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Thai Food
Headed for thai food tonight and REALLY don't want to make a bad choice (or feel bloated and nasty in the morning from sodium). Any good choices?
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started by bcreeves, 7 years ago.   
ww points
I have an Iphone and was able to find an app that you can get that has food pts it is called Nutrition Menu it costs .99 cents by shrommies. it even has resturant menus with pts values.They call them food ...
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started by djm3, 7 years ago.   
How to clear previous food diary entries?
Hi I messed up on my eating habits and there are some days in which I didn't record (got busy and ate junk food) and want to clear out my old food diary entries. Is there a way to do that? I want to ...
3 replies, last reply by Rnbwgrl, 7 years ago.   1,269 views.
started by lmeisner.   
I'm going to eat more. It's not that I'm hungry. In fact, the only time I get hungry lately is just before I'm scheduled to eat something. I used to get really hungry at night and ...
16 replies, last reply by rjenkins27, 7 years ago.   1,679 views.
started by rjenkins27.   
Day One
This is the start of my diet! So far I feel Great! I had breakfast this morning, had a sandwich for lunch and I have my dinner planned out. All on my diet, last time I did my 2000 Calorie Count I went ...
4 replies, last reply by SashaFierce, 7 years ago.   1,389 views.
started by Pura Vida.   
Start walking tomorrow
I will start walking tomorrow, and want to dive right in there. I don't want to hurt myself as I still probally have a touch of tendonitus. I guess I should probally start slow because of my recent ...
7 replies, last reply by Kalla, 7 years ago.   1,517 views.
started by tifany.   
Upper Body
I have been working out and loosing weight but my upper body is taking forever to go:( most especially my arms which by the way I dont like :cry: .....any tips? :?
7 replies, last reply by anapdc, 7 years ago.   1,476 views.
started by EbonySparkles.   
Gluten free meal idea
I need some help. DH offered to bring lunch into work this Friday, problem is it needs to be gluten free and I have know idea what this means let alone what to make. At one point he was talking chicken ...
1 reply, last reply by healsdata, 7 years ago.   1,010 views.
started by karbear45.   
I Feel Sad.
Over the past year, I've gone from 125 to 137. I'm only five feet tall. I guess I have some muscle, but that's no excuse. My dad's girlfriend makes comments about my weight increasing. ...
4 replies, last reply by sheripickle, 7 years ago.   920 views.
started by MissAmyKay.   
Stress :P
When stress kicks in for me it's like WHATEVER ! I don't care at all I eat what I want, when I want and I hate it so much. It it so hard to stop myself. It feels like a have to put myself in a ...
2 replies, last reply by hummingbird5, 7 years ago.   603 views.
started by Mosmith.   
It is amazing how many calories are in different foods. I was completely oblivious to the calorie content in food untill I started tracking. I have gained approx. 60 pounds this last past year, I can& ...
13 replies, last reply by tifany, 7 years ago.   1,436 views.
started by tifany.   
atkins or south beach
i know there not the same thing but they are alike i was wondering how are they different and from people who have tried these diets do they work? i want to try a low card diet and idk which one to use
4 replies, last reply by Canajun, 7 years ago.   878 views.
started by xangelsarah.   
cant seem to keep focused on the weekends!
I dont understand why it is so easy for me to stay good and focused Monday-Friday but the second Saturday morning hits all i want is everything i cant have, and i have no self control! And every monday ...
8 replies, last reply by russellb97, 7 years ago.   1,128 views.
started by TheChunkyOne.   
eating before or after exercising...
I realize that I don't know when I should eat... is it best before or after I exercise? Does it matter if it is cardio verses weight lifting? I have read somewhere that 20 minutes cardio on an empty ...
7 replies, last reply by LisaMWitt, 7 years ago.   1,649 views.
started by amy1flite.   
Heart rate and calorie help please!!!!!!!
Hi guys..... I have a couple more questions regarding my goals. First off, I am a little confused about my target heart rate and the zone that I should be going by. The Karvonen formula for figuring the ...
18 replies, last reply by draculasmistress, 7 years ago.   1,408 views.
started by draculasmistress.   
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You Know You Are Overweight When:
When your stomach sticks out of every dress you wear and embarrasses you.
by crstlgls on 26 Jul 17 06:42 PM
Expect to gain some weight in the beginning until your replacement medication is adjusted. Also, once you have no thyroid, you will find you need some form of T3 to replace what you can no longer make. ...
by crstlgls on 26 Jul 17 06:42 PM
A Little Salt in Your Water?
by ED BO on 26 Jul 17 06:40 PM
Has your thyroid been checked recently? Low thyroid, or hypothyroidism, can cause high blood pressure and high cholesterol. exercise can also raise your HDL, or good cholesterol. If your blood pressure ...
by crstlgls on 26 Jul 17 06:33 PM
Hey any one following a 40 40 20 split?
I am following a 50-25-25 split. Look at my food journals.
by crstlgls on 26 Jul 17 06:29 PM
Why Do You REALLY, REALLY Want To Lose
My Goal: To lose the weight I gained from my thyroid problem and improve my digestive health. 1. Why? Because I am tired of being fat and want to look skinny again, so I can look good in anything i ...
by crstlgls on 26 Jul 17 06:26 PM

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