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1 week
I've done well for the past week. No food binges and I've been stretching and exercising, walking mostly. today I plan to eat healthy and take a really long walk. 5 miles
1 reply, last reply by tondy, 4 years ago.   448 views.
started by motherdog.   
Exercise Cal not posting
I filled out the exercise section of the calendar. I do not see where the cal. are totaled or posted to the full calendar. Any ideas of what I might be doing wrong? Thank you.
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started by POP, 4 years ago.   
"body jowls"
Me and Laneyloo want to know if anyone knows how to shrink skin down after losing weight. The pounds finally come off but now we look like one of those basset hounds or something. Ant ideas?
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started by lgruber, 4 years ago.   
Fiber One.
I love Fiber One bars and muffin mixes... but I was unaware that there is a website ( that has a bunch of delicious recipes using fiber one products... fantastic!
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started by SuperStarReceptionist, 4 years ago.   
Fiber One.
hi fiber one lovers,I've been a fan of fiber one for three years because of the low cal high fiber content. Recently tried all-bran original because it's more nutritious (ten points higher com ...
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started by SuperStarReceptionist, 4 years ago.   
Calories in Walmart's Sushi rolls
UUGH! It makes me so mad that they don't post the calories for the sushi rolls at Walmart. I ate all but one of a small box today, I think 11 small peices(an 8.25 oz box). How bad is the damage? They ...
5 replies, last reply by CharityShantell, 4 years ago.   7,493 views.
started by Lotus.   
Am I Thee Only 1?
I am need of a buddy(ies), that understand. I am so stuck in a rut right now, but I have to do something.
2 replies, last reply by biffles, 4 years ago.   381 views.
started by chakletcreme.   
Brain Exercises That Boost Memory — and May Fight Alzheimer's
Brain Exercises That Boost Memory — and May Fight Alzheimer's These tips and mental exercises can keep your brain sharper and may even help prevent the signs of Alzheimer's disease By Linda ...
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started by veggies yuk, 4 years ago.   
Cooking Oil Options
Cooking Oil Options Q: I try to use a lot of olive oil when I cook, but I'm a little bored with it. What other oils can I try that are both flavorful and good for my heart? — Alan, North Dakota ...
1 reply, last reply by ebivr, 4 years ago.   435 views.
started by veggies yuk.   
Buttermilk Salmon Chowder (Phase 2)
A Classic Chowder Recipe Looking for a way to warm up on a cool autumn day? A delicious bowl of chowder is sure to do the trick. This creamy chowder offers a healthier twist on the usual ingredients, ...
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started by veggies yuk, 4 years ago.   
Did i harm my diet
I had a very bad weekend with too much of food...I have been on a diet and been doing good...but this weekend i have kind if eating non-stop....will this harm my diet and how should i recover the days ...
1 reply, last reply by fitgymgirl, 4 years ago.   462 views.
started by pamk06.   
Tomorrow is a new day! I will start fresh, with fresh fruits and vegetables. can't wait!!!!!!
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started by Karmel, 4 years ago.   
Staying on track
I am a soda addict. Two months ago, i finally found the strength to give up the soda toxin. But TODAY I had a weak moment. Maybe if i out myself, I will not loose control.
2 replies, last reply by Karmel, 4 years ago.   315 views.
started by Karmel.   
G1 and the web page
ok so i have the tmobile G1 and i sync it after every meal on my phone and they are suspose to match the web page but they dont.... any have any fixes or the same problems???
4 replies, last reply by kanah, 4 years ago.   1,144 views.
started by lmertz2003.   
does anyone know if we can add a mobile app to a palm centro ?
1 reply, last reply by Jacq130, 4 years ago.   550 views.
started by mrsluna.   
fat intake
do anyone have a problem with how much fat they should be consuming a day, I'm not sure how much fat I should be eating a day I weigh 224 and my goal is 150 I workout at least three to four times a ...
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started by cthomas, 4 years ago.   
fat intake
which fat should I eat? Maybe you will find the answer here:
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started by cthomas, 4 years ago.   
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Searching food database/google search workaround
Oh, there are still lots of foods missing. Wish there was a way we could add to that data base
by wholefoodnut on 30 Aug 14 09:53 AM
Are food databases specific by region?
BTW, you can also try to scan the barcode using the FS app. I've got it on my iPad and in many cases the product is recognized. I'm living in the NL, and a lot of the products I scan is found. ...
by TorhildJ on 30 Aug 14 08:25 AM
advice needed
Make your way of eating and your exercise part of your life, not a diet that will run it's course. Sounds easy but it does take commitment and effort.
by wholefoodnut on 30 Aug 14 08:20 AM
Vegetable pasta
Try using Konjac. It comes as fettuccine 8 calories/100g, spaghetti 10 calories/100g, rice 10 calories/100g, lasagne sheets 8 calories/100g & noodles 8 calories/100g. The best thing EVER for keeping ...
by justgottadoit on 30 Aug 14 01:29 AM
Low Calorie / Low Carp Wraps
Hi everyone! I just stumbled across a great new food product that is gluten=free, low carb, and low calorie. I am doing a low-carb / gluten-free diet and often miss the bread. I love wraps (pita, tor ...
by Aeroconn on 29 Aug 14 11:05 PM
Mix feelings
Keep yourself busy so that you don't have time for a snack. If you really just want to eat something sweet or salty you can, but only in small amounts. Just think how bad you would feel afterwards ...
by snezica on 29 Aug 14 03:08 PM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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