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Starting Stats
Greetings to All! I started my journey on 9/14/16. Start weight: 318.6 Goal Weight: 220 within 1 year BMI: 43.8 Body Fat: 38.9% Presently focusing on keeping a caloric intake of 2000 kcal/day and ...
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started by rjsluman, about a day ago.   
Coffee good for weight loss?
I drink coffee everyday, I have to admit that throughout the day I total probably 12 cups, only 2 of which are decaf-those are around bedtime. I heard that coffee kills hunger and cravings-appetite. B ...
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started by XshapeshiftX.   
Starving self and gaining weight
I have been counting calories for 4 days and today I went to the gym and got on scale and I have gained a pound! What is up with that!
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started by Misssy2.   
Eat what you want & loose the weight!
Eat what you want but have a very strict diet? False advertisement in the thread title. You can include a piece of cake in your 12-1300 calories and not have to do any extra cardio. Also, it's ...
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started by nataliebehman, 2 days ago.   
Preworkout Question
I do not react very well to traditional caffeine, such as from coffee or energy drinks, but I am needing more energy for my workouts. My trainer suggested looking into some different preworkouts, and some ...
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started by MissSmith858.   
Belly fat over 50
I have been losing some weight but nothing is happening in the "belly" area. When I look at family pictures, we all have the beer belly, both men and women. Is there something I can do to help ...
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started by wanna feel good.   
Walking in place
This has worked for me before. I managed to lose 20 pounds. My BF maintains this is not a valid form of exercise despite my showing him several articles. Just wondered what your opinion is.
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started by annieh60630.   
Stubborn Fat
Belly fat is a sign of insulin resistance. Cut way back on carbs, and the insulin levels will drop.
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started by Mariah0399.   
Stubborn Fat
Belly fat is a sign of too many carbs (beer belly, pasta belly, good eatin). Lets all agree to cut back on carbs, run, get the metabolic rate up, and the belly size will drop - and you will no longer have ...
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started by Mariah0399.   
Stubborn Fat
belly fat is a sign of being too fat, people lose weight here last of all because its the place it generally accumulates the most be in a consistent deficit and remain active
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started by Mariah0399.   
Stubborn Fat
A journey of a thousand meals begins with a single plate. Confused.
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started by Mariah0399.   
Stubborn Fat
vitamanollie wrote: A journey of a thousand meals begins with a single plate. Confused.geez you talk a load of crap
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started by Mariah0399.   
Industry funded studies
Interesting article on the study that linked heart disease to fat. Makes you wonder if you can trust any study. [url=
5 replies, last reply by jodymcconnachie, 2 days ago.   514 views.
started by fatoldlady.   
Emotional Roller coaster
Today was a bad day for me. I have an amazing 2 weeks of tracking my food and seeing some weight loss, but today I just binged . I am an emotional eater , I was feeling low and I turned to food .i will ...
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started by Hailuh .   
Delete account
Hi dears, I would ask you if it is possible to delete my fatsecret's account. Thanks
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started by mario.bernasconi98, 4 days ago.   
Pleased to meet you ...
Greetings and Salutations!! Just wanted to say hello. This my "maiden voyage" so to speak, when it comes to interacting in a "Forum" type of environment; apologies in advance if I ...
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started by terihanna.   
Draglist Delights - Paleo/LCHF/Keto Foods
Hi, everyone. A lot of folks have kindly asked for the recipes for the low carb breads, pie crusts, and other foods I've made recently. I have added them to the FS Food database under my company name ...
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started by Draglist.   
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Do you weigh in every day or just once week?
2825 replies, last reply by Mariah0399, 5 days ago.   640,708 views.
started by gismusicelle.   
Is there a way to sign into the android app with facebook?
I've entered my fatsecret username and facebook password, but that doesn't work. Thanks.
2 replies, last reply by cking22001, 5 days ago.   1,335 views.
started by sherrysmcguire.   
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Some things need fixing.
Thanks, but I cannot see it anywhere yet. I am using an iPhone 6+ if that makes a difference. I will search for it here on the web page ...
by ralph9876 on 29 Sep 16 12:41 AM
How to curb late night eating?
Mariah0399 wrote: I like to work out at night and drink a protein shake after. It's like a nice dessert and is filling for me. Also, if you feel hungry, try to drink water. For me, late night hunger ...
by sharynfrost on 28 Sep 16 10:39 PM
Wrong weight
yep, its easy to change Click on 'My Weight History' right hand column, then down on the right it gives you options to change what you want to change
by Halo Kiwi on 28 Sep 16 08:38 PM
An interesting journey
I started my weight loss journey in January with a loss goal of 17 lbs, and came onto this site somewhere around May. I have lost just over 30 lbs. I am post menopause and never thought I could do it. ...
by catkane8662 on 28 Sep 16 06:41 PM
Let me brag a little
That's funny NY. I too sometimes wonder what 5:2 Cowboy means.
by FiveTwoCowboy on 28 Sep 16 05:02 PM
I will succeed!
Cook healthy, teach her the difference between fast food and fresh produce or home cooked meals. Education is key. Tell her: if she stops eating, and then decides to eat-she's going to put weight on ...
by XshapeshiftX on 28 Sep 16 04:49 PM

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