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Need to add 6 meals a day
Where can I change the number of meals a day here? I have been asked by my nutritionist to eat 5-6 times a day, and the 3 meals a day and snack does not quite allow me to prepare the information I need. ...
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started by mmc1800.   
How many times can you post the same phone number?
Somebody posted the same Amazon phone number many times. I have to go through many pages of forums to get to the good ones. You only need to post the number once.
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started by crstlgls, a week ago.   
Alexa looks to have gone berserk!
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started by nb girl, a week ago.   
Can't find members
Hi, I'm trying to find my sisters account on FS, but whenever I search for a member, I get no profiles at all. Can anyone help me? Yvet
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started by Exuperance, a week ago.   
Has anyone noticed your weight loss.
I have lost about 17kgs in the last year.I'm dong it for myself - OF COURSE but would be nice to know all my hard work has not gone unnoticed. None of my friends or family have said anything to me ...
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started by Caro_S_Farrell.   
Support and encouragement --- No negative comments on here
I started this diet to lose weight back in Jan 2018. I need support can't get it at home so I came on here. Not happening.SO I am starting my own post. Sometimes we just need a little encouragement. ...
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started by bnewbee.   
I'd like to introduce myself and share my background with everyone.
My name is Dave and here is my story. I lost 85 pounds on the 17 Day Diet plan and my goal is to maintain my current weight of 185. I started at around 270 pounds. Prior to my weight loss I was diagnosed ...
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started by Dave Duit, a week ago.   
Quick response please? Newbie with a question
Hi. I have JUST joined and am a bit alarmed by the continual list of Amazon Prime info that is coming up under this "Introduce yourself" section. Just a huge long list of the same thing! I work ...
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started by DiscoMoose, a week ago.   
Frozen avocado
At BJ Warehouse last night and found a bag of frozen avocado sections. Sweetie is allergic to avocados so I never buy them-they'll go bad before I can get to them all. Plus, how many can I eat? But ...
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started by Kahaz, a week ago.   
4 days into my diet
Been having slight headache since last night,guess it's the no carb in my meals.:(
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started by Orby71, a week ago.   
No weight lost this week
Not a good week for me my weight stayed the same. The almonds might have been the problem.
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started by magjudy, a week ago.   
Obese Child
Good day All, My sisters 10 year old daughter is over weight/obese and I personally think that my sister is not trying hard enough to get her to loose weight. It also does not help if she buys cakes/junk ...
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started by sugaga, a week ago.   
Keto Diet - Should I use Total Carbs Under 30 g or Net Carbs?
I have been on the Keto Diet using net carbs for 4 weeks with no weight loss. Should I be using total carbs keeping those under 30 grams? I'm confused as to whether to use total or net carbs. If my ...
2 replies, last reply by Loksi52, a week ago.   391 views.
started by Beth Hartline Madigan.   
Delete account
Please delete my account
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started by wqase, a week ago.   
my history
08 March 2018 I am whole food plant based lifestyle. I have been doing this since 6-20-2017. I am now 173 lbs. My weight in high school was 168 lbs and when I started this 9 months ago I was 220 lbs. ...
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started by 101camshaft, a week ago.   
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Diet Sodas
Diablo, chill dude. Your gonna hurt yourself.
by adamevegod1 on 18 Mar 18 07:08 PM
How do i add carb to diary
I want to just add carbs and calories to my diary for a recipe I made without adding the entire ingredients to calculate. Is there a way to do this?
by Debbe8 on 18 Mar 18 02:58 PM
lLow carb counting but this site doesn't account for fibre
Thank you, I didn't know that.....
by catheriney on 18 Mar 18 11:12 AM
Apple Cider Vinegar (organic ) and Omega 3 ESSENTIAL ADDITIONS
AT LEAST you are using the apple cider vinegar sensibly. All are not equal tho, you want one with the MOTHER brew, BRAGGS being one of the best. I shuddered when I saw one of challenges asking people ...
by EVEY71 on 17 Mar 18 03:18 AM
I stepped on the scale on February 23 & weighed in @ 285 Lbs. I had a wrecked shoulder repaired back last of October & basically was confined to home rest, not even driving for 4 months. Came ...
by Yafg on 16 Mar 18 10:11 PM
Joe, I am finding the Calories at times don’t match the barcode verses the product information label by as much as 10-20%. I am thinking the product label is the most accurate but I can’t figure out how ...
by Nessarobert on 16 Mar 18 04:30 PM

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