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Goal weight
I am nearly at goal weight but still have rolls on my tummy, and I put a much lower goal weight than needed-frustrated
4 replies, last reply by fayemosley, a month ago.   399 views.
started by conditional.   
How low is the LC in the LCHF Diet?
I just started the LCHF diet. I just found out I have Diabetes and want to reverse it through diet and weight loss. How low is low for carbs in a day. Remember I am just beginning. 😊 How high is high ...
7 replies, last reply by notgneiss, a month ago.   901 views.
started by hamorr.   
Cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Question, If I cook a chicken breast in extra virgin olive oil, am I supposed add the calories from the olive oil to my daily calorie intake?
1 reply, last reply by Kishlette, a month ago.   267 views.
started by foxyred10.   
Cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
10 Ways You Never Knew Extra Virgin Olive Oil Could Benefit You:
1 reply, last reply by Kishlette, a month ago.   267 views.
started by foxyred10.   
timing of food
can I eat in the morning what I want? :roll:
5 replies, last reply by Kishlette, a month ago.   680 views.
started by Pamellivilin.   
protein for gastric bypass patient who has rny
Earlier I saw a post by some one suggesting 100% Optimum Protein drink that was whey and in chocolate that they said tasted like a glass of chocolate milk.Someone was asking for something they could get ...
2 replies, last reply by Egull1, a month ago.   299 views.
started by pat4255.   
Fat Secret app scanner is hard to use
I've tried cleaning my camera and everything else I can think of, but it takes me 30 - 60 seconds to find the exact perfect lighting for my FS scanner to focus in and actually read bar-codes for some ...
6 replies, last reply by dele, a month ago.   1,943 views.
started by KahneFan.   
I'm having a lot of heartburn & it does not matter what time I eat or what I eat... anyone else dealing with this ? What are you doing or using to help with this ? Thanks
5 replies, last reply by DJKUBS, a month ago.   751 views.
started by TOFU.   
Adding Photo to Food Description
Just added a new food to the database and clicked the option to add a photo, which brought me to a different screen. On the new screen I clicked the option (again) to "add photo +". Doing so ...
14 replies, last reply by cnewton3, a month ago.   6,211 views.
started by kitty-eared-girl.   
Perfectly Peelable Hard Boiled Eggs.
Thanks to Kishelette for asking! I have tried many approaches, and this one seems to work reliably. (1) Use large (not extra large) eggs. Don't use very fresh eggs .. keep them in the refrig ...
1 reply, last reply by Kishlette, a month ago.   372 views.
started by rhills.   
I have just signed up to this page and have never really done the diet thing before. Can anyone recommend a good breakfast that doesnt include eggs or raw vegetables as these upset my stomach. Ive been ...
6 replies, last reply by Pamellivilin, a month ago.   694 views.
started by dors13.   
Eat a banana
The banana has saved me. Best snack. Keeps me satisfied for hours, great before workout. Only 100 cal. Very healthy. Dan
4 replies, last reply by Diablo360x, a month ago.   594 views.
started by scruffy172.   
Do not want to see sources on homepage in app
How to change so I don't look at people's food pictures in my FatSecret app on homepage
9 replies, last reply by Kishlette, a month ago.   1,182 views.
started by CallmeNana.   
Do not want to see sources on homepage in app
Right above in the green area, there's a "filter" option, tap it and choose what you want to see.
9 replies, last reply by Kishlette, a month ago.   1,182 views.
started by CallmeNana.   
Lemon Juice in it really making a difference?
I notice the days after I put lemon juice in my water for my work outs I lose another pound. Is that just coincidence or is there something to this? Before anyone says, it might be your diet, obviously ...
44 replies, last reply by Pamellivilin, a month ago.   32,810 views.
started by AnnThom.   
Log In
It's not accepting my email, password or user name
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started by BJPID, a month ago.   
Hi, I went to Walmart and checked to see if they had any bacon that was free of sodium nitrates and there wasn"t one. I went to Krogers and they had thick sliced bacon minus any nitrates or any p ...
6 replies, last reply by sara982, a month ago.   2,669 views.
started by hugandkiss.   
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When I was in my 20s I had cholesterol of 453. At the time I was probably 20 lbs. overweight and had very low blood pressure. The doctor put me on 40mg Lipitor and with a healthy diet & exercise ...
by mariezzz on 27 Jun 17 01:46 PM
Ladies and Gentlemen, Allow Me to Introduce Myself
I am a guy who was told by his doctor to do a "high protein, low-carb" eating plan for six weeks and I go back to see him mid-July. Three weeks down and I feel great (now, not during the first ...
by From371to184 on 27 Jun 17 01:33 PM
Sharing meals
When you enter a new food item, it gives you the option of sharing with the community or keeping it private. I don't think you can share meals ("favorite meals"), but you can share re ...
by rhills on 26 Jun 17 06:31 PM
Running tips
Hi! I used to not like cycling either, but I bought a pair of padded bike shorts (worn under gym shorts .. so it doesn't look too much like I'm wearing a diaper), and that helped a lot! I listen ...
by rhills on 26 Jun 17 06:28 PM
Why Do You REALLY, REALLY Want To Lose
Awesome Egull1!!!! Great job, you did that perfectly :)
by nitagurl on 26 Jun 17 05:21 PM
by tinyterry on 26 Jun 17 03:57 PM

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