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Does anyone have a good Ab workout for a post pregnancy belly?
2 replies, last reply by teachermommy35, 5 years ago.   612 views.
started by teachermommy35.   
So I have just started taking up running little by little. Just wondering if there is runners out there or people that love to run that want to share any tips,advice or insight on running. I do not like ...
38 replies, last reply by peasncues, 5 years ago.   3,128 views.
started by Lydia Kleyn.   
Back Pain & Exercise?
Exercise = Pain I don't exercise at the moment All the years of being overweight have wreaked havoc on my back it seems. It only takes doing the vacuuming and standing at the sink doing the d ...
10 replies, last reply by Smash84, 5 years ago.   3,619 views.
started by KarinaC.   
I was just wondering... how many calories does a person burn in a day if they do nothing.
So, I plugged my question into a seach engine and found this... then I thought I would post it cuz... maybe someone else would like to know the minimum calories the average person burns without the big ...
3 replies, last reply by healsdata, 5 years ago.   1,938 views.
started by Tammylove.   
Soy milk vs. moo milk... pro's and con's?
I drink both. I want to know if there is really any benafit to either. Is one better than the other and why?
10 replies, last reply by Brick, 5 years ago.   3,428 views.
started by sweetpy0028.   
Hi, everybody!
My name is Kiara and pretty new here. I am 180 pounds with a goal weight of 135. I would really like some tips on how to try and stay fit in college! I live off of cafeteria food, and as a med school ...
1 reply, last reply by alittlehope, 5 years ago.   628 views.
started by Kabie.   
Changing a favorite meal Recipe on Fat Secret
Hi - I'm new to this thing and after I entered one of my favorite meals "Cauliflower Casserole" - it basically stated the whole casserole was 1 serving for me (I think it serves 6). Yik ...
1 reply, last reply by ghlover0508, 5 years ago.   894 views.
started by RoyalJewel.   
My daughter just brought me a "Droid" and among the apps was this wonderful app which turns my phone into one of the easiest ways I have ever seen to track my diet. Love it!!! Needless to say, ...
no replies.   849 views.
started by Tammylove, 5 years ago.   
Need help on Carbs
First day today and although I have done this before it seems to be all brand new now. I have so far ate 1062 calories and I should be eating 1500. Also my carbs are only 9.9 and I dont know if I can ...
5 replies, last reply by kmartin, 5 years ago.   1,148 views.
started by escaper67.   
I hear this term thrown around alot with the atkins diet and I'm not quite sure if people are talking about the actual nutritional ketosis or if they are talking about a "diet term". This ...
11 replies, last reply by sweetpy0028, 5 years ago.   993 views.
started by prideotgc18.   
Can't see weigh in graph on Blackberry using Fatsecret Mobile-help!
I love this Blackberry application but for some reason the graph on the weigh-in screen only shows the dates with weights. The graph is not visable and it wont allow me to scroll up to get to it. Does ...
5 replies, last reply by laurenceG, 5 years ago.   1,487 views.
started by trahnee.   
Why on earth is carrots 30 cal. per stick. I thought all veges were 0 calories. I know 30 cal. is not much, but I thought all veges were 0 cal. What other veges are 0 cal.?
4 replies, last reply by k8yk, 5 years ago.   910 views.
started by alley4life.   
I'm trying to add buddies but I don't think it is working
I'm using my the browser on my phone and I don't think its working right. How do I know if I sent a buddy request or not?
2 replies, last reply by sweetpy0028, 5 years ago.   545 views.
started by sweetpy0028.   
Before and After Pics
Hi, kinda new here (March) do you upload photos of yourself in your profile? I can't figure it out. I figured out how to upload a photo that people see for posts, etc., but I see other peo ...
2 replies, last reply by JosieDahling, 5 years ago.   997 views.
started by JosieDahling.   
weight loss music
Hey, so I was wondering if anyone had motivational songs they listen too to make the cravings pass? It's weird, but it works pretty well. I listen to: 1. I'll make a man out of you-Mulan sound ...
no replies.   417 views.
started by prideotgc18, 5 years ago.   
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yes we can.....
Hi all Wow according to my weight and height 1900 cal a day .but by the end of the day I am less to 900 cal that my all day food .I diet change any of my eating habit since I start during my health I ...
by Eli51 on 21 Apr 15 03:48 PM
Feeling encouraged
I am so encouraged by this site! Today I was down -10 lbs. it is a start. I pray I can continue at this pace. I have been trying to eat around 1200 - 1300 calories a day, and thus far it is working. I ...
by Pamerla on 21 Apr 15 02:49 PM
Need a buddy
Hi, misskathie yeah we can do it together!right now I'm eating a lot of salad,s, water!! I'm in fresno, I work out alot 6 days sometimes 7.and I do my weigh ins on Saturdays I lost 1 last week!
by marieschneiderbautista on 21 Apr 15 02:32 PM
Manitou Incline
If you are ever in Colorado Springs and want a good workout, go to the Manitou Springs Incline. Here is the link if you want to check it out. [url=http://www.manitouincline...
by Rockiesfan on 21 Apr 15 02:09 PM
Sounds fine to me. As long as you're getting the rest of your macros in for the day you should be good.
by ieGod on 21 Apr 15 02:05 PM
nothing to say
LOL :d
by Palmtree53 on 21 Apr 15 12:50 PM

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