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Shoveling calories?
The fatsecret app says I'm burning somewhere around 470 calories an hour shoveling. That seems a little high to me. Is there any way to check without wearing one of those chest bands?
by southernsontn on 28 Jul 15 11:04 AM
Low carb vs Low Calorie
big boy wrote..."" I've tried Atkins a long time ago and although it makes sense to go low carb, the sustainability of it relies on being absolutely strict with oneself which most people ...
by mummydee on 28 Jul 15 10:23 AM
Calories from working at a desk?
Why not enter them. Working at a desk uses calories that should be accounted for in FS, it just uses less than other chores or exercise.
by Glaun on 28 Jul 15 10:14 AM
Round 3 Here I come
Hello there, I am a kiwi living in the States. Where are you in NZ? Good luck to you on your weight loss journey.:)
by Kiwinana on 28 Jul 15 10:01 AM
Oatmeal sure spiked my blood sugar!
or try true natural steel cut oats instead of Quaker processed oats... this is in the processed oats WHOLE GRAIN ROLLED OATS, SUGAR, NATURAL AND ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR, SALT, CALCIUM CARBONATE, GUAR GUM, ...
by mummydee on 28 Jul 15 09:43 AM
No, and none. You cannot outrun (or outwalk) a bad diet. What you eat determines what you weigh, not how much you exercise.
by biggergus on 28 Jul 15 09:23 AM