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The Four Avoids of a Healthy Diet
Work Out and Lose Weight by Work_Out The Four Avoids of a Healthy Diet September 29, 2009 The Four Avoids of a Healthy DietThere are a lot of dieting tips floating around, and a lot of people who want ...
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started by veggies yuk, 5 years ago.   
Amazing Atkins results!
So from doing my research and talking to people, Atkins diet has amazing results and isn't impossible!Some people lose up to 14 pounds in just the first two weeks! that 7 pounds a week! You should ...
1 reply, last reply by lc52689, 5 years ago.   837 views.
started by lc52689.   
Drinking water
I hate water, I am doing a challange to lose 10 by halloween, one mini challange is to drink 8 glasses or more of water daily. I can do it if I add crystal lite to the water, (no kcals) do you think this ...
7 replies, last reply by sirabe76, 5 years ago.   1,984 views.
started by lgruber.   
Hi everyone !
My name is lorraine but my late dad called me laney any how after stopping smoking keeping weight off is a problem so here Iam :badgrin: Im at my goal give or take half stone so it's the last hall ...
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started by LANEYLOO, 5 years ago.   
calorie counter on g1
I cant find it in the market on my phone what do I do?
2 replies, last reply by tentonman, 5 years ago.   1,042 views.
started by mommyof2gls.   
stopping that sweet tooth for good?
I have lost the weight from xms to july i have gone from 10 stone 10 to 10 stone on atkins totally sugar free! then after a stall I have started the cambridge diet for about a month and then added 100 ...
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started by LANEYLOO, 5 years ago.   
adding a new form of exercise
I just joined and I teach and train in TaeKwon-Do. Is there a way to add this and save it so I don't have to enter it as other everyday. Thanks
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started by Webman, 5 years ago.   
protein ideas
Does anyone have any ideas for good sources of protein that are not high in fats and are not from an animal source?
13 replies, last reply by fitgymgirl, 5 years ago.   2,401 views.
started by gazelle.   
I was so hungry today.. but I dont thing I am eating enough vegtables, tomorrow will try more vegtables
1 reply, last reply by ebivr, 5 years ago.   737 views.
started by Narcy.   
Recommended Daily Intake
Fatsecret says I should be eating 1900 calories a day to maintain my current weight. I'm 125 lbs, 5'2". Seriously, that is too much food. I hardly ever work out either. Anyone have any su ...
13 replies, last reply by dylanbiles, 5 years ago.   3,065 views.
started by sweetsteph.   
Slim in 6 Video Series
Hi I have recently begun doing the Slim in 6 series and have started the second one called Ramp it Up. I also do the treadmill on a daily basis. I have noticed that the Ramp it Up seems way more intensive ...
31 replies, last reply by chattycathy1955, 5 years ago.   8,475 views.
started by chattycathy1955.   
Does Fatsecret calculate weight watcher points or just the RDI? Thanks...
3 replies, last reply by tmsports, 5 years ago.   681 views.
started by tmsports.   
Culvers Salad
The chicken breast salad was about the only thing I could see on the menu that looked safe at Culvers. It was easy to find the WW points by entering Culver Chicken Salad in the food search in my daily ...
1 reply, last reply by bizzylizzie, 5 years ago.   756 views.
started by franeee.   
My name is Sarah and have just been diagnosed with celiacs and have to kick the gluten out of my diet. I am a carb bread, pasta, biscuits...all that stuff. I need to drop about 60 pounds ...
10 replies, last reply by Jen71, 5 years ago.   2,227 views.
started by Sasie.   
is brown really better
Is Brown Really Better? By Jennifer Matlack Choose brown foods over white and you'll eat healthier, right? Actually, it turns out that's not always the case. Learn which brown foods trump their ...
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started by veggies yuk, 5 years ago.   
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thanks, but I know how to weigh myself on scales.....
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I ate like 1000 that day
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Losing inches, not weight
This is over a course of a week. Thank you I will check that article out.
by Merrie1 on 26 Apr 15 04:33 PM
by howzat4u on 26 Apr 15 01:48 PM

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