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Imaginary Eggs
IMAGINARY EGGS EXPLAINED! I thought the omelet I ordered should have been MORE points than the omelet I found on the site. So I clicked on eggs to drive my omelet points up higher. I could have clicked ...
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started by WECANDOTHIS, 5 years ago.   
Good food day
Another good day of watching calories. Don't have time to munch all day since I went back to work.
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started by ccclark1972, 5 years ago.   
What's your MySpace URL??????????
Thought this would be a fun way to get to know eachother better! :) Heres mine :
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started by desteni.   
Natural peanut butter
Natural peanut butter is what I use in the Chocolate shake, no sugar or additives. I buy Parker, it is in the health food part of my grocery store. I used to buy Real but it is no longer available. If ...
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started by WECANDOTHIS, 5 years ago.   
Help Please :)
I realized this afternoon that I put in my start weight as 100lbs off from what it really is and I figured out how to change that but now I dunno how to change my still says the old weight. ...
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started by StllrChick.   
Good evening everyone. I am exhausted. I don't even have the energy to eat a snack tonight. (maybe this is a good thing) I hope everyone is doing well with their food, exercise and everything else. ...
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started by ccclark1972, 5 years ago.   
Hello, Found this website while looking for fat smash diet recipes. I love, 1st its free, 2cd I have others whom I can speak to who are on this diet as well. Hope I can find a buddy so that we can motive ...
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started by besosdevero.   
Weighing myself too much???
Hi. I have a big problem with stepping on the scale. I'm only on my 3rd day of detoxing and I stepped on the scale 2x. The very next day (2nd day), I was happy to see I lost 3 pounds, which was ...
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started by tkandag.   
Weight training on phase 1
Hi again. I weight train 2-3x a week right now along with lots of cardio, pilates and boxing. Should I give weight training up for now to follow the book 100% or continue weight training. Thanks
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started by tkandag.   
What is the best exercise for your arms?
I just bought some small hand weights and I am wanting to target that underarm "granny giggle". Does anyone one know what is the best move to really work on that? Right now I am doing biceps ...
4 replies, last reply by Divided By Zero, 5 years ago.   4,511 views.
started by Melissa357.   
There seems to be a disconnect between calories of foods found here and on the iGoogle food & calorie finder. Recipes never seem to show up on food searches on the iGoogle application. It would be ...
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started by SnaveDogg, 5 years ago.   
new egg recipe
I have really enjoyed the fake french toast recipe that I found on this sight and it got me to really think about more recipes that I can make in a similar fashion. Today for lunch i sauteed 1/2 c black ...
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started by angelrose4ever.   
arrow in right lower corner
what exactly does that little arrow in the lower right corner mean? If the arrow is green and pointing down,does that mean that you are doing well on your diet and losing? can anyone clear this up so i ...
1 reply, last reply by ebivr, 5 years ago.   615 views.
started by gourd.   
bored wi thww meetings
just quit weight watchers..the meetings drove me nuts and i spend mt days with points floating around in my head so i pigged out.. gonna stay with fatsecret does anyone else feel this way?
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started by lperes.   
Salad Dressings
I haven't been having as many salads as I'd like to have because it seems like every salad out there comes with a fat and calorie packed dressing. Is there any salad dressings any of you can ...
14 replies, last reply by kmcollins, 5 years ago.   2,496 views.
started by FakePlasticLala.   
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Vegetable pasta
Try Miracle Noodles. Not flour/carby pasta but a great carb free option.
by Lunarios on 02 Sep 14 09:21 AM
I also sit at a desk all day. I eat constantly. Grapes, apple slices, carrot sticks and water. I always have fruit/veggies and water within reach. Has helped me lose over 65 pounds.
by thinkhealthy on 02 Sep 14 09:14 AM
Try a low carb/ketogenic diet. Get rid of the Metabolic Syndrome before it gets worse.
by Lunarios on 02 Sep 14 08:29 AM
how can I boost my metabolism and decrease my body's resistance?
Increase activity and cut all carbs.
by Lunarios on 02 Sep 14 08:22 AM
How do you measure your body fat percentage?
I use a Tanita Scale. Works great.
by Lunarios on 02 Sep 14 08:20 AM
ow can I lose belly fat before I get over weight I need the help now?
Cut the carbs, sugar, HFCS, and that includes fruits (for a bit). Get rid of the carbs and your body will change. Read labels. Sugar is everywhere, ketchup, pickles and not to mention a ton of sugar ...
by Lunarios on 02 Sep 14 08:20 AM

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by member Lucky765
This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
05 Jan 14 for diet Atkins