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How to use or substitue whole wheat flour
I don't know about you but I ask people how to use whole wheat flour instead of all purpose flour and they all give me different answers. I finally got the answer from the internet on a site by whole ...
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started by Janelleas, 5 years ago.   
Need a great low-cal dessert
Hi everyone! I need some help--there are four of us (out of 15 or so at last count) who will need a yummy dessert that isn't high calorie and is sugarless. I'm very willing to bake or do som ...
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started by reeneejune.   
Avenue Coupon Day after Thanksgiving
Here is a link for a coupon for The Avenue on Friday after Turkey Day ! Stores open at 7am ! WHOO HOOO ! Good Luck with your shopping if you so choose to do ! :) ...
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started by MusicMom123, 5 years ago.   
Dove Campaign
Some of you may have seen these before, but they just resurfaced on my desktop today and I started to think about some of the younger women who are on this board trying to lose weight and some of us older ...
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started by jeanvabu.   
When is exercise most effective?
I'm just starting out and beginning to make a plan for myself, so I'd like some input from you. When has proven to be most effective for you to exercise?
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started by jakesmommie.   
old saying
My mother in law always says...(in regards to food) "That 'fill in the blank' does not taste as good as thin feels" I think maybe if we could remember this then Thanksgiving might be ...
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started by desteni.   
Off the wagon but back with a vengeance
I was on here before (sweetpea0212001) I got totally distracted and quit my diet and gained the little bit of weight back that I lost. Im back in the states now and have internet at home so youll be seein ...
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started by desteni, 5 years ago.   
Off the wagon but back with a vengeance
Welcome back. I know it's hard sometimes to get back on the horse but at least you're back and starting over. One nice thing about FS is how no one judges you harshly.
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started by desteni, 5 years ago.   
Zero Carb Noodles!
Has anyone visited ?? I didn't know there was a noodle out there with NO carbs!! I'd like to hear from anyone that has tried these and/or if there are other alternatives. ...
16 replies, last reply by luvmystella, 5 years ago.   7,503 views.
started by lorik.   
Eating Right on a Budget
I'm having some financial issues right now and of course healthy food is a priority. I've done some research on how I can save money and still eat right. Any tips or suggestions are completely ...
6 replies, last reply by Reina Estrella, 5 years ago.   1,833 views.
started by Reina Estrella.   
the dreaded Thanksgiving
Well folks, it's only a few days away. I will be hosting 7 people at my house, and am struggling with taking the day off the diet. I plan on sending all carb related leftovers away from the house and ...
6 replies, last reply by lydafer, 5 years ago.   1,483 views.
started by lydafer.   
Tune your ipod up! Free trial of Ipodfitness You can pump up your ipod with your music and a personal trainer's voice/training tips to ramp up your workout. Get your first download free through the 10 day ...
2 replies, last reply by dawn0001, 5 years ago.   1,209 views.
started by dawn0001.   
Should I count the carbs in fruits & vegetables in my diet? (20 carbs a day max)
I'm following the Atkins diet. Until Christmas, I can only have up to 20 carb a day but I usually tend to go overboard with the mushrooms, tomato (...) especially with grapes. Fruits have more carbs ...
1 reply, last reply by sararay, 5 years ago.   1,328 views.
started by nanodoll.   
Flex Points
i'm doing WW now after a few years and haven't joined back again, just following it at home. I'm confused about how many total points I get? I know if I exercise I get extra, but do I also ...
1 reply, last reply by MoonLite, 5 years ago.   1,035 views.
started by Thrask.   
How to record a pig-out
When you've really overeaten at some event, like a wedding or party, and you can't even remember every little last item that you ate, how do you record it in your food calendar? How do you have ...
1 reply, last reply by MoonLite, 5 years ago.   655 views.
started by debbra.   
How to record a pig-out
I would "flip" the little radio button on your food calendar to "this is some of what I have eaten today" and then write a journal entry to kind of summarize what you ate, about how ...
1 reply, last reply by MoonLite, 5 years ago.   655 views.
started by debbra.   
treadmills vs outdoors
hello everyone! this is my very post here, i'll introduce myself later, but right now i have a really burning question. does walking on a treadmill equate with walking outdoors??? from personal ...
6 replies, last reply by Not2Late, 5 years ago.   1,283 views.
started by trueworth.   
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New From Alabama
Welcome to the site. Lots of folks here to help you.
by Draglist on 22 Jul 14 10:52 PM
My workout problem...
Thank you :) Any at home suggestions?
by Cloudie27 on 22 Jul 14 08:49 PM
My name's Claudia but you can call me Cloudie :)
My goals are the same as yours. I am 131 lbs now and trying to make it down to 118 or at least get leaner. I have developed cellulite around my butt and thighs and I think I caught a glimpse of it on ...
by MyLissa2 on 22 Jul 14 08:47 PM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Once a week is best for me
by wrkn2beme on 22 Jul 14 08:06 PM
fed up tonight :-(
wish there was a 'like' button Gnat, that's a good one.
by mummydee on 22 Jul 14 07:47 PM
Andy, welcome. Check out my blog,, to see how I did 70 in a year and 140 overall. Fatsecret was a huge part of it. Best of luck.
by Draglist on 22 Jul 14 07:12 PM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
05 Jan 14 for diet Atkins