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stall- induction
how do you know if a food is stalling your diet [Atkins-Induction]? here is a list of possible foods : quote: quote: diet coke, i have about 2 cans a day coffee- i have a cup a day cheese- i snack ...
9 replies, last reply by DeniseTra, 6 years ago.   7,453 views.
started by candiee.   
Weak and Shaky
Has anyone else experineced feeling week and a little shakey while on the induction phase of Atkins? Today at the gym I just wasn't my usual self and wonder if it's my body just adjusting to not ...
5 replies, last reply by jschim, 6 years ago.   1,321 views.
started by mahara.   
No Guilt
I love this diet, I just had the yummiest breakfast, that I never would allow myself to eat before... Avacado, tomato, bacon, hard boiled egg, and mayo salad. It was a BOMB or yumminess :d This will ...
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started by mahara, 6 years ago.   
Plant Sterols? High cholesterol
My family has a high cholesterol history so in addition to my diet, I try to watch my cholesterol most of the time. Last year when I found out it was extremely high my doctor recommended these little ...
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started by jlscalese, 6 years ago.   
1 reply, last reply by skinnyby50, 6 years ago.   690 views.
started by lyn1946.   
Do you keep track?
....of everything you eat? Tracking definitely plays a HUGE part in my weight loss success. If I write down and journal every day, my success at the scale is much greater. I created a challenge, to ...
1 reply, last reply by k8yk, 6 years ago.   627 views.
started by skinnyby50.   
I was doing so good now it's as if the switch was shut off I can't seem to get back on track HELP!! :idea:
1 reply, last reply by skinnyby50, 6 years ago.   811 views.
started by JenniferRose.   
Weight Watchers points and daily calorie intake
Ok, so heres my big question.... Acording to Weight Watchers, at my weight, height, and gender, I should be eating 19pts a day, so that comes out to roughly 950 calories a day. Everyone I've spoken ...
6 replies, last reply by jmroehl, 6 years ago.   10,389 views.
started by MomofTwoGirls.   
Weight Watchers points and daily calorie intake
Hey girl.... here is a website that can help you with this issue!
6 replies, last reply by jmroehl, 6 years ago.   10,389 views.
started by MomofTwoGirls.   
Hello to All
I'm new to MFS, I found it last week as an App on my Blackberry & foud it to be just what I wanted to motivate me. I'm an Englishman, just turned 50. I want to lose 10kg to get me back to my ...
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started by Jon P, 6 years ago.   
Roller Skating
I spend a fair bit of time on quad skates these days, but the fitness segment only seems to recognize roller blading as an activity. I guess I can use that, but I don't mind looking up some data if ...
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started by vrimj, 6 years ago.   
sleeping horrible since started dieting & exercising why???????
Ok now ever since I started "dieting & exercising" I haven't bn Able to sleep very well I stay up for hours or only sleep a couple hours compared to wat I used to y is that....???I did ...
23 replies, last reply by tylinmarie, 6 years ago.   16,339 views.
started by tylinmarie.   
I just started a week ago and I am starving
I am following my calories very closely but, I still find myself hungry. All I can think about right now is what I am going to have for dinner. Does this get any easier?
15 replies, last reply by lotzaheart17, 6 years ago.   1,783 views.
started by jlscalese.   
Female Woes...
Wow, I hate the week before my period. Why is it so hard to contain everything, I defiantly eat my bitchy feelings all within a few days. AND I AM BLOATED! FML, Any suggestions?:evil:
8 replies, last reply by THEbiggestloser, 6 years ago.   1,132 views.
started by kaiteabee.   
Food Myths
I love this article that was posted today on food myths. especially the bit about how fat people can't be fit.
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started by rubykate, 6 years ago.   
Profile won't update
I tried to change my profile and when I submit, it says the email is not valid. The email is not changeable on the page and I was not needing to change the email. Next step? Thanks. Sara
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started by SaraO53, 6 years ago.   
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Math help with Keto diet
Hopefully by "working out" you're lifting weights and not just doing cardio. If you are lifting AND in ketosis, you're doing everything possible to retain/maintain/grow muscle as you ...
by Frosty Heimdall on 08 Feb 16 05:01 AM
Where is everyone from?
I was born in London, England. Now living in Turkey :)
by Rindaloo on 08 Feb 16 02:23 AM
Healthy Snacks
It did not turn out well. The asparagus were over cooked and the bacon was not crispy enough.. Worth experimenting with..
by wiildflowers on 07 Feb 16 07:58 PM
Need a buddy! 54 year old female
Feel free to add me as well. ive just started. lost 4 and gained back 3. I guess im in starvation mood. Not hungry. But not doing it right i guess. We can do this together if u want. We can do it. Im ...
by Penster12 on 07 Feb 16 07:30 PM
Anyone using the Fitbit Flex or similar devices?
I bought a fitbit for myself for the holidays. I got the larger one...a bit more money but it was worth the monies. The GPS is very accurate and I am able to keep track of the amount of calories burned ...
by Rena Lass on 07 Feb 16 04:12 PM
Having a hard time choosing a calorie counting app...
I've been torn between Fatsecret and Myfitnesspal for a long while now. I'll join here, delete and then go back to Myfitnesspal…Delete my account from there and then return back here. Today, I ...
by kofe_3 on 07 Feb 16 03:28 PM

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