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flour, sugar
If flour and sugar is out of the diet, the stomach will become smaller
1 reply, last reply by Minirita, 5 years ago.   662 views.
started by pretzel.   
i'm back!
well, i'm back on atkins. i'm really doing pretty good considering all of the food i'm used to eating on a daily basis. it still shocks me that if i really work at it, i can make good deci ...
1 reply, last reply by Amazulu, 5 years ago.   1,053 views.
started by iaborn67.   
FYI- Healthy Choice Steamers
I haven't bought any Healthy Choice meals in forever, so maybe this isn't new news but... on the back of the Cafe Steamers at least, they have the WW points on the box. Nice! 8)
3 replies, last reply by jenny106, 5 years ago.   1,375 views.
started by noodleheadgal.   
Points Question Plese Help
If I am at 145, how many points should I be eating each day to lose? I have been on WW before but cant remember the point ratio exactly? Thanks for your help:) Charlotte
4 replies, last reply by jenny106, 5 years ago.   988 views.
started by charlottebair.   
Substitution for Smoothie?
I don't have all the ingredients (OJ--Allergy) does anyone have a substution? Detox stage, day 4. Today, I substituted 3 oz fat free yogurt and 1/4 cup raspberries and 1/4 cup blueberries....I s ...
5 replies, last reply by cwynn, 5 years ago.   1,836 views.
started by Brim__.   
hi...just heard from dee...her surgery has been postponed till next week...she did not know to stop taking the baby asprin a week early... i will keep you posted as i know anything...
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started by veggies yuk, 5 years ago.   
the daily dish
5 Ways to Save at the Market Are you struggling with your grocery bill due to these tough economic times and higher food prices? If so, you’re not alone. Here are five ways to cut down on spending at ...
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started by veggies yuk, 5 years ago.   
the daily dish
The Best Post-Workout Snacks Need to refuel after exercise? Research suggests that the best post-workout snack has a combination of protein and low glycemic carbohydrates. Low-fat dairy works, too. The ...
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started by veggies yuk, 5 years ago.   
the daily dish
A Delicious Salad to Savor Salads don’t have to be an uninspired mixture of lettuce and whatever vegetables you happen to have in the fridge. In fact, it’s quite easy to create nutritious, filling salads ...
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started by veggies yuk, 5 years ago.   
FREE Foods?
Do I put free foods like onions, peppers and Mushrooms into my calorie log? I have been adding them and not going over my allotted nutrients. But are we supposed to count them?? Thanks!
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started by august1974, 5 years ago.   
Is Your Diet Making You Gain?
Is Your Diet Making You Gain? Avoid these 6 surprising healthy eating mistakes 1. You Hoard Calories Yes, cutting total calories leads to weight loss. But bank most of those calories for the end of the ...
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started by JuDaX, 5 years ago.   
Best things to eat when you are feeling a bit sick....
I feel like I need something high energy and easy on the stomach. I have an inner ear infection and feel really nauseaous - but weak. I think fruit would make me sick... soup is prob the best - easy to ...
1 reply, last reply by bizwas, 5 years ago.   530 views.
started by misspiggy84.   
Ok.. so here is the deal. I am trying to lose weight to get back to my "normal" size.. I have been keeping track of my calories and have tried to eat healthy foods. I get them recorded, but ...
3 replies, last reply by evalicious, 5 years ago.   925 views.
started by blakers025.   
would love a buddy of 45-55 yrs old
I have been on this diet for what seems like forever. I eat healthy and exercise. I am 51 and would love someone to chat with about the trying times of trying to lose weight at this age. Tennie
2 replies, last reply by dannifatso, 5 years ago.   755 views.
started by mzladyt.   
One Suggestion
I wonder how hard it would be to add a "Serving Size" dropdown or text box if you added your own saved meal. I think it'd be terrific help if I could say, add "Chicken Stir Fry" ...
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started by JeffSmall, 5 years ago.   
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Health sidekick
Sometimes people join sites solely for the purpose of talking up another site--wierd marketers---may even get paid idk if this is the case here but just saying ive seen it happen elsewhere!!!
by fatty ed on 18 Sep 14 07:40 PM
Yes. Check out Diet For A Small Planet (Frances Lappe). She teaches how to combine non-meat sources to make complete protein. Very healthy
by JigglyLady on 18 Sep 14 04:40 PM
how can I boost my metabolism and decrease my body's resistance?
maybe your problem is related to an issue called 'metabolic syndrome'. This related to fibers is pretty wel outlined here: [url=http://benefits.chia-dire... in whole graine chia seed and metab ...
by Marcela_Olega on 18 Sep 14 04:23 PM
It's not how much you eat but what you eat
raw food is better then processed food not just for the fiber which goes indeed straight into the toilet but is has the capacity to make you feel full and helps balancing the release of sugar while di ...
by Marcela_Olega on 18 Sep 14 04:15 PM
Really Doing This!
I am following my own diet. I am limited on some things that I can eat. I can't eat greens since I am on blood thinners and meat has not my fav. I like chicken and ground meat! I let my medical issues ...
by Brittney0808 on 18 Sep 14 01:34 PM
A question on carbs
It is evident that the LCHF Diet is not for you. Maybe Weight Watchers is more for you. There you can have high carb fruits. In order for LCHF to work you have to work the program which is 20g carb ...
by C67241 on 18 Sep 14 01:32 PM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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