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I lost 30 kg Intermittent Fasting
as above. eat to live vs live to eat. you fat pricks on here havent adjusted your mindset as yet. mindset - diet - then and only then do you start to exercise.
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started by leighmann2016.   
Hello everyone!
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started by morgan1337, 4 weeks ago.   
Can't stand the taste of ACV
I have had many people tell me they can't stand the taste of ACV, even when diluted in 8oz. of water. Try getting the Great Value Sugar-Free Apple Drink Mix from Walmart. It says 1 pack makes 2 ...
7 replies, last reply by crstlgls, 4 weeks ago.   1,052 views.
started by Trucker Larry.   
Getting started with fatsecret
I'm finding it exhausting to look up every ingredient in a salad and in my dinner recipes in order to find the nutritional value in each item. How do I make this easier? Do I need to list each spice, ...
4 replies, last reply by crstlgls, 4 weeks ago.   499 views.
started by carolkw.   
I entered my beginning weight in wrong, is there a way to change it?
3 replies, last reply by Krissy65, 4 weeks ago.   340 views.
started by Krissy65.   
Come and walk with us
Please join us for our next 300 mile challenge. We dropped a lot of weight during our first 300 miles. What a success! This challenge breaks down to walking 3 miles daily. This is an achievable goal as ...
4 replies, last reply by Albert Arul Prakash, 4 weeks ago.   904 views.
started by Sherillynn.   
Food list
Does anybody know why the food list doesn't do the 'net' carbs on food. Example, I entered 1 Crabfree tortilla for lunch. There are 17 carbs but 17 grams of fiber, hence, zero carbs. Pr ...
3 replies, last reply by Bluper, 4 weeks ago.   537 views.
started by Bluper.   
Food list
I'll do some research on that tomorrow and get back to you.
3 replies, last reply by Bluper, 4 weeks ago.   537 views.
started by Bluper.   
Food list
Hi, wanted you to know I searched this out on KetoConnect.Net. Reviewed 10 recipes and everyone listed it like this: Nutrition (per serving) Calories:____ Fat:____ Protein:____ Carbs:____ -Fiber____ ...
3 replies, last reply by Bluper, 4 weeks ago.   537 views.
started by Bluper.   
Took more steps yesterday, but didn't burn as many calories???
According to my Fitbit, I took more steps and worked out longer yesterday, but I burned less calories than I did the previous day. Can someone explain why? I'm a little confused. It's slightly ...
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started by Emerald17, 4 weeks ago.   
Water Fast
]I have been on a water fast for three days now and have lost 8.2 lb./3.7 kg. :)
4 replies, last reply by loudinis, 4 weeks ago.   417 views.
started by loudinis.   
I need help I need to lose 50pds. I am looking for easy recipes that are low carbs, low fat, recipes that will keep me under 1500 cals. Any recipes would be great.
2 replies, last reply by amia1013, 4 weeks ago.   384 views.
started by veracrane.   
Intermittent Fasting (IF) for women
Hey all! I am new to Fat Secret and am looking for advice on a new diet I have been trying, which is 16:8 IF (in which you fast for 16 hours with an 8 hour eating window). There seem to be many studies ...
4 replies, last reply by amia1013, 4 weeks ago.   759 views.
started by LiffAM1.   
Should you weigh yourself with or without clothes?
I've been weighing myself without clothes, and it seems like when I wear clothes while weighing myself, it adds two or three pounds. Do you weigh yourself with our without clothes?
13 replies, last reply by Starstone142, 4 weeks ago.   3,021 views.
started by Britnii.   
Fitbit - New App Download at 7/19/17?
This morning I downloaded an iPhone app update for FatSecret that mentioned connection to Fitbit. But I see no way to connect them anywhere. Anyone know how to do it?
1 reply, last reply by Keith_knight, 4 weeks ago.   288 views.
started by Doveman.   
Cannot create food with fiber more than carbohyrates
Hello, I'm trying to add a food, more specifically some seed's mix and I have the following error : Dietary fiber cannot be greater than total carbohydrates. Why is this rule applied ? I a ...
3 replies, last reply by Somew1978, a month ago.   488 views.
started by virfaure.   
I have lost 5 kg since I started 26 days ago. I am so happy and feeling good that willpower, commitment and healthy eating is working. Yay
2 replies, last reply by neilbateman, a month ago.   334 views.
started by kibbutz.   
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I was eating as much meat as I wanted at first. I got such bad bloat. I am now tracking everything!!!
by LargeMarge1 on 17 Aug 17 06:48 PM
Diet suggestions???
Hi guys first I want to say congratulations for trying to improve your health. I know this is a really open ended question and its going to vary from person to person, but could I possibly get some re ...
by BC Williams on 17 Aug 17 05:39 PM
Why Do You REALLY, REALLY Want To Lose
Motivation: My motivation is health and quality of life firstly, fitness is part of that quality of life...aesthetics and looking leaner is just a nice side benefit.
by Steven Lloyd on 17 Aug 17 01:20 PM
What is the best fasting agenda to follow for your first time?
by cpene4262 on 17 Aug 17 09:55 AM
No loss at all after 2 1/2 weeks
Can someone help me please???? I am a 68 year old woman who has 40 lbs to lose. I have been following a keto/ under 20g carbs/ 1200 calorie diet for 2 1/2 weeks. I have followed to the letter. Had some ...
by LHH on 17 Aug 17 09:37 AM
How do you add your weight in
by Doreen Bilier on 17 Aug 17 09:27 AM

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