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Chopping firewood
I have been chopping firewood this last week say for about 2 hours a day, but i cant find any thing that looks like that for putting in my daily exercise ,how many calories would i be using every 30min
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started by cowboy7321.   
cut it up
If you really want the treat. take a little fruit knife ( always useful on diets) and make it clear, if you have to, that you ll eat a little , save a little and maybe give most of it away.. this is , ...
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started by jasminejill, 6 days ago.   
gain 10lbs from carbs
Whenever I start eating high carb (over 200g) I start gaining weight rapidly, and if I eat low carb I lose it just as fast - ~10-12lbs in 3 days or so. I know it's water and I get a bad face bloat. ...
2 replies, last reply by GoJewel, a week ago.   1,569 views.
started by jonanusel.   
New to forum.
I am 61 years old and need to lose at least 50 pounds. I still work as a medical transcriptionist. I am married with two cats IPod and Snickers. It would be nice to be able to have some buddies in the ...
1 reply, last reply by Gastro Patient, a week ago.   466 views.
started by genibear.   
New to forum.
Hello! The "Over 60" issues can be different from those that the young'uns have, can't they? My situation is particularly tough, in my humble opinion...I retired 10 yrs ago and vowed ...
1 reply, last reply by Gastro Patient, a week ago.   466 views.
started by genibear.   
Food Diary
I'm sort of new to this program and am having a heck of a time figuring out how to put food entries in the food diary. If I click add food, it says I haven't added any! Well, heck I'd like ...
8 replies, last reply by Gastro Patient, a week ago.   1,715 views.
started by LSW19.   
eating muffins
I have a wonderful, sweet co-worker and every Monday she brings the staff muffins from Panera. I've talked to her about how I'm trying to lose weight and eat healthy, hoping she would get the hint ...
4 replies, last reply by Gal in blue jeans, a week ago.   909 views.
started by Khawk67.   
Change Language
Hi, I start to use the app short ago, and I cannot find a way to change app language. I mean, (I use on my phone) and it take the language of it. But in my country speaks Spanish, I use English in my ...
12 replies, last reply by mihai83, a week ago.   5,714 views.
started by pablofeldman90.   
Whey Protein???
Would anyone mind explaining this whey protein thing to me? Off hand I'm having trouble accepting its beneift. Is it supposed to provide your body cheap protein for relatively low calories and fight ...
24 replies, last reply by Mr Jin, a week ago.   3,472 views.
started by reti856.   
Hello Fat Secreteers! Fellow flab fighters of the universe!
My first forum post after 11 weeks of being in the fatsecret community. Today I am officially down 20 pounds and have found this regimen I'm completely manageable. I do have a question about ...
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started by Trimmer55, a week ago.   
My stupidity
I cannot figure out how to use the calorie counter for my daily intake Rosebud9606
2 replies, last reply by scotthagerty, a week ago.   259 views.
started by Rosbud9606.   
I gained three pounds since I woke up today
I have only had 500 calories today and since this morning (I weighed in at 196.5) and now I am weighing in at 199. Can you make suggestions, give words of encouragement or fuss at me?
19 replies, last reply by JackieHuxham, a week ago.   6,081 views.
started by Martine Marie.   
Hi All
Hi All, I have joine dthe community...Hope it works well :):)
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started by Freida77, a week ago.   
Need your opinion on this weight loss app!
Hello everyone! We’re a small team of app makers, passionate about weight loss and healthy living. We created an app, Revive Weight Loss, that is centered around portion control and habit tracking i ...
1 reply, last reply by cashqueen, a week ago.   524 views.
started by ReviveHugo.   
Google Fit
Now that Fat Secret is compatible with Google Fit how do you sync the two? Is it done automatically in the background or do we have to do something manually?
16 replies, last reply by jadenq, a week ago.   8,636 views.
started by maxpugsby.   
Optimal Ketogenic Living
I've been doing high fat, medium protein, low carb since january and it has worked really well. Awhile back someone mentioned Optimal Ketogenic Living. It's on facebook so I checked it out. It ...
5 replies, last reply by bodybuilderesq, a week ago.   552 views.
started by Rckc.   
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new here
Welcome, Good luck and I too am Obsessed with LCHF, keep it up!!
by Maddog- on 28 Nov 15 10:38 AM
New here and want to add historical data from my diary
Hello folks, can I pick your brains? I am new to FS and so far I love it. It's a great tool. So I have added points of reference to my weight records using the 'enter historical dates' option. ...
by Brynawel on 28 Nov 15 09:59 AM
Diet Break
Well I'm off the diet break now and back to 1200-1300 cals a day and have dropped two pounds in 3 days.
by Barney45 on 28 Nov 15 09:58 AM
Is anyone aiming for a NO Sugar diet?
Peppers are amazing sources of lots of nutrients. I love munching on red bell peppers.
by wholefoodnut on 28 Nov 15 07:48 AM
Not hungry anymore
I m eating around 600 cal a day for about 4 days now on saturday november 28. A I don t feel hungry anymore.
by jodyme on 28 Nov 15 06:26 AM
Getting started
I am finding it difficult to get started, keep forgetting to put in what I've consumed.
by Curlypatsy on 27 Nov 15 09:38 PM

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Keep it simple and easy. Eat real food!
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