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Future Brides
Hi! I am getting married in April 2011 and want to be able to look at my wedding pictures and smile. I also want to be able to start my marriage as a healthy woman. I would love to lose another 50 p ...
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started by nean_3782, 5 years ago.   
Today is my 6th day of Phase 2 on HHCG
I love this... I am dropping pounds like I had never done so before! I am glad I decided to do this!
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started by maripera.   
New girl on the block
Hey everyone :) I've had fat secret as an app on my BlackBerry for quite awhile now and decided to check out the site today. I like it so far, it's nice to be able to log and browse around and ...
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started by Noodle86.   
Equipment free workouts?
Hey Folks! I'm going to "Philosophy Camp" (lovingly called the hippie commune by my friends lol) in a matter of days, I'm excited, it's a program held on a farm for a month and ...
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started by ShortCinnamon.   
How to nutritionally count marinades?
I made an AWESOME seared tuna steak last night and was adding the ingredients for the recipe. However, most of the marinade was discarded and not eaten. I'm wondering how people count marinades when ...
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started by vchuchman, 5 years ago.   
Learn How to Eat - Learn How to Live
I came across this article this morning and I thought that I would share it with the community. Many of us KNOW a good portion of this information, but it is never a bad idea to reinforce it! [url=h ...
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started by vchuchman, 5 years ago.   
Weight Watchers Progress at a Snail's Pace
I have just completed my 3rd full week of WW and all I have to show is a 1.6 lb weight loss. That's just about 1/2 lb per week. I feel like I'm trying so hard, following the program and working ...
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started by Mette.   
fascinating maths
I did some geeky calculations today, which I'll summarise here because I thought the results were cool and interesting. When I started my stats were 35.6% body fat and 46.6% water (by my wee scales). ...
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started by smartoak.   
Just want to say that amungst all of our angst about this journey there are constant pearls of wisdom popping up. I don't believe Kimm that it is your mission in life to carry all of us along the ...
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started by geraldine 51.   
Motivation buddy?
Hey All! Im 25/F and look'en to loose about 20 pounds. Im not a big dieter, I just want to do it right by changing my eating habits and exercising. If only it was as easy as that hey?! I do love the ...
10 replies, last reply by Runesinger, 5 years ago.   2,534 views.
started by ShiningSttar.   
Caveman Diet
Has anyone attempted or researched this?
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started by mnieder.   
RDI and BMR don't match up
I have FatSecret figuring out how many calories I should eat in the food diary and my basal metabolic rate in the exercise diary, but the numbers don't match up. Not even close to equal. So even ...
1 reply, last reply by ShortCinnamon, 5 years ago.   754 views.
started by erink.   
Has anyone tried hypnosis for weight loss
I believe in hypnosis, it has worked for other people I know for smoking and anxiety but was wondering if anyone has tried it for weight loss?
4 replies, last reply by bulovin, 5 years ago.   891 views.
started by deblog.   
Why am I stalling?
As anyone can see from my 'history', I have been very successful at keeping a deficit...calories in vs out. I have lost about 9 lbs over 20 days. I dont understand why I am not losing more or ...
9 replies, last reply by kp, 5 years ago.   1,057 views.
started by kp.   
How do I get my metabolism back?
I know how to eat healthy. I know fadd diets don't usually work out. I LOVE salty, cheesy fried foods! I've always been able to eat pretty much whatever I want and still be a size 1. I was lucky ...
7 replies, last reply by AngelaMaude, 5 years ago.   1,362 views.
started by sweetpy0028.   
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A few swigs of apple cider vinegar could help keep your blood sugar levels balanced, according to several studies that have shown a link between the two. One study of people with type 2 diabetes who w ...
by EDC1972 on 25 Nov 15 01:31 PM
Chart for daily water intake
Hi! I have been away from Fatsecret for awhile, I 100% love the entire format, the one thing missing is a place to chart my 8 glasses of water per day. I will still be happy Two thoughts #1. I am over ...
by Control on 25 Nov 15 12:10 PM
Desk work / Long hours
I also have a desk job and am stuck there all day. I find squeezing exercise in also dificult. I go to the gym in spurts when the grandkids sports schedule eases up. I bought a WOSS suspension trainer ...
by wholefoodnut on 25 Nov 15 12:05 PM
There is a snack area but other than the 3 meals and snacks no you cannot add
by wholefoodnut on 25 Nov 15 11:56 AM
Excercise log
Honestly, I plan very little. I just log after I eat. I do not know how to log that exercise but there is an add button to enter it to your daily log.
by fairymom on 25 Nov 15 09:38 AM
Do you eat all your calories?
wow that is low carb good for you!no Fruit i guess? I am trying that , keep my carbs around 60 allowing 2 fruits a day Any recipe Ideas?
by blondie-61 on 25 Nov 15 06:52 AM

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