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Just joined - love it! Tried to sign on from my laptop but could not, why?
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started by laurels1900.   
Subway Salads
I need some help with nutritional information for subway salads. I order these while working late in the office. usually I go for low fat tuna salad (2 scoops, low fat sauces like sweet onion). fat secret ...
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started by rahulpanjwani.   
I am new to the site as well as the idea of tracking my food intake. I understand the calories, but am not sure what the numbers for fats carb and proteins are meant to mean. I think this means grams, ...
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started by agriffith999.   
Circadian rhythm
Just been reading about Circadian rhythm in a book about boosting metabolism. Basically, we've evolved to sleep when it's dark. For the past 100 hundred years or so 'blue light' has ...
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started by nb girl.   
ideas please
Anyone got any ideas for low fat healthy snacks. Besides, fresh fruit, nuts, raw veg etc??:roll:
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started by Snail2.   
Marrsa peers book
I tried Marissa peers book You can be thin or slim ? I lost two stone and loved it Until I went on a 3 week all inclusive to Tenerife arg argggg:roll: Just got the taste of booze n carbs again, think ...
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started by Border collie fan, a day ago.   
Hi all, Just popping in to say hello from Liverpool, England and I wish everyone success with their goals.
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started by Tedthered.   
Okay. I'm fed up!
I love the community here, and FS is a pretty good site over all, but... I'm sick of trying to enter recipes so I can go the the recipe and get the actual measure for each item and being able only ...
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started by northernmusician.   
Tim Noakes Banting diet
What do you think? is it safe?
3 replies, last reply by MariYoung, a day ago.   302 views.
started by MariYoung.   
Viewing diet buddies food diary
Is there a way we can do this?
8 replies, last reply by Draglist, a day ago.   332 views.
started by earwigo2014.   
I Need Tips for beating sugar addiction.....
Hey, really rough day. Hit the sugar....candy/ brownies.....pretty hard today. Brownies were at work. Then at the store (like the brownie "set" me off) the candy just fell into my cart, ...
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started by PinkRose88.   
how can I boost my metabolism and decrease my body's resistance?
Hello everyone! I'm 19 years old and currently around 74 kg. I lost 20 kg so far. now I wanna lose the last 10 kg. but my body resist me and I cannot lose any weight even I exercise regularly 5 times ...
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started by seld5.   
My name is Sandy
71 battling cancer problems , no swallow etc. Need to lose weight around waist and sedentary habits for my health ..Be my cheer team ??
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started by sandykessler.   
We used to be able to print that option gone?
I can't remember how it worked exactly, but I know we used to be able to print some cool reports showing averages of food intake. It would cover a specified period of time...or maybe all entries. ...
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started by DianaBanana.   
Finding a Chocolate Truffle in the Rain by Geneen Roth
Sharing an article from one of my favorite weight loss writers ------------------------------... Finding a Chocolate Truffle in the Rain by Geneen Roth When I first stopped dieting, my friends thought ...
19 replies, last reply by FullaBella, 2 days ago.   999 views.
started by FullaBella.   
Finding a Chocolate Truffle in the Rain by Geneen Roth
19 replies, last reply by FullaBella, 2 days ago.   999 views.
started by FullaBella.   
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Msbuggirl fat secret isn't recording my weight loss for my challenges either for two months now. I've complained and nothing. They do not care. Kraftylady I also have to click on the right date ...
by snezica on 22 Aug 14 02:14 PM
I am on the Atkins diet on induction and gaining weight! Please help.
do you know how many calories a day you are actually consuming...I am having a major stall myself but try to not eat more than 1200 per day ....1000 is probably better if you want to see the scale move ...
by willowtree444 on 22 Aug 14 01:29 PM
Cauliflower pizza
Vickie 5966 wrote: I've never tried this with cauliflower but when I need to get liquid out of zucchini I shred it and pile it in a tea towel. Spin the towel until the zucchini is in a ball and s ...
by laner68 on 22 Aug 14 12:53 PM
drinking water strategy
That's exactly what I have been doing! LOL, atleast I got one thing correct on this diet!
by pwrestlephoto on 22 Aug 14 10:47 AM
Don't look at the total weight you have to lose. Try to break it down in attainable goals. Start with a goal of 10#, then create a new goal. Then add in exercise. I will walk for 20 minutes 3 days ...
by Sherillynn on 22 Aug 14 08:40 AM
:) I take it after 1485 in calories yesterday, halting my drinking of water after 7PM seemed to help... Next weigh in Friday August 29, 2014 need to atleast get to 154-155/ Need to exercise more and tweek ...
by pwrestlephoto on 22 Aug 14 07:29 AM

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by member Lucky765
This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
05 Jan 14 for diet Atkins