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The Losing and Gaining yo yo
For me, either I am losing weight or gaining weight. I have never been successful at maintaining some mythical "goal weight". I'm curious to know if any LCHP folks have reached their g ...
16 replies, last reply by rabbitjb, a month ago.   1,870 views.
started by Sarah1950.   
New to group - Question for phase II
I am a 52 year old male. Height 5'9" and I just finished Phase 1 of the HCG protocol. I went from 234 to 209 in 29 days and still have 2 days left of the 500 cal. diet. My question is this: I ...
52 replies, last reply by rabbitjb, a month ago.   3,860 views.
started by randyhudson.   
Have a wedding today. Met my weight loss goal by posing 20 lbs Next goal is next month when we go down to San diego for vacation. Want to drop another 5 lbs. Third goal is end of July my piano p ...
5 replies, last reply by newshashirzad, a month ago.   4,046 views.
started by juliano209.   
Documentaries to Watch
* Food Matters * Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead * Common Weeds in the Etible World * Sugar Loaded * Sugar Blues * Hungry For Changes * Origins Check online or Netflix or other sources.
4 replies, last reply by LadyinDenim, a month ago.   931 views.
started by Lifesatrip.   
My diet plan
:) I'm doing weightwatchers but will post progress here. Recording food on fat secrets is more cumbersome than WW, perhaps because I've used WW before.
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started by PolarBearSalty, a month ago.   
So Frustrated!
A year ago I lost 25 pounds on Atkins. Today, a full year later, I have gained back 20 of those 25 pounds. I am back on Atkins, but having a hard time with the food selection this time around. My cravings ...
16 replies, last reply by Pure Clarity, a month ago.   9,396 views.
started by sooney50.   
So Frustrated!
Just a thought, how about upping your fat or trying Keto or intermittent fasting for a couple of days. In the alternative, Weight Watchers is a great program - you can easily transition into Low Carb ...
16 replies, last reply by Pure Clarity, a month ago.   9,396 views.
started by sooney50.   
High magnesium diet
I want forum to prescribe high magnesium diet for me.
1 reply, last reply by mukund sejpal, a month ago.   255 views.
started by mukund sejpal.   
High magnesium diet
Why, are you low in magnesium? Perhaps you and your doctor should try and figure out what other things are you ingesting that might be canceling out magnesium, not allowing for it to be better absorbed. ...
1 reply, last reply by mukund sejpal, a month ago.   255 views.
started by mukund sejpal.   
Weight Loss
Excited-Lost 3 lbs yesterday-Blood sugars are down and we have a goal we will reach.:d
1 reply, last reply by shobhit kumar, a month ago.   362 views.
started by rvman51.   
Newbie Alert
Hello Everyone! I'm new here...stating the obvious... I don't quite know how this works, would anyone be so kind as to fill me in on the niks and naks? Have a great day everyone!:p
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started by Lucy08011986, a month ago.   
Newbie Alert
You have to be a bit more specific. My posts are long enuf as it is. Perhaps if you scroll down to the bottom of any FS page you will see the tab that says "FAQ" - click that on and there might ...
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started by Lucy08011986, a month ago.   
What do the 2 numbers on the alarm clock icon at the top of my age tell me?
Trying to figure out what the top & bottom numbers are telling me on that alarm clock icon. I think the top one tells me my calorie count over the last 24 hours from this moment back. (?) But I d ...
3 replies, last reply by PokeyJack, a month ago.   689 views.
started by Nancy Avignone.   
Add old entries to Calendar
Hey, is there a way to add old entries to the calendar ?. I used another programm for a few months and now i want to add those old entries (back to February) to the diet-calendar but i can only add e ...
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started by Schoggiweggli, a month ago.   
Just Do It
Hello Everyone. Hope you are having a great Sat morn. So excited to be part of this program and hope we can encourage each other. After being in hospital and having 5 operations this year due to diabetes ...
1 reply, last reply by Engeland, a month ago.   441 views.
started by rvman51.   
Entering my own calories
Hi I'm just new to this app and was wondering: I can see where I can enter a new meal but where do I enter the calories that go with it? M
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started by michellet1, a month ago.   
Does anyone know where i can buy a good scale for under $25? Or what brand i should get.
4 replies, last reply by denni13, a month ago.   6,924 views.
started by lulu995.   
Learning the site.....
Hi Everyone. Does this site have something on here somewhere that tells you how long it is estimated to take to reach your goal weight you entered?
1 reply, last reply by Steven Lloyd, a month ago.   2,158 views.
started by wannabehotat41.   
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Newbie Keto question..Help, Please
I'm shooting for 20 net carbs which for me ends up being about 8%, 15-18% PROTIEN and 75-80% fat. And how much I lose then depends on the total calories. You'll experiment and see what works ...
by erikahollister on 28 Jun 16 06:27 PM
Giving up the scale?
Jay, got a new scale. Looks like its acurate. Hold thumbs.
by #Dee on 28 Jun 16 01:31 PM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Once a week. If I weigh more often, I get too obsessed. I want this to be a natural process that becomes more about feeling good than stressing out about how I look.
by Lil Nel on 28 Jun 16 01:30 PM
scale update
Jay, looks like my scale is acurate. Had a good day. Ate good tonight. Tomorrow night, just veggies.
by #Dee on 28 Jun 16 01:16 PM
Weigh in time, got a new buddy
Hi all. So I got a new scale. Can't wait till tomorrow morning to see if I went up or down. Should be down. Tonight I 1st need to test the scale to see if it's correct, before I get toooo happy. ...
by #Dee on 28 Jun 16 09:22 AM
Eating plan
Looking for a eating plan that is 25 carbs a day...trying to lose weight
by Janetimone on 28 Jun 16 06:19 AM

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