose 50 more lbs. This ...
1 reply, last reply by MJS56, a week ago.   77 views.
started by Sheila Grisham.   
starvation mode
I think I'm in a severe starvation mode. Have been on low carb diet for @ 9 months with NO change in weight. Has anyone had experience with this? What is the solution to start losing weight?
13 replies, last reply by Illdill, a week ago.   1,159 views.
started by cwhorizons.   
I Need Help With A Little Of Everything
I have hypothyroid and I don't know what foods could help me drop some pounds. I also want to find an exercise that I could do in a small space. I am visually impaired so going to a gym or trying to ...
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started by Kathleen Wheatley, a week ago.   
Exercise blahhhh
Im eating really well but have less than zero desire to exercise. Anyone else ever get like this?
17 replies, last reply by wholefoodnut, a week ago.   1,424 views.
started by peetheweeple.   
Fat percentage - is it important?
Hi, if I keep within calorie level suggested, does the daily percentage of calories from fat matter, or is there a range that works better? e.g. keep fat under 20% say?
1 reply, last reply by colin.peck, a week ago.   81 views.
started by Ianaday.   
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I would not "get back" the ones burned, a recipe for disaster, I think
by Ianaday on 04 Jul 15 11:20 PM
hig fiber low carb
Kiwi fruit
by Ianaday on 04 Jul 15 11:19 PM
I stopped drinking, now I need to lose weight, please help!
I was amazed to see 200 calories a day in the milk in my many cups of coffee, everything has to be counted.
by Ianaday on 04 Jul 15 11:18 PM
Workin hard and not seeing results?
Hi - I think the calorie allowance is high, and the allowance for exercise is too high too. I avoid using exercise calories for extras.
by Ianaday on 04 Jul 15 11:15 PM
Hi from the Kapiti Coast NZ
by Ianaday on 04 Jul 15 11:10 PM
I am supposed to eat 1900 but at this level I just maintain, will have to be lower for me.
by Ianaday on 04 Jul 15 11:08 PM

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