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Weigh-in question
I was wondering how often you weigh in. I have just started my diet and don't want AT ALL to weigh in every day and am not sure about every week either. I think it's because #1, I've started ...
15 replies, last reply by Charlo, 6 years ago.   2,371 views.
started by Loretta B.   
What is that weekend weight?
So a lot of us are coming back from the long 4th of July weekend. My scale definitely went up over the 4 days. I'm not too worried about it because if it takes 3500 calories to gain a pound and there ...
21 replies, last reply by tbear7778, 6 years ago.   2,526 views.
started by lain1k.   
What is that weekend weight?
Probably a little of everything. Most notably though is that if you have sore muscles... they are swolen... and holding in water.
21 replies, last reply by tbear7778, 6 years ago.   2,526 views.
started by lain1k.   
Why dieting fails...
10 replies, last reply by justbreathe, 6 years ago.   2,035 views.
started by Adr58.   
I have not been on here in about a year, what happened to the option to see how many points something is worth? :(
1 reply, last reply by kiki_chrissy, 6 years ago.   1,334 views.
started by TARA91.   
FS withdrew the points... we assume WW was threatening legal action as WW points is copyrited.
1 reply, last reply by kiki_chrissy, 6 years ago.   1,334 views.
started by TARA91.   
user id
is there a way to change my user id?? I don't want to re-do everything and set up a whole new account just change my user name Thanks Todd
1 reply, last reply by Nodaa, 6 years ago.   1,275 views.
started by tg000018.   
Android Phone Application
Hi I'm new here and I'm trying to get use to this new fill and look of a website that is new to me. Question, I have the calorie counter application for android phones and it sync with this w ...
11 replies, last reply by crmoonwillow, 6 years ago.   1,637 views.
started by Boyd.   
I had a huge waffle and it was great!
I got around to making one of the low-carb waffles from a mix. I have got to say, it was superb! I put a picture of it here: http://startinglowcarb.blogspo... The waffle completely filled the plate, ...
4 replies, last reply by Swipe, 6 years ago.   1,131 views.
started by Swipe.   
I gained weight while on an anti-depressant... does anyone have experience with this?
I got on Paxil for about 1 year and put on 30 pounds. I have been off since April, and I'm having a hard time getting the weight off. I have heard it can take up to 6 months for these types of drugs ...
2 replies, last reply by oakland123, 6 years ago.   1,139 views.
started by Solana.   
Learn what is required to feel good about oneself. You are worth the effort
"So if your tired of the same old story, turn some pages. I am here when you are ready, to roll with the changes, baby, roll with the changes, oh you know you got to ...Keep on rolling." (REO ...
2 replies, last reply by Shoelessbjs, 6 years ago.   1,850 views.
started by Lisa Online.   
Please enhance filtering to the news feed!!!
I like seeing info in the "everyone" filter, but I REALLY wish there was a way to block stuff, like an entire message thread or even particular members. I don't think I need to be more ...
2 replies, last reply by kstubblefield, 6 years ago.   1,037 views.
started by kstubblefield.   
New and confused
I am new to this whole watching what you eat thing and I am a little conufsed. I set my RCI at 1900 and have been watching what I am eating and I am always below 1900 calories. Is that good? I am usually ...
15 replies, last reply by kanan123, 6 years ago.   1,999 views.
started by mtup.   
splenda, wine
anybody on hcg use splenda with coffee, if so are u still losing weight., also anybody having a glass of wine??
3 replies, last reply by kanan123, 6 years ago.   1,877 views.
started by driley.   
Dr Simeon"s HCG
I highly DON'T recommend the protocol!
21 replies, last reply by keithd112, 6 years ago.   3,617 views.
started by cmax.   
RDI Question
I am new to this diet thing, and I have decided to change my RDI to a lower amount than the system calculated. When I put in my age, weight, etc., the Fatsecret site says I should have an RDI of 2600. ...
5 replies, last reply by Adaram, 6 years ago.   1,167 views.
started by Adaram.   
Diverting the Gremlin!
Wow, the Gremlin almost got me today--haha, but he didn't!!! I decided to stay on plan until I lost most/all of my weight. Mostly eating plain, unprocessed food. It gives me great energy, without ...
no replies.   645 views.
started by justbreathe, 6 years ago.   
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Low Carb Diets - Do they work for everyone?
Jadsl wrote: [url=https://www.... quote: CONCLUSIONS: The present study shows the beneficial effects of a long-term ketogenic diet. It significantly reduced the body weight and body mass index of the ...
by Diablo360x on 28 Apr 17 07:18 AM
Do not want to see sources on homepage in app
Right above in the green area, there's a "filter" option, tap it and choose what you want to see.
by julia211x on 28 Apr 17 07:04 AM
"Modern" App Version Question
On the Fatsecret app, set to "modern" where can I add my exercise? I can find it when I set it to "classic" but I like the modern version better. Thank you!
by julia211x on 28 Apr 17 06:55 AM
consolidate nutritional info?
You should see a My Cookbook on your FS start page. Click on it. There should be a button that says "submit a recipe" (I think the words are in blue). This tool allows you to calculate your ...
by ptgrand on 28 Apr 17 06:44 AM
Gaining Weight
Hello, Is anyone on fatsecret trying to gain back weight from restrictive eating? If so, I am looking for a "buddy" as I go through re-learning how to nourish my body properly.
by Wellness5 on 28 Apr 17 06:41 AM
I really need a diet buddy.
Thanks Jipper500! I sent you a PM!
by n2braves on 28 Apr 17 12:04 AM

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