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Printing/Exporting nutrional info
Is there a way to print or export the nutrional info so I can take it to my doctor? For instance, I need to watch my cholesterol. Can I print a report that my doctor can look at to see my cholesterol ...
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started by thedvlsadv, 6 years ago.   
Is it possible to sit at your desk and burned calories, because the excerise chart say that
2 replies, last reply by IrishGrandma, 6 years ago.   739 views.
started by sharnett.   
Checking for ketones
This diet is very new to me, I have never done it before, but so far I am very happy with it and how I feel. I think this could be a life change for me. My question is what should my ketones be? I ...
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started by Terrimomof4.   
Save Favorite Foods?
Hi - I've starting using this site recently, working both on the web and using Droid app. When you're working on the web, is there some way to either save foods for quick recall or just see a ...
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started by ultradianguy, 6 years ago.   
Dirt Cheap
I was excited to find an air stepper/climber in this discount closeout store called Dirt Cheap for 45 bucks. It's 99.00 at Walmart. It only weighs 15 pounds and has the toning rope and an exercise ...
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started by LACollier, 6 years ago.   
Exercise in a wheel chair
I'm 86 in bad shape..heart,ICD,cancer,etc...... have hip replaced....can't do this because of heart...need to loose 50 far in a month I have lost 15...but I need to exercise...any ideas ...
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started by stratobud.   
Weight loss schedule
Isn't there a section where it tells you "at the rate you are losing, you should reach your goal by (date)?" I thought I saw it after updating my weight, but now cannot find it. I am still ...
2 replies, last reply by bamalane, 6 years ago.   779 views.
started by maggien3887.   
in need of a buddy
Hi, I'm new to the site but have been using the app on my droid for a while. I really need a buddy on here! I'm 22 and I'm just trying to lose weight and get healthier. I need some motivation ...
2 replies, last reply by kanan123, 6 years ago.   778 views.
started by lilchantey.   
Please help!
Hi, I have not been good this entire week. I don't know why. As a result I not only have I not lost any weight, I have gained 2 lbs. I have been very bad with drinking water and have been eating some ...
7 replies, last reply by mymomma, 6 years ago.   953 views.
started by Sanjana.   
Starving but eating!
I have eaten more today than I usually do by this time, about double! And I'm SOOO hungry! I thought I should try to eat a little bit more than I have been because I don't want to kill my met ...
1 reply, last reply by ConnieM, 6 years ago.   609 views.
started by Tressatnt.   
Im so sick of not being able to stop eating lately!
I find myself logging in food Ive eaten and when it tells me Im over my amount I then cheat myself by thinking well I didnt have that much meat and reducing the amount then I m eating extra food!I have ...
3 replies, last reply by LANEYLOO, 6 years ago.   710 views.
started by LANEYLOO.   
Has anyone followed the weight watchers diet 100%, with exercise and not loose any weight.
10 replies, last reply by mtsherick, 6 years ago.   1,807 views.
started by melissan23.   
Newbie here! Need a new start!
My life this past year has been a struggle, left my husband of 26 years last April, had back surgery # 1 in May, lost my grandpa, had back surgery # 2 in June, back surgery # 3 in August and lost my g ...
3 replies, last reply by jud10, 6 years ago.   879 views.
started by Rhomma.   
My diet plan and thoughts
I think the most important thing for a diet is to use a journal, exercise and just decide that you will never go off the diet and never not be on a diet. I don't like the word diet and I think you ...
2 replies, last reply by k8yk, 6 years ago.   803 views.
started by Patrick Palensky.   
My diet plan and thoughts
Hey... I called it a Calorie Restriction... and lost 66 lbs in 10 months. I ate anything I wanted as long as I could weigh it or measure it by volume. I kept a journal of what I ate so I knew when to ...
2 replies, last reply by k8yk, 6 years ago.   803 views.
started by Patrick Palensky.   
Looking for a Buddy!!!
I am looking for a buddy who is willing to communicate via text, email, im, or through the web site. I am 31 years old and need to lose 50 pounds. I am also a mother of 2 boys and a wife to a wondeful ...
2 replies, last reply by sheripickle, 6 years ago.   1,011 views.
started by jdbaby04.   
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New member
Hi everyone, i am a new member and still needs to figure out how this works i really need to loose weight and needs all the support i can get.
by chanteny on 31 May 16 04:54 AM
Not losing weight!
Maybe you're not eating enough calories. Your large weight drop in the beginning will be mainly water. Weight loss becomes slower after that. Maybe you're not eating enough of the right foods. ...
by Doobrie on 31 May 16 02:09 AM
Thank you Erika. Much appreciated
by CC170 on 30 May 16 10:29 PM
Check the Calendar Date BEFORE recording details
I forgot to check the date on the calendar - it was a day behind AHHH hate when that happens! Note to self - check the date BEFORE recording details !!! :oops:
by Rose Hala on 30 May 16 08:12 PM
Believe it or not
If you have an underactive thyroid, as I do, supposedly you have to modify those figures but I'll be darned if I can ever remember how you are supposed to modify them. I am on thyroid meds, so does ...
by mefatpat on 30 May 16 06:49 PM
Daily Calorie Intake
At 306 lbs, 3700 calories would still put you in a deficit. You can definitely be more aggressive though. Try 3k and see how you feel and lower them slowly over time. I'm averaging over 3k and ...
by Diablo360x on 30 May 16 03:59 PM

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