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Food item not found?
If I can't find something in the food list can I add it? I've been looking, but I can't find anything. Help please!
2 replies, last reply by Rach87, 5 years ago.   439 views.
started by arizonaprincessx.   
I am currently on my way to becoming a vegetarian, but I continually am eating the same meals every day. Does anyone know where I can go to find some vegetarian meals or does anyone have any recipes?
7 replies, last reply by pocohontas, 5 years ago.   1,074 views.
started by findingfitnessforever.   
HELP! I need recipes my family will like!
I am sure every wife/mom out there has the same problem but my family rarely eats american food. Any latinas have some good <HEALTHY> recipes for our gorditos at home? Food is like gold in our ...
4 replies, last reply by pocohontas, 5 years ago.   890 views.
started by valh1.   
Work Out Buddy
I go to the Gym in Petaluma CA is there anyone who would like to work out with me in the area? If so Email me
no replies.   397 views.
started by SAROASH, 5 years ago.   
Weight Training Programs
I made this topic because I want to see what everyone's favorite weight program is. Personally I use a sports focused program and have gone up in squats from 200 to 285 as my max, bench from 140 to ...
1 reply, last reply by findingfitnessforever, 5 years ago.   379 views.
started by Jshenker.   
How Does FS define Resting? vs. Sitting?
so you when you're entering your caloric output in the fitness area and say you had a day in where you just sat and watched T.V. or in my case watched T.V. and on computer doing research (but let& ...
4 replies, last reply by SturgeonQueen, 5 years ago.   925 views.
started by Ambition.   
Jump roping?
That's my favourite exercise, but it's not listed. u.u Could it possibly be added?
2 replies, last reply by Ambition, 5 years ago.   633 views.
started by Ahhhmee.   
Workout DVDs
I'm in need of some good workout dvds. The ones I have are mostly for strength/toning and I need some cardio...something to really get my heart rate up. Does anyone have any suggestions?
5 replies, last reply by Ambition, 5 years ago.   660 views.
started by sweetsteph.   
Saying No!
When in a crowd or even just with another person, it is so hard for me to say no! I've had ice cream and pizza today when I went to lunch with a friend, and fish and chips when I took the kids to get ...
9 replies, last reply by faithgirlfl, 5 years ago.   907 views.
started by Chancelet.   
Am I hurting my husbands health?
My husband has diabetes and heart disease. I cannot convince him to do the Atkins diet with me. I know that it would be beneficial to him but I have also decided that it has to be his choice to make ...
2 replies, last reply by nino66, 5 years ago.   496 views.
started by nino66.   
creating a meal on iPhone
Does FatSecret support the creation of a meal on the iPhone that can then be chosen rather than entering all of the individual foods? It is available on line and I have created them there. However, I ...
no replies.   333 views.
started by u2jimbo, 5 years ago.   
done with Atkins
I have been doing Atkins for A WHILE. I started with only 10 lbs to lose and it doesn't work for me. I am going back to lower cal and exercise...couldn't get any slower anyway. Any motivational ...
12 replies, last reply by mahara, 5 years ago.   1,033 views.
started by lmd180.   
Lots of Questions in One Post
Hi Everyone! First, a big all-around THANK YOU to everyone who has been so kind and giving with their experiences, knowledge, thoughts and suggestions! I have a few remaining nagging questions and t ...
no replies.   393 views.
started by LilMsPurrfect, 5 years ago.   
Hi my name is Joan, I live in Kentucky. I have reached my goal at Weight Watchers, but would like to get away from so much processed, and sweet stuff. I am married, this August will be 12 years. I am ...
no replies.   377 views.
started by JoanMac, 5 years ago.   
Food that is not listed.
Can anyone tell me if there is a way to add food items that are not listed? Thanks in advance, Joan;)
1 reply, last reply by adrianna123, 5 years ago.   695 views.
started by JoanMac.   
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Feature request: Make-your-own Food Diary selection
No idea,on android. I have an iPhone and have given up on it for tracking. I use my windows tablet or lap top,or sometimes I access it from my work computer.
by wholefoodnut on 01 Apr 15 05:28 PM
Sedentary much?
Mine yo yos depensive on season. Am farm labourer so when chasing stock around on hill I get fit (tailing, weaning etc) but when its paddock work driving around just checking stock getting out to open ...
by AKRSAR on 01 Apr 15 05:09 PM
The start of a new way
Welcome. Good luck.
by SandraALCF on 01 Apr 15 02:29 PM
(sensitive) subject
It's a long, slow process. Stick with it. It'll be worth it in the end.
by SandraALCF on 01 Apr 15 02:26 PM
Building muscle & reducing fat without exercise?
The same applies to women, but the process is much slower in women than in men. I don't know exactly ho long it would take to build a pound of muscle without exercise, but I think that would be de ...
by SandraALCF on 01 Apr 15 02:21 PM
Depression and Pain
Stay encouraged and connected! You will be amazed what people will do to support you.
by Satin Doll55 on 01 Apr 15 01:43 PM

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