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Hi everyone!
Hey! I just joined (or rather, I joined a while ago, but never did anything, making the whole site useless for weight loss). I figure there's a lot of things that made me take my weight loss seri ...
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started by Zippy773, 5 years ago.   
Turkey Burgers
Here is the recipe that I used to use for the Turkey Burgers that I LOVED!! I believe I may have added some red onion in it as well... but YUM-O-LIOUS! :D You can make in advance and freeze, too. ...
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started by bullytrouble, 5 years ago.   
A new me!!
Hello :d Hope everyone is having a fantastic day! I am new to this site and just hoping to meet some new people who are srtuggling and ready to get on the right path to a healthier lifestyle. I am here ...
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started by wvuangel07, 5 years ago.   
Hey Guys!!!
Hey everyone I hope you guys are going to have a great day and wish everyone the best! hit me up because i am new and looking for a few good pointers on my low cal/exercise diet. Check out my bio and ...
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started by heckaa.   
Weight yo-yo with 30 pounds to lose, seeking BUDDY!!!
Anyone out there want to join me in this hopefully downward journey!!! HELP - mutual support necessary...;)
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started by Ginette.   
breakfast ideas
I was scrutinizing my daily food intake and realized (to my infinite horror) that I am completely breaking the fat and protein bank by the time I'm finished eating breakfast (although the calorie ...
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started by gwenllian.   
Why I love my WiiFit
As a lifetime supporter of the "I don't get why people LOVE exercise" philosophy, I'm shocked & astounded how much I love my WiiFit. Anyone who's considered buying a Nintendo ...
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started by dollery.   
yoga vs pilates
which do you feel is one better than the other for toning? flexibility?
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started by shye_kiera, 5 years ago.   
water aerobivcs
does anyone do water aerobics on a regular basis...if so, do u find the water makes it harder?
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started by shye_kiera, 5 years ago.   
Feel great challenge-WEEK 1
SETTING GOALS Everyone has a goal in mind when they set out to lose weight. “I want to lose 100lbs”, “I want to be a size 2”. Some goals are not realistic and some are ultimate goals. We are going to ...
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started by caged liberty.   
Activity adn Exercise Calendar????
I do n ot understand the Activity/Exercise calendar. The resting/sleeping????How am I burning so many calories resting and sleeping?? I am not understanding!!!!!!!!!! Lokks like I need to go back to ...
1 reply, last reply by angela22884, 5 years ago.   536 views.
started by Emily64.   
I was just wondering how many of you girls out there wear Spanx or something like it. I don't think I'd be able to get through a day without it - but then again, I've had two kids, and I have ...
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started by MomofTwoGirls.   
what am I doing wrong?
I thought I was doing so well! I was steadily losing 1/2 to 1 lb. per day until 2 days ago. But, since day 5 of Phase 1, I have been regaining 1/2 lb. per day. I am following the diet closely and not ...
10 replies, last reply by gwenllian, 5 years ago.   844 views.
started by gwenllian.   
Just starting!!!
Hi all, I am new to this site. But have read amazing words of encouragement from many people. I am really giving this my all, and hope to soon give others words of encouragement as well.
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started by want to be slim.   
Can we eat couscous on phase 2?
Are we able to eat couscous on phase 2 of the south beach diet? I really don't like brown rice, so hopefully we can.
3 replies, last reply by information, 5 years ago.   1,147 views.
started by SpoiledPixie389.   
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Garcinia Cambogia
ridiculous..... isn't it wholefoodnut? dr's have about 1 week of nutrition training and then dole out crap like this.... We all know that if it's not sustainable for life then it's ...
by mummydee on 17 Apr 14 05:34 AM
It's expensive season at my local market
Yum, steak is a rarity for me as well. Am planting some chard, not something that is available to buy, have never even seen it in a farmers market here.
by wholefoodnut on 17 Apr 14 04:58 AM
Fed up with counting calories and carbs - learning to trust myself with food.
Ok, so I decided to stop counting calories and carbs... for now, at least. I am fed up with counting. I have dieted and counted all my life and it hasn't brought me anywhere. All I have to show for ...
by FatGirlSlim29 on 17 Apr 14 02:33 AM
Atkins - not counting calories
Thanks guys
by FatGirlSlim29 on 17 Apr 14 02:02 AM
High Protein Lower-Fat Options (Using whole, real foods)
Research shows protein can help you shed unwanted pounds AND (best of all) keep your belly full! Yet, I'm still falling short (or just plain bored) on protein options every day. So I turned to the ...
by LuC2 on 17 Apr 14 01:15 AM
Older women????
Ah thanks mammylam for your reply... isn't it great to have a place to go for encouragement and chat... I'm on a 500 day today so I think I'm going to fast completely from food until as late ...
by triciamcc on 17 Apr 14 12:43 AM

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by member Lucky765
This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
05 Jan 14 for diet Atkins