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Do you hate vegetables as much as I hate vegetables?
Ok... I'm a picky eater. Have been all my life and at 54 I'm not going to embrace eating veggies anytime soon. The problem is that I love the taste of some of them. Onions & garlic... put ...
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started by Anonomonomous.   
Am losing it completely!! on a diet of 800 calories and the scale wont budge. Is that fair???:(
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started by Vk6.   
I don't know how to post progress with challenges
But I am doing well with it % days to go.
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started by Whyjimenez, 2 days ago.   
The Most Common Causes of a Weight Loss Plateau (Very Interesting Reads)
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started by pattychaney.   
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Do you weigh in every day or just once week?
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started by gismusicelle.   
Low calorie diet
you are talking nonsense , grow up and stop attention seeking
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started by melon001, 3 days ago.   
how to remove rice from diet?
No matter how hard I try, the aroma of steamed white rice shoots my brain to such an extent that sometimes I feel helpless. The reason for this behavior of mine, I think can be linked to many factors, ...
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started by Pratik Pandey.   
Daily Target
My daily target was calculated at 2600 calories. This seems high?! How do I change this? Thanks
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started by Mindful Marcus .   
shocked at levels of obesity in the LA area..
I just came back from visiting LA area 21 years after previously going and I'm totally shocked at the levels of obesity compared to when I last visited! there were loads of hugely overweight people ...
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started by spacey48.   
shocked at levels of obesity in the LA area..
That's a shame. It has really gotten to a the point of someone under 30% bodyfat being in a good spot compared to most these days.
5 replies, last reply by pandasmom, 4 days ago.   1,441 views.
started by spacey48.   
shocked at levels of obesity in the LA area..
You are just shocked about the levels of obesity in LA? There is an obesity epidemic all over the U.S. I am amazed at the size of most folks when I visit the states after living in Europe for quite some ...
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started by spacey48.   
shocked at levels of obesity in the LA area..
It's amazing the government bans cocaine and marijuana, denies booze and cigarettes to minors - all in the name of health - or protecting us from harm - yet they allow sugar and sugar laden products ...
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started by spacey48.   
Tea: Which tea to drink before bedtime to lose weight????
I read where drinking tea before bedtime will help me lose body fat, any truth to this??? If so, which tea??? 1 cup or more??? what about the caffeine?
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started by Charlyne , 4 days ago.   
I am 46 year old male living in Sydney. Been using fat secret a while now to track my calorie in take. My goals are to gain muscle and attain 10% body fat for a goal weight of 82-83kg. I am currently ...
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started by whatever55r5, 5 days ago.   
delete meal items?
I feel real stupid but how do I delete items I no longer eat? Thanks, Nandii
5 replies, last reply by nandii, 5 days ago.   1,950 views.
started by nandii.   
I'm FINALLY losing!
I've found that the best way for me to stick to my lifestyle change is to bribe myself. When I stay below 1300 calories for 5 days in a row, I get to buy a new book on my Kindle. When I exercise for ...
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started by whitneystokes.   
FatSecret Settings - Activity Level vs. Recorded Excercise
Hello, I have been using FatSecret for three months now and it is really helping me with keeping track of calories in and out. I precisely log what I eat and also my exercise The recommended daily ...
2 replies, last reply by Charlotte_15, 6 days ago.   272 views.
started by peterlennard.   
can't delets
Yes I tried that but it didn't affect my add meals section. Maybe I should try technical support but it shouldn't be this hard.
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started by nandii, 6 days ago.   
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That's kind of how I am going. Gradually. It's just a big change. We ate out a lot so I am cooking from scratch now. Husband is enjoying the home cooking
by virginiastollings on 23 Aug 16 09:27 PM
Recommended Calories For Me Seem High? help
i've done a number of these sites and once i plug in my age, gender, weight, height and activity level, the recommended calories are all exactly the same. just be sure that you are entering the c ...
by catkane8662 on 23 Aug 16 09:16 PM
silly question on the activity list and calories thing
Sex standing up would increase the calorie burn ;)
by catkane8662 on 23 Aug 16 09:10 PM
Belly fat over 50
I have seriously reduced my belly by cutting out all wheat products and reducing sugar and sugary snacks. I eat lower carb and while i may eat one gluten free refined food like a gf bread or pasta, it ...
by catkane8662 on 23 Aug 16 09:08 PM
I am stuck and cannot loose anymore weight!!!
I lost 17 lbs on Atkins, and had to change it up due to a plateau and the fact that my cholesterol was completely out of control and my pre-diabetic condition was getting worse instead of better. I now ...
by catkane8662 on 23 Aug 16 08:58 PM
3 day Military diet
Thank you Marymaryquit, I appreciate your help & support. I will change things 1at a time and I already hooked up wit prevention on fb! 👍🏻❤️
by Crazygrama on 23 Aug 16 03:24 PM

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New Snack tip. I spread cheese onto slices of cucumbers and eat my tuna with celery stalks!
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