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Just a shout out from Texas! I'm attempting to loosing 50 lbs, I'm 29 years old and the last two weeks have been a real interesting but fun time starting my diet! I'd love to hear from others? ...
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started by erinaries81, 5 years ago.   
Feeling a change
Well, I started this two weeks ago and though I only dropped 6lbs the first week I have noticed a difference in my body! I started a work-out program the second week and I could already see improvements! ...
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started by erinaries81, 5 years ago.   
Low cal diets don't work!
"The best way to drop unwanted pounds is to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors that include eating a variety of healthy foods, physical activity, patience and a game plan..." http://www.ever ...
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started by Adr58, 5 years ago.   
Shape Ups? Or the Rebook easy tone?
Has anyone tried these shoes to see if they actaully do make a decent addition to your workout. Wondering if I should get a pair
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started by kmarie3.   
I just began using this site and have a question!!! Is there a way, that I'm not seeing, that can calculate my POINTS from my daily food intake for the Weight Watcher program... I notice that the ...
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started by Penskii.   
food entries and points
I am new here...does anyone know if there is a way to enter the food entries and have it convert to points? I was hoping to track on here?:o
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started by VIG.   
Hey I'm Krystal. I'm 16. I'm new here. I weigh 239 and I'm hoping to get done to 110. I would really like a buddy or someone i can get advice from and they can push me and help me through ...
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started by ilovecreg120809.   
its a life style. not a diet!
I am new to this happen to see people talking about it on Atkins and would love to have people to talk to so feel free to say hi.
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started by courcam.   
After a week and a half of the flu
Here I am trying to start over again...totally went off the wagon..ugh.
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started by jlscalese, 5 years ago.   
Getting enough fiber while watching carbs
I am struggling to maintain a 40-30-30 ratio between carbs, protein and fat. In holding my carbs at 40% I'm having a really hard time getting enough fiber in my diet. I'll average maybe 10g/day, ...
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started by peasncues.   
Serving size on recipe
i have notice there is servings number on all the recipes but not how much is in a serving size.. anyone can help me figure it out that would be great
1 reply, last reply by cbella, 5 years ago.   711 views.
started by niod81.   
Trying to put in a recipe
I have been trying to put in a recipe I love and the computer will not accept my preparation time. I keep putting in 10 minutes or 10 mins. but it will not accept it. Any suggestions?
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started by Susan G.   
mood changes.
Did anybody here notice a slight temper change when they went on their diet? I find myself getting angry alot easier than I did, is it connected or will it pass? Like right now, (i live in a dorm) my ...
4 replies, last reply by sweetpy0028, 5 years ago.   871 views.
started by prideotgc18.   
Previous Maintainer gone astray.....
I maintained my weight after an 80 pound loss for 2 years. I went astray fall of 2008 and need help getting back on plan. I didn't gain all my weight back...50 pounds. I have since lost 37 but on ...
3 replies, last reply by Mangrovejane, 5 years ago.   1,315 views.
started by Myheartsbroken.   
Getting back on track
Hello Everyone, I am trying to find a routine when it comes to eating and exercise, it seems like every week i am starting over, any advise would be very appreciated. Janell
1 reply, last reply by sweetpy0028, 5 years ago.   650 views.
started by janell10.   
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I'm a backslider!
Thank you Phil,and Snowman. that is wonderful encouragement. I plan to do just that. Even though I have been back on the plan for only 2 days, I feel the difference. One thing was my knee felt so much ...
by diehard3 on 24 Nov 15 02:36 PM
If you crave chocolate, it doesn’t mean your body has a chocolate deficiency, although I think most people would prefer that. Chocolate is high in magnesium. Cravings for it often indicate that your body ...
by TXSnowman on 24 Nov 15 01:04 PM
bad cholesterol
Taking cinnamon, red yeast rice, and fish oil has been shown to be helpful. I was just reading yesterday that coffee can have that effect, as can coconut oil (raises HDL, lowers LDL). Other things that ...
by jmb3450 on 24 Nov 15 12:39 PM
Question can we add more food categories like - Snack 1, Sanck 2 Thanks - Natalia
by Natty40 on 24 Nov 15 12:18 PM
Macro #'s
Hi Everyone, I have a question are we able to change the Macro #'s or is it just the Calories daily intake that can be changed. Thank you for all your help.
by Natty40 on 24 Nov 15 11:36 AM
Desk work / Long hours
I work a desk job. I do intermittent fasting to maintain my nearly 40 lb weightloss (and which helped me drop the weight in 6 months).
by mrspackrat on 24 Nov 15 07:59 AM

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