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comparing exercise log to diet log
I am curious to why there is not direct page to compare calorie expenditure over the day compared to calorie intake? Maybe I am missing something, or just have not found the right spot on here. The ...
2 replies, last reply by kjoiner, 8 years ago.   1,110 views.
started by kjoiner.   
Mind Set
Ready to work hard this week!!;)
2 replies, last reply by smartoak, 8 years ago.   1,464 views.
started by Skinnybitch83.   
is in induction of atkins and tired loss of energy!
Need help wondering how to eat so that I can get calories without going over in carbs. caloric level is low afraid of starvation mode. please help me!
4 replies, last reply by kjoiner, 8 years ago.   1,864 views.
started by bubblegirly24.   
lets not talk about food
Hi Im 33 female from the UK no kids and have too much time on my hands when i come home from work in the evenings. Anyone want to talk about something other than food? I need to stop thinking about food ...
11 replies, last reply by Titansbabe, 8 years ago.   1,917 views.
started by cardamingle.   
A Big Thank You!
I would like to thank FatSecret for the great Blackberry tool and this site. I would also like to thank everyone who posts here for the wonderful information and support. ("You love me, you really ...
5 replies, last reply by rjenkins27, 8 years ago.   1,075 views.
started by rjenkins27.   
I'm going to climb a mountain today.
That is all.
6 replies, last reply by sooki, 8 years ago.   1,392 views.
started by sooki.   
This is not a good change !!!
You don't need to call them WW Points, just points. RDI is going to really mess me up. This was a terrific site, now not so sure...:(
135 replies, last reply by nicyndi, 8 years ago.   8,547 views.
started by Hekele.   
Weight Watcher points values
Does this site provide you with weight watchers points values for foods anywhere? I'm new to this site,and have no idea where to look for this. Thanks!
3 replies, last reply by countrychix, 8 years ago.   1,219 views.
started by bmevans.   
They removed WW Pts from the preference
I am upset! You can't see the WW any more in preference for the food records! GRRRRRRRRRRRR
7 replies, last reply by countrychix, 8 years ago.   2,455 views.
started by Marlene2u.   
Memorial Day Meal
Grilled my chicken, had delcious vegies. Great memorial day meal. Happy Memorial Day to all. Thank God for all the ones who have served and are now serving.
4 replies, last reply by Rnbwgrl, 8 years ago.   1,632 views.
started by MARY JOHNS.   
Hi everyone! My question is I'm going to start an Atkins diet next month and ill be doing phase one.can i eat the recipes on this site? thanks form Canada:]
8 replies, last reply by fabulicious, 8 years ago.   2,180 views.
started by GetHealthy32.   
Fat Burner Pills???
what is a good fat burner pill to take? Thinking about using "fireballs" or lipovox or thermo fuel? if anybody has used these or know about these please help. Thanks8)
5 replies, last reply by gregthegroove, 8 years ago.   2,083 views.
started by usclakerfan.   
A.W. i tried on a size smaller wedding dresses
last time i went wedding gown shopping was april 12th when i tried on size 22. today, i was comfertable in size 20! makes me very happy. i am going to wait a bit before deciding on a dress and see if ...
3 replies, last reply by nean_3782, 8 years ago.   1,224 views.
started by nicyndi.   
I need a good low carb dressing recipe for spinach salad. Any suggestions?
4 replies, last reply by Jennifer2010, 8 years ago.   1,369 views.
started by Granfran.   
Beginning again
I lost a ton of weight 3.5 years ago using SLD. Due to laziness I stopped doing the maintenance part and my weight has crept back up. Here's hoping to find other new SLD dieters so we can encourage ...
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started by hamsterdancedf, 8 years ago.   
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When to Weigh
:lol: :lol: Thanks for that. That is exactly what I did this morning.
by kaceyhowell on 19 Jun 18 08:41 AM
New weight does not save
When I enter my new weight, it does not save. What should I do to fix this?
by Amelia Girlie on 19 Jun 18 03:02 AM
Cassava cake (Filipino style) nutrients
Rdmeng527.— it is always a concern when I see people give advice and info to others who seemingly have significant medical issues. I never really quite know what they know about their disease so I toss ...
by Kenna Morton on 18 Jun 18 06:38 PM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
My scale is inaccurate, like I could just weight myself and then try again 10 minutes later and I would weigh something completely different. I stopped using it, and I use waist, neck, and hip measure ...
by xdangel on 18 Jun 18 06:22 PM
Tmro marks 2nd phase of 3 day military diet. I have 2 say, I am not ready for it, eish. I am always hungry dis days ai
by joycemamabolo on 18 Jun 18 08:03 AM
what is your goal weight, 5'3 and 5'4 ladies?
My ideal weight would be 110-120. At 37, after surgical menopause, breast cancer and the weight gain from all that and 3 children I decided 160.6 was high enough! My oncologist and her staff suggested ...
by peeperjj on 17 Jun 18 11:45 PM

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