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Nutrition label question
I have a question. If I have high cholesterol (can't say my parents never gave me anything) it means that I have to cut fat...but when you ready labels it often has a section under fat content for ...
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started by abbyamour, 5 years ago.   
fitness diet buddy?
would anyone like to be my fitness and diet buddy someone i can talk to everyday and help keep me on track and vic versa message me or anything =D:d
1 reply, last reply by clroh3, 5 years ago.   913 views.
started by lmccormick152.   
Final (approximate) Points Totals
Top Runners for the Points Challenge for final day. 1. Barbara-995 pts.(50)pts this week! 2. Linda-720 pts.(380)pts this week! Great job referring a new member! :d 3.Julie-655 pts. (80) pts this week! ...
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started by Total Body Leader, 5 years ago.   
Final (approximate) weigh-in totals
The last weigh in will be tomorrow at Barbara's house to get an accurate weight to announce the winner of the 20 pound challenge. I will bring my scale, and begin weighing everyone who is part of the ...
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started by Total Body Leader, 5 years ago.   
I'm a cheater...
i live a very active life where i'm out with my non-dieting friends a lot.. and they always have the yummy foods i love. being a foodie, its almost impossible to resist. i've only done a week and ...
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started by bobbypratt.   
question for all
my husband doesnt like to eat dinner until 8:00 and i would prefer to eat earlier because i hate going to bed with a full stomach. i eat good during the day...small calorie meals, but at dinner i feel ...
6 replies, last reply by sarahleigh711, 5 years ago.   1,583 views.
started by sarahleigh711.   
Enhancement Request: ability to post picture of the food or food packaging
It would be nice when looking at the details of a food that is posted to also see a picture of the food or packaging. For example, if I lookup a bag of potato chips and was able to see a picture of the ...
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started by rymiller, 5 years ago.   
Chinese Food
Okay, I'm going out to lunch today to a Chinese restaurant and need ideas/tips/hints on what to eat. I am not a big fan of Chinese, I do not like the eggrolls and really the only meat I care for is ...
4 replies, last reply by ChristyF, 5 years ago.   941 views.
started by ChristyF.   
The Battle of the Diets: Is Anyone Winning (At Losing?)
Worth watching.
1 reply, last reply by DeniseTra, 5 years ago.   891 views.
started by DeniseTra.   
Dear Food Manufacturers
We don't need to have SUGAR or HFCS in EVERYTHING!!! I would give my right arm to be able to find more foods that aren't so sugar heavy. It seems like the only option you want to give us is a ...
17 replies, last reply by k8yk, 5 years ago.   1,398 views.
started by k8yk.   
Kempo P90X
woke up this morning at 5am for Kempo, then drank my protein shake, got the kids ready for school, then for work. Busy work day....TGIF.
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started by Jaycruz, 5 years ago.   
:? According to my Diet Calendar I am burning on average 1500 calories a day so why am I putting weight on?!?!?!? :doubt:
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started by lucky24_7, 5 years ago.   
Leg Cramps
Has anyone else experienced leg cramps on the atkins diet?
4 replies, last reply by Fortyseven, 5 years ago.   2,804 views.
started by Fortyseven.   
Serving Size
Hello everyone! I have a question! I was looking at the different recipes and then looking up different dishes at restaurants and weight watchers points are by serving size. However, nothing tells ...
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started by SarahLynne, 5 years ago.   
Finally going to loose the last 25 pounds
I'm a single mom of 3-year-old twin girls, I went back to school in September to finish my MBA...and should be done in June. At my heaviest I was 208 pounds! I lost about 45 pounds then stalled for ...
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started by MsKim, 5 years ago.   
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Interesting.......Well...I did the Nutrimost...and well..I have no idea what was in that bottle....would be so sad if that was all the case....but .....had a fun 2 weeks in Kauai...really off the wago ...
by Decoratingplus on 04 Oct 15 06:40 PM
Going on holiday - what do I do.
If I'm away for only a couple of days I'll jot down what I've eaten on paper and enter it when I get home. If it's for a week or so I'd just enjoy my holiday and not get too caught ...
by lindees loss on 04 Oct 15 06:28 PM
Clean Eating
Lisa, I am interested!
by fatchick45987 on 04 Oct 15 06:27 PM
New to FatSecret, but want to share my own story
congrats, it sounds like you have got this under control!
by fatchick45987 on 04 Oct 15 06:26 PM
Constipation issues
strawberries always help me. High fiber foods are recommended.
by fatchick45987 on 04 Oct 15 06:24 PM
I need help with dieting
Probably lowering your calories by at least 500 a day and eating clean is your best bet.
by fatchick45987 on 04 Oct 15 06:23 PM

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