Welcome New Weight Loss on Track Member
Welcome Kazmoman and thank you for joining 'Weight Loss on Track'. I can surely use all the motivation and help I can get. Having you here does that. Please let me know if I can help in any ...
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started by Nettie_Pie, 11 years ago.   
Welcome to Weight Loss on Track
Hello! Thank you for stopping by Weight Loss on Track. Take a look at the plan. If you decide to join save me as a buddy. We can do it! Together. :d (((HUGS))) ~Nettie Pie~
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started by Nettie_Pie, 11 years ago.   
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No sugar, no flour, meals and quantity.
It has taken me the better part of a decade to reach this weight again. I had gotten a bit chunky !
by Lippybeth on 14 Aug 18 09:45 AM
Men Living with Gout?
AnaE7 wrote: My husband and his mom have gout flare ups. He says the gout occurs every time he overeats shell fish. He takes no meds and it clears up on its own. But I can see how painful it is for him. ...
by goutpatients on 14 Aug 18 06:41 AM
Sync diary to daily goals
Hi - I just recently started using the fat secret app. Is there way to sync diary to my daily caloric goals? My caloric goals change depending on whether or no I worked out that day. Does the app ...
by wetph00t on 12 Aug 18 11:59 PM
fat secret ap
I am going on a vacation for ten days and will not have access to a computer. I tried getting the fat secret app on my iPhone but it won't let me use the same name and password that I use on my d ...
by miss nag on 12 Aug 18 09:37 PM
I struggled to lose my excess body-fat for about 15 years.
Interesting, although I lost well over 100 lbs on 1200 cal (starvation) diet.
by clobbermon on 12 Aug 18 09:35 AM
What is your calorie goal for a day? That is 100% of your RDI (recommended daily intake). Now keep in mind FatSecret is based on a daily log but it’s okay if you’re not exactly 100%, aim for it but don’t ...
by clobbermon on 12 Aug 18 09:32 AM