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feelin good ^_^
whatta beautiful day and im feeling good...even w/pms, still feel like losing and clothes not so tight...drinking my water without pushing as much today..just been munching a little bit of this and that ...
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started by dawdevil.   
food "search" engine inoperable
March 25, 1:12 pm. Is the "food name" search inoperable for anyone else right now? Can't find anything under "apple", and it doesn't let me enter a new item, either.
3 replies, last reply by confusedangel, 6 years ago.   865 views.
started by Millimarie.   
I've heard that cutting calories makes your metabolism stop working. If this is true, how can I tell if my metabolism stopped working and how do I make it start up again?
10 replies, last reply by Adr58, 6 years ago.   1,217 views.
started by prideotgc18.   
Will this help me lose weight?
alright so right at the moment i weigh 148 pounds. i am 17 and i am 5'8/ 5'9 female when you look at me i do not look like i weight this much, probably becuase i can build muscle easily. BUT, i ...
5 replies, last reply by Adr58, 6 years ago.   830 views.
started by briebrie.   
is there a way to change?
My profile? Is there a way to block who can and can't see my profile and my whole journal? Or is it just out there for everyone to see once it is posted? I can't figure out where what I would ...
1 reply, last reply by Valentina1963, 6 years ago.   677 views.
started by Sessa.   
what do you eat after a workout?
My trainer said I need to eat a good combo of carbs and protien after a workout....what do you eat?
42 replies, last reply by clykken, 6 years ago.   14,850 views.
started by sheripickle.   
Dr Philip Maffetone's "In Fitness and In Health""
Working my way through the 5th edition. Fitness + Health = Human Performance Fitness is the ability to perform physical activity Health is the optimal balance of all systems of the body They are ...
23 replies, last reply by rubykate, 6 years ago.   6,067 views.
started by Adr58.   
1 reply, last reply by DeniseTra, 6 years ago.   780 views.
started by sharidoto.   
current bs
stuck to diet really good today. evening BS 176.
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started by OMGisthatme, 6 years ago.   
serious now
I am ready to get serious don't want another summer of thick thighs. Need to cut those carbs and get moving. I am 52/yo mother of 3, 2 @ home yet work full time and getting very tired of this long ...
4 replies, last reply by bjwinz, 6 years ago.   1,087 views.
started by bjwinz.   
exercise videos
:roll: how do i journal an exercise video example Jillian Micheal no more muffin top ? THANKS...SLG
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started by slg, 6 years ago.   
Not to be too graphic here, but I have been on the Atkins for about two weeks now and I haven't had a BM in days. I don't even feel the need to go. Is this normal? Are there other Atkins folks ...
13 replies, last reply by mahara, 6 years ago.   1,465 views.
started by bashore.   
How would you keep things up offline for a week?
Hello all, I've been doing really well by planning my meals on fatsecret, weighing all my food and going to the gym frequently. However I have a week long holiday coming up, with my boyfriend's ...
8 replies, last reply by smartoak, 6 years ago.   1,274 views.
started by smartoak.   
..and 1/4 of a tombstone pizza ...
w/pepp and sausage....bc , again...just felt like doubled carb intake today...and drinking coke zero too..but i felt as if i needed a not so strict day for a change... i will be back to business ...
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started by dawdevil, 6 years ago.   
time of intake
anyway to track the time of day for each entry/ meal?
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started by jrcelestial, 6 years ago.   
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I was older when I was younger.
I only signed up and was not active but will be it from today.... I am a single old woman without any real friends, only friends I talk with when walking outside. It is sad to not have any friends or ...
by evavirginius on 26 Sep 16 07:41 AM
Industry funded studies
Hi, Titedancer, thats a great story. the diet your husband seems to be following is called Ketosis. it when your body starts to target fat as its primary fuel source and the liver turns fat cell into ...
by jodymcconnachie on 26 Sep 16 06:55 AM
Emotional Roller coaster
Hi Maria! Stress has a way of doing that, doesn't it? I hope you've been having better days lately. You can do this, Buddy!
by kpwcalories on 25 Sep 16 09:38 PM
Can't seem to stick to a diet
its not easy but in the end it comes down to choice where I work you could put on a pound a day just by eating the snacks and cakes other people bring in. I just make the choice to never eat anything ...
by spacey48 on 25 Sep 16 04:45 PM
Stubborn Fat
XshapeshiftX wrote: Build up your abs and you'll burn belly fat faster. Stronger core burns fat sorry but this is utter nonsense you cannot spot reduce fat no matter what you do outside of lipo ...
by spacey48 on 25 Sep 16 04:39 PM
Walking in place
Walking in place while watching TV burns more calories that sitting on the couch watching TV. So...
by bdmgoggins on 25 Sep 16 08:54 AM

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