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How to help someone you love
My boyfriend is about 150lbs or more overweight. He is 55 years old and has been overweight all his life. Since I have been seeing him I have lost 60lbs and I am still going. I used to be like him. ...
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started by ewhitaker.   
I found this web site by accident yesterday just wanted to let ou know that this is the best web site I have ever found. I have been looking for something like this for years/ Kee up the great job. I ...
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started by Barb Lane, 4 years ago.   
Beginner having trouble.HELP>>>>
Hi out there.I am having trouble entering food in my diet calender. I have only started today ,so have no history to copy.But when i type in a new food.(My breakfast ) for example ,it wont accept it. ...
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started by Linda H.   
Cooking for myself
me too !all vegies in a plastic steamer for the microwave nobody else like the taste of it so haha I just do me !
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started by Dinaz, 4 years ago.   
Importance of an accurate scale, and some tips.
I wanted to share this information because I find myself telling this story to a bunch of people... I know what works for me, and I've seen other people struggle with some things. 1) Get a good ...
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started by zimmer62, 4 years ago.   
Importance of an accurate scale, and some tips.
Doh, I just realized the topic should read importance, not Importants Sorry for any of my grammar or spelling issues ;)
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started by zimmer62, 4 years ago.   
Online and Local Buddies Wanted ^^
I am a young rather shy and quiet girl from Toronto, Canada. With that being said I love meeting new people but rarely have the time. Any buddy requests would be happily accepted :3
1 reply, last reply by xGeminix, 4 years ago.   354 views.
started by 5ynny50rr0w.   
Frustrated - Syncing with Itouch
I purchased a family members itouch off them - they had previously used fatsecret. The itouch was reverted to factory settings and I re-downloaded it, synced it to my own Itunes and her info is STILL ...
1 reply, last reply by skrittter, 4 years ago.   509 views.
started by Lilmonke.   
kind of concerned
not sure I am getting enough calories looking in my stuff should I be concerned and also looking potentially for a new diet
3 replies, last reply by IrishGrandma, 4 years ago.   627 views.
started by catlady496.   
Q about adding a recipe...
Hello, I "submitted" two recipes but did not click the "share" button. I just wanted to see how the numbers worked out on them and also be able to add them to my daily food diary. ...
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started by KimHardesty.   
Raw veg on Atkins – any suggestions
I prepare my 12 net carbs of veg in the a.m. so I can keep track of my intake, but here's my problem; I prefer my veggies raw so I tend to lean towards salad types. Consequently I have to prepare ...
3 replies, last reply by DeniseTra, 4 years ago.   505 views.
started by maria369.   
phase 1 to 2
How long should i stay on phase 1 before i start phase 2. I know the book says 2 weeks.
3 replies, last reply by DeniseTra, 4 years ago.   543 views.
started by dewitt toensing.   
Ruff 1st Week...
Looking for early dieting advice after gaining during 1st believed to be successful? :? I know the body wants to hang on but...
2 replies, last reply by kanan123, 4 years ago.   470 views.
started by MrsTalley.   
Linking the BB app to your online account....
Does anyone know how to link your BB App to your online account - I originally foudn this on my BB app store....and loved it so much I wanted to have access anyway I want! If anyone knows where I need ...
6 replies, last reply by kanan123, 4 years ago.   785 views.
started by Kelly Vega.   
New and Determined!
Hello Everyone!! I am excited about using this website/bb app to really bring to my attention my eating and excercise habits (or lack of :). I am 32 and have been married a little over 2 years. Eve ...
3 replies, last reply by fonseca97, 4 years ago.   436 views.
started by rseman.   
Is It Possible to Lose 4lbs a Week?
I know that alot of Professionals say that loosing from .5lbs to 2lbs a week is normal and Healthy, But is 4lbs a week Not healthy? I mean, If you watch the Biggest loser they lose like 10lbs a week and ...
9 replies, last reply by DReno, 4 years ago.   30,746 views.
started by Beautiful95828.   
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How Often Do you weigh yourself?
I always wait until the end of the month....
by HereisMYsecret34 on 02 Sep 14 04:33 AM
I'm going to try this Atkins thing:)
Atkins is a lifestyle and if you think it is a quick fix then forget about doing it. You start at induction and complete all 4 phases..and NEVER a cheat...after you have accomplished this then it is m ...
by Re-energize on 02 Sep 14 12:54 AM
how can I boost my metabolism and decrease my body's resistance?
Lower calories and/or increase activity. There is no trick. Weigh all foods and be honest with every bite. It's a simple matter of calories in vs. calories out. No gimmicks, no ridiculous star ...
by Diablo360x on 02 Sep 14 12:25 AM
Posting my formula for pain relief here also
Mummydee, your link is very informative, thank you.m
by wholefoodnut on 01 Sep 14 08:10 PM
40-50g Carb challenge
brenda joyce spencer wrote: i have to eat 20 to 25 carbs i dont do net carbs i have a hard time losing weight i think it is because i have a bad thyroid am on med for it . I've been on thyroid meds ...
by mummydee on 01 Sep 14 07:48 PM
drinking water strategy
I'm simply thirsty most f the time. Side affect of asthma drugs and doc when I was a kid who started me drinking lots of water. I used to get horrible kidney infections, as long as I drink lots of ...
by wholefoodnut on 01 Sep 14 06:55 PM

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by member Lucky765
This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
05 Jan 14 for diet Atkins