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The Health Consequences of Sitting All Day
The Health Consequences of Sitting All Day Most people sit all day, every day. This is an unfortunate consequence of the advancement of society. The majority of us do not work in fields that are labor ...
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started by veggies yuk, 4 years ago.   
won't take my exercise
Does any one know why this won't take my exercise? I've been doing this since Aug. 09.
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started by reiluac, 4 years ago.   
diet pills
Has anyone tried the new diet pill adipex? I had it prescribed by my doctor. I've been taking it for 5 days. It really helps curb my appetite. I know someone who lost 20lbs in 3 month on it.
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started by Terri Litmer.   
Does anyone else ever feel this way...?
I just joined Weight Watchers for the 3rd time in my life. I have been "morbidly obese" since I was 5 years old. Getting started and maintaining momentum have always been a problem for me. My ...
11 replies, last reply by indiehjarta, 4 years ago.   2,619 views.
started by JinxE.   
hi grandson brought me three pumpkins home last night only ever had them for halloween pumpkins never used them for cooking, can anybody help me with any recipes to use them up and not waste them 7yrs ...
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started by happy hoppy.   
ipod touch app
is there an app for the ipod touch
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started by jeannec, 4 years ago.   
7 lbs in 7 days on the South Beach diet!
I've never 'recommended' a diet before recently I've been not trying to diet but to 'eat healthy'. I was doing that for the most part but really no progress. Now I'm eating ...
2 replies, last reply by kraftyone, 4 years ago.   1,162 views.
started by qtkare.   
The true facts
Hey everyone, my name is courtney! I use to obsessed with diets, calories, low fat, low calories all that jazz. I got so obsessed with my apperance and lifestyle choices when it came to food that it led ...
4 replies, last reply by xGeminix, 4 years ago.   1,160 views.
started by courtypoop.   
I have more clothes in my closets and dressers that don't fit, or they do fit and look ridiculous or they physically hurt me. When did I get sausage arms? Probably from eating so many of them! Cr ...
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started by Gina Fagan.   
I would love to be able to keep certain information private. For instance, I would like to be able to share my blog but not my food diary or vice versa. Being able to make certain blog entries private ...
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started by dawn0001, 4 years ago.   
Gone toooooooo long!!
I dropped out a long time ago, and boy am I feeling the effects! I think I'm about 30 pounds heavier than I was when I started a year ago. Ugh. We finally got the Treadclimber upstairs, but I need ...
3 replies, last reply by Nola1322, 4 years ago.   971 views.
started by Auburn fire.   
How do you change your diet?
I have been on Atkins and am switching to a different program and can't for the life of me find where/how to change it in "My Fatsecret." Does anyone out there know how to do it? It's ...
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started by mountain_mama, 4 years ago.   
Is Atkins healthy?
Okay, First of all I'm not judging this diet. Iam interested in it. I have some concerns though and I figured atkineers would of maybe one time had the same concerns, so maybe you have done the re ...
39 replies, last reply by rustypust, 4 years ago.   5,060 views.
started by ajay.   
I can't believe it...
Goodmorning everyone! Would like to share what is happaning to me.... I'm following my diet scheme as usual, anything more (sometimes anything less!), but my weight raises.... I'm so worried about ...
1 reply, last reply by Tallglassofwater, 4 years ago.   1,041 views.
started by Micky75.   
Anybody out there on full Optifast?
I would love to walk though this 12 week liquid fast with a buddy. Anybody out there doing full food replacement for 12 weeks? I am at the end of week two right now.
2 replies, last reply by mandksmom, 4 years ago.   1,445 views.
started by mandksmom.   
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Thigh Master
It might work for toning but keep in mind that losing weight comes down to eating fewer calories than you burn. If you are trying to lose fat on your thighs, the thigh master will not do this, nor will ...
by gnat824 on 23 Sep 14 02:32 PM
Lightheadedness with Induction?
Hi! I'm wondering if anyone else out there is experiencing lightheadedness and wooziness? I'm 1 week into induction, following it religiously and feeling very lightheaded for the last 3 days. ...
by JMinus15 on 23 Sep 14 02:26 PM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
by wiloliver on 23 Sep 14 02:25 PM
IOS 8.0
On a prior posting, tech support claims that they are waiting for their updated app to be approved by apple. But that posting was made last week. This is taking too long.
by fit_not_fat on 23 Sep 14 12:40 PM
How to sync my iPad to my iphone
I click on sync under settings and it says that I ca sync my iPad to my iPhone but doesn't tell me how?
by Onejrjs on 23 Sep 14 12:30 PM
Road race
Thank you! Several years ago I was addicted to running. Time passed, stuff happens, etc. But with my first race in some time Saturday, there was this kind of fellowship, a kind of fraternity, that for ...
by JimboG on 23 Sep 14 10:40 AM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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