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help logging
So the first day I got it to finish my daily food entry, but it entered it 2 times.have no Idea how I even finished the entry. Question # 1 how do I delete that extra entry? question #2 where is the ...
4 replies, last reply by wholefoodnut, 3 days ago.   300 views.
started by micheleferguson.   
I downloaded the app to my android phone and entered the day's food and exercise. I then logged in to the website and nothing was saved. What's the malfunction?
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started by littlechanges, 3 days ago.   
How to use this website
I'm a bit overwhelmed at how much is on this website. Is there an "instructions" area? Thank you!!
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, 3 days ago.   283 views.
started by kathleenwhiting.   
Want to start Clean Eating. Help lead me in the right direction please...
I want to start (or rather, attempt to) clean eating. I thought I'd give it a trial run. I know it's good for you in so many ways, but it's also going to be more difficult and probably more ...
2 replies, last reply by Emerald17, 3 days ago.   325 views.
started by Emerald17.   
i cannot get motivated
i have tried everything i can possible to get myself motivated to excersize but i cannot do it i even got myself of a good sleep schedule but i think beens its been so bitter cold i dont feel likr getting ...
11 replies, last reply by Woperchild, 3 days ago.   2,047 views.
started by feliciahenderson.   
Net calories on overview
Hi all I am very new to counting calories and have what is probably a daft question - my understanding is if i burn off more than i take in i should lose weight so can i check. On the overview - the ...
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started by twilson1, 3 days ago.   
Home Made Meals from Scratch
I have only been tracking my food intake for 2 days now but I have run into a problem. I make most meals from scratch and I was wondering if there was a way I can enter the ingredients into a recipe that ...
2 replies, last reply by Truxi, 3 days ago.   311 views.
started by Truxi.   
Adding to Food Diary
Hi-In case you haven't figured it out, I am new to the site. Does anyone know if you can add your own foods and calorie counts to the Food Diary. If so, how? A lot of my food is not found or has the ...
2 replies, last reply by kay4kerry, 4 days ago.   582 views.
started by carls lady.   
not loosing weight
Hi everyone , need some advice. I walk an hour everyday or do walking workouts 6 days of the week. I restrict my diet to the 1279 cal a day to loose weight. Week 1 I lost 1 kg but Notning happened in week ...
6 replies, last reply by howzat4u, 4 days ago.   1,094 views.
started by rvbrvb.   
Add Blank Calories
Is there a way to just add a number of calories? There are some days were I might eat out a lot and it's way too tedious to try and count a day of that. Usually I know I went over my goals for the ...
2 replies, last reply by tojomo, 4 days ago.   558 views.
started by 4ndrew.   
New here!!
I'm new here and feeling lost in a new town. Can I find a guide some where?
2 replies, last reply by GerreBrown, 4 days ago.   725 views.
started by GerreBrown.   
Why not being a perfectionist with your diet and why planned indulgences are healthy???
A few days ago, I had a bit of a binge, but I still stayed within my calorie intake. I gave myself permission to binge, but was conscious about my intake by using this site to input my calories. I thought ...
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started by dragonwisdom, 4 days ago.   
Not Losing Weight !! Advice Needed!!
Hello there, I am a 35 year old female, height 5' 3 and weight 63 Kg. Now, I walk everyday for 3 hours, cover around 25 km in a day and eat around 1200--1500 calories. And according to online calc ...
5 replies, last reply by robathealthsidekick, 4 days ago.   915 views.
started by Sarafiennes.   
Google Fit
Now that Fat Secret is compatible with Google Fit how do you sync the two? Is it done automatically in the background or do we have to do something manually?
4 replies, last reply by 4ndrew, 4 days ago.   1,284 views.
started by maxpugsby.   
Just started
2 days in, feeling the strain, will persevere, i will win this battle of the bulge :?
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, 4 days ago.   430 views.
started by CheekyArlz.   
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Export data option
For completeness, there is also a RESTful API on
by sigmapi on 01 Feb 15 06:23 AM
is it possible to download or export data
Bodicea wrote: Yes...from the page on which you enter food, at the top under the "My Food Diary" with the date - click on the link for "Print" - from that page, you can then either ...
by sigmapi on 01 Feb 15 06:12 AM
first week
thank you :d
by Luker5 on 01 Feb 15 05:52 AM
% body fat
Yeah I hear ya! I'd like to stop the jiggles too, in fact it's not so much jiggling but flapping & slapping :-(. My under arms, inner thighs & belly are a nightmare, & lets not even ...
by ebivr on 01 Feb 15 04:57 AM
looking for a buddy 45+ living in brisbane, Australia
I know exactly how you feel. I suffer from chronic pain as well and exercise is very difficult. Maybe we can encourage each other and failing that have a good mian
by sammybudoll on 01 Feb 15 04:36 AM
i would like to join too. i need all the encouragement i can get. good luck
by sammybudoll on 01 Feb 15 03:08 AM

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