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Keto tortillis
Just made tortillas from flathead pizza dough. I got two 8" from this recipe. 2 carbs each. The first one I made into a quesadilla. The second made a chicken burrito smothered in green chili. ...
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started by Bluper, a day ago.   
weight loss
:p A diet that works for me
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started by stephaniebering.   
Does this site work?
This site is a tool, it's not a sure fire way to lose weight. YOU are the sure fire way to lose weight. I have lost and gained all my life. If I have learned anything in my 65 years its that I am ...
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started by Rattailusa, 2 days ago.   
Managing Notifications
I am really annoyed with the inability to manage notifications. When my list gets long, I really would like to delete everything older than some number of days .. but there doesn't appear to be a ...
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started by rhills, 2 days ago.   
All about Apple Cider Vinegar
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started by Trucker Larry.   
Does anyone know a low fat alternative for Little Debbie Nutty Buddy bars?
My dog an I share a pack of these every morning. Its not something I'm going to give up but the calorie and fat count on them is awful. Little Debbie used to make a lighter version of them but sto ...
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started by ggreen67, 2 days ago.   
I wish there was somewhere to record my measurements as diet is only one half of getting the shape you want and sometimes your weight may go up with muscle but your shape will change a dress size or two. ...
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started by SkinnyWoo.   
Just looking for friends! Any body type welcome. Just to chat! Warning: I like to talk a lot and share stories. Not concede just friendly! :) Anyone want to share their weight loss journey with me, tips, ...
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started by butterflygirl42.   
breakfast on the go (that doesn't have eggs or be too carby...)
please help! I'm trying to find my go-to breakfast for work. I was doing plain fat-free yogurt with a sweetener (maple) and fruit (cherries) but that's way too sweet for me at this point. All ...
4 replies, last reply by gz9gjg, 3 days ago.   209 views.
started by rebecca831.   
Shift worker
I am a shift worker and am finding that especially night shift plays havoc with my eating habits. I need to eat during the night and even though I am having a protein drink I still need breakfast when ...
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started by Heike216, 3 days ago.   
Took more steps yesterday, but didn't burn as many calories???
According to my Fitbit, I took more steps and worked out longer yesterday, but I burned less calories than I did the previous day. Can someone explain why? I'm a little confused. It's slightly ...
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started by Emerald17.   
Itchy stretchmarks
Has anyone struggled with REALLY itchy stretchmarks? I'm really suffering in the belly, thigh, hip regions for the last 3 weeks. I literally just want to shred my skin, because a little itching ...
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started by Charissalynn , 4 days ago.   
Phone App - Exercise tracking not available?
I could have sworn the exercise tracker was in the phone app when I used to use it but now my phone app only allows the food diary. Can you not input your exercise on app?
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started by Raeka8.   
How to track body fat percentage on fatsecret?
Hi all! I've been tracking my weight and body fat % in a google sheet but now I'm ginving fatsecret a chance and, while I have to say this site is great, I'm a bit dissapointed that there ...
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started by zippolag.   
Starting pretty good
So...Soccer season is almost here! Trying to at least lose 40 before the beginning of next year! :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d
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started by haleighwooten, 4 days ago.   
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iphone changes
I was able to change to net carbs on my laptop but it won't change on my iphone is there some i need to do ? thanks
by robinsavngr on 19 Sep 17 09:39 AM
One thing that helps me is visualization ... Think that 1/4 lb loss is not much and you are discouraged? Go to the fridge, take out a cube of butter. Hold it under your chin while looking in the mi ...
by catzz2 on 19 Sep 17 09:11 AM
How do you link FitBit to this app?
I linked it the first week but now it won't work.
by bluiz443 on 19 Sep 17 07:21 AM
Fit Bit
my fit bit isn't working any more with this app either.
by bluiz443 on 19 Sep 17 07:17 AM
What about this pills?!!
This is actually good pills, but I know they can be bad for skin. If you do have problems you could use [url=https://porevacuumcleaner... machine[/url]. That baby made miracles, and with weigh loss I ...
by juliatimonova on 19 Sep 17 06:43 AM
using a power cooker (pressure cooker)
If your pressure cooker is big enough, you can put a small stand or rack in it so the fat drains down below the food. I have used one of those collapsible steamers for that. The only thing a pressure ...
by michaelltaylor on 19 Sep 17 12:02 AM

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