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So today me and my friend have walked for 7 hours, approx 20 miles i think. Even tho the walk was very nice and i enjoyed it, i am now feeling the PAIN!! The back of my knees have seized up and i cannot ...
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started by Caz80.   
I have walked every day for the past 4.5 years, in any season... over 1600 miles. The distance is only one mile each day, but over hilly terrain.
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started by Caz80.   
Losing weight to have another baby?
Hi ladies! i have a two year old and i think she needs a sibling. i want her to grow up with someone to talk to. so im trying to get back to my pre pregg weight so i could possibly get pregnant. is that ...
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started by crystalprz.   
Weight Loss Vlogging
Hi Fatsecret community, I was thinking of starting a weigh loss video diary on YouTube and I was wondering if anyone else was doing the same thing. I'm hoping it will be another way to help people ...
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started by Nyika, 6 years ago.   
I'm not rushing
I just want to put that out there. I'm not rushing. I'm taking my time, and I'm eating pretty much what I want when I want it. And, I'm going to try do something physical every day. ...
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started by sooki.   
Broccoli - high carb veggie?
Hi all, I'm new to SBD, and have already lost a few lbs in a week. Im really excited, but I have a hard time finding veggies I like to eat since most of the ones I love are banned (corn, potatoes, ...
11 replies, last reply by shellie77, 6 years ago.   6,356 views.
started by shellie77.   
Entering Exercise
How on earth do you simply delete an exercise completely? When I want to reduce a time for an activity, it then changes "instead of" with "replace with" and lists any other activities ...
1 reply, last reply by k8yk, 6 years ago.   618 views.
started by ksunlove.   
Website question
How on earth do you delete an exercise completely? When I want to reduce a time for an activity, it then changes "instead of" with "replace with" and lists any other activities I& ...
3 replies, last reply by AliPenland, 6 years ago.   581 views.
started by ksunlove.   
Why is my first weight recorded wrong?
Why is my first weight recorded wrong? How can I change my start weight as i didn't enter myself as being on Atkins Induction at the start of my diet, even though that is what i was on. When I rea ...
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started by Bozzie, 6 years ago.   
Weigh Yourself Daily?
I'm noticing people weigh themselves daily and record their weight on here. I'm new to this and just curious if a lot of people record their weight daily on here. My weigh ins are on Saturday, ...
16 replies, last reply by Bozzie, 6 years ago.   1,718 views.
started by martinigirl987.   
Effects of medications on your body
Ok, so i'm throwing this out there. Since I passed out last Sunday (doctor says because of low blood pressure) i'm looking into the medications I have been prescribed and their side effects. i ...
16 replies, last reply by MomofTwoGirls, 6 years ago.   1,158 views.
started by noodle0726.   
Ab Exercises - Advice, Stories, Favs?
Hey guys - So, My workout routine revolves around using the Wii Active, Wii More Active and Wii Fit games. But I also have a series of DVDs that I used to use (not nearly as fun as the games, IMHO) But ...
1 reply, last reply by tg000018, 6 years ago.   1,101 views.
started by SturgeonQueen.   
Looking for buds!
Hey folx! I'm Laura...38 years young, married mom of 4! Besides being a full time wife and mother, I also work full time outside of the home! That makes for a very busy schedule! I have lost 25 ...
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started by Busymommy04, 6 years ago.   
Water Tracker
Water is so important to so many of our diets. I would love to have a place in my food diary that was just for keeping track of water.
3 replies, last reply by kanan123, 6 years ago.   996 views.
started by fawkesmom.   
Down with the flu and off the plan
i'm sure a lot of you would have been sick while on atkins. So what do you eat? In our house we drink a lot of orange juice. I'm feeling bad because i've gone off plan...
2 replies, last reply by hcm417, 6 years ago.   682 views.
started by eythi.   
What if you just aren't hungry
I have bronchitis and to say the least I feel like, well, insert your own term because mine are all bad :( I am at only about 600 calories and I simply cannot eat another bite...anyone know how awful ...
13 replies, last reply by fawkesmom, 6 years ago.   2,728 views.
started by Carianne.   
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New-need help on carbs and sugars
LCHF is an excellent choice for those insulin resistant/diabetic/pre-diabeti... Maybe aim for a 40% protein 40% fat 20% carbs split? on a 2000 calorie diet, that would be 400 cals of carbs, or 100g ...
by SoMuchBS on 29 Sep 16 12:44 PM
Let me brag a little
5:2 is a diet, isn't it?
by XshapeshiftX on 29 Sep 16 12:40 PM
Wraps made with lettuce
a sandwich and a wrap are two different things
by Halo Kiwi on 29 Sep 16 11:26 AM
Starting Stats
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you're only 39% bodyfat at 320 lbs, that means to get to 15% bodyfat, you'd only have to lose 76 lbs. That would leave you decently lean at 244lbs. ...
by SoMuchBS on 29 Sep 16 10:49 AM
Prepping meals for the week
Please share real, practical techniques if you do that. I would like to understand how to. Extra fridge necessary? plastic boxes, how do you think it and organize 1-3 meals a day and for the week? Wee ...
by auroraioanid on 29 Sep 16 10:36 AM
Problems Hitting My Macros
For so long, I really thought I had been over eating as I'd started to put on a bit of weight in my stomach area. I've been weight lifting for around 9/10 months and my aim was to lose a bit of ...
by halexis91 on 29 Sep 16 09:13 AM

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