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Not Feeling Great
Have you been seen by a doctor, maybe you need your thyroid checkout. That could be making you feel tired all the time.
3 replies, last reply by minigirl, 5 years ago.   765 views.
started by PA Passion.   
How many carbs, proteins, fats etc are recommended daily?
I know there are a lot of you on different types of diets. I am watching food combining and calories. I think fats are to be 25 or under but what about carbs and proteins? Kris
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started by theewhoshops, 5 years ago.   
Chinese Restaurant
Hello everyone...I have been trying to figure out how many calories are in Sesame Chicken from a local Chinese Restaurant. I cannot find anything online that seems enough calories in one cup of Sesame ...
1 reply, last reply by usemyotheraddy, 5 years ago.   391 views.
started by Bekka125.   
Drink a tall glass of water before each meal. This well make you less hungry so you'll feel full quicker and won't feel the need to eat too much.
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started by oxxapril, 5 years ago.   
Suagr Alchohols for atkins diet?
Can we have sugar alchohols? My boyfriend sent me some russell stover pecan delight chews and russell stover toffee bites today. He said that he was told they have zero net carbs in them. Even though he ...
5 replies, last reply by madeline11, 5 years ago.   1,392 views.
started by madeline11.   
Nutrition Information For Home Made Meals
I am a little lost :? , I do a lot of big pot stuff on the weekends so I can bring lunch to work during the week, The problem I am having is that most of my recipes do not that, oh so convenient :evil: ...
3 replies, last reply by Deserve Victory, 5 years ago.   736 views.
started by Packerrn.   
Found this site while searching for a good calorie tracking app for my BlackBerry - I certainly found one, and it's free!! I love that it keeps up with points so I don't have to pay for WW eTools ...
2 replies, last reply by geogator, 5 years ago.   695 views.
started by geogator.   
Hello World!!
Hi everyone! I just joined FS tonight and started my food journaling and exercising today. I'm very excited to start taking care of myself the way I believe we all should. I wont bore you with ...
2 replies, last reply by jud10, 5 years ago.   677 views.
started by Jinni.   
Go on the Offense!
Superbowl Sunday could be a difficult day, especially if you will watch the game with family and friends. So, take an offensive position NOW to prepare. Some suggestions: 1. Set your Game Plan: give y ...
1 reply, last reply by jmroehl, 5 years ago.   623 views.
started by LMJ114.   
Starting Monday
My husband and myself will be starting our diets on Monday! I am really excited ..but scared too! I am glad that I have someone to work with! I know together we can do this! Just worried about fig ...
4 replies, last reply by PeeFat, 5 years ago.   1,194 views.
started by 4mygirls.   
I seem to recall entering my body measurements when I first registered. Where are they?
3 replies, last reply by tateandsullysmama, 5 years ago.   661 views.
started by tateandsullysmama.   
Ultra Lite Beer
Alcohol is strictly forbidden on Induction, and highly restricted on OWL. Its not just the carbs from the beer. Every time that you drink alcohol you kick yourself out of ketosis. Your body will im ...
2 replies, last reply by PeeFat, 5 years ago.   1,171 views.
started by Anlevon.   
Water Consumption
Does anyone know the correct amount of water to drink. I thought it was 48 oz., but now I am being told it is 64 oz. Please help.
24 replies, last reply by dawdevil, 5 years ago.   1,634 views.
started by Tennis Mama.   
Can't do Atkins
I am a 55 year old male with about 15 lbs to lose. I have been struggling with Atkins for 4 weeks now. I followed it closely and actually gained over 2 pounds last week. This brought my total weight ...
25 replies, last reply by PeeFat, 5 years ago.   2,787 views.
started by Pjoe.   
I added my foods for the day and somehow I went and clicked on something and it Doubled each item for each meal! Can I undo it someway. Only been a member less than 2 hours. uugh!
2 replies, last reply by PeeFat, 5 years ago.   1,005 views.
started by brendag55.   
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Biscotti recipe
I do have slivered almonds in the freezer. Yay! Need to buy some flour, and baking powder and baking soda. Ran out of Splenda but I bought Stevia so that is good. Things are coming together to make this ...
by Deb_N on 05 Mar 15 09:53 PM
Looking for a Healthy type of cookie biscuit to make or buy
Years ago Prevention Magazine was saying eat a crisp cookie because the less fat means less calories. No creamy middle or sweet frosting on the top. I plan to make a high fiber more protein Biscotti some ...
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Quotes you LOVE
From my buddy Bwy39: “If you think you are beaten, you are; If you think you dare not, you don't. If you'd like to win, but think you can't It's almost a cinch you won't. If you think ...
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Where is everyone from?
Central Oregon. Where it is 17 degrees in the Am. and 60 by noon..LOL..Good Luck to you Sheldon on this Journey to get healthy. You can do this! support here..and prayers.
by Martha64 on 05 Mar 15 09:38 PM
Just looking for some buddies
100+.... You can do it, I promise. I have done it without surgery, changing my diet exercise and hiking. I've gotten comfortable and gained some back but I am ready to lose it again..... 😎. All ...
by seemeshrink on 05 Mar 15 09:36 PM
Atkins: 60-70% fat; 20-25% protein; 5-7% Net Carbs
by LambiePi on 05 Mar 15 08:47 PM

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