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losing weight
I am 20 years old and I dont have a lot of time to do much excersize but i would like to do as much as i cn, does anyone know of anything that i can do tht fast and eaz that would work fast?
4 replies, last reply by FluffyMe, 3 days ago.   231 views.
started by Zandra Moody.   
Weight loss with friends
Dieting but have no support lost 7.5kg and 35.5cm this month but need to do another 25kg for my first goal still a long way to go and feel so alone. :doubt: wondering if I can do this on my own
2 replies, last reply by mummydee, 3 days ago.   96 views.
started by martielemmer.   
The Freeze Helps You Lose Weight!
[img]http://i1378.photobuck... COLD TEMPERATURES FREEZE, AND SHIVERS HELPS YOU LOSE WEIGHT Cold water therapy has benefits beyond weight loss. “It takes a lot of energy to keep it that way, no diff ...
3 replies, last reply by howzat4u, 3 days ago.   181 views.
started by Ann444.   
Silence is deafining
So far it would seem that I have received no response to any of my inquiries'. So I am left to think either I am doing something incorrectly or I am invisible here.
4 replies, last reply by Draglist, 3 days ago.   222 views.
started by Michael-Anderson.   
Just Started ~ Right Now
Hi My name is Laura, 3 1/2 years ago I wanted to lose weight so that I could go skydiving, on my 50th birthday, I thought a year was plently of time to lose 125 pounds, well it was going well, It was ...
4 replies, last reply by Nopunchbacks, 3 days ago.   1,079 views.
started by LauraNarleypig .   
having lost 10lbs, I see none of it was from my waist?
Hi everyone... well, question for everyone, I have been dieting religiously for 35 days and have lost 10 lbs, the scale clearly tells me so....yet I have not lost an inch in the waist... I exercise ...
6 replies, last reply by ieGod, 3 days ago.   596 views.
started by nn1974.   
Egg Whites
So some folks here in my office eat boiled eggs every morning but toss the yolk. Everything I have ever read sais the yolk is the best part in terms of nutrients and what is most beneficial. I eat 2 b ...
6 replies, last reply by ieGod, 3 days ago.   692 views.
started by kristyanne3.   
I have IBS and eating just a salad for lunch doesn't cut it. Any suggestions on losing weight and not growling like a lion all day? my stomach that is...)
2 replies, last reply by mummydee, 3 days ago.   163 views.
started by Lovemysalt.   
Adding food
I have just joined fatsecret and not sure how to save an item to the diary. I know how to find something but then don't know what to do! Can someone help please? Thanks
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, 4 days ago.   105 views.
started by Jane OMalley.   
Back on track
:o back on diet,,, 5 days now...lost 7 lbs. STOKED
4 replies, last reply by Acheerfulgiver150, 4 days ago.   804 views.
started by Karman45.   
adding a recipe
Hi all I would like to know how long after submitting a recipe does it take to be approved, thanks
2 replies, last reply by mummydee, 4 days ago.   79 views.
started by kimonamission.   
nuez nut for weight loss
Any feedback on this ? seems everyone is using this nut in our parts of the world new diet phase anyone feedback positive or negative
3 replies, last reply by LowCarbFemmeFit, 4 days ago.   119 views.
started by Saige18.   
Visual Motivation Ideas Anyone?
I would love to get some ideas for visual motivation. One I would like to share is paperclips. Start a string. One clip per pound lost. Put a colored clip @ 10 pounds or whatever significant number works ...
6 replies, last reply by wynelle chadwick, 4 days ago.   1,038 views.
started by hobobeaver.   
Day 3
Ugh..... Just got off the elliptical. I felt really good today. I have been taking shots of aloe vera juice and backing it up with a bio Saludi shot.
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, 4 days ago.   80 views.
started by theresalarson.   
fatsecret won't record my new weight
I'm down to 82 lbs and tried to enter the new weight but no luck.
5 replies, last reply by earthboundmisfit, 4 days ago.   368 views.
started by earthboundmisfit.   
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New and need a few answers...
Hi there and welcome to FatSecret! It's important to understand that the suggestion on the amount of calories to consume is just that, a suggestion. You will have you play with the amount of calories ...
by BadgerOnCrack on 28 Feb 15 01:19 PM
Activity Level
Thanks Draglist, I checked it out, very interesting, I'll try to work it in. Friday morn I weighed 181, this morn I weighed 183.4. I don't think it's water retention, but I did splurge last ...
by Bopuc on 28 Feb 15 10:53 AM
Goal Reached! Next goal???
by howzat4u on 28 Feb 15 10:50 AM
Abdominal Pannus
I don't know if you sew or not, but there are a few patterns out there for shaping garments and corsets. They are not too difficult to make if you have a little sewing experience under your belt. ...
by FluffyMe on 28 Feb 15 07:54 AM
New Atkins Dieter Using Fat Secret for Net Carbs Tracking - Suggestions Appreciated
Didn't start Induction week off well. Even though I planned my meal out last night before going out to Outback, I could not resist having red wine and two small slices of their bread. I guess I& ...
by jdsullivan on 28 Feb 15 07:50 AM
Negative comments
Yeah that kind of rudeness is rampant. I think tons of people are just that selfish. How to keep moving on? Just flip your hair over your shoulder and keep workin it. That aint nothin but a hair flip.
by PunkPaisley on 27 Feb 15 09:29 PM

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