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How to stay focused
I have been training every day with either swimming, bike, running and weights. I know that the story of fat to muscle but I have been training for sometime now and that shouldn't make a whole lot ...
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started by krisfarley.   
Diet more Important than Exercise?
[url= trumps exercise in preventing heart disease[/url]
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started by information.   
Degenerated disc L-5
The doc said I have a degenerated disc L-5 and he wants to cut on me...I'm not so sure about this ... have any of you had this done and been able to come back and run? he's telling me that my ...
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started by -JR-.   
lovin the treadmill
I am so excited that I bought a treadmill. I just exercised and my kids were in bed, so no missed time with them and no guilt. I wish I would have done it about thirty pounds ago. lol. Have a good night ...
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started by ccclark1972, 5 years ago.   
Hi all!!!
Hi all!!I'm 28, italian...I have lost 11 kg, now I have to lose 13kg!!!kisssssssssss Good look all :)
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started by Minirita, 5 years ago.   
End of week one on Shangri-la diet
I think I'm skeptical. The first few days I noticed a definite decrease in appetite but it's hard to know if it's a placebo effect or if I'd get the same effect from two 120 calorie snacks ...
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started by kchien, 5 years ago.   
Has anybody tried fullbars?
I've fallen so far off the wagon it's disgusting. I'm disgusted. I really need something "big" to get me back on track. I've always did the 2 week low-carb thing to get me &q ...
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started by la_donna_33.   
A plan
I noticed my daily calorie intake is getting higher than I want so I filled out my food diary tonight for tomorrow and will follow it as it is written. I may add some fruit if I need it but I think what ...
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started by WECANDOTHIS, 5 years ago.   
saw it on Oprah
Yes, I am talking about the acai's the new superfood. And i love having it be a part of my daily diet. I have used it for a few months now and have been looking and feeling great. I ...
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started by AnnaJ.   
10 Slim-Down Strategies You Can Count On
10 Slim-Down Strategies You Can Count On Weigh yourself 1 time per day Why It Works Weekly weigh-ins are a staple of many popular weight loss programs, but studies now show that daily weighing is the ...
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started by JuDaX.   
Good Monday Morning
Hello everyone. I hope your all getting off to a good start. Feelin good this morning, and happy to say I have finally submitted a workout. Had a lot of stress to get rid of. A huge phone bill from my ...
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started by ccclark1972, 5 years ago.   
Need more motivation
if been off the bandwagon for about 3 months.. gained 10 lbs.... need to lose 20 to get to my goal... I need some more incentive, a buddie to help me out.
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started by angela22884.   
I'm Back
After a year I have finally been given the all clear to pursue my weight loss. I am sticking with WW as it's the only thing that worked in the past, and I have a couple of friends who go with me. I ...
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started by MacSas, 5 years ago.   
Hello! I new to the Zone Diet
Just wanted to say HI! and hopefully get some tips.
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started by cherly_csr, 5 years ago.   
just a question How many are out here that are under 5 feet tall
just a question because we are a little more challenged being on the short side.I am 4'11" tall:)
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started by beme, 5 years ago.   
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Aspartame vs. Sugar?
Spose thats true TIC but some builders upto about fourty odd years ago "chose" to build with asbestos. I hate sweet tasting drinks so on occasion may have a coke zero or lift zero. I wouldnt ...
by AKRSAR on 24 Nov 14 03:41 PM
Getting Started
Awesome advice! Thanks a bunch
by MisGinn on 24 Nov 14 03:37 PM
WW has a patented system for working out their points and charges people to join so they won't allow a site like this to give their magical point system away. There was someone on here at one time ...
by mummydee on 24 Nov 14 03:17 PM
I'm exited for my new challenge
challenge on the way :) running for 30 min everyday!!!
by elvecia on 24 Nov 14 03:02 PM
How Important is Glutamin
Glutamine does all does things and more but your body does not need more of it, so getting a supplement is really not going to help you in any way. Unless you are on a “vegan diet” just an example g ...
by corifeo on 24 Nov 14 12:12 PM
Any academics out there?
Focusing on fitness is easy; it's working school into the schedule that tends to be the problem. I'm in my first class towards an M.B.A. If I'm lucky, I might get an opportunity to do school ...
by LoadGod on 24 Nov 14 11:22 AM

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