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Quick and easy food suggestions
Does anyone have any quick and easy meal suggestions for someone who doesn't have a lot of time to cook or the energy after a 10 hour day?!
2 replies, last reply by rhills, 12 hours ago.   147 views.
started by jbsquishy.   
Long Time
Boy has it been a long time since I posted here. I never learn how to use these things. I keep up with the weights and exercise and journal but forget the gatherings. I started Atkins in October 2013 ...
1 reply, last reply by rhills, 13 hours ago.   84 views.
started by Charades Ashanti.   
Phone App - Exercise tracking not available?
I could have sworn the exercise tracker was in the phone app when I used to use it but now my phone app only allows the food diary. Can you not input your exercise on app?
4 replies, last reply by rhills, 13 hours ago.   239 views.
started by Raeka8.   
Itchy stretchmarks
Has anyone struggled with REALLY itchy stretchmarks? I'm really suffering in the belly, thigh, hip regions for the last 3 weeks. I literally just want to shred my skin, because a little itching ...
2 replies, last reply by rhills, 13 hours ago.   159 views.
started by Charissalynn .   
Halloween Woes!
hey all! i was just wondering how bad a pre planned candy bender would be for me??? like a planned feast on candy chocolate and sweets??? just wondering if one day of absolute pigging out will affect my ...
4 replies, last reply by kbarnes12, 14 hours ago.   90 views.
started by godking1488.   
Easy Dinner Options That Don't Require Much Preparation/Cooking?
I've been trying to change my eating habits to be healthier. The issue is that I don't like to cook very much, and don't have much time to do it. I'm also visually impaired so very complex ...
2 replies, last reply by jaderh, about a day ago.   368 views.
started by cocreate.   
A plateau or starvation mode?
Hey all!! i was just wondering if you think i have hit a plateau. im trying to lose 20 pounds and im working out 2-3 hours a day,mostly cardio. i seem to have been getting rounder around the middle yet ...
2 replies, last reply by godking1488, about a day ago.   122 views.
started by godking1488.   
What is Your Favorite Cauliflower Recipes
I can honestly say I have never eaten cauliflower and have shied away from it for a looooooong time. So I am trying something new and wondering what is the tastiest recipes?? I've seen it used as a ...
4 replies, last reply by jazzylittleone, a day ago.   125 views.
started by Kedrake18.   
Daily detail report
I have been sending my doctor month and list version of my calendar. Now she want's more detail of exactly what I am eating each meal/each day. How can I retrieve this level of detail and print ...
2 replies, last reply by TomLong, a day ago.   112 views.
started by williamsmithaud.   
Meals for type 2 diabeties
What are some meals to make with more protien? Less bad carbs?
no replies.   42 views.
started by MamaKaren, a day ago.   
Powdered Peanut Buttter
hello I see alot of recipes that call for powdered peanut butter. i also saw bulk barn carries it. how good is this. anyone have experience with it???is there better quality than others? i have always ...
3 replies, last reply by godking1488, a day ago.   417 views.
started by francineseguin.   
4 days in
Hi. Well after hitting 209lbs and realizing it was not coming off with my cycling I opted for the Nutri System diet Must say for most of the food it is nothing special just small portions(really small ...
1 reply, last reply by rhills, 2 days ago.   62 views.
started by Brightonuk.   
Fitness Trackers
Any chance of adding a garmin Edge cycling computer to the apps that track exercise?
no replies.   32 views.
started by Brightonuk, 2 days ago.   
Today is my 13th month anniversary of ketoing. Has taken me this long to get this close to my goal 190-155. Thinking of resetting my goal to 150.
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started by MammaDot, 2 days ago.   
Başka bir fatsecret hesabım var.
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started by hayallerrr, 2 days ago.   
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Quick and easy food suggestions
I think one of the keys is to plan your meals in advance, so that you can pre-cook or pre-measure things. So, for example, I made a batch of turkey meatballs and froze them. If I know I will have 4 oz ...
by rhills on 22 Sep 17 03:44 PM
Long Time
Alas, I also suffer from what most people would call an "obsessive" personality disorder. It don't matter .. good or bad .. if I do it . I do it in extremes. I totally empathize. I do ...
by rhills on 22 Sep 17 03:27 PM
Phone App - Exercise tracking not available?
It's there, I promise!! Go to your food diary, and scroll down to the bottom .. and in a place that is easy to miss, you will see "Add Exercise/Sleep" (if you haven't previously entered ...
by rhills on 22 Sep 17 03:17 PM
Itchy stretchmarks
I don't know about itchy, but a buddy here recommended Cetaphil as a way to perhaps enable my excess spare tire skin to shrink faster. I've been using it, and really like it! And I am seeing ...
by rhills on 22 Sep 17 03:14 PM
Halloween Woes!
Frankly, no, one bender won't affect your waistline "in the long run." What's one meal compared to months and months of diligent dieting? If you're concerned, you can always make ...
by kbarnes12 on 22 Sep 17 01:40 PM
Easy Dinner Options That Don't Require Much Preparation/Cooking?
pizza topping casserole - just dump all the kind of toppings you like in your pizza, rao's pizza sauce, grate your cheese and bake in the oven for about 20 minutes. Eggs and bacon + a healthy bunch ...
by jaderh on 22 Sep 17 08:18 AM

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