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Optifast transition
Hi, anyone out there still successfully losing weight once you have transitioned to partial Optifast only? Would love to hear some success stories.
4 replies, last reply by KatyD76, 5 years ago.   5,142 views.
started by alisak40.   
Cracker Barrel - Healthy Options?
Can anyone suggest some healthy menu options from Cracker Barrel? We're going there this week, and I don't want to blow my diet. (I'm trying to stay under 1,700 daily calories). I checked ...
8 replies, last reply by Jsauter, 5 years ago.   6,001 views.
started by stephnms.   
Back Fat and Bra Overhang
I'm getting married next month and wearing a strapless gown. I've lost over 20 pounds and the gown fits very nicely. The only problem is that I still have a bit of back fat that shows over the ...
11 replies, last reply by steadytejay, 5 years ago.   6,038 views.
started by SashaFierce.   
Anybody on WW or wanting to start
Hi I decided to try Weight Watchers on my own and lose all the weight I gained from my pregnancy. I want to lose at least 90 lbs. Wow can't believe thats how much I have to lose. But I'm not ...
3 replies, last reply by leenmorse, 5 years ago.   986 views.
started by lolita36.   
Don't waste your calories
Don't waste your daily calorie intake on drinks - it's amazing how many calories in even orange or apple juice. Save the calories for the good solid foodstuffs and drink water! I squirt a little ...
12 replies, last reply by GoCanucks10, 5 years ago.   2,161 views.
started by Adr58.   
Custom Exercises and Quick Pick
Is there a way to save custom exercise for later recall? I play drums in a bagpipe band, and I have to fudge the time I spend with a drum strapped to me, playing it. I also do TaeBo, for which I use heavy ...
3 replies, last reply by wheindl, 5 years ago.   976 views.
started by hmstix.   
this stinks!!!
All the walking, sweating, and watching what I eat and only ONE POUND!!!! This REALLY stinks. :evil:
5 replies, last reply by purrmorehissless, 5 years ago.   844 views.
started by dreese2.   
This is some of what I ate / This is exactly what I ate
What's the difference ? I always need to flag the "exactly" one, is there a way to make it deafault ? thanks
2 replies, last reply by chtamina, 5 years ago.   1,289 views.
started by chtamina.   
Induction Phase
Hi :) I am on 8th day of induction I was 150 lbs and now I weight 146.6 lbs. What should be the % in Protein, CArbs, Fat, that I should set in Fatsecret? Please help :) Thanks
2 replies, last reply by karbear45, 5 years ago.   1,196 views.
started by Alexandra halaris.   
duck recipe
Hi I'n new on here and am doing the Atkins plan, so I need a low carb and sugar free recipe for; Duck breast, can anyone help.... ;~) :d
6 replies, last reply by Bozzie, 5 years ago.   4,083 views.
started by Bozzie.   
What happened to the Weight Watchers Points Being tallied
Ive been away for 2 yrs and came back to start again and I am unable to get my food tracker to calculate WW points for me. Am I missing something??
11 replies, last reply by bruce1354, 5 years ago.   2,196 views.
started by RhondaChurch01.   
Faith Based Fitness
If you're a person of the (Christian) faith, would you be interested in a product such as this? I remember seeing a diet program that was fitness based, but that was a few years ago. I know my aunt ...
2 replies, last reply by Want2BFit, 5 years ago.   1,242 views.
started by Want2BFit.   
I've started!! Does it mean I'm now metabolizing fat instead of glucose? Does it mean I'm losing weight? Can I expect to feel differently? Dennis
3 replies, last reply by Jill-gill, 5 years ago.   745 views.
started by redsoxfan.   
what is the deal with sugar and induction ? i bought a vegatable that has 3 sugars but only 5 net carbs,,(frozen) is the sugar in that going to mess up induction.. ???:roll:
2 replies, last reply by karbear45, 5 years ago.   805 views.
started by brooklyngirl38.   
Ok, please tell me why (thought to be a reputable source for fitness and diet information) displayed this article: Coconut Oil Detox Overview The c ...
9 replies, last reply by russellb97, 5 years ago.   1,173 views.
started by leahl.   
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Drastic Measures
Most of my diet was only a 500 calorie a day deficit,(1300c) it was only the last few days I reduced my total RDI to 500 per day as I want to clear the last few pounds.
by Barney45 on 29 Apr 16 04:57 PM
Let this not be your future...Someone please call 911
I have been fat shamed. I didn't care though. I usually just beat their asses and I felt better as I watched them lay on the ground trying to catch the breath I knocked out of their guts. We all deal ...
by knuckles the mgtow monk on 29 Apr 16 03:18 PM
what to eat? How to build muscles
lol very funny ieGod
by pattychaney on 29 Apr 16 02:14 PM
Weigh ins
Any advise on up and down weigh ins ???
by juliano209 on 29 Apr 16 10:28 AM
Site seems to be getting outdated isn't it?
I signed up for MyFitnessPal and really liked that feature on that site. I've stuck with Fat Secret though because I like the way it handles daily food/exercise calories better and I like the people!
by Vickie 5966 on 29 Apr 16 09:29 AM
Believe it or not
I've found that the calories burned during the activities on this site are very accurate when comparing it to weight lost. Precis, those figures would vary a good bit depending one someones ...
by Diablo360x on 29 Apr 16 08:46 AM

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