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wholefoodnut wrote: Firefish, who are you asking about weight loss? Sorry you weren't answered previously. Both Mummydee and I have been on maintenance for quite sometime. So have goals of main ...
by Firefish51 on 02 Jun 15 04:48 PM
Wanna make a bet????
ok just looked at the link you put there. I like the idea of photo of your weight on the scale as well as placing the word of the day there in the pic. Good luck raneezy I am rooting for you!
by dialla3201 on 02 Jun 15 03:44 PM
Best tracker
Glaun wrote: Consider the fitness (exercise) tracker in the Fatsecret program. If it is set up correctly you only need a couple clicks a day to record your calorie expenditure. Then this figure is aut ...
by amyskids on 02 Jun 15 03:35 PM
Linking the App to the website?
they sync automatically
by hottagain on 02 Jun 15 03:33 PM
Do you lift weights
I am all about lifting. For a long time I thought that if I lifted heavy weights as a girl I would get bulky and look like man. This is not the case. I came across a great article a while back talking ...
by activeash on 02 Jun 15 03:09 PM
:roll: Hey Buddies, it's been awhile since I needed to ask anything in a forum but Pop ups are back on my site for some reason, can anyone tell me again how to stop them PULL-EASE??
by myawethinTICself on 02 Jun 15 12:32 PM