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Good luck! Hopefully you meet your goals!
by abbadabba on 25 Apr 18 10:45 AM
Net calories (gain weight)
That sounds about right - I am 5'3", sedentary, and I burn about 1300 calories a day just working at a desk 8 hours, and then tv and sleep the other 16 hours. If you don't gain the 3 pounds, ...
by abbadabba on 25 Apr 18 10:43 AM
How can i change my name?
by Alexansra Paria on 25 Apr 18 10:38 AM
Entering foods in to data base.
Commercial pizza? As in, packaged? I thought they were legally required to provide all the nutritional info (micro and macro). If you're talking about home made, you need to track the totals of the ...
by ieGod on 25 Apr 18 10:31 AM
Feeling frustrated.
When I was doing the research, many of the resources said 4 to 6 cups of veggies a day was needed. From the site, this is what they say: "In general, the daily intake of net carbs ...
by abbadabba on 25 Apr 18 10:28 AM
Just to clarify, when I say cycling I mean on a gym cycle, of course I have a bike but it's great to see the calories your losing, speed over distance, time on the bike & heart rate information ...
by Tuby01 on 25 Apr 18 09:59 AM