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Jehovah's Witnesses
Hi. I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses living in Texas. I would like to see if any of my brothers and sisters throughout the world would like to join my group for support with dieting and Jehovah's ...
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Jehovah's Witnesses
Duh I forgot to include the name of the group! It is called Jehovah's Witnesses Support Group.
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Submitting a recipe
For those who have done this before....when you submit a recipe, how long does it take to go from "pending" to "published"?
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started by BJ16.   
Greetings, eveyrone!
I am Jrnyval, AKA Val. :) I am ShortRound's little sister, or, I should say younger sister because she's a lot "littler" than I am! :) She thought this would be a great place for ...
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canned red salmon [5 oz Trader Joe's] 1 hard cooked organic jumbo egg sweet relish [2 tbs] diced sweet onion 1000 Island dressing [2 tbsp] Ranch dressing [1 tbsp] mandarin orange pieces . put some ...
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Low-Carb recipes
So not sure how many people on this site are regular on the forum, but for those that aren't, here is an awesome low-carb recipe site. I've tried 3 recipes so far, and they are ...
1 reply, last reply by elfprincess, 6 years ago.   1,167 views.
started by DeniseTra.   
Anyone doing Aktins?
Hi all! I am on Atkins and I am new here! Still searching the site! I hope there are other Atkin followers? Support is something I need badly! Hope to hear from others~ Vicki
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started by vicki175.   
nov 11th
Today is Remembrance Day, Nov 1th. Big Ben struck 11 and I sat still for my minutes silence and thought I wish that George Bush, Tony Blair and George Brown would all spend at least 3 weeks in Afghanistan ...
1 reply, last reply by elfprincess, 6 years ago.   1,090 views.
started by kay2906.   
soooo happy
been good all week and lost 3lb!!!:d cant beleave it. if anyone wants a diet buddy i would love to chat and share the good weeks and the bad weeks:evil: xxx jo
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started by jo legs11.   
I was bad last night when out n i had to have cheese cake but today i m back to normal
1 reply, last reply by elfprincess, 6 years ago.   569 views.
started by sweetiss.   
Counting Calaories - again........
Well I just joined on Monday, have lost 2.5 pounds I have a lot more to go. I've never really been overweight until the last 8 or 9 years. I remember 20 years ago I weighed 150 and thought I was ...
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started by Beachbum60, 6 years ago.   
Very cool website! is a great site that shows you how much sugar is in the products that people consume. It includes everything from breakfast items to fruits and veggies. A real eye opener!
1 reply, last reply by elfprincess, 6 years ago.   1,335 views.
started by dawn0001.   
Awesome website
Hi lmkb here and I just found this site. Started the Atkins today after losing 30 pounds seven years ago and regaining 25 of those back. Guess I "found" them again! I'm 50 but feel 40 and ...
3 replies, last reply by elfprincess, 6 years ago.   1,629 views.
started by lmkb.   
back to it
:) Well, the weight is back up and I need to get serious again. Shouldn't have left in the first place. It's a life long effort. monte
1 reply, last reply by elfprincess, 6 years ago.   620 views.
started by Monte.   
Hello... It's time I do this...
I recently joined this community and would like to say hello! I've been struggling with weight for years, I was the "fat kid" in elementary school all the way through til my sophomore year ...
1 reply, last reply by Isabel33, 6 years ago.   820 views.
started by BadCookie.   
points values
Is there a way to enter food and to have the points automatically calculated for me,instead of just the calorie total? Thanks for the input!Iam really trying to make this work before I decide it's ...
1 reply, last reply by paulasadler, 6 years ago.   600 views.
started by formerphatgirl.   
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I'm sure many people find it hard to keep up personal motivation to reach goals, especially weight and physical health. Any suggestions on finding people / diet support / people to lift with? ...
by Timg2500 on 26 Aug 16 11:36 AM
You do not have the right. You have been banned by the administrators.
by tgfatsec on 26 Aug 16 11:34 AM
Many fast and don't get sick - so many fast and don't get sick. If you follow keto folks and their ideas about fasting - along with butter bacon and lard - then there's a good chance you will ...
by Thatolliefellow on 26 Aug 16 11:12 AM
Feeling disappointed
hang in there. Any food from the garden will provide you with all and any mineral you need - and the right amount. Cooking foods will leach many minerals.
by Thatolliefellow on 26 Aug 16 11:01 AM
How to curb late night eating?
Junk in the house leads to junk in the trunk
by Thatolliefellow on 26 Aug 16 10:59 AM
Biggest challenges when trying to lose weight?
Biggest challenge is this government so behind everyone eating so much.
by Thatolliefellow on 26 Aug 16 10:58 AM

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