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This site helped me reach my goal.
Here is a link to a great site I found with lots of recipes and tips that helped me reach my goal. Check it out and it may help you reach yours too. http://d4135fs6jg526s8gq7kduy9...
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started by beatlesfran, 6 years ago.   
18 and wanting to change!
3 days ago I had a revelation.... I've stacked on the weight this year. So I've started eating heaps of vegetables and fruit and I have so much energy and I'm so excited to start my new he ...
6 replies, last reply by Casey06, 6 years ago.   2,059 views.
started by Casey06.   
Scanning Barcodes ....
Yikes!! I just spent and hour trying to figure out how to scan a bar code on my 7 grain bread into my iphone. I did it about 3 times bit I couldn't explain to you how I do it. Anybody else as b ...
1 reply, last reply by candyann, 6 years ago.   866 views.
started by drbotto.   
Does anyone have any exercises you can do around the office?
I am wondering if anyone does anything other then fidgeting around the office, I need to get on a regimen to bust this belly and fidgeting for eight hours doesn't do much. I will take any ideas of ...
2 replies, last reply by dlnelson24, 6 years ago.   645 views.
started by dlnelson24.   
good day!
I don't have a scale. :( but did good on my cals and carbs today, and for the last few days, I hope I can keep it up, I know I can!!
2 replies, last reply by dlnelson24, 6 years ago.   1,065 views.
started by dlnelson24.   
Kitchen appliances geared toward weight loss.
I happened to be up late and I saw a infomercial for a oven type appliance. They were really pushing the health benefits of the device. It is called the Nuwave Oven. I wonder if anyone has one or have ...
31 replies, last reply by FitMrsPearson17, 6 years ago.   5,446 views.
started by bump98.   
I’m kinda proud of myself today
Hubby and I went to a Mexican restaurant and instead of inhaling the chips with salsa. I pulled four chips out and only ate those very slowly. When I placed my order I ask for a food container first, when ...
3 replies, last reply by Canajun, 6 years ago.   896 views.
started by Knightm.   
Day three
:lol: Third day and getting the hang of it.
1 reply, last reply by pinebeltgirl, 6 years ago.   617 views.
started by hedadacurve.   
why do i feel hungry all day?
so for the past maybe two weeks, my weight loss has STOPPED completely but i havent really gained anything. but i feel soo hungry all the time. i feel it hit the most about 20 mins after i had my meals ...
2 replies, last reply by sherilyn70, 6 years ago.   875 views.
started by crystalprz.   
Way to much rain in wisconsin. I need to get motivated. Please send some sun my way.
5 replies, last reply by jillfred13, 6 years ago.   1,078 views.
started by mishelle.   
I'm a newbie to fatsecret
Hi there...I'm a 46 yr old mother of 3 teenage kids. I have just started the Dukan Diet and was looking for any kind of support to lose the 20kgs I need to lose. Would be interested in becoming ...
5 replies, last reply by bronnygwen, 6 years ago.   1,562 views.
started by Kaz64.   
Weight loss 6 years after gastric bypass??
My mom is trying to lose weight. She had gastric bypass surgery about 6 years ago. I am going to direct her to this site so she can track what she's eating, but I'm wondering how many calories ...
1 reply, last reply by sooki, 6 years ago.   832 views.
started by ellyfranklin.   
since the begining of my "life change" I have lost 9 lbs. in 4 weeks....guess that is not so bad. I started on the doctors scales before joining fs, so overall, i am plwased with the progress. ...
1 reply, last reply by rjenkins27, 6 years ago.   1,000 views.
started by ruth703daniel.   
How does recipe entry work?
I just tried to enter one of my recipes but I had a problem. I can't figure out how you enter ingredients in recipe size proportions. Bringing the ingredient up just brings 1 serving proportions. ...
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started by dottie9, 6 years ago.   
Leg Cramps
Any suggestions for leg cramps at night? I expected these earlier in induction but they just recently started and I am on day 19.
5 replies, last reply by sarahsmum, 6 years ago.   1,390 views.
started by kboat562.   
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Hot Air Fryers
They are fabulous. We haven't even used the bbq since we got the airfryer. Does burgers, sausages, fries, whole chickens, breaded chicken, fish.......etc. Usually if you are using a light coating ...
by kathleendubchak on 29 May 17 12:30 AM
Crazy Diet Fads
Haha! Yeah, I drink 3.5-4.5L of water a day. I didn't think it could, but it cleared up my skin! I know when I'm not drinking enough because my lips get dry and my skin looks it& ...
by Kishlette on 28 May 17 09:34 PM
What does (*only some food) mean?
On the food entry page on the bottom (Day Summary:) you have to click this is exactly what I ate.
by RoseTampa on 28 May 17 09:05 PM
This does sound good! I used to skip breakfast everyday. I had 3 excuses. 1, I didn't want to get up any earlier then I had to. 2, I was to lazy to cook anything. I would rather go hungry and 3, it ...
by butterflygirl42 on 28 May 17 07:22 PM
Hormone therapy
Hormone therapy plays a big part in it! Christi is asking the right questions. It is hard to answer without some more facts. Also, what build are you?
by butterflygirl42 on 28 May 17 07:15 PM
Not new but newly active.
kishlette, I am kind of in the same boat in regards to being housebound. I do not have any real physical things wrong with me. They are all mental. I have been diagnosed with PTSD, Bipolar 1 and Borde ...
by butterflygirl42 on 28 May 17 07:05 PM

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