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Nutritional value for Bob's Red Mill Flax seed
I bought Bob's Red Mill Flax Seed and grounded it to flax meal. In the package, it says that 1 serving of the flax seed = 3 tbsp. When grounded, I got 5.5 tbsp. How do I calculate the nutritional ...
3 replies, last reply by amanda88, 6 years ago.   1,287 views.
started by orientchef23.   
** Lap Band Groupies **
Come join us for a positive, upbeat place to go. A place that will give you their best advice. A place to laugh to share to learn!
no replies.   995 views.
started by Kimber10, 6 years ago.   
Flat Belly Diet
Hi, anyone out there doing the Flat Belly? I've been on it since Sept. 8th and am really liking it. Mary
2 replies, last reply by cbella, 6 years ago.   817 views.
started by Rhonda Fleming.   
Does anyone know if i should be watching my carb intake on weight Watchers?
4 replies, last reply by k8yk, 6 years ago.   1,005 views.
started by katpec.   
Fructose/Sugars in Food
This is a very interesting article and gives a warning about how agave is even worse than HFCS. It explains the diffrence between glucose and frustose, gives a chart of natural fruit fructose amounts ...
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started by cbella, 6 years ago.   
Party last night
I was very good at a party last night and then I gained a pound and after going over what I ate last night I don't see how I could. The only problem is that it was Indian Food and it is hard to know ...
4 replies, last reply by rjenkins27, 6 years ago.   1,274 views.
started by Patrick Palensky.   
is there such a thing as too much protein? and how much protein should you take in a day?
3 replies, last reply by whitedog, 6 years ago.   851 views.
started by underscore.   
PLease help me lose weight!
Hey everyone so i really need to lose weight! I am very active and gain muscle very easily. It is not attractive though because i would rather be lean then have big bulky thighs. I eat around 1500 cal ...
4 replies, last reply by briebrie, 6 years ago.   1,423 views.
started by briebrie.   
almond flour vs soy flour
I wonder can I subsitute soy flour for almond flour and just add a little almond extract to get the flavor?
2 replies, last reply by tulipsandroses, 6 years ago.   3,142 views.
started by Neddyk.   
Losing and Loving It!!!
Down 12.4lbs since I joined WW8) :) Yay!
1 reply, last reply by LadyAng, 6 years ago.   868 views.
started by Sweet_Success.   
Breaking through the plateau
It seems like I have been on a plateau for months. Up and down and up and down give or take a few pounds. I hated going to the gym but just kept telling myself I just had to show up. I'm finally down ...
1 reply, last reply by LadyAng, 6 years ago.   1,058 views.
started by cehusted.   
Does it matter if I am under my points? Sometimes I don't make the 23 points. Is it better to be under or a little over???? Thanks
4 replies, last reply by LadyAng, 6 years ago.   1,504 views.
started by katpec.   
How do I delete a recipe from the cook book?
Does anyone know how to do it? I have the same recipe twice just in different quantities and want to get rid of it.
no replies.   917 views.
started by pureheiress, 6 years ago.   
Does anyone know the break down of calories for weight watchers. % fat % carbs %protein ? Does the fat matter? thanks kat
2 replies, last reply by katpec, 6 years ago.   1,250 views.
started by katpec.   
Better lunch ideas
I'm wondering if anyone can share ideas for lunch. I've been pretty much eating either a Lean Cuisine meal or Subway for the last few months. Granted, I've lost at least 10 lbs doing this, ...
25 replies, last reply by Rnbwgrl, 6 years ago.   3,776 views.
started by Tressatnt.   
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I can show you an amazing account with tips. I follow it almost everyday and it keeps me motivated. Here you go
by juliatimonova on 24 Jan 17 10:00 AM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
I also weigh myself in the morning, once a week.
by hmt7 on 24 Jan 17 06:19 AM
How to enter custom food
Hello. Does anyone know if the custom food feature will be re-added? Please keep me informed?
by saterHater on 23 Jan 17 10:34 PM
New Kid on the Block!
Thanks for the info!
by armymom204 on 23 Jan 17 08:40 PM
Reports Page is Blank!!
My reports page doen't load, even when I click on goals, it will not load. What should I do? I really need to edit my macros!!!
by Zayoe4 on 23 Jan 17 06:49 PM
my loss
down 1.6 this week for a total of 13.2 in 3 weeks!
by ontheline on 23 Jan 17 03:55 PM

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