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i do not get it.....
There are people here who ask for help but due to their settings block us who have been successful from answering them, they ask for buddies and block them. I do not understand... this is the most s ...
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started by wholefoodnut.   
how to post the one that you posted? like the goal 1 and so on? where to click after the 6 options you said?
4 replies, last reply by howzat4u, about a day ago.   109 views.
started by lil bites.   
Differences in "low carb" natural diets
Hi-- Can someone give me a 'nutshell' difference in the diets Atkins, Paleo and Southbeach? Aren't they all very much alike in what you can eat, and being low carb? I want to lose 10, very ...
2 replies, last reply by mummydee, about a day ago.   91 views.
started by secllc.   
One thing I have 'discovered' here of late is the magic of... wait for it... OBEDIENCE! To what I know to be true. There is no such thing as 'well I have had a good week, so I can have a l ...
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started by Bearcat17, about a day ago.   
Phentermine experiences?
I started this diet without Phentermine. About two weeks in my doctor suggested I try it, if I was willing to be on his terms. He is really strict about only offering it for a maximum of three months and ...
1 reply, last reply by TKay3586, about a day ago.   80 views.
started by VickiFit2015.   
Is it possible to export ALL diet or weight data to CSV or Excel?
I'd like to backup all my personal data basically. Perhaps graph the daily caloric intake on Excel. Any way to do this for more than a single month at a time?
3 replies, last reply by Adevero, about a day ago.   1,200 views.
started by hhsuey.   
Sugar Addict/Chocoholic!!! Are you one & how do you deal with it?
I am an EMOTIONAL EATER and my go to foods are very rich foods, decadent, buttery & sugary …for the most part I am a confessed Chocoholic!!! Are you one? How do you deal with your sugar cravings? ...
8 replies, last reply by Caryns, about a day ago.   1,123 views.
started by dragonwisdom.   
Does anyone here live the 80/10/10 lifestyle? My daughter is sort of following it and I have also startet to eat a lot more raw. Eating so much sweet and ripe fruit has really curbed my cravings for c ...
7 replies, last reply by 50nfat, about a day ago.   1,505 views.
started by schmetterling34.   
Looking for keto ppl
I am finding alot of non-keto diet things on here so I'd like to put a shout out to other ketogenic ppl. I am doing mostly The Wahls' Protocol, level 3, Paleo Plus. Not just the usual LCHF diet ...
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started by 50nfat, about a day ago.   
Why I 173LB and Not 230-240lb like all the other men in my family!
Why I don't weigh 220-240lb
1 reply, last reply by robathealthsidekick, a day ago.   716 views.
started by robathealthsidekick.   
Why I 173LB and Not 230-240lb like all the other men in my family!
I was on track to weight 230-240lb
1 reply, last reply by robathealthsidekick, a day ago.   716 views.
started by robathealthsidekick.   
Why I 173LB and Not 230-240lb like all the other men in my family!
Was on track to weigh not weight 230-240lb
1 reply, last reply by robathealthsidekick, a day ago.   716 views.
started by robathealthsidekick.   
A friendly greeting
Hi everyone, my name is Tana, I decided to leave fitness pal and try this site as I can control my settings to give me net carb on my foods. I am doing the low carb/high fat diet no wait WOE, it is not ...
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started by My journey42, a day ago.   
Egg Whites
So some folks here in my office eat boiled eggs every morning but toss the yolk. Everything I have ever read sais the yolk is the best part in terms of nutrients and what is most beneficial. I eat 2 b ...
7 replies, last reply by mahvashmaleki, a day ago.   881 views.
started by kristyanne3.   
Amazing results
Anyone tried Kick Start Fat Loss with Rachel Holmes? Just taken part in her upgraded programme, I got great results
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started by ClairevL, a day ago.   
having lost 10lbs, I see none of it was from my waist?
Hi everyone... well, question for everyone, I have been dieting religiously for 35 days and have lost 10 lbs, the scale clearly tells me so....yet I have not lost an inch in the waist... I exercise ...
8 replies, last reply by RndRob, a day ago.   763 views.
started by nn1974.   
low carb eating
I am trying to start the low carb diet, i have gone on Atkins site,but am not to good with computer, and finding it a little hard finding what i need to do. I would like a buddy to help me on my way, I ...
5 replies, last reply by isabel marshal, a day ago.   1,175 views.
started by allieree.   
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where does it say Journal entries need to be daily?
by howzat4u on 04 Mar 15 01:49 PM
Eating Consciously
Have you tried to eat consciously? Try it sometime take a bite and put your folk or spoon all the way down on the table and chew and enjoy your food you will more likely than not find out you eat less. ...
by Rockiesfan on 04 Mar 15 01:31 PM
SO sorry, but I will no longer be using the web version of
I never get any pop up ads, sounds like your browser settings aren't set right
by howzat4u on 04 Mar 15 01:12 PM
Just looking for some buddies
Hi, I love to add buddies, (One Problem that I see): Many New buddies simply don't journal. (Or if they do journal, then they may keep it private.) Journal's are a great way to stay connected with ...
by Ann444 on 04 Mar 15 12:52 PM
Understanding the total nutritional bits
I'm still in the learning mode myself. I have been reading several sites on this topic. I found this for you Hopefully that can help.
by Charm4u on 04 Mar 15 12:16 PM
Anyone here get heartburn regularly?
yes I do,but I found a website that said to drink lemon juice.i started drinking it and within days it had helped.i cut one lemon into wedges and cover it with boiling water cool and drink one cup per ...
by brenda cowley on 04 Mar 15 10:56 AM

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