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Supplementation....who does what
So I'm sure this topic has come up before but since I'm new here I'll start it again. I take 1 fish oil tablet, 3 or 4 vitamin D3's(there small I think 100mcg) and 1 high potency vitamin. ...
7 replies, last reply by manpose, 6 years ago.   1,432 views.
started by randywe.   
Ten pounds in two weeks! My message says that at today's rate, I'll loose the 40#'s in two months. I liked yesterday's better-it said I would loose it all in one month. I am going to a ...
4 replies, last reply by DeniseTra, 6 years ago.   982 views.
started by morningsong.   
I'm looking to keep my protein intake high, but reduce the amount of meat I eat (perhaps I may go pescetarian or vegetarian eventually). I am wondering how to incorporate more beans into my diet ...
3 replies, last reply by mendacity22, 6 years ago.   964 views.
started by djmikalobe.   
Having trouble balancing my diet
Hey all, so I've been doing really well tracking everything I put in my mouth and I'm learning that I actually take in less than I thought. I'm barely hitting 1500 calories so that's good ...
11 replies, last reply by TruFloridaGator, 6 years ago.   1,937 views.
started by TeenieMarie.   
excerise vs work
My work requires me to be on my feet most of the day, and half the week i'm doing alot of lifting and throwing bags and boxes from 5 to 50 lbs and some furiture as well.Should i be putting that in ...
no replies.   479 views.
started by snugles, 6 years ago.   
4 Day Diet
Has any body tried Ian Smith's 4 Day Diet? I just bought the book at BJ's. It looks like it makes sense. The diet is divided up into 5, 4 day segments, so that you are switching food types and ...
1 reply, last reply by beets_yum, 6 years ago.   595 views.
started by Ugogirl.   
How do I determine how many WW points I can have in a day?
Does anyone know how many points I can have in one day, weighing 270?
2 replies, last reply by beets_yum, 6 years ago.   690 views.
started by Bnchrose.   
What can I to have my WW points show on my diet journal...
I have selected WW as my diet and I am entering in my foods but its not calculating my points, Any help setting this up please? Carol
1 reply, last reply by Travelette, 6 years ago.   647 views.
started by 73Chickie.   
Question about Atkins endulge bar
So I just ate an Atkins Chocolate Caramel Mousse Bar, which was absolutely heavenly! The package says "only 2 net carbs). So I was logging it in my food diary and puting in all of the information ...
8 replies, last reply by DeniseTra, 6 years ago.   3,803 views.
started by jacobsmomma02.   
So I was noticing some people are putting down 0.2 or 0.7 lbs on there weigh ins..I use a cheap (20$) digital scale that has increments of 0.5lbs. I was wondering what everyone else is using to weigh ...
8 replies, last reply by zimmer62, 6 years ago.   1,205 views.
started by randywe.   
Going out with a Friend to Lunch...
This is a really difficult thing to do when you begin a diet. Food scares me, seems that if I want to lose weight I can only eat one meal a day and I cant enjoy bread, or wine, or cheese and such things ...
4 replies, last reply by k8yk, 6 years ago.   1,356 views.
started by jokersgirl.   
Why is Yoga not on the exercise list?
1 reply, last reply by ironlionzion86, 6 years ago.   975 views.
started by DraganK56.   
Home Recipe Food
My husband came up with an extremely low calorie clam chowder and it was high in proteins. It had only 170 calories per 8 oz cup and 10 grams of protein. I could not find a close match so I entered ...
2 replies, last reply by TruFloridaGator, 6 years ago.   678 views.
started by Cheerful.   
I found this phone application, too & thought this will make me log my foods regularly. The bar code scan is neat. I hope this site will motivate me. Good luck, everyone.
3 replies, last reply by TruFloridaGator, 6 years ago.   1,055 views.
started by lphong.   
hey y'all!
I'm Brittany, I just recently turned 21 and also recently passed over the 300lb mark. I can't believe I've gained so much weight. I've never been this heavy in my life, although I've ...
8 replies, last reply by TruFloridaGator, 6 years ago.   1,020 views.
started by britt-a-knee.   
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Need a buddy! 54 year old female
Add me if you like as well. It's been slow going for me lately so I know how you feel. I'm 54 also, 40 down and 98 to go.
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Crabby-Can't exercise
Its been such a pain, esp. for work. The shoulder is really acting up because I've been working all day. Cooked dinner tonight with one arm. I guess I should do it more often....everyone said dinner ...
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Wondering if Diet Pills are Dangerous for your Health?
@MissSmith - I agree, Dr. Oz is a complete quack. I can't believe that he still has a freakin' television show. He actually promoted that horrible diet where you're supposed to inject HCG into ...
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Quick Calories
If you don't care about the macronutrient profile of your food (in my opinion you should) then you can literally take any individual item and just scale it to the number of calories you need. When ...
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Reset my body
I considered that and also considered that not only was there a small possibility that it was a real person but also that other real people who do choose to start on various plans (I've seen several ...
by kpwcalories on 09 Feb 16 03:50 PM
Balancing Protein and Calories
sunshinetrugillo wrote: Mainly... on how to incorporate more vegetables that have high protein levels.. There is no vegetable on earth which is a substantial source of protein compared to other sources. ...
by ieGod on 09 Feb 16 03:50 PM

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