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How many calories do you need to lose weight? I way 135, is it reasonalbe to eat 1200 calories and lose weight?
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started by olidoug.   
New and exploring
Hi all! I'm on day 3 of this new way of eating and also on Fat Secret. I love this new website so far but I'm not sure how to request a friendship with diet buddies (other then my own friends ...
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started by roderunr.   
My intentions are good but.......
Every morning I have good intentions, I look at myself in the mirror and all of my old clothes that don't fit and I tell myself today is going to be different. It starts out great, until late at n ...
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started by lovinlocarb.   
...Let's start..!
:roll: 22 October 2009 Bonjour!!! I have started right now this new 'original way' to control my weight. I left my origin country (Italy) and now I'm living in Paris for a year.. and I really ...
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started by Ribes.   
Will power
Will power! How strong Will Power is. How weak I am. This will be a major challenge for me. I have been on many diets in my lifetime. More than I can imagine. Possibly every diet there are out there ...
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started by Modia.   
How to put past data in
Sorry I'm new and I don't understand how to put past data in, I started my diet in April but just found this site a few days ago. I'd like to enter my beginning weight from then and add all ...
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started by aztater.   
Weight Loss Specialist (a handsome doctor)
I tried and tried and tried and tried to loose weight with my trainers, and dieticians, and all kinds of devices and stuff that we all know of. But my halleluya day when I found a special physician who ...
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started by Suzz, 5 years ago.   
OMG..I just ate 900 calories for lunch
So there I was going about my day eating whatever and not caring that my pants are getting tighter. I kept blaming my dryer or my monthly, or water weight. I hadn't weighed myself in forever and ...
2 replies, last reply by bagare, 5 years ago.   2,535 views.
started by HotHoney.   
buddy question
is there anyone in the group that lives in the area of reno/sparks.nevada? i would love to talk to someone in person. elaine
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started by elaine939, 5 years ago.   
Hello~ I've just recently joined this site and have seen something over and over again. How is it we give up before we even start/try? The quote goes something like this, "I know I'll ...
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started by kmwkennedy.   
Desk Jobs SUCK!!
I am so sick of my desk job! :evil: It has made it significantly harder for weight to come off. I know this because when I used to work in a place where I'd be walking around all day, on my feet, ...
8 replies, last reply by Choobey, 5 years ago.   4,193 views.
started by kisskle.   
hanging goal weight
How do I change my goal weight:?: thanks in advance.:p
2 replies, last reply by pmason79, 5 years ago.   610 views.
started by pmason79.   
How do you figure out how many calories you need to maintain your weight?
If anyone knows how to do this can you please post! Thanks
4 replies, last reply by melishous, 5 years ago.   1,370 views.
started by chattycathy1955.   
Facts on Fish
Facts on Fish Are you confused about the benefits and risks of eating fish? Sometimes it can be difficult to keep all the recommendations straight. Here’s what you need to know to incorporate these h ...
2 replies, last reply by laurs, 5 years ago.   1,025 views.
started by veggies yuk.   
weight post
How do I keep my weight private?
2 replies, last reply by laurs, 5 years ago.   628 views.
started by hunterk345.   
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Recording Previous Weight Results
Click on MYFATSECRET, top blue bar, over to the right is MY DIET under that is ENTER HISTORICAL WEIGHT ENTRIES, should be able to go from there.
by mummydee on 28 Mar 15 01:21 PM
Anyone doing the Fast Metabolism Diet
It's a difficult enough diet, I'd like to form a group for tips and tricks, or any advice with prior or present experience. Give me a shout.
by NowIunderstand on 28 Mar 15 11:38 AM
HealthSidekick accuracy Versus myfitnesspal and others on how many calories you can eat!
The people that understand how Your HSK Prime # is generated seem to want it, use it and get the results. 1. They know the HSK Prime # is specific to them not a general number for everyone like every ...
by robathealthsidekick on 28 Mar 15 08:39 AM
Depression and Pain
I am sorry to hear about your chronic pain. I have a family member who is a disabled veteran that struggles with pain 24/7. I know how it can drag one down. If weight is one of the issues you want to ...
by jwill77nc2 on 28 Mar 15 05:53 AM
Loosing for a change
Welcome back and good luck!
by jwill77nc2 on 28 Mar 15 05:47 AM
Can someone help me figure out how to record this?
Tuna and salad shouldn't have been a problem Jillzee but the dressing could've been if it was a heavy mayonnaise. I entered a tin of tuna and a 2 tbspns of mayo in the food diary and it only comes ...
by mummydee on 28 Mar 15 04:31 AM

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