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hi every one
hope all is well ,were under tornado warnig all day and evening. doing good on my diet hope to make a lost of buddies so we can diet together see ya marsha in Tennessee:d
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started by memes38261, 6 years ago.   
A New Eating Disorder?
Wondering what everyone thinks about this?
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started by Densible.   
subs for la lites
:? i love the la lites and thay are great for those cravings around that totm but they are so high has anyone found a sub for these if so please let me know because now i am hooked. i hope you can help. ...
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started by evielou82.   
First Day
Doing OK. Will see how this works :)
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started by howell3002, 6 years ago.   
Hello Everyone
I joined about a week and a half ago and I love it! Everyday I'm finding more and more stuff that is helpful (like these forums). This is my second time on the South Beach Diet and I lost about 15 ...
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started by secarter1.   
Hey all, just a reminder to take your calcium. I remember from school that protein (and caffine) make you absorb(or somehow get less) less calcium (think it's absorb). The symptoms are really si ...
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started by jacquisplace.   
Sea Scalops
:? Hello all!!! Is it ok to eat sea scallops during atkins induction phase?
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started by Tatyushka.   
extra gum
The time between 3:00 and 5:00 are the hardest. So I took a tip from The biggest Loser and try and chew some extra gum. It helps, but what really helps is me getting out of the kitchen and posting things ...
1 reply, last reply by harmony, 6 years ago.   743 views.
started by simplylois.   
Generally, I eat pretty healthy. 7 years ago I was 100 pounds heavier than I am today -- I have kept that weight off, but still need to lose about 40 pounds...what is really missing from my life is wo ...
5 replies, last reply by changeup, 6 years ago.   705 views.
started by jessicastar.   
can't walk or exersice
:( Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing wonderfully and that all is well. I would like to ask if anyone can help me with something. I was involved in 2 bad accidents, I have a lot of injuries, I ...
3 replies, last reply by Cheeks, 6 years ago.   818 views.
started by Annmarie3.   
Hi ~ New to this site. I started Curves a month ago -- attended faithfully - watched what I ate -- etc. However first weigh in I gained 3 pounds though I lost inches.... question I have high blood ...
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started by lilies29, 6 years ago.   
Red Meat
Has your consumption of red meat decreased since beginning the YOU plan? I find I'm becoming almost a 'semi-vegetarian'. I have become fond of rice and beans dishes. I have fish once or ...
3 replies, last reply by Cornflakes, 6 years ago.   823 views.
started by harmony.   
What is your favorite and least favorite Smart Ones/Lean Cuisine or any other frozen diet meal??
What is your favorite and least favorite Smart Ones/Lean Cuisine or any other frozen diet meal?? I'm always at a loss in the freezer section when I'm trying to pick a good tasting, filling f ...
7 replies, last reply by lenny, 6 years ago.   1,708 views.
started by Cheeks.   
Excersize Book
Hello everyone - Happy Friday! I have been doing my treadmill 2x a day, 40 minutes each session, and I know its helping me alot, but I would like to do some other excersizes for toning and such (no m ...
1 reply, last reply by angel007d, 6 years ago.   668 views.
started by MomofTwoGirls.   
Atkins snack bar
I'm on the induction phase for the atkins diet, is it ok to have the snack/meal replacement bar? It only has 2 net carbs but the one I got is chocolate and peanut bar, and I noticed that nuts are ...
7 replies, last reply by sararay, 6 years ago.   1,201 views.
started by Tatyushka.   
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I Need Tips for beating sugar addiction.....
If cold turkey seems impossible, there is another way. I have gotten rid of sugar in my diet by starting with one thing; high fructose corn syrup. I decided it was the devil, and was going to destroy my ...
by yduj57 on 20 Aug 14 01:05 PM
how can I boost my metabolism and decrease my body's resistance?
If you really want to know what's going on, in a scientific yet understandable way, read "Why We Get Fat" by Gary Taubes. It's fascinating!
by DianaBanana on 20 Aug 14 12:48 PM
My name is Sandy
C67241, I read both books. Got the Cholesterol Clarity for 99 cents, just before his new book went on sale. I wrote a review of Cholesterol Clarity, but not Ketone Clarity yet. Found the newer book to ...
by yduj57 on 20 Aug 14 12:47 PM
We used to be able to print that option gone?
Thanks, Vickie! I didn't come back here to see your answer (oops) but I just now stumbled upon the reports option you describe. I wasn't expecting it to be under a button with a printer on i ...
by DianaBanana on 20 Aug 14 12:45 PM
day default
anyone know why the days keep defaluting back to the day I started??? very inconvient to have to keep changing the day.
by kraftylady on 20 Aug 14 12:09 PM
Tim Noakes Banting diet
From what I see it is a LCHF diet, there is a group here you can join - LCHF Ketogenic Way of Living - you'll get great support there. I'm finding the LCHF diet really good, and if you google ...
by nb girl on 20 Aug 14 12:08 PM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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