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For those of you looking for low-calories meals. . . .
check out and search for Eileen Devlin's posts. It is a very good site regardless but she is starting to post easy recipes that dieters would be interested in also.
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started by dsylikm, 4 years ago.   
low excercise level
if i only burn say.... 500 cals a day (other then normal daily activities) does that mean i should only eat 400 cals? i am not losing much weight by eating 1200 cals and only burning off just a few.
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started by fallen angel.   
got burned on someones calorie info
I went to applebees the other day and looked through the database and saw that the quesadilla burger was only 520 cals...I thought that this was great. It fit into my daily allowance so I ordered it with ...
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started by vham8.   
Weigh In help
Hello, I am new to FatSecret. I must be missing a step in doing the weigh in process. How do I update my weight? LML
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started by LML.   
all alone
Hello ery1 my name is apple and I live in new york city. I was wonderin if there were any new yorkers here lookin 4 an excersice buddy. I'm 23 and can really use the motivation. Thanks:)
1 reply, last reply by rita730, 4 years ago.   754 views.
started by appleheadmwa.   
Really need a buddy to help me lose 50+ pounds!!!
Im 20 years old I have a wedding coming up in March and I really wanna lose as much as i can by then I really need someone that can email me or really text me would be better through out the day to keep ...
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started by nicoleandmichael.   
remamber: NOTHING tastes as GOOD as THIN FEELS!
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started by 8_ladybug.   
Stuck in the Flat Syndrom
I am stuck in my flat most of the time. I live in a desert so it's to hot to go running outside and I can't always get to the gym. I am getting tired of doing the same old excercises. Does anyone ...
7 replies, last reply by cmreilly9, 4 years ago.   2,072 views.
started by Dahling.   
new me
I weigh 297lbs how many points should I be eating?
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started by lulu13.   
Need to stay focused, 5 year BC surviver
need help with staying away from carbs and fats, not very active...joining CURVES on this weekend, just need support and encouragement in making the best food choices, open for any new exciting and he ...
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started by snobymom, 4 years ago.   
Stall Cleaning?
O.K. all you other horse people, what do you use for your exercise list for cleaning stalls? I used shoveling, but that is really more strenous that cleaning stalls. Just curious....
5 replies, last reply by jessyline, 4 years ago.   2,611 views.
started by Doggiegirl1.   
TOPS - Food Exchange
Hi Everyone, Just putting in a note regarding TOPS. I just joined a couple of months ago and it is great. The wonderful thing about TOPS is that it is just a weight loss support group. It is not a ...
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started by Dolphie97, 4 years ago.   
Does it seem at times that the diet gods are against you? Have you ever noticed as your eating your way in to oblivian that life seems to be going as smooth as the groceries going down your throat...and ...
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started by BCLenny.   
No Lites
What is the exchange for no LA Lites? What do I add to my plan? A starch and a protein? Does this change my original plan? I am on plan 3. Would I go to Plan 4 with no Lites?
1 reply, last reply by herekittykitty, 4 years ago.   1,001 views.
started by MariahLane.   
Name Change
I was wondering how I change the name that people will see when the see anything that I have been doing? If it says now that I am AKillebrew, how can I get it to say something else?
1 reply, last reply by sari1523, 4 years ago.   884 views.
started by AKillebrew.   
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Hello All
Hello Lolette :) I have been on and off from here, but it is a great site and tool. I am on the low carb diet too (atkins mostly) and it works! I let go myself about a year ago and gained 20 lbs :( I ...
by mamilinda on 20 Aug 14 10:05 AM
Gastric Bypass
I am :) 11 years ago.
by mamilinda on 20 Aug 14 10:02 AM
Finding a Chocolate Truffle in the Rain by Geneen Roth
FullaBella wrote: [quote=corif... men in my family are shamed by both men and women if we are lazy or not effective provider. This is a negative pressure but it does have the positive result of making ...
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Tim Noakes Banting diet
Is it safe this is what Tim Noakes thinks disclaimer: "The authors cannot be held responsible or liable for the decisions and actions which readers undertake as a result of reading this content.& ...
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Viewing diet buddies food diary
If you click on the person (you can click on my name or Draglist - we're both open to everyone), click on the "view full journal" underneath of my/his picture. Then you will see each ...
by DarleneW101 on 20 Aug 14 06:12 AM
cooking for my family
I'm also one that loves to cook. I've changed to cooking much healthier to fit my plan. Lots more vegetables, exploring various cuisines, and trying different ingredients,
by wholefoodnut on 20 Aug 14 04:30 AM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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