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multiple key word search
Hello, Is it possible to search several topics when looking for recipes? As an example I am not only looking for no or no sugar I am also searching for non or low carb. Is is possible to accomplish ...
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started by NYR Chick, 3 weeks ago.   
Do you feel that fiber has any importance in weight loss, maintenance or good health in general?
19 replies, last reply by ShyGuy, 3 weeks ago.   2,197 views.
started by John10251.   
Buddy Request from Finland
Hi All, I've received a buddy request from Finland, which, of course, I can't reply too as I can't access the Finnish site. Can anyone tell me how I can accept this please? Will it turn ...
7 replies, last reply by diehard3, 3 weeks ago.   225 views.
started by minitata.   
suggestion to gain some weight.
Hi, Can someone suggest me good diet plan for the next few days. I am very skinny. My weight is 135lbs but my shoulders and chest are not up to the mark. What should I do?
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started by me558sbl, 3 weeks ago.   
Low Carb! Day 1!
Hi all. I just started my low carb diet. I went to and signed up for the 2 week Low Carb Challenge. There they gave me my first two weeks shopping list and my recipes for each meal. ...
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started by jillwilliams88.   
Will it be good if I added more fats without cutting protien???
Still not in Keto yet... Well I only meat and lettuce but it is just that I love meat and I eat a lot of fatty lamb head everyday... Can I just add more oil but not cut my meat?
1 reply, last reply by Corey160, 4 weeks ago.   156 views.
started by hiramehime.   
Turning yogurt into dessert
I've always been bored with yogurt as a snack. And in the past I've found that yogurt doesn't fill me up. But lately I've had some success with Siggi's Icelandic Style Yogurt with ...
7 replies, last reply by alexmach, 4 weeks ago.   922 views.
started by Hermiones Mom.   
Hi, the name is Alex, 47 from Athens Greece. After an almost four month hospitalization for Pemphigus, and losing 20kg, seeing my blood sugar getting a whole lot better although I was on cortizone tre ...
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started by alexmach, 4 weeks ago.   
my cookbook/recipes on ipad or iphone?
i can't find my cookbook or any recipes i've entered on either my ipad or iphone...only way i can access them is via the website which is doable but inconvenient when i have the app open all the ...
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started by hrockstar, 4 weeks ago.   
Reporting to print out food diary
I can see where this is on the mobile app but not sure where to go to get it from the web site. Much appreciated.
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started by shawn.venter, 4 weeks ago.   
Starting all over
I will try harder, I feel so ashamed to have not done better.
3 replies, last reply by steph32547, 4 weeks ago.   406 views.
started by Sesbws.   
115 already I always do my weigh in rather daily at our clinic but only record when I reach the 1 kg mark for loss so as not to have the variances of water weight or food in the gut well for accuracy am ...
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started by johnmwoya, 4 weeks ago.   
Is it normal to weigh more at night then in the morning. like 4 lbs.
4 replies, last reply by PhotogGal, 4 weeks ago.   480 views.
started by Sesbws.   
dining out
I'm supposed to go out to eat three days this week. All Italian restaurants. How am I going to pull that off without getting off my diet?
3 replies, last reply by dcwalker, 4 weeks ago.   788 views.
started by bettycmoody.   
Google Fit
Now that Fat Secret is compatible with Google Fit how do you sync the two? Is it done automatically in the background or do we have to do something manually?
30 replies, last reply by basstrup, 4 weeks ago.   35,804 views.
started by maxpugsby.   
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activity trackers
I found the site needed to sync.....
by scottheffron on 25 Feb 17 04:49 AM
RND ROB you did it great but it is rarely applicable for everyone because of less motivation towards workouts we mostly try managing our weight through diet control so it is gonna be a harmful practice ...
by makayla davis on 25 Feb 17 01:37 AM
Loosing it
I have fallen into this trap so many times over the years- succumb to something yummy and I am filled with self loathing at my "lack" of self discipline. On my journey I have learned: **Self ...
by slimit on 25 Feb 17 12:19 AM
Anyone doing 5:2
Jean Mc. I too am on the 5:2 diet. I really like it. Based on my height, weight, age and exercise level (almost non existent), my daily calorie intake is much less than 2000 calories a day. My fast ...
by slimit on 24 Feb 17 11:41 PM
Getting discouraged
everyone is different but I reckon if you allow yourself a cheat day it tricks your body into NOT holding on to weight. Some might disagree but as long as its just one a week or so you should still lose? ...
by AKRSAR on 24 Feb 17 06:49 PM
Started Calorie Count
I went over my RDI several times this week. I just keep trying. We can do this!!
by brennicki on 24 Feb 17 02:27 PM

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