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started P90X 2weeks down awesome but hard workouts kicked me off my palateu hard to put as many calories low fat diet as they want but it is working any food ideas that would help get high protien mid ...
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started by mfiel58, 6 years ago.   
McDonalds French Fry Test
I found a surprise in my McDonald's bag - a large order of french fries! I didn't order them, but there they were next to my premium grilled chicken and parfait (490 calories - no granola and ...
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started by rjenkins27.   
Every little bit counts!!!!
Got a little bit of activity in today!!!Cleared out my little patch of a garden & picked up some tree limbs from the yard whooohoo:d
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started by tnewt.   
Better Food at School Improves Academic Results
[url= Oliver's school dinners improve academic results[/url] I like Jamie Oliver. Anybody else?
8 replies, last reply by katballew, 6 years ago.   1,621 views.
started by k8yk.   
How to follow a thread?
I am confused on a couple things. First of all, if I see a post in a forum and comment on it, how can I then follow that post or get notified if someone else comments on it? Same with commenting on s ...
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started by katballew.   
Slimming Down with Pit Bull Energy Bars
Pit Bull Energy Bar Challenge. This group has been created to test the effectiveness of Pit Bull Energy Bars in a daily diet plan. 1.Include Pit Bull Energy Bar in your diet 2.Log results of new eating ...
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started by Ana C, 6 years ago.   
Hi, I would love a diet buddy. Just want someone to check in with once or twice a week to be accountable to. I am trying to lose around 30 pounds on the Biggest Loser Diet Plan. If your interested please ...
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started by careybear.   
If you have any questions on how the Spike Diet works ask here
I know some have a hard time believing this works, but myself with hundreds of others lose 1-2lbs every week doing this. The great thing is it's a plan that can easily be followed for life. In a ...
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started by russellb97, 6 years ago.   
I AM STARVING!! Day 2 is worse than 1 one for sure!!!
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started by ampebpemp.   
omg... it's going to be warm and none of my clothes fit!
hi everyone. i'm new to this site, but not new to the annual disappointment of not having my fun spring and summer clothes fit me! i love to cook and bake, and along with that comes some good wi ...
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started by thebestever.   
Daily Calorie Intake
Hello everyone Great site. Does anyone know if there is a calucation to determine daily calorie intake on this website?
1 reply, last reply by moodgrl26, 6 years ago.   624 views.
started by BrendaHardiman.   
First two weeks of Induction
Just wondering about what everyone on here has experienced... Have you all lost weight the fastest on the first two weeks of Atkins? Or has it continued at the same pace depending on what stage you are ...
3 replies, last reply by kmartin, 6 years ago.   892 views.
started by sarahhorn.   
A little help for everyone and introducing myself
My goal is to lose 80 pounds. so far I have lost 9 detoxing my body with fruits and lots of water. I shared this with a member so I will also share it with anyone who wants to read it! The best detox diet ...
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started by myskinnysecret, 6 years ago.   
I have just reviewed my diet calendar and realized that I'm very low on protein!! I need to turn this around, but I don't eat much meat, and I HATE beans. Are there any protein-packed fruits ...
8 replies, last reply by cmikerun, 6 years ago.   1,376 views.
started by acmagyar.   
Chinese Panic!
It's my bosses birthday today and she has invited me and the team out for chinese for lunch! I am panicking about what to eat! Does anyone have any good low cal suggestions!? I have no allergies ...
4 replies, last reply by jenki2, 6 years ago.   959 views.
started by jenki2.   
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How to curb late night eating?
Try having some oatmeal, with berries and cream, earlier in the evening.
by Jon.D on 23 Jan 17 09:06 AM
Looking for buddies doing Keto or LCHF
Joined: Jan 08 Posts: 16 edit delete quote send message Posted: 23 Jan 2017, 09:09 folks get a Dr Atkins book.. no matter how old it is. he was one very smart man.. . and read how low carb ch ...
by SJWNana on 23 Jan 17 08:11 AM
A 'Fresh' Idea
folks get a Dr Atkins book.. no matter how old it is. he was one very smart man.. . and read how low carb changes our body.. there is no ..secret.. just fill up on low carb foods and tell yourself .. that ...
by SJWNana on 23 Jan 17 08:10 AM
Low carb, low fat and low sodium
I actually work for a completely different nutrtion company. I'm not advertising, I'm just saying there is a diet out there that is low carb, low fat and works.
by gabichaytor on 23 Jan 17 06:09 AM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
I weigh myself once a week in the early stages . This will give me time to see results and let me know if what I am doing is either working or not by the next week. As I get a handle on my new lifestyle ...
by Peppie Pop on 23 Jan 17 04:23 AM
back again
going to try yet again! the good news is that i haven't gained any weight after xmas & a holiday to Japan over the new year. i have invested in some frozen ready meals from a company that make ...
by genkilady on 23 Jan 17 04:10 AM

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