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Low carb vs Low Calorie
Mummydee she mentioned it on another topic so I'm assuming she wants to do the 5:2 and also at the same time follow a low carb eating plan which is going to be too many restrictions at once and will ...
by Big Boy Optimus on 28 Jul 15 08:52 AM
How does the 5:2 diet works?
No problem. :)
by LowCarbFemmeFit on 28 Jul 15 04:38 AM
Is Eating Ice Bad for You?
Pica is a disorder where people feel the urge to eat items of little or no nutritional value, such as soil, chalk, sand, or glass. This disorder generally occurs amongst children and people who have d ...
by maktrim1 on 28 Jul 15 02:40 AM
Paleo diet Food List
by Diablo360x on 28 Jul 15 01:56 AM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
once a week
by sara982 on 28 Jul 15 12:23 AM
cooking the most delicious pork chops...
:) :) :)
by billtech66 on 27 Jul 15 11:03 PM