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Anyone here doing burpees as a regular part of their cardio? has it helped lean you up? Im training for the Jay Cutler Classic in Boston and I don't seem to make a lot of progress with just the tr ...
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started by Biggramos.   
I am confused as to how many Carbs I should try to keep my count under each day? Thank you
3 replies, last reply by Lesleag, a month ago.   349 views.
started by Beek Beek.   
HCG drops
I want to start HCG drops and then will keep to an Atkins modest carb maintenance living. Please be a part of this forum if you want to use HCG drops or have.
26 replies, last reply by gz9gjg, a month ago.   18,289 views.
started by caroldiff.   
Ketosis Achieved
I thought last night that I was reaching a Ketogenic state but this afternoon I know it. Definitely it's less than the best feeling but I'm very happy to be here. Does anyone have suggestions ...
4 replies, last reply by gz9gjg, a month ago.   692 views.
started by Looped.   
Nips and tucks
So, after losing 50 more pounds,(and being 59 years old) does anyone wholeheartedly recommend tummy tuck/facelift/batwing reduction surgery?
13 replies, last reply by gz9gjg, a month ago.   2,576 views.
started by Gigix2.   
How to reset data / start over
How to reset data / start over
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started by SalPalu, a month ago.   
Halloween Story and penance
Did anyone here succumb to the candy?if yes, what did you have? i decided to do some treat damage last night: 2 mini skittles 2 bites of hersheys cookies n cream 1 minitrolli sour brites mini milk dud ...
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started by godking1488, a month ago.   
1200 Calorie Diet
Hi everyone Attached please see link to a well written report on the well-known 1200 cal diet. Must read for all the facts & myths I wish everyone success with ...
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started by munkicmdo, a month ago.   
Weight history colors
Is there a chart some place that explains the colors for your weight history? Went from red,orange,yellow and now green.
4 replies, last reply by eric78dx, a month ago.   3,196 views.
started by MaineDonna.   
Hi :D
I am new and I have been checking this site out. Everyone is doing an amazing job!! I hope that everyone will be with me as I go through this as well. :d Keep up the great work!
2 replies, last reply by Werewolf Queen, 2 months ago.   282 views.
started by Werewolf Queen.   
break snack
:) What am I eating for free period snack cheese crackers! Because I'm craving them what do you do to stop cravings? :lol:
3 replies, last reply by ruthe1213, 2 months ago.   604 views.
started by Rebornfan101.   
Bildirimler gelmiyor bana nasıl aktif etmem lazım
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started by baahaar23, 2 months ago.   
63 year old lady looking for buddies
Hi, my name is Jean and I am 63 years old and need to lose weight and sure would like some buddies to talk to. Wishing everyone on this journey has a successful outcome. Good Luck to all. Jean
7 replies, last reply by GrammyKK, 2 months ago.   394 views.
started by katnippers.   
type 2 diabetes -insulin
I am a type 2 diabetic with insulin trying keto diet --- seems insulin keeps me from loosing weight --- any suggestions others?
1 reply, last reply by thamy, 2 months ago.   257 views.
started by kathleenvillarreal.   
Here are some riddles I found on the net. Made me chuckle. :d (Especially the grape one) RIDDLES Question: You throw away the outside and cook the inside. Then you eat the outside and throw away the ...
28 replies, last reply by ninastewart1, 2 months ago.   14,204 views.
started by Juno.   
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Is there a way
Okay, if you don't have that link since you haven't created a custom food yet, here are two ways to try to get there: First, try using this link: [url= If that ...
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socializing and food
It is so hard to socialize and not munch. I fail many times.
by jan-e333 on 16 Dec 17 11:24 AM
The Bariatric diet
Do you have one? There are those who had weight loss surgery
by Evonne Matthews on 16 Dec 17 01:44 AM
Weight loss
I haven`t been this light since November 2013 :)
by rockyboy on 15 Dec 17 05:52 PM
Happy New You Challenge - Sign up!
I join a lot of challenges here on FS. Only see 2 that aren't in progress yet.
by Fritzy 22 on 15 Dec 17 03:58 PM
New to fatsecret
On the belly fat question, I found this link which might be a place to start reading. So it tells you that the "belly fat" you are probably talking about ...
by rhills on 15 Dec 17 03:30 PM

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