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Lindy Hop
I have lost 9 KG by eating right and dancing twice a week. Forget the gym, forget jogging, go dancing! You don't even realise you're doing exercise and it's really social too. Go for it! 8)
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started by Pagatronic.   
Health Sidekick
It might look the same but it is not. If you were ever confused about how many calories you can eat and lose weight regardless of the diet you are on Health Sidekick solves the problem. Most site use ...
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started by robbackatya.   
Barcode Scanner
Having problems with using the barcode scanner on my Iphone5 after recently updating the Fat Secret app and new one for my phone. Every time I hit the bar scanner it jumps to my IPhone menu. Does any ...
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started by Idellar, a day ago.   
Has anyone tried Weight Watchers online program?
Just wondering if Weight Watchers is worth the cost... especially since fatsecret's calorie counter is so awesome. Opinions?
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started by Sharebearz.   
Where is everyone from?
My eating-well-on-a-budget challenge and some of the responses to it have made me wonder about the demographics of the site. Want to share? Where are you from? Do you live in an urban, suburban, small ...
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started by Hoser.   
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE it only shows calories at the top I need it to show CARBS FATS PROTEINS, ill have to switch to myfitnesspal and ive bee using fatsecret for a long time id hate to go
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started by Stizic.   
Rewarding yourself
Soooo i was wonderin, how often should one reward themselves ? any ideas people ?
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started by rezo786.   
Looking for a Healthy type of cookie biscuit to make or buy
Hi There does anyone have a Healthier cookie / biscuit Recipe. Know you you don't get a healthy cookie . hahah but something with less carbs or calories.
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started by Saige18.   
iOS 8 exercise counter
Hi there, I have updated the app on my iphone and its awesome... However when i try and add my exercise in i have to keep weighing in.... And i have done that now about 20times today and still can not ...
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started by Arethav.   
I have been exercising like a mad woman past 2 weeks. And this morning finally see results...down 4 pounds! I cut out as much carbs as possible, and counted calories. Exercised everyday...but adding J ...
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started by Sissy63.   
So i have a question. MEAT im craving meat terribly throught the day. Ive noticed when i diet and exercise, all i want is meat. Any explanation???
6 replies, last reply by VarianWrynn, 3 days ago.   635 views.
started by msfari.   
Calorie Counting
Looking for a buddy who is counting calories only. Thanks Ed
10 replies, last reply by Ryan001, 3 days ago.   1,493 views.
started by icecoldcoke.   
iOS 8
Hi all, We understand that our current iPhone app is not working properly for folks upgrading to iOS 8. We've got a new (fantastic, amazing etc...) app with Apple in review at the moment that ad ...
9 replies, last reply by Nanas diet, 4 days ago.   1,339 views.
started by FatSecret.   
total carbohydrate includes dietary fibre
Hi there. In the UK total carbohydrates doesn't include dietary fibre. Although I've set my region to UK, it gives the following error message 'dietry fibre cannot be greater than total ca ...
1 reply, last reply by ebivr, 4 days ago.   267 views.
started by ketocolm.   
Travel Review Tips by The Avanti Group les aliments à la Nouvelle Orléans
Avant de partir pour New Orleans je disais à des amis et les voisins de mes plans. “ Allez-vous Eat à mère? “ “ Je parie que vous ne pouvez pas attendre pour déguster quelques Ja ...
1 reply, last reply by Glaun, 4 days ago.   154 views.
started by Lynell Moultry.   
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Dear everyone, I am a nursing student and I'm having a project about the application Fatsecret. The answers are completely anonymous and I will not post any names, just the reactions. The ques ...
by gaudimj on 30 Sep 14 05:40 AM
I can see a few being a good snack or used in cooking if you are doing low carb. The person who used to ride with me would pick up a big bag of them if we stopped @ aldis, someone doing low carb told ...
by wholefoodnut on 30 Sep 14 05:03 AM
Don't understand kcal
I think one is your daily recommended intake needed to lose weight and the other is your daily energy expenditure, how much you're actually burning daily through exercise etc to stay at your current ...
by ebivr on 30 Sep 14 04:20 AM
Hello ^__^
I'm new here. Started today and barely made my food entries with thirty mins to spare till midnight! Better rack out.. I hear sleep is high priority right next to proper nutrition and hydration :)
by butaytoebutahtoe on 30 Sep 14 01:33 AM
Barcode Scanner
Hello Fat Secret I recently updated my Iphone5s and your current new update and since then the food barcode scanner does not work properly. When I try to scan a food item my iPhone immediately jumps to ...
by Idellar on 29 Sep 14 11:14 PM
How do you prevent loose skin?
It depends on your age, your genetics, and how quickly or slowly you lose weight. I lost 108 lbs in my early thirties, and had no problem with loose skin at all. In my mid-fifties, I lost over 200 lbs, ...
by jeread on 29 Sep 14 07:29 PM

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by member Lucky765
This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
05 Jan 14 for diet Atkins