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GERD vs. Ulcer. Do you know which it is?
by LadyinDenim on 28 May 16 04:18 PM
How much protein, fat and Carbohydrate
I am on the go most of the time so I use a step meter on on pants so I know how far I walk in one day but there is no were to add the number of steps into my Exercise for the day. Will you be adding steps ...
by sandeemartin on 28 May 16 04:15 PM
First 5K walk/run last week
Great job. It is really hard to stay motivated when you hit a plateau. Hope the 5K helped. You sound like you are doing great. A friend told me she uses an app called mapmywalk that is working well ...
by akeria on 28 May 16 08:34 AM
Walking in any form
:roll: Absolutely a valid form of exercise!! Keepup the excellent job!!
by mefatpat on 28 May 16 04:14 AM
meal planning
Thank you, Barbara ! What a great resource ! :)
by fjasmine on 27 May 16 10:56 PM
Good news on the type 2 diabetes
Great news!! Keep up the good work.
by pandasmom on 27 May 16 10:30 PM