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Why Women Should Include Strength Training Programs to their Regime
Please read my article on why Women should include Strength Training in their workout Regime. Please like and Share to make this a healthier world!
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started by Jeffy15, a week ago.   
Cannot update settings?
When I click save on my settings, it prompts me saying Invalid format for email address.. I've not touched my email address, I don't need to update this. It was fine when I registered it. So ...
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started by KillMeNow, a week ago.   
Whats in your Grocery Cart
Join the discussion, let me know why you or you think others fill their cart with empty carbs, sugar filed drinks, and processed foods. Thank you,
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started by Jeffy15, a week ago.   
Removing items
Does anyone know how to remove items that are no longer being used in a food group?
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started by Neatz, a week ago.   
Syncing with phone???
How do I sync my fat secret with my phone if my login is through google?
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started by nayrenae-ree, a week ago.   
Problem Installing app on an Android, Samsung 4 phone
Unable to install on my S4 phone. Just keeps searching for a long time then shuts down. Any suggestions
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started by RayTheriault.   
Meal Replacement Powders (Soylent, Joylent, Huel, Ambronite, Queal, MANA, Jake, etc)
Has anyone used MRPs before and wish to share their experiences or thoughts? I am in the UK, so Huel appears a good bet for me and their nutrition is mainly from actual food. Jake Light does a lower ...
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started by loveladybug, a week ago.   
Plant Based Protein Comparison
Please watch, like, share and subscribe to my video below comparing two plant based proteins - Natera vs Vega. This is a great alternative to Whey protein which can be hard to digest or lactose intole ...
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started by Jeffy15, a week ago.   
Smaller Bras
I take out my sewing machine and make tighter seams on the side bands of the bra. It reduces the band size and some of the cup size too. It's easy. Use a straight stitch. Cut off extra material, then ...
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started by sbf54, a week ago.   
Day 1👍
8) Hi all so glad I have just found this app ,makes me feel more supported snd positive
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started by Clare Crowley, a week ago.   
Cravings Found this handy. I was craving chocolate and sweets all the time. Since taking the magnisium for chocolate craving and chromium for sweets craving it has decreased d ...
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started by Maxeen01, a week ago.   
entering physical activity
Hi I'm new here..I can't seem to figure out how to enter my physical activities or exercises onto my journal/calender?
1 reply, last reply by E1ain3, a week ago.   769 views.
started by sdent.   
weight loss plateauing
I am struggling to lose weight. Initially I lose 77 lbs over the last 6 years but my weight has plateaued for over a year and I can't lose the last 36 lbs. I have been on Chris Powell's Carb ...
2 replies, last reply by Rckc, a week ago.   1,151 views.
started by Shelbylady.   
Hi All
New to here, not new to dieting /losing weight (lost 30 lbs) but stalled for last month so hoping tracking will help.
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started by E1ain3, a week ago.   
entering physical activity
Hi I'm new here..I can't seem to figure out how to enter my physical activities or exercises onto my journal/calender?
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started by sdent, a week ago.   
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Excercise log
First time writing here. Tomorrow is my first day and I'm lost. I know we're supposed to plan. I have yogurt or cottage cheese for bkfst. Does anyone know how to count OrangeTheory Fitness when ...
by deej54 on 24 Nov 15 10:05 PM
I'm a backslider!
Thank you Phil,and Snowman. that is wonderful encouragement. I plan to do just that. Even though I have been back on the plan for only 2 days, I feel the difference. One thing was my knee felt so much ...
by diehard3 on 24 Nov 15 02:36 PM
If you crave chocolate, it doesn’t mean your body has a chocolate deficiency, although I think most people would prefer that. Chocolate is high in magnesium. Cravings for it often indicate that your body ...
by TXSnowman on 24 Nov 15 01:04 PM
bad cholesterol
Taking cinnamon, red yeast rice, and fish oil has been shown to be helpful. I was just reading yesterday that coffee can have that effect, as can coconut oil (raises HDL, lowers LDL). Other things that ...
by jmb3450 on 24 Nov 15 12:39 PM
Question can we add more food categories like - Snack 1, Sanck 2 Thanks - Natalia
by Natty40 on 24 Nov 15 12:18 PM
Macro #'s
Hi Everyone, I have a question are we able to change the Macro #'s or is it just the Calories daily intake that can be changed. Thank you for all your help.
by Natty40 on 24 Nov 15 11:36 AM

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