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Macro #'s
Hi Everyone, I have a question are we able to change the Macro #'s or is it just the Calories daily intake that can be changed. Thank you for all your help.
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started by Natty40, 3 days ago.   
Lemon Sole Fillets Served in Mushroom Sauce
Steam ovens are said to be the best cooking appliances for their use of steam in cooking thus eliminating the use of oil or even butter. If you are a seafood lover, you can try out some lemon sole fillets ...
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started by Sally Wilkinson, 3 days ago.   
Here are some riddles I found on the net. Made me chuckle. :d (Especially the grape one) RIDDLES Question: You throw away the outside and cook the inside. Then you eat the outside and throw away the ...
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started by Juno.   
Weight loss since starting.
:d I have lost 5 pounds since starting a week ago. I know I can't keep that amount of weight loss but it's a good start. I'll be happhy if I can lose 2 pounds a week.
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started by Eakin, 4 days ago.   
95% of people who lose it, gain it back!
Sad but true. I just heard about this at our health center gym. 95% of people who lose any significant amt. of weight gain it back and some with more weight. Which means only 5% keep it off. Those are ...
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started by Raeka8.   
Do you lift weights
I lift for 1 hr. 7 days a week
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started by docspaulding.   
Time for a new Goal
I have lost 30 pounds since August 31!!!!:d
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started by percelle, 5 days ago.   
Setting Custom Macro goals?
How do I set custom macro goals (fat, carbs, protein)? My coach wants me to use this app to track yet I can't find where to enter my macro goals that my coach gives me.
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started by gsc4.   
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Do you weigh in every day or just once week?
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started by gismusicelle.   
Chopping firewood
I have been chopping firewood this last week say for about 2 hours a day, but i cant find any thing that looks like that for putting in my daily exercise ,how many calories would i be using every 30min
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started by cowboy7321.   
Diet Break
18 days now without losing a single gram of weight. I think I may have the dreaded diet induced adaptive thermogenesis. Looks like it's time for a diet break for 2 weeks to reset my metabolism and ...
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started by Barney45.   
cut it up
If you really want the treat. take a little fruit knife ( always useful on diets) and make it clear, if you have to, that you ll eat a little , save a little and maybe give most of it away.. this is , ...
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started by jasminejill, 6 days ago.   
gain 10lbs from carbs
Whenever I start eating high carb (over 200g) I start gaining weight rapidly, and if I eat low carb I lose it just as fast - ~10-12lbs in 3 days or so. I know it's water and I get a bad face bloat. ...
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started by jonanusel.   
New to forum.
I am 61 years old and need to lose at least 50 pounds. I still work as a medical transcriptionist. I am married with two cats IPod and Snickers. It would be nice to be able to have some buddies in the ...
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started by genibear.   
New to forum.
Hello! The "Over 60" issues can be different from those that the young'uns have, can't they? My situation is particularly tough, in my humble opinion...I retired 10 yrs ago and vowed ...
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started by genibear.   
Food Diary
I'm sort of new to this program and am having a heck of a time figuring out how to put food entries in the food diary. If I click add food, it says I haven't added any! Well, heck I'd like ...
8 replies, last reply by Gastro Patient, 6 days ago.   1,709 views.
started by LSW19.   
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Snacking --keto diet
Regarding limiting portions of nuts: Just discovered the Emerald 100-calorie nut packs. Some flavors have sugar, but there are also "natural" flavors with no sugar. I have been using these for ...
by Hermiones Mom on 27 Nov 15 11:40 AM
Attributes of an Excellent Online Pharmacy
Do a quick search on Google of on the online pharmacies and you will go mad with the vast selection. Most of these companies are scams while others guarantee excellent delivers. So how exactly does one ...
by Sally Wilkinson on 27 Nov 15 04:52 AM
bad cholesterol
Red yeast rice worked for me. I now take it only intermittently, and my cholesterol is stable around 5.8. Good luck!
by semsanur1 on 26 Nov 15 12:57 PM
Chart for daily water intake
I think it's weight related - not a standard of so many glasses. Plus some people then add in activity level and environment variables. There's tons of calculators online.
by Jules_AW on 26 Nov 15 09:44 AM
Loooove LCHF...!! Losing weight for the first time in years (and I tried everythig)... Enjoying my new way of eating!!!:)
by semsanur1 on 26 Nov 15 07:57 AM
Hello, I just started working out again like religiously for three days now. I was 52 kilos and now I am at 49.9 kilos. Losing weight is really a challange for some or most of us. One thing I learned each ...
by wilmasalvador on 25 Nov 15 09:28 PM

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