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Princeton Study shows that High Fructose Corn Syrup really is not "Just like sugar"
If you eat or drink products that contain High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), I suggest you read the following: Fascinating article on a Princeton study. The researchers ...
9 replies, last reply by wintersmith, 6 years ago.   2,748 views.
started by wintersmith.   
Adkins and cholesterol--Help
Hello Lorrie, First I looked to see your goal weight. We don't have to be overweight to need alittle help. I am the last person who wanted to go on meds too. My doctor and I had a deal, if I could ...
14 replies, last reply by steelersmama, 6 years ago.   2,333 views.
started by Lorrie.   
Wii Fit Anyone?
I know I've seen a few posts about it, but after a quick search I didn't turn up anything. Is it really worth the 298.99 plus tax? (I don't own a wii) Do you use it to work out, or find y ...
1 reply, last reply by BCLenny, 6 years ago.   747 views.
started by ghostina.   
the k before calories
this ma sound stupid from a lol dieting guru but what does the k stand for before calories. keep up the good work slg.
1 reply, last reply by valmil, 6 years ago.   1,107 views.
started by slg.   
more app concerns
I think this will be my biggest challenge. How to input and calculate calories for PURCHASEDfoods. Today i had a 12oz bowl of soup from the cafeteria at work. But have no idea on the caloric value! I ...
1 reply, last reply by k8yk, 6 years ago.   925 views.
started by LianaWS.   
possible bug with "other" exercise input on iphone
Firstly I'd liked to say how great fatsecret is and what a wonderful jobs you guys are doing -- please keep up the good work and please, please keep your products free... they're super! Onto my ...
no replies.   644 views.
started by craines11, 6 years ago.   
Need A Buddy !
I'm an 18 year old student. Looking for someone to be open w/ & help each other lose weight ! Male or female, doesn't matter to me =]
2 replies, last reply by elita, 6 years ago.   811 views.
started by elita.   
Slim Fast
Hi ! I was wondering if any of you have ever tried Slim Fast. Wanted to know your opinion on it & if it truely works ! Thanks =]
5 replies, last reply by elita, 6 years ago.   975 views.
started by elita.   
BK's Biggest Loser
I just joined FatSecret and LOVE it! For the last 6 months, some co-workers and I have been doing our own version of the biggest loser. We are all managers at Burger King, hence the BK, and since we s ...
2 replies, last reply by GilmoreGirl, 6 years ago.   687 views.
started by vn1985.   
Unjury Protein Shakes
Is anyone using Unjury or another high Protein Shake as a means of dieting. If so what does your daily diet look like and what kind of results are you seeing? I'm going to the gym regularly now which ...
no replies.   552 views.
started by Jen Bailey, 6 years ago.   
It's getting easier
Keeping to under 1000 calories a day is not as hard as I thought. I know at some point I will have to start eating more but for now it's working and I have no problems getting through the day. From ...
6 replies, last reply by Kc2896, 6 years ago.   680 views.
started by Kc2896.   
Tool Bar
Hi, I'm wondering if Fat Secret has a toolbar. I think it would be a great addition. I have seen them on other diet sites and even downloaded one. I like it pretty well, but I keep coming back to Fat ...
no replies.   631 views.
started by Lorrie, 6 years ago.   
Manual Input
I am extremely new to the site, but after some looking around, I have been unable to find an option for manually entering calories burned. Is there any way to manually punch in the calories you've ...
1 reply, last reply by FitMrsPearson17, 6 years ago.   673 views.
started by SensoryOverlord.   
Great site -- glad to be here!
I just discovered this Web site and I love it. I'm not on WW at the moment (not paying/attending meetings) but this site is wonderful with journaling online (which has always been key in losing w ...
1 reply, last reply by JCVela, 6 years ago.   871 views.
started by beth_joanna.   
New here and need a little help
I just started using this board. I have a few questions, although I am sure I will come up with more. :? 1. when I am adding a new food I know how to do that, but if it is not one of the first things ...
4 replies, last reply by Sessa, 6 years ago.   627 views.
started by Sessa.   
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I eat vegetables to keep me regular - and they do.
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Phil wrote: Rob,she wants you to ask her about "beyond weight management tea", but you don't seem to like Spam. Lol OK thanks man! I usually spot those kinds of thing right off…
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flush pound and detoxify! 1.Lose your Weight Naturally 2.Shrink Your Waistline 3.Purify your System 4.Increase Energy levels ACCELERATES WEIGHT LOSS One of the most famous studies published in the ...
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You have taken the first step... Great job
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Deleting "Most Eaten" items
Would also like to know....
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