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How many grams of fat and carbs per day?
That's not how it works. In order to continue to lose weight, you need to have a calorie deficiency every day. The carbs/fat/protein should be kept at a reasonable ratio, but there's really no ...
1 reply, last reply by JenJen79, 6 years ago.   748 views.
started by TessArooo.   
words to hate when it comes losing weight!!
I'm sure we all have words that make us cringe when it comes to our changing lifestyles... The word I dislike the most lately is..... CHEAT!!!... It drives me insane to hear someone say they &qu ...
39 replies, last reply by Rnbwgrl, 6 years ago.   2,291 views.
started by amy1flite.   
New to Fat Secret
Confused about RDI and Calories burned. I set my info for 1/2 weight loss per week. My RDI say 2600. I assume if I have 2600 calories per day I will lose on average 1/2 pound per week. On the exercise ...
2 replies, last reply by averagemo, 6 years ago.   518 views.
started by yasara.   
seborrich dermititis
I have seborrich dermitis, will hcg have any effect on this, will i breakout
1 reply, last reply by averagemo, 6 years ago.   655 views.
started by driley.   
Has anyone that has stopped having their period and started the injection of HCG started spotting? I would like to know if this temporary. Thanks
1 reply, last reply by k8yk, 6 years ago.   478 views.
started by DJ scarlett.   
I am yellow!
Woo hoo I turned yellow! I thought it would be at my half way point.. but that is not for 6 more lbs.. but I dont care I am yellow!
9 replies, last reply by Ceebee, 6 years ago.   1,230 views.
started by Ceebee.   
Hi.........New here! Let's get acquainted!
Hi everyone!! ;) I am so happy to be a part of fatsecret. I love journaling my food on my phone. I travel a lot during the summer and it is great for me. I have only been doing this for about 3 weeks, ...
4 replies, last reply by Naiomy, 6 years ago.   547 views.
started by Tanyapmc.   
Tips for putting on some weight but staying healthy
I have just discovered this app on my Android phone and have started recording my meals as much as I can. Anybody got any tips for good foods for me to eat to help me get to my daily calories and RDI ...
8 replies, last reply by AikiHawkeye, 6 years ago.   1,473 views.
started by Fremlin.   
I hate restaraunts...
Seriously, a Turkey Burger at Ruby Tuesday's has over 1000 calories. That doesn't include the fries. Got dragged there with coworkers for lunch today, and glad I had my BB App and checked! ...
23 replies, last reply by Jsauter, 6 years ago.   3,440 views.
started by msawyer13.   
I hate restaraunts...
This is more common than you think. There are some salads out there at 1200 calories! Most restaurants serve way too much food as a meal. The problem is that if they served a decent normal serving, most ...
23 replies, last reply by Jsauter, 6 years ago.   3,440 views.
started by msawyer13.   
I've just started telling people. "Sorry, my doctor has me on a strict plan and I can't deviate from it anymore this week." That usually gets people to back off. Or just take the food ...
15 replies, last reply by Jessica Rabbit, 6 years ago.   1,698 views.
started by eceipretSAM.   
What would you eat if you only had 1200 calories to spend?
Help. I was doing SO great for a couple months with diet and exercise and all the running I was doing, but I pulled a muscle in my last 10 mile run and I've been "sitting" for almost 2 ...
14 replies, last reply by SuzanneJ, 6 years ago.   2,089 views.
started by Tressatnt.   
fatsecret needs /ignore
I almost never read any of the posts regarding hcg or whatever it is called. I was board and I read one and I could not believe what I read... the statement by tmpfl was so hateful and horrible. I r ...
5 replies, last reply by Ceebee, 6 years ago.   1,432 views.
started by Ceebee.   
updated my exercise equipment today.
have everything i might need. done an hour and a half circut and feel fab !!! :d
no replies.   696 views.
started by bouncy k, 6 years ago.   
Can't find "no cheese" pizza option in Fat Secret
I use Fat Secret on my Blackberry, but it looks like the food lists on the web are the same. I need to enter CHEESE-FREE pizza, and I don't see it. This is important, because I'll bet that cheese ...
7 replies, last reply by PonyGirlMom, 6 years ago.   1,722 views.
started by PonyGirlMom.   
Lunch meats
I was wondering what kind of lunch meat I can eat. We are taking the boys to a water park on July 4th. I know I can not eat the bread but I am going to need something to eat. I am on phase one. Any ...
4 replies, last reply by Kazoo, 6 years ago.   1,182 views.
started by dawnhite7778.   
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Why you don't lose weight?
im just saying (and im sorry for hitting the Post-button, i thought i deleted) 1. im just saying there IS a thing as the starve-mode! 2. You DO have to eat less then you use in order to lose weight. ...
by puhpine1 on 21 Oct 16 07:08 PM
Helps you feel fuller longer
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My sister and I are on here if you would like to buddie up with us :) Mary Jones and Tammie Wilson
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How do I edit
If you've already added, for example, a sandwich in your food diary, you can click on it, go to bottom right of the page and change the "1" to 1/2 or 0.5 If you've searched for a food ...
by Doobrie on 21 Oct 16 03:09 AM
what to do!
Halo Kiwi wrote: go to bed Lol ......what I was going to say
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How im getting by
Yes, 0 calories for sparkling water vs 140 for a Coca Cola (my usual preference when drinking a soda).
by Joe800mw on 20 Oct 16 03:51 PM

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