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Filling vegetarian snacks and food
Hey gang, I was wondering what your favourite, healthy vegetarian foods are that fill you up! I've been a vegetarian for 7 years and now that I'm not eating an obscene amount of carbs and high-fat ...
6 replies, last reply by bryantp, 5 years ago.   7,937 views.
started by hackneyed.   
Print a Diary Page
For my meetings with the diabetic nutrionist I would like to bring the last weeks daily food diary pages so she can evaluate what I have been eating. Is there an easy way to print out the pages? Right ...
1 reply, last reply by Amazulu, 5 years ago.   1,115 views.
started by jsyerxa.   
I am new...
And I have no buddies! Isn't that terrible? lol Does anyone want to be my friend and motivation?
14 replies, last reply by Shia34, 5 years ago.   1,974 views.
started by 58-bride.   
the daily dish
A Healthy and Delicious St. Patrick's Day Entrée While you may have grown up enjoying corned beef on St. Paddy's Day, adopting a healthier lifestyle means it's time to start a new tr ...
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started by veggies yuk, 5 years ago.   
the daily dish
A Freezer-Friendly Meal That Will Save You Money... In light of the current economic climate, we’re all looking for ways to make our dollar stretch a little bit further. Fortunately, with a little st ...
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started by veggies yuk, 5 years ago.   
weight watchers favorite food or must haves!!
i just joined weight watchers my point daily is 40 points pretty high huh? so is there any particular food you like that you would reccommended me getting? im going shopping and im making a list on what ...
5 replies, last reply by melissa88, 5 years ago.   3,744 views.
started by fattybgone.   
cheesecake factory
I went to and could not find calories for any item on the menu. I was curious what is good for you besides the salads! I really want the CRUSTED AHI TUNA . not sure if that is good ...
1 reply, last reply by healsdata, 5 years ago.   848 views.
started by cristeen2009.   
Well I am close to the 10lb challenge. I get weighted in tomorrow around 5:30 or bit later. I will see then. Nothing like cutting it close.
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started by CIDKO, 5 years ago.   
On Vacation
I leave tomorrow for Beirut for 10 days.... ALL OF PHASE II!!! I am sure I will be walking a lot, so exercise (except for the cardio aspect) should be OK. Any hints for avoiding pitfalls while on vaca ...
1 reply, last reply by WECANDOTHIS, 5 years ago.   966 views.
started by FATinIRAQ.   
I Heart Salsa
Ridiculously low in calories and zero fat, it just doesn't get any better. So much flavor and goes with almost everthing! Just had to praise my favorite little chunky friend. :lol:
1 reply, last reply by rrobinson, 5 years ago.   836 views.
started by Bindy.   
Hi, In the Full Calendar view, Does anyone knew what the stars mean next to the calories and exercise entries? Thanks!:p :p
1 reply, last reply by rrobinson, 5 years ago.   627 views.
started by abenoit.   
[i][i]:doubt: I can not get in any exercise. Work, school, tutoring for school. grrrrrrrrrrrrr Well I weigh in again tomorrow. anyone want to wish me luck?[i] when I get home I am soooooooooo t ...
1 reply, last reply by stacylea23, 5 years ago.   699 views.
started by CIDKO.   
:) :) I need a push on the right track here.
1 reply, last reply by stacr, 5 years ago.   877 views.
started by stacr.   
Hi! Im new very new at this LOL.. Does anyone know what bars to subsitute for the LA bars? There so expensive.
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started by mitzy, 5 years ago.   
the Fatsecret Cookbook
Hi all, just wondering if anyone knows how long it takes for a recipe to be approved and what the criteria for assessing postability are? I am thinking it would be nice to post some of the Turkish recipes ...
2 replies, last reply by Married mom to 3, 5 years ago.   2,197 views.
started by FATinIRAQ.   
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Noob here
Hi nb girl! I fast on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for religious reasons, therefore don't eat meat, incl, eggs & fish. I've tried doing the grocery shopping on a Sunday for the first and ...
by TheRealLee337 on 20 Aug 14 02:59 AM
Happy Tuesday, I love the fat secret website!
Welcome! I love FatSecret, too! The people here are very helpful. :) You can see my signature: Woohoo! I am excited! Love this website!
by Deb_N on 20 Aug 14 01:16 AM
Viewing diet buddies food diary
Oh dear - I can see everything but. I can see your profile, journal, weight history etc but clicking on FOODS in the top bar just takes me to the general food database and clicking on MYFATSECRET takes ...
by earwigo2014 on 20 Aug 14 01:11 AM
I'm going to try this Atkins thing:)
If your nervous, seriously check out Fantastic success! 100 pounds down is brilliant! Well done.
by nb girl on 20 Aug 14 12:44 AM
cooking for my family
It's great to recognise your strengths, it's also surprising how strong we actually are. I love to cook too, though now I challenge myself how I can adapt each meal to have optimum nutrients. ...
by nb girl on 20 Aug 14 12:37 AM
I Need Tips for beating sugar addiction.....
Completelye echo what Bill says! You've got to get anything that might tempt you out of the house. I was listening to a doctor on YouTube yesterday, he said it is the exact same neutrons in your ...
by nb girl on 20 Aug 14 12:24 AM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
05 Jan 14 for diet Atkins