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How many calories can i burn with SALSAAAA!!?!
So i lost .8 pounds from yesterday i hope i can drop another .8 tomorrow. I ate subway today for lunch my husband visited me at work. It was fun. I'm hoping I can burn it all off by tonight. My gyms ...
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started by GainedTooMuch, 6 years ago.   
When to exercise BEFORE or After a meal.....what is best?
I am wondering when is the best time to exercise, is it before eating, or after & if so then how long should I wait once I have eaten to exercise. Right now I exersice before I eat my meal, by that ...
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started by Mommyof2.   
Congrats to all...
Hello All, I am pretty new to this forum and all, but look forward to encouraging and being encouraged, so to all of you that loss this week, woohooo and all of you that went up a jig or ...
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started by IsupportU.   
Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Diet
Anyone out there following the Eat Clean Plan? I'm new to it, but am hopingit will be successful for me....
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started by Krisdrew, 6 years ago.   
Got it
Thanks for the help guys I finally found it angie:lol:
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started by angie1973, 6 years ago.   
New here!
Hi everyone! I am new to this list, but not new to South Beach. The girls I work with went on South Beach for the first time in May of 06 because my best friend had a really high CRP level, so her Dr. ...
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started by wpage.   
first week
Hi everyone, this is my first post. I wanted to start the EFS diet today, but I haven't received my book in the mail yet (I ordered it off amazon used books- takes FOREVER!). I got some basics off ...
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started by meljoyt, 6 years ago.   
Anyone know the goods and bads of the sugar free desserts? WW ice cream, smart something ice cream etc. And what in the world is Sugar Alcohol???
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started by cherryblossommj, 6 years ago.   
208? Maybe
I plan on being 208 tomorrow! lol lets hope andddd....prey! plus the gym. im actually burning off exactly what im eating everyday thats not healthy... yes i know... but still it's the only way. p.s. ...
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started by GainedTooMuch, 6 years ago.   
Hope this works. Here is a forum for the team Adwenturers so that they can report activity here and just discuss things.
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started by jprunty.   
MAGIC CARPET RIDE WITH THE EXPLORER'S 8) Team: EXPLORERS Your Travel Guide: Prettyface Team List: fallingoff, Helen20, Jenny-Any-Dots, KellyBo, mbhpro, MillaLite, mrs.christie, redhead_rugby, ...
331 replies, last reply by KellyBo, 6 years ago.   9,746 views.
started by pretty face.   
Vitamin HELP!
anyone know of any good vitamins? is one a day a good one?
1 reply, last reply by focus, 6 years ago.   633 views.
started by GainedTooMuch.   
Globe Trotters Team - Make sure you keep watching the challenge post that I sent you all the link to. Add all you fellow team members to your buddy list and lets all have a great time in this chal ...
190 replies, last reply by ohitsashley, 6 years ago.   7,770 views.
started by Janelleas.   
Breakin' out ... into.. ONE-derland..
:idea:shhh... *whispers* Who's with me?? HUH?? :arrow: I'm sick and tired of it!!:evil: :shock: Shhhh... don't let the evil TWO-headed twin know!:x We'll have to do it quietly ...
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started by bullytrouble.   
Ok, I walked it in about 2.5 hours, but I DID IT! First time ever! It's a huge local race that draws 50,000 participants and a big international crowd. Most locals walk it and pack kids in stro ...
3 replies, last reply by Pking, 6 years ago.   777 views.
started by jgilcrist.   
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off and on
That perfectly fine, and in fact the way that I suggest my clients begin their process. One thing that is helpful though is to get a food scale and just for a couple of days weigh out or measure all ...
by brianhaimes on 01 Oct 14 01:18 PM
Health Sidekick
There is only 1 thing needed for weight loss. Regardless of the diet you are the MOST important thing is to have an accurate number. How much of the food I am eating and exercise I am doing should I eat ...
by robbackatya on 01 Oct 14 12:18 PM
5 Day Bootcamp
Me too
by Nadeeshag on 01 Oct 14 11:52 AM
south beach diet vs. atkins
The dietician had me journal my eating we reviewed it and since I am an admitted carbohydrate addict she suggested SB. I am not a breakfast eater and oatmeal is my go to, so since i am not cooking an ...
by dixiebelle49 on 01 Oct 14 11:43 AM
1. design has improved, I agree though that I don't really care what it looks like as long as functions easily, which it does 2. When I take the time to read posts it is very motivating and yes easy ...
by musiquette on 01 Oct 14 11:20 AM
Since I've lost weight, I.............
I... Can fit into my clothes a little better Have more energy Can work out longer since I'm getting used to it :) Great idea to list milestones! I need all the motivation I can get
by VeggieJunkie on 01 Oct 14 11:05 AM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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