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Deleting a thread from notifications
Great, I'm glad it worked out!
by mesodumatgmaildotcom on 28 Apr 16 04:07 PM
Knuckles, normally that would be the case. But if twenty people decided to not read anymore, they would still be the minority, and any thread is blessed to not have people chiming in with statements like ...
by mesodumatgmaildotcom on 28 Apr 16 04:02 PM
BMR confused
You guys may really want to check this calculator out. It shocked me when I used it. It recommends I eat 1290 calories to reach 260 lbs in 180 days. EVERY other calculator tell me to eat like 3000 Plus.
by knuckles the mgtow monk on 28 Apr 16 04:00 PM
Also - is your food log 100% inclusive?
by jimmiepop on 28 Apr 16 03:48 PM
Food labeling won't ever be accurate.
see enriched flour link There is a specific link that I will find later where littlton Grill mist speaks to how many milling processes destroy the nutrients. Yet no ...
by mesodumatgmaildotcom on 28 Apr 16 11:47 AM
Whats wrong or right about working out only for 60 seconds
makes sense.
by mesodumatgmaildotcom on 28 Apr 16 10:39 AM