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Chip the cookie story
Chip the cookie story is a great reminder. Do any of you out there in F.S. land have this wonderful little story about Chip the Cookie? Please share if you have it. The story is about how much the WW ...
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started by Lisa Online, 7 years ago.   
food tracking
I really like how easy it is to track your food on this site...
1 reply, last reply by MimiMuffin, 7 years ago.   830 views.
started by Tizia1.   
34 days till it's bikini time for me!
Yikes!! We just booked a trip to Punta Cana for the end of April. I have *just* 1 more month to be bikini ready. I'm really finding the last 5-10 pounds hard to lose. Are there any special tips ...
1 reply, last reply by kmaxwell08, 7 years ago.   730 views.
started by Tressatnt.   
help ... calculating rdi ... im new here!
i used to be on until i got the droid htc phone and found the calorecount app that goes with fatsecret. i was impressed that it had a barcode scanner and you were able to sync your ...
2 replies, last reply by ladyluck16, 7 years ago.   813 views.
started by tgeving.   
Cannot access nutritional label on BlackBerry Tour
For the last two days I've not been able to access the nutritional label for any food in the database, even ones I've been able to access in the past. When I click on the More button on the Food ...
1 reply, last reply by kanan123, 7 years ago.   860 views.
started by ZakMan.   
It's getting easier
Keeping to under 1000 calories a day is not as hard as I thought. I know at some point I will have to start eating more but for now it's working and I have no problems getting through the day. From ...
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started by Kc2896, 7 years ago.   
Seen on CNN: A 'dude' explains why salad is 'man food'
I just read this and it made me smile :) [url= 'dude' explains why salad is 'man food'[/url] Editor's note: John DeVore is a former editor at Maxim ma ...
1 reply, last reply by kanan123, 7 years ago.   1,014 views.
started by MimiMuffin.   
I just started using the treadmill. when I begin to jog, my calves Start to burn. How long until that pain stops and I can job normally?
4 replies, last reply by k8yk, 7 years ago.   1,291 views.
started by calabaraze.   
New to the site and dieting
After a heart attack at 40 and being overweight I decided to make a concerted effort to try and lose the weight. I went from 230 down to 200 on my own but it all came to a screeching halt. I downloaded ...
7 replies, last reply by k8yk, 7 years ago.   981 views.
started by Sarsippius.   
on my diet calendar
there are asteriks next to some of my entries, does anyone know what these are for? thanks!!!
1 reply, last reply by penguin27, 7 years ago.   536 views.
started by floydh77.   
i hope i loose weight
im doing good so far i hope i can stick with it i need to loose 65 pounds then i will feel better
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started by tinkerbell3luv, 7 years ago.   
kettlebeller's out there?
Hey, I always have this problem when I want to log exercise somewhere. what do i input when I workout with kettlebells? Its obviously some sort of weight training, but its also intense cardio as well. ...
8 replies, last reply by bouncy k, 7 years ago.   1,748 views.
started by catp.   
I just took myself out of the 100 sit up challenge and didn't want to how can I get back what I have logged and and so that I can continue with the challenge????
1 reply, last reply by venisenorani, 7 years ago.   749 views.
started by Carrie0427.   
I accidently logged myself out of a challenge that I didn't want to be out of is there any way I can get back in it??
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started by Carrie0427, 7 years ago.   
5 replies, last reply by GlennM, 7 years ago.   966 views.
started by dawdevil.   
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thank you guys it's good to know that there are people trying the same approach. I am keeping an eye on my calorie intake for my height and weight, age and activity level. I found what i used to do ...
by ijustwanttofeelgood on 21 Feb 18 12:21 AM
Low-fat vs low-carb? Major study concludes: it doesn’t matter for weight loss
"A year-long randomized clinical trial has found that a low-fat diet and a low-carb diet produced similar weight loss and improvements in metabolic health markers. Furthermore, insulin production ...
by Diablo360x on 20 Feb 18 05:37 PM
To many carbs?
No, if your calories are within your goal the carb percentage does not matter. Do you weigh your food and count every bite even on the weekends?
by Diablo360x on 20 Feb 18 05:36 PM
Recipes from Phone App
I know this has been asked before, just wondering if there's any new info on it. To use my recipes on my phone app, I've had to use a bizarre workaround: 1. Create the recipe on the website. ...
by oberlin078 on 20 Feb 18 05:23 PM
Mobile App Vs. Web version
Hi, Welcome! I'm just starting out here as well. I used myfitnesspal in the past - the interface is a little easier to use, I found, but it's plugged up with ads and runs VERY slowly on my phone. ...
by oberlin078 on 20 Feb 18 05:19 PM
user ID
Why can I not log into both the App and the web version using the same user ID and password? Having two IDs and Pswds really makes me want to reconsider using this program at all.
by MCarolFO on 20 Feb 18 05:16 PM

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