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Happy Birthday
You still have a lot of water weight to lose but to do so you have to ditch the junk food I have seen in your diet log. You can still eat your sandwich but with whole grain bread, cottage cheese and a ...
by snezica on 01 Aug 14 04:53 AM
Having a go Joe!
Well D I think I've just burnt off 200 cals just thinking about it!!!!! what a giggle Hi Andy Are we talking about the Wine here or the Toy Boy????? I think I can feel myself blushing a bit..... ...
by Maggy May on 01 Aug 14 04:52 AM
Changing my weight goal
Can anyone tell me if & how I can change my weight goal? I set my goal to 150lb and have reached that goal (yea me!!) but I would like to set a new weight goal and not lose all my added info. I felt ...
by Bethany Peoples on 01 Aug 14 04:39 AM
Where to buy Product
Mostly men area unit having a difficulty in their relationship, owing to their body. girls love muscular ripped body. Not simply in your relationship however conjointly in several aspects your strength ...
by KimberlyFischer on 01 Aug 14 04:12 AM
today is my birthday!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday from South Africa
by anarakh on 31 Jul 14 11:48 PM
Second month, only 1 lb lost
In order to see change, you are going to have to change. Change is good! You see that your menu isn't working for you so you need a plan. Research various diets and see which one you could live ...
by C67241 on 31 Jul 14 09:47 PM