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what to eat? How to build muscles
Vitamin C comes to mind. Humans used to be able to synthesize it. Now we can no longer. There are actually the tiniest fraction of humans alive today who can still produce their own C. the way we did a ...
by Itsmefromnewyork on 01 May 16 06:20 AM
Birthday party eating - pray for me today!?
Sorry, didn't see the timeline, hope all went well.
by Itsmefromnewyork on 30 Apr 16 08:19 PM
Hesap silme
What does that translate to? Lityf's
by Itsmefromnewyork on 30 Apr 16 07:58 PM
Drastic Measures
There is no law that mandates a "quick rebound" from a VLCD, unless you drastically increase cals and/or carbs from a low baseline. reverse diet resources ...
by jimmiepop on 30 Apr 16 02:56 PM
legit -
by jimmiepop on 30 Apr 16 02:47 PM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Once a week (Tuesday). Same day every week. Same time of day. First thing in the morning.
by iamfran on 30 Apr 16 01:31 PM