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Need more motivation
if been off the bandwagon for about 3 months.. gained 10 lbs.... need to lose 20 to get to my goal... I need some more incentive, a buddie to help me out.
4 replies, last reply by JuDaX, 5 years ago.   1,266 views.
started by angela22884.   
I'm Back
After a year I have finally been given the all clear to pursue my weight loss. I am sticking with WW as it's the only thing that worked in the past, and I have a couple of friends who go with me. I ...
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started by MacSas, 5 years ago.   
Hello! I new to the Zone Diet
Just wanted to say HI! and hopefully get some tips.
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started by cherly_csr, 5 years ago.   
just a question How many are out here that are under 5 feet tall
just a question because we are a little more challenged being on the short side.I am 4'11" tall:)
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started by beme, 5 years ago.   
Thanks for the input!
Hi Momoftwogirls and nikeit, I took your advice, my puppy and I went for a walk today outside, 1 hour, 10 minutes worth. I am sweating and out of breath. It is marvelous out, chilly enough for a swea ...
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started by WECANDOTHIS, 5 years ago.   
Good Morning
Wow, we have finally hit 40 here in Ohio. Makes you feel good. It's been so cold, I definitely have been feeling the winter blues. But today is wonderful. After work I am going to pick up my tre ...
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started by ccclark1972, 5 years ago.   
How to change phases....
Ok I am new to this website, (well kinda) been on here before but never actually used it. I am following the Atkins diet and feeling great! I am in the induction phase but am just wondering how to change ...
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started by bmccoy102, 5 years ago.   
acai berry supplement
has anyone used this product,, or know of anyone who has.. not sure what is going on with this or how it effects people or if it is just a diet craze... also not sure what to believe on the internet so ...
5 replies, last reply by madaboutmoose, 5 years ago.   1,869 views.
started by D2na.   
I have a scale that is so inconsistent lately. I put in new batteries and everything. I swear I am yo-yo ing 2 pounds from one minute to another. It makes no sense and its making it impossible for me ...
4 replies, last reply by information, 5 years ago.   1,480 views.
started by lugojean.   
writing tings down
i am getting so tired of writing what i eat down,,i am gonna try though because i know it will help me stay on track..i do well all day and then at night i pig out..i am only hurting myself..does anone ...
1 reply, last reply by information, 5 years ago.   822 views.
started by lperes.   
New to this
How does this work, trying to figure this out...someone please help! :) thanks
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started by back2mysize, 5 years ago.   
The Weight Watchers Plan...Guidelines to follow
Due to seeing quite a few people on here struggling with the plan...I find myself wondering if most of these people have actually gone to a Weight Watchers meeting and stayed for the "Orientation ...
7 replies, last reply by fafusgirl, 5 years ago.   13,403 views.
started by mrsbarker.   
Famished is how I woke up this a.m., so I filled my daily diet calendar IMMEDIATELY with what I will be eating today. I feel my body is playing mind games with me, I lost 2 lbs. this morning, my first ...
1 reply, last reply by Sweetalot, 5 years ago.   638 views.
started by WECANDOTHIS.   
Journal Entries
Hello everyone, Question? Is anyone having difficulty with entering journal entries. It is so slow, I am trying to enter my meals to keep track and it searches and searches and takes forever it seems. ...
1 reply, last reply by choco49, 5 years ago.   752 views.
started by sugardoodles.   
Help I keep getting an error message everytime I try to add food to my diary!
Um is something wrong with the site, is anyone else having this problem?
1 reply, last reply by WECANDOTHIS, 5 years ago.   864 views.
started by erinhackney.   
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weekend away
I`ve been eating alot more than nor
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Loss is Good
Good one, Unamoyer!
by Draglist on 22 Nov 14 10:15 AM
Why can't I loose weight faster
The above answers are quite right. However, for me, the answer is that it is just damn hard to lose weight. The answer lies in large quantities of Time, Patience, and Honesty. I bet you have them, good ...
by Glaun on 22 Nov 14 09:31 AM
Calandar is a Deal Breaker
Mummydee and Glaun, I totally agree.
by wholefoodnut on 22 Nov 14 08:26 AM
Heart Rate Monitor Watches for Men
I have a polar RCX5. Very expensive but works great. Espcially for helping you train in fat burning mode and for estimating calories burnt. You need a chest strap though. Great gift idea.
by Bunty145 on 22 Nov 14 02:19 AM
Half Servings
You can do it by decimal also. IE .5 for 1/2.
by Glaun on 21 Nov 14 10:55 PM

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Measure and track. Measure and track. Yeah, I know you aren't supposed to have to do that with Atkins, but if you don't you will never get anywhere. And if you're like me, your overall app ...
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