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Aerobic DVD
Hi all, Okay, so how do you log an aerobic DVD in the exercise portion of this site? I'm sure I am burning far more calories than the selection that states, "Light,Home" and I am not sure ...
3 replies, last reply by DReno, 5 years ago.   1,107 views.
started by FitActress.   
Calories in Ham and Broth??
Hello, My husband boiled down our leftover Christmas Ham in it's own broth mixed with water, and picked off all the leftover meat. He put together 3 freezer containers containing the ham broth with ...
no replies.   1,177 views.
started by katballew, 5 years ago.   
can I change my log in date?
Hi I'm a day ahead of most people here- and I'm finding it hard to remember to post all my food etc on the right day. I don't want to post it on the day before cos it's less motivating. ...
1 reply, last reply by rubykate, 5 years ago.   498 views.
started by rubykate.   
Newbie Question!
Hi all - I'm new to but not new to Bob Greene's principles. My question is this: My "RDI" on fatsecret is really high in my opinion - to lose weight "moderatel ...
2 replies, last reply by biochick76, 5 years ago.   784 views.
started by biochick76.   
Newbie Question!
I think the Fatsecret RDI is high too... do an internet search and determing your RDI from other sources... ie. Mayo Clinic and others. The Mayo Clinic will come out much lower. You can adjust the RDI ...
2 replies, last reply by biochick76, 5 years ago.   784 views.
started by biochick76.   
I have been on South Beach a couple times and this morning I started back again. I am more determined than ever to get these next 40 pounds!! I even have the Biggest Loser for the Wii and I am very ex ...
1 reply, last reply by MuffinTop40, 5 years ago.   1,162 views.
started by Elisa1823.   
new and looking for friends
hey everyone i am new to this site and need to lose about 100lbs. Is there anyone out there who would like to help me along by being a diet friend???
4 replies, last reply by k8yk, 5 years ago.   759 views.
started by curvybabe43.   
Back on the Wagon
:roll: Alright, it's time to get back in the groove. No more excuses to eat junk food. I will submit my food every day.
no replies.   609 views.
started by Amelina, 5 years ago.   
Here it comes...
After eating like an idiot over the holidays, today I am tightening up again. The hunger has just hit me... the challenge for this week will be to stick to the plan and to ignore that hunger that is c ...
no replies.   550 views.
started by MrsJayDubya, 5 years ago.   
Quote of the Day!
Never, never, never, never give up. ~Winston Churchill
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started by criicket, 5 years ago.   
over 50 and looking for a buddy
I'm over 50. Need to lose over 50lbs. Live in the Plattsbugh Ny area. anyone interested in buddying up to lose?
8 replies, last reply by LMJ114, 5 years ago.   1,757 views.
started by LadyDi1.   
Need Buddy
I am 30 years old and have 10 lbs to lose - I find I need to be really really strict in order to lose - 1200-1400 cal, low carb, no fruit, no dairy. Need a buddy in the same zone to help stay on track ...
2 replies, last reply by aplcor, 5 years ago.   726 views.
started by aplcor.   
Applebee's New Items
So Applebee's has these new Items, one of them is Spicy Shrimp Divolo or something like that. Let me tell you that I had this dish tonight and it was great. It had more taste in a dish then I have ...
1 reply, last reply by samanthajo7, 5 years ago.   1,046 views.
started by engineerairborne.   
You write the story
Im having such fun with this word association, and am wondering how you would feel about a second game to play. The idea is that each poster uses only 3 words to start an ongoing story. The second ...
308 replies, last reply by bigladyy10, 5 years ago.   23,500 views.
started by kats12.   
Please help me to loose this weight
I really need a diet buddy to help me get this 55 pounds off!
5 replies, last reply by melishous, 5 years ago.   1,418 views.
started by petuniazeta.   
Power 90 work out
Hey there! I was just wondering if anyone has done the power 90 program? From what I have been reading, its the beginners version of the very popular p90x..but I am NO WHERE ready to start p90x lol (the ...
5 replies, last reply by kspann, 5 years ago.   5,158 views.
started by foodxprincess.   
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today is my birthday!!!!!!!!!!
I assume all you posting realise that this topic was started over a year ago?
by howzat4u on 01 Aug 15 05:15 PM
Ketogenix works with many health advantages
The picture i posted should have been eliminated, surprised I kept it but glad I did as I will have a better one soon. Tried the south beach diet and it worked for awhile and then I fell back into the ...
by dotsdaughter on 01 Aug 15 05:15 PM
Is the calorie counter right?
Not too far out for me, although I had to put that I was sedentary to get it right. It came out at 1400, and I would lose weight very slowly at that, but am mostly trying to do about 90% of RDI to lose ...
by heidij123 on 01 Aug 15 03:22 PM
How do I remove an item from my food diary?
Click on the food you've entered. It will take you a page that has that foods nutritional listings. On the right side of the page the foods portion will show will ask you to save, or delete. ...
by crabbyCDN on 01 Aug 15 12:06 PM
Changing meal names in the diary
by howzat4u on 01 Aug 15 01:31 AM
Moving in the wrong direction!
what six week workout? and posted where?
by howzat4u on 31 Jul 15 10:13 PM

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