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Buddies on hcg diet??
Hi seeking buddies on any phase of hcg diet for support??:? :? :?
2 replies, last reply by IsaBrigitte, a day ago.   10,849 views.
started by Torismommy.   
Looking for a listing of the grams of carbs in vegetables
Can anyone tell me where I can find a plain list of vegetables that give how many grans of carbohydrates are in each vegetable? I don't need a list of food places I just need to know the amount in ...
1 reply, last reply by Foxypaws, a day ago.   82 views.
started by eclairsgalore.   
down 6 kg! Yea
while I didn't weigh myself at the beginning of my diet (June 22nd), and only got up the nerve to do so on July 2nd, I am quite sure that I lost over 1.5 kg those first 11 days because the diet has ...
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started by kibbutz, a day ago.   
Back on track
Had a wonderful time last week with granddaughter visiting. Got off track (less exercising and ate at odd hours with more sweets and breads than usual). Glad I didn't gain more than I did. Back to ...
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started by Fran Boggs, a day ago.   
Looking for a weightloss buddy
Hello I am a 61 year old female seeking a weight loss buddy in southern New Jersey.
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started by Goodheartgreatmind, a day ago.   
Lost historical data
I changed my diet and then realized that it started my progress over, so I switched back. How do I sync my history with my diet? I've lost all the progress data on my phone, which is discouraging. ...
2 replies, last reply by ED BO, a day ago.   265 views.
started by snakeyjane.   
Lost historical data
I think I figured it out. I went to "change my diet" and retroactively dated when I started my diet. I just wanted to update in case other people have had a similar issue.
2 replies, last reply by ED BO, a day ago.   265 views.
started by snakeyjane.   
Excercise and Fitbit
Can someone please help, I'm a bit confused. When I have linked a fitbit tracker to my account, do I need to log anything else too. I was thinking that the fitbit tracked the steps but things like ...
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started by JulPre, 2 days ago.   
Looking for buddies doing Keto or LCHF
I'm looking for buddies that are doing the Keto or LCHF diet. Looking for accountability partners. Add me if you're doing the Keto diet please.
36 replies, last reply by Foxypaws, 2 days ago.   6,915 views.
started by Skinnylady12.   
Exercise Ideas for the Disabled
I need help with exercise ideas for people like me, who are disabled. I use my wheelchair when out of the home to prevent falls. I walk throughout the house(hobble) everyday. I am determined to stay ...
6 replies, last reply by GopherIt2, 2 days ago.   686 views.
started by Marla Cassie Edwards.   
So far in July I'm hovering like a helicopter. Hover...Hover. It could be worse. I could be zooming up with my goal weight far out of sight. :roll:
1 reply, last reply by Skyehawk, 2 days ago.   138 views.
started by Gerdgal.   
How do I delete exercise, I did not enter. I have not been able to cancel this, like in the food area. Please advise. I would like my numbers to be more accurate. Thanks - pammers
2 replies, last reply by Behlingpr, 3 days ago.   187 views.
started by Behlingpr.   
Recently joined
Hi Haven't posted anything before, so thought I'd make a start. Been using the food counter for about a month now to help monitor my intake. My bio explains why! The food/calorie counter is a ...
2 replies, last reply by minniethekitty, 3 days ago.   174 views.
started by GregzShoreham.   
Exercise Summary at top of "MY FATSECRET"
Can anyone explain (or point me to the page that explains) to me the exercise summary? Right now, it reads: 1808 kcal / Net -1124 kcal. My diet summary for the day reads 684 kcal / RDI 38%. It seems ...
2 replies, last reply by rhills, 3 days ago.   841 views.
started by Sans Egal.   
Step Tracking iPhone
Does this app allow automatic sharing of iPhone step tracking and conversion to calories burned?
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started by SAS47fs, 3 days ago.   
Avocado Bacon Egg Salad
This is a perfect LCHF Recipe and I am making it tomorrow....Will let you know how it turns out ! [url=http://www.lecremedelacru... Avocado Egg Salad[/url]
4 replies, last reply by SLLockhart, 3 days ago.   329 views.
started by Lippybeth.   
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Looking for a weight loss buddy
Hi everyone, Looking for a weight loss buddy and followers to keep me motivated on the weight loss journey :)
by Viv19771948 on 26 Jul 17 09:20 AM
can you put in your own fat, protein and carb number that YOU want to follow... :oops:
by Penster12 on 26 Jul 17 09:13 AM
Protein Shakes
I keep protein powder at work and just mix it with water. Some products out there taste pretty good with this combo alone. Some of my favorite ones: [url= Nutrition Diesel ...
by ieGod on 26 Jul 17 07:13 AM
For those who like to move it (move it)
dnags wrote: Can we sync our fitbit to our computer? The exercise diary on the website will show your fitbit once you have synced through the app.
by FatSecret on 26 Jul 17 01:04 AM
Lookup food in international database
I also started entering nutrition data, but it really required dedication, and now I actually switched back to MyFitnesspal unfortunately. Apparently, the headquarter is in Australia, they should und ...
by simgunz on 26 Jul 17 12:51 AM
How to Add Food Item From Recipe
How about a photo of the food? I've successfully added foods with ingredients using to get the details correct, then copying all over to Fat Secret, but when I try ...
by flutepraise on 26 Jul 17 12:00 AM

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