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looking for inspiration
My friend Sharon put me on to fatsecret as she has joined too, so starting from tomorrow (8.12.08),i'm going on a healthy eating plan made up by myself. Can anyone tell me how fatsecret helps them? ...
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How to escape from platform stage ?
It sure sounds like you're not eating enough. 800-900 calories is nowhere near enough, no matter what activity level or weight. However, before you start eating more, please take time to make sure ...
by kingkeld on 18 Apr 14 01:08 PM
HELP. What am I doing wrong??
Hey guys thanks for the quick response!! As for my food intake, I don't really keep track of it too much. But I'll give tell you what a normal day of eating is for me! Breakfast: Whole Wheat ...
by Kamron123 on 18 Apr 14 01:01 PM
appitiete suppressants
I've started using the Herbalife's Thermo Complete ( to order. Natural and it doesn't give me the shakes or put me on a buzz.
by Joelene Brown on 18 Apr 14 12:35 PM
day 5
Still on track, weighing everything now!, resisting the urge to weigh myself till Monday.....sunday will be a tester, got family here for dinner! 8)
by flissie on 18 Apr 14 12:29 PM
Maybe crazy, but it works
Thanks! Will try that!
by Suzy May Blackfly on 18 Apr 14 11:07 AM
My sugar addiction was so bad that I used to hide candy, pastries etc. around the house so they wouldn't be traced to me. And what's worse, I lived alone. I found that if I did eat refined sugar, ...
by Glaun on 18 Apr 14 10:03 AM

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