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Okay. I'm fed up!
That's why I do as well. Sometime the ingredients are even different though similar.
by wholefoodnut on 20 Aug 14 09:40 PM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
I need to buy some scales! The last ones I had were cheap and I think my rather heavy six foot six hubby stood on them and bent those metallic rails under the glass. I am dying to know how heavy I am ...
by AKRSAR on 20 Aug 14 09:37 PM
low calorie snack/food
So true :)
by AKRSAR on 20 Aug 14 09:32 PM
day default
still defaults to my first day......hmmmm there's no way to end the day's entries and have it turn onto the next day... well off to finish today and plan tomorrow. have a great night!
by kraftylady on 20 Aug 14 08:36 PM
Viewing diet buddies food diary
You're welcome! Glad you found it.
by Draglist on 20 Aug 14 08:17 PM
request: eat part of a dish
Hi, I made lasagna without pasta the day before yesterday and it would be great if I could just add all ingredients to a dish called lasagna, and then add this dish to, for example, yesterday afternoon, ...
by JunoG on 20 Aug 14 07:55 PM