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Make RDI changes retroactive to a specific date?
I've been trying to determine my RDI and over the past few days I've learned that the RDI that I initially put in is wayyyy low based on the intensity and amount of exercise I'm doing. I& ...
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started by JDuc, 4 years ago.   
Droid brought me here
I also found this site on my Droid phone first, looking for an application on the phone that would let me count my WW points on the go. SOOO happy to find the application and this site! And yes, the bar ...
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started by pdblizzard.   
Favourite Films-Dare you to give a sentence review!
Mine: "Hiroshima Mon Amour," is a cerebral, intense, lovingly intercultural look at sanity and war in the 1950s.
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started by shannontegeler.   
Anyone know of any "freezer friendly" recipes?
I'm looking for some recipes that allow me to make a large amount at one time and freeze the rest to reheat on days I dont have time to cook. Any suggestions?
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started by gllove.   
Well, I am down 2.4 lb since Monday. I didnt feel well yesterday, but I still ended up eating and getting 2 atkins shakes down with a small salad. I am so happy. People, you will stall, but dont give up. ...
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started by adrianna123.   
I just joined yesterday, I really hope this helps me on my diet or rather healthier lifestyle journey. It is so hard to keep on track, I try to eat right, but being at work makes it even worse...:(
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started by nurset.   
Just a Hello from Toronto
Just found this aplication on my Blackberry 9700 , great app and it took me to sign up and keep track of my calories, protein, and carb intake. Im just dropping by to say hi, lol I lift and im fit ,just ...
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started by itsfitness, 4 years ago.   
People! Please! Stop shoving food on me!!!
I love this site; I wish I had discovered something like this in the past. I figured I would get involved in this community so I’m going to post about something that is frustrating to me. I’m thinking ...
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started by clint1202.   
Is it bad to have three cups of popcorn with 1 tbsp with light butter EVERY day, if it is a part of my plan (a starch and fat)?;)
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started by dayzeeray.   
Has any seen or tried the Isoflex protein bars, they state that there is 330 calories in a bar, they are huge, they are 29 grams of carbs 2grams of fiber and 26 grams of sugar alcohol, so that means there ...
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started by ConnieM, 4 years ago.   
pumpkin nut bread...yummmm ^_^
and yes i know its not allowed but i was given one by a freind today homemade baked fresh and so i hadda little sliver..was went a bit over my carb intake for the day, but sure ill be ...
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started by dawdevil.   
Excersize Log
Does anyone know if its possible to set your exercise log to your own personal defaults? If so, how? Thanks!!
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started by Larrydb321, 4 years ago.   
hi...i just joined today !
I don't even know where to begin...i like the idea of having help and friends...and advice. it's all crazy for me...i'll be 50 this year. i think i'm just fatter because i've been ...
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started by mortikai.   
realized today that since ive begun the atkins way of life i have dropped 4 inches..and about 15lbs so doing perty good today is gonna be my first day to try to bunp up my ncs and go to owl...i been ...
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started by dawdevil.   
how do i add pics?
hi, i'm new, how do i change my avatar or add pics?
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started by heylilbunny, 4 years ago.   
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