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hello there
i'm hsiao. call me that. im 21 going on 22. and im 170 cm and 60 kg. i decided to go to diet coz i just want to stay healty. and having a better figure of course. im looking for friends so we can ...
2 replies, last reply by hsiaoyence, 5 years ago.   1,105 views.
started by hsiaoyence.   
What is my WW point allowance? 5'4" 56 yrs.
5 replies, last reply by hummingbird5, 5 years ago.   1,715 views.
started by Corbly.   
Just Joined FatSecret
Ending first week of working out and getting healthy. Started eating better too. All the other efforts I've tried I never committed to tracking workouts and making an effort to understand diet. ...
2 replies, last reply by Adr58, 5 years ago.   619 views.
started by jbradley66.   
Looking to Make Friends
Hi I'm Chickie. I'm here to make friends so I started which points to a group here on FatSecret called Walk-n-Talk. I like to talk on my cell phone when I go ...
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started by chickie9999, 5 years ago.   
Help with Exercise and a bad back!
Hi - Now I have lost a good bit of my weight and my bad back is all the more better - could anyone give me some home (not gym) tips for toning the hips , arms and stomach. Is there a certain type of ...
2 replies, last reply by chickie9999, 5 years ago.   571 views.
started by Jill-gill.   
The diet solution
I am so tired of counting calories. Has anyone tried the diet solution program? Was it easy to follow? Would you recommend it?
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started by mimixoxo, 5 years ago.   
I just made a MM based on the recipe I got from kmartin. I want to enter it into my foods but I can't find it. So how do I enter ingredients and get all the nutrition data to come up.
1 reply, last reply by cmmtina27, 5 years ago.   490 views.
started by bridie88.   
Hi ladies and gents, my name is Jenny and im new to this site, ive been scopping it out for the past few days and so far i think that this just might be what i needed to loose the rest of this weight. ...
1 reply, last reply by FLOWERDUDE, 5 years ago.   750 views.
started by jennyjarz.   
Sugar Substitutes
I hear that sugar substitutes are really bad for you. I remember reading somewhere that all of the industry-sponsored studies on aspartame claimed that there was no problem with it. Too me it smells a ...
15 replies, last reply by Toddsgal, 5 years ago.   2,637 views.
started by esh.   
Crossfit And Zone
well everyone ive been doing this combination of crossfit and the zone and im lovin it. i just wanted to share this with every one and also the workouts can be scaled i will add all links in here. ive ...
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started by jruggles, 5 years ago.   
just wanted to share crossfit and zone with everyone =D
well everyone ive been doing this combination of crossfit and the zone and im lovin it. i just wanted to share this with every one and also the workouts can be scaled i will add all links in here. ive ...
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started by jruggles, 5 years ago.   
I'm new ... how do you???
Hello fellow fatsecret folks! I am new today and have the first of many questions. I made homemade Taco Soup last night and want to have it for lunch. How do you add homemade items to your daily in ...
9 replies, last reply by alleyrlt, 5 years ago.   1,453 views.
started by alleyrlt.   
buddy to text!
hi, i'm dia. i need to lose about 50 pounds, i'm 17, almost 18, & i'm looking for someone who would possibly text me & help keep me on track. obviously you won't have to post your ...
10 replies, last reply by chickie9999, 5 years ago.   2,955 views.
started by dianadelosmuertos.   
I have started participating in an TRX exercise program. I have been unable to get calorie burning information. I really do not see any exercise program that I would feel comfortable using for the c ...
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started by Gaol 115, 5 years ago.   
Adding exercises
How do you add an exercise that is not in the exercise list? I teach water aerobics, deep and shallow and want to add them on the days i have classes.
7 replies, last reply by Gaol 115, 5 years ago.   2,302 views.
started by carrieve.   
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Eat less than your RDI and you will lose weight. ie. if you eat on average 2200 calories a day you should lose approximately 2 pounds a week.
by RyanMark on 30 Jul 15 10:05 AM
HOW to change USER Name
Can anyone tell me how to change my user name? You know, the name you see when i post something? I have tried settings, bio, profile, etc...but cant seem to find it. Thanks!
by Nicole Strong Barrett on 30 Jul 15 09:11 AM
Ticker Tag
I am getting the error messages for months now, nothing you can do. They will fix it eventually, then it will work for a few months then get broken again LOL
by snezica on 30 Jul 15 09:02 AM
Throwback Thursday!
Wonderful. Good job.
by ClassicRocker on 30 Jul 15 08:43 AM
Nutrimost Resonant Frequency
Don't pay someone for you to lose weight. You can do it yourself by changing how you eat and exercise. There is no magic solution. The "diet" industry is huge because they feed on people ...
by wholefoodnut on 30 Jul 15 07:15 AM
Thoughts on Viennas
Agreed lots of sodium and chemicals. You can find a better option.
by wholefoodnut on 30 Jul 15 07:08 AM

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