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Exercise values
How do you delete the sleeping and resting bit off the exercise values? I'm not interested in it at all, just want to log pure exercise!
2 replies, last reply by rhills, a month ago.   229 views.
started by Gilly Fizzy.   
HCG Diet question
From all the reading I've done, I can't tell if I'm allowed to have cheese or almonds? Can anyone let me know if that is possible? A detailed list of the allowed foods would be my preference. ...
19 replies, last reply by planner100, a month ago.   5,574 views.
started by Mom2jkm.   
On a LCHF diet what is the best source of fibre? All my veggies add too many carbs for not much fibre?????
2 replies, last reply by planner100, a month ago.   484 views.
started by Wilpena.   
low number of serving recipes
Could we have a set of recipes for only one or two servings? Maximum 4 servings. So many great recipes are for 6-12 servings and with only me on the diet, some can't be frozen either.
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started by KayAt3, a month ago.   
DAY 3 and going well
Well ! It's day 3 and I'm feeling good. I have had no urges for sugar or salt today. Have shown this brilliant site to colleagues at work and they are going to join. Loving your brilliant ...
4 replies, last reply by Rivermo, a month ago.   962 views.
The Big Tummy Woes
I am 5'5'', 60+, and have been weighing between 164 and 174 for 10 years now. I carry most of my extra weight around my tummy and breasts which really sux. The tummy fat plus just general loss ...
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started by MereSess, a month ago.   
Pobody's Nerfect, Looking for a Diet Buddy for Low Carb- High Protein
am in my early 40's and have gone through a VSG surgery almost 2 years ago, stalled for a while and am back on track more-or-less, trying to find buddies dealing with similar issues. My biggest issue ...
2 replies, last reply by Shrinking_Shamrock, a month ago.   136 views.
started by Shrinking_Shamrock.   
Rewards vs Penalties
How or What do people choose to reward and/or penalize themselves for GOALS Success or Failure?
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started by karymi, a month ago.   
Exercise values
How do I remove the sleeping and resting elements from the exercise diary? I'm not interested in them, just want to log pure exercise only!
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started by Gilly Fizzy, a month ago.   
Not loosing fast enough!
I started on Jan 19. the site said my RDA was 2100 and I weighed 236. It stated I had to stay at 1760 to loose a pound a day and the first 11 days it worked great I lost 10 pounds in 11 days. I am c ...
9 replies, last reply by Gilly Fizzy, a month ago.   579 views.
started by 6RingNation.   
FatSecret for IPad missing features that in the iPhone version, e.g. My Professional
FatSecret for IPad missing features that in the iPhone version, e.g. My Professional
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started by charlesramey, a month ago.   
Info: The 5 foods You Should NEVER Eat
There are no foods that you should never eat. If you eat so much of the nutrient devoid foods that it causes you to not get enough nutrients/fiber then you should probably cut back. You have to look ...
2 replies, last reply by Diablo360x, a month ago.   549 views.
started by Anniejohnson.   
Why did WW kick me out of this website?
I have been a member and when I signed up for a challenge I am no longer in that group then I checked to see if I am still in the WW group I am not in that group either. Why did you kick me out? Did ...
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started by AfterHyperNowHypo, a month ago.   
Input my meals to the wrong day - easiest/quickest way to copy them to correct day?
I just realized that I entered yesterday's meals onto the wrong day - what is the best way to change that day without having to enter them in all over again?
4 replies, last reply by Sharpie, a month ago.   2,608 views.
started by Good2B150.   
Looking for LOW sugar and LOW Carb snacks
I'm searching for healthy snacks that are LOW sugar and LOW carb for snacking between meals and fitness. I've searched the "natural food" aisle at my local grocery store and everything ...
7 replies, last reply by SquirrelB, a month ago.   1,000 views.
started by BosBatMan.   
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Question about varying nutrition information
I find the largest variances in meat cuts or options for meat selections. Example "ham" 3rd option is Ham (whole, cured, roasted) 118 grams in weight is 287 calories. Kunzler ham same weight ...
by Terrapin12 on 20 Mar 18 04:59 AM
Anyway to create recipe in My cookbook with the Android App?
This is a massive hole in functionality. My need is to create custom recipes for very specific diet restrictions. This basically makes most of the publicly available recipes unavailable to me. I rely ...
by cydiet22 on 19 Mar 18 08:10 PM
what is your goal weight, 5'3 and 5'4 ladies?
Age: 65 Height: 5'4" Heaviest: 214 lbs Current Weight: 194 lbs Goal Weight: 125 lbs "Hang on Snoopy, Snoopy hang on"
by Annie Tobin on 19 Mar 18 07:10 PM
Oh NO!!!
Aw crap. The top fell off the salt shaker as I was 'gently' seasoning my lovely chicken stew. Had to go in the bin. Good thing there was enough left to rescue the operation lmao - wow, imagine ...
by derv999 on 19 Mar 18 02:23 PM
Spotting between periods
Yes, it's truly annoying!
by Peasy3 on 19 Mar 18 01:16 PM
Diet Sodas
Diablo, chill dude. Your gonna hurt yourself.
by adamevegod1 on 18 Mar 18 07:08 PM

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