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realized today that since ive begun the atkins way of life i have dropped 4 inches..and about 15lbs so doing perty good today is gonna be my first day to try to bunp up my ncs and go to owl...i been ...
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started by dawdevil.   
how do i add pics?
hi, i'm new, how do i change my avatar or add pics?
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started by heylilbunny, 6 years ago.   
Counting Calories
There's so much out there, in the news, in magazines, on the Web and everywhere else about calories, calories and more calories. Some people say you should most definitely count calories, others say ...
27 replies, last reply by mrscjbianco, 6 years ago.   4,127 views.
started by nispagnuolo.   
Oreos at work
They have oreos at work! I want one badly! HELP ME!
7 replies, last reply by denhart, 6 years ago.   1,335 views.
started by abbyjrfan.   
Diet Calendar on blackberry
I am new to this and am using this on my blackberry. I am just wondering what do you want your net to be so you will lose weight???
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started by kimberlyb, 6 years ago.   
Thanks, Rednell!! Only a true friend who really, really loves me would call me long distance and tell me to get my self in gear and start journalling (how do you spell that word?).
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started by riverquilt, 6 years ago.   
Looking for Buddies
Hi, My name is Sharon and I am 47. I enjoy the outdoors and animals. I have two dogs and 5 rabbits. I live in Western NY state. I am looking for diet buddies.
1 reply, last reply by Steffieb, 6 years ago.   546 views.
started by sharry41.   
Can you help? Using oil in cooking...
Hey, can anyone give me an idea of how to account for your cooking oil in your food journal...say I use 1 TB EVOO in my grill pan for my chicken. I cook three chicken breasts and for dinner, I eat on ...
7 replies, last reply by stmueller, 6 years ago.   1,240 views.
started by redfrog246.   
Never turns out crunchy...
Everytime I follow a recipe for baked chicken tenders or baked fish they never turn out crunchy like the recipe says they will. I use spray butter on the foil covered sheet. I dip in egg and then in s ...
1 reply, last reply by stmueller, 6 years ago.   814 views.
started by Steffieb.   
Peanut Butter!!!
I was reading on the internet and it said peanut butter can actually help you lose weight if you get the kind that has no sugar added or hydrogenated oils. I just got back from the store and I found & ...
3 replies, last reply by lesterj18, 6 years ago.   877 views.
started by lesterj18.   
Good Fat? What is that?
I hear everyone saying how we need to eat in moderation and stick to the right fats and carbs, but what are the right ones? I mean, what fats and proteins am I supposed to be eating? I was not raised with ...
8 replies, last reply by lesterj18, 6 years ago.   1,097 views.
started by lesterj18.   
:roll: Keeping active is a challenge. My "get up and go" is sluggish and my head keeps yelling at my body to get on the treadmill. Why does my head always seem to win.
2 replies, last reply by k8yk, 6 years ago.   476 views.
started by Tami 2 lose lbs.   
Hello, yes Ive read the book but I must of missed it because I need a answer. For your daily intake of fat and protein how much protein and how much fat should ou be taken in. Is fat always higher then ...
5 replies, last reply by DeniseTra, 6 years ago.   860 views.
started by ConnieM.   
Sugar Alcohols for Atkins Bars
I just tried to enter a new item and it does not factor sugar alcohols to adjust Net Carbs for the Atkins Caramel Chocolate Nut Roll, can someone tell what I am doing wrong. Thank you
3 replies, last reply by kmartin, 6 years ago.   646 views.
started by Donna95.   
Has anyone tried taking Phentramine while dieting? I have been on it for about a month as prescribed by my doctor. I am just curious to see what results other people have seen while using it and any t ...
8 replies, last reply by amylouwho, 6 years ago.   3,097 views.
started by SlurpeeGrl.   
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Where is everyone from?
I was born in London, England. Now living in Turkey :)
by Rindaloo on 08 Feb 16 02:23 AM
Healthy Snacks
It did not turn out well. The asparagus were over cooked and the bacon was not crispy enough.. Worth experimenting with..
by wiildflowers on 07 Feb 16 07:58 PM
Need a buddy! 54 year old female
Feel free to add me as well. ive just started. lost 4 and gained back 3. I guess im in starvation mood. Not hungry. But not doing it right i guess. We can do this together if u want. We can do it. Im ...
by Penster12 on 07 Feb 16 07:30 PM
Anyone using the Fitbit Flex or similar devices?
I bought a fitbit for myself for the holidays. I got the larger one...a bit more money but it was worth the monies. The GPS is very accurate and I am able to keep track of the amount of calories burned ...
by Rena Lass on 07 Feb 16 04:12 PM
Math help with Keto diet
@shadow451 -- regarding your calculations for weight loss, what is the time period associated with each of the three scenarios ? Ie, if one reduces their weekly caloric intake by 15% in scenario 1, how ...
by Firebelly on 07 Feb 16 03:51 PM
Having a hard time choosing a calorie counting app...
I've been torn between Fatsecret and Myfitnesspal for a long while now. I'll join here, delete and then go back to Myfitnesspal…Delete my account from there and then return back here. Today, I ...
by kofe_3 on 07 Feb 16 03:28 PM

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