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SCURVY As with the pirates of old and today's people with similar or same characteristics (symptoms), we are misled in thinking vitamin C is the cure - or the preventive measure - or has anything to ...
by Ibeeoliver on 28 Oct 16 01:14 PM
Sugar actually MORE addicting than cocaine and heroine...
OH MY you got me...I feel so bad hoo I think you have more time than anyone which is why you constantly comeback over and over despite being unwanted I will happy engage with the OP over the ...
by spacey48 on 28 Oct 16 01:14 PM
by Ibeeoliver on 28 Oct 16 01:10 PM
It's always just about the calories
I agree with rabbitjb, my story is very similar with dieting. This time I am weighing my foods eating around 1500 or just under. Eating healthy foods, but one slight difference is I am eating fewer Carbs, ...
by bowd65 on 28 Oct 16 04:53 AM
Why you don't lose weight?
felipema wrote: That's should eat really healthy...I’m on 16%...Not saying that a calorie deficit is not important...what I’m train to say is that you should not think in eat less ca ...
by spacey48 on 28 Oct 16 03:56 AM
Weight Not Updating??
I'm not wanting to jinx this, but it's worked the last 2 days.
by Timg2500 on 27 Oct 16 06:22 AM