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Weight Loss
Hello all, Great new for me, I lost 6 pound, my weakest point is alcohol, if I leave it along, I can lose more weight.
1 reply, last reply by Rella918, an hour ago.   26 views.
started by Ettennyl.   
Adding Food Items
Does anyone know if we can do this here? I have an item that I eat a lot and I'd like to add it. If so, how do you do it? Thanks :?:
1 reply, last reply by abbadabba, 2 hours ago.   38 views.
started by keto44.   
Type 2 Diabetes
I'm looking for a little hope, please? Is there anyone here that has/had type II diabetes that was able to improve their A1C or even reverse their diabetes with a keto lifestyle? I'm having ...
26 replies, last reply by baskington, 3 hours ago.   896 views.
started by Sparks1971.   
I have recently been diagnosed with prediabetes Has this happened to anyone and did you reverse it? I was told diet and exercise will help.
4 replies, last reply by jasonmiller1, 4 hours ago.   101 views.
started by pumpkin456.   
Fruit Doesn’t ripen Any More, What’s Changed?
I’m trying hard to eat more fresh fruit. But melons, pineapples, they go from rock hard to rotten. If I buy cut fruit it’s hard/unripe. I used to work at a farm market. I know how to tell if a piece of ...
1 reply, last reply by SMK2016, 5 hours ago.   44 views.
started by Cindi513.   
what is your goal weight, 5'3 and 5'4 ladies?
I'm 5'3 and a half. CW:134 GW:120 UGW:115 what about you?
115 replies, last reply by laurajohnson2, 7 hours ago.   18,677 views.
started by SailorEarth.   
Export food eaten/logged or a report like on the iphone app
Hi, I am working with a nutritionist and would like to run a report or get an export of all the foods I have eaten. I saw a report on the mobile app is there one for the website application
1 reply, last reply by abbadabba, 7 hours ago.   22 views.
started by paulmcafee.   
Going on a cruise while dieting
Last week I went on a cruise. This has been planned for over a year. Well, of course, I decide to start a diet 2 weeks before I am to leave. I was down 4.5 lbs before I left. I tried, I really did but ...
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started by pumpkin456, 10 hours ago.   
Yup, very slowly. And I feel a lot of hunger sometimes. I guess is menopause and the lack of exercise. Don't quit. Do not quit. Tonight take your time to organize yourself. Workout clothes, at hand. ...
2 replies, last reply by Damaris Berdut, about a day ago.   86 views.
started by Damaris Berdut.   
Happy to do....
:badgrin: happy with my diet
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started by sallyreda, about a day ago.   
Fresh Start
Hey Everyone, I signed up for this community forum yesterday and still trying to navigate my way around, I may have reposted the same thing in a different area, anyways I'm feeling pretty desperate ...
2 replies, last reply by soultimelady, a day ago.   83 views.
started by soultimelady.   
New to fat secret
Hello everyone, I just signed up with today. I'm not sure what diet to go with, really I don't like the word diet, I prefer lifestyle change. I have done the low carb diet in the ...
2 replies, last reply by soultimelady, a day ago.   112 views.
started by soultimelady.   
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Do you weigh in every day or just once week?
3089 replies, last reply by RageKage78, a day ago.   771,688 views.
started by gismusicelle.   
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Hoser wrote: Every day, first thing when I get up. I get used to normal day-to-day variations that way, and don't obsess over the details. Exactly. I weigh myself first thing in the morning before ...
3089 replies, last reply by RageKage78, a day ago.   771,688 views.
started by gismusicelle.   
Fresh Start
Well this is just my second day and I have no real clue what I'm doing. I've been putting in my meals and activity but I don't really have a plan per se. I would like to go the Keto low carb ...
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started by soultimelady, a day ago.   
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started by cnkrkmz34, a day ago.   
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Weight Loss
Great job! Be proud of yourself. When I'm in Phase 2 of HCG I do my best not to socialize as much as normal due to enjoying the wine and Prosecco too much. Fortunately Phase 2 last only 6 wks. It also ...
by Rella918 on 23 May 18 06:38 PM
Adding Food Items
I know it can be done on the website
by abbadabba on 23 May 18 05:39 PM
Type 2 Diabetes
to get into ketosis most people need to be below 20 net carbs and not too much protein, high fat is the name of the game. if you are serious about doing a true keto diet you need to go to one of the many ...
by baskington on 23 May 18 04:11 PM
Lowering carbs will reverse T2 diabetes in 3 months
by jasonmiller1 on 23 May 18 03:52 PM
Fruit Doesn’t ripen Any More, What’s Changed?
That is so true.
by SMK2016 on 23 May 18 02:35 PM
what is your goal weight, 5'3 and 5'4 ladies?
5'4" 115-117lbs I also have a small frame. Around 124 now and have a small belly starting.
by laurajohnson2 on 23 May 18 12:40 PM

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