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I used to drink three to four cups of coffee, with creamer and I like my coffee light. Revelation : I am getting more sleep( at least 7 1/2hrs a night) and I am down to 1 cup, low fat creamer ( 60 cal ...
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started by mrichards9910, 5 years ago.   
Here we go!
Hey all! I'm new to this site (obviously, lol) so I thought I'd post a little message to say hello! I hope this finds you all doing well and staying motivated! I'm hoping to find people that ...
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started by JesstheTrainer.   
who needs a buddy? i do!
hope everything goes all right with your back,I will be your buddy on here I don't know anyone on here yet.I could use some buddies.:p
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started by 53and6.   
Thinking of switching diets... what's ur recommendation?
I want to try something different than the fat smash diet... I haven't had too much luck with it... I was considering Weight Watchers but not certain I wanna pay the money yet. I do know that I need ...
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started by princ3ss.   
south beach sugar crash? help
So I have a couple issues. Number one I have a small can of V8 and 2 little egg cups for breakfast. Total of 107 calories. Is that too little? Also, today is day 3 and I think I had a sugar crash. ...
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started by tstafford.   
sore muscles
I've been working out at home, and walking everyday, but went back to the gym a few days ago SORE. All over. I can already feel my muscles remembering what to do, and I returned yesterday, and am ...
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started by rubykate.   
Black beans
I've had a bag of dried black beans in my pantry for awhile, so today I decided to cook them. They're cooking now, in fact. Any good bean recipes you love out there?
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started by sooki.   
21 Days on HHCG and down 11.8 lbs!
I feel very accomplished.. I had never before been able to stick to any diet... this is easy! I love it!
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started by maripera.   
Hi guys! I've seen flaxseed mentioned an awful lot around here (and elsewhere), but I have no idea what it really is. Is it a grain? What is it like? How do you buy it? How do you use it? What are ...
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started by jessie1326.   
which one?
Which one burns more calories....the elliptical or treadmill???
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started by Nikitawells.   
working out
Is it better to do your cardio in intervals or just keep your heart rate up the whole time?
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started by Nikitawells, 5 years ago.   
so far so good
So far everything is going good hopefuly i can lose the pounds off my waist,that is my problem area I just can't get rid of it.:(
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started by seahorses4me, 5 years ago.   
i hate this diet
i hate the atkins diet but it dose work. i was on it ones before and lost 20 lbs. in 2 weeks it was awsome. dut i really do hate this diet
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started by curley19.   
breaking through the plateau
So, i have clearly hit a plateau.. and i realize that it happens to almost everyone but it really does suck. So those of you who have over come a plateau, please tell me your tricks. i have switched ...
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started by jennyjarz.   
High Blood Pressure AFTER Weight Loss
I have never had high blood pressure in my life but on my last 2 appointments my bp was between 120/90 and 140/95 so now my doctor wants me to monitor it at home. What's good, what's bad, and ...
8 replies, last reply by Jsauter, 5 years ago.   1,570 views.
started by jenju.   
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I love my vivofit 2! It has encouraged me to walk more. It made me aware of how little I was actually doing and made me want to increase it. I average over 11k a day now. When I first started it was about ...
by RoseTampa on 27 Jul 15 08:33 PM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
i weigh myself daily but try to only record once a week.
by ailouros on 27 Jul 15 08:29 PM
Heidij123. Ok no bad days for me I'm trying........I want to get to that place where I can say you don't need that dish of ice cream or candy bar.... I will try.
by Char60 on 27 Jul 15 07:48 PM
app fatsecret gewichtseintrag löschen
Hi, Ja, du kannst für den Tag an dem du schon ein Gewicht eingetragen hast einfach eine neue Eingabe machen. Die alte Zahl wird dann von der neuen überschrieben. Unter "Meine Gewichtse ...
by buzzdee202 on 27 Jul 15 07:38 PM
Editing a recipe in my cookbook
I found this nice recipe for potato salad so I created a recipe in My Cookbook. The recipe had no serving size so I estimated it. Now that I've had two days of eating it, I grossly underestimated the ...
by JamaicaBoundNL on 27 Jul 15 04:25 PM
JKLUV7 wrote: @gam3... if you are looking to lose weight, there is NOTHING at the gym which will do that for you. The gym, however, is an EXCELLENT place to build your muscles, your heart, your lungs... ...
by Diablo360x on 27 Jul 15 04:14 PM

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