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Setting a limits for my macros
Does anyone know if I can set my macros. I want to be able to view my macros when I am getting close the percentage I have set for myself. Example. Carbs30 Fat20 Protein 50. I really could care less ...
6 replies, last reply by Psylocke26, 2 days ago.   395 views.
started by QueenKirby.   
As I'm new I keep putting random comments in random places, I haven't quite worked out where to post comments yet. So I apologise if I've done that to anybody. I think I'm learning.. ...
1 reply, last reply by Phooka, 2 days ago.   151 views.
started by Chief Bear.   
Paleo Diet: What's Your Experience?
I am wondering A) if you have tried the Paleo Diet and; B) What your experience was with it? I tried it almost 6 years ago now, and I lost a lot of weight. However, it increased my cravings so much ...
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started by You Can Weigh Less, 2 days ago.   
Building Stamina
Mentally, I am wanting so bad to go run a mile. I get so psyched up and I get my shoes laced up and hop on the treadmill or get outside, and suddenly, no matter how hard I push myself mentally, within ...
7 replies, last reply by You Can Weigh Less, 2 days ago.   509 views.
started by sunshinetrugillo.   
To make sure I drink all the water I need to, I will open a 16oz. bottle of water and throw away the cap. for some reason I end up drinking the whole bottle instead of closing it up and leaving it some ...
9 replies, last reply by You Can Weigh Less, 2 days ago.   2,371 views.
started by MaverickD9.   
Drink tea at night to curb your hunger
3 replies, last reply by You Can Weigh Less, 2 days ago.   287 views.
started by maggie112316.   
Track Active Calories Burned from Apple Healthkit
I am trying to find a good calorie counter that will work with data from my Apple watch. Specifically, I am trying to have the calories burned from my watch automatically sync with FatSecret so that I ...
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started by scottdefusco, 3 days ago.   
Help i am on low carb diet !
I don't understand why i am not losing any more weight! i am always below the 50g of carbs even some days around 30g ????? Calories under 1050 even under 1000 some days. And i also do some exercise ...
23 replies, last reply by spacey48, 3 days ago.   742 views.
started by Sweetlysad.   
Halo Top on sale for $2.88 at ShopRite!
Just a heads-up for you Halo Top lovers in states with ShopRite grocery stores. They're practically giving it away this week! [img] (Not my photo/kitchen.)
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started by kpwcalories, 3 days ago.   
What is your hardest day?
I find there are certain days of the week that make it more difficult to stay on track than others; mine is typically Sunday because it is the day where I am home. I've started having a big breakfast ...
3 replies, last reply by CammieCo, 4 days ago.   267 views.
started by CammieCo.   
Low cal nutritious foods
If you are just learning about calorie control or you just want some helpful guidelines, I thought that this was pretty good.
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started by Hermiones Mom, 5 days ago.   
How my diet is going
So yesterday I had a crazy schedule and by the time I got home it was late and I can't eat a large meal at night. My calorie intake was low; I have figured out I'm good at 1100 - 1400 calories ...
2 replies, last reply by CammieCo, 5 days ago.   196 views.
started by CammieCo.   
Belly fat over 50
I have been losing some weight but nothing is happening in the "belly" area. When I look at family pictures, we all have the beer belly, both men and women. Is there something I can do to help ...
18 replies, last reply by Yourpissingmeoff, 5 days ago.   4,507 views.
started by wanna feel good.   
Do you feel that fiber has any importance in weight loss, maintenance or good health in general?
11 replies, last reply by Yourpissingmeoff, 5 days ago.   897 views.
started by John10251.   
Injury and Diet
I have not been able to exercise properly due to injury. I played tennis two weeks ago and strained my back which is taking longer than expected to recover! I think as you get older Injuries can take ...
4 replies, last reply by Yourpissingmeoff, 5 days ago.   2,213 views.
started by Crookedriver.   
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I've certainly had to watch my calories as I am and probably always will be if given free rein, an overeater. But I certainly don't want to limit myself to one thing for the rest of my life. ...
by Rckc on 09 Dec 16 07:03 AM
For those of you on Low-Carb diets
They are pretty high calorie content. Don't go overboard with them. I generally only have one a day but mine are larger than standard. I also make mine with a combination of flax and almond flour. ...
by jlbenitz on 09 Dec 16 03:30 AM
Lost some weight, mostly inches
Marymaryquitecon wrote: Best reason of all to losing weight is for your health! Keep up the good work! for sure! that should be the main focus.
by roseerick on 08 Dec 16 09:34 PM
Notation question for food journal
Thank you!!!
by clayboro on 08 Dec 16 02:57 PM
Thanks so much You Can.... please, explain further...intuitive eating.
by Avis713 on 08 Dec 16 11:28 AM
Creating A "Group" Food
Psylocke26 wrote: If you've already entered a meal you can also... Thanks a bunch for the tip!
by goofyfish on 08 Dec 16 09:00 AM

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