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How do you edit your weight? I know sounds like a joke but I actually want to edit my starting weight as more or delete it. I was using a bad scale, now I have an accurate one that I also match up with ...
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started by Viktoria Algarrobo.   
Entering new weight
I originally had a weight goal of 195 I have changed it now to 190 it will not accept my new weight of 193
5 replies, last reply by Bad Gass, a week ago.   399 views.
started by Bad Gass.   
net carbs - xilitol
Ok I have a question for fellow KETO dieters.. DO you count sugar alcohols in your net carbs? I seem to remember that those are deducted just like fiber, but I am not sure. The reason behind my question ...
1 reply, last reply by ruthe1213, a week ago.   354 views.
started by karenhaley.   
own recipe
Wondering if I can input my own recipe for biscuits for my own use when entering food eaten ? However I only have the ingredients, not all the breakdown info they seem to need for the nutritional panel. ...
3 replies, last reply by rhills, a week ago.   333 views.
started by Lindy Jane.   
net carbs
re my last post. I just looked up a few things and it looks like it does use net carbs which is not really working for me. Is it possible for me to change the setting in any way to make it net. ???
2 replies, last reply by Lindy Jane, a week ago.   259 views.
started by Lindy Jane.   
calorie countdown
Hi, Am I supposed to have a calorie countdown ??. I have a progress report, but nothing to say what is remaining. I thought I saw somewhere that there was a countdown as well, which would be good for a ...
1 reply, last reply by rhills, a week ago.   278 views.
started by Lindy Jane.   
net carbs
wondering if this program uses net carbs ??as my carbs seem a lot higher than usual if I work them out myself and subtract the fibre to make them net.
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started by Lindy Jane, a week ago.   
How to enter a Journal entry into a previous date
I wanted to rewrite a Journal entry from a few days back but after deleting the original entry could not find how to back date a new new entry for that date. Any Help?
1 reply, last reply by rhills, a week ago.   263 views.
started by Brightonuk.   
Im a newby. I don't know how to enter a specific food. I have a special low carb bread (in Australia) and want to be able to select it to enter in my daily intake. thanks
3 replies, last reply by rhills, a week ago.   326 views.
started by Lindy Jane.   
How can I clear my 'recently eaten'/'most eaten' foods list?
I've now discovered how to add my own custom foods, so I want to clear the 'recently eaten'/'most eaten' foods list of the previous items. If this is not possible, take it as a s ...
5 replies, last reply by rhills, a week ago.   1,332 views.
started by danitrusca.   
I am very new to taking this diet seriously as a lifetime WOE. I cannot wrap my head around the basic differences of Keto, LCHF, and Banting, can someone please inform me, as simply as possible, what ...
2 replies, last reply by JovialJ, a week ago.   615 views.
started by robinfurman.   
my research has told me that for each ounce of alcohol consumed your fat burning stops for an hour...I like to have a little from time to time but have to keep that in mind.....the body will move to p ...
2 replies, last reply by 101camshaft, a week ago.   581 views.
started by 101camshaft.   
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started by 101camshaft, a week ago.   
I just can't seem to break the 180lbs plateau....:doubt:
1 reply, last reply by Diablo360x, a week ago.   356 views.
started by scottandmeg.   
Started June 20th at 220lbs and now at 185lbs on a whole food plant based diet...very little SOS "salt oil sugar" no processed foods and eat until full...have been on many diets in the past but ...
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started by 101camshaft, a week ago.   
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Hi - I am a personal trainer and recommend (if you are in good heart health) that you can increase endurance and strength by doing the following once a day (5 days) with 2 days rest then twice a day (5 ...
by Shkspr on 16 Oct 17 08:02 PM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
First thing every morning before I shower. I find this helps me monitor better and keep me accountable as if I have gone over in Calories or Carbs the day prior it is usually reflected on the scales.
by jade0177 on 16 Oct 17 08:01 PM
Newbie - Love this site/app
Thanks Divorcee and you are absolutely 100% correct, it is all about maintaining focus for the long run, we all slip up, we all have bad days, that is why I find the food diary so helpful as it really ...
by jade0177 on 16 Oct 17 07:53 PM
working out at home
Just sharing my latest blog post about my exercise and weight loss journey. I hope you are inspired and thanks for taking the time to read it. Here is the link: Let me know ...
by theangela1 on 16 Oct 17 12:41 PM
Nips and tucks
I am a yo yo dieter,and have thought of tightening surgery. I suggest that you wait to be sure you can maintain a fairly stable weight before proceeding.
by lmb# on 16 Oct 17 11:55 AM
New Hogwarts Challenge in 7 days!
Hey, everyone! I know many people don't check the challenges tab, so I'm trying to find a way to get the word out. In 7 days, a battle to find out which Hogwarts House is the best at weight loss ...
by ATorBust on 16 Oct 17 10:43 AM

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