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Valentine's Day - Fact or Fiction
I hate Valentine's Day! Why? Because we should be thoughtful to our mates and friends each and every day. I buy various cards whenever I go to the store, and I stash them away. Throughout the year, ...
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started by usemyotheraddy, 6 years ago.   
Happy Valentine's Day
Had an awesome Valentine's dinner with my family I ate over 3000 calories and could have popped but I am back on track today worked out this morning and will do so tonight
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started by JenniferRose.   
goal weight
have been on atkins induction for 4 weeks now lost 10 lbs and 6 inches going for my goal weight of 125 i have 25th wedding anniversary coming up in may and would like to weigh what i did when we married
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started by tkelly36.   
Ok I need some advice. I am needing something sweet this evening. I have calories and fat to use but little to no carbs. Any suggestions? I have lots of cream cheese in the fridge.
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started by adrianna123.   
Powdered Soy Protein
I want to buy some powdered protein powder, preferably unflavored, to add to fruit smoothies for breakfast/snacks. Has anyone found a brand they like and use for this? I've recently heard about hemp ...
3 replies, last reply by KittyPie, 6 years ago.   1,644 views.
started by cznative.   
Last Call for Hungry no More
We have had a great outpouring of members joining the Hungry No More II challenge. Today is the last day to join and I invite everyone who is interested to come and join us.
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started by beatlesfran, 6 years ago.   
Finding members profiles
Hi, I was wondering how do you find a members profile/meal there a link to go to? thanks. I'm trying to get someone to find me here.
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started by BELLA45.   
my first day
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started by sharidoto, 6 years ago.   
net carbs -atkins bars
i usually have an Atkins bar a day, i am doing the induction phase and the bars say 'good for all phases' The bar has 22 gms carbs, and no fibre, yet says Net 3 gms Atkins count on front label. ...
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started by mummydee.   
Help me do this right.. please
Hi all.. i have been on atkins for a month and in the first 2 weeks of Induction i lost 12 lbs which was amazing. Since then I have been stuck at the same weight and it has not budged. I moved into OWL ...
7 replies, last reply by dawdevil, 6 years ago.   1,110 views.
started by aakarras.   
Atkins kicks ass !
This mornings weigh in was no suprise. Another 3 lbs gone. Lost an average of 3.1 lbs per week for each of the last 5 weeks in a row. Atkins kicks ass! Knowledge is the key.So read,read,read. Then stick ...
3 replies, last reply by dawdevil, 6 years ago.   788 views.
started by PeeFat.   
Back on the chain gang ^_^
well , feeling excellent today..BP has been perfect since i started Atkins, wow i never thought that would happen I usta run like 190/90 way high..doc said the only reason i probably didnt stroke was ...
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started by dawdevil.   
How to eat enough veggies??
I am struggling to eat the required 12-15 Net Carbs of veggies each day. Any suggestions on how to sneak in some veggies?
9 replies, last reply by DeniseTra, 6 years ago.   1,614 views.
started by melindat77.   
Just wishing all a HAPPY VALENTINES!! Hope the scale has become a great LOVE to all...and that this day brings everyone love, happiness, health and blessings..peace, Dar...:d
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started by dawdevil.   
Carbs, Fat and Protein * How Much?*
I have been trying to see on the site if its mentions how much Carbs, Fat, Protein one should have daily... I see my carbs and fats are very high and my protein very low..I would like to know more or less ...
2 replies, last reply by k8yk, 6 years ago.   798 views.
started by Marcy47.   
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For me, the only way is cold turkey. No snack foods,no sweets, none, none, none. I've recently learned that I'm gluten intolerant, which answers the question of why I had a messed-up gut, and this ...
by Determined G on 14 Feb 16 12:17 PM
Keto Diet Questions
Hey all - I am about as educated on the Keto style of dieting as you can possibly get - but one thing I continually see, and I seriously question, regards salt/sodium intake. It seems that every res ...
by amorgan67 on 14 Feb 16 06:40 AM
Need help with the site
you can just change the number to 5 form 20 by clicking on that number.
by fred4win on 13 Feb 16 11:51 PM
75 yr. old male - Stuck
Fred, this post is everything I adore about you! Clstucker, liver function plays a role in weight issues. If you've truly been drinking for 50 years at that daily level, your 75-year old liver may ...
by kpwcalories on 13 Feb 16 10:53 PM
Any Other Teens?
Hey 20 here , add me if you want to :)
by Forbiddenintellect0 on 13 Feb 16 10:43 AM
Need a buddy! 54 year old female
New here too , go ahead and add me if you want to :)
by Forbiddenintellect0 on 13 Feb 16 10:26 AM

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