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cooking the most delicious pork chops...
I have just finished a Dinner (Lunch) of the BEST pork chops I have ever tasted and enjoyed, to the last delicious bite, that I have ever had in 71 years. :) Two 5.5 oz chops, I prepared from a combin ...
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started by billtech66.   
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started by HARLEYNICE3.   
app fatsecret gewichtseintrag löschen
Hallo, Kann man einen Gewichtseintrag löschen oder das Datum ändern? :?
1 reply, last reply by buzzdee202, 2 days ago.   217 views.
started by bastler0000.   
Ok. I joined Planet Fitness, well, not yet, this afternoon. I have never belonged to a gym before, well, Curves, but that doesn't count. My question....Where do I start???? I'm thinking the ...
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started by JBL12.   
Prebiotics vs Probiotics – Is One Better Than the Other?
You’ve probably heard something about “probiotics” in the news or at the grocery store. Probiotics are “friendly” bacteria. They help your digestive system work efficiently — both to digest and absorb ...
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started by maktrim1, 2 days ago.   
so need motivation !!!
Just reading others' posts helps me see that I'm not alone in the journey. :?
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started by Abbee2015.   
Finding it very difficult this time round. Must try harder to be required weight by September 10 kilos to go. Any suggestions?
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started by Hopeful N.   
Need some buddies
Hi everyone I am looking for some diet buddies, please send request to Daisey B I could really use the support.
14 replies, last reply by crabbyCDN, 3 days ago.   870 views.
started by Daisey B.   
Fitbit has an open API
Any Chance of Fatsecret linking to Fitbit's open API? Your calorie tracker is the best and you would get alot more users, as all the Fit bit users are begging for a better calorie tracker. The Lose ...
100 replies, last reply by liquify420, 3 days ago.   44,047 views.
started by phazelag.   
Weight Goal Duration
Where does this app indicate how long it will take to reach a goal weight based on RDI?
1 reply, last reply by Glaun, 3 days ago.   149 views.
started by Slhines.   
Off to a good start
Hello. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since I began. I have lost 4 of 23 pounds. My main focus is carbs because I have been recently diagnosed with pre-diabetes. I am a sugar addict. Anyone with any tips will ...
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started by mollysmall.   
Counting Calories
I started this journey this week because I just had to do something. When I first started out I was 198lbs and then found out I was pregnant. I was excited because bringing a life into the world is wo ...
1 reply, last reply by Sally L, 3 days ago.   173 views.
started by jackjack1978.   
medically challenged
Hi, This is my first time doing this. I have a J-pouch and obviously need help in adjusting my eating habits. Due to the J-pouch, everything I eat is a trial and error. If it hurt, I will not eat it. If ...
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started by amberbarrett.   
Diabetes Fan Club
Looking for a leaner version of a grill favorite? It’s time to talk turkey. Try Diabetes Forecast magazine's Lemon-Turkey Patties!
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started by Color Yellow , 5 days ago.   
What else can we drink
Hi Everybody. I have been banting for a month now, lost some weight, feeling really good about myself. Today I was in town, and decided to quench my thirst by drinking 500ml of Clover full cream milk, ...
19 replies, last reply by kjames181, 5 days ago.   1,400 views.
started by RobAntStone.   
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Thoughts on Viennas
Hi guys, what is your thoughts about smoked viennas?? I had 3 viennas last nite, with 2slices of brown bread,onions and fried egg. This morning i weighed 200g heavier. I know that i musnt worry about ...
by denisepret23 on 30 Jul 15 01:39 AM
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Yeah,I am at a loss as what to do!
by myawethinTICself on 30 Jul 15 12:28 AM
Nutrimost Resonant Frequency
Diets that are very low in calories are not much different from total starvation and are dangerous. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has determined that the claim that a product “safely enables consumers ...
by DontBeThatNaive on 29 Jul 15 11:01 PM
"Tricks of the Trade". Fool Me Once Shame On You. Fool Me Twice Shame On Me.
Stick to the plan, whatever yours is and you will succeed. Doing this only sabotages you into thinking that it's ok to do again and create a cycle. Create a cycle that make YOU accountable to YO ...
by Pterath on 29 Jul 15 10:04 PM
What am I doing wrong?
Sounds scary to me full of junk foods. whole non processed foods loaded with nutrition. Avoid processed food with low nutrition and lots of chemicals. You will be healthier in the long run.
by wholefoodnut on 29 Jul 15 09:54 PM
Self talk
Good comment
by wholefoodnut on 29 Jul 15 09:51 PM

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