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Woke up at 6am for 1 hour circuit training - what a difference. already 0.5kg lighter since following my diet and exercise more closely the past couple of days.
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started by aplcor, 5 years ago.   
40lbs lost - now support needed! anyone??
Hi Im a 34yr old woman ( girl at heart lol!) from London that has just recently lost 40lbs on the Cambridge Diet now Im trying to maintain / loose the last few lbs - but am no longer doing Cambridge - ...
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started by sparkly75.   
Organic 100% Real Peanut "Peanut Butter"
Hello, I started the Abs Diet not to long ago and well now I live in a small rural town outside the US and peanut butter is hard to come by. I found a lady that makes peanut butter from pure peanuts. ...
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started by jamiros.   
portion control! ack!
anybody got some sure-fire tips for portion control and late-night munchies? I just started, and portion control/feeling full is gonna be hard. found this: * A deck of playing cards = one serving (three ...
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started by MrBrianSmall.   
Mobile Calorie Counter
Using Calorie Counter on my HTC Hero.... GREAT program. Today it said there was an update, but couldn't find it. And I can no longer find the program in the Android Market Place... What happened? ...
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started by CJBrown.   
I need help i started out at 140 and went to 136 my goal is 130 but i keep going back up to 140 my calorie intake is always low so i don't know what i am doing wrong or what i can do to reach my g ...
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started by angelkiss.   
I resisted over-snacking today, finally - only has 1 TBSP almond butter instead of three. Feel really good about this small victory
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started by aplcor, 5 years ago.   
Does anyone else have a problem with the search function...?
I have foods that I have eaten and I KNOW are in the database but no matter how I search for them they don't come up as a possible result, which means I only seem to be able to add it using my phone ...
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started by Sparky67, 5 years ago.   
Hungry Girl's Thanksgiving Guide 2009
[url=http://www.hungry-girl... Girl Thanksgiving Recipes[/url] :d Yum!
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started by Christiet.   
Am I Stupid?
Is this the worst of all the 52 weeks in the year to decide to get started? I know there is a barrage of holiday get-togethers headed my way, and I am a little apprehensive. I am starting in earnest ...
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started by MrBrianSmall.   
A great mantra
'Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels'.....what a great mantra, i say it to myself when temptation calls and so far it has worked. :d
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started by mindymolli, 5 years ago.   
I always find Mondays so tough - I set out to go to my bootcamp at 5:30am, but can never ever get up. Tues-Fri are fine - just not Mondays. Making myself insane!
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started by aplcor, 5 years ago.   
20 Pound Challenge Top Runners for week 3
Top competitors this week for weight-loss: 1.April- Lost:6.6 lbs- Last wk-6 lbs-Difference-0.6 lbs 2.Julie-Lost:6.5 lbs- Last wk-5 lbs- Difference-1.5 lbs 3.Summer-Lost:6.0 lbs- Last wk-6 ...
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started by Total Body Leader.   
I phone App?
Hello I have just downloaded this for my android based phone and my wife has an i phone. Does anyone know if any app. on the i phone links to this like calorie counter does on android? Thanks
1 reply, last reply by Donna4, 5 years ago.   1,106 views.
started by aaronperlman.   
wii fit?
I used to love to exercise, and I want to run again, but I am too embarrassed and uncomfortable to try at my size. I thought I would try wii fit. Is it fun? Effective?....Super dumb question, but I have ...
6 replies, last reply by anna55, 5 years ago.   1,569 views.
started by noahsmom323.   
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by sheriali on 30 Jul 15 12:47 PM
"Tricks of the Trade". Fool Me Once Shame On You. Fool Me Twice Shame On Me.
Glaun I've done the same thing also. Or look at the food database and find there are multiple choices to select for a food item and calorie counts are different. Choose the one with the fewest c ...
by jmb3450 on 30 Jul 15 11:00 AM
Make sure when you're calculating things like RDI or TDEE that you use a base activity level of as low as you can go (completely sedentary) and use that as the starting point. Your individual met ...
by ieGod on 30 Jul 15 10:41 AM
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I am getting the error messages for months now, nothing you can do. They will fix it eventually, then it will work for a few months then get broken again LOL
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Wonderful. Good job.
by ClassicRocker on 30 Jul 15 08:43 AM

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