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atkins diet stand still
Has anyone else like hit a plataeu on the Atkins Diet. I have been stuck at 204 for a week and my hubbie is stuck at 318. we have been on atkins fo 2 weeks does this happen? We also kind of cut our v ...
6 replies, last reply by stacey229, 5 years ago.   6,001 views.
started by Neddyk. me understand I am new to this... enter your daily calories...and your exercise. The green arrow (more exercise) is good and red arrow (more caleries) is bad right? So how much should you be over your calories in exercise? ...
3 replies, last reply by Lisahernan, 5 years ago.   652 views.
started by Lisahernan.   
group search
Hi, has anyone successfully tried "group search", selecting only particular categories?
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started by Millimarie, 5 years ago.   
Food Lovers for Life?
Anyone ever heard of this?
1 reply, last reply by sweetpy0028, 5 years ago.   741 views.
started by arizonaprincess.   
Quinoa risotto with arugula and Parmesan
I have tried several times to submit this recipe but I keep getting the dreaded "an unexpected error" has occured I thought I would share through a post is most delicious :d It ...
7 replies, last reply by cbella, 5 years ago.   1,516 views.
started by julie13.   
Anyone else pregnant?
Hello, Diet on hold until August. Just wondered if anyone else is pregnant? I am not dieting now but I intend maintain and not excessively gain during my pregnancy because I know how hard it is to lose ...
1 reply, last reply by KaraFitzpatrick, 5 years ago.   695 views.
started by effie.   
So what about alcohol when you are on a diet?
Hi Everyone! I am relatively new to this website and I was wondering what everyones thoughts are on drinking alcohol while on a diet? Has anyone had any success in dropping the weight while still enjoying ...
6 replies, last reply by k8yk, 5 years ago.   788 views.
started by kittie13.   
Are there any Crossfit people out there?
Hello folks! I'm new to fatsecret, just recently started working out doing crossfit. Are there other crossfitters out there? Hit me up, I'd like to know how you're making use of fatsecret. ...
2 replies, last reply by hamptondebra, 5 years ago.   949 views.
started by ccismarin.   
New here
Hello everyone! I am not really sure how to use fatsecret, but i'm up to learning how. I had gastric bypass a year ago (on the 20th of April), and i'm sitting at a plateau right now. I'm ...
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started by Kasi42787, 5 years ago.   
New to fat secrets and weight watchers. Please help motivate me. Ihave started walking with a friend
3 replies, last reply by g2k2001, 5 years ago.   1,641 views.
started by armywife.   
Seems like for me to be successful at all with this diet I am going to cut out my Happy Hours with friends.... Perhaps, too, as I get older, dieting and alcohol just don't seem to mix well...... ...
7 replies, last reply by Tressatnt, 5 years ago.   1,315 views.
started by Penskii.   
help! gaining while on menstral cycle
so i started my period a few days ago and i have been doing an hour of cardio a day and eatting around 1200cal a day and i just keep gaining.. :( ive gained a pound in the last two days, i know thats ...
16 replies, last reply by Kadidical, 5 years ago.   3,574 views.
started by jennyjarz.   
What am I doing wrong?
I need some advise PLEASE! I have been counting calories for MONTHS and excercising for 2-3 weeks. I am not losing weight! Not at all! One day I will be down a pound or two but the following day, I am ...
16 replies, last reply by Byrdface, 5 years ago.   1,466 views.
started by Byrdface.   
wanna laugh and cry together on our journey
It does sound simple, but takes patience and persistence. I weighed 186 when I started Atkins 3 weeks ago, am down to 182, but stalled at this point. I am encouraged by my ketostix today, which turned ...
6 replies, last reply by mabeth, 5 years ago.   896 views.
started by cherstb.   
wanna laugh and cry together on our journey
hi i was told to not do atkins counting calories. just got back on track as of yesterday.I had 1700 something calories yesterday and today it says 1500 something, but i have to add my popcorn ...
6 replies, last reply by mabeth, 5 years ago.   896 views.
started by cherstb.   
Things I lost and things I've found...
Since starting my journey, these are the top 10 things I have found out: 1. I really LIKE doing Fun Runs/Walks! 2. Excercising actually makes me feel better 3. I don't have to starve myself, I just ...
9 replies, last reply by busymary, 5 years ago.   1,310 views.
started by Mangrovejane.   
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Hi all - I am new to this program and Forum
Welcome and good luck fellow kiwi :) I am not in Rodney but not far away, Waitakere
by howzat4u on 31 Aug 15 06:40 PM
the page that we record food on, it wont let me on that page . it says it is having trouble with that (my RDI) and theyre working on it. this isnt the first x its happened. couldnt get on it the 27th due ...
by sjd2011 on 31 Aug 15 05:43 PM
How much on average a week is good weight loss?
totally agree, measurement are soooo much better, On one of the journal notes 1 person only lost 5 pounds after really working hard they thought a bit depressing until they measured themselves and guess ...
by dog147 on 31 Aug 15 02:51 PM
My first forum entry
Good luck! :)
by deepikakhosla on 31 Aug 15 02:38 PM
:? my RDI just froze up. Wat do i do know??
by sjd2011 on 31 Aug 15 12:51 PM
Where is everyone from?
Kentucky born and raised.
by terceStaF tnuoccA on 31 Aug 15 12:05 PM

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