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Song and lyrics of the day
Dancing around the house to: [url= Everybody needs a change A chance to check out the new But you're the only one to see The changes you take yourself through Have ...
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started by kpwcalories, 3 days ago.   
Penis size
24 replies, last reply by lotusblossom2112, 3 days ago.   3,292 views.
started by rambler747.   
Going Green
I am thinking about trying a "Going Green" diet in anticipation of St. Pat's Day in March. What would happen if I ate green foods at every meal for a month? I am curious . . . Can I do it??? ...
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started by margusL, 3 days ago.   
Dessert Bullet - This thing is amazing!
Oh. My. Stars. I have just experienced one of the BEST desserts I have ever had!! Splurged on a Dessert Bullet this weekend. Then it was too chilly last nite to want ice cream. The maiden voyage t ...
12 replies, last reply by gigievans, 3 days ago.   4,710 views.
started by Vickie 5966.   
hormonal weight gain?
:? So I have gained over 1 kilo or 3 lbs since last week, Im pretty sure im getting my period soon so I think it could be hormonal? :oops:
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started by clemgainz.   
Abs, Fat, or just ribs?
So, I have a question.....are these abs in the making, fat, or just my ribs sticking out?? [URL=http://s127.photobucket.c... [URL=http://s127.photobucket.c...
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started by amyskids.   
Post Ileostomy diet issues
I am 1 year post ileostomy reversal due to cancer. I am cancer free but there are alot of healthy foods I cannot eat at this time without paying a horrible price. I cant eat anything in the cabbage line ...
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started by TWCoonhound, 3 days ago.   
Mrs. Dash chicken
For anyone who likes great meals that are easy should try this. Take any boneless chicken and sprinkle any flavor of Mrs Dash on to the chicken and wrap it up into foil and then cook in the oven till ...
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started by cherylekirchner.   
Web: how to edit portion size
If I want to edit portion size on the website, I can not see how to do it. I can only delete and re enter or add another line. The app allows an easy edit of the portion size. What am I missing? thank ...
5 replies, last reply by trackin64, 3 days ago.   280 views.
started by Pleighg.   
Hi Carbs
I think I have been eating wrong. I just realized banana is high in carbs. Darn it! I have 2 everyday. I don't know why I'm not losing weight although I workout everyday for at least 60 minutes ...
6 replies, last reply by yoke-yinpurcaro, 3 days ago.   213 views.
started by yoke-yinpurcaro.   
Ok. I joined Planet Fitness, well, not yet, this afternoon. I have never belonged to a gym before, well, Curves, but that doesn't count. My question....Where do I start???? I'm thinking the ...
36 replies, last reply by Jbber, 3 days ago.   10,181 views.
started by JBL12.   
Support from family
So, tonight, after dinner, I went to the garage to walk on the treadmill. Now, my trainer wanted me to try a goal of 15000 steps a day for the month. I have an office job, so in order to make this h ...
10 replies, last reply by trackin64, 3 days ago.   290 views.
started by Chargergal.   
Giving up the scale?
Probably an odd question to ask on this site which is all about lbs/kgs lost, but has anyone given up weighing themselves for good, or tried it and decided it didn't work? If it was successful for ...
28 replies, last reply by Candy6900, 3 days ago.   8,519 views.
started by starstar73.   
Fat percentage on the daily readout
Is the figure displayed total fat, or 'good' fats? I'm on a high protein/ low carb eating plan and am curious about the fat 'display' Thanks
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started by Midimannz, 4 days ago.   
Just started my diet and are looking to buy a new scale,what model or brand works best???.the one I have now seems to change every time I get on it,even just a few minutes apart.
3 replies, last reply by pattychaney, 4 days ago.   391 views.
started by twilliams9004.   
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Math help with Keto diet
Thanks for clearly explaining and the extra info/links.
by Lifesatrip on 06 Feb 16 02:20 AM
Need Your Opinions...
Thanks everyone I also was thinking of ordering Nutrisystem now at least I know it's horrible.
by valcor on 05 Feb 16 08:38 PM
Probably Gained Weight
I have a feeling I have gained weight this week because not only am I near the end of my period buy I think I ate a little to much on my vacation with my family though I did do a LOT of walking around ...
by cherylekirchner on 05 Feb 16 08:03 PM
Healthy Snacks
Look for the dessert-like yogurts if something sweet is what you want.
by Sweetalot on 05 Feb 16 07:39 PM
Football is looming ahead
There are recipes out there to make old-time recipes healthier. And, if it's not healthy for you, then they shouldn't be eating it either. 😜
by Sweetalot on 05 Feb 16 07:37 PM
You really got to be careful with medications. Side effects can be harsh, especially when taking more than necessary. Better thing to do would be to find exercises that don't impact your back as much.
by Sweetalot on 05 Feb 16 07:33 PM

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