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I just joined the site and notice a lot of people use a buddy for loosing weight so I thought I'd try it. I am 25 years old and want to loose 25 pounds. I was counting calories for a while and on ...
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started by looseitlau, 5 years ago.   
Do I have to start the 2 week Induction all over again
I ate a cookie today. Do I need to start the 2 week Induction all over again?
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started by sueml.   
Can I have alcohol after the Induction phase if I count the carbs? Thanks.
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started by sueml.   
Losing water weight...
I know this question probably is going to sound silly, but I have to ask... So i know that when you lose a pound or so overnight, a lot of people say it's water weight. Well, my question is if you ...
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started by morela12.   
MS (multiple Sclerosis) and my weight!
Hi, I have MS. I was diagnosed about 8 years ago. I do attend any MS Society functions as, if you were to look at me you would not know I have MS. But I do! I am unable to work out for a long period ...
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started by Pollack.   
Looking for buddies !! Anyone welcome live in the UK
HI There I have just joined this website, I need to lose at least 100lbs. I need some buddies to keep me on the Straight and Narrow as I am so desperately wanting to do it.
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started by Dartheeyore, 5 years ago.   
Today Was My Birthday
I enjoyed my 63rd birthday today. Enjoyment was the name of the game. Happy New Year, and a New Me for 2010.
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started by granmauntina.   
What is the latest news on Slim-Fast Shakes?
A few weeks ago they pulled these off the shelves due to side effects. Has any one heard if they have resolved the issue? I have used these on and off for a number of years, and each time that I stick ...
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started by engineerairborne.   
4 replies, last reply by k8yk, 5 years ago.   1,114 views.
started by strawberry64.   
Diet and Workout plan buddy in Texas?
Hey, is anyone interested is grouping up to diet and plan workouts? I'm 17, 5'8", 163 lbs. and trying to get to 135.
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started by Rosebudx3.   
Need a Buddy
I'm 44 and trying to lose 10lbs, 5 of which recently crept back on. I'm a wife, mom and IT professional and I love to run. I'm looking for a buddy who is willing to support me and keep me ...
1 reply, last reply by SeeGirlRun, 5 years ago.   691 views.
started by SeeGirlRun.   
Need a Buddy
I am wanting to finish up the achievements for Gears of War and Crackdown on Xbox 360. Can anyone help me out on this? Let me know what I need to do in return. No save games please. Thanks! [url=http ...
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started by SeeGirlRun.   
Looking for a buddy =)
So I'm new to the site & I thought I'd look for a "buddy." My name is Aly and I'm 19, trying moreso to get healthy than to lose weight (although losing weight is a GREAT result ...
3 replies, last reply by Rosebudx3, 5 years ago.   1,451 views.
started by alysailslard.   
Looking for a buddy
Hello everyone. I'm looking for someone I can be accountable to on a weekly basis and good at giving advice and encouragement. Whether it's through the phone, email, or chat. I have about 15 lbs ...
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started by jkmom99.   
Just starting out
Hello everyone! I need to lose 108 lbs and am just starting out. I lost 50 lbs six years ago on WW's and here I am starting worse than ever, but I am here! I am looking for buddies this time. ...
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started by RopinCowgirl, 5 years ago.   
Best Low Cal Alcohoic Mixed Drink?
Other than none at all! What mixed drink can I have a few of when I am out with friends without screwing up my calorie intake for the day?
7 replies, last reply by KittyPie, 5 years ago.   3,307 views.
started by zwiefejp.   
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Just starting
Welcome Jimmy - losing 14 lbs in 6 months is definitely doable.
by jwill77nc2 on 09 Oct 15 06:01 AM
weight lifting and Low Carb????
That sounds great buddy. Have a wonderful weekend.
by LowCarbFemmeFit on 09 Oct 15 01:36 AM
Sending you my best! Salute your determination to shake yourself back to the place! This week has been strange for me, too. It's like a dark cloud that I'm trying to shake off, too. :)
by IngaViolet on 08 Oct 15 09:08 PM
Weigh In Issues
if you keep weighing all the time you will just drive yourself crazy. try weighing in max. twice weekly, first thing in morning, naked (if poss.) then you should see a more accurate account of your w ...
by howzat4u on 08 Oct 15 08:53 PM
I'm on Atkins Diet, Should I watch the Net carbs or the Calories too?
Thank you for you help! :)
by farahshinali on 08 Oct 15 04:15 PM
Constipation issues
@PeigiAnn - that is all well and good if someone is not insulin resistant or diabetic. Before giving advice for fruit (which is fructose and will raise a diabetic's insulin and blood glucose) first ...
by Ravyne Hawke on 08 Oct 15 02:42 PM

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