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Eat to Live
I started this diet thinking there was no possible way I could stick to it but I got good results emmediately .I've tried many other diets but with this diet I can eat till satisfied and the weight ...
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Sticking to diet...How come I fluxuate so much?
It is so disappointing to wake up a few days a week, after sticking to a regime, to find that I weigh more than the day before. My calorie intake has been good - filling myself with fruits and veggies. ...
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Or ginger peel to sparkling water for gingerale. x
by Shivanni on 11 Jul 14 08:39 AM
Is Obesity a Disease? NPR
I know a woman who purposely gained weight to put herself in the obese category in the hopes that she could go on disability rather than work; she was rejected and has been plagued by a variety of health ...
by Sweetalot on 11 Jul 14 08:39 AM
sandycatiller wrote: Does anyone know what the recommended amount of carbs is per day to lose weight? 100g
by Shivanni on 11 Jul 14 08:37 AM
Happy Friday Everyone
Why not try the 7lbs in 7days Challenge, to help motivate you along? You don't have to lose 7lbs but any loss, is a great loss right? Here's the link
by Shivanni on 11 Jul 14 08:29 AM
Weight averaging & carb tracking
Bill, didn't have much time to work on this until the past two days. I've updated the app, the date-back button should be working now -- but I don't have enough data to verify it. The app ...
by MV10 on 11 Jul 14 06:39 AM
I did the Insanity workout for the full 60 days last year. The results were pretty impressive. The only bad point (for me) is that the lots of push ups built my back muscles a bit more than I would like ...
by gabisoter on 11 Jul 14 06:05 AM