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Changing your calories on here
Does anyone know how to change your calories. I picked 1300 but i think 1400 is a better decision. Any help would be grateful!
1 reply, last reply by potteryhead, 6 years ago.   1,043 views.
started by vbbchchk1.   
white verses brown
well I read that whole wheat is better for you because of fiber content but what is really wrong with white pasta white potatoes white rice? I read the back of a container of maccroni it was whole wheat ...
3 replies, last reply by marlowe, 6 years ago.   1,700 views.
started by catlady496.   
Vegan Buddy???
Hey It might be nice to have a diet buddy, vegan if possible! x
12 replies, last reply by Angelacs, 6 years ago.   3,579 views.
started by prettylittleclavicle.   
Caloric Percentages
Does anyone know how much the percentage of calories should be of Fat, Protein, Carbs? I was under the impression that it should be 43% Carbs 33% Protein 24% Fat Tell me what you think?
9 replies, last reply by God Willing, 6 years ago.   1,794 views.
started by ck1274.   
Besides Carbs
Hi. What do you guys think we should be shooting for with calories, etc. besides carbs in order to maximize our results? Renee'
3 replies, last reply by sunshinegirl_c4, 6 years ago.   1,324 views.
started by momandwife1.   
"Network Connection Failed"
I have a Blackberry Curve 8900 and after the 1.2 Calorie Counter upgrade I can no longer access the search option. When I try to type in a food in the search it just says "Network Connection Failed. ...
6 replies, last reply by Cynide, 6 years ago.   5,598 views.
started by flygamer.   
spicy tuna
one of the best quickest reciepes i,ve ever made. been enjoying it every day for the past week. plenty of protein, would be great carry on for any ocassion,s :d :d
no replies.   997 views.
started by josephlitchka, 6 years ago.   
RDI & Net Calories
This tool is so confusing compared to calorieking. Anyway since I have a droid now, this is the best out there for free. How does the RDI play a role when checking my "Diet Calendar". For ...
2 replies, last reply by chilenny, 6 years ago.   3,318 views.
started by chilenny.   
1/2 serving
I'm new. Is there a way to add a partial serving to your food diary? I mainly use the android app & scan items in, but can't always get the serving size to match what I eat. For example, ...
3 replies, last reply by Matt3550, 6 years ago.   1,563 views.
started by Matt3550.   
menstrual cycle
yes it can if you are on a very low calorie diet.Or if you have a lot of stress in your life that can also cause skipped periods.
2 replies, last reply by DeniseTra, 6 years ago.   1,760 views.
started by clare-paula.   
20 Pound Challenge- Points Challenge
Here is the Top Runners for the Points Challenge: 1. Barbara-340 pts. 2. Sri Davie-235 pts. 3. Julie-225 pts. 4. Linda-190 pts. 5. Rose- 175 pts. 6. Amelia-160 pts. 7. Summer-140 pts. 8. Kyong-90 pts. ...
1 reply, last reply by kasuy, 6 years ago.   1,962 views.
started by Total Body Leader.   
Atkins misconceptions
PLEASE NOTE: I realise that this was submitted to an Atkins board, and I do not intend my comments to offend people. I am writing this to explain why the "gaspers" may feel the way they do. ...
41 replies, last reply by sunshinegirl_c4, 6 years ago.   5,943 views.
started by clare-paula.   
calorie calculator
Hi I am new here. I used to use calorieking, but got an android phone therefore decided to change to fatsecret. Everything is ok, except I don't understand the calorie calculator. Most sites including ...
3 replies, last reply by Sparky67, 6 years ago.   1,646 views.
started by aqus.   
Abs Diet on the road? HELP!
Hey there- i have to travel for work soon, and whenever that happens, my food choices are limited and AWFUL! I am on the Abs Diet, which is great if you can make most of your own meals, but on the road ...
4 replies, last reply by God Willing, 6 years ago.   3,789 views.
started by MrBrianSmall.   
Looking for WW Buddy who is also monitoring Sodium
:d Hi, I've done WW and realized recently that my sodium intake is preventing me from losing weight and keeping my blood pressure sky high. Started the DASH diet along with WW points this weekend ...
no replies.   1,078 views.
started by froggiegal, 6 years ago.   
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Do you guys track fruit?
I track everything. even. the fluids I drink. Vegies, fruits. Every little thing that I eat or drink. It will open your eyes as far as calories and nutrients you take in.
by bettycmoody on 28 Sep 16 06:17 AM
How to delete tips?
try clicking on my fatsecret and then click on my activity from yourself and see if you can see it there and delete it there.
by prallis76 on 28 Sep 16 06:04 AM
Starting Stats
Greetings to All! I started my journey on 9/14/16. Start weight: 318.6 Goal Weight: 220 within 1 year BMI: 43.8 Body Fat: 38.9% Presently focusing on keeping a caloric intake of 2000 kcal/day and ...
by rjsluman on 28 Sep 16 05:29 AM
Some things need fixing.
For the entry, you should see it on the bottom left side. It will say last edited by soandso at suchandsuch time, and you can click to edit it yourself.
by SoMuchBS on 28 Sep 16 12:35 AM
Can't seem to stick to a diet
quote: I want things to happen quickly, NOW I'm getting mental imagery of the commercial with those people shouting out the windows "Its my fat loss and I want it now!" "Its my fat ...
by SoMuchBS on 27 Sep 16 07:16 PM
I was older when I was younger.
welcome! that is sad to hear that you are alone.. I really feel for you. do you live in kentucky? there is a great support system here on fatsecret- you are bound to feel better when you see the pos ...
by Bearybeans on 27 Sep 16 04:22 PM

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New Snack tip. I spread cheese onto slices of cucumbers and eat my tuna with celery stalks!
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