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Fortunately I will be off Warfarin in September. i had a blood clot but the doctors determined that my clot was due to inactivity and not genetics and said I only had to be on it for 6 months. I have ...
by SKennan on 03 Jul 15 10:43 AM
A bit frustrated
#Diablo360X - I find you to be insulting most of the time - It;s too bad because it seems like you are very knowledgeable and you are missing a good opportunity to help people. However I also think that ...
by krystynecar on 03 Jul 15 10:16 AM
Before and After, anyone?
First time I've seen this thread! Wow, to all of you. A nice touch would be to write what diet plan you followed, no? Thanks for taking the time and energy to share and inspire. Can't wait to ...
by NowIunderstand on 03 Jul 15 08:59 AM
Scale Fear
I'm on the scale daily. :-) but i only log once a week my weight.
by Saige18 on 03 Jul 15 05:10 AM
Best Health websites
Thank you Ayladancer If im Right she is that biggest looser Trainer will check the link out. thanks
by Saige18 on 03 Jul 15 05:08 AM
Paleo,GF, Bullet proof
Jessi Jordan Bullet proof cooking. Check this out, 28 day body transformation. -
by Libby63 on 02 Jul 15 03:09 PM