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New and looking for a buddy
Hey, I'm a 17 y/o girl who is looking for someone who has the same goals and is supportive ^^ I currently weigh 140lbs and am trying to lose 10lbs but also am weight training to gain muscle mass. ...
3 replies, last reply by Sammytingles, 2 weeks ago.   315 views.
started by CagedWithin.   
do you think that sex is helpful for losing weight?
8 replies, last reply by kkd1125, 2 weeks ago.   489 views.
started by sara698.   
It is simply maddening to me that I can have such knowledge in food & nutrition but I can't figure out what foods to eat to lose weight & feel satisfied! When I go low carb, I dream about ...
10 replies, last reply by gnat824, 2 weeks ago.   912 views.
started by BELLA691967.   
Stretch marks and cellulite
so what do you guys do to prevent stretch marks/ reduce the appearance of it...I use coco butter and other essential oils such as almond and grapeseed twice a day...also what do you do for cellulite? I ...
22 replies, last reply by fatihaji02, 2 weeks ago.   1,083 views.
started by fatihaji02.   
New Fitbit Owner
Hello All Just received my Fitbit and opened my account. Do I have to do anything to sync my fitbit flex with the foods & calories that I enter in at fatsecret. Please help?
32 replies, last reply by xrpb11a, 2 weeks ago.   1,763 views.
started by Mette.   
Atkins Troubleshooting - one month of Induction with no loss
Hi guys! I have avoided posting here before waiting for what I believe to be a 'respectable' amount of time... being patient, reading, researching, doing everything I think I should be, but, ...
20 replies, last reply by Draglist, 2 weeks ago.   923 views.
started by Hannah149.   
1st time user
i am trying to upload what i have eaten so far today - on the food diary page but when i click on Breakfast i am not sure where to add the food as it says no result found? Unable to list what i have e ...
3 replies, last reply by snezica, 2 weeks ago.   149 views.
started by kommetjie.   
New User - Need a quick Answer
Yesterday I added a second excerzie item in error and even though I consider myself rather computer savy, for the love of me, I can't figure out how to delete it. Perhaps a Seniors moment on my part ...
4 replies, last reply by snezica, 2 weeks ago.   279 views.
started by Username Crap.   
What is your favourite/most used food for weight loss?
Mine is 0% Greek yogurt. I use a 50/50 mix of plain and honey flavours (because I don't like just plain, but this way I am minimizing sugar). I have this for breakfast every day, often on oatmeal, ...
49 replies, last reply by coffeebiscuit, 2 weeks ago.   2,795 views.
started by Jo-B.   
ok so i just got the insanity workout dvds and was wondering if anyone else had tried them, if they work, and do they actually kill you like it makes you think it does from the infomercial lol
22 replies, last reply by Kris AZ, 2 weeks ago.   4,605 views.
started by laurenwisswell82.   
How to lose the last 5 pounds?
I've been using the fatsecret app for a while, 5 months and counting. From January to May 2014, I successfully dropped 20 pounds, from 140 to 120. I ate 1200-1400 calories a day, exercised 7/week. ...
9 replies, last reply by Glaun, 2 weeks ago.   784 views.
started by Mslanabananas.   
Dont forget the most important point of life..being slim is nice but remember the greatest beauty is inside..try not to get yourself killed..whatever you are your fine.
1 reply, last reply by activeash, 2 weeks ago.   154 views.
started by sara698.   
Does anyone know what the recommended amount of carbs is per day to lose weight?
23 replies, last reply by Tulipgirl6, 2 weeks ago.   1,390 views.
started by sandycatiller.   
Dont forget the most important point of life..being slim is nice but remember the greatest beauty is inside..try not to get yourself killed..whatever you are your fine.
no replies.   132 views.
started by sara698, 2 weeks ago.   
Plateau BUSTED!
Turns out calories matter. Who knew?!
12 replies, last reply by marksmith176, 2 weeks ago.   1,085 views.
started by Heather near Atlanta.   
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All the "magic pills"
As was I mummy. You are supposed to be able to learn language, how to play piano... all while you sleep. I have heard claims of the Suzuki method for learning piano but never saw it work. No more than ...
by eddie1261 on 31 Jul 14 03:20 PM
I did well today!!!!
Doughnuts always look better then they taste. They are not worth the calories. Good for you that you didn't cave in :-)
by snezica on 31 Jul 14 02:11 PM
Another non diet day
Well the last 2 day's I have just binged like a banshee, No sense in worrying about it today is a new day try again tomorrow.
by Toniann54 on 31 Jul 14 12:41 PM
Dance Central 3
Would love to play Dance Central with others who use it for exercise. I am not sure how to do it live but we can figure it out.
by missylou1 on 31 Jul 14 12:27 PM
today is my birthday!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day!
by newkim on 31 Jul 14 11:42 AM
I have put your data into the RDI calculator I use and put you in as light active. This is the result : "You should consume about 1,298 calories a day to reach your goal weight of 125 lb. This is ...
by snezica on 31 Jul 14 11:22 AM

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by member Lucky765
This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
05 Jan 14 for diet Atkins