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WW points
Taking off WW points...This makes no sense...I may just go to totally.
4 replies, last reply by Nutzi, 5 years ago.   786 views.
started by jwbrock.   
Weight Watchers Points
Very disappointed that fatsecret does not calculate weight watchers equivalant points along with RDI. This messes up my diet monitoring system.
1 reply, last reply by PopcornGirl, 5 years ago.   478 views.
started by daisyandolive.   
They got rid of keeping track of WW points????
4 replies, last reply by PopcornGirl, 5 years ago.   798 views.
started by frenchfries.   
Weight Watcher Points - Please Come Back!
The Weight Watcher Points were the best. Please find a way to get them back on my daily food journal. It really gave me something to compare to and calculate some new items and extra portions. This ...
1 reply, last reply by daisyandolive, 5 years ago.   660 views.
started by Prima Donna.   
Contact them!
Please, everyone, contact fS about your displeasure with them removing the WW points. Maybe if we make enough noise, they will put them back. I have been doing so well, and now I'm lost! I used ...
no replies.   391 views.
started by JollyC, 5 years ago.   
No Points???
Did anyone else find it frustrating to see that points are no longer part of daily breakdown?
1 reply, last reply by mrscml, 5 years ago.   448 views.
started by reflection.   
Workout motivation and commitment
Hello all, I just posted on someone's journal about how I struggle with just getting myself to workout with consistency and routine wrapped around it. That is my biggest struggle... in the AM I ...
7 replies, last reply by unix155, 5 years ago.   1,108 views.
started by katballew.   
A Walking Challenge starts THIS Saturday
Hi guys! I just learned of a walking challenge that sounded pretty cool and wanted to share it with you! One of my twitter buddies is starting a 100 MILLION STEP walking challenge. I've posted the ...
no replies.   780 views.
started by OddsAgainstMe, 5 years ago.   
Have been so good at keeping this up all week. Already lost quite a bit this week owing to not giving in and keeping well away from junk food. BUT TODAY I JUST WANNA EAT EVERYTHING!!!! I know if I give ...
4 replies, last reply by SquirrelyGirl, 5 years ago.   1,247 views.
started by 90shirls.   
How often do you.....
So I was wondering, how many time and how far between does everyone eat each meal? Just trying to get an idea. Thanks!
12 replies, last reply by sunshinegirl_c4, 5 years ago.   1,502 views.
started by arizonaprincess.   
Ankle pain? Help please!
Okay so I am desperately hoping someone can help me with this! I have noticed the last few times that I have walked, that my right ankle sort of caves in and that’s why I have, have such a hard time w ...
3 replies, last reply by sooki, 5 years ago.   823 views.
started by arizonaprincess.   
Entering exercise on the fatsecret
Perhaps I'm not smart enought to figure this out, but how the hec do I get the exercise to only show the actual exercise I do. It is showing my resting and sleeping - please that you cannot count. ...
2 replies, last reply by 90shirls, 5 years ago.   747 views.
started by Ycap.   
Submitted an inaccurate recipe
I recently submitted a recipe that was incorrect. How do I go about changing or deleting that recipe?
no replies.   433 views.
started by LindaHax, 5 years ago.   
Whats the best way to start a diet?
Whats the best way to start a diet? I often start and then i find myself relapsing and quitting. I dnt think im coming off strong. I think thats the reason for me quitting so quickly. HELP!
9 replies, last reply by tiffanydawnn, 5 years ago.   1,503 views.
started by evrybdyluvsdre.   
Atkins results
I just wanted to share my results from today's Dr.'s visit this morning. My blood work was Ideal..yes Ideal and I am no longer a diabetic and off of blood pressure meds as well. I have lost 50lbs ...
7 replies, last reply by BCLenny, 5 years ago.   836 views.
started by BCLenny.   
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Weight before and now
What was your weight in high school and your weight now? Mine is 170 in 1980 and 468 in 2016 What took me so long to do something i need a psychiatrist
by rambler747 on 14 Feb 16 05:56 PM
For me, the only way is cold turkey. No snack foods,no sweets, none, none, none. I've recently learned that I'm gluten intolerant, which answers the question of why I had a messed-up gut, and this ...
by Determined G on 14 Feb 16 12:17 PM
Keto Diet Questions
Hey all - I am about as educated on the Keto style of dieting as you can possibly get - but one thing I continually see, and I seriously question, regards salt/sodium intake. It seems that every res ...
by amorgan67 on 14 Feb 16 06:40 AM
Need help with the site
you can just change the number to 5 form 20 by clicking on that number.
by fred4win on 13 Feb 16 11:51 PM
75 yr. old male - Stuck
Fred, this post is everything I adore about you! Clstucker, liver function plays a role in weight issues. If you've truly been drinking for 50 years at that daily level, your 75-year old liver may ...
by kpwcalories on 13 Feb 16 10:53 PM
Any Other Teens?
Hey 20 here , add me if you want to :)
by Forbiddenintellect0 on 13 Feb 16 10:43 AM

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