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Question about Adding food to the Data Base
Was attempting to add these tortillas i found in the store. They are Low Carb Low fat, and low calorie. Ole Brand Mexican Foods Xtreme Wellness HIgh Fiber Low Carb. When i turn the package over I must ...
4 replies, last reply by less_of_me, 6 years ago.   1,165 views.
started by xLyssx.   
8) Hello everybody...I started my challenge Aug. 1st like I was supposed to. I have walked 30 min. each day. Am hoping to make this a habit by the time this challenge is over. Wish all my W.W. friends ...
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started by autumnkrsr, 6 years ago.   
20 day 6 pound challange
Time to ramp up the sweat time and ramp down the calories
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started by mikebrown, 6 years ago.   
Just Joined the Fatsecret today. Looking for weightloss friends
My name is Donna Im 44 and started Atkins on May 12,09 weighing at 330(Goodness thats hard to post)today i weigh 289 and have lost 41 pounds. Need to start with some exercise, walking ect.
6 replies, last reply by Mrs REJ, 6 years ago.   1,205 views.
started by Mrs REJ.   
Site Sloooooow
Dear FatSecret Tech Team, Is it just me or does the site seem to be loading much slower? I often get error messages, particularly when trying to adjust exercise time totals or access the "enter ...
10 replies, last reply by brittiful, 6 years ago.   1,483 views.
started by brittiful.   
U.S. Health Care
I've decided to resubmit this post but this time open it up to all diets: I put this information under "Diet Talk" because being overweight can lead to many health issues, and if our ab ...
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started by debbra, 6 years ago.   
I can't help it...I am weak to korean bbq
Whenever I go to korean bbq, i eat like a king. I try not to eat any rice but i eat those white rice papers, a lot of vegetables and a lot of Brisket and chicken. How many calories that may add up to ...
1 reply, last reply by Koappa, 6 years ago.   900 views.
started by drrobstar.   
New On The Block
Hi there. Just started on this web site. Couldn't sleep so I went on the computer. :? I've been heavy for 48 of my 58 years. Have been on so many diets and lost so much weight. The best diet I ...
1 reply, last reply by LindsayLou, 6 years ago.   837 views.
started by Denise209.   
Error adding pending recipe
Hello, I added several new recipes over the past several days. I was able to successfully add one of those to my food diary a few days ago. I am now unable to add the latest recipes. I receive "An ...
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started by meAgain, 6 years ago.   
I started fat secret yesterday
I just started fatsecret yesterday - it, of course, feels good starting something again (for the umpteenth time). However, I also have trepidation because I have tried numerous times before and start ...
3 replies, last reply by splendidhammer, 6 years ago.   1,064 views.
started by Susan Langstraat.   
Hey sorry for my fake ghettoness, I'm new here! this app was basically the reason i got the G1 phone, awesome awesome stuff!! also on calorie count but this looks like its going to be more conven ...
7 replies, last reply by prettylittleclavicle, 6 years ago.   1,595 views.
started by prettylittleclavicle.   
I am going to start walking in the morning but I am not sure how long and how far I should go. I only have about 30-45 min since my husband leaves early for work. Would a half and hour be enough?
6 replies, last reply by koste30, 6 years ago.   1,665 views.
started by koste30.   
When you lose weight - where does it go??
:lol: I see so many posts about people losing weight then gaining it back. Like does it just hang around waiting for someone else (or you) to pick it up and carry it around again? Strange thought - one ...
2 replies, last reply by Bindy, 6 years ago.   2,229 views.
started by Kit Cat.   
Just signed up
I was clicking around on my Facebook and found out about the food and exercise journal. Started writing a few things in it and the link for this site came up. Anyway, I used to play sports all the time ...
1 reply, last reply by Try14, 6 years ago.   766 views.
started by Girdox.   
Is Acai Berry Any Good for Losing Weight???
Yeah, I bet it tastes good, berries are sweet….and supposedly acai berry is full of antioxidants, but do you get the real stuff when you order it? Or some watered down version? Or would you do better ...
3 replies, last reply by DReno, 6 years ago.   1,010 views.
started by divadeluxe11.   
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Cannot Delete Food
yes me. I can't delete any food items. I sent them an email. I'm on iPhone. hopefully gets resolved today.
by jimmypage1stfan on 08 Feb 16 05:08 PM
Anyone heard of SARMS?
PinkNinjitsu wrote: even though my diet sucks and I haven't been working out, since I've been taking SARMS I haven't increased in weight at all. So anyway, if you have any info to share ...
by MissSmith858 on 08 Feb 16 04:53 PM
Wondering if Diet Pills are Dangerous for your Health?
I agree supplements are a better option but I would STAY AWAY from anything promoted by Dr. Oz....He is part of the reason supplements have such a bad reputation these days...
by MissSmith858 on 08 Feb 16 04:42 PM
Need Your Opinions...
There are a lot of places now that you can order food delivered too your house with portioned meals that are fresh and actually pretty good. I know around me a lot of places do paleo meals, but some do ...
by MissSmith858 on 08 Feb 16 04:38 PM
Healthy Snacks
wiildflowers wrote: today I am going to try and make asparagus wrapped in bacon. This is a really amazing snack! I also like to use prosciutto instead of bacon and them some goat cheese to hold it on ...
by MissSmith858 on 08 Feb 16 04:33 PM
trying different ways in how you stride and use the handlebars will bring different results. It allows you to work at multiple paces. Ilove my gazelle and i can get my heartrate up fast with it.
by jenboop20 on 08 Feb 16 03:30 PM

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