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Day 1 of SBD
I'm excited and HOPING I can stay motivated. The only discouraging thing I've seen so far is my grocery bill. YIKES! Any tips on CHEAPER ways to do phase 1? Does it get better once you move to ...
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started by Desirae, 6 years ago.   
Hi my name is Sue, I am a new member. I hope to find alot of good ideas here & meet new people. I am going to count calories.I need to loose 10-15 lbs. That might not seem like much to some, but i ...
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started by SueVogel, 6 years ago.   
what percentage??
Just curious what percentage of your Mainting RDI do you eat a day to lose weight? what works for you?? I have been tossing around the same 3 pounds for almost a month now after losing steady...I am h ...
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started by sheripickle.   
kcal question
Hi all, Im brand new to the site trying to burn off some college weight before a graduation cruise at the end of May. My RDI is set at 3100 and if I am intaking that many my rest+sleep+exercise has ...
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started by slim-n-down.   
Everything you need to know
It's all [url= :d
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started by Divided By Zero, 6 years ago.   
Happy to have found Atkins
Can I just gloat for a bit here?!?!? I have been trying to get under this 208 lb plateau for months maybe even years bouncing up and down from 208 to 216 down again, but I only get on atkins now for 4 ...
12 replies, last reply by irma stucky, 6 years ago.   2,280 views.
started by Neddyk.   
Weighing in
Observation for those of you targeting a 1 lb per week weight loss, watching the scale and wondering WTF?... I weighed myself, at what I call, my "natural weight" this morning. ie after getting ...
11 replies, last reply by brads_wife, 6 years ago.   2,154 views.
started by Adr58.   
Fat, skinny or the "perfect size"!! It's about what you want for your life. Life is what you make it and you have to be happy with what is and happens to you!!Society tries to tell you what ...
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started by Yvonne2525.   
Just Do It!!!!
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started by lynise, 6 years ago.   
New to FatSecret
Hi Everybody! I am trying to seriously use this FatSecret account that I opened up several months ago but never used. I'm trying to get serious about counting carbs and try to start losing again ( ...
1 reply, last reply by hmstix, 6 years ago.   1,090 views.
started by Brandieelynne.   
6 days til I meet my goal :)
I would say Good Luck and I hope you meet the goal you've set!! But, I would also say that if you are within two pounds of said goal, you are already a success story and you should be so proud and ...
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started by Quilter12979, 6 years ago.   
Diet Soda's
Are diet soda's a good choice?
9 replies, last reply by rjenkins27, 6 years ago.   2,656 views.
started by EbonySparkles.   
How to deal with critics
I want to know if anyone goes thru this at some point. Me on the other hand is constantly. I have people at work friends and family. Who think just because they are thin it gives them the right to ...
30 replies, last reply by rosa210, 6 years ago.   5,517 views.
started by Chicholicious.   
Exporting Data to Excel
Does anyone know how to export the weight and exercise data to an Excel file. I am a data nut and I want do do some manipulation and charting but I have to copy 1 item at a tiem and it takes hours.
1 reply, last reply by Jsauter, 6 years ago.   1,534 views.
started by BobbiDee.   
Pants size
Does anyone know how much weight they lost before they were fitting into a pants size smaller?
11 replies, last reply by arizonaprincess, 6 years ago.   9,104 views.
started by arizonaprincess.   
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We are in the same boat. However, I decided to stop drinking pills and face the real world problems with the help of my therapist. I'm feeling much better than before, but still need to deal with my ...
by carmenjavier19 on 27 Mar 17 04:10 AM
Why isn't this meal showing up when I try to add a meal from my food diary?
My friend added [url= meal[/url] and shared it with everyone. I can add it by going to the meal page and using the "Add this meal to my food diary" panel at the ...
by iencheng on 26 Mar 17 10:09 AM
talk to u in a while
Wishing you a speedy recovery! We look forward to your return :)
by VeggieJunkie on 26 Mar 17 08:15 AM
Looking for buddies doing Keto or LCHF
I'm on keto & intermittent fasting. If you haven't read The Obesity Code, by Dr Jason Fung, I highly recommend it. It'll help kill many of your health issues. :-) ~ Andi
by Yourpissingmeoff on 25 Mar 17 06:30 PM
Qsymia anyone?
SELouisiana wrote: I have not tried that before but if you feel it will give you the jump start you need to get moving and keep moving then im totally for it. Youve already discussed it with your doctor ...
by Marywriter on 25 Mar 17 03:08 PM
Breaking a habit or creating a new one?
Terrapin12, thanks! I will check out both books. I would describe myself as optimistic, but then have to admit that it doesn't take much for me to be plagued with worry, often about things I can ...
by mariezzz on 25 Mar 17 10:59 AM

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