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BJJ in Fitness
I was wondering, does anyone know if boxing would be a good substitute for bjj in the fitness category? Ive been using it for a while now
10 replies, last reply by Madonkadonk, 7 years ago.   3,302 views.
started by Madonkadonk.   
How many carbs?
I'm a calorie counter, not doing Atkins, but I know that having to many carbs in general is not a good thing. How many carbs should someone have in a day?
5 replies, last reply by an00bis, 7 years ago.   1,261 views.
started by MomofTwoGirls.   
Comments from Strangers
I recently started the C25K program. I am on week 6, but when I was in my earlier weeks I use to run up and down this little dirt dead end road where I live. I did this cause I knew I was fat, out of ...
5 replies, last reply by LadyMorgan, 7 years ago.   1,335 views.
started by Starkissed.   
Couldn't resist: Beet Recipes Even a Beet Hater Can Love "Ever since beets topped the list of the “11 Best Foods You Aren’t Eating,” beets have been a heated topic of debate on the Well blog. This week, Martha Rose S ...
no replies.   1,402 views.
started by beets_yum, 7 years ago.   
Pace of weight loss
Okay so it seems that in the first part of the "journey" to lose weight, the weight tends to come off quicker at first (depending on your starting size) and then suddenly plateaus. What causes ...
1 reply, last reply by an00bis, 7 years ago.   900 views.
started by jmcca15.   
if someone is loosing weight pls help me loose too i need daily food intake lit
I have alreday lost 14 lbs and still to loose 14 more but i am stuck for last 3 weeks , i cant seem to loose any more may be i need to change my routine , i am on Atkins phase 1. Pls help me if someone ...
5 replies, last reply by dogwalk, 7 years ago.   968 views.
started by ambrina.   
Been the same......want a CHANGE!!!
I have to admit I posted this on my journal but I wanted to get more opinions. First I have completely stalled as far as losing weight. THE PROBLEM Well I was talking to one of my friends last night at ...
4 replies, last reply by Davonne, 7 years ago.   1,257 views.
started by stephanie.cathey.   
Get those abs!
5 replies, last reply by mtfoster, 7 years ago.   3,053 views.
started by Adr58.   
I feel bloated even though I have been careful of what I eat.
Is it normal to feel bloated when starting a diet even if you are not over eating? I'm confused.
2 replies, last reply by calijenni, 7 years ago.   772 views.
started by LifesALilHectic.   
Great work on the iPhone and Android Apps. Do you think in the future you could add a time stamp feature to the exercise and food diary?
1 reply, last reply by Elwray, 7 years ago.   617 views.
started by bmdc25.   
iphone application
There's an iphone application called "iwatcher" from the app store that has the weight watchers counter, plus you can store your favorite meals, and it figures in bonus points. It's ...
5 replies, last reply by Elwray, 7 years ago.   5,370 views.
started by CallysMommy.   
Do YOU Grape Seed OIL?
So...I love trying new things right? sometimes with a bit more skepticism than the average person...but I recently read about grape seed oil for like a lot of things...well I decided to try it. One of ...
7 replies, last reply by Ambition, 7 years ago.   5,152 views.
started by Ambition.   
I read medical blogs. Not many. I'm not sure why. Sometimes, they are too technical for me. This one today was not: http://allbleedingstops.blogsp... The doctor writes that spinal taps "are ...
1 reply, last reply by kstubblefield, 7 years ago.   752 views.
started by sooki.   
stretch marks!
who's got them and what are some good prevention and reduction ideas :)
19 replies, last reply by LadyMorgan, 7 years ago.   2,496 views.
started by alllicat.   
Entering Food - Pie Chart
So I've been faithfully entering all my food for the past 2 weeks. I'm curious.... what is everyone else's pie charts like? Mine biggest percentage is fat, then protein, then carbs. Is ...
31 replies, last reply by ctlss, 7 years ago.   5,818 views.
started by martinigirl987.   
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using a power cooker (pressure cooker)
You may be over complicating things, but it won't be roast/cooked pork when you enter it in the recipe it will just either be RAW pork shoulder or leg (lean only) or the equivalent weight entered as ...
by fattyfattyboombooms on 23 Aug 17 04:38 AM
Android App Permissions
My phone cam is kinda similar to a [url=https://www.yitechnology.... hd camera[/url], images are in HQ.
by randyclark1 on 23 Aug 17 01:45 AM
Is it possible to share my saved meals with a buddy?
I create all meals and recipes on my husbands site. Then I enter what he ate that day. Then I go to my site and click on Following. I had already set up to follow my husband's site. So once I click ...
by Patti Y on 22 Aug 17 11:59 PM
Blood Test
I believe that cholesterol results are inversely related to the fat content of your low carb diet. The idea is to eat lots of fat for the three days before your test. This will result in lower chole ...
by jaybee51 on 22 Aug 17 07:58 PM
You are correct starvation is not the way to go. I am sorry that you are frustrated I was there before and more than once. I took a Self Evaluation of what I must do to get the weight off of ME. I accept ...
by Goodheartgreatmind on 22 Aug 17 07:34 PM
chicken noodle soup made with tortillas, pie crust, or pizza crust?
Wow, I won't do that again. I tried 3 different recipes but the tortillas were so mushy and soggy. Nothing like dumplings or noodles. Does anyone have a good recipe? Thanks.
by Patti Y on 22 Aug 17 06:26 PM

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