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Well I gained weight but I'm not surprised. With me near the end of my period I was expecting to gain some weight. It sucks to gain BUT I also know that it's nothing I can help since it's ...
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started by cherylekirchner, a day ago.   
Fitbit app for FatSecret Link your fitness and food and weight.;)
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started by Lifesatrip, 2 days ago.   
Probably Gained Weight
I have a feeling I have gained weight this week because not only am I near the end of my period buy I think I ate a little to much on my vacation with my family though I did do a LOT of walking around ...
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started by cherylekirchner, 2 days ago.   
Football is looming ahead
I have been preparing myself for company and what I am going to eat compared with what I am going to feed everyone else. My daughter and her family are coming over for potato soup and snacks to watch ...
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started by diehard3.   
The other day i posted about having a problem taking a deep breath all of your responses scared me enough to see my doc. After all testing could not find out why i couldnt breath. Then i told him i was ...
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started by rambler747.   
Wondering if Diet Pills are Dangerous for your Health?
I am not sure if I should consider diet pills or not. I know that supplements are not regulated and makers pretty much do whatever makes them money. Any recommendations of "safe" products?
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started by Gossips City.   
Qsymia anyone?
Soooo I hesitate to bring up a weight loss pill (gasp!) because people get up on their high horses about losing weight naturally, no chemicals etc. But I'm bringing it up anyway dammit! I took P ...
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started by julieanne71.   
New Here... Low Carb.. lost 4 gained 3... WHAT?
:roll: Not sure why.. I thought I was down on calories and carbs.. but guess not.. I track my food mostly on Atkins.. but I put it here today.. and it runs about the same numbers... I went from 247 to ...
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started by Penster12.   
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Do you weigh in every day or just once week?
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started by gismusicelle.   
Carbs ugh
Ok i have had a carb attack . I ate some 88% dark chocolate a couple of squares and had some blue chips with avocado. I now i was stressing at work and I know thats why . I will move on too tomorrow and ...
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started by Suz2356.   
Anyone heard of SARMS?
Hey everyone, I've just recently gotten back on the fitness wagon and have been taking a new supplement. It's an experimental product called SARMS. I was wondering if anyone else has heard of ...
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started by PinkNinjitsu.   
Is it possible to lose weight without physical exercise?
Hi, I just want to know if it is possible to lose weight without doing any physical exercise? Physical exercise is very painful to me. Thanks
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started by mukul_eng2.   
MELBOURNE - Female diet buddies?
Melbourne based - looking to communicate with other Melbourne based ladies to share ups and downs around losing the kilos.
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started by wendyeriksen1, 3 days ago.   
Lately im having a hard time taking in a deep breath it gets so bad i start panicking and all i think about is trying to get a good breath i have called 911 a couple times they say my lungs is clear i ...
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started by rambler747.   
I want to take a nap, but instead I am gonna go hope on my gazelle and go for 10 mins, just 10 mins. its gonna be cold, I put it outside on my deck. :lol:
4 replies, last reply by FluffyMe, 3 days ago.   3,296 views.
started by sugrfoot2.   
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Healthy Snacks
thank you all , I will try to make them thank you
by Saige18 on 08 Feb 16 05:57 AM
Math help with Keto diet
Hopefully by "working out" you're lifting weights and not just doing cardio. If you are lifting AND in ketosis, you're doing everything possible to retain/maintain/grow muscle as you ...
by Frosty Heimdall on 08 Feb 16 05:01 AM
Where is everyone from?
I was born in London, England. Now living in Turkey :)
by Rindaloo on 08 Feb 16 02:23 AM
Need a buddy! 54 year old female
Feel free to add me as well. ive just started. lost 4 and gained back 3. I guess im in starvation mood. Not hungry. But not doing it right i guess. We can do this together if u want. We can do it. Im ...
by Penster12 on 07 Feb 16 07:30 PM
Anyone using the Fitbit Flex or similar devices?
I bought a fitbit for myself for the holidays. I got the larger one...a bit more money but it was worth the monies. The GPS is very accurate and I am able to keep track of the amount of calories burned ...
by Rena Lass on 07 Feb 16 04:12 PM
Having a hard time choosing a calorie counting app...
I've been torn between Fatsecret and Myfitnesspal for a long while now. I'll join here, delete and then go back to Myfitnesspal…Delete my account from there and then return back here. Today, I ...
by kofe_3 on 07 Feb 16 03:28 PM

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