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nutritional counts
just started this site today and am wondering if there is a way to add in sodium and sugar count to the info on the diet calendar, as it is very important for me to track these
3 replies, last reply by nancianne, 7 years ago.   1,217 views.
started by nancianne.   
Not Hungry..should i eat
Never thought I would ever say that! I'm not hungry..and it's way pass my lunch time..I've only had about 142 calories so far.. (I did work on for lunch)..but I don't want to eat just to ...
11 replies, last reply by carbcount, 7 years ago.   6,377 views.
started by Piggy72.   
what to wear?
I have been trying to find things to wear for working out/this yoga workout i have been doing. I have been to lulu lemon's site and and liked them both. What do you wear?
8 replies, last reply by tehrin, 7 years ago.   1,317 views.
started by joepol.   
Changing weight goal HELP!
Hi so i had entered a goal when i first joined, but then i stopped my diet.. and then started and stopped.. but now im back on and set.. but id like to change my weight goal ( i want it lower) i dont ...
3 replies, last reply by Shae206, 7 years ago.   795 views.
started by kaylabc.   
What to do on Graveyard Shifts????
Dear All! As a shift worker, I have the 'pleasure' of working through the night regularly - meaning I get up in the morning, have a normal day, have a 2h nap late afternoon and then go to work ...
11 replies, last reply by Amylouhou, 7 years ago.   4,834 views.
started by DeeChick.   
if you're feeling blah...
ok so this weekend I went clothes shopping. alone. I can't handle girl shopping trips, it irritates me. lol. But anyway I was really depressed because nothing fit right, and if they did they were too ...
4 replies, last reply by Nodaa, 7 years ago.   1,009 views.
started by leahl.   
Something that made you smile today:
Hey all! Lets take some time and share somethings that brought a smile to our face today :d There has been much too much anger flyin' around these forums, and I think if anything we are hurting each ...
16 replies, last reply by Shae206, 7 years ago.   1,741 views.
started by Shae206.   
aha moments while reading journals....!!!.
I really enjoy reading people's journals while on fatsecret... It's surprising the great information that you read... and sometimes...what you read are AMAZING bits of information that you did ...
9 replies, last reply by kittyglitter, 7 years ago.   1,712 views.
started by amy1flite.   
Kenpo X: So happy I cried.
Today I did my KenpoX and it was tough. Tougher than usual. But dammit, I kept good form and kept going. When I finished, I was so proud of myself I sat down and cried for a couple minutes. That's ...
7 replies, last reply by kittyglitter, 7 years ago.   1,603 views.
started by kittyglitter.   
I'm a runner who has always carbed up before a run, but now that I've been on Atkins induction for three weeks, I just don't seem to have the extra energy to go on a run. My usual run is ...
8 replies, last reply by cookinfreak, 7 years ago.   1,881 views.
started by cookinfreak.   
Calorie Counter for Verizon Incredible phone
I recently purchased the new Verizon Incredible and being new to smart phones asked around about which apps were worth downloading. I tried the Calorie Counter and loved it. It has really helped in my ...
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started by fishermanrd, 7 years ago.   
Mexican Restaurants
I take at walk at lunchtime for exercise. I go by this Mexican Restaurant, and the food smells soooo good. It's a good thing I'm allergic to just about everything they make or I would be in tr ...
15 replies, last reply by Ceebee, 7 years ago.   2,745 views.
started by Runesinger.   
Hcg diet
well we started the shots Sat June 26. My husband has lost 9lbs and I have lost 6lbs. Not bad because we love to eat. :) Good luck to everyone that is doing this diet
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started by ag scarlett, 7 years ago.   
GNC Women's Ultra Mega Active Vitapak - anyone use this and how did you feel?
I just started a couple of days ago on this GNC product and so far I feel energized to do a lot, but I was wondering if anyone has ever used this product and found that it helped out in their own plan???
4 replies, last reply by Starladesiree, 7 years ago.   8,740 views.
started by Solana.   
So' I'm new here... needing motivation! I'm 31, live in new hampshire, have 2 kids living with me (10 & 17 mos)... any suggestions for a workout routine that I might stick with!?
4 replies, last reply by Shae206, 7 years ago.   1,146 views.
started by lisakay00.   
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Reasonably well?!
Just a note tho, on the phone App, I don't have the option of selecting anything but weight change. It just defaults to "Reasonably Well"
by sophie-annebergeron on 20 Apr 18 10:08 AM
Foods I add to the database don't show up for other users.
I think it's a search issue - you have to put in the exact same wording in order for the right thing to pop up. I tried to get a count for some beans I bought, and when I did a full search, 3 diff ...
by abbadabba on 19 Apr 18 10:31 PM
Resisting the urge!
Yay! Good job
by abbadabba on 19 Apr 18 10:24 PM
Is Fatsecret just for keto dieters?
Nope. Not at all. I love FatSecret and I am hard core Whole Food Plant Based. I did Keto for years until I studied things objectively and in detail. See Dr Dean Ornish, Dr John McDougall, Forks Over K ...
by jmegert on 19 Apr 18 08:27 PM
Signed up to eat more vegetables per day. More then 5 serving per day. Ate a lot of arugula and more mandarine oranges....
by Sunny Yi on 19 Apr 18 08:13 PM
Activity Level
I just joined yesterday and I entered the wrong activity level but I can't figure out how to change it. I saw this question in the forum but it was a couple years old and it seems like the app may ...
by Streva43 on 19 Apr 18 03:08 PM

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