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color bars
Can anyone tell me what the color bars mean and how can I can see mine?
4 replies, last reply by MomofTwoGirls, 6 years ago.   2,275 views.
started by marlenapenguin.   
What is Up??
:evil: I started dieting 6/7. I started gradually first by reducing my caloric intake [from whatever it was!!!] to between 1200 - 1500 calories, watching first just the fat and sugar. I keep a food j ...
16 replies, last reply by mrs88, 6 years ago.   3,049 views.
started by GurlTellem.   
Shape Up shoes
I was wondering does anyone have them. If so what do you think of them. I know Sears has some by LA Gear on sale this week for 29.99. Does anyone have these? If so what do you think of them. I am debating ...
4 replies, last reply by Mkaleokalani, 6 years ago.   807 views.
started by Mkaleokalani.   
Stuck in the middle AGAIN
Well I am happy to report I finally acquired a job. YAY I have been here about a month now. I believe as far as affecting my diet it has its good and its bad. I think its good because I sit here and dont ...
1 reply, last reply by karbear45, 6 years ago.   897 views.
started by batesx83.   
Stuck in the middle AGAIN
If you don't log your food faithfully, then there can be no meaningful recommendation. No one knows how much you are eating. If you decide to log your food this means measuring it by volume or weight ...
1 reply, last reply by karbear45, 6 years ago.   897 views.
started by batesx83.   
Anyone out there that works in a kitchen for a living, ex: chef,cook etc...
Hi I am going to start culinary school at the end of the month and I want to continue to lose weight. I would like any ideas on how it can be done.I plan on eating about 600 cals during the day and ke ...
no replies.   470 views.
started by zacali, 6 years ago.   
Dinner menus and how I'm outnumbered!
My husband and teenage son are not on anything approaching Atkins. In fact, the more potatoes you include, the more they like it! I don't mind making *a* starch, but there are some meals (say, hot ...
5 replies, last reply by TheChunkyOne, 6 years ago.   2,084 views.
started by TheOneAfter909.   
Anyone having troubles passing a BM?
I know it is kind of an awkward question. I am not constipated I just haven't had a bowel movement in about three days. I know that means I need fiber but has anyone else been having this problem? ...
42 replies, last reply by Gabriel Black, 6 years ago.   5,616 views.
started by LifesALilHectic.   
Free Women's Self Defense Class on Aug. 14 in Princeton, IL
As you can guess from my username, I'm a big fan of Karate as a form of exercise. A friend of mine is offering a free women's self defense class on Aug. 14. This is a great opportunity to try out ...
no replies.   861 views.
started by FatKarateKa, 6 years ago.   
Weight Tracker
If you entered a incorrect weight on a prior day is it possible to remove that weight entry or correct it? Thank you
1 reply, last reply by Devin1974, 6 years ago.   1,026 views.
started by dmcbroom.   
Going to go to Zumba tonight with a friend! So excited! I hope I don't make a total fool of myself!
3 replies, last reply by dawnisia, 6 years ago.   1,089 views.
started by dawnisia.   
Need a Buddy - Any Canadians?
Hi all just joined. What a great blackberry app! Looking for any fellow dieters in the 30 to 40 year old range to motivate and help encourage each other. I live in Ontario and have gained close to 15 ...
no replies.   1,486 views.
started by qteecurlz, 6 years ago.   
OK, I have been dieting and exercising for the past 3 months. Lost 15 pounds. Last week I had my A1C blood test, I am thinking it will be awesome and I will be able to get off the 2 metformin tablets I ...
2 replies, last reply by karbear45, 6 years ago.   1,456 views.
started by walnut icecream.   
OK It is Aug 2 2010....right? I joined a challenge that starts Aug 2 but it still has 2 hours before it starts. The challenge is run by someone in the USA. I'm in Canada. The time can be dif ...
1 reply, last reply by karbear45, 6 years ago.   884 views.
started by fairmamma.   
It sure is hard to keep to this site when never get responses to anything. I feel so alone and thought this site would help.:(
26 replies, last reply by Healthymom42, 6 years ago.   5,398 views.
started by CIDKO.   
Net carbs
Hi I am new this my forst post and I have a question .Can the the carb counter be set for net carbs ? thanks Jim8)
4 replies, last reply by candyann, 6 years ago.   1,579 views.
started by Jim T.   
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just new here this morning
Hi there!! I am also new here. Hope you can reach your goals
by 26 mile diary on 27 May 17 04:33 AM
Changing tablet
I'm thinking of changing my tablet from my Android tablet to a Windows 10 tablet. Can I take my fatsecrets app from my Android tablet to a Windows 10 tablet and keep all my information if so how do ...
by John Tutin on 27 May 17 03:52 AM
Looking for someone with similar statistics :)
For what it's worth, I think some of the advice may be a little harsh here. I've been quite similar in terms of statistics and I really don't think I need or needed counselling, I didn't ...
by Kishlette on 26 May 17 11:40 PM
Crazy Diet Fads
The lighter side of things! To take out minds off of things for a few. I was wondering what is the craziest/weirdest thing anyone has ever tried for a diet or weight loss regimen before? Be honest no one ...
by butterflygirl42 on 26 May 17 10:14 PM
Workout Today
Bigger muscle groups require more calories to run efficiently, Always give your body a chance to recover whatever muscle group you just worked out. Preferred 2 days minimum. If you have a trainer I'm ...
by Euro_trash on 26 May 17 09:28 PM
Hot Air Fryers
Yes,i have an Air-fryer,love it! Chicken is great in it.get one!you will use it every day!
by kackleful on 26 May 17 07:28 PM

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