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% Fat / % Lean
Hey, It'd be great if you could log your % Fat and/or % Lean when you do a weigh-in. That way you could see how much actual Fat you're losing as you progress along. It'd be an optional ...
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started by Levinaris, 5 years ago.   
seeking advice
To be successful with this dieting, what should I be watching- fat or carbs? I'm not sure which one will have a faster affect. I know both are important to keep in control but I thought one might be ...
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started by 24to14.   
Fight against the weight
HI, I would like to know, why even though I ride my road bicycle more than 2 hours for about 3 or 4 times a week, I do not lose too much weight? I also walk a lot and sleep normal between 5 to 7 hours ...
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started by pauney.   
This is just the beginning... Hello, I'm TheContralto and I live in the overweight capitol of the world. Mississippi. It has been difficult trying to lose weight and I hope to find friends here ...
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started by TheContralto.   
checking in
whats up sissy are you there?
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started by knitstich, 5 years ago.   
Is there a healthy way to lose weight on a low calorie diet without sacrificing my metabolism? For example, if only for 2 weeks I eat primarily vegetables and fruits and very little protein, maintain ...
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started by rdenis.   
Weight Watchers and Calorie Counter APP
I just downloaded the Calorie Counter APP for my Blackberry and it is awesome. The only problem is I don't know how to get the Weight Watcher points on the nutrition info. I know how to set it up ...
1 reply, last reply by coleylove03, 5 years ago.   3,959 views.
started by denyse1210.   
how to add a food that is not on the list
Hi i just made atkins pancakes for breakfast. they are 3 carbs. i want to know how do i put them on my food diary. thank you!
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started by dema, 5 years ago.   
Regular Yoga May Improve Eating Habits
Regular Yoga May Improve Eating Habits 8/27/2009 THURSDAY, Aug. 27 (HealthDay News) -- Practicing yoga regularly may help your eating habits so you can maintain a healthier weight, a new study says. ...
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started by veggies yuk.   
Enter my challenge while there is still time
I have two challenges posted that both start on labor day that I'm really interested in getting feedback from alot of people on. One is "doing the math" which is based on balancing the r ...
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started by beatlesfran, 5 years ago.   
start diet .. feel bigger?
anyone ever go through a time when you start a whole lifestyle change or "diet," and just feel bigger. i've been eating more healthy and watching my caloric intake but i feel actually bigger ...
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started by freshstart26, 5 years ago.   
new diet
Congrats on your progress! It's very exciting. :) Personally, I would probably have a heart attack or something if I lost 9 pounds in three days unless it was all water weight. It seems waaaay too ...
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started by Rochelle LaShomb.   
i am new here an need to see where all of my post are going
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started by hotred92.   
Adding in back weights?
Hi all. I just joined this site and am not sold on it yet. I cannot figure out how to enter my back weights; I started WW in June and would like to track weight loss since when I started WW, not when I ...
1 reply, last reply by ebivr, 5 years ago.   548 views.
started by Gottaloveit.   
Diet Soft Drinks
All my life I have drank a ton of diet soft drinks. I was drinking about a 12 pack of diet coke every two to three days. Two months ago I gave them up. I have found that I seem to have replaced the ...
2 replies, last reply by wintersmith, 5 years ago.   1,159 views.
started by jasonrasberry.   
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FS name
I got my name changed, thank you all for the help! It only took a day for Fs customer support to contact me with my new chosen name: LindsayT2
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New friend signing up.
good for her, hope she joins soon :)
by howzat4u on 02 Mar 15 10:34 PM
Keeping track!
everybody is different, and everybody needs different amounts to lose weight. One size does not fit all, you just have to keep tweaking your calorie consumption until you find what works for you best ...
by howzat4u on 02 Mar 15 10:05 PM
Entering/Deleting Exercises
Thank you! : )
by hockeyisalmighty on 02 Mar 15 09:50 PM
Google Fit
I can confirm on my end that nothing happens when I select to connect Google fit to fatsecret.
by on 02 Mar 15 08:20 PM
The Woo Group Review - ledelse etter hverandre
RBC's asset [url=http://zacheson.livejourn... business er blant de raskest voksende i verden, og den videre utviklingen av dette vellykket, leverageable business er sentralt for RBC er global vekst ...
by jensieleworn on 02 Mar 15 08:08 PM

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