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wedding dress
Ok so my wedding is in less then 2 months, I plan to start my big weight loss after the wedding since I have already been fitted for my dress. but I still have some room to lose a couple pounds before ...
2 replies, last reply by kay2906, 6 years ago.   1,374 views.
started by ginabarnes.   
I could use some crazy buddies...
I am a 39 yo single mom, work full time... night shift and am also taking care of my disabled mom. I am told I am crazy, there have got to be others out there like me. I believe I was raised on a crappy ...
6 replies, last reply by Moosie63, 6 years ago.   1,696 views.
started by busymary.   
Anyone else out there doing Crossfit? It's a blast
10 replies, last reply by changeup, 6 years ago.   3,525 views.
started by changeup.   
HCG Ads on iPhone App
Dear Fat Secret, I understand you need to advertise to make any $ off the awesome iPhone app, but I really question your choice of ads. Every time I fire it up, I see an ad for the "HCG Simeons ...
15 replies, last reply by healsdata, 6 years ago.   1,997 views.
started by k8yk.   
Watch out, girls!
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started by Adr58, 6 years ago.   
Writings on the bathroom wall...
This was a little inspirational to me. I might not ever be the "hot girl" but this what I read on the wall in the ladie's room at the bar. "LIFE is NOT a journey to the grave with the ...
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started by sweetpy0028, 6 years ago.   
Sugar is bad for us
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started by Adr58, 6 years ago.   
Sugar-free gum?
I was wondering if anyone knows of a sugar-free gum that does not contain glycerol or mannitol? I'm currently starting Week 2 of Atkins Induction, and I've read in several guides, and forum posts ...
1 reply, last reply by dar3joy, 6 years ago.   1,048 views.
started by blizzywtf.   
Need buddies
New here and could really use some buddies!! :d
1 reply, last reply by SuzyB14, 6 years ago.   767 views.
started by trinablotter.   
Back to it
well i have been away from this for a bit and lost all control....i have been down with the weight i have put on and am ready to get my mind set on it....if there is anyone out there who would be able ...
1 reply, last reply by SuzyB14, 6 years ago.   981 views.
started by curvybabe43.   
Can someone look at daily food?
Tell me what you think. I don't usually eat 2 bars in 1 day, but today was a total chocolate craving day, and they saved me. I think I am eating too much fat. I just would like a little input p ...
2 replies, last reply by mabeth, 6 years ago.   956 views.
started by gtw2010.   
Did not get much sleep last night! :( Struggling to stay awake at work. Debating… should I go to the gym after work? SO SLEEPY!
8 replies, last reply by confusedangel, 6 years ago.   2,653 views.
started by armshot9.   
real results real work...
From information from the book Optimal Health. It pointed it that only 9% of the people made weight loss happen through diet alone, and only 1 % through exercise alone, but 90% of the people did it with ...
no replies.   783 views.
started by kaseyk, 6 years ago.   
Trying to lose weight to keep up with DH who had surgery! ugh!!
DH had weight loss surgery 2 years ago and now he's starting the P90X and leaving me in the dust!!! So as of today I'm gonna try, no START losing weight and exercising. The last and only time ...
2 replies, last reply by figueroa4, 6 years ago.   990 views.
started by figueroa4.   
Your "Outbox" messages; any "lost"?
Does your "outbox" show all of the messages you sent, or are some lost? Anyone know how that happens?
no replies.   522 views.
started by Millimarie, 6 years ago.   
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Those ratios look pretty close to what some of my clients are doing on their low carb diets. That's a great goal. It's going to be challenging, and it sounds like you have a lot of determination ...
by You Can Weigh Less on 07 Dec 16 08:34 PM
Don't run, walk
Yes very true. It's a great way to get to a baseline level of fitness too. I'll include bike sprints in some of my clients programs to speed results up as well...not for everyone, but high i ...
by You Can Weigh Less on 07 Dec 16 08:25 PM
Lost some weight, mostly inches
Best reason of all to losing weight is for your health! Keep up the good work!
by Marymaryquitecon on 07 Dec 16 05:54 PM
Custom recipe problems
Maybe I'm missing something... The mobile app won't allow me to enter a custom, multi-serving recipe. The website won't show some of my custom foods (my preferred brands) to build a recipe ...
by TRWulfgar on 07 Dec 16 03:22 PM
Gonna do it
remember any app is just a guide and food labels can be inaccurate as is measuring calories via trackers and apps
by spacey48 on 07 Dec 16 02:35 PM
Notation question for food journal
Ooo thank you. so good to know.:)
by kimberly rae on 07 Dec 16 09:16 AM

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