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Where's all the pictures?
I am surprised that so many people lack a picture of themselves. Talk about motivation! I jumped at the chance to put my picture up. Not that I enjoy how I look, I wouldn't be here if i did. Sharing ...
30 replies, last reply by Thinner_by_2011, 5 years ago.   10,335 views.
started by Mykol225.   
Does sitting and resting really burn that many calories?
I'm new... I found this site via the android app I downloaded and I am intrigued. I've just started to record what I eat, and I have a question. I am eating what I normally eat, just because ...
10 replies, last reply by Bronze60, 5 years ago.   3,739 views.
started by kickinthethroat.   
Time: Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin
[url= Exercise Won't Make You Thin[/url]
20 replies, last reply by Fidgekitty, 5 years ago.   2,783 views.
started by information.   
I was doing so well with my eating today. My cat was doing something in the kitchen, and I went to see what. I didn't control myself and ate more calories than I should have had today. Geesh!!!! ...
1 reply, last reply by mountain_mama, 5 years ago.   899 views.
started by petlove.   
I found awesome Dark Chocolate at Trader Joe's!
So I just wanted to let you guys know yesterday when I was grocery shopping with my boyfriend at Trader Joes, I went to check out and to my left was all the tempting Dark Choc. sweets, and after reading ...
1 reply, last reply by information, 5 years ago.   818 views.
started by ghostina.   
Percentages of foods eaten
Can anyone tell me where to find the perecentages of how my eating breaks down on thei web site? What I mean is the percenatage of fat, carns and so on. My nutritionist said that to lose weight I needed ...
1 reply, last reply by katana_x, 5 years ago.   497 views.
started by Wendiey.   
How can I avoid sagging skin and stretch marks?
Does anyone have any suggestions for eliminating sagging skin and stretch marks without surgery? I need to lose about 84 pounds to reach my goal.
5 replies, last reply by katana_x, 5 years ago.   3,629 views.
started by kimmyj1006.   
Drinking and Heart Health
Q: I've heard that drinking red wine is good for the heart. I don't drink, but should I start drinking for the heart benefits? — Alice, Massachusetts A: While recent studies have shown that an ...
2 replies, last reply by Divided By Zero, 5 years ago.   530 views.
started by veggies yuk.   
Top 10 Budget-Friendly Foods (Healthy Ones!)
Top 10 Budget-Friendly Foods (Healthy Ones!) Tightening your belt these days? You don't have to cut back on healthy foods as you're trimming your family food budget! Here are 10 top picks for ...
2 replies, last reply by xLyssx, 5 years ago.   892 views.
started by veggies yuk.   
A dog in your life can make fitness a necessity, not a luxury
My dog has been in my life for almost five years. She is amazing. She's as spunky as a puppy and demands play, walking, and ear-scratchin' every darn day! I love every minute of it. She gets ...
6 replies, last reply by PanchayAdrian, 5 years ago.   1,809 views.
started by shannontegeler.   
Motivating Help
So yesterday I posted to my journal the need for assistance. I am assuming that higher powers heard my call as that motivational assistance came last night from my 8 year old son. As we were fixing ...
2 replies, last reply by Mrs REJ, 5 years ago.   676 views.
started by Kande.   
Hi all
Hi everyone,only joined yesterday....getting married in seven weeks and seem to have lost my motivation this last few weeks. I have lost 10 lbs in the last 2 months but have more that I want to get off ...
3 replies, last reply by Irishbride, 5 years ago.   830 views.
started by Irishbride.   
Hello everyone. i am new to this and my goal is to lose at least ten pounds. I hope this works!
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started by SANDYDET, 5 years ago.   
I am finding myself so tired these days, which mean when I get home from work I am too lazy and cant get the motivation to get out walking (which I usually love) i think it might be the lack of sugar ...
4 replies, last reply by Wendy wants to run, 5 years ago.   749 views.
started by Irishbride.   
Mexican recipes
Hi, I am looking for any yummy Mexican recipes that are new and different from those already posted on this site. Particularly, breakfast recipes for omelettes, etc. Any ideas out there? The spicier the ...
no replies.   404 views.
started by wikdnailz, 5 years ago.   
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Throwback Thursday!
Sweet! June can be cold up here then too. I've been known to wear snowmobile gloves lol.
by nicholaix on 26 Mar 15 06:24 PM
Water intake
Just check what's coming out and that should tell you if you're drinking enough....
by fairfield59 on 26 Mar 15 12:59 PM
Sucralose Caolries
I went to the Splenda web site. There it explained that legally, if a serving has less than 5 calories then they are entitled to call it zero calories. But the vendor decides how much is in a serving. ...
by kushka1 on 26 Mar 15 12:21 PM
exercise....morning? night?
It depends on my mood. I try to do a couple minutes - if only something like yoga - in the morning when I wake up. Normally I go on walks so I do those during the day (mid morning or mid afternoon). If ...
by ValerieAnne84 on 26 Mar 15 12:02 PM
Challenge question
every group/challenge has different rules for joining, so if you want to join you need to abide by them, or look around and find a challenge that suits you and doesn't require what you don't r ...
by howzat4u on 26 Mar 15 11:59 AM
Giving up the scale?
I gave up the scale for most of my adult life - and for most of my life I weighed more then 300 lbs. The times in my life I was able to lose wight, were the times I weighed myself often. Now I weigh ...
by kushka1 on 26 Mar 15 11:50 AM

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