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Please allow us to DELETE the "Rest" & "Sleep" Items under Exercise
Not sure if the Tech group actually reads these suggestions, but here goes: Feature Request : When we add a workout it should automatically update the RDI with the extra calories burned during our wo ...
6 replies, last reply by Glaun, 4 days ago.   409 views.
started by Cody94549.   
daily burn
I wish I could connect what I do on daily burn to my exercise here.
1 reply, last reply by Sweetalot, 4 days ago.   234 views.
started by malindapugh-miller.   
Printing or exporting food journal
How do I do it. There is no print icon How do I export it to excell
1 reply, last reply by Sweetalot, 4 days ago.   133 views.
started by Reno Horse.   
Hello and Help Please
Hello everyone, This is the 1st time I have ever done anything like this but I have gained almost 30 unexplained pounds over the course of the past month. I am an emotional wreck about it. I can't ...
10 replies, last reply by ElseJ, 4 days ago.   1,358 views.
started by dawnclark1.   
Just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism...
Had my physical October 16. My mother had thyroid problems, I turned 40 this year and now have hypothyroidism. I was doing really good until about 2 to 3 months ago. I started gaining weight. Now it seems ...
15 replies, last reply by Debra Holmes, 4 days ago.   4,831 views.
started by seechellec.   
Gluten Free AND Dairy Free
Is anyone out there both Gluten and Dairy free? I try to stick to both due to a condition I have and this type of diet works so well for me to manage it. However, it is pretty restrictive and after ...
no replies.   117 views.
started by JustineJones, 4 days ago.   
Arm Pit Chaffing
For those who walk or run a lot..... Have you noticed any irritation in your armpits? I've been doing power walking for 6 weeks now and just this week, I noticed that my pits are a bit chaffed. I ...
2 replies, last reply by JustineJones, 5 days ago.   247 views.
started by amyskids.   
“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
no replies.   75 views.
started by popsocialnetworks, 5 days ago.   
Soup makers
Does anyone have experience with soup makers? I am looking at buying one, to be able to make soups easily, but they are expensive. It looks as though the Tefal Soup & Co. might be quite good, but at ...
3 replies, last reply by mummydee, 5 days ago.   892 views.
started by Veritas1958.   
Does anyone have COPD?
Not being able to breathe makes exercise all the harder but all the more important. When I don't, I decondition so fast it is scary. In rehab now, trying to get my FEV1 above 28.
4 replies, last reply by mrsmax, 5 days ago.   793 views.
started by LWBB.   
no weigh May
Been trying to do 'no weigh May' , successful till yesterday, saw scales at my other halfs house and succumbed to getting on, but they're old analogy ones so I don't believe them anyway ...
1 reply, last reply by Glaun, 5 days ago.   364 views.
started by Ronnie6425.   
Meal Replacement Shakes-HELP!!!
Hi Fat Secret Buddies I was wondering if anyone out there can recommend a high protein, low carb shake, that I can take as a meal replacement at dinner time (available in S.A.) and where I can find it. ...
4 replies, last reply by mummydee, 5 days ago.   632 views.
started by Tarryn84.   
LCHF advice and tips needed...
Hello everyone, I'm 14 and recently (on 13th of April) I've started a LCHF diet. It's only now that I see how much I've missed eating fat, I feel a lot fuller after a meal. My diet mainly ...
4 replies, last reply by Donnmur, 5 days ago.   421 views.
started by sunflovvers.   
Bariatric Patients
I am wondering if there is anyone here who has had Bariatric Surgery. I had the Gastric Sleeve on December 2 and I am following a high protein, low calorie diet as I work toward my goal. The surgery ...
5 replies, last reply by John10251, 5 days ago.   757 views.
started by Fourgr8kdz.   
low fat spread for toast
Can anyone suggest a butter alternative? I love toast. I have used avocado but it is not always available. I used a lite margarine but it had no flavor and made my toast mushy. I must decrease fat intake, ...
4 replies, last reply by pspenard, 5 days ago.   436 views.
started by shar201.   
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Addicted to Coffee with creamer every morning!
I figure one addiction at a time. Creamers are a small deal, so don't get rid of them until you food addiction is under control. Just don't add a third real addiction such as sugar.
by Glaun on 24 May 15 08:24 PM
weight time
Perhaps it is a matter of some math. First you need to know your RDI. This is the number of calories you need to stay at the weight you are at. This program will do that for you or google RDI. Then know ...
by Glaun on 24 May 15 08:19 PM
Paralyzed-can't exercise
Hi, I started out with South Beach and stayed on it until my weight stayed still and I became frustrated. Whether you stay on Weight Watchers Simply Filling plan or the Points Plus Plan you will be able ...
by BrooklynWeightWatcher on 24 May 15 06:30 PM
I do take some vitamins but nothing for weight loss. Mine are due to doc's orders blood test and osteo bone scan verified. D3 in the winter and a b complex (mine tend to go low), calcium citrate, ...
by wholefoodnut on 24 May 15 02:17 PM
Looking for buddies
Nic, I'm actually at my weight goal after a couple years but not at my fitness goal. I consider logging food here to be a needed thing for me as it keeps my focus on being healthy. I do not want ...
by wholefoodnut on 24 May 15 12:07 PM
Help! I need to reset my weight loss goals but don't know how
Find the toolbox on the homepage then click on my diet, there's a link to reset your starting weight
by Jaydean7889 on 24 May 15 11:57 AM

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