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I Lost 43 Lbs & 54 Inches! :D
[IMG] Anyone heard of nutritonal cleansing? This has been amazing!! I released 14 Lbs and 10 In on the 9 Day System, and went on to lose 43 Lbs and 54 Inches in less then ...
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started by tparbs, 5 years ago.   
Progresso Soup
I am doing fat smash for the second time (lost time I lost 40 pounds and kept it off!) but I am trying to mix in some new foods that I know are "good" but I am not sure what phase they are most ...
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started by ktdr82.   
the daily dish 03.05.09
The Truth About Sugar This Daily Dish is the last in a series on healthy eating for National Nutrition Month. In today's health-conscious world, sugar is often avoided like the plague. But what some ...
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started by veggies yuk, 5 years ago.   
Why is it that when ever I start a diet, all of a sudden I'm starving and can't get enough to eat?
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started by PMoretti.   
GI diet
Anyone else doing the GI diet?? Always seems like I'm the only one that has heard of it.
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started by Deserve Victory.   
Well, this is really important to me. I have delt with it all my life(which is only 16 years) and i don't want to have to anymore. I'm tired of being the biggest. Can anyone give me pointers? I ...
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started by rdy4change.   
Weight Variations
I weighed in at my mother in laws in the morning but it has been a week or so ago, then I weighed in at the gym tonight. I have gained 7 pounds. I know that different scales can read differently and w ...
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started by dm_lytle.   
One Worst Day
I ate lots of bad food which gonna be very bad for me. I have to do lots struggle to undo todays diet, otherwise it will make me put on few more lb
1 reply, last reply by Deserve Victory, 5 years ago.   545 views.
started by kappu.   
I've been a member of weight watchers for about 4 months now. I lose 2 lbs one week and then gain 3 the next week. It is becoming frustrating because I see members that I've started the same time ...
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started by elbogy.   
Silicone Steamers
Has anyone else discovered the truelly amazing Starfrit Papillotes(silicone steamer dishes)?? They can go in the oven, freezer or the microwave! I love mine, I take steamed veggies for lunch everyday ...
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started by Deserve Victory, 5 years ago.   
Ab Rocket?????
i am contemplating an ab rocket to help combat my baby belly.i have exercises that work everything but my abs,and i was wondering if anyone else here at fs has had one for any length of time and if so ...
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started by cparker, 5 years ago.   
Question for anyone who knows
What is a Kcal?
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started by vickim87.   
Has anyone heard about or tried a product called Decaslim? I was just wondering if it really works.
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started by lose50lbs, 5 years ago.   
Coke zero
Hello, Is coke zero (or wathever other brand claiming to be 0 cals) bad for the health? :? Can it influence weight loss by water retention, other mechanisms..? Thanks!
10 replies, last reply by dm_lytle, 5 years ago.   2,273 views.
started by mastervan.   
Coke zero
I'm sure in moderation or as a way to stop drinking normal soda it is ok. But the artificial sweeteners and sodium (28mg sodium per 8 oz of Coke Zero) make it non-ideal to drink a ton of them a day. ...
10 replies, last reply by dm_lytle, 5 years ago.   2,273 views.
started by mastervan.   
Pound for Pound Challenge
Hi everyone. I am a big fan of biggest loser and I am not sure why I didn't do this sooner, but I joined the pound for pound challenge. All you have to do is log onto and pledge ...
1 reply, last reply by micami, 5 years ago.   629 views.
started by tkandag.   
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We need better fast food options
wow, pjk46, that menu looks awsome, the soups and the power meals are amazing... as long as you can stay away from the breads or at least keep to moderation. lucky you
by mummydee on 20 Dec 14 01:27 AM
older people
pjk46 wrote: I'm 68 and was told 3 weeks ago I am pre-diabetic. I've started on a low carb diet 165-210 carbs per day, and 1400-1600 calories. I need to lose 80+lbs., if I want to be healthy. ...
by mummydee on 20 Dec 14 01:16 AM
Industrial Automation Solutions: Norvell Group and Associates Manufacturers Review
The beginnings of automation can be traced back to the industrial revolution in the eighteenth century, when people began to use machines to replace human labor and animal power. With advances in tech ...
by eloisereed02 on 19 Dec 14 11:29 PM
Here are some great tips about food expirations and storage.
Couldn't have said it better BigBear......I went from what I thought was healthy eating and then eliminated all 'whites' then all processed, then went to somewhat organic and when I could ...
by mummydee on 19 Dec 14 07:07 PM
Feeling awful in Atkins. Day 10 Getting low blood sugar :(
Full fat yogurt with good quality flavoring added has been a boon for me on keto. Also throwing in some stevia treats - there are a few good organic candies made with stevia, which have a low carb count. ...
by saintsithney on 19 Dec 14 06:26 PM
too upset with my weight
Green vegetables are carbs! Why not eat a balanced diet including every food group? Eat less move more
by Volleyjen on 19 Dec 14 05:12 PM

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Measure and track. Measure and track. Yeah, I know you aren't supposed to have to do that with Atkins, but if you don't you will never get anywhere. And if you're like me, your overall app ...
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