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started by MARIJO, 6 years ago.   
Stay motivated!
I got this tip to stay motivated from Rick Gallup's book. Every time I hit a "landmark" (15 lbs lost or reached 30% of my goal, for example), I fill up a backpack with enough stuff to equal ...
8 replies, last reply by whollybologna, 6 years ago.   1,557 views.
started by girlonamission.   
okay, what the heck??? i am totally sticking to my plan, okay, okay, i cheat, eat out, only once every two weeks. only one bad meal every two weeks. and i walk like an hour a day at a pretty good pace, ...
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started by GUTIERREZ97.   
FATSECRET DICTIONARY/REFERENCE GUIDE: Celebrating the Smart & Cute FS crowd!!!
Hey guys!! I have an idea, and hope you like it! So, I was thinking, we have some amazingly gifted people on this site...people who write beautiful journals, some who are real funny and come up with i ...
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started by 08willbegreat.   
A Little Diet Humor to Brighten Your Day
[IMG]http://i250.photobucket.c... [IMG]http://i250.photobucket.c... [IMG]http://i250.photobucket.c...
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started by evelyn64, 6 years ago.   
hello all
hello all this is my first time on here and so far i am having a good read of the posts and also filled out my journal for today and my weight history :) hope to get to know people and hopefully find ...
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started by shelzbelz, 6 years ago.   
Hi everyone, first day on fatsecret and just wanted to say hi :)
I hope I do this right, I've never been on a site like this and to be honest, I'm a little nervous lol !! I'm really looking foward to meeting people that are taking the same journey as I am ...
2 replies, last reply by chefchristabug, 6 years ago.   907 views.
started by SissyT.   
First Day OK
Well, the first day went well hope it keeps up. How can I stay motivated?? Any tips?? Thanks, Franjv
3 replies, last reply by Annasweetpea, 6 years ago.   485 views.
started by Franvj.   
Need Help
i need some good ideas and some major motivation.... i do pretty good most of the time during the day but as soon as sun sets i want food....and i mean whatever i can get my hands on but mostly sweet ...
1 reply, last reply by bjbaca, 6 years ago.   674 views.
started by lisaslosingit.   
The Most Decadent Diet Ever
Did anyone else see this on the Today show this am?? I am very intrigued!! :d The recipes looked really good and low in carbs, or made with healthy whole grain carbs. :badgrin: :?: Anyone else know ...
2 replies, last reply by bullytrouble, 6 years ago.   404 views.
started by bullytrouble.   
The Name Game
Here's a fun song from the 1960's. Put your name in & have some fun! If you don't remember the song go to youtube. Your kids will love it too! The Name Game! Shirley! Shirley, Shirley ...
5 replies, last reply by KellyBo, 6 years ago.   687 views.
started by CherBru.   
Here we go
Hello everyone, this is my first day to this site and I need all the help I can get. No will power, low self esteem, and a single mother to the world's best soon to be 5 year old. I desperately need ...
3 replies, last reply by sararay, 6 years ago.   459 views.
started by snaptypookie.   
Hi, Well I just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm 23 years old and I've been dieting since I was at school. I've not quite decided what weight I want to get to but I'm sure I will ...
1 reply, last reply by AStartin, 6 years ago.   405 views.
started by Annasweetpea.   
changing goal weight
something i suggest to anyone when i become buddies with them..i look at ther weigth goal and if its more then 20-25 pounds more they have to loose i suggest changing it an making mini goals..easier to ...
6 replies, last reply by sararay, 6 years ago.   504 views.
started by loosinisfun.   
Stopped losing
I am in Ketosis, but my weight is at a stand-still and I don't know why, totally discouraging. I am doing everything right. I lost 10 lbs just while getting into Ketosis, and you'd think I would ...
2 replies, last reply by sararay, 6 years ago.   370 views.
started by BeatleManiacMysti.   
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Fed up with counting calories and carbs - learning to trust myself with food.
Good luck but no, if I stop counting exactly what goes in and what I use, then I start fooling myself into thinking I'm eating less and burning more. I trust the math. Hope your strategy works out ...
by Draglist on 17 Apr 14 08:26 AM
High Protein Lower-Fat Options (Using whole, real foods)
Thanks. Great staple foods.
by Draglist on 17 Apr 14 08:18 AM
Garcinia Cambogia
ridiculous..... isn't it wholefoodnut? dr's have about 1 week of nutrition training and then dole out crap like this.... We all know that if it's not sustainable for life then it's ...
by mummydee on 17 Apr 14 05:34 AM
It's expensive season at my local market
Yum, steak is a rarity for me as well. Am planting some chard, not something that is available to buy, have never even seen it in a farmers market here.
by wholefoodnut on 17 Apr 14 04:58 AM
Atkins - not counting calories
Thanks guys
by FatGirlSlim29 on 17 Apr 14 02:02 AM
Older women????
Ah thanks mammylam for your reply... isn't it great to have a place to go for encouragement and chat... I'm on a 500 day today so I think I'm going to fast completely from food until as late ...
by triciamcc on 17 Apr 14 12:43 AM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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