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chopped sirloin
Please help. I need fat and calories for chopped sirloin patty. It is 9ounces raw. Don't know how many ounces cooked. Would love the info for cooked if anyone has it. Thanks!
2 replies, last reply by jennilee1074, 6 years ago.   847 views.
started by jennilee1074.   
How to log restaurant meals?
Since I joined the site I've mostly been cooking for myself, which makes recording my food easy-- I know that my omelet was one egg, half a cup of egg whites, an ounce of this, three ounces of that, ...
2 replies, last reply by Hoser, 6 years ago.   1,236 views.
started by Hoser.   
Beer & Wine
Why is it so hard to find nutritional info for beer and wine? It seems like it would be pretty easy to add a nutrition label to a beer bottle. In most cases, I can't even find nutritional info on ...
no replies.   799 views.
started by elllledub, 6 years ago.   
Beer & Wine
Because if they listed them... people wouldn't drink as much IMO.
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started by elllledub, 6 years ago.   
I have a question...
Some people say to only eat when you're hungry, and others say eat a bunch of small meals to keep from feeling hungry. Either way I only feel hungry once a day and I was wondering if that was normal? ...
7 replies, last reply by thesov, 6 years ago.   1,190 views.
started by lovedrug.   
What's Your Motivating Music?
From Classical Music during meal preparation to Club/Dance tunes during workouts, music motivates us in many ways. These days we can get them in podcasts--amazing! Like: Tiesto Yoga to the People ...
14 replies, last reply by ellyfranklin, 6 years ago.   1,605 views.
started by justbreathe.   
Hello from uber hot Austin, Texas
Hi everyone, Just found this site via the [url= article[/url] on weight loss iphone apps. I'm looking to lose about 25 pounds and to run in next years 10K. As a kid and ...
7 replies, last reply by TheChunkyOne, 6 years ago.   1,708 views.
started by jdgonzalez.   
Crazy water weight story
So, I tried drinking a whole gallon of water for 4 days straight to try and flush out a little bit of the heavy food I ate last weekend while on a mini trip. I ate excellent, worked out like a madman and ...
4 replies, last reply by martinigirl987, 6 years ago.   2,483 views.
started by gregthegroove.   
Have I really lost weight?
So I have lost a stone in 8 weeks, needless to say I am very pleased, gone from 9st to 8st and I am 5'2. I have a a set of scales at home that measure you body fat and water percentage, so why have ...
2 replies, last reply by Smuzza, 6 years ago.   696 views.
started by Smuzza.   
Insomnia and weight loss
Hi everyone! I find that when I am losing weight, I have a difficult time either falling asleep, and/or dropping into REM. I'm not thinking, or restless. It's definitely physiological: like my ...
8 replies, last reply by Qixie, 6 years ago.   4,380 views.
started by justbreathe.   
Insomnia and weight loss
Just a thought...try a 100 cal snack an hour before bed.
8 replies, last reply by Qixie, 6 years ago.   4,380 views.
started by justbreathe.   
Not crazy that wii weighs me EVERY DAY.
I'm doing okay on my diet. I'm just not crazy about wii weighing me everyday so that I can record my excercise. I know that I go up and down each day but hate it when the scale shows that I ...
33 replies, last reply by joanna514, 6 years ago.   4,619 views.
started by joanna514.   
New to dieting.
I just started my s4l diet today and I'm pretty excited. I have read alot of bad review but most of them were based on money and time but I'm young, live at home, and have a pretty good job for ...
5 replies, last reply by spearson4, 6 years ago.   1,731 views.
started by spearson4.   
Any ideas why my weight ticker isn't working. I think I have done everything correctly. I just have to check the box right? Don't have to paste any HTML code anywhere right?
1 reply, last reply by tramore35, 6 years ago.   593 views.
started by tramore35.   
Recipes for WW
I am debating on weather to go back to WW. I notice that you can find recipes on here for WW. How do you find out the point value if you do not use the point value as one of your filters.
no replies.   527 views.
started by Mkaleokalani, 6 years ago.   
Progress Pics- 45 lbs down so far!
This set of pics was taken May 22 at 510 lbs and today July 12 at 465. The first pic was after a 1.5 mile walk done in 35 minutes, the max I could walk at the time. Today's pic was taken after a 5 ...
40 replies, last reply by griff2712, 6 years ago.   4,487 views.
started by Kingcole35.   
fruta plata
Has anyone heard of this? They sell it on amazon and has good reviews it is suppost to be from natural plants. I have never heard of it.
8 replies, last reply by tramore35, 6 years ago.   4,448 views.
started by jud10.   
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Looking for buddies doing Keto or LCHF
I'm on keto & intermittent fasting. If you haven't read The Obesity Code, by Dr Jason Fung, I highly recommend it. It'll help kill many of your health issues. :-) ~ Andi
by Yourpissingmeoff on 25 Mar 17 06:30 PM
Breaking a habit or creating a new one?
Terrapin12, thanks! I will check out both books. I would describe myself as optimistic, but then have to admit that it doesn't take much for me to be plagued with worry, often about things I can ...
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At first glance I read OP's post as: "Is there a way to track yours macaroons on this program". I was like LOL then ROLF after discovering my error. Symptoms of being on a VLCD. Guess ...
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Adding new food
My iPhone crashed when I add a new food so I have to use my computer. Go to add food to breakfast, lunch, so on, and when the search does not find what you are looking for there is a small +Add New Food ...
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Vegetarian, gluten free oat free and dairy free
I am not vegetarian but I live with people who have celiac (cannot have gluten) and those with dairy allergies. One of the most common things those who are trying to weight are told when they are going ...
by Wellness5 on 25 Mar 17 07:33 AM
Set Daily Goals - no change in dashboard?
Same here.
by kamakazi17 on 24 Mar 17 03:07 PM

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