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Finding a Chocolate Truffle in the Rain by Geneen Roth
Sharing an article from one of my favorite weight loss writers ------------------------------... Finding a Chocolate Truffle in the Rain by Geneen Roth When I first stopped dieting, my friends thought ...
19 replies, last reply by FullaBella, 4 months ago.   1,867 views.
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Finding a Chocolate Truffle in the Rain by Geneen Roth
19 replies, last reply by FullaBella, 4 months ago.   1,867 views.
started by FullaBella.   
How to Take Care of Yourself During a Bad Body Image Day
Sharing with my FS friends: How to Take Care of Yourself During a Bad Body Image Day: 1. Recognize that fat isn’t a feeling. There are always underlying emotions that we attach to feeling fat. When ...
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One Year Anniversary
Sunday will be my one year anniversary of taking that first step to change my relationship with food. NOW is when the really hard part begins. That seems ironic considering I've lost 100+lbs but as ...
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The 'IT' Food for You?
For me, a cheese log covered in pecans with crackers always signified 'Christmas' to my mouth ~ there was always one out for the holiday. For Thanksgiving it was Fritos and Onion Dip (made from ...
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Post Limit?
Has FS always had a 100 post limit per user or have I just been asleep at the wheel? I was looking back on my posts for a link and nada, zip, bupkiss from last year. Man... and I just used up at least ...
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Dear Fat Secret - I'm actually Liking the New Food Diary Layout - Thank you.
It took a while but this really is much better. I like being able to: *add multiple foods even with a search all at one time without having to wait for the screen to refresh *click on the item and see ...
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Planters Nut-Rition Men's Health Mix??
So - what's up with this? I saw it in the grocery today and went ahead & picked it up because it looked like it had pistachios and I like those but couldn't help but be baffled on why it was ...
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Girl Scout Cookies Came Today
No problem on the 'eating' front - never have been a fan ((sorry GSA's everywhere!)) I just buy them because that's what we do, we buy the cookies. Then I spend the next few months giving ...
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Group of One?
Am I the oldest dieter here? 51 with 100 plus pounds to lose...
58 replies, last reply by mjl11961, a year ago.   14,371 views.
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Lead, Follow or Get out of the Way?
A couple of days ago my grandson came in from school and commented 'they're freaking starving us there - they only allow us a maximum of 800 calories for lunch!' I showed him statistics that ...
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definitely getting a bicycle now :-)
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Alcohol & Weight Gain - Fact or Myth?
The more I read here the less I know. Or .. thought I knew. Or.. well, you get the idea. I remember a post about 3 meals vs 5 meals and the blood sugar insulin effect or non effect on weight gain and ...
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New Math Vent
I was teaching science in middle school. We were studying the elements. The question was, how many electrons in a particular element? The student answered "tons of them". She was pretty upset ...
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RDI Pie Percentage
What is ideal? I have added coconut oil and avocado to my daily meals and while they are both reported to have the 'good fat ' ( a phrase that still strikes me as an oxymoron) it's freaking ...
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Industrial Automation Solutions: Norvell Group and Associates Manufacturers Review
The beginnings of automation can be traced back to the industrial revolution in the eighteenth century, when people began to use machines to replace human labor and animal power. With advances in tech ...
by eloisereed02 on 19 Dec 14 11:29 PM
older people
hi Trish, Change is in your future! the pie graph at the bottom of the journal could be very useful for you to see how the carbs are going each day. veggies are pretty important and soup can be your ...
by Babskk on 19 Dec 14 10:33 PM
We need better fast food options
One of my new favorites for a fast food restaurant is Panera Bread. There web site has all the nutrition info for all their meals. I love their soups, salads, and power ...
by pjk46 on 19 Dec 14 09:24 PM
Here are some great tips about food expirations and storage.
Couldn't have said it better BigBear......I went from what I thought was healthy eating and then eliminated all 'whites' then all processed, then went to somewhat organic and when I could ...
by mummydee on 19 Dec 14 07:07 PM
Feeling awful in Atkins. Day 10 Getting low blood sugar :(
Full fat yogurt with good quality flavoring added has been a boon for me on keto. Also throwing in some stevia treats - there are a few good organic candies made with stevia, which have a low carb count. ...
by saintsithney on 19 Dec 14 06:26 PM
too upset with my weight
Green vegetables are carbs! Why not eat a balanced diet including every food group? Eat less move more
by Volleyjen on 19 Dec 14 05:12 PM