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adding receipes from the recipe list to your own daily meals list
Does anyone know how to add a recipe from the recipe list to your daily intake notes. it only brings up stuff from other restaurants and not from the recipe list. :)
1 reply, last reply by Velvetice, 3 days ago.   546 views.
started by RJSomerville.   
Problem adding exercise.
I'm just getting started with the app and I'm having trouble inputting exercise. It asks for my weight, I input it and it goes back to the screen saying I need to input it. It's discouraging. ...
4 replies, last reply by Glaun, 3 days ago.   232 views.
started by Kajillion.   
what does "food mean"?
In my journaling some really good questions came up that I thought might be meaningful to others. Finish this sentence as honestly as you can and then ponder your answer. "Food is ______" ...
13 replies, last reply by Tinyplanets, 3 days ago.   1,900 views.
started by TheresaMarieC.   
Was bad last night
Had half a cheese pizza and ice cream sundae. I have to make up for that now!! :doubt: :(
2 replies, last reply by Raeka8, 4 days ago.   371 views.
started by Raeka8.   
Wellbeing. New actualities about ice.
How would you utilize ice solid shapes? Placed them in a beverage, make mixed drinks or something like this? We might want to recollect that you about another utilization of this item which each indiv ...
1 reply, last reply by ieGod, 4 days ago.   100 views.
started by Nicolewells.   
Peptalk from Mr Churchill
Never give in! Never give in! Never, never, never, never - in nothing great or small, large or petty. Never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.
1 reply, last reply by Glaun, 4 days ago.   215 views.
started by Jespersen79.   
Is there a way to sign into the android app with facebook?
I've entered my fatsecret username and facebook password, but that doesn't work. Thanks.
1 reply, last reply by b_orourke, 4 days ago.   626 views.
started by sherrysmcguire.   
35 replies, last reply by Char60, 4 days ago.   5,032 views.
started by HARLEYNICE3.   
New exercises
Okay I may be young but I still need help... Does anyone know some good exercise I could do??
2 replies, last reply by ieGod, 5 days ago.   370 views.
started by Nikkiroxs1.   
How Vitamin D Benefits Women
Vitamin D helps promote healthy bones by managing the absorption of calcium, as previously mentioned. However, there is an ever-increasing body of knowledge linking vitamin D to many other health bene ...
no replies.   359 views.
started by maktrim1, 5 days ago.   
Just diagnosed diabetic
Are there any other diabetics using this site.? I was diagnosed a week ago
7 replies, last reply by mattstoc, 5 days ago.   317 views.
started by yoyo mama.   
low carb, high fat
Yea! the scale is going down. no only that I have been experiencing Keto Flu. But I am evidently out of that. Today, I am all full of energy. Last night the flu did not appear. My neck pain from a b ...
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started by yvonneh57, 5 days ago.   
one more pound to go to my GOAL WEIGHT of 199! so Excited!! start weight 252 current weight 200. 199 here I come. For the first time in 20 years, my first number will be a "1"! yay me! ...
2 replies, last reply by SlimmerMe4Life, 5 days ago.   231 views.
started by SlimmerMe4Life.   
goal weight
How does one change the goal weight?
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, 5 days ago.   138 views.
started by SpkSnppr.   
severely constipated
I have been on induction two weeks tomorrow and I have only gone to the bathroom twice. I feel like I would be losing more weight if I could go to the bathroom. Can I take an over the counter laxative ...
6 replies, last reply by ra_k_, 5 days ago.   650 views.
started by tweetycat.   
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Carbs......Oh my!!!
Yeah, I thought I was doing OK on my fat grams until I took a look at my daily food intake for a week. Wow! I've been way over on fat grams which was why I was getting no where.
by Raeka8 on 31 Aug 15 09:36 AM
No more ice cream
Thanks for the tip. I have some fuji apples. I will try that tonight until I get some juice. I have always avoided the juices because of the sugar but it would be better than the Fat+Sugar which most ...
by Raeka8 on 31 Aug 15 09:33 AM
have been slacking
its time to get my butt in gear again!!
by mranthony on 31 Aug 15 09:18 AM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
I used to weigh myself every few days, but now I don't really bother. I focus more on the bodyfat, as the scales will jump about anyway; scales should be used as a very rough guide, IMO.
by Somebody Else on 31 Aug 15 07:26 AM
Weight Loss
Can any professional weight loss expert here recommend the diet plan at http://batamaweightlossadept.c... ? Has anyone tried them yet?
by Mr Jin on 31 Aug 15 05:56 AM
My former Health & Fitness mistakes. Here, you can gain from my pain (ahem, so to speak)
Shared a good post. Thanks
by maktrim1 on 31 Aug 15 03:14 AM

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