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Lose Weight fast
i need to lose weight in 10 days. Any advice? I am a vegetarian and live in India. Please help.
1 reply, last reply by DeniseTra, 5 years ago.   758 views.
started by iv_123.   
Any Meal Plan Suggestion for a Sedentary Worker?
I am 172lb 5,5" Sedentary worker who always works in front of a PC and I really want to slim down to my target weight 145lbs. I do workout only in the evening after I get home and I usually eat less ...
11 replies, last reply by Lisa1984, 5 years ago.   4,280 views.
started by JEenerio.   
If I add a food to the database, can everyone view it?
I added the nutrition info that I got off Noodles & Co's website on a dish. Does that update everyone's database or just mine? I'm curious, cause I noticed that the breads are not on ...
3 replies, last reply by Sparky67, 5 years ago.   2,033 views.
started by 155.   
Any musicians out there on a diet?
Hey everybody! I just joined and I'm ready to get in gear - my goal is to go to the gym every single day for a year. (Point being, to not say "I will go 3 times per week" and then to have ...
2 replies, last reply by Cassie M, 5 years ago.   1,401 views.
started by Strazzypants.   
foods and sucess
What has been your greatest diet success? I have found that with my cutting calories I have been doing very well.30lbs now! Trying not to go back to old habits of not watching what I'm eating can be ...
1 reply, last reply by KittyPie, 5 years ago.   1,031 views.
started by M.H..   
Calorie Counter
I'm using the Calorie Counter on my new Droid phone. While learning how to use it, I inadvertently added all my favorites to my lunch diet for the day. I can't figure out how to delete items ...
4 replies, last reply by SoCarMed, 5 years ago.   1,171 views.
started by curtisruby.   
recipe substitues?
substitues for sweetened condensed milk?
4 replies, last reply by melsreturn, 5 years ago.   1,150 views.
started by nsgrace2.   
The Not a Diet Diet
I just wanted to share what has been working for me as I've lost 60 lb this year so far. I'm not dieting and I don't think of it that way. I'm thinking of it as eating healthy and I plan ...
3 replies, last reply by k8yk, 5 years ago.   1,363 views.
started by k8yk.   
Exercise...does it really matter what i burn when i sleep
I really would prefer to see my RDI - (minus) exercise for daily totals, otherwise it looks like I could eat half a horse based on what I burn when I'm sleeping or resting. Any ideas or should I ...
3 replies, last reply by beets_yum, 5 years ago.   1,438 views.
started by Swaylo73.   
Looking for a Diet buddy
Looking for a diet buddy. I have all the intentions on losing weight. Its just I need motivation. I need to lose over 100 pounds. Im in good health (no medical conditions, just over weight).
5 replies, last reply by sunshinegirl_c4, 5 years ago.   1,674 views.
started by fagregor.   
lunch ideas?
I am trying to re-focus after a couple of halloween-candy binge-filled-days. Any suggestions for a low point lunch?
4 replies, last reply by Deserve Victory, 5 years ago.   1,119 views.
started by twinmombaltimore.   
lunch ideas?
Campbell's Soup "Select Harvest - Light" has several soups that range from 0 points per serving to 2 points per serving. They are lower in sodium than the regular ones, but still tasty. Pair ...
4 replies, last reply by Deserve Victory, 5 years ago.   1,119 views.
started by twinmombaltimore.   
Weighing Daily vs. Weekly
I have heard conflicting reports on whether it is good to weigh yourself every day. I weigh myself almost every day, then obsess a little if the number doesn't fluctuate or moves in the wrong dir ...
13 replies, last reply by healthyayo, 5 years ago.   5,733 views.
started by skirch97.   
support, etc
Hi, I just joined today and it seems like a good place to find people with similar goals, give/get support and so forth.I have struggled for years with weight issues and self confidence. My life is good, ...
no replies.   688 views.
started by kakleen, 5 years ago.   
Weigh In
Okay ladies, it has been almost a month for some of you since you joined me on this challenge. it is time to weigh in for the month. I will announce who is in the lead. Also, need to get everyone's ...
2 replies, last reply by SugarnSpice, 5 years ago.   1,524 views.
started by Total Body Leader.   
My M-F Circuit Training
Just thought I'd share my morning workout routine. Takes about 30-35 minutes depending on your pace. It is based on this routine (see link), but I have modified it quite a bit. You should also feel ...
2 replies, last reply by LH4253, 5 years ago.   1,663 views.
started by DuManchu.   
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Clean Eating
Good for you,, take it one step at a time and don't get upset if you have a 'bad' day because by having that bad day you'll see how your body reacts and it won't be pretty. I am ...
by mummydee on 25 May 15 06:59 PM
Addicted to Coffee with creamer every morning!
I try to keep my coffee to the morning drink and go for non-coffee the rest of the day, anything/something that doesn't need milk, or added sweetning. Even if you're trying to avoid dairy or fats ...
by real_gone_girl on 25 May 15 12:31 PM
I just started taking the GNC brand of a women's multivitamin called women's ultra mega. It's only been about a week but happy with it so far. I had blood work done in November and had severe ...
by aggie_d07 on 25 May 15 12:27 PM
Need help tracking calories in loaf of bread
A bread can be broken down into individual components, ie 6 oz flour, 1 cup butter, etc. You can easily find the calorie count of the components and add them to get a good approximation of the final food. ...
by Glaun on 25 May 15 12:10 PM
Looking for buddies
Then you're having a 'staycation' which is what we usually do as well :-) That's the opportunity to get things done around the house, etc...Yes, trying to stay in between 1500-1600 cal ...
by Nic Green on 25 May 15 10:07 AM
Possible return.
Attempt? Seems like you are back - I just started back 3 weeks ago after falling "off the wagon" for quite a while... so you've got company on your return! Best wishes on your quest 😃
by Roblaw2b on 25 May 15 07:25 AM

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