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I want to see how my name comes out on post:?:
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started by Samuelreed, 7 years ago.   
too many calories!
wow, I just took in 2136 calories for the day, and that's on the low end because I can't find Lean Cousine on the food list. So I added 240 calories from that. This really sucks...and what's ...
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started by terry0418, 7 years ago.   
too many calories!
What kind of diseases or side effects can you get form eating too many carbs, calories and fat?
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started by terry0418, 7 years ago.   
For all the newbies!
I just wanted to say I just scanned through several new people's food diaries. This was my main observation. A lot of you aren't eating enough protein! Protein will help you feel satisfied and ...
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started by kmaxwell08.   
This is the real deal. All levels of fitness get challenged on this thing.
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started by MMACoach, 7 years ago.   
Advocate of P90X
P90X is what I've been doing for the last 2 weeks and I'm really loving it. It's very intense, it keeps you moving and the results I've seen already keep me wanting to continue on the ...
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started by chillypea.   
calories burned
I don't really understand this website. it is saying that I burned 1,080 kcal just resting. How do I know how many kcal's I should be burning a day in order to loose weight?
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started by mpooler.   
Does anyone have a pair of those Reebok Easytone shoes or anything similar? Want a pair but not sure what kind to get- and can you run in them? or are they for walking only?
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started by skinnymomma, 7 years ago.   
Got a question for the large chested women out there?
What have you found is the best cardio for you? I used to love to run, but my boobs got too big that I can't.:roll:
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started by cheesegirl.   
weight tracker
HELP!!!! SO my weight tracker has mixed up all my dates some how? They're in order on the website but my phones list is all out if order, making my graph look really discouraging!!!!! How can I fix ...
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started by CaseyAshlock, 7 years ago.   
Chew Gum
Try chewing gum during the day. I've started with EXTRA! it's also an approved gum of Biggest Loser! ... it helps you not have the hunger!! It works for me!
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started by fcullum.   
Salt: New Research
[url= Video: Hold the Salt Some of the foods we consume have a considerable amount of salt which we may not have any idea of how to measure. How much salt is safe? This ABC ...
5 replies, last reply by information, 7 years ago.   1,507 views.
started by information.   
WW points & Calories
Hi all - I'm following WW but also trying to be more aware of my calorie intake. Part of my problem is that I don't eat ENOUGH food throughout the day. Case and point... I've entered in my ...
2 replies, last reply by Jrose1, 7 years ago.   952 views.
started by Jrose1.   
ww points
I'm tracking my points in the log on my phone and doing the ww diet but I'm curious if there is anyplace that totals up your points for u. I know it will give u them for each food u put in and ...
2 replies, last reply by geogator, 7 years ago.   1,000 views.
started by mpeter392.   
Hurt back, can't exercise :(
I am so bummed. I fell down my stairs (hardwood floors) Thursday night and haven't been able to move since. I was finally getting up to running 6 miles in 60 minutes, a few times a week, 30 minutes ...
1 reply, last reply by mahara, 7 years ago.   718 views.
started by Tressatnt.   
HCG - Simeons Protocol buddy out there?
Good luck! I will add you to my buddies. If I can be of any help just ask. Don't know a lot but have learned some good stuff.
8 replies, last reply by dalefisher, 7 years ago.   2,004 views.
started by bbless.   
HCG - Simeons Protocol buddy out there?
Thanks! keep up the good work. where do you do duathalon? I have never heard of it but sounds like something I would love to work up to.
8 replies, last reply by dalefisher, 7 years ago.   2,004 views.
started by bbless.   
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Need Help!
Have you been restricting a fair bit before this started? Very low calorie days or creating a very large deficit? If I drop too low for a couple of days, I'll get that way too. It's why I keep ...
by Kishlette on 24 Jun 17 02:08 AM
Low Carb Diets - Do they work for everyone?
I have done low carb, and I get results, but I don't find the way of eating to be sustainable for me. I fall back to eating in a more typical way. Right now, I'm having gall bladder issues ...
by catinhat on 23 Jun 17 11:51 PM
Hunger and dedication
I'm glad only have 29 pounds to go, this 500 calorie a day diet is about to break me. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel
by SirHampton on 23 Jun 17 09:08 PM
Question about FatSecret
Go to you FatSecret Profile, then click on the icon of a plate, fork and spoon at the top. It will bring up what you've recorded you've eaten for the day. Scroll to the bottom of the page and it ...
by crstlgls on 23 Jun 17 04:42 PM
Anyone know any low-carb or no-carb snacks?
I know what you mean! I shoot for >30% protein, <50% carbs, and around 15-20% fat .. but it takes some planning and (at least in my case) also takes limiting starches and refined carbohydrates ...
by rhills on 23 Jun 17 01:29 PM
Thank you so much, everyone, for your insight. <3
by kemill on 23 Jun 17 09:14 AM

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